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Copyright, 1904, bj tbe Frank Uoccn Publishing Company (Limited). 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, JUNE 4, 1904. 

VOLUME Lll.-No. 16. 
Prte* 10 Cente. 

Mi55 Clipper^ 

Anecdotes, Personalities and Comments, 


ST1GE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS 

an entertainment tt the hospital. Being un- 
familiar With the city and Its Institutions, 
be did not know that hie act wai to be given 
at tbe almshouse — furthermore, In the Insane 

After ascending three flights of stair* the 
Impersonator was ushered Into a large room, 
capable of seating about eight hundred. The 

deep Interest, this Insane one at once be- 
gan to laugh and applaud, continuing to 
do so all through the serious speech of the 
character. A great many remarks were made, 
but which Daniels failed to grasp, being too 
nervous and anxious to get through his un- 
comfortable turn. 
The character of "Dr. Jekyll" failed to re- 

portals of the place, where bis entertainment 
bad been more of a penance than a pleasure. 

while waiting to board a train for tbe neat 
show place, a member of a company was 
much amused at tbe advice given by one of 
those slot weighing machines found on so 
many public platforms. The "blt-or-mlee" 


A company of amateurs, In a Western city, 
recently made a production of "Borneo and 
Juliet" for tbe benefit of a local Institution. 
Beald&i being a ridiculously crude presenta- 
tion, the musical setting of the play was most 
incongruous. Tbe leader of tbe local or- 
chestra, whose purpose was to make bis part 
of tbe programme a credit to himself, con- 
cluded that to do ao be ahould use popular 
music, with whlcb the townspeople were fa- 
miliar. The consequence was that during 
tbe famous balcony scene the band played 
"I'd Leave My Happy 
Home for Tou-oo-oo," 
In the chorus of whlcb 
tbe gallery joined wttb 
whistle and voice. 

Later, during the 
scene where "Tybalt" 
stabs "Mercutlo," the 
act was committed to 
the lively tune of 
"Johnny, Get Tour 
Gun." "Go 'Way Back 
an' Sit Down" was tbe 
incidental music that 
accompanied "Borneo's" 
killing of "Paris," while <£7 . 

tbe death scene In 
tbe tomb waa burrled 
through to tbe strains 
of "A Hot Time la Old 
Town Tonight." 


Tom McKenna relate) 
the two following anec- 
dotes. Tbe services .of 
a general porter being 
needed on board tbe car 
In which Ai. G. Field, 
the wealthy and suc- 
cessful minstrel mana- 
ger travels, a "want" 
advertisement was in- 
serted In the Columbus, 
Ohio, papers. Tbe drat 
applicant, a bright, in- 
telligent colored man, 
was engaged for the po- 

He waa like many of 
bla race, who, having a 
small amount of au- 
thority, gradually as- 
sume more, often to the 
amuiement and some- 
times to tbe annoyance 
of those among whom 
bis dutlea lay. This 
porter, after becoming 
familiar with hla rou- 
tine of work, began to assume a superiority 
over other employes, and even to Issue occa- 
sional orders among the members. His as- 
sumption of dignity was, in fact, greater 
than that of the aenlor member of the firm. 

One morning, aa tbe genial manager was 
about to leave tbe car to keep an appoint- 
ment with some friends, he discovered that 
he bad forgotten bla pocket book. Rushing 
back through the car to hie stateroom, he 
excla'med : 

"Heavens I but I came near starting up 
town without a cent!" 

The porter, who was cleaning windows, 
Leard the remark. With amualng familiarity 
this Individual exclaimed : 

"Well, A!., I can lend you fifteen cents." 

In a thriving town of the Northwest, where 
the AI. G. Field Minstrel Company played 
an engagement, the theatre bad been built by 
a wealthy German resident of tbe place, at 
the cost of 1100,000. Aa tbe property (ailed 
to pay (or tbe Investment, tt fell Into the 
hands of a receiver, much to tbe disgust of 
the German. 

After the doors were opened upon the last 
annual date ot the company there, Mr. Field 
waa assisting tbe buslneas manager during 
the rush hour by taking tickets at tbe front 
door. An elderly gentleman slipped by with- 
out proffering the required coupon. Mr. Field 
etepped np to him, saying : 

"Ton forgot to give up 'your ticket. Sir." 

"Ob, no," was tbe reply, "dot's all right! 
I'm dot sucker vol btlt die blaee." 


Walter Daniels, noted In tbe vaudeville 
profession aa an "Impersonator of noted 
actors," relates tbe following : 

After playing tbe Keith circuit In Phila- 
delphia, Daniels, baring an open week, en- 
tertained some of tbe clubs. At tbe Colombia 
be met a gentleman who asked blm to give 

be expressed hla opinion of tbe man from 
whom be bad bought It In no very compli- 
mentary tones. 

"You thought tt was going to be sorb a 
big bonania," commented a friend of the 

"Yea, and so It li," wai his reply. 

"I don't see bow you make that out," said 
tbe otner. 

"That's becauss yon don't understand the 
correct definition of tbe word," ssld the man- 

"And what Is It)" asked tbe friend. 

"A bonanss," said Haverly, In deeply dis- 
gusted tones, "la a hole In tbe ground, sold 
to a aucker by a durned slick liar," 


stage waa a email platform, arranged with 
screens on each aide for dressing noma. 

With no Idea ot entertaining Insane audi- 
tors, Daniel bad decided to give bis famous 
impersonation of Wilton Lackaye aa "Sven- 
gall," Richard Mansfield aa "Dr. Jekyll and 
Mr. Hyde," and Joseph Jefferson aa "Caleb 
Plummer" — these characters being made up 
In full view of tbe audience. 

When tbe actor realised that bla audience 
consisted of those suffering from different de- 
grees of mental trouble, be confessed himself 
very much frightened, not being cure ot the 
reception of bis Impersonations, wblcb were 
of a character calculated to Inspire horror 
more than amusement 

After annonneing what be would give for 
their entertainment, he proceeded to make 
up as "Srengsll." Contrary to tbe custom 
of sane audience's, wblcb was to watch, with 

celve any recognition, and the audience re- 
mained quiet, but when "Hyde's" hideous 
face was produced it was received with 
cheers and applause. There were a few 
blood curdling ecreama that the actor did not 
care to hear repeated, some strange cries, 
msny laughs, of a sort tbst normal people 
hate to listen to. One voice shonted : 

"We'll take care of you, all right 1" a kind- 
ness tbe actor failed to appreciate. 

In Imitation of Esra Kendall, Daniels then 
told some funny stories, wblcb, however, 
failed In gettlag a laugb except from the 
piano player, tbe keepers, and a few visitors. 

One elderly female, In the front row, re- 
peated msny times over: 

"Poor boy — It'e • sin — It's a sin— he should 
bave proper treatment with tbe rest of us." 

Needless to say K waa wttb a greatly re- 
lieved mind that Daniels passed from tbe 

advice in bla case waa a "miss" on this oc- 
casion. It read : 

"You are In very bad company, and tbe 
sooner you make a change tbe better," 

As tbe setor bad almoat finished one of bla 
most successful seasons, with a very good 
company, naturally, tbe advice was not taken. 


The late Jack Haver!/ made very many 
bad mine Investments wttb tbe hundreds of 
thousands of dollars made In minstrelsy. He 
was the maker of a very trite remark In re- 
gard to the definition of a "bonania," wblcb 
baa been accredited to more than one prom- 
inent man, but which waa original with tbe 
most successful of minstrel managers In all 
tbe world, thong b latterly tbe unluckleit. 

When disappointed In tbe. output of a Colo- 
rado mine, for wblcb be bad paid an enor- 
mous sum, and wblcb proved a flat failure, 

When my hair was done up I went Into 
Rachel's room. There was snother girl dress- 
ing there, but Rachel did not Introduce me. 
I beard later that they 
wore not on speaking 
terms. The girl's name 
waa Mlae Fay. Rachel 
seated me In a chair 
and asked for my 
"liner." I bad no Idea 
what sbe meant, so she 
began rumaglng among 
my things until abs 
found my blsck pencil, 
which she toased aside 
scornfully. "That'll 
never do," she cried, 
"I'll borrow some from 
one of tbe boys." She 
wont and knocked at 
one of tbe rooma occu- 
pied by tbe actors. 

During Bacbel's ab- 
sence Mlas Fay went on 
making up. Every now 
and than sbo would 
stop laboring over ber 
tare to execute a few 
dancing steps , around 
tbe room or to throw a 
handspring. Sbe was 
an acrobatic dancing 
aoubrette. Presently 
Ilacbel returned. Sbe 
Installed me at her 
dresaer and, after cold 
creaming my face, the 
began drawing lines on 
It wttb' various colored 
grease paints. When- 
ever she drew a line 
she stood off to see tbe 
effect. Sometimes abs 
eraaed It and drew one 
In another place, and 
then rubbed tbem in 
with ber fingers until I 
began to feel like a 
crayon portrait. 

"This must be a lot of 
trouble for you, Mlaa 
Mllford," I sputtered. 
"Not at all," aho said, "I love to make 
people up," 

Tbe lines all on, she showered my face 
with powder until 1 looked like a clown. 
Then sbe took a little bruah and swept nearly 
every trace of It off. Next abe put on my 
rouge, after whlcb sbe powdered my hair, 
snd when I looked In the glaaa I waa a very 
nice looking old lady of forty-five or fifty. 
All tbe time Rachel was trying experiments 
with my face, Miss Fey, still Ignoring us, 
proceeded to "make up" ber eyes. First she 
held a spoon filled with black cosmetic over 
the gas jet. When It was melted to the con- 
sistency of a thick soup, sbe scooped It up 
on a pointed stick, and applied It to ber 
lashes In sucb a way that when It cooled It 
left a large lump of cosmetic at the end of 
each lasb, and made It look aa It she bad 
strung black beads around her eyes. While 
abe decorated ber right eye sbe etretched 
down tbe left corner of ber lower lip, and 
vtee vena, as If to balance ber face, for, of 
course, any movement of tbe eye lid would 
cause tbe hot cosmetic to splash down on her 
cbeek and ruin her make up. I made up my 
mind to do my eyes like this the first chance 
I bad. Bacbel's eyes were not done tbat 
way at all. She had scarcely any cosmetic . 
on tbe laahea, and the lids were just smudged 
wltb dark blue. — Confciiion* of a 8tao» 
Struct oirl, in The Theatre Uagatine. 

• '» 



In courtship happy daya gone by. 

Before I married Stella, 
We need to sit upon tbe beach 

Behind the one umbrella. 

Now when It rslna, your bumble friend 
Muat bold tbe one umbrella, 

And get a soaking to tbe skin— 
It barely covers Stella I 

—Llpplncctt'i Uogaftne. 



June 4. 


Our tKeatrtoal oorreipondenU are hereoy 
notified that the oredcntiaU now held oy 
them empkei on June 1. They are requeited 
to return tUem to ihU office at once, for re- 
newal for ttOj-005. 



write*: "The Rice ft Barton Bote Hill Eng- 
Haifa Folly Co. brings to a cloae a season of 
fortr-two weeks, at Toronto, Can., June 4. 
While the Roae Hill Co. haa, from its Incep- 
tion, been a sure winner, this aeaaon baa *ur- 
Dsssed all previous onea, both from a financial 
and artistic standpoint Tbla aeaaon"; com- 
pany included : George W. Rice, T. B". Thomas, 
Krankle Halnca, Jennie Qulcbard, Annie Mul- 
lln Dunn. Katbrln Rowe Palmer, Nolan and 
White, Oracey and Burnett, ">« H^^tfuil- 
cat Trio, the Eaher Sisters, Wolf and Milton, 
the Wllaon Trio, Irene White, Ines George, 
Flo Belmont, Lillian Lewie, Lottie Allen, 
Evelln Stewart, Ed. Carl Hag, mnaleal di- 
rector. Lem Tower and Will H. Iibam, who, 
with a few exception*, will return to New 
York. George WT Bice goes to his Summer 
home at Centerport, Long Island. Mr. Rice 
haa bought a new naptha launch, which he 
will nee on hla dahlng tours, and for pleasure 
In general. Mre. Rice, who has been I a 111 
health. Joined ua at Chicago, after an ex- 
tended stay at Hot Spring.. Annie Mullln 
Dunn haa purchased a farm near the Rice & 
Barton colony on Long Island, where, In the 
future, she will apend her Summer vacations. 
I will control and personally manage the new 
laham Theatre, to be opened at Bridgeport, 
next aeaaon, will divide my time between the 
laham cotuge, at Fairfield Beach, Conn., and 
superintending the construction of my new 
theatre. Rice ft Barton have purchased a 
new two act comedy from the pen of a well 
known author, which will be produced next 
season, and which promises to be a genuine 

'"ixhThomimb write* : "The Orphejm Bur- 
lesquers will be under my personal direction 
n>xt aeaaon. I have forty-two weeks booked, 
inu I am booking, for 180B-06, This haa been 
a money maker from the atari. I will also 

8ut out a vaudeville company of eight acta, 
[y headliner will be Ed, Able. I will hare 
for the opening 'A Trip to St. Lou a, or Hi- 
ram and the Daisies at the Fair.' I will 
have all new eoatumes and electrical effects 
for this company, which will be one of the 
atrongeat traveling burlesque companies out- 
side of the whee" Geo. Mason will be as- 
sociated with me the coming aeaaon. and Jos 
Hollander will be in advance. The enow will 
carry eighteen women, alx comedian*, and 
will present Ave acts In the olio. 

Harsh and Sartbiaa write: "We have 
signed with W. E. Nankevllle's be produc- 
tion of "The Beauty and, the Beart^for next 
season, to open about 8ept 18. Boss Bar- 
telle will pli/ the title rple of the Beauty, 
and Edward Marsh will play the part of the 
president Our refined singing and dancing 
will be one of the feature* of the produc- 
tion. We will play date* this Summer, ap- 
pearing at flrat class vaudeville resorts. Our 
booking* Include the foUowIng: Kenny wood 
Park, Pittsburg, Pa. ; Chase's, Waahlngton : 
three week* on the Proctor circuit ; Ft. Sheri- 
dan Park, III., and Cleveland's Theatre, Chi- 
cago. Then a return date at Pastor's. This 
will take us up to our rohearsjl^lth ths 
above company, for a season of forty weeks. 

Manageii At.fonso, of the Nashua Nickel- 
odeon, baa formed a partnership with La- 
mont, and will run the Chestnut Grove Sum- 
mer theatre for the Summer season, with 
high class vaudeville. Manager Alfonso will 
open up the Nashua house Labor Day. 
MIabbt Ward, the minstrel manager, 
underwent a dangeroua operation for chronic 
appendicitis In the Trooat Avenue Hospital, 
atTtansaa City, Mo., May 12. 

Mallobt. Bros., Bbooks and Halmdat 
writs: "We closed a successful season May 
21, with the Fenberg Stock Co., where we 
were the vaudeville feature for two seasons. 
We are booking In vaudeville for next sea- 
son, and have contracta for twenty weeka. 
Including the Orpheum circuit, Kohl * 
Castle circuit, and Hurtlgft Seamon'e Music 
Hall, New York City. We will spend out 
vacation at our Bummer home, Jacksonville. 
Ill " 


closed a successful season's engagement with 
the Cheater De Vonde Stock Co. at Blng- 
bampton, N. V„ Saturday, May 14, have 
been re-engaged for next season. Miss 
Wood will spend her Bummer at her home 
In Detroit, Mich., while Mr. Kellam will 
play clubs and vaudeville dates In and 
around New York, presenting his new mono- 
logue and parody act, entitled "A Commer- 
cial Drummer." . _ , 
Desmond and Bailbt have severed their 
connections with the team known as Hsrper, 
Deemond and Bailey, and will Join hands 
with Walter Robinson, singer, and play Jos- 
eph 3. Flynn's park circuit this Bummer. 
On Sept. 20 they will sail for London, 
playing an indefinite engagement , 

Laret Smith and win (Mamie Cham- 
pion), who recently closed a successful sea- 
son with Sam Devere'a Co., are resting at 
their country home, Clyde, N. Y. They have 
signed with the same company for next sea- 

linxis Mackin, formerly ot Macktn and 
I'lerce, and Steve Berrlan, formerly of Ber- 
rlan and Clark, have Joined hands, and will 
present a new singing and dancing act 

Evsntrr Kbmpton, who recently closed 
with tbe High Rollers, and Arthur Carter, 
late of the Three Droles, have Joined hand*, 
and will present their new comedy acrobatic 

Joseph P. Howard, one of tbe acrobats at 
Dreamland, Coney lalnnd, N. Y„ was seriously 
Injured May 16, while sliding, suspended by 
his teeth, down a wire stretched from the top 
of the tower to the "shoot-the-chutes." The 
wire was stretched at a steeper angle than 
usual, and be struck a post on the platform 
and fell senseless. HI* right leg was broken 
and blood was flowing from bis mouth. Hs 
was taken to the emergency hospital In s 
serious condition. 

It. T. Williams wbitis : "The following 
people will compose the Byron Spaun Big 
Show during the coming Summer season: 
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Bpaun, Whltely and 
Dell. Williams snd Richards, Nellie Devlin. 
Billy Parrel!, R. T. Williams, Henri Rochard 
and Joseph Amour, automobile experts; 
Mrs. Nicholson, Dunn and Falrchlld, Arthur 
Jackson, Mason and Harrison, II. Arnold, 
J. Delaney, Chas. 8now, Harold Firth, J. 
Sinclair. Fred. Bully, Marlon Blngold, Marie 
Tlce and Sadie Sheldon." 

Millard Bros, bsve Just completed their 
new bicycle and uulcycle act, and will open 
at Hlveralde Park, Detroit, Mich., May «0. 
Bob. Millard's ride down seventeen steps 
backward Is expected to create a sensation. 
They are booked op solid until Aug. 20. 

Ricton, juoqlbb, writes: "I am hooked on 
the Ohio circuit for sixteen weeks. I opened 
at Zanesvllle May 23, snd am billed big 
everywhere as a leading feature." 

Tub Batons played a very successful en- 
gagement st Keith's Theatre, New York, week 
of Msy 18, with Philadelphia and Boston 
bouses to follow. 

G. R. Booxout Informs us that after 
twelve weeks with the Jack Hoeffler Show, 
he closed at Antlgo, Wis., and Is to open In 
Terra Haute, Ind., at Lake View Park, Msy 
20, where his vaudeville dates open. Ha 
adds: "I have all the work I can handle, 
and ay act Is featured at parks where I 

Bobbx Carroll writes from South Bend, 
Ind.: "I opened here, st American Pavilion, 
Msy 16, under tbe management of H. C. En- 
glearum, doing my blackface monologue, and 
made a success. Many people were turned 
away the opening night, and, In spite of bad 
weather, wo packed them every night. Man- 
ager Bngledrnm has booked some of tbe best 
acts In vaudeville. The company this week 
Includes: Tbe Great Janscn and Co., Starr 
Sitters, Borne and Ferguson, tbe De Mutbs, 
Werden and Gladdlsh, snd Bobby Carroll." 

Aububtdb and Jbsbis Millab, who re- 
cently closed a season of thirty-two weeks 
with the Grest Orpheum Show, are spending 
the Summer at their farm, st Walervllle, 
N. B. 


a* ■ • \ 


$r. , \ 


3$#K, ••>** 

World of Players, 

— Notes from J. N. Bentf row's Jolly Pa th- 
under* Co.: We are (till touring the Bute 
of Maine to big business. Augusta was a 
winner for us. May 9, we opened at Water- 
vllle, to tbe second largest bonse In tbe his- 
tory of tbe opera house, and tbe business 
through tbe week wss great Little Harry 
King, five years of age, snd about aa tall as 
sn ordinary table, makes s great success doing 
his monologue. His bulldog comes In for a 
share of the applause. The Lynns snd Bent- 
trow and King are also with tbe company. 
All are well, and vote the State of Maine all 
rlgbt The company will not close for some 

— Mr. snd Mrs. Arthur Blackaller closed 
with tbe Will H. Myers Stock Co., st York, 
Pa., May T, tbe company closing on that date 
a pleasant and profitable season. 

— "Qulncy Adams Sawyer," Central Co. 
(C. H. Smith, manager), opened at St Louis, 
at tbe World's Fslr, for sn all Summer en- 
gagement commencing May 8. The success 
on Its first two weeks Is reported to have 
surpassed all expectations. 

— Preston Kendall, who Is visiting the 
Exposition at St Louis, will go from there 
to Colorado, for stock work, this Summer, 
returning to New York for the opening of 
"The Shepherd King," with which play Mr. 
Lorlmer haa signed him for his original role. 

— Richard C. Maddox, singing comedian, 
has fully recovered from bis recent Illness, 
and haa been engaged by Manager J. Bus. 
Smith, as principal comedian fpr the Murray 
Comedy Co., at McBetb's Park, Lima, 0., this 

— The Mortimer Show Stock Co. Is playing 
l indefinite engagement at the Lyceum Thea- 
tre, Troy, N. YT 

Tub Vilona Bistxbs, la their refined ma- 
gical act have been encaged for the J. J. 
Flynn circuit of parks, for fourteen weeks, 
as a feature act, opening In June next 


Tbe original Abbas Ben Omar, "Tbe Hu- 
man Top, or whirlwind wonder, owner and 
producer of "An Evening In the Orient," ap- 
peared at the Palace Theatre, London, Eng., 
for two months In 1000, which followed bis 
alx months' engagement aa a "star" feature 
at the Jardln de Paree Theatre, Paris. His 
next appearance was In the "Blue Beard" 
pantomime. In London, aa a solo feature 
dancer. He made his debut in America In 
"A Scone in tbe Orient at Evening," trans- 
ferred with all bis Oriental setting to tbe 
American vaudeville stage for tbe first time 
at Keltb's Theatre, Boston, in Msy, 10O2, as 
the feature act for two weeks, and, return- 
lag again as a headliner Cbrlatmas week of 
the same season. His latest success, "An 
Evening In Persia," a gorgeous spectacular 
dancing novelty, In which Mile. Sulbana Mar- 
gins, the foreign dancer, appeared, Just closed 
another highly successful engagement over 
the Orpheum circuit. 

Bkn 8. Tbask and Dbbbbcb A. Mubbat 
write: "We are in our fifth week on Lang's 
circuit, meeting with success In our singing 
snd dancing act We still have eighteen 
weeks' work, which takes us to California; 
then we go to Juno, Alaska, for fourteen 
weeks, and after we do this work we will re- 
turn East, with an entirely new act." 

Caprice B. Lewis reports big success with 
her daring single trapes* act It was a feature 
week of May 16, at Berlin, Can., with Tor- 
onto, Buffalo, N. Y„ and Cleveland to fol- 

Hatwabd and Hat ward write : "We played 
the Avenue Theatre, Detroit Mich., week ot 
Hay 16, meeting with success. Week of May 
28 we play the Palace of Amusement, Ksla- 
masoo, Mich., with the Melville Park circuit, 
Keith circuit, Tony Pastor's, and Fort Sheri- 
dan Park, Chicago, to follow." 

Fat Dblmab and Maud Gratban, who are 
playing through the South, report meeting 
with great success. 

Gkoroe Hermans writes: "I have been re- 
engaged for next season with Chas. H. 
Isles 'Devil's Auction' Co., making my fifth 
season with Ysle ft Ellis' enterprises. Wblle 
out West I Joined the St Joseph, Mo., Lodge 
No. 46, of the T. M. A. I am now resting for 
the Bummer at my home In Cincinnati. O. 

The Gabbitt Sisters write: "We open 
Hay 80 at Fischer's Theatre, San Francisco, 
Cal., for a season's engagement. The thea- 
tre la run on the order of Weber ft Fields'. 
We will do our specialty and play parts." 

Jambs and Davis are at the Empire Thea- 
tre, Colorado Springs, Col,, this week. 

Stack and Wilton are filling an engage- 
ment at Algiers, In Africa. 

Qbbtrvdb Manrbtbid and Cartl Wilbcb 
presented their new act, by Edward Mc- 
Wade, entitled "The Shadow," at the Ful- 
ton Street Theatre. Brooklyn, week of May 
9-14, where the act waa most favorably re- 
ceived. Besides the principals the new 
sketch employs nine people in Its portrayal. 
Miss Mansfield and Mr. Wilbur scored their 
points very effectively, being equally effect- 
ive In the dramatic passages and In tbe 
humorous episodes. 

Sam Lippbncott, of the team of Bam 
and May Llppencott, wss made a member 
of Bush No, 11, Raspberries, at Shea's, 
Buffalo. N. Y„ Friday, April 22. He states 
that their act was a big success last week 
at the Arcade Theatre, Toledo, O. 

Aobnt Vimo, musical virtuoso. In response 
to a cablegram, sailed on May 21, for Lon- 
don, being obliged to cancel his engagements 
in America. 

A. Jack Faust Is located at Champaign. 
III., as resident manager of tbe West End 
Park, which opened its season on Memorial 
Day, May 80. 


Minstrkls. — We recently closed a very pros- 
perous season. Billy Shannon ha* gone to 
bis home at Chicago for the Summer. The 
show will start out next season early In 
August, going to the coast Tbe company 
will number thirty people. 

Leonard A. Howard and Dan A. Ander- 
son hsve Joined hands, snd are presenting 
an Illustrated song act They open their Sum- 
mer season at the Palace Theatre, Boston, 
week ot June 6. Week of 19 they play the 
Tolnt of Plnea for Win. H. O'Neill, opening 
on J. J. Flynn's circuit of parka week of 
June 27. 

lUntiT Ntx has been engaged by Matt Ku- 
sell to take charge ot his Summer theatre 
at Paducah, Ky. 

Mortimer and Roams, who were finish- 
ing a four weeks' engagement at Sans Soucl 
l'nrk, El Paso, Tex., nave been re-engaged 
for four weeks more. They write that their 
set met with success from tbe start 

Nobman, "the Frog Man," played Mem- 

Rhls, Tenn., week of May 23. with the Frank 
lelTllle circuit of parks to follow. 

The Miliju Twins, who are presenting 
their new act, "Lady Fenneilea and Her 
Maid," on the Novelty circuit are meeting 
with success. They are booked solid through 
the West. 

Thb Hedai.d Squabb QuARTBT-ra (Fisher, 
De Bruin, Marx, Franklin) write: ''We re- 
cently closed a successful season of forty 
weeks as one of the leading features ot the 
Tad E. Faust Superb Minstrels After rest- 
ing a short tint* ws will open on the Gormsn 
circuit of parks for the Bummer. Next sea- 
son we will again Join the Faust Bhow." 

Aunps Champnxt, soubrette, with Leder- 
msn's New York Specialty Co., closed May 26, 
and will play parks for the remainder of the 

— J. J. Kennedy writes: "I have closed 
my engagement with the LIndley Stock, and 
expect to enjoy the scenery and trout fishing 
In northern Wisconsin." 

— George Moore, character actor and stage 
manager, with the Bush Temple Btock Co., 
blcngo, will return to bis home at Erie, Pa., 
at the close ot the season. 

— Joseph and Bonnie Vance, wbo bave 
been with the Ferguson Stock for the past 
twenty weeks, will shortly return to their 
borne at Washington, D. C, for tbe Bummer. 

— Henry W. Locke I* spending the Bummer 
at his former home. Ft. Worth, Tex., visiting 
bis relatives. The past season Mr. Locke 
appeared as Colonel SUverthorn, In "The 
Princess of Patches," and Bill Fish, the sher- 
iff, In "A Kansas Sunflower." The Lockes 
have again secured "Tbe Princess ot Patches" 
for next season. "A Kansas Sunflower", Is 
their own property. 

— Jules B. Scbioss writes: "I have been 
ontmged for next season by John H. Havlln 
& Vs. Geren, as manager of "Tbe Stain of 
tlullt" Co. 

— Notes from the National Stock Co. : We 
opened ou? Summer season at Fairmont V>. 
Vs., April 14, to good returns, and business 
continues profitable. At Clarksburg, W. Vs., 
tbe 8. R. O. sign wss used /om nights In 
the week, in soRe of rain and bad l weather. 
At Weston, W. Vs., we broke ell ««»**». 
playing to the best repertory business of tn* 
season: Boater: Harry Oskara, manager ; 
Harry Marlln, stsge manager ; Jf» r 7,„ w ,'J 
Hams, treasurer; Heed Wilson, Ed. Clifton, 
Roy Creed, Hyanthlsn Oropetia, May Mar- 
lln' Clara George, Grace Llater. Vaudeville 
features: Oskara and Oropetsa, Harry War- 
ring, O. J. McEwuen, Watt Colstan and 
Grace Lister. W. B. 8mlth Is musical direc- 
tor. E J. Lister closed a successful season 
of thirty-seven weeks with the Carroll Com- 
edy Co., and Joined us for the remainder of 
this sesson and next, as advance represen- 

,a ^I e chase ft Ll«ter Note*: "A Runaway 
Match" proved to be such a winner last 
season that Chase ft Lister have arranged 
with Mark E. Swan for a big production of 
the piece next teaaon. A complete new 
equipment will be carried, new music, cos- 
tumes, etc. Clint and Besele Bobbins will 
continue In the leading roles. In addition to 
"A Runaway Match, Chase ft Lister will 
have out their two repertory companies, as 
usual, Joseph Farrell handling the Northern 
company, and Chase ft Lister personally di- 
recting the Southern company. The seasons 
of the aeversl companies will open early in 

Aa JE?Notes from Bowtend ft Clifford's Enter- 
prlBfB: Tbe various companies of this Ann. 
with the exception of "The Game Keeper, 
Weftern. have closed.. However, "Over Ni- 
agara Falls" Co. (A) was offered such flatter- 
Ing inducements that a short Spring tour Is 
i-ontemplated, opening in Jollet, III., May .22, 
and opening a new bouse in Ashland, O., for 
n large guarantee. The company Includes, 
with two exception*, the members of the past 
season, thereby Insuring tbe same smooth 
presentation. The scenic outfit for the two 
new play* is being steadily pushed, and Is 
nearlng completion. "The Secret Marriage," 
In particular, will Indeed be a scenic and 
sensational surprise. Mamie Keene has been 
engaged for the Ingenue, In "Over Niagara 
Falls." making her third season with this 

Palmer ft Co have added another com- 
pany to their list of enterprises,, which will 
tour the 1'nclnc cosst In addition to their 
•Fnust" Co., tbey will direct the tour of the 
Empire Stock Co., of twenty people, headed 
bv Corlnnn Snell and Alt. Aldrldge, with 
band and orchestra, producing a high class 
repertory of fourteen playa, and traveling In 
this own car. .._•.. .. .. .v. 

— The second game of ball played by the 
McAullfre Co.'s team resulted In a score of 
S to 7. In favor of the McAuliffe team. 

— Rachel Mav Clark has oow recovered 
from a serious Illness. 


The above Is a likeness of one of the greatest acrobatic act* In the world. They are the 
Chilian wonders, the Pacheco Family. They are creating a sensation with the Gasklll Car- 
nival Co., with which they have contracted for thirty-eight weeks. 

— Notes from Geyer ft Grlswold's "Ten 
Nights In a Bar Room," under canvas: We 
aro now tn our twelfth week of tbla season, 
and we dare say tbat Geyer ft Grlswold got 
as much money out of this old drama In the 
past eight months as any manager ever did. 
We win continue to play It for the rest of 
this season, after which It will be placed on 
tbe shelf. Our thirty peope are an well at 

S resent. A. A. Ramsay, our tuba player, 
led at Dallas, May 10, which greatly Incon- 
veniences us. Mrs. Emery Torbett was taken 
III a few weeks ago, and left at Texarkana, 
Ark. Ed, Coko loft and went to Kingfisher, 
0. T. The "Grip" tried to take all our peo- 
ple nway, but we are now rid of It, and are 
uearly filled up again with good people. Rain 
gave ua all kinds of trouble all season, but 
we consider ourselves lucky tbat we have 
nover missed a day, and are doing business 
In spite ot all. _ ., 

— Mamie Hnrnlsh will not play the Wells 
circuit ot parks, as arranged, but will re- 
join Nell Burgess' "The County Fair" Co., 
tor a few weeks' tour through Canada. 

— "Tho Waifs Paradise," n five act com- 
edy drama, by Howard Hall, was given Its 
first production at Blaney's Theatre, Newark, 
N. J., on May 16. 

— Maurice Rene Coste, French baritone, 
who has Just closed a two years' engagement 
with "Devil's Lane" Co., la spending the 
Summer at bis cottage on the Detroit River, 
at Amherstburg, Ont. 

— George Ralston, who recently closed a 
successful eeason of forty weeks with the 
Corse Payton Stock Co., has been re-engaged 
with the snme attraction next season, making 
his third season with Mr. Peyton's road at- 


The I'cnrmylvanla Rallrond 1IM>4 Sum- 
mer Excursion Ilonte Book. 

On June 1 the passenger department of tbe 
Pennsylvania Railroad Company will publish 
the 1904 edition of the Summer Excursion 
Route Book. This work Is designed to pro- 
vide the public with descriptive notes of the 
principal Summer resorts of Eastern America, 
with the best routes for reaching them, and 
the rates of fare. It con'talns all the prin- 
cipal seashore and mountain resorts of the 
Esst, and over seventeen hundred different 
route* or combination* of routes. The book 
has been compiled with tbe greatest care, and 
altogether Is the most complete and compre- 
hensive handbook of Summer travel ever of- 
fered to the public. 

The cover Is handsome and striking, print- 
ed in colon, snd tho book contains several 
maps, presenting the exact routes over which 
tickets are sold. Tbe book Is profusely Illus- 
trated with fine half tone cuts of scenery st 
the various resorts and along the lines ot the 
Pennsylvania Railroad. 

On and after June 1 this very Interesting 
book may be procured at any Pennsylvania 
Railroad ticket office at the nominal price of 
ten cent*, or upon application to Geo. W. 
Boyd, general passenger agent Broad Street 
station, Philadelphia, Pa., by mall, for twenty 


Miss Gay (Mrs. E. C Rowley) Is of the 
team of Rowley and Gay, Scotch Highland 
fling and sword dancers, who have signed 
for next season with Marks Bros.' No. 1 Co., 
making their third season with that com- 

pany. Through the coaching of Mis* Msy 
A. Bell-Marks Ml** Gay ha* become a clever 
dramatic soubrette. The team played, week 
ot May 2, at the Bur Theatre, Hamilton, 
Canada, and met with success. They plsy 
the McCallum circuit of parks this Summer, 
opening early In June, at Bradford, Pa. 

— Notes from tbe Albert Taylor Stock Co ■ 
We closed a very successful season of forty 
eight weeks on April 80, at Houston, Tex 
and the entire company left Immediately for 
Montgomery, Ala., where we laid off for three 
weeks. We opened our Bummer season on 
May 23, at Pickett Springs Casino. Mont coir 
try, Ala., with the following roster: Albert 
Taylor, owner and manager; Oscar V. Nix 
business manager; Robert E. Lee, treasurer : 
Jack Voss, stage manager ; Atkins Smith, mu- 
sical director; Arthur Browning, master of 
properties; Charley Johnson, electrician; a 
J. Cole. Tbos. A. Madison, Clarence Oliver 
John McGreevy, H. Martynne, Sylvia Sum- 
mers. Eleanors Rella, Pearl Stanley, Orlim- 
l^e and Bella McGreevy. We carry complelo 
productions and are booked solid for both this 
Bummer and next season over the Greenwaii 
circuit In the Southwest through the Ameri- 
can Theatrical Exchange, of New York City. 
This will be Manager Albert Taylor's eighth 
season over this territory. 

— "The Genius," a three act play, by Wm. 
C. and Lucille De Mllle, was given It* first 

? reduction on any stage at the Grand Opera 
louse, nttflburg, Pa., on May 23, by the 
honse stork company, with Charles Rlchmaa 
In the leading role. 

— Elisabeth B. Chester, who has Just 
closed the season with the "Yon Yonson" 
Co., was a Clipper caller May 26. Miss 
Chester reports that tbe season with the 
company has been very successful, and that 
she herself met with favor everywhere, not 
only for her character work, but also for ber 

— The highest schedule of prices for a 
theatrical performance were charged for the 
engagement of "McFadden's Flats" at the 
opening of the opera bouse at Rltzvllle, 
Mont., May 19. At the auction sale of seats 
the prices ranged from ten to twenty dol- 
lars, and the remainder of the seats were 

Jilaced on regular sale at three and Ave dol- 
ors, wblle the admission to the gallery was 
one dollar. The company received an ova- 
tion, and the town was In gala attire, tbla 
being the first company to visit the town In 
over one year. Thomaa R. Henry, who I* In 
charge of the company, will sail tor Japan 
the latter part of June, and will bring back 
a novelty, to be used In Qua Hill's new pro- 

— H. E. Stgman writes: "I have Just 
closed a most successful season of forty-two 
week* a* musical director with tbe Harrls- 
Parklnson Stock Co. Our Summer engage- 
ment of seven weeks, at Jackson, Tenn., was 
a great success. I have signed with the 
Victor Kramer Music Co., of St. Louis, for 
the Summer, as pianist, at their display at 
the fair." 

— F. El Berqulst lessee snd manager of 
tbe Auditorium Theatre, Qalesburg, 111., 
writes: "The firm of Chamberlln, Harring- 
ton ft Co., of the Iowa-Illlnols circuit, on 
May 20 transferred to J. B. Edwards, presi- 
dent of the First National Bank, Burlington, 
la., their controlling Interest In tbe stock of 
the Auditorium Theatre Company, of this 
city. My lease runs until April 1, 1907." 

— When Ethel Barrymore made her Initial 
appearance In London, Arthur Wing Plnero, 
the famous English dramatist, sent the fol- 
lowing telegram from Tunnbrldge Wells to 
Charles Fronman: "I remember vividly the 
great promise of tbe little novice. Let me 
offer warm wishes for the triumph of the 

— Richard Bennett has signed a contract 
with Charles Frohman for two years. This 
sets at rest all rumors regarding his Intention 
to visit Australia In the Fall. This will be 
Mr. Bennett's eighth eeason under Mr. Froh- 
man's management. Beginning next Septem- 
ber he will appear as the Rev. Dr. Bradford, 
In Augustus Thomas' comedy, "The Other 

— Raymond Chase, who has been playing 
the part of Hiram, with tbe Eastern ''Qulncy 
Adams Sawyer" Co., has been re-engaged to 
play tbe same part with the central company 
next season, opening next Aug. 22, at At- 
lantic City, N. J. 

— Gllmous and La Tour, and Sinclair and 
Carlysle bave formed a partnership for the 
purpose of touring the Model Stock Co., In 
repertory, next aeaaon, opening near Chicago, 
and touring the Northwest 

— Emily Erlckson Green writes to Hampton 
ft Hopkins, her managers, that she Is enjoy- 
ing her Summer vacation at her home In 
Stockholm, Sweden. She will return to 
America in time to open another tour ot 
"jhe Little Swede." starting Aug. 20. Hamp- 
ton ft Hopkins will also again present "Sandy 
Bottom," and they are contemplating a pro- 
duction of "In the Far East" a Jappo-Russo 
war drama, for the coming season. 

— Mrs. Wm. Coburn, professionally known 
as Alice Hanson, has returned to Chicago, to 
spend the Summer with her husband, after 
a pleasant trip to Philadelphia. 

— H. W. Tsylor, manager of the Cook- 
Church Stock Co.. has signed for next season 
Zula Ellsworth, for characters : Ethel Ham-. 
rick, for soubrette ; Arthur Ritchie, for tight 
Juveniles and specialties. Has also re-en- 
gaged Charles Cook, W. A. Taylor and Louis 
C. Gencke*. The season will open on or 
about Aug. 22. 

—Chas. T. Fales Comedy Co. Notes: Our 
Summer season has commenced, and the com- 
pany I* as strong a* ever. Tbe cast remains 
almost the same, only for two changes, and 
the cause of that being a much needed rest. 
Our bookings are all complete, and from all 
expectations, our business will exceed last 
Summer's, as a proof of this tbe same dates, 
also fair dates, have been offered us. Our 
scenery, of which we carry twenty-three sets. 
Is a feature, also the Musical Sparks, and 
Rheo, a female Juggler. 

— Helen C. Blck, late of the Harrls-Parkln- 
Bon Co., has joined tbe Strollers for the Sum- 
mer season. 

— The Power Stock Co., now touring Maine, 
has organized a strong baseball team, snd 
has been meeting local teams with good suc- 
cess. The line np Is as fellows: Herbert 
Power, p. and capt : Fletcher Harvey, lb. ; 
J. Herbert Carthel, 2b. : Thomas W. Carrol), 
s. a; W. C. McKay, 8b.: Daniel Hamilton, 
c. ; Leo Berg, 1. f. ; E. P. March, c f. ; Harry 
Thornton, r. f. ; Frank Bosely, umpire. 

— Harry R. Vickers writes: "The Fen- 
berg Btock Co. finished at Scranton, Pa., 
May 21, a most successful season of thirty- 
five weeks. The attraction Is entirely booked 
for next season, and Manager Fenberg Is now 
In New York, arranging for plays and paper 
for the coming season, while 1 am looking 
after tbe business Interest of the Klark- 
Urban Co. for the season. At Concord, last 
week, tbe attraction finished a week of most 
excellent business." 

— Notes from "A Little Outcast" Co.: 
Oeo. E. Gill's company closed Its sesson at 
Minneapolis, June 4, after a successful tour 
of forty-four weeka. He gives his people only 
a short rest opening at 8t Louis July 31. 
A new third act, with great sensational feat- 
ures. Is being bnllt^for next season." 


Is a new recruit to the professional ranks, 
having graduated with honors from a dra- 
matic school In New York City. Her first 
appearance on the professional stage was 
made with the "Buster Brown" Co. during 
the past season, and her work has won her 
praise. She has a pleasing stage presence, 
and possesses natural ability, which will 
doubtless win her a prominent place on the 
dramatic stage. 

4i > 

Along the Historic HniioirBl'er 

run the tracks of the New York Cen- 
tral. Yost can eajor the beauties of 
the American Rhine If row travel br 
the Central. Rate, 2 cents pes salle> 

June 4. 






All Star Performers, headed by in/iivie. sissieretta JONES, 
BLACK PATTI (Greatest Singer of her race), in an entirely 
new and novel $ 10,000 stage production. A SUPREME SYMPHONY OP" FUN, 
dance, ACT-ION AND MELODY, Embellished with Master Creations of Scenic, Illu- 
minating and Costuming Art. Ninth Season and Grand Entourage of the United States, Canada, 
Mexico, South America and! Cuba begins at New York City, August 8, 1904, terminates at Atlantic 
City, July 4, 1905. For bookings apply to MESSRS. KLAW & ER LANCER, and MESSRS. STAIR & 
HAVLIN. Performers applications should be addressed to 

16 East 22d St., 


Character Man, Juvenile Man, Sketch Team, 
Repertoire People in All Lines. 

Si u t o »".c, height, lowest Smaller salurv; pay own. Hum Join on wire. 

EDSALL WINTHUOPE STOCK CO., LlndlC.V Park, firoenslioro, S. 0. 


The Most Gorgeous Set of Scenery in 
Vaudeville or Burlesque. Spectacular. 

C« ST l>MK Sp A ? D BBTiKgopMHA1>Kg A]VD THE 400 „ 

Nearly Brand New. PAT REILLY, REILLY & WOODS, euro of CLIPPER 0I-T1CK, S. V. 





People Hi All Lines— Hood, Clever Singing mid Dancing Souliretle, write; stage Carpenter (Union), 
wIio'Ihii ISeonle Artist: Property Play Paris; Charactsr Man, lo direct stage. State all first 
teller; h1ik> photos. People who have written hefore write again. Address 

,.-• ' GKO. M. FENBEHG, WW llroadway, Itooin 2, N. V. 


^TTT ~ «-«-.=. t "». . . 3 ^-fct ■*■ AI AI ' L 'ROUND BKP. I'EOI'1,1 ., ln«luilln K 

^£W tlIlL» \JUlCJCi ACTOR capable of playing; ANYTHING. 

Also PIANIST (Inn can keep Piano In tinif under cunvui. Mm nil towns, I nay 

ail. Ana. i|til«li. FRANK A, T1IORNK. week of May 30, Sulem, \V. Vn,, ivenk" 
June T, Wallace, \v. Va. 


flood looking SOllBRKTTE thai citn Sine, and SISTER TEAM, tu WIRE; MUSICAL TEAM that Pluv 
Corbels or Trombones Tor llallylioo: I'lCTl.'ltE MACHINE Operator, with Edison Exhibition Machine. 
Win liny iroml machine. Mannv Manton, wire. Write lowest salary. Pay vonr own. Week Stands. 

Jain al t>. WAHHKN II. IlICE, Care or Great Mundy Shows, Dayton, Ohio, 

■ ■ 1. L-L 

You Mustn't Pick Plums From My PI urn -Tree. 

SIEGMAN Lantern Slides 



Ntw York. 

SEND I cts. 


J So. 4. 

) Send lata for 

! Catalogue 
) No. .">. 

Band iota. 


77-81 WOOSTER 

(Bet. Spring and Broome), 

Theatrical Supplies, 
Grease Paints, . . 

Tights, Wigs, 

Gold &■ Silver Trimmings, 
Spangles, Etc., 

We tend goods C. 0. 0., subject to Inspection. 
but require a Deposit on all Orders. 


And Moving picture Mactihirs. all makes, bought 
and for suln. A large stork of Supplies constantly 
on hand. OUTFITS HESTKD. Write to in, 


3118 Spruce St., I>lillnilel|ilitit, Pa, 

Owing to disappointment, AT LIIIKRTV for Summer 
and next season. • Last six seasons with one Manager In 
repermlrc. Can meet all requirements In vihuIovIHo or 
dramatle Ciin give Rood references to well known man- 
agers. Prefer In.loeate. Member of A. P. of M. Address 
UlllAM R. LIJRVKY, care of Cadet Hand, Lynn, Mats. 

An Arllslle, Emphatic lilt at P»slor's, wild return dutc. The Oreatcst Novelty In Vaudeville, PACINI! 
Tilt; AUDIENCE, PltOM WHITE TO lll.ACK. Time tilling rapidly. ALL AdENTS, 
' • Or care of JOHN E. INCE, U:» Broadway, N. Y. 

M r anled Quick, lor UELKtiS' COXCKKT CO. 

(Week HtniiflH). TUBA, In Double Strlnir I lass; TROMBONE, to Doulile Second Violin; CORNET, to 
Double It. ami O. Also 0001) COMEDIAN. Chance fnr week. Stale lowest; heat of treatment. I pay 
nil aflur Joining. Address P. W. COCHRAN, Musical Director, Denning, HI. 



. PIcVICKKirs TllBATllE, Chicago, in. Telephone-Central «04. Bond for Catalogue. 

MUSIC COMPOSERS. This is What You are Looking fir. 

Publish jour own compositions. Our prlcea are the lowest on the market. Send for on r prices. 

OTTO ZnMERKAN, Music Printer, Nos. 717, 719 and 721 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, 0. 

Printer* for Shapiro-Romiok Co., Detroit. ESTABLISHED SINCE 1867. 


Thn leading house In New York. CANDY PACKAOES for Parks, Boats and Theatres. Five cent goods 
a specialty. Try our GOLDEN (,'Rlsp pnpcoBN. A winner. 

WM. J. MADDEN A CO.. 14 and 1» Deshnisscs Street, New York Cilv. 

• JRlolittjrcl Guthmann Transfer Co. 

■eaawrr nhd rJaggaga llanlln*, Btoraga, Scamiry, Proas, and Trunks Far Bala 
rw»M«> iiis-« w^m iT aaa wtmaSit mmm •«.. raneaaa- 


I ii-to-Datr Work and the Prlro la night. 

108 FOUNTAIN ST., Providence, R. I. 


Now Hooking for Season lttlll-IUIKi. 

Population il.ono. (Inod House ntid (lood Town. 
Address all eommunlentluus In 

HANK GOODMAN, Prop, mill Man. 

Feature for Parks. 


Famous Sensational Hypnotist. 

I'ui-liil alive and 110 niliiate art, Anesled al- 
ways for blocking si reels. Address 

LAYVSIIN IIERK.U.WN. ,\, V. ri.ll'l'lilt. 




Panama Canal, Lecture Sets, Song Slides, Etc., Etc. laglc lantemi, 

Stereopttcons, Dissolving Stercopticons, with laving Picture 

Attachment; loving Plotnre Machines and rilras. 

Largest and bast slock on earth. 1 'ATALOUt B FMEE. Lot n« know what 
you want, anil nrf our urlcea. T. II. SfrALLISTKII, 

ID Nassau Nlreat, New York. 


■WAYS ROOM FOR (1001) MUSICIANS. 8t»p at hotels. Management pays all. Photos and program, 
and tell It till Hi Unit teller. CEO, ll. FAUI.I'B or vYjl,L. J, WIKOPP, 

Mi. Clemen* , Mleh.. jj to June II. 



In Hcenic Prodnetlotis uf Jim llludsn. Mi's. Jack, Pewrted llrlde, and etDsr huocwhbs. Special eng»«e- 
meni. PAVI.INRTTI A Pliiio, famnns European OymDAsIs now appearing at Hippodrome, 
London, England. Under the personal direction of PHlLlI' II. TtlliRHMll and MATT NASDER. 
Aildress l»-l«, WIN IIIIOADH'AY, NEW YOIIK. 




THIRD Ki.otm. n» noktii t i.ahk nt., ciucaoii. ill. 

Vaudeville Acts 



itntarlo llcaeh. CMarlotie, N. V., sl.\ mllen out nt 
Koelicstcr, N. Y.. on I lie N. V. Coiilrul." 


DESCRIPTION. From Government Auction. 
No natter what, yon want In that line I can 
anpply it. Now or second hand. Bend for 
catalogue. B. B. ABRAHAMS, 

JM South St., Philadelphia, fa. 

DAI I nfsllC fifts AND HOT AIR, 


Box 191, Madlaon Hi).. N. Y. 



For season 19W-6. BBN R. WARNER, 
MeOrenor, Iowa. 

M. 8TRA88MAN, 

A'iTOKNEY, 853 Broadway, Now York city. 


wi n i in Mi 

Chas. H. Wnldron, Palaoe Theatre, Boston, 





Woods 9 People's Flayers, 

SSMamer and Wlnlor Season, Al MUSICIANS for II. .V ()., SPECIALTY PEOPLE. Moil lUllSt all play In 

hand. Slain evervtliliiK In llrst loiter and lie ready lo Join on wire, salaries must lie I'liMsoaulilo. I pay 
exi»-nse*. Would llko u> hoar from all or nn old fi lends. All leltei. ansneiwl. 

ARTHUR J, WOODS, Sole Prop, and Mttr., Eiirlvllle, III. Sandwich «, T, 8. 



III llin Larsia' Oiih Nlglit Stands N«xl Mas. on, 
PIANO PLAYER, to doulile English dude pari on singe; HEAVY WOMAN, rnmt lie good looking 
and accomplished. LEADING JUVENILE MAN. MAN FOR "RUBE KID'' must lie small and dpAl 
Spcelallv. All must lie good dressers Both on and off stage. Qunlo LOWEST salary and full particulars 
(list letter. Show opens In August In Mleh. and worn* East, Jus. A. Callahan and Ucp. Botstord, and 
Jack Roseiolgb and Arthur Huiiih, please wrlle. Adiltess, for two weeks, commencing H>v :>, 

II. M. HOI, HEN, Manager ••Denver Express" Co., care of Krug Theatre, Omaha, Nebraska. 
NOTE.— Managers, send o|ieii lime In Hie Virginias and (iarollnaa In Jan, mid Felt,, and in Penn- 
sylvania in Peh. and March. 

You Mustn't Pick Plums From My Plum-Tree. 

■ II I'i . ._ ■g-H~B»— I ' ! l ll' ■ I BB 

AT LIBERTY, PAGAN and 9IEHIIIAM, For Parks, Psrae Comedy, VaildevUle— GOOD, 
STIIONO III1S1I ACT, pri-s»nnng U mlnules of good, olever Singing, Dancing and Talking, that la 
strictly up-to-date, Introducing I he DANCING SOLDIERS. Responsible pails. Read/to J^ln on wire. 
Park Managers, please send your first open lime for a good art. Addic's JOHN If. EAfUN, en route 
PU1I. Udet man's New- York B|«cl»Hy Co., Marshdeld, Vt., June J; Bario, VL, 8,,4i Waterhtiry, Vt„ « 



June 4. 


.- ,„- ", i «'» I 1 :-!' - ' . '1. 




E-MTohial and Buhinkss Manaobr, 



^idveitlsements— 12.80 per Inch, single col- 
nmp., , • ", 

: .jydverflsenumlj *«t with border, 10 per 
cetii. rx tin. luii 

si iisciupthin. 

:One year in advance, J-i ; Mix months, $2; 
ibreo miiutiiK, >l. Foreign postage extra. 
Single copies will, be Kent, postpaid, on re- 
ceipt oil 10 cents. I. • 

Our Terms are Cimh. 
,,TJJ,B. CLIPPER. In Issued every Wednesday 
morning. Tphc last four' (advertising) pngw 
UO TO PlifCSS on .SAturdny at 11 X. U„ nnd 
the other pflgyP on MONDAY and tfOKSDAY, 
•The J>'«ilW» Cloning Promptly, Tttea- 
... . day. '•< J'» otclook A. M. 
Please MbM by cxprafis, Pioney order, check, 
' p ; ,0. order or registered ilr-trer. All cash eu- 
tlotWl wjlh teller l*M the risk pf , pppfler, 
Addeops AH <:i>oiiiiunieMi.iaa to 

47 West 2Slh Street, New York. 
• p'jJUUrrtl.OitbUl Jpilrts*, "AimioiitTt." 


Of ..Tub euut'nn Is located at Uooni M)2, 
Ashland Block, Obleago, Walter K. IMH, 

manager and -correspondent, where idvur- 
tiHepitnts oprt, Hi)li»«li>li<m» uto received Ht 

' onr .regular rateW 

: Noiks.— llraudywlpc Springs Turk (N. 
Hiishune Clowurd, manager) opened Slay 30. 
Shellpot 1'nrk (Ferris Giles, mana- 
ger) opened Mar 30. j . . 

■ ' 'f". TV* "T 



48 t ranlMiurno strcrt. 

Lflifiti-r Squnre. 

J.nniloll. W. C 


Lost Saturday nljttit VTlie Prince a( Pllscn" 
Co, opened ut < In- Shnflcsburv Theatre, and 
gave fo Londoners, a revelation of what Btiiarr 
uud brllllnnt chorus work venlly means. 'J'lie 
qlwrus made "Thd Prince, pf Pllncn"va supers*, 
nnd will ki'ip It. n Mt('i*esH for suma-tlroc to 
come, 'this Illicit. Instalment of the Amerlcna I Invasion- was well booimil /or weeks 
In advance, and the English newspniicrs vied 
with one nnother la printing ton lite word of 
tbepresa ngenl ) glowing ncconnis of the lievy 
of lienntles That were nbont to" descend upon 
in from American, nnd the press agent was 
right. It Is the smartest and brlghleiit 
rborua J have Been .since. 1 llrat came. .to 
London. Thin niuy seen unkind to the flriu- 
<i|uils In dwell an ruti.-U upon the cjjoriM, 
hut 1 mn giving not only my o.wn hut the 
Impression seems to prevail generally 
among , those who. have seen the piece. The 
principals ore without exception excellent 
players, but the 'fact remain* that it Is to the 
work of the chorus Hint the Initial success of 
"The Prince of Pllsen" ta due, 1 apeak,- of 
tha.snectM of "The Prince of Pllsen. yet It 
Is anything but a success In the estimation ef, 
the critics The Americanisms in the pleeo 
seem to hava irritated the wise men of tin- 
press, hut us I have seen the appreciation of 
two audiences tills week, the ordlihiry. plur- 
golog members of the public seem to'- have a 
hetter unilerstii inline; of oun American. Ideas 
nnd uuinnoTH. The theatre has been crowded 
in all parts this week, and lis the directors of 
lue, piece will npdoubteilly mnkc It uioi'o; oiid 
more suit ell to the tastes of their audiences, 
1 thing "The Prince of I'llsen" will mnkc the 
Shaft I'siuirv his .iikiIi. for ninny mnnlhs to 


nteil nt 4» Crnubournu SI.,London, \V. C, hum's, Tbentre, under the direction pf (Jhns. 

LOL'Ptcil nt 48 Cfnpbpurno SI.,Lond,ifn,\y. C . 

J, p. rniighlsn,. manager and icorreapopdout, 
wheiv advert lnetiK'tUs nnd pubscrlptloni are 
tscelvi'tl nt our regular rates. 

Tub CtAVn i'an hk oiitainrd, wholv- 
hAt.K and ultail, at our ogents, Itreiilano'M 
news depot, 37 Avenue dn 1'Opern, l'arls, 
Kiuuce^M., LllleittUnl, Fxeiterlvk Rtrasse 
10l' (TermlnuM Hotel), Berlin, N. .«'•. «er- 

'ninny : lilnuioiid News <"'o-,, W Prsilo, fin- 
vitnn : Manila JIook. and Httttoneiy Co., ttt 
I'.scoltn, Mmilla, P. I.; Albort & Bon, HIT- 

■ JW.Klug Sl„- Sydney, -Au»lf)ilUi. ,-. ,-.., ,- 
Illll M.W \llltll < l.ll'l'l It liul.ltiUrs 

un l y un« ♦duiim. and Ibnt is iiiur.i 

(ium »«w York 

8 ' L >ijr U 


Kn lt.-pilcn liy Mull or 'f«.'l« arapb. 

•* i ,,n. i , ■ f 

' Aiiphcbhsh on WltlHOW ^')T oivjin. 
All in Ot'PST tif auflit -flMoui* wm*r ;«; 


CLIPPrilt I'iiht oppioh. ALLLB-i-rniB will 

•»«H - PllVPRTIltKH <INH' WK*K - ONI.T. ' >t* 'WIM 
PuliTB 0* »l»r ' TUHA'rRH'At. tOMPANlf IS 

aurunr.itRKi.'PK' -to oiib . laitr <ik lliiti'rrs 

UY MAIL lljt TCWmiJll'U. 

. , , nilAMATIt:. , , ,, 

it. H„ Bai'UmtUft '' 'Wb nave no knuwl- 
cdKeiof the piiwent whereSboulR of the Party. 
Aifdress a letter, lu our cure nnd we will ud- 
veitlse It In TUB l.'l.iprisit loiter list. 

Mimn I'. rt., Snn Antonio, 
■ P. ()., iiionklyn. 

K. % H„ liotilsvllle, 

It. II., Sedllll, 

' K. K. It., lV?l!nnce. 

1'. Dh Mm Itioolilyu, 

J. V. Oh PrnYhlence, 

d, 1,. ('., I'cnrln, 

I.. T„ JtickMnnJ I 
' K II. I'.. I .« using, nttd ' 

. U.'T.. Phllndelphla.— Sen answer to II. IT., 

• .Mihs Hi A. »., Providence— Wo lisvc M 
record of his (leolh. • ' '■ , ,, 

i'. JJtL Newark. — 'Adi-ess Mnrtlnka * Co, 
h!i:I Hlxlli Avenue, Nov.- York' City. ■ . 
- I'l.iiil., ilVorln.— Addresa Hie secretsry of 
the JliiHlctil IJnloii, New Vork I'll}', 
i.'tl. C llilrlh'lav— We hnvo HP record of the 
dnii h ot the pnriy.; 

,1. J., Albsny.—Tlu'v did not. 

.1 II., MuskiMtou.— I'he , party la, alive. •; 

0. li.,'ltrnill.— 1. It does nnlesa olherwl*' 
hllpiilntcd. i',, Vuu will lliivo to lutiiilru of 
■tkiiiie imii In Hint particular lino of work. 

lit? W. C. Wi, New York.— Watch our route 
Hi. i fiii-hweek. ; • _ ; • ■ . 

.Mpm.H. C. H., Ilostnu.— We have no record 
ol ilic-imrly's dohlb. ..■ ... „ ,. 

J. W. W., t'ednr llnplds.— Cabn's (Jtilde, 
I'mplre Thenlre llulldlnK. New York Cll.v, 

A. I. tt.. New York.— W« refer you to 
our vaudeville route list, puldltdicd In our 
volumns each week. . • . 

,1>. J. iD., »tur«ls.— K. Vnn Wye*., Ul*> 

', II. Mel!,, l.nulHvllle.— 1, Tberp has heeii 
n -hIkiwi. of thnt title jm the- tonil. 2. Ad- 
Sre*.H the lOnieipiise. Music Supply <>. jU 
West TwelU.v-elBlilh fltveel. New York City, 
In regard to Hie Honp, 

Mihm l(. I)., Heading.— Wo eun give yon uo 
Itifiiiuiutloii reguidllig the ciiiupnny's liileii- 
tlniis.' Address' the uinilngcr. In care of 
tills "Mien, unit wo will iiilverilse the letter 
In Till! t'l.ll'I'EB. letter Hal. 

1. A. ll„ Iluntliigton, — Wo have iiu such'id, nor dn wo think It Is I" he found 
it u j where. 

t All IIS. 

W. II I)., New Orleans.— Address Dick & 
PlUgeruld, IS Aim Street. Now York Clly. 

II, K. ki„ llesmfort.— 1. Th« lint* can never 
itrceed the limit agreed upon. S> Aa tne 
uge was nut culled upon to nute more tlinn 
live cents hefute the ib'iiw.he was privileged 
in draw hack live of Ihe ten cents put In. 

P. 1>„ New Y«rk. — A Is CMTOft, 

t!. I\ II.. W'lUlhmn.— 11 wins with his hlan. 

A t'oNsiANT lti:.\i(i:u. Worcester. — A wins 
with hlisli. 

• U. W . P., lown City.— Yon fall to state 
(lie niniihei- of piiluls llniL constitute the 
game. Write ngnlu, , . _ , 

\'\ K., Macon.— Bee. 15. of your eimsUlti- 
tlon. covers the case. T'lie concluding sen- 
tence soys: "The umpire shall ho thu sole 
judge of the time." .. 


\\ llinlnuloii. - -The (iriintl Opera House 
('Jesse K. llnylls, uiniiflpei'i eloses Its eeit- .May ;il, with l.yiunn 11. Howe's. moving 
picture* exhibit Ion. 

lweuHT.Mii:n'N TliKATltn tW. I,. Hocksta- 
rtvr a owner nud inaiingerl. — 'nils bouse closed 
Its first season 2t». ..... 

I.vert'M t Hun 'A Nlenlul, tnanagvral.—- 
"The Slmw Oltl," In a .hlnre of iglurr.-cUiaed 
litis, house for the setisun !U. JiattPRec 
Daniel Humphries reports thai the senaou 
lilts been n velV successful one, nnd the 
gTiiwhik ptilroimge of the Lyceum Justifies 
the tulinniH'tiioiit In'Ptnkllig nolue'very elabo- 
rate Improvements for next season. 

Prolimnn. "Cynthia" Is a . comedy, in three 
nets, by Hubnrt Henry On vies, nod bits nl- 
I'pudy been seen by American Audiences, I 
nm glad in be able to report thnt- Miss Bar- 
ryinore bus achieved n prnnnunced personal 
success. In spite of the fart Ibat the piny 
lacks strength. Hhe Is as real as It Is pos- 
sible to lie ns Cy nt bin ; she has all the beauty 
and grace mid pretty manners tlmt make hm 
*Tcusn Ignoiniiee of the wnvs of Ibe world 
In a woman, nnd It Is not her fnull that tbe 
character Ik not plausible. Max Vrccinaji. 
Hie Jew money lender, with the Hcotch : Auine, 
Is given a very suidll pint by the n'uihnr, 
hut be tnnkeB of It the niost.sU'lklng hit lit 
the play. His Is tbe most excellent elm meter 
Study I linvc seen for some time. T'lie qnlet 
uuoil hiiiuvr and niodesty with .which Joseph 
Wheelo 1 1. Jr. plays T'eddy IUni|itoii. ImS cs- 
nihlisheii blui a favorite, aud should be bare 
to remain In England he cnu look forward In 
a ptensnut popnlnrlty. (lernld du Mnnrter, 
us (ivritblu's PUHhand, wti-i ns nffectlve am 
could, be, and the fesl of iho cast was e<|unl 
to the deinnmls made upon it II Is my hnpn 
to sec Ml;.-- Itarrymore In sumetblug inurn 
worthy of'hei'ltefoi'o she J«ave*' I»pdon,'. ■ 

I-'orties IlnberlsAii has concluded arrange- 
ments w'hlch Insure the niijiea-rnnco of him- 
self and. wife (Gertrude .EIHntt) even if only 
for h i-oiiipiii-iiiiveiv brief, space, on thc.l/ou- 
don' stnge dnvlng- (lie present renr. The wllb- 
drnwul ni'x i Friday, of "The lllelf .Mi-h, Reg- 
ion" at the Duke of York's, bus ennblcd Mr. 
Koher Isou -In ohtiiln thnt honse, where lie 
will start oiatrntipiis on 3d with n now play, 
entitled "The Kd(te of ,ihn Htorm." hy Mnr- 

?nt'el V.. YottPg, n rlriinin, III a rt'ologtie unit 
hfee nets, the scenes lielng liild )n Ilini- 
gnrv. mid later In India, nt the period of 
the. Indian mutiny. After Mr. Itobertsou's 
departure, that Is about the beginning of 
Hepifinber, t'linrb-s Krolipiaii will again take 
up the i-clns ot inntingement at this theatre. 
Kill, ns Irene Vanlirugb and U. R, Irving 
nre In visit the provinces thin Autumn with 
"i.ettv." Mr. Probninu will present Israel 
Ziingwlit's eoioedy, "Merely Mary Ann." 

('. W. Hoini'i-Ki i Is to ue flic next tenant 
of the Savoy, which ho bones to reopen mi 
Hnluwlny. 28, with n new three pet farm, 
mimed -'Who's Who?" minuted by Sydney 
Dark, from Tristan Ucrnard's piece, "l/.u- 

fnlre .MiUlllmi." 

Tiie long run of "A Chinese Honeymoon" 
at the siriiiid, which commenced oii Oct. 4, 
ttldl, will hn tci'inliinted on Monday evening, 
when' the piece will reach Its l,tl7Mh per- 
formnnee. The next production at the house 
will im Owen Unit's muslenl cmnedv, "Nit- 
geinil llruc," with mimic by Lisa I.ehmniiu. 

.Nihil Drew Is paying us Ills iiniitiiil visit, 
HioiikH only as a PlayJtncr. He wants to ».'o 
"The Duke of KlllWmrtkle," which Is .to 
he his Aiitiiinu novelty for the United Mlarrn. 

"Joseph Knlmigled" is ueniiug Ibe end 
of Its career at the llaymnrkel -nnd the Inst 
performance Is fixed for tonight, tin Wed- 
nesday, 2[i. lis Micecssor will be pii'seiiled. 
This 'Is not the play In which it is hoped 
popular Winifred Finery will innke her re- 
turn to tbe stnge, from which, nnfortiinn.le- 
ly, she bus been too long absent, but i 
comedy, In .three, nets, ddnpteil from Hie 
I'Teiieli nf Paul (iAvnult and tteorges llerr. 

If Is to lie ended "l.lidv l-'llrl." 

The tw? bundredtb porformnnce of "The 
Orchid" look uIhihi nt the Oalety Tbenira 
lit st Mnndnv iilRbi. 

There seems io Is- n great rwu upon 'iTho 
Cnrdinnl" for Hie fonllnebr. as .Mr. Par- 
ker's ilrnmn, alreadv presented In Home -mid 
Venice, Is io be played shortly In llcrlln — 
bv llerr l'ossnrt — and III St, Petersburg, nnd 
Is being translated for l'arls by M. 'Never 

littsv uinn though tleorl'e Rdwnrden la. he 
la. further adding to his Iblairs by accept lug 
the clinlriiuinshlp of the Kiuplrc. mnda vn- 
canl hy the death of ; the lain Hector Ten- 
mint I'ver since the Vhiiplre lieenaic n 

vni-iei v t lieu i re Mr. Udwnrdes lias been as- 
sociated with the board of .directum, but 
pivsimmliiy In his new role be will take n 
more iicilve part In the uiniuigciiiciil. 

1 have received the followllie comntunlen- 
tliiu from Kil. Itonclt (with W. C. bTeldo. 
Local No. S. also T. M. A., No. ,1, which 
should Interest many of our renders : "Dur- 
ing my stay at the -Hippodrome I had the 
pleasure of bearing how Ibe Union of Tue- 
plrlcnl'Hlngo Ittnployes Is progressing. Obos. 
A. Kecbte (Tiny) who Is employed In the 
'(lies.' nnil who Is a member ot the commit- 
tee, of No. 1 branch of ihe union, •• In- 
forms tuc thnt they nre getting stronger 
every day. And that a better state., ot 
feeling exists between employer and em- 
ploye.' 1 'Alley have flve brunches. Including 
n bends of departments, association. ■ The 

sections ; 

-Knt vanes 
fee, „2s. (Id. Contrlbittlnus, SN per week. 
Uepd'olePt Fund. Ill per month. Open- j (o 
ipmlllled theatrical singe employes, carpen- 
ters, elect rlclnns, property men. stage men. 
tlbie light, men nnd gas men, over eighteen 
yearn of age, who have bad not lots (bnn 
six months' experience, llcticili s ; 'I'rpde in-o 
leetlon nnd improvement, dispute, nbd locic 
opt pnv. legal nsslstniice to recover wnges 
nnd ciinipi'iisiilloii for Hijiirlc.i. omuls are 
made from the tiilid ns per bye-laws In spe- 
cial etri'itmarnnebs, 

■ Clnas-Il: Trade nnd Funeral l^nnd flee- 
-Hon — Kntrnnne fee, . 2s. (hi. i>ntrlbiitlon, 
4d. 'per vrfek. ltenevulrtit l-'nhd. Id. .pec 
-monlli. Open rn singe enlploves as nho\-e, 
uuilsr forty vencu of Aire and In good Ueallh. 
alsive — F "" 

member's wife, firnnt front the Ilcncvolctit 
Kit ml la sptclnl circumstances. 

.Class C— Trade Kuneral and Sick Fund 
Section— Entrance fee, 3t. Od. Contribu- 
tion; ikl. per week. Benevolent Fund, Id. 
per month. Open to theatrical stage employes 
ns 'Above, uuder forty years of age and In 
good hen I th. 

Benellla: All tbe benneflta of tbe Trade 
and Funeral Sections. and sick pay as fol- 
lows — 10s. per week for six weeks, and 5s. 
per week for tbe next six weeks. Grants 
from Benevolent Funds In special circum- 
stances. , ,..,,.. 
. QuAlinentlons for benefits: Twelve montbx' 
membership nnd not seven weeks In arrears 
wltli contributions. 

They have also had a series of concerts on 
behnlf of the Benevolent Fund, nhjb the an- 
nual sports. At tbe present time > a , repre- 
sentative committee, consisting, of members 
of Ihe No. 1 Branch (Mr. Keehje being one), 
the bends ot departments, pud tbe Musicians' 
Union ace arranging the Annual Theatrical 
Stage- Employes' Sports, on behalf of Hie 
'Benevolent Funds, which will be 'under dls- 
(Ingiilsbed pntronnge. Several well known 
mnnagcrs arc cordially assisting us, and that 
well known and . popular actor,. Herbert 
Klcntb,' litis generously devoted a lot of time 
on our bi'iiiilf ; also Xtalpli Kimpfon. nsslst- 
init stage mn linger of St. .lumes Theatre, is 
working very hard. W. .Johnson, the general 
secretary of the union, is the honorable 
secretary of tbe ■ sports, which will take 
pla<!o At Heme Hill on Tuesday, June 21. 
No doubt It wi|l be a red letter slay for the 
employes, ns such gatherings ns these (apart 
frgm pecuniary- gains l tend to "promote a 
greater bond of friendship among nil con- 

I'liuiluetti and Pimio nre at the Illpnn- 
dromo, where they will remain for eight 
weeks, then going to America to Join the 
.Thuilicr & Nasber Co, They arc on a very 
good place In the bill and their act Is one 
always calculated to please. 

Johnnie Qulgley, the newsboy tenor, baa 
arrived in London lind will appear ut tho 
Oxford today. 

, W.jC Fields continues to be n feature at 
the Hippodrome. The Panrxer Trio are also 
nr thU house, ns are the Kiiuliinnun Troupe. 

Sum lOdwnrds will, probably present bis 
skeich At n West Knd house In the Immedi- 
ate- future., 

John Ford Is In London nnd opens nt the 
Tlvpll, np Monday. He should be a nuccesn 
In Ivuglnnd, ns; English audiences are highly 
iipprsclatlve of dancing. 

I nm glad to bear of the recovery of HUT.- 
aril Ward. He has now niaio.Ht regained 
his old time robust health, nnd in conjunc- 
tion with his piit'ini'i'. Will Newbnuse, will 
resume, work next Monday. 

(link nnd Hamilton are. in town again 
after a most successful season. In Australia. 
Thcv bnvo been away 'Since, October lant- 

.Ctuirles Morton, the Palace manager, 's 
Inking u short holiday at Hath. Alfred 
Butt. In ihe in, -nm line. Is capably conducting 
Ibe bouse. 

Unpens, Hayes and Kobertn open on the 
Muss tour Monday next nt lite Empire, 

Lowell nod Lowell return Io Pnrln next 
month for a month nt the Albnmbra. • 

Horace (ioldln. who Is now slairing nt 
the Pulnce, , has A number of new Illusions, 
all ot tbcm excellent and displayed In the 
most , workn>Pnl|ke manner: bo cnnslnntly 
dors .(ioldln change und Improve his art thnt 
H. wonder bow It rnn be a source of prolit 
In him in the. present time,. though of course 
for Cut are results he Is pursuing the right 

< Frank'- l'nrker'a engagement pi stage and 
equestrian director nt The Hippodsome baa 
Just been extended for another three years. 

Nelson's Newsboy Quintette arc topplug 
the hill at Hie Lyric, Liverpool, this ,wn»k. 

tout ciiiuauo i.i; 'I'Ticit. 

Wwitern Barean , 
,: Of the Nexr Yorlf Clipper, 
Hoiun Mix, Apblanil Block, CbleagV. 
.la glancing -over Chicago's theatrical at- 
tractions for Hie week of May 30. one finds 
the promised production of "The Mnbl and 
the Mummy," nt the ttarrlck Theatre. Sunday 
evening, 20, to be the one novelty the week 
affords. The Aliening of the Summer season at 
Sans Soucl and Water Chutea Parks, on 28, 
brings n new factor into the distribution of 
our amueetsent money, and the past popular- 
it v of these resorts given every promise of 
being duplicated this season. During the week 

ending 28 Mrs. Fluke terminates A fortnight 

-fistic nnd financial {NML- 
■Ick. and nt ihe Great Xortlierp,, David llig 

of nrt 

Tbe (Tinmherlalas «re renin red 
Cuinburwi'll bill for next week. 
«*» " 'i" ; 'j* ' 

In tho 



svn.NKV. Anh-mAiiiA, 'April 3d 
The Pormans, well and fnvoiahly known 
In Sydney, staged at the Pnlni-o Theatre, on 
Sin urdny fast, the "Lltth. Red Killing Hood," 
piiuioiiiiiue, to n big house. 

Hurry Kleldii'dB, at the Opera House, Mel- 
bournii, has liilrodncetl two wonderful boy 
ncrnbtifr.- tbe Ucsscins. The daring and dex- 
terity of these two youths — the eldest is said 
to hi- only dfteen years of age — are something 
tin- on i of the common. They will open at 
T'voll; Sidney, Inter uu. 

"The Uirhi Thnt Fulled," an adaptation 
of Kiidynrd Kipling's novel of that name, 
by O'lia Netbersolo, was also produced Inst 
Saturday night, ut Her Majesty's Theatre, 
by J. t '. .Williamson. - - The cast Included 
Cuyler Hastings nnd May Chevalier. ..The 
play was a great success, and a big season 
Is assured. ,, 

t'lalrn Cnnlleld, female baritone, who came 
lo Australia with the American Comedy Co., 
has sailed for 'Frisco. Some tew weeks 
since, c. J. Stlne; of the same company, now 
anocnrlng In Melbourne, was taken ill, and 
bis role was undertaken, at abort notice, by 
Win Douglas. Mr. Stlne, writing from Mel- 
bourne, says that he bus signed for another 
bIx months with Mi'. StcptieiiHon'H company, 
nnd is very busy gelling, ready to nroduco n 
new . play, . tbe Australian rights for which 
he has Just purchased, called "Other People's 
Money. They made n great success with 
the songi "I've (lot My Eye on You," which 
(Hive Evans featured, 
boy singing Ibe chorus 
the aisle. Mr. .Stlne writes .. 
bourne success Is The liesi they have achieved 
since they left America. ' 

John V. Sheridan's "Mrs. Dooley's Lilt Id 
Joke" Is staged, lo crowdetl houses, nt Ade- 

Mny Dnprei, a new comedian at the Tlvoll, 
Is original, piquant and clever. 

assisted by n small 

while walking down 

itUcn that (heir Mel- 

Bland Holt Is still .going- ns strong ns an 
avalanche m ihe Sydney Itoyiil, wiiii 
Omit Millionaire." - ■ 



London branch, No. 1. litis three 
CUM A: Trade FNiid Sectlon- 

uHcbeiltH : Trade benefits ns above — Funeral 
benellts ns per rules, tin In tbe eveht of 
death of a member; £3 un the death ot a 


. Norfolk.— At tbe Academy nf Music (T. 
G. I.eath, iiutuuger). — A wrestling iiialcb be- 
tween Prof. W. J. Dwyre and Joe Carroll is 
scheduled for Mny 27. 

Ciuniiv Tiidatur (Jnke Wells,. manager). 
— Tho Walter Edwards Uo. presented "Jane 
Kvre" 211-28, lo very satisfactory i returns. 
This ciimpiiiiy idnses the ivguhii' season at this 
House. Mr: Wells expects to open the Casino 
nt Ocean View June II, but ns yet the attrac- 
tion ban not been decided upon. 

Amis TitRA-rnii tChns. M. West, mnnager). 
— New people for week of 30 arc: Hill nnd 
Johnson Itully Malthmd, Jennie Allen Ixni 
Fullman and Marie Murtell. nuslness Is 


Rtjnit Tiikatiik (J. M. Crlnnlnn, niatm- 

feri. — People for week of 30 nre: Ada Dally, 
'nnsy Weir. Ilnyuiond nnd Dunlinr. Ilnrry 
Sbnfler, Foley nnd Itenlz, nud Florence Ed- 
wards. Business Is good. 
^ — " 4«» 


I'ortioiui. — At the • JefTersiin Thentro 

H'nlin -A; liiiint. liinunget'Ki. - Aiiiokl Only, 
in "(.'nudldii.'' Mny 2,4, drew .a select Audi- 
ence of fair iii'oiinrtlons. tieb. w. Ilnll, In 
."A Bagged. I Into, closed. the horine.30 1 

PnllTLANO THI:aiIik (James E. Afoore, 
nuinsgel'), — Jtyton Douglas nhd Frohtnnn's 
coinpauv. In "For l.lxelle." with a strong 
vaudeville hill, closed the regular vaudeville 
sensnn, -2S. to n lilg Week's husltless. The 
house opens. 30 nnil week, with the Hvron 
Dditglns Stm'k Co.. presenting "The First 
Aloin " and "Confusion." 

ind financial prostujrity at theiinr- 
.. it ibe Great N'ortlieri),, David llig 
gins ended three weeks of packed houses hit 
"His Last Dollar.'! the Olympic Theatre ends 
Us sebson with Sunday night's performance, 
20. The rcop'jnlhg of the newly constructed 
Orand 'Opera House, on 23, was an Important 
event In last week's hnpenings, and Ibe local 
Initiation of ''Main'selle Napoleon," at the 
Illinois, brought Anna Held lain renewed pop- 
ularity with our vbentregoers. Continued at- 
tractions for the week opening Memorial Day 
(special holiday matinees ruling at all thea- 
tres) Includes: Miss, Held, at the Illinois; 
'ITlie Furl of Pnwtiicket," at Powers' ; "The 
flilver Slipper,'' at llcVTeker'a ; "The Wizard 
of Ox." nt the (irnnd Opera, House: "The Sho- 
tiuii." at the Stiidebaker, and "Tbe isle ot 
Spice," at the La Salle. Within a fori night 
most of the outlying theatres will liave fin- 
ished their season, and the work of recon- 
struction, to fit them to meet the various re- 
quirements of the new building laws, will Im- 
mediately begin. 

Illinois Tnratpk (Will J. Davis, mnnn- 
gen. — Anna Held, continuing "Main'selle Nii- 
IKileou," enters upon her second week Sunday 
evening, CO. The audiences during the first 
week of her, at present, indefinite stay, were 
large nnd enthusiastic. - 

Powpns' TnjUTAR (Harry 3. Powers, mnn- 
ager).— -Lawrence n'Orsny, In "The, Earl of 
Pnwtiicket," continues the attraction here, a 
special Memorial Day matinee beginning his 
fifth week. Sunday performances nre n pro- 
posed Summer season feu lure at this bouse. 

liAitmi'K TliPATlit: it Tins. A. Bird, business 
mnnager).— Klehnrd Carle returns on Sun- 
day night, 20, to the gtnge which started lilm 
upon his Inrter-dfiv fame. ' His newest 1'ffnrr, 
"The Mnld and the Mummy," will then be 
given Its first local hearing and euler upon, 
what It Is hoped will be. n Summer run. Al- 
ton, III., afternoon of 211. ,was tbe place aud 
tltne of TtS orlglnnl presentation, and two 
mure Illinois Tilght stands" were p> 
serve ns n "breaking In" for the new venture. 
Mrs. I'lske ended a noteworthy fortnight Sat- 
urday evening, 28, large audiences, having 
united in unstinted ndiiiiratlon for ber nrtls- 
tJe.. achievements In an extensive and varied 
repertory of essentially notable presentations. 
MoVk'KRH'h Tiiimiii: (Ceo. i.'. Warren, 
business mannger). — The fourth and last 
week of "T'lie Silver Slipper" begins Sunday 
night, 20. Business has been very big thus 
far. and tbe enlcrlaliiiiieni lias proven a 
pleasing and popular diversion. On June .1 
Jacob Llit will ninkc a production nf Lee 
Arthur's new melodrama. "A Business .Mini." 
with w'm. Norrls featured In Hie title role. 
The new piece will show life In the Fust side 
district nf New York, nnd In the production. 
nssocliued with Mi'. Norrls, will be: Hubert 
FlsUcr, tiny bates Post, Ilnrry Lndell, lOd- 
wni-.l J. Muck, Frank Hutch. Jessie Btisley, 
Ellen Mortimer, Annie Mack Berlcln nnd 
Marguerite lliquhmt. 

S-riTiKiiAKKn TitRATnn (it. E. Harmcyer, 
business mnnager). — "The Sho-lSiin" con- 
tinues the attraction here. Its ninth week 
starting with a Memorial Day matinee. The 
end ot lis tenancy of tills popular resort la 
not. yet announced, and business maintains 
u good average. 

HUM Opkua Hotisx (Fred It. Hamlin, 
business muntger). — This thoroughly' recon- 
structed theatre, now la nil particulars com- 
plying with the new lnws, reopened Monday 
I'vnnlng, 23, wltli "The Wizard of Ox." Flqe 
business has thus far resulted, and an ln- 
dellulte engagement, bright with financial 
promise, is assured this most popular of 
Chicago's earliest successful productions. 

(1ki:\t NiifiTimi.s Tukatiih I James II. 
Tlrnwne, Business manager). — "Yotk State 
Folks" logins its third Chicago engagement 
Sundny afternoon, 20. On Saturday even- 
ing, 28, iinvld Iilgglns ended three weeks nf 
capacity business for "His Last Hollar," and 
the company ended Its season, 

,La S.m.i.i: TiiiiAiiii: (Mark O. Lewis, busi- 
ness mannger). — "The Itiiynl Chef" continues 
nlong Its prosperous way, Its hundredth per 
formnnce being due on June j. The pop'i- 
Inrlty of Dave Lewis and the other stock 
company favorites Increases as tbe run of the 
piece lengthens toward a record. 

Hopkins' Tngvrnt (John 10. Fennensy, 
business manager). — Billy Kcrsuuds' Min- 
strels open Hunduy afternoon for tbe conclud- 
ing week of the season far this resort. Dur- 
ing the week ending May 28. Lincoln J. Car- 
ter's "Ilemember the Maine" was on nt trac- 
tive and' forceful offering, maintaining the 
melodramatic trend of pieces most popular 
with these audiences. 

It i.i in TTiKvrm: (Win. Roche, business man- 
pger).— K. Lawrence Lee nud Elsie Crcscy are 
featured 'In "To Die at Dawn." which will 
hold forth here twice daily throughout the 
week ot 20. John M. Ward's production, "A 
Hidden Crime," will close the season next 
week. liast week Inez Foreman,' starring in 
"East Lynne," was n popular attraction. 

t'lii.iijiiins Thkatiik (Fred. C. Elierts. busi- 
ness malinger). — Anne Sutherland enters 
upon the fin It And Inst week of her "stock" 
engagement Sunday afternoon, "Tbe Two Or- 
phans" closing the bouse season. "Da Hurry" 
was last week's bill. Alterations nud' repairs 
will bold iitientioii of owners nnd lontract- 
ors throughout the Summer. 

•Pfcort.K'N Tiikatuh (Millie Wlllnrtl Nelson, 
manager). — The first production In Chicago 
of ('bus. Pi rich's Chinese play, "A Celestial 
Maiden," will engage the services of May 
I Insnier nnd her papular stock coinpnuv week 
beginning Monday iiftrriinoii. 80. During 
the past week "TTte Ticket of Leave Man 
was' presented In nil attractive manner. 

'Hl.'flll TMtrr.A TltGATIIR IT. J. Keariinn, 
manager).— "The Mnn from Mexico," ou Sun- 
day afternoon, 20, follows n week of "Be- 
cause She Loved Him So," Grace Ileitis mid 
Joseph Sullivan lending the Players' Stock 
Co. In Its presentation. The season will 
Boon end here. 

Howard's Tiieatrb (Lorlu I, Howard, 
ntaungerj. — "Lights of Qotlmm" goes on Sun- 
day afternoon for presentation by the Unw- 
ind Stock Co. Lorin J. Howard returned to 
nnd cast In Inst week's presentation of 
"Master nnd Man." Here, too, the season 
will soon end, 

CltlCAOO a Hiicsk (Kohl & Castle, 
malingers). — Opening Monday afternoon, 30: 
l.ucv Bvron, Harney First, the Three Camp- 
bells, Fischer and Johnson. Lizzie Wilson, 
Hubert Carter nnd company. Pierce and 
Jluzle, Joseph J. Sullivan nnd compnnv, Har- 
riett A. Siriikoscli. Howard nntl Emerson, 
I'hll and Nettle Peters, (iurvey and Thomp- 
son, James J, Corbett, the ltussell Brothers, 
nnd Geo. K. Spoor's klnndrome. This bouse 
renin Ins the only representative -of Knhl & 
Castle's Chicago vauili'vllle Intensis. and, 
as usual. Hie house will keep open nil Sum- 
mer, as It-Is planned to make the alterations 
necessary under Hie new building regulations 
without Interrupting the schedule of per- 

■ CLKvrtANP'n Tiikatiid IIV'iu. 9. Cleveland, 
mannger i. — Opening Sunday nfteruonn, 20: 
Kil la Proctor Otis. Julian Jlose. Mr. nnd 
Mrs. W'm. Itohyns, Mine. Mnntelii, Alinle 
Dnttrriis, Cordnnn and Minnie. Mllo Yugge, 
nnd, ns n special feature, ibe Mar- 
ivelnlis 'Potter Fntnlly: 

scnsiulohs its wan his previous week. Lynch 
and Jewell wcte exceedingly popular mem- 
bers of the bill closing 28. 

Bam T. Jack's Theatrb (Sidney J. Euson, 
manageri. — Tbe season of combination bur- 
lesque Is approaching Its end at thin popu- 
lar resort, th* Bummer stock company tuk- 
ing up the entertainment after the current 
days. Last week the Transatlantic Bnr- 
lesquers enjoyed good patronage and gave a 
verv pleasing entertainment. 

TnocADF.RO TncATRE (Robert Fulton, man- 
ager). — Tbls will be the last week of com- 
bination burlesque at this bonse. Manager 
Fulton's Jolly Grass Widows ending tbelr 
own and tbe house season. The Summer 
stork company wilt inaugurate a season of 
weekly changed burlesque bext Sundny after- 
noon, June 5. During Ihe past week tin- 
nine HHilum Girls provided good entertain- 
ment for splendid inullences. 

WaTur Chums I'apk (Win. H. Strlckler, 
general mnnager).— Attractive advertising 
announces tbe opening ot .the Summer sea- 
son here oh Sntitrxlny night, 28. "Shoot- 
ing' the Chutes" remains the chief feature, 
but tbere will be a host nf other concessions 
to entertain the multllndes which arc ac- 
customed : to center here for tbelr Summer 
night's amusement. 

Sans: Sot'ci Park (Col. Alfred ltussell, man- 
agers). — Everything Is In, readiness for, the 
season to open here Saturday evening, "s. 
Edward Sbuyile will he munngcr of amuse- 
ments nnd the theatre has been reconstruct! ,1 
lit full conformity with the new laws. The 
opening vaudeville will employ Chiyton. Jen- 
kids And Jasper, Snyder and Buckley, Hlnck- 
soln and Burns, the Hexns, nnd Ada Arnold 
son. The new concessions embrace the steel 
tower, air ship, lielter-skeller, Dante's in- 
ferno, "Trip to California." "The Hocky Rnnd 
to Dublin,'' coal mine in oiierntlou, llgure 
eight, toboggan slide, nnd circular swing. 
Attractions held over from last season are: 
The Japanese ten garden, bouse ot trouble. 
enveof the winds, merry-go-round, Turkish 
village, loon the loop, nnil the old mill. 
: LoxnoN DtMK MusM.'M fWm. J. 'Sweeney, 
mnnager). — The usual itrrny of freaks nnd 
curios will hold n I tent Ion here, with vaude- 
ville to divert patrons nt the theatre. Busi- 
ness Is good. 

Ci.Aiifc SniKKT MUNRtnr (I.nuls M. Hedges, 
mnnager). — The fat mnn, the leau mnn, the 
giant nud the midget,. along wltb other .freaks 
of nature, will engage the attention of the 
curious, while an oft repealed vaudeville bill 
holds attention upon the stnge. Business Is 

At TcttMATii.— Heopeiilng of the Ironunts 
Theatre seems to he u certainty. Win. liar 
iIk. who recently purchased Ihe property for 
$o.~ilt,000, has retained an attorney lo compel 
Hie. city, lo npprove of tlie plnns which huve 
been submit tea- for Ihe reconsl ruction oflhc 
interior of the house, nnd to grant n permit 
for the reopenlug of Hie house. Thus far 
the Building Commissioner ban neither up- 
proved or disapproved of Hie plans submitted, 
nltliougb admitting Hint they comprehend n 
full compliance with the new bluhlliig regu- 
lations Gentry's Pony nnd Dog Slmw 

will exhibit week of May 30-Jinic. 4 nt Thirty- 
tirst street nud Forest Avenue, and the eu- 
tire South side Is pictorial ly decorated wltb 
effective reminders of Ihe fact ...... Louis 

iteniz, who has been stage manager nt the 
Hii.viniii'kei since Hint house reopened nfter 
the Iroiiiiiils lire, will he stnge manager of Ihe 
vaudeville hills at Sans Soucl Park this Sum- 
mer. .. .Henry W. Link, general agent of Al. 

W. Martin's nt tract Ions, will spend most of 
his Summer | n Chicago, with headquarters nt 
the Natioiiiil Show Printing Co. Manager 

Mnrtln Is also In town for n few weeks 

Ed. tllroux relumed home for the Summer, 
Inst week, "Yon Yonsou" having closed Us 
season in New York 28. . . .. .Clins. L. Wal- 
ters, business manager of Hen Hendricks' 
Co., wns a culler at the Western Bureau of 
Tub Cliitkii last week. "Erich of Sweden." 
which was tried during the Spring tour, will 
not lie ret a Hied liv Mr. Hendricks next sea- 
son, but bin malinger, Sidney It. Ellis, will 

write him n new Swedish dialect piece 

Win. II. Sherwood, who has been re enguged 
for his third season In Advance of Rose Mel- 
ville. In "Sis Hopkins." In borne to spend the 

Summer with his fniully Buckskin Bill's 

Wild U'l-si pnssed into the hands of a re- 
ceiver, by order of one of the Incnl courts, 
Inst week, hut its tour Is not likely to be 
Interrupted Edward C. tlnymnn. secre- 
tary lo Mnrtln Beck, goes to New York Sun- 
dny, where lie will meet Mr. -Beck, who re- 
turns from Ills European tour next Thurs- 
day. Mr. iiiiymiiu and Broiidwny are 
strangers, hut he will spend the llrst duys 
oi uext week getting acquainted. 


Kflnn 'Wallace Hop- 

iier proved a big ciinl Inst week, nnd i'unl 
ipadoni'B second week was as replete with 

Boston, — The Rlngllng Brothers' (TrciU 
broke nil records for circus nitetulniice lust 
week, and it will not Is? omlsa to add Hint 
lbs show was one of tbe best of Its- kind 
seen here In many yearn. . The theatre 
pntronnge wns Injured by tho tented slum' 
to a certain extent, but the list ot" slum- 
places being quite small the business was 
fnlr und evenly distributed. The rustic 
theatres will he nil In Tine Decoration Day, 
hut ihe majority of them do not open their 
regular seasons until about June Hi. Tho 
llostoiilnns. In "Tho Serenade," nt the Co- 
lonial, Is the only change ot hill noted in 
current theafrlcnls, aside from the.custoinnrv 
stocks, vaudeville and burlesques shins, ibe 
new Are law kill, which, If passed, would 
have put the local innnngers of thentres 
and hulls lo great expense, etc, 
pass the Senate, and Is now practically dead. 
The iiiiiiiiigers were prepared to mnke n 
great tight ago Inst its adopt Ion. 

CiiLtiNlAi. Tiir..wiii: (Charles Frulininn, Kich 
& litiriia, managers). — After a week at dnrk- 
ness Hie doors of thin bouse will be reopened 
Monday. May 80, for a supplementary sensnn 
of OtWA of The rOMle lype. the Interpreters 
hell);.- the Boston l ii us. "The Serenade" Is 
tbe nil ruction, und In the cast are:, Henry 
Clay Hiirnaliee, William II. McDonald, George 
Frm blnglin in. Agues l.'aln Brown, Herl mil* 
Zlinmer. Allele Rnfter, Blnnclie Morrlsan, 
Laura Oaldev, Howard chambers, George 
Flske. Douglas Rut liven, Joseph M. itiiicllu'e 
uud Ilnrry Dale. Length nf sensou is not 
stated. A Sunuuer ncnle of prices bns hecu 

''I'iirmont Tiikatrr (Jiio. B. SchoelTei. man- 
ager). — Monday. >fny 311, "Woodland" begins 
the sixth week or lis habitation of this house 
wlib everything pniiillng toward a prosperous 
Summer run. Tbe ftintnsv with a wealth of 
novelties in lite wny of music, costumes, 
scenery, nnd Inst, but not lenst, cast. Is lust 
the sort of cntcrtnlnuiont to please the Sum- 
mer plnygoer. Cnsi changes are still In order. 
the substitution of Nellie Folds for Olive 
Norlh In the rale of Turtle Dove, being the 
latest. The clinnge occurred Inst Saturday 
■ilghl, nnd tbe new Dove seemed to please the 
I :,ii mi*. Summer prices nre now In vogue. 

Boston THRATIh ( Lawrence Mcf'iirty. man- 
ngerl.-^TIils Is the second nnd Inst xveek of 
"Girls Girls." nnd on Saturday nlglu 
next the house will he closed fur the season. 
Business was fair Inst week, the musical com- 
edy meeting with about snme success It lind 
early In the sensnn. Al. I^ech and bin old 
pals, the Three Rosebuds, continue to be the 
hit of the show. 

Gloiik 'iTiKArnn (Stnlr A Wilbur, mnnn- 
gcrs).— "The isle of Spice." now In lis third 
week at this house, Is having n satisfactory 
engagement. The dnlnty lithe girls nt the 
chorus arc the talk nf the town, their, work 
Itelng largely responsible for the success the 
cxtrnvoganxa seems to hnve won. Tobv Lvoits 
was oiit of- the cast Inst week, nursing an old 
baseball ailment, which he contracted during 
bis baseball days'. II Is expected Toby will 
lie In good shape hy Monday of thin week. 

Mrsic Mali. (Stnlr & WTIhiif, mnongers). 
— This Is the 'second week of'Skv Fnrm" 
nt tills bouse, mid the rural drnmn of New 
England life promises lo enjoy n prosperous! 
engngenieut. Good plnya of country life al- 

iTTTNE 4. 



ways «wm to please the average theatre- 
""r, and this play Is one of the best of IU 

l> roved to be exceptionally plraBlng. Madge. NOTICE to ( OrUiESPr>j»OKNTs. 



manager). — The production of "My official 
Wife," last week, was one of the moat at- 
tractive of the season's offerings, and tie 
members of the stock all did excellent w6rk. 
The piece was handsomely stagrd. "Two 
Little Vagrants" Is being, done this week, 
with "Hearts of Oak" to 'follow. * 

Bowdoin Square Theatrb (0. K. Loth- 
rop, manager). — The card this week Is "A. 
Daughter of the South," a drama, telling a 
Rtorv of the days from '01 to '05. Joseph 
Bel man Ib a new comer to the cast this week. 
The cast Is made up of the stock favorites. 
"Bust IjrnneV dollghted large audiences last 
week. The old play never seems to grow old. 
Next week, "Lady of Lyons." 

Keith's Theatre (B. F. Keith, roonsger). 
— Surrounding the concert given by tlio Fa- 
dctte's Woman's Orchestra Is on excellent 
vaudeville Mil, contributed by the folloWlne : 
James V. Dolan and Ida l>nharr, LaVellc 

fnd Grant. Johnny Williams, the Seyons, Mr- 
•tyre and nice, Kmllo TafTnry, Bcnrl and 
Violet Allen, the Aerial Bhawi, the Hcll- 
atohs, Green and Wlggln, and the biographic 
pictures. Business holds up well. 

IlnWARn Athenaeum (win. McAvoy, man- 
ager). — Kittle Bingham Is the big typed card 
of this week's show. Others: Golden Gate 
Quintette, (.'arson and Wlllard, the Halleys, 
Owen nud I.oudan, Barney and Dollv Flynn, 
KconettC and I'flttcrson, I,ou Morgan. Mr. 
and Mrs. A. CO. Bclford, Annie Southard, 
the Taylors, George Donaldson. I,a Malic 
and Bolim, Fredericks, the klnetograph, and 
house biirlesqiiers. In "The (loo-Goo Makers." 
,ii Palace Theatre (Charles II. Waldron, 
manager). — Tills week's burlesques are 
"Everybody Oft" and "Love Never Did Bun 
Hmoolh," and (he vaudeville shows: Emlle 
Iletinor, Murphy and Andrews. Martin and 
Qulgg, Nichols nnd Croix, and George Aus- 
tin. The stork company has grown Into 
strong favor with tho patronB, and with good 
reason. - 

. Lyceum Theatre (G. II. Bntchcllcr, man- 
ager). — Innocent Beauties Burlesque Co. is 
here tho current week. Show Is of usual 
burlesque type, two skits ; "Dewey at Ma- 
nila Bay" and "Hotel Loop dc Loop," and an 
olio of the following: The Brownings, Meek 
cr-Baker Trip, Harry Le Marr, Marshptl, 
Cheslyrt. and Dudley, and Iteba Donaldson. 
No fault could be found with last week* 

.. AUSTIN & Stone'h Icsr.iiM (Stone & 
show, managers). — Ressam's F.lectlc Infant 
Incubators are to be shown tills week In the 
carlo hall. Some other cards of note arc:. 
Moxty, needle king: Lieut. Marvel, sword 
and gun expert, and the largest snake in 
the world. Stage: Harry Powelii Agnes 
McKeever. Wlillam Haffard, l'.arr and Ben- 
ton, the Parson Sisters, tho Brady, Klllecn 
and company, Cunningham and Kowlcv, 
Franklin and Hopkins, Hall and Hughes, 
and Fox, Cook and company. 

Nickelooeo.v (L. B. Walker, manager). 
—Week of May 30. curio hall: Ted Black- 
birds, colored singers and dancers ; the l.i-i ■ 
tos, balancers :. Corrcne, Juggler, and usu*l 
contest between a bevy of pretty girls. 
Stage: Joe Lncontrn, Glrard Sisters,- Nellie 
Jordan and Dave Hall. 

Norcmbkoa Park (Carle 'Albcrfc, mann- 

fer). — Season at this park i.nens Monday, 
lay 30, with tho following bill In the music 
theatre: James' and Ella Gnrrlson, Itnstns 
nnd Banks, Cnrlossa nnd Silver-ton. Kimball 
nnd Donovan, nnd Hurt Hodgklns and Grace 
Point ok Tines (Wm. H. O'Ncll, manu- 

Sen. — Sunday and Monday, May 'JO and ,10: 
llll— Billy B. Van nnd Bobo Beaumont. West 
and Williams, Howurd and Anderson, Gordon 
Eldred. Knur Shannons, Sadie Knowlton, and 
Lynn Cadet Hand, 

Crescent Gardens (Wm. II. O'Ncll, man- 
ager). — A preliminary season was Inaugu- 
rated here Sunday nnd Monday, May 20 and 
.'10, the regular season to begin ,Tnnc 17, al- 
though shows will be given Sundays until 
that time. Qulglcy Brothers, Kcnncy and 
Mollis, Zunfrettn nnd Mansfield, Cooper and 
Itnhlnson, Morris nnd Daly, nnd Monroe and 
HI ci' constituted opening bill. 

Gossip. — Sunday concerts: iltttlc Hall — 
Hlmonds and Gardner, Frederick Brothers 
and Burns, Fields and Wooley, the Great 
Eldora, Cooper and Robinson, Ah Lung Foo, 
May Whitley, and Armstrong and Cassldy. 
- HowtlolH Hquarc — Carson and Wlllard, Opera 
Bluff Trio, ('has. and Fannie Van. Marlon 
snwieii,-. iinytnim and Franklin, Cunning 
ham and Fowley, Nichols and Croix, Hchert 
and Rogers. Ed. und Lottie Dwycr, and Fred- 

. ■« 

New Bedford— With ono exception all 
the theatres were dark throughout the past 

Sii'eedy'r Purchase Street Theatrb tD. 
B. Hiiiilngton. manager). — "For Home and 
Honor" wus given a meritorious presenta- 
tion last week. The members of the new 
stock company hnvo accustomed themselves 
to each other's acting, with the result that 
the new productions are given with great 
smoothness. ' „ „ 

New Ransom Theatre (Wm. B. Cross, 
manager).— Arnold Daly wll present "Can- 
dida" June 1, which will closo Ibo scaBon at 
this house. - . 

Lincoln I'AnK (Isaac W. Phelps, mana- 
ger).— This Summer rcBort opens Its pre- 
liminary season May 30. An excellent vaude- 
vlllo performance, dancing, merry go round 
and numerous other outdoor novelties will 
serve to draw. All suburban car lines con- 
nect with the trolley, which, passes the park 
every fifteen minutes. 

MariSib Park. (John I. Shannon, mana- 
ger) .—Memorial Day slgnnllxad the opening 
of the season at this favorite resort, where 
music, danclug nnd numerous other features 
will constitute tho attractions- Road com- 
panies will bo the prlnclpul attraction from 
time to time, at the cozy rustic theatre. 
■ a 

Sprlimllcld.— At the Court Seuarct Thea- 
tre (W. C. Le Nolr, manager).— The torse 
Pnyton Comedy Co. was well received lust 
week, and the plays were presented to good 
business, the audiences being well pleased 
with them. Florence Hamilton and J. I rank 
Burke, In the leading roles, did capital woik, 
and the supporting company did well, espe- 
cially Will IIowntF, who Is ono of the most 
earnest of workers. The same company dli 

h n fi wppIc 

Grano Opera House (Chas. W. Fonda, 
manager).— Ilellly and Wood put In a full 
week, to good returns, considering the wnnu 
weather. Bonlta and her midgets were fa- 
vorites. Pat Bellly was chief fun maker, 
and was ably assisted by Nat Le Boy nnd It. 
W. Crnig. "Cumberland '61" week of oO, 
"California" follows. 

Nelson Theatre (Z. T. Damon, manager). 
—The Cracker Jacks Burleequers, 28, en- 
tertained, to fairly good sized houses. ■ 

Worcester.— At the Worcester Theatre 
(Felix U. WendclBchaefer, manager).— Week 
of May 30 the New York Players are In 
their third week. "A Bachelor's Romance 
is the hlil. Last week "The Magistrate was 
given to very successful returns. 

Lincoln Park Theatre (Alf. T. Wilton, 
manager).— Week of 30 this outdoor theatre 
begins tbe Slimmer Bcason with _. the Three 
Funny Mitchells, James Francis Dooley, 
FlBher and Jobnaon, Francis Aldworth, and 
Heed nnd Shaw. . ' ■ , . 

•Not*.— On tbe evening of 25, the Inter- 
national Alliance of Theatrical Stage Em- 
ployes locnl nnlnn nnd gncars held a bnnimrt 
nl 'the Franklin Hose, nnd pnsaed a very en- 
joyable evening together. 
•' ■ 

North Ad n m *. At tbe Empire Theatre 
(James Sulllvnn, manager). — "Mrs. Wlggs. 
vt the Cabbage Patch," •rived May 25, and 

Carr.Cook, In- the- title role, was admirable, 
aw received many curtain eatls. Wm. T. 
Hodge and Miss Howels gave One character 
(.ketones. The others- of tho company were 
excellent. This play closed the house. 

Notes. — Farland, bsnjolst. played to a 
small but wall pleased audience at tbe Co- 
lumbia Opera House 2(1. . . ;., Pawnee Bill's 
Wild Welt will exhibit here Jnne 11. 

Our ihrafWoru" 'corrrapohrfwfs are hereby 
notified thai Me eri'driiiffll* now Arid fny 
fAe'is rx-plrfif as'jKtte /. Thru ore. rrquettrd 
to •rises thrm to this office at oner, (or re- 

nriral lor lOOf-lptf. 


Lowell. — At the Lowell Opera Uquw 
(Fny Bros, ft Hosford, mnnngpts).— Thn 
two attractions last week entertained Mir 
houses. C Company, Sixth Regiment, II, V. 
M. (local), sang "The Pirates of Fonisnce," 
May 24, direction of P.. Waldron Kdmunds. 
very creditably. "Candida" wns ptescntcd 
by nn excellent company. The audience. 
■bowed their appreciation by liberal ap- 
plause. The Highland Club Minstrels (lo- 
cal), June 1, and the house will then clo*c 
for the season. 

PcOPLB'a.THEATRB (Cookson & Cook, man. 
agers).— Ibis house has done line business 
during the past week, nnd the enter fn lament 
Wns excellent. Chas. Hamilton's "Tho Dia- 
mond Palace" proved a big laughing success. 
In the olio, Chas. Hamilton, Stewart and 
Boss, and Pearl - Davis were well received. 
Current : The Hurley Sisters' Big Burlesque 
Co. and olio i the Kar'ly Trio, Madge Dsy- 
telle, the Hurley Sisters and Paddy Joyce. 
The bnHesVpio will be "A Hot Time." 

Mention. — The sacred concert at tho 
Opera Honse, for the benefit of St. Patrick's 

Church, entertained a capacity house 

The Forepaugh-H«lls Show Bpread Its canvas 
here 20, aha did big business, nlthaugh a 
severe rain storm affected the evening at- 
tendance somewhat. 

Fall River.— At the Academy of Music 
( Wm. . J. -Wiley, mannger). — Arnold Daly. In 
"Candida," May M, will be the laat attrac- 
tion of the season at this house. 

Shbepy's TIikatrjd (M. V. O'Brien, mana- 
ger). — "ICxIled from Erin" was given week 
of 23, to good business, by the Florence 
Corbln Stock Co. Week of ao, "Tho Octo- 

Notes.- Slg. Sautellc's Circus comes June 

6 Forepuugh-Sells Bros.' 10. 

» ' 

Tnnnlon. — At the Taunton Theatre 
(Cahn & Cross, managers). — "Candida" will 
be presented June 2. 

FonBPAvdu & Sells Bros." United 
Shows 8. 


Ho i j oi*i-. — At the Opera House IB, L. 
Potter,- manager). — This hoime closed for 
the season May 23, with "Mrs. Wlggs, of 
the Cabbage Patch," to the capacity. 

Mountain Park Casino will open for Its 
Hummer season June l.'t. 

Lynn. — At Mechanic Hull, Salem (Jspics 
K. Moore, manager). — The Jewell Archer 
Stock -Co., bended by Izetto Jewell sad Kd- 
ward Archer, opened here for the season, 
May 30, find Is presenting "The Charity 
Ball." In the company, besides Mr. Archer 
and Mlsa Jewell, are. Herbert Cbesley, Theo- 
dore Parker. Leonard Scarlet, Alanzo Price, 
Charles Miller,' Mdwln Clayton, Frank Var- 
rlngton, Pauline Geary, Marcla Williams, 
Mae" Abbey and Beatrice Abbey. Francis 
Padelfnrd Is the manager and M. B. Downing 
the treasurer. Since the . bouse has been 
doted for the past three of four weeks, It 
has beou fitted with new seats, and .Manager 
Moore now has one of the llocst houses In 
this part of the State. -• - 

■ — - — *HS — i — 


New Orleans. — At the Elysium Theatre 
(Carlos Klscamp, business manager). — Tbu 
Alice Treat- Hunt Stock Co. played to a 
big week's business May 22-2R, presenting 
an elaborate production of "The Merchant 
of Venice." Bach and every member of 
the company scored heavily, while tbe clover 
work of Lester Lonergan- and Alice Treat 
Hunt won them many recalls. The per- 
formances matinee nnd night '--'( were given 
as a benefit, to Treasurer Klscamp and 
coined in n Herbert Brennan, and standing 
room onlv ruled at hotb performances. .Tbe 
bill for week of 20 is Lester I/mergan's new 
play, "F.IkIo Venner." 

Axuletjc Park (So. Amusement Co., 
managers). — The BIJou Opera Co. presented 
"Xe Idol's EyCweok of 22. to fair business, 
und the company pleaded- The BIJou C?">- 
edy Co., week of 29, In ^'The Knickerbocker 
Girl." ' «. '. , • ■ 

West End (J. J. Corcoran, manager). — - 
Paolettl's Concert Band, ■ the blograpb, and 
a good vaudeville bill. Including the Flenty 
Trio, Two Luolfers, Lewis an(T Green, ■ and 
lOmllle Lea drew an Immense crowd 22, and 
good business during tbe week. A new Mil 
Is promised week of"2D. 

Thb Foolish Housb (E. H. Levy, mana- 
ger). — This popular place of amusement, 
with Its many handsome and costly mirrors, 
scored heavily last iweek, and all seemed to 
enjoy many laughs while on the Inside.. 

Thb Black T»ht (H. Arniund, mannger). 
— This old time theatrical manager scorns 
r»> have the most novel and Interesting exhi- 
bition he has ever offeted' tn the descent 
City, in presenting the' navel bottle hetwven 
Japan and Russia. The battle Is -beautifully 
Illustrated with miniature war and. topedo 
boats, In a tank of real water, some sixteen 
feet square, and the scenic and electrical ef- 
fects are perfect. After- a short season nt 
West. End the exhibition will be transferred 
to the St. Louis Exposition. 

Notes, — Manager Ilonry Grer-uwall. of thn 
Green wall Theatre Co., Is expected back to 
tbe city, accompanied by his family, about 

June .1 Col. Chas. K. Bray, the genial 

manager of the Orpbeum, accompanied by 
his wife, and Press Agent Tom Winston, re. 
turned to the Crescent City, 25,- from a 
pleasure trip to Culm. The party will leave 

for Chicago In a few days Work on tho 

now Greenwall Theatre, corner of Dauphin 
and ibhervllle Streets, Is being pushed rap- 
Idly by Contractor Slcard. The noiisn, when 
completed, promises to a thlpg of- beauty, as 
well as strictly fire proof Work on re- 
modeling the old wenger Theatre, to be 
known hereafter ns the llljou, under the 
management of Jake Wells, will begin in a 
few days. 

«i t» ... 


Memphis — At the BIJou Theatre (HenJ. 
M. Stainback, manager). — "Duster Down" 
wns the title-- given-' to the performance offered 
by the Wclls-niinne-llarlsn Co. May 23 and 
entire week. The llrat part was rcpleto with 
songs and dances, In Which the -end men were 
applauded to the echo. Little Chip, Johnson 
and Early distinguished thernselvos. Helena 
Maye, assisted by the llljou girls, rendered a 
specialty thnt was rtpcatedly encored. MM-y 
Marble*, as usual, scored a decided ■success. 
The company closed a most successful engage- 
ment of two weeks 28, nnd will be followed 
31, by tbe BIJou Opera Co., presenting "The 
Amctr" and '"The Idol's Eye." 

HorKtNs" East Bnh Park (A. B. Slorrl- 
son, manager). — The formal opening occurred 
Sunday, • 22, to a hlg attendance. On I be 
grounds are amusements of every character. 
There are foolish houses, roller coasters, 
merry-go-rounds, a scenic rnllwsy, steam 
launches, refreshment booths, etc. In Inn 
theatre, where the S. It. .O. sign was Is evi- 
dence at every performance afternoon and 
night, n very niirnctlve vnudertllo pro- 
gramme wns rendered. TIuisp who iiierlicd 
the -libera) applause received were : Hid- n 
Bertram, Kelly nnd VlolettP, and- ihe> 'PVmr 
Itlnnns, Mile. Carrie. Eddie [.clle. Trflsk nnd 
Gladden. A complete change of bill Is prom- 
tied every week. 

Pbllatrlphla. — (tor amusements were 
further curtailed by the closlag of live mure 
theatres last Saturday night. The end of the 
current week will fee several more cease their 
activity until thn Foil, nud It- Is evident 
that theatrical affairs here arc rapidly get- 
ting on the mbl -Mi miner basis. The local 
outdoor parks arc now In full blast, nnd nro 
already commencing tn test the transportation 
facilities In -getting the crowds to them. 

Pahk THr.ATttU tV. G. Nlxon-Nlnlllnger. 
manugcr). — "Miss Bob White" Is still doing 
Well at this honse, ntid It Is now decided to 
continue the engagement until June 18. Mon- 
day, June 2<), will begin an engagement fur 

National Theatre (Joseph M. Kelly, man- 
ager). — -The season at this house came to a 
close Inst Saturday night nfler a successful 
week's engagement for the Policy Players, In 
"The Bogus Prince." 

pKOPliATS Thkat.iie (F. G. Nlxon-Nlrd- 
linger, manager). — Goodly audiences were at- 
tracted last week by "Out of .the Fold," 
which brought tbe season to an end. 

GRANn Oi'ERA House (G. A. Wcgnfarth. 
manager). — Tho patrons took advantage of 
the last offering for the season laat week, 
and turned out In excellent numbers for tho 
performances of "Tho Governor's Son." 

KBNSINCITON Theatre (John Hart, mana- 
ger). — The season nt this house was brought 
tn a successful termination, Inst week, with 
Mnmle Fleming and her company, In "The. 
Two Orphans.". 

Furemwih'b Theatre (Miller & Knuf- 
mun, managers). — For this, the last week of 
tho senson at this honse, thn stock company 
presents "The Bells" and "The Herald 
Sqnsre Tragedy," tho first three days, and 
for the rest of the week, "Camllle." Fol- 
lowing the Saturday mntlncc n public reren- 
tlon will be held on the stage by tbe com- 

Keith's Bijou (B. P. Lyons, resident 
manager). — The cooling plant has been put 
In operation nt thin house, nnd enables the 
patrons to enjoy the. admirable performances 
given by the stock company In comfort. This 
week the offering Is "Northern Lights," with 
"The Iron Master" In rehearsal for the com- 
ing week. There was a liberal turn out Inst 
week, and plenty of appreciation for the de- 
lightful performances of "Lord Cbumley." 

Keith's New theatre til. T. Jordan, 
resident mnnnger). — The warm weather and 
closing of (He other theatres nppenrs, If any- 
thing, to hrlng more business to this popti 
jar Tiouse, snu Inst week's audience's were 
of splendid Size. A powerful bid for further 
patronage Is made this week with a pro-' 
gramme Including Sadie. Martlnot una 
Charles B. Wnlls. In ^'Winning a Widow;" 
Monroe, Mack 'and LawrCncc, In "The' Two 
Renalors ;". Frank flush, Brothers Marline, ' 
Tenbrokc, i^imbert aad company, the -Rice 
Family: Bnbe ' I.undi Burton and Brooks, 
Perry and Haudall, Al. Coleman, Wnlsou 
and Hill, F.d. and Nettle Mrsse, and the 
Two Fennells. 

Lyceum Theatre (John G. Jcrnion, man- 
ager).— It Isanounced Ibat this housn Is 
to remain open-all Summer, presenting hur- • 
lesqun attractions. This wcek'B offering Is 
the Night Owls -Beauty Show, with tbe Llttlo 
Egypt Burlesquers scheduled to follow. Lsst 
wcok's performance*, hy the Vanity Fair Bur- 
lesque Company, were largely attended nud 
heartily applauded. 

Tikk'aiieiio (Floyd Launmn, manager). — ' 
After a very prosperous week's engagement 
for Hopkins' Transoceanic Burlesquers, tho 
patrons of tbls house are now being enter- 
tained by BcrUinsr's Columbian Burlesquers. 

Ninth and Ancn Mijsbiiu (C. A. Bradeu- 
hurgh, manager). — This popular house closed 
for the Summer last Saturday nlgbt, after 
a season of great prosperity. 

Willow Giovb Park (Management Phils. 
Bupld Transit Compnnyl. —-This, park MHM 
to< the public last Saturday with the Bandft 
flossn us the musical attraction, and tho 
usual large number of outdoor umusenietit 
features. The Biindu Rpssa Is to remain 
for one week only. • 

Woodsipb PARK (Woodslde Park Amuse- 
mCnt Co;, managers). — Tbe opening of thts 
park occurred last Saturday, and attracted 
many people. In addition to many outdoor 
amusements, coftrerts arc given twice dally 
by D'Aquln's Military BancT, and the follow- 
ing sololstB : Frnuleln 'ITiuselda Irlou, so- 
^ramis Frnuleln Elfrclda Wagner, contralto; 
Ignor A. Buggetto, tenor, and Slgaor A. 
Ntin/.lutto, baritone. 

Chebtnct JIill Park (II. P. Auchy, man- 
ager). — The musical feature ut this purk Is 
the Itoyal Guard Band, giving two concerts 
dnllv. Other features In great number nro 
provided, and .the opening, lust Snturdny, 
wan attended by a large gathering. 

Washington Park (Wm. J. Thompson, 
mu nager). — In addition lo many usual feat- 
ures at this jjark, thcro nro two concerts 
dally by Ibe Roman Imperial Band. Being 
right on the Delaware Hlvar, shad Ashing 
is an Interesting feature dally, while 
plunked shad dinners are relished hy I tbu 
visitors. '•• ' 

Notes.— Pawnee Bill's Wild West had a 
very profitable week at Ilelruont and Park- 
side avenues, drawing Immense crowds to 

the afternoon and evening exhibitions 

The outdoor performances by Ben Greet 'a 
players nt Hie University grounds wero 
largnly attended. The same players are to 
preaent MThe Star of Bethlehem," a mlrncln 
play by Prof. Gayley, Of California, at-Bryn 
Mawr College Monday afternoon of this 

week '.The presentation of "Cupid and 

Psyche," by the children's clnss of Ludlnni's 
Dramatic School, nt the Bmud Street -The- 
atre, Inst Monday evening, was entirely suc- 
cessful. The opera proved to be a ibilnly 
composition nnd the large class of children 

acquitted themselves admirably It Is 

rejSjrlefl that 'Malingers Gilbert and ^ale, 
of the Auditorium, have In contem- 
plation tbe Installation of a stock burlesque 
company nt that house nekt season, the com- 
pany and produellons to be modeled along 
the aame lines as Weber & Fle(ds', In New 
York. .... .A -sufficient fund forgilaranteelng 

the Philadelphia Orchestra next senson has 
not yet been raised, hut It Is hoped by the 
committee now working on the question lo 
have subscriptions for a large enough amount 

within a few weeks Bertha Crolghton, 

supported by n company of amateurs,- ap- 
pealed In "Mrs. Jack," nt the Broad Street 
Theatre, Wednesday evening of Inst week. A 
largo audience thoroughly enjoyed tbe per- 


Plttxburir The closing of Ihc Grand 

Opera House and- the Academy occurred Inst 
Hnturduy. The Mxon closes June 11, hut 
will reopen June 20 for a season of Summer 
opera. Nothing seems to diminish tbe In- 
terest of the patrons of Ihc A venae, and It 
will probably remain open throughout the 
Summer. The lilloii Is hooked up to wc«K 
of July 11, which Is within two weeks ol 
Ihc commencement of Its regular season, so 
that It Is pretty safe lo predict for that 
house an uninterrupted Summer ran/ Vaude- 
ville at Kenny wood Pa rk opened May 22, and 
Southern Park will follow June 0. It Whs 
originally Intended lo open tbe vaudeville 
season at On k wood Park on June 0, but lbs 
Pittsburg Railways Co. lias been unable to 
overcome Uin dlhicnltlt-s experltnced In con- 
nection with the iipsrotloiis of lis- Summer 
cars across tbe bridges which ■ spnh aim ' 

ffonongahcln River, In consequence of which 
he openldg baa been Indefinitely postponed. 

Nixon theatre (Thos. F. Kirk Jr.. resi- 
dent' manager). — The Savage English Grtrfld 

opera Co. Inaugurated the eeehml and IMt 
week of Its engagement Manasy.' May 30. 
The company did well last wek. playing to 
sntlafactocy business, considering ths ex- 
tremely warm and wet weather. For. week 
of 'Jtinc tl n strong company,' headed by Hit* 
ste Hudson Collier, will present "Damon and 
Pythias." This nt trad Ion Is given under 
the auspices of Smoky City Council, No. fi-l, 
Knights of Pythias. 

Grand opera Urn- si: (Harry Davis, mana- 
ger). — 'Che, llnul -»wk of llio senson closed 
Saturday, 'JS. "The > Genius," n new play, 
was the attraction. It was wltnesed by 
good slsed audiences, who liberally applaud- 
ed tho' work of tho splendid company. An 
unusual Interest was manifested hi this pro- 
duction from the fact that' this was 'its first 

prcsentatloii on any stage, nnd also on ac- 
count of It being thn play In which Charles 
J. Illrhmnn, the lending man of tho stock 
company, will star next season. 

Uuai; TiiEA-mr. (JR. M. (in lick, manager). 
—•'The Queen of the While Slaves," In a 
return engagement, opened for n week Mon- 
day, mntlncc. May :iu. "From Rags to 
niches" played to fair bivdness Inst Week. 
Jpsenh Nan t ley, Ihc boy actor, won .consid- 
erable praise for his display <f talent In thn 
character of Ned Nimble. "\Vhy Girls 
IjpitCe Dome," week of June 0. 

Di'QtlENNE Theatre. (Hairy W. Wllllanm, 
ninhfigcr). — "A Fair Rebel," glveji uinler the 
allspices of Post •'!, G. A. )!.. at trod ed lajrg'i 
nndmihtislasllr audiences InBt week. Thn 
play was In the lunula of a capable company, 
bended hy Kva Taylor and' Win. lngaraoll, 
former leading members .rf.t ha' Grand. Oiiera. 
House Slock Co., Ibis city, who carried oil 
tbe 'honors. 

AcaPemv '(Harry W. Williams, manager). 
■ — Chit's Thnrojighhreds nlnye<^ lo fair slwd 
houses last week, nnd with the itcrfor'mnnoo 
Of Saturday evening, 2S, this thea,tro clum'd 
the Senson. 

AvnNiiB Theatre (llnrry Davis, manager). 
—The attendance fell off slightly Inst week, 
on account of tho warm weather. Tbe cus- 
tomary good hill Is presented this weck.ln (he 
following: lldns Wnllsc* Hnpis-r, Kd. F. Rey- 
nard. Kdmund Day nnd company. James Rlcli- 
inond (ileiiroy, Jennie Yeamnns, Melanl Trio, 
Avery nnd Hart, Vong and Dn Vole, Louise 
Sylvester, Mcllrntli Brothera. Brown and 
Hartoletie. Bill and Mel'bcc, klnetagrnph. 

KrNNvwooo -Park (F. T.- Moorbend, man- 
ager). — The attendance last week was fairly 
good. For the current week Hie bill Includes: 
The Bretons, Weston nnd Hnvmond. Will II, 
Fields, tbe-McBldowneyH, and others. 
I a i ■ ii . . 

"Wliilnmsport. At tbe Lycoming Opera 
House ( Flsk ft.' Beelier, ninnngprs),— The 
Herald Squnre opera Co. .' oppeared hern May 
HI. I Human's Minstrels (fur benefit of locnl 
Kiks- Charily Fundi, packed tbn honm, and 
delighted everybody w.iili an, AJ sbvw, clos- 
ing the house fpr the season. - 

Notes. — At Vallamont Pavilion (Lymnn 

A. Pray, innnagcr). — llepnsx Bund dellgltlcd 
a hlg nuiiietioc *j:i. Mrs. Rick's school of 
oratory produced "Twelflh Nlgbt" In a cred- 
itable manner, to n pinked house, 'J(t...i.. 
Tiie Val|nmont Stock Co. has been rehearsing 
here for the past week, and will produce 
•'Tho Wife" Mny aO-Juns I, "A Holdler of llio 
Bmplre 1 ' •-'•I, "What Jlnppenoil to Jones" ft 8, 

"The Highest Bidder" II 11 The Waller L. 

Main Circus Is one of the best ever sCen here. 
The tents were crowded at both performances 
Mny -4. They report big business nil along 
tho Una W. ,W. Pqwer, J. D, Unrrludn. A. J; 
Gllllngham nnd Walter T. Murphy, With tho 
above show, wero welcome visitors at the lo- 
cal Klks' rooms labour Carnival Co. 

comes week of June II. 

f ' — 

UarrUborv.— At Piuitang l*nrk tbe sea- 
son opened May 20 with the Imperial Min- 
strels, a local orgnnl'Autlon. lo hlg Imalncs. 
Big crowds attended 27. Thn Boston Stars 
opened 2H, and will rontlniin week of .'Id. 
Tiie Pail ung Stock Co. (N. Appell, manager) 

win open June -ii. 

No+es. — Pawnee Bill comes Junn 7 

Arniund Anthony, of the King Co., Is homo 
for (be Summer The Jurbuur Amuse- 
ment Co. will put on a carnival week of Junn 
20, for Hie Good Will Flro Co., of (his oily. 
......The llurrlsbuig Amusement Co. bus 

arranged for Iwelyn performances of "Tliu 
Burning of Home," ut Island Park, beginning 

July 4 Albert Hull, of the Frank Oil- 

munt Minstrels, was given n warm welcome 

at his home, Lebanon, Pa The John 

Robinson Circus Is due at Lebanon, Pit., June 

3-. 'lite Blorce. Brothers' Carnival -Co. 

opens at Btcelton, Pa.. May -30. for one week. 

The Casluo Stuck Co. did well, under 

tent, at Middietuwn, week of 2;i. 
. . . « i i i i i 

l.sneastrr. — At the Roof Garden (John 

B. Peoples, oiunager).— -Bill for week of May 
:<(!: limn- Nuynoii and her trained birds. 
Murphy and Wllllnrd, ISstolIc Wovdclle npd 
Co., .tbe Basque, Baker and Lynn, 
Belli lulre Bros., and HtiN Hoyla. 

Rocky Spkiniih Park Theatre (II, II. 
Alrlffeths, mannger). — This housg npens for 
the. season ail, with "Thn Show Girl," n 
-three days' engagement. Usual- park attrac- 
tions In addition. ... 

Nimes. — Genevieve Shearer Is visiting her 
liome In this city, . . ..-.Cliss. A. Yeiker. of 
the i)|s-ni Mouse innnngeinetil, Is al tending 
the Slate Bill Posters' Association at .Allen 


AliuMim. ■ At tbe Ulcvontli Avenue Opera 
Bouse (I. C. Mlshler, mnnsger).— Itlct's 
■•Show Girl" is billed for J una 2. 

Lakemont 1'aiik Theatrb (S. S. Crane, 
manager). — The Oriental IliirJesqucrs opens 
the season June it. A local minstrel company 
wRI play week of »0. ■■ 

■Notes.— John Robinson's Circus showed lo 

big' business nt Tyrone 23 Harris Nickel 

Plate Circus shows thefa 2H. . 

i i i ' 


Cincinnati— With Hie closing of the 
Grand opera Housn and Ibe People's, fast 
week, the theatrical season or lDQ.'MM Was 
brought lo a close.. Xhn- season '.was- pro* 

linn need by tho manage in cut lis n most suc- 
cessful one. 

Chester Park (I. M. Martin, manager). 
—Tbe Mil In the vaudeville, theatre May 211 
Includes: Dorothy Kenton, Mattlnnttl nnd 
Grossl, the Three Wnlsoys, thn Grogsoos, 
and Frank O'Brien.. The Tuxedo Band gives 
dally concerts. Business was. big lsst week. 

nihCI Ulniei « .,, ii.i„, ii, iniiixin- ■ ■■ , - 

St, 21 Hours," Is the offering by ■ the 
In Melville Stock Co. the Witront week, 
nh" was rretlimhly' presentcM, to good 

Clerelanrf In spite of tbe fact that the 

Opera Hoismii Jjrcenm and thn Kntbtia are 
cIMed. and tbls fa the last week of tit Cleve- 
land and the' Star, Die present Hummer sea- 
son promises to be Hit liveliest, theatrleally, 
that Cleveland has ever known. -Tho man 
ngement of thn two stock companles;i at'tbn 
l'roiprrt and tbo Colonial, (bat 
they -will remain open -all Summer, regard- 
less of weather nud pntroungo. As both 
houses are new. It ought jmt be difficult to 
kl-Hp ihem I'omfortshle In tho hottest weath- 
rr,-.for they have the most modern type of 
equipment lor this purpose. There will bo 
no vaudeville In town during tlini Httntmcr. 
ihn Wlllson Avenue Oardsn Theatre and tno 
Bunlld Avenue Gnrden Theatre,* Max Met 
kenhoiters new Hummer theatre, both beUJg 
given over tn light opera. Cleveland the- 
atregoers, tben, will have four places or 
amusement open In town sit Hummer, as 
against one In previous years. 

oieiia House (A. K. UArtx, manager)-— 
Viola Allen, in "Twelfth Nllglil." closed this 
house far the season M*y Hff-2r>. . J 

I'mnWrt (Harts frflaldwln, managers). 
— "I«st, 21 ' 
"lltelma" .. 

houses, week of 23. "The Climbers" week of 
June (h '.. 

Cominiai. (Drew * Campbell, managers). 
— "The Advenhlres of Lady llrtuilai" by thn 
Vaughaa Dinner Stock Co , la tbe attraction 
the rttrrenl' week.' ''Northern Lights," tfy 
ihc some company, attracted good, btmlneta 
week of 23. "The Cowboy ami tbo' Lndy'- 
next week. 

-Ci.tvai.ANP (J. K. Cookson, manager).— 
"Why tllrls. Leave lloruo'.' ■ lm tj)e current 
wCek s offering, aud' marks the close of this 
house until Kali. "An Orphan's Prayer'' 
Inn! fair patronage week of 1W. •'•• 

SjAit (Drew & (:amphell. roanngera).— 
Clark's Runaway Girls, Ihe current week, 
closes the Star for ; the' seasnn, llohle's 
Knlckerlsickers bad good 'houses week Of 23. 

GAgpttN Theatre ( linrion Cnttver, mana- 
ger).— Mr. Colver has Heiiinin the hew lessee 
nnd mannger of Ihls, Ihc old Halt north 'a 
Gardens, with much Him samei fiolley aad 
prices ns lieforc. II* opens the senson 'on 
the night of Jtiun tt. giving ulghUy. perfntui 
liners, and Wednrstlny nnd Snrnrdfiy mati- 
nees. It Is the Inienllon In present light 
■mors this season, "The Show Girl" Mug 
UN ilr«t -attraction. - . • ±Jf 

Nutr. Tltc Mel lit Avenue Garden Th»b 

tie (Max Kaatlienhaiier, - manaRSr) j Is alioQt 
completed, and will be opened June III. Un- 
til July 4 a- mixture or band concerts nnd 
vaudeville will lie the bills, after which comic 
opera will hold sway. This house »ud Its 
grounds sre-hSBUtlfnl. 
.1 ' i " S 

Toledo. At the Valentine Theatre (Otto 
Kllves, mannger).— Francis Wilson present- 
ed "Knnlnlo," • l» good business. H«y 11, 
closing the season for Ihc Vn Ion line. ' t . ! 

K>H'tnE TuiATan (.Biles HerUir, mana 
ner).— Clark's Runaway Girls week of 22. 
The house closed 28, VJ 

Aiii-am: Theatre (II. H. I.smklti. mana- 
ger). —Last week's hill attracted good 
bnusen, Hurry Olnalar and company wai 
favorites. For 211 and week : Collins ant 
Kesne, thn Five Cnliimbllios, 'I'll roc MchlllSI 
Sisters, Stanley and Wilson, the* Thie*. La 
Monts. and llnrry Olnxler and cobipnuy. 

Casino Theatre (IJIlo Kllves, mannger). 
— Itpsao's Italian flnnd gilvn two concerts 
22, to hlg crowds. Thn regular sesaon opens 
211. wltb s strong bill, which Includes: Klta- 
muru'a Imperlnl Jnjis. Vcrii'Klitg. L» YJna- 
Cumemn. Trio, the Macks, Mr. and Mrs. Nail 
Litchfield, and Amnln. Jl •'.' k «S 

FAnM Theatre (Otto Kllves, manager).*^ 
As an opener for this mart, 20. Manager 
Kllves tinnounces Dixon, Bowers and.Dlxqo, 
ilaorgla O'ltamey. U. V A .fl&&M&MfiE&" 
inuds. Gotham Comedy Four, nnd, Dully, saw- 
leiln and Duffy. ■ ■ ,' , t . - v '■' 

IIaunum & BailuVh Ciucuh Is bookod bore 

ilettl 'ind'Snissi, Swim dntf_huflJljaril,"Anjl 
Wliltney, »n<J Cherry, snd Bates. Good »t 


Conev Ihi.asii (W. II. Clark, manager). — 
This resort opens the season Mny 'Jn 


Ihc vaudeville hill sre: De Pootas. Harry 

Fcnielie, Zaotii, Voerg and Wrida, and Mr. 
und Mrs. Kingston. — I • » 

The J5oo (Walter Drnncr, sccrnlary).— 'Ihc 
concert season Will begin Hny 20, with the 
Cincinnati Orchestra Reed Band as tho at- 
traction, i. - • 

LubMiW Laiiodn (N. J. Weaver, mniiager). 
— Ttdi' resort opened Its doors for tbe hmsoii 
May 29,. to a large crowd. The stock company 
pren-nted "IBs Only Hob" nftartinnit and 
evening, and ,' maide a favorable Impression. 
'■'!«• eonipany, whbh Is beaded by Lvdln 
Khott snd ffnrry LWghton. Includes: Mrs. 
Maty Bnnksmi, Lsngdmr McCiirmnck. lalw In 
C. Wilbur, Durothy Hrenner , and Charles' J. 

NitWH Notes, — Rose Cecelia Rlisy, prima 
donliu of the Rngllsh Oners Company, und 
her husband, Joseph Fredericks, arrived herb 
Inst week, and wijl spend the Summer In this 
city with her parents. .... (The French ci,«b. 
of the UnlversTty of Cincinnati, last week 
presented Its nnnilal French ' plays, "At Ihe 
Foot of Ihe Wall" mid "The iiiijKisliires of 
N'e rms." . . .-. . ."Daiiulb and I'.nbias," n new 
ouern, written by John A. Kh-lnbeck, of Gils 
iirly. was gjven lis Inillul production nt the 
Auditorium last week, under Ibe auspices of 
tbe local Knlgbti of I'ytblas. 

'■■■■' I i 

Youtuistntvji — At ldura Park. Casino 
Thculre (R. Stanley, mrtnflgor)".— ldorn and 
Mill Creek Parks were opened May 22, with 
eacnllenl attendance, the-wenther being flaa. 
Never before have tbesn rasorts looked mora 
beautiful than this season.. Manager Sus- 
ie v has made lniiny Imprnviunents to nls 
thenlrn, nnd the Park sad Falls car service 
lo anil from the parks Is line. Thn opening 

' consisted of JAlvIs nud tjyijsori^ fjJT™ 

nrf ... 
leiulttni'c ruled. W.«ck of 20. Flood -Bros, 

Big Vaudeville Show. ' • - 1 '' 

Avon Park (Jar. W. Wess, mauager).-- 
Wnek of 211 : Porklas and Klnlier, Irfouu, JJ«H»- 
tsur. Waterbury Broa.antJ i'oany. U Vina- 
Clmcron Trio, tho Mucka, Flores 1'7 Leiltrt, 
tho Three Madcatis. Ailcnduuco is good 
Wh»li (he wriithCr Is favoriible. 

Niitkm.— 'J'hii Klks bunetlt, mhuttr/'ln 

at Uie Qi.era House ill, was n iiucccss. 

yenlry Bros,' Show June 3.' 

i " i ' ■'' i 

Han.lo.Uy. -Al Ccdsr Pulnt l'lrarur* Re- 
sort (Goo. A. Bneckling. mgMgarJvr- (>>a 
management have, a largo fon» of inechanlcs 
at wurk. preporlng the resort for mr segsOb, 
which opous Jung Jl. Tlw, con- 
sist of a WM) room new batsl, crystaj palace, 

dining room and klleheii of grcaler capacity, 
wide enment wnlks Ihrnughoilt tbfl grounds. 
and many other changes to make this an Ideal 

""nIelnun Oi'hiia House (Geo. A. Boccli- 
llng. mauuger). --'tills .pnpuliir irtnyhpusj. 
ivhTch w«s compelled to (Mb by the State 
nifllding lnsts»ctor, will undergo neceaaary 
I'hangi's and intprovements, and will ha ready. 
14 open In -September. ... ! 

i- ■ a ; 

Mansfield.— At Lake 1'nrk Casino (B. II, 
Kndly, mnn»ger).-Cutter ft Williams' Stock 
Co. played i Its third week, IB, repertory, Ma>v 
2.1-28m to only moderate business, owing 
excessive colli weather. The company glV 
splendid sal Isfaclli, ii, and. Will remain tv/o 
more wicks. » , ;„ I- ,,, 

(I MsAlohiAi, Opera Hopse (Rowers A Ml 
ley" manng*rs)^-1•b»: First .Marine dnrii 
Rand -gave two Performances.'. », to f 

KHIroftiigc, ntid nellglitert'tnidlellnea. 
oUH« Is now closed for the season. .1 . 
Bminhii k Bailev's Clgcus, two perttorrti- 
ances, 27, to gond Imalneas. No parade/ was 
given. . . / 

Akroa. — At Lnkevlnw I'nrk Casino (Harry 
A. lln wn, mtvnagcr). — The opentujc week 
proved a big winner. Bill tor Week} of May 
!io: Gertie Le-cbiir and plckaninntrt. Bmlrl 
and Ressner, Lorn nnd Payne, Sophia Burn- 
bam, Electric Comedy 'Four- (src/nnl week). 
t Notes.— Rarnum ft Rallay's Show had two 

dig crowds 24 Ileulrlre Clifton, of "The 

Girl from Kiry's," is spcrHJlnlf B# vacation 

ln:Akroh....Klectrlc Park (Kent) will open 

Jim* «,' '■ - -.' "i ' '■ Pi 


'/.anenvllle — At tbn Wellsr 'Theatre (J. 

0. Kngiand. manager 1 ).— "The- iTcndarfoot" 
closed thn theatre. .for this season M«j 18, 

a large bouse 
—nthv Rnos.' L_ v . 
good business iiflernoon nnd 

a«NyaV~B»ri«.' Ooo amjiI'onJ Huv).w did 
night 21. 


' ■ ' ■ Ii i. r . 

OUInhoma city. — Tiie Gunk el I Carnival 
I'.,,, May Jfl-21. . presented the following at-' 
tractions- Hola-iln, the Htadlum dog and 
pony circus, cbyslal Mli'/.e. the Girl from lip 
There, nud Jltniulo Dyer's trained stilronls. 
Fair business was done. Dyer's animals wero 

Hie top liners. Delmnr Onrrten (WrAi- 

islillo ft Marie, binnncers) (ipeued -the Sen- 
Ki>n Week Of 2-J, with Leo, and Jessie Chsp- 
nnin. In "Wsntod, a Donkey ;" Dixon Bros., 
Meeban's dog circus, Billy Link, Wllleito 
Cbarrette, and kinodrome. Capacity buslntaa. 



June 4. 



L Character Vocalist and Triple Time Wooden Shoe Buck Dancer, 

F Now on the Proctor Clroiilt-THI» week, l-rootor'i 33d Street Theatre, New York-Is featuring "By the Watermelon Vine" w 

Br TIIOS. ». ALLEN, Coinpntier or tlie Greet "Milt RACIB." 

, Now ob the Proctor l 

rDFr Conies and Orchestrations to professions' s 
I DIlll sending Up-to-date Programmes. 

vlth unusual success. 

167 Tremont St., 



w> a » ln«t In reeelpt of a new shipment of ulmi from OAttJIOSIT * CO., all of 
' »Mrb we can rw'tciumirad to our tuilomtn a« pailltularly h-.mI comedy 

6. 165. The Apple Woman, 

6. 172. The Cook's Lover*, - 

ft. 175. The Bobby Whitewashed, 

ft. 176. The Colter Wedding, 






2902. Opening Ceremonies, ... • • 143ft. 

2904. Tbe Parade of the Pikers, .. • - 209ft. 

2912. Igorotte Savages, • - - - JWJt 

2915. Panorama of tbe Buildings Surrounding tae Brand Lagoon, 180ft. 


•A M.Bniflrent Film of the Oreete«t. Rare of the year, taken from l»or different 
poaltlona, 4*0fi., iir. per loot. ■ 

American Mutoscope & Biograph Co., 




il-ivis • 


A Grand 




rVlEI-IES, of Purl.. 

LEteiH, 850 ftET; HltE, J*,,, C)| ,; |lg •„„, " , - . ' jj„ 


585-588- THE COOK IN TROUBLE (Very Comical) . - 275ft. $48.00 
589-590 — THE DEVILISH PLAN K (Funny and Mys tical) - . laOft. $22.50 



ORDER OP TUG I'lCTiiftRR: 1. Arrival or General Koropatkln, received hy flonorals 
Honnanlatiiph and Orckotf.— II. Troupe of Cossacks Starting tho March Aureus lake. Baikal — 
ill. Russian Infantry Crossing Lake Baikal.— IV, Transport of Army Provisions Across Lake 
HalKul.— V. Cossacks nn Hie Maroh to the Yalu. 


Complete Catalogue of < »'• URBAN, I.. OAUAIONT end PAHLAMAND 

F 1 1 iiUjOnApnll*.! Ion . 

• BKLUNU AGENT: I'KTKH HAOIQAI.UPI, 784 MI SBION BT-, Man FranoHQO. II. it .l|U»i t, ■ .. Office, and Work. i 

• C ASTON MELIE8, General Manager, + 
(104 K. .18th HTHKKT, NRW YORK CITY. ^ 



I have piiM-lin.i'd all the Right, nml Privileges of the above company, and 
WANT A MKiVHATKlN A I, People rlouMlng In bran given prefer- 
ence. Stale alt In your llrst letter. Send photos anrl programme. Sand and or- 
theatre utendo not tarry trunk.. Travel In ourown Pullman ear. Plenty of room. 

in an.werlng thl. ml, write najust as though we liud an office on Broadway. 

0. r. BB0TBEBT0I, Boll Owner, Ashtabula, 0. 

N. B,— Opera House Manager* sand In. your open time and term*. 





The Exclusive DrugCo. 



It reduces tour weight, oheslty In siomacli. hlpt, walaf and hnet. Remove* douldecliln. improves 
nit Ogure, ami give* you » h,v nnucirloiil auil natural appearance. Clears the complexion. Not a pur- 
gative. So right dlminjr, Nn excessive i'M'itIw. Alsolutclr no excuse for helng fat. Bo enn- 
vliu'efl. Wiiic Tor imuk ami circular at once, or call, 

117 E. 23d Street, ML T. City. S*. Y. 




e»r?* ^ -W m ** 

£$te HfOlaiS* 



F. F. PROCTOR, Sell Preirliter and 
I. AUSTIN FVNES, Gmir.l Mar ajar. 


Devoted to Reflate K»<rrtaUa«t. 
Proctor'. Stn Ave. Theatre, Proeter'a 
83d St. Theatre, Proctor'. Bflth St. 
Theatre, Proctor'. 1'iBtai St. Theatre. 
Propior'e Hevrarlc Theatre, Proetor/e 
Alhany Theatre, Proetor'a Meatireal 

Presenting; Beat Playa. 



If you do not receive • reply, It may be 
became the time U filled ; you are therefor* 
advlted to write again la foot week*. Do 
NOT enclote .ttnp for reply. 


Riots Of act.; complete "prop" Hit.- If can 
open and dote In one ; EXACT time of acta, 
and of "cloie In;" billing for newapajpert 
and proirammea; tad CLEAN PHOTO 

Playwrights. Author, and Play Ageata, 
Vamk'vllle Artlata and Player*, addreaa 
J. AUSTIN a-'VNKH. Qeneral Manager, 


Httrre, "Vt., 

Open After Hay 15. 

THIOATHH with Stage 20x40, Six Dreaalng 
Roorna, Covered Seola for 1,000, Electric 
LlgbtH and ICIectrlc Sign, Etc. Barre has a 
Population of about 10,000, la a flood Show 
Town, and In located on Halo Line from 
Boston to Montreal. For further particu- 
lar address. 

IJ. D. O88OLA, Pr.h, 



Inst Becetod 300 Monkeys! 

JAI', RBL> rA0EI> APKH, In the Ilcaltlileat Con- 

38 COOPER 81)., NRW YORK. 

awMaa ' ea 

Loans promptly nude on all undivided estate In- 
terests, Including vented and contingent Interests 
anb)eoi to life ealate or payable at aome fixed 
future period. Any amount advanced at lowest 
legal rates, Immediate aettlementa and no ad- 
vance fees of any kind required. 

M BROADWAY, N. Y. KatablUbed ItU. 



Evening 8owns ( Wraps, &c. 



BVTEEB. JACOBg and IrOWRY. Standard Thentre, St. Louts, Mo. 




Fancy What I Tell You. 

1,200 Folding Cliulm, oanvan ecat ; 7ft. long Fold- 
ing HmnilCH ,211X110, 20X4U. *).1O0, 34X00,30X60 Illnck 
Touts; eon. ltd. Top, one lift. Niildle: Three Burner 
Oil Sloven, Crank Piano, Fold'* Organ. BAJtGAIN 

SprlogDehl, Illlnola. 


J. C. GOSS CO. g\ 

llnlldera of » ■ 


Catalogue and) [»„„ DETROIT 

riBB. Mien. 


_ 2nd Uuntl Lint) 

Bel a Copy if "Tin Big Magnetic Hit," 

"STROLLING! ON TBR I'lKK," Kong anil twoatep. 
Prof, copies wlili orehettratlon, lie : Band 2ftc. 
Beautifully llliislnilcil, ie slides and title allilo In- 
luded, special rate lo professionals, 
OKO.O.ZARN, ruh.,210 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. 




REASON. tVinidevllle tills Summer), Week May no, Thlril Avenue Tlieaot>, N. Y, Cltv; M 
Week June a, Sprlnglnke Park, Tronion, N, J. m 

Should apply for lowest passage rates and full 
particulars nt the Exchange Office, 02 Eaat 14th 
Established 24. veara. 

LnlfflDLul btm nTne n dlamond. Cosu'bnt 
one-tenth. In brllllanoy and cut It turn no eqnal. 
Betting aolld gold. Write for Illustrated catalogue. 
BOWKA OOm Uept 0„ 348 Dearborn St., C hicago. 


L. MANASSIJCO.,88 Mndla on St., Chicago. 


(He ' ■ .< SI.IOI1TLY WDHH. 





AM. OUR LIFE MOTION PICTURES are now pnt through the new process of artlstlo oolor 
effects, the brightest tints are used In making the pictures more lifelike than ever before. The 
etreot is magnificent, and the monotony of one colored moving pictures la done away with. 


11 Cents Per Foot t 100 Feet Eleven Dollar*. 



When ordering Films pleaae ataie whether plain or colored ones are wanted. 


SPECIAL irViincEMKNT. We will give one of these remarkable colored naval battle 
Dims, zoo feet long, and one of our Celebrated 

1904 EXHIBPTI05 H0DBL CINE0ORAPH, with Stervoptfcon Combined, lnolndtng 
■ Caletna L*m p, Blaetrio Lamp, and an idjosiabla Bteoslat, lor*7S.oo. 


Here is an opportunity to obtain a complete mov- 
ing picture show for a small price. BE ttUICK, 
THE TIME IS SHORT. Big and easy money 
will be made with colored aims. 
Largest Manufacturer ol Life Motion Machines and Films, Philadelphia, Pa. 




Film Supplement Bo. 215 Contains Descriptions of 65 Attractive Subjects. 




D00 FAOTOBY - ■ 




- 240 

• 740 









175 A 


IN A WAIION :. «0 A 








MINI BzlilUtloi Kinetoscope, $115.00. Edison Univorsal ILnetoicopo, $75.00. 




TTIE KINETOSCOPE CO 41 10. 21at St.. New York. 

KLIOIMS OITICAL CO r.'j State St.. Chicago III. 

PBTBB DAC1QALUPI THU Mlsalon It, Hnn I<'runclH Pal. 

You Mustn't Pick Plums From My Plum-Tree. 


Do yon realize 
lhar.tour lli-xt 
Jump may he 
your last / 

The horrora of Hall llosd Wrecks, Hotel and Theatre FlrcH 

can be guarded against, 




93,000.00 In Case ol Deal It hr Accident. 
15.00 Weekly Indemnity If Injured. 
I.-..00 Weekly Indemnity If Inrapiuillnted by 
sick nets. 
In addition lo Mils yon have registration service, and 
your friends and relatives notified If you arc injured or 
sick, and company will pay expemes to put In their hands 
3 matter where you are. AIho every policy holder gets a 
handsome seal leather pookethook containing nn Idem men- 
tion Certlltcatc (patented), accepted and endorsed liv Banks, 
Ilotola, Telegraph, Express and Post as the only 
positive self Identllloutlon. 


Per Year. 

No Hues. 



All policies issued and losses paid by tho U. ■ Casually Co., of N. Y..und 
the North American Accident Ins, Co., of Chicago, fr.o.ouo deposited Willi 
the Ins. Dept. of State or Now York, and $100,000 with the Ins. Dcin. of III., 
for the protection of policy holders. Tim best and cheanest contract ever issued for men and wonieh. 
Mention cl.ll'I'Elt. WltlOHT hi'NTINOTon. Special Theatrical Agent. M W. ssth si, ii'llmnier'a 
onices), Now York City. Telephone, nui Madison. CHAa II. STEWART, lluslness Manager. 

KIvIEGly BROS., Prop.. 










STAGE llfiimi CO. 

1 303-6 Broadway, and 1 29 W. 38th St. 
lM»w Vorftc. 




Preference given to those doing good specialties. SEASON OPENS AI.'O. 8. Send photos, ormrramnits 
and full panlculars, CHA.8. K. CHAMPLIN, Ited li.'.,,k, ti. .1. 



' ®0I1KTI0H <-*d 



A Fnnny Comedian. A Clnver Bonbrette. 


•TtfXE 4. 



££'„;'• sTABM) OF CONTK5TS. 

MM Clipper's Anecdotes, Etc 

Vandornie nnd Minstrel , 


. .IDS. 340 

Viihas 11*11 Omar— Sketch 


World of Players 

. 33R. 347 

The Pacheco Family — Sketch 


mim 4v wwS 


A Ida Vanghan — Sketch 

Queries • Answered 

Our 1/Ondon Letter 




Our. Australian Letter , 

, 340 

Oor Chicago Letter 


I 'Upper Post OmCe. . 


Latent by Telegraph 


On the Kria.i • 


Vaudeville Route Met 

.044, MS 

Death* In the Profession . .■ 

stage Mechanic* 


Music anrt Song/ 


New- York - City— Bevlew- and Comment, 


With the Bill Poster* • 

i Il-Hl 

I "niter the .Tentn. : 

..... 341) 

Chens and Checker* 

. 349 


Virginia. ..•.....•......;...;. „.. 

Maine , 



Massachusetts .'. .'.'. ."..'....'.,., 

. 340, 341 

t on'Mlnim . ...... 

.. ... !t41 

Tennessee ' .-..'.'.. .' "....'...; 


1 'eunej 1 vnnln , . , 


Ohio' , 


Oklahoma ■ City 


Texas i 



New J erscy 

..... 843 








< 'iillforuto ! i 


THslrlrt of Columbia 


llhocle Island, f 




< 'anada 


Wyoming ....<. 


New York Stale 




( leorgla. 

. . . ; . 348 










West Virginia 


' 340 


.Our. .theatrical corretpomtcntt are herehu 
notified {hat the .credential* Note held bu 
them' expired on Junc't. Then are requested 
Urt'etvrn them to thit offlet at oitce, for re- 
Uf.iriU for lM.'rlW',. 


Monday Nlsht's Ope-olufja la All that 

*A Hia; Show Towns. 


aianilc Adnuia Makes llf>r First Slrl- 
lnr Appearance la San I'rniii'U- 

<'» Vii«iiI.I.,ii»I> — UixhI Bnslnesa 
' Mutes.. 

fipeotal Dhpatchet to TiirXbw York Cmi-fiui 
San Fra;:cikco, .Mny 31. — At the Columbia 
ThVatrd .Maude Admins began her first en- 
gagomept here as u star Inst ntclit, for n 
i wo weeks' run, opening in "The Ml tie Mill- 
iliter," to a packed house. The advance sale 
is .largo. 

Cai.ifoii.via TiiBATun. — This Ih the second 
week of the Nelll-.MoroMCo Co., "Janice Mere- 
rill h" being the current offering. 
'A1.CAXUI THEAtri:. — "Toll Oate Tnn" la 

I II ||S Week's bill. 

(MntuaIi Ti'batuh. — "A' Celebrated Cane" 
Ih t|ie current week'a offering. 

(Hasp Ortiu llottm — Sunday, matinee, 
Mi' marked the opening for the fifth week 
of Melbourne SlacJiowoll and compnn.v. 
"Clsmonda" Ih current, For hlH InHt week, 
beginning Sunday, mntlnee, June 5, he win 
present "Captain of Xnvarre." On Mon- 
iin v, June 111, Mm. Leslie Carter begins a 
four weeks' engagement, In 'l>u Hurry" 
(drat lime here). 

Fischer's Tjiratrh. — Tula bouae re- 
opened' Sunday with the stock company In 
i lie ' 'musical . burlesque, "t\ 8." Toe new 
rnmpnnv wan given n hearty reception. 

TlV'Ol.r OriiBA llOOU. — "The Toymaker" 
Ih the current bill, opening afternoon of 80, 
in a.lnrge audience. 

OuriiKiM Tjibatrh. — Dill for the current 
week, opening rlundny, 20: rowora llroa., 
Kefrnr, l.'ole and company, Cinnton and 
Slope, Alfona, the Colby family, nolle aor- 
doq,- ilflrcera pictures, Al Lawrence, linrke, 
l.o Hue, and inky hoys. 

CHW.H. — Current week'a hill, opening 
ln«f nlghf : The two FantaH, Seeker, wIIIiph 
unri" company, Mr. and Mrs. Ren Hunns, 
WiiIrIi and i.igmi, Hence and Alter, the 
organ, coating (15,000, n mechanical in 
Htniment run by electricity, nnd the bio- 

Soxus.— Special matinees were given on 
Decoration Bay it the Tlvoll, I'lscner's Al- 
cntar, Central, Ornnd Opera House and the 

Orphetim Iflnnche Itates Is In this city, 

enjoying n rest, and U stopping with friends. 
She will be here for u few weeks, nnd then 

deport eastward, e« route for Kurope 

A new vaudeville house, called the Empire 
Theatre, located at So. 1133 Market, be- 
tween Seventh and ICIghth Streets, was 
opened ' 10 this city Monday, May 16. It 
In managed by Hal. A. Curtis and William 
A. Weston, under the firm name nnd myle 
■if Wefduti & Curl Is, mid In to be run In Cnn- 
lunctlnn with the Umpire Theatre, at Be- 
nllle, Wawh. The prices are low... .While 
Whittlesey will begin a special Hummer en- 
gagement at' the Alchzar Theatre here on 
Monday. June 27, prior to his starring tonr 
of the West theatres. He will be presented 
In- romantic plnya and comedies, including 
"IWarlsoAse," and' "The Second In Com- 



Heavy Htorma PrrTall at Varloaa 
I'olnla aad the Week's Opening* 
at the Open Air Renorta MufTrr la 

rini'Aiiii. May .11. — Monday mornings 
criticisms of "The Mnld and the Mummy," 
1,'lven Sunday night at the Onrrlck. were 
general I v unfavorable, although mi admitted 
liiisijlblllty of success may follow needed re- 
vlHlnn. Milminntlous nnd geueral changes 
a re -to be mode In the cast and dialogue. 
Vlntet Dale and Junot Priest were credited 

with success. Snns Soucl and the Wnler 

Chutes opened with great throngs Saturday, 
bur Sunday's downpour of rain and Monday's 
sudden drop In temperature proved dlsnster- outdoor amusements "The Enrl 

or liawtucket," at Powers'; "The Sliver 
Slipper," at McVlcker's, nnd Anna Held, nt 
i tit- .Illinois, began final weeks Sunday night. 
... >. ."York State Folks" packed the Orent 
Northern, opening on ludellnlte engagement 
Sunday aflernoon, nnd "The Royal Chef" 

continued prosperously at the La Suite 

Sunday night cloned the Olympic's season, 
nnd the concluding weeks of the season begun 
nt flnriklns' and Columbus, with Hilly hcr- 
aanda' Minstrels nnd Anne Sutherland* 
••Two Orphans," respectively. "The Wltard 
nf\Oi" continues lis Summer run with the 
Ornnd Opera House packed, and vaudeville 
st the Chicago Opcrn House nnd Cleveland a 

flltraeled capacity business 'To Rje 

nt Dawn" began the last two weeks of the 
Bijou's, season, and combination burlesque 
at Kam' T. Jack's nnd the Trocndero crowded 

tbosp resorts Stock companies nt the 

Couple's, Howard's and the Rush Temple 
nrosnereaV Sunday aflernoon and evening. 
......"The Sho-Oun" continued its run at 

the Slurleholcer. Monday night. 
' siv Lons, May 81.— Steady rains Sunday 
and Monday put a damper on the week's 

openings. Monday,' .10, should have > boon u 
record. day at the fair, being a holiday, and 
the theatres expected big business, but ralr 

to average was the best any of them got 

At the Olympic, 30, Julia Mill ward. Alice 
Maily it and others opened ' la "A Country 
Girl. 1 ' They will play an Indefinite engage 

ment, In repertory The Odeon offered 

Its spectacular production of KlrsKy's "loul- 
slana," 28. to an Invited house of first nlght- 
ers. It Is superbly costumed and staged, 
and Is due to make a big bit ..At Del- 
mar, 20, the rival- production of "I.onlalana" 
was given Its premier. Despite rain, an ex- 
eel lent attendance wan. present. The cast 
Includes some excellent people, and all are 
capable. Richard Carle. In ."The Tender- 
foot." continues another week nt the Cen- 
tury .The Imperial offers- "Arrah-nn- 

Pogne," . opening 2ft. to excellent ' attend- 
ance Forest Park Highlands -has. a new 

vaudeville bill, featuring Lew uioom and 
Jane Cooper .... "Qitlncy Adams Sawyer" be- 
gan Its fourth week ar Crawford's. ' II gains In 
popularity Havlln's. offers another -ver- 
sion of "East l.ynne." The Three Mar- 
velous:. Metritis- bead the, current hill, nt 
Mnnnlon's.. .. . .The National Extravaganza 

t.n. began. Its Indefinite engagement at West 
End llelgbtM 20. nnd made an excellent Im- 
pression ', ;The Cherry lllossoms arc nt 

the Standard. . 

Wabhin-otos, May 31. — The Edwin Ar- 
den Co., at the Columbia, presented "Sol- 
diers of Fortune." lo n large house. . . ."The 
Idol'a Kye," ■ by the Aborn Opera Co., at- 
tracted n full audience at the Lafayette.... 
"On the llrlilge nt Midnight" had excellent 

business nt the Academy The Policy 

Plavers, with Ernest llogan, opened a 
supplemental senson nt the Empire, attract- 
ing full houseti both afternoon nnd night. . . . 
l'aul H|inilonl headed an excellent vaudeville 
hill al Chase's, tilling the auditorium twice 

vesterday Chevy Chase Lake opened 

Its season with the Marine Concert linnd. 

attracting large ciowds Lawrence's 

Summer Cnrden opened with an excellent 
vaudeville hill, headed by Flora Moore, snd 
the place wan parked. 

Hostox. May .11. — Showers yesterday af- 
ternoon nnd evening packed the Indoor 
houses nnd scantily peopled the open air 
shows, especially during the evening. The 
Itostonlnns opened well nt the Colonial, n 
sell-out being recorded for the evening per- 
formance "Woodland"- waa given twice 

vesterday to big business I/nrge audi- 
ences saw "The Isle of Spice," at the Olohe, 
and "Girls -Will He Girls," at the Roston. 

"Sky Farm" was a Music Hall mngnet. 

The same atnry prevailed with stock, 

burlesque and vaudeville houses, people 
being turned nwny. 

Kansas Cm",, May II. — The Woodward 
Stock Co. decide* to keen "Parsifal" on for 
another wock, consequently two perform- 
ances were given nt the Auditorium Sundny, 

lo itnod business "The .Moonshiner's 

Daughter" drew well nt the fllllls The 

rnln Interfered with the opening of Electric 
Park Sundny. hut a crowd enjoyed Llberatl's 

band and the other attractions Forest 

Park had n (rood vaudeville bill In Hopkins' 
Thenlre, In which Stnley nnd Rlrbeck were 
l he headllncrs. 

Puii.Atim.i'iiiA, Mny 81. — Rain kept, down 
the crowds nt the outdoor resorts yester- 
dov. and sent a large portion of the holl- 
dav crowds to the theatres. .... .Keith's 

entertained big audiences throughout the 

afternoon nnd evening, with vaudeville 

"Miss Rob White" continued to please at the 
I'ark, while "The Hells," at Korepnugh's, and 
"Northern Lights," nt the Hljou, enrued 

earnest commendation The Lyceum and 

Trocndero both enjoyed liberal patronage 
with excellent burlesque shows. 
«■ ■ 4» 

Oi tDc Road, 

All llonte> Mast Reach Is Sot Later 
Than Monday. 

Seattle. — At the Grand Opera Hottsct John 
Cort, manager) .— Ilogers Brothers, May 22- 
24, In "Ilogers Rrotners In Ixindon : tlie 
P'our Cohans, In "Itiiuitlng for Odlce," 30-SR ; 
Richard Manslleld Jane 2-4, "Our New Min- 
ister" follows. • 

Bbattlk Thbatu) IJ. P. Howe, manager) 
I" fl ark. ,„ „ . _ 

Third Avbnuk TiiRiTnK (Russell i Drew, 
managers). — Week of 22, "East Lynne ;" 
week of XO, "A Thoroughbred Tramp." To 
follow: "The Buffalo Mystery." "Just Struck 
Town," nnd the May Howard Co. , , 

Al.CA«Alt TimATBK.—Week of 32 : The Red- 
mond Co., In "The Two Orphans" and "Es- 
caped from the Law." Week of 20, same 
company In repertory. . 

KntHoN Thhatiu!.— New: Evnns Trio, Miss 
Rentley, Yardman, the Two Slorrells, Cle- 
ment i'oiiliiH, and klnetoscope pictures. 

Kmi'iuk nun — New : Ronlon and Wor- 
ley. Golden and Weaver. Mary Johnson, I*w- 
rence Weaver, moving pictures. _ 

I<A Pbtitki TrniATnn. — New : Qnlnn Trio, 
Lnyne and D'Avre, Htanuelri, Gene King, 
ino'vlDg pictures. • " M -. 

CavsTAt. THKATnw. — New : The Randolphs, 
Klppy. Verne and O'Hrlen, Mexlas and 
Mexlas, Spencer, Leo White, and moving 
pictures. ' 

Ont'iir.i.M Thkatob. — Farmer Jones anil bis 
pigs, Wills and Barrett, Allaire mid Cavlllu, 
William Oraswell, Vim. A. Lang, Illustrated 
songs and moving pictures. • 

OUnODH TBtATM (Mose Goldsmith, mau- 
aKft r). — New : Mere uud Vlvlau, Onluu Trio, 
Nellie Everett, Klppy, the Randolphs, the 
Great Waldsteln, viola Bernhardt.' 

Now.. — The Orpheum Theatre opens Mny 
28, under the management of Arthur Marks. 

Spokane.— At the Spokane Theatre (Dan 
I. Weaver, manager).— T 'A Girl from Dixie" 
bad good business .May 20, 31. -Mme. Kem- 
hrlch gave n concert, lo a large and delight- 
ed audience, HI. 

Ai'MToniux (Harry C. Hay ward, mann- 
» nr )._The Jessie Shirley Co. will present 
"A Celebrated Case" for week of 23. "Mfr 
Fndden's Row of Klata" had average busi- 
ness 20-22. ' 

KniHON (Krancls Nelsonla, mannger).— 
Topllocrs week of 28: The Au?rs, Fannie 
Donovan, Master Will C. lloyt, the Thorncs, 
Earle and Xa Oor. 

Conuit D'Ahisk (Jacob Goeta, manager). 
— Phillips and Merrill, Maboney Bros., Mc- 
PHilo and Dole nud J. W. Clifford. 

Com torn (I. 1). Hnllaad. monnger). — The 
Great Bnrrlngton. Howard and Campbell. 
Dclln Knhn. Clements nnd . McAlster, Alice 
Hamilton, Rlssonettl nnd Newman. 

■ ««» 


Wichita.— At the Crawford Theatre (E. 
L. Martllug. manager). — Horry Corson Clarke 
presented n Ills Absent Sou" to n well pleased 
uudlence Mny 18. Mr. Clarke responded to u 
tcit enthusiastic, curtain rail, 

Tomm AtiDiTOittiisi (II. -fl. Toler * Bon, 
proprietors) .—Dark Isst week. 

Lxsk: Tubatbb (F. C. Jewett, manager). 
— This house reports good business. 

NOTKR. — The Wallace Shows turned them 
awnv nifteruoon nnd evening 18 The Par- 
ker Amusement Co. did un Immense business 

week ending 21 This Is by fnr the best 

™mlval company that has ever showed In 
Wichita, there being twenty-three complete 
shows, two full fledged electric light plants, 
two Ferris wheels and electric fountain. The 
company Is featuring Xervette and his iier- 
peniileular whir), It requires thirty-one cars 
tn transport this monster aggregation, nnd 
everything Is now. 

. 0*4 . , 

— Arthur C. Alston aad J. Emmet t Raxttr 
hnvo bought from- William Brady the scenery, 
etc., useif by Grace George In her presenta- 
tion of "Pretty Peggy," with right and tide 
lo present the play In all Ibe Western and 
Southern cities. Jnhe Corcoran! Is to play 
the title role. 


Adams, Msurle (Charles Prohrucn. mar.)— San 

Krsnelscn, On!.. May 30-Jnae 11. 
Allen, t'lnla (Charles W. Allen, mjrr.) — Toronto, 
. Can;, May ao-Jnne 1, Hamilton 2. Kingston 3, 

Ottawa 4, Montreal Ml, 
Anhrey stock. Kastern. Mltienthal Rrotheni' (Wm. 
Iinvldae, mgr. i — Montreal. Can., May 30, In- 
. definite. 
Ardra. Edvnrd, Stock — Washington. D. 0.. May 

"0. Intlennlte. 
Allwe Stock— Providence, it. 1., May 80. Indefi- 
American .Slock (Oilier Martell. mgr.l— Stom 

i "it j. In., May nfl-June 4. 
Alien. John. (O. 8. llnsh, mgr. )— Enierahl. Wis., 

.tunc ii n. 
ItatTMnore.. Ethel - (Charles ' Frohmatt, mgr.) — 

Lcnilnn. Eng.. May 30, ImlrSnlte. 
Ilnliler. Itlrriarc;,. Mtook (Have. A. Wels, mgr.)— 

I'roTlilenis". It. l.,.Mny -.10, Indefinite. 
lllalr. Eugenie (Henri Oroselt, uigr.) — Detroit, 

Mich.. May no. Tune n. 
llalilwhi-MejTlllc iWnlter S. Italdwln, mgr.) — 

i 'levelniiil. o., May ",o. indefinite. 
lialiiwln -Melville (Walter S. Baldwin, mgr.)— 

lliifrnln, X. Y.. May 30. Indednlte. 
Dreokenrlilgc Stock (llreckenrlrige A Panleer. 

tngrs.j — .loplln. Mo., May Sn-June 4, Knrt 

Smith. Ark.. 0-IS. 
llurrlll Slo.-k (Charles W. Iturrlll, mirr.)— Sprlng- 

Oebl, 111., May Htl, luiloflnlic. 
Hen.ll, Jessie ((ieorgn llarmii, msr.)— DolgeTllle, 

X. Y.. May :m June 1, flheliU 2-4. 
llon>pr-Craviin Slock — (Irani! Ituplds, Mich., May 

30, Imlcflnlle. 
"Ilustcr llro*n" (Bmadhnrst A Cnrrle, mgn.) — 

llnslon, Mass.. May 30. Imleflnlle. 
"break for Liberty' 1 (J..M. Jambs, mgr.)— X. V, 

Clly .May anjtme 4. 
"Bowery After Hark." the McCinvens tSulll- 

van, Harris ft Woods, mm*.) — X. V. Clly Max 

«n-jiuie I. 
"lluslness Man" (Jacob l.ltt. mgr.) — Chicago, 

III.. June A. IndeDnltc. 
"Block Mark"— X. Y. City May .10-.limc 4. 
Crosmnu, Henrietta lllovld llnliisoo A itnnrlce 

Campbell, mgrs.) — S. Y. City May .10-Jiine 4. 
Collier. William (Charles Kroluuin, mcr.i— x. Y. 

Clly Mny :io, Indednlte. 
Carter, Mrs. I^slle (DnvM llelnsin, uigr.)--San 

Frnncltwn., Cat., June 1:1 Jnlj n. 
Cohans. The (Km! Xltilo, mar.) — Missoula, Mont., 

June I, Anaconda 2, Unite .1. 4. lliilntb, Minn., 

Curls Dramslle (M. II. Curls, mgr.) — Wlsnt-r. 

Xchr., May .'lO-Jiine 1, Stanton 2-4, Clearwater 

US, Kwlnc 0-11. 
Cutter * Williams Stock (W. R. Cnlter * J. It. 

Williams, mgrs.) — MatislUid, o.. May 30Jnne 

Comrihell Stock— Newark, X. Y„ ilay 30-Jnnc 4. 
"ilounty Chairman" (Henry W. Savage, mgr. I — 

X. Y.CIty May 30-Jnno 4. 
"Connly Kalr," Xell llnrgess' — Tormito, Can., 

May :'.o June 4. 
IJ'Orsny, l.nwrencc IKIrle La Sbelle, ingT.) — 

Chicago, 111., May 30, ludellnlte. 
nilB-er-Cnrnell— Corning, >'. V., May 30-June 4, 

Dradtord, Pa., 0-11. 
Dyffiyn, lUhel, Stock (Kos intrr. i — 

llrnntfnrd, Con.. May lit), Inilctlnlie. 
Iiiirlian Stock— .Montreal. Con.. Mny 30, Inilefl- 

Dnualnss, Byron, Slock— Portland, Me., May 30- 

June 4. 
Dnvla-lloyle Stock— I.MIea. X. Y.. Mot 30. Imled- 

Kvesson, Isohelle (Jntnes T. Mslone, mgr. I — 

I'royldence, It. I., May ,10-Junc IS, 
IOrana, Mrandon, Stock (Harry nennels, mgr.) — 

Newport News, Va., Mar 30, Indefinite. 
Flollpse Slock (Lloyd « llenter, mgrs.)— Halley- 

vllle. I'ml. Ter.. June 1, 2. 
l-lmnlre Theatre (Oeo. II. I'nulus, mgr.) — Mount 

Cli-raens, Mich., Msy HO June 11, 
Klleford. Stock— Portland, Ore., May 30-June 4. 
Klectrlc Park Stork — Leavenworth, Kan., May 

30. Indefinite. 
"Hiist Lynne," Inet Kormsn — St. I .mils, Mo., 

May SO-Jnne 4. 
"Kscopeil from Slog Slntt" (Jnnioa H. Porker. 

mgr. I— X. T. Oily Mny 30-June 4. 
l'lskc, Mrs. (Harrison Grey Flake, tagr.) — Ann 

Arbor, Mich., June t, F.rle, I'n , 2, Ithacu, 

X, V., S, Blngaamton 4, 
Flske A Stock (K. D. Klske ft T. V. Stock, mgrs.) 

— Obnrlottotown, P. K. I., May :m-June 1, Pie- 
ton, N. S„ 2, 11. New fllasgnw 4. Halifax O-IS. 
"From Rags to niches," Joseph Snntley (ilst II. 

Meyers, rogr.) — X. V.' City May .'in-Jnne 4. 
Oloscr, '.Mighan, Stock— Cleveland, ()., May no, 

Onrrtek Mtoclt (Jay Znsell, mar.) — Mount Vernon, 

<>., May 30, Indefinite. 
Oioss-I.yall Stock (Trail 4 Brown, mgrs, )— I'a- 

doenli. Ky.. tlay :;0 June II. ' 
(lllek Stock (11. T. Click, mar.)— Atchison, Kan., 

May 30-Jnne 4. 
ilnskell Stock— Bay City, Midi.. May OO-Jime 4. 
"Olrls Will Be Girls" (Wm. A Ursily, mgr.)— 

Hoston, Mass., May flO-June 4. 
"(lamo Keeper." Thomas 1. Smith (Kowlnnd A 

Clifford, mgrs.) — Ashland, Wis., June 1, Han- 
cock, Mich., . 2. Lake Linden 3, Calumet 4, 

Oreenlnnd 0, lshpemlng A, Munlslng T. Monls- 

tliino S, DliidHtone 0, Appleton in, Xrenah II, 

Oshkosb 12. season ends, 
"(lovemor's Son" tiered Nlblo, mgr.) — Atlantic 

City. X. J.. May 30-June 4. 
Una-well. - Percy (George Fawcett, mgr.) — Min- 
neapolis, Minn., June 2 4. 
Hall. Don O.— Ifldl, Col., Me- SO June 4, Suits- 

men to 0-11. 
Hunt Stock (M. A. Hunt, mar.) —Alpena, Mich., 

May UO-Juue 4, Onuway 0-11. 
Hoeflter Show (Jock Hoeffler, mgr.) — Appletnn, 

Wis., May 30, ludetnlte. 
llitlhcrt. Laura, Slock (Charles W. Iturrlll, mgr.) 

-I'linnipnliin. III., May 30-June II. 
Henderson. Maude (Joseph Parent, mgr.) — l'enn- 

vlllc, Mich., May 30.Jnne 4. 
HiKiiy. Wilbur (II. F. Chapman, mgr.)-r-Ilnttle 

Creek. Mich., Mny SO-.lune 4. 
Ilemlerson Stock IW. J. k II. It. Henderson, 

mgrs.) — r.lkhnrl, Ind., May 30-June 4. Cnld- 

wotor. Mich., fl-ll. 
Ilolden Stock- Indianapolis, Ind., Mny 30, In. 

"Hidden Crime" (J. M. Word, mgr.)— Detroit, 

Mich.. May 20-Juoe 4, Chicago. III., nil. 
Isabel Irilng (J. K. Hackett, mgr.i— Kan Clalrr, 

Wis.. June I, Winona, Minn., 2. Madison, Wis., 

:t, l-llgln. HI., 4. 
Imiiei'lol ntock (Col. den. Hamilton, mgr.)— St, 

Lnuls. Mo,, May 20, Indeflnllc. 
Irvlni! 1,'reneii U)nn Maomlllon. atgr.) — Sliennn- 

itonh, la., June 2-4, lied Oak in. Vllllsca Oil. 
Jewell-Archer Stock— Lynn, .Mass., ilay tlfl, Indefi- 
nite. ' ' 
"James Boys In Mlssonrt" (Frank flsaolo, mgr.) 

— Milwaukee, Wis.. Mny 20-Jiinc 4, St. Paul, 

Minn., n-|l. 
Is'srcoll, Dot (J. 0. Welsh, mgr.)— Providence. 

R. I., Mny .10, I in left idle. • •' ' 

Klngsley-Itassell (K. It. Russell, mgr.)— Trenton, 

Mo., May .W June 4. .,. 

Keller Slock (A. M. Keller, tagr.)— Xcvado, Mo,, 

May 30-Aog. IS. 
Kennedy. John J., Stock— Duliltli. Minn., Mny 30, 

lllnjjilon-Couttonny Stock— Albany, X. V., Mny 

8(1. Imlellnlte. 
Klark-Urban (llardlu Klark, mgr.)— (ilonnester, 

.Mass.. May SO-Jnne 4. 
"Klog of DeteetlteM." Sullivan. Harris ft Woo.1i' 

—X. Y. City Jloy .lO-Jime I. 
Long, Frank K„ Stuck (J. A. Lacy, mgr.)- -West 

Siilierlor, Wis., Msy 30-Jnnc 4. 
"Little Mother" (43. L. Wels A S. II. Mlmrlce, 

mxrs.) — I'lillfldelnliln. I'd.. May :i<> 4 1 I. 

"Little Homestead" (William Mncanley, mar.) — 

Sierens Feint. Wis., June 1, Portage 2, Fond 

ihi Lao 4, Racine 3, season ends. 
"Llltle Outcast," flco. P.. (Mil's (Bert McPlmll, 

■ liter. > — Minneapolis. Minn., May 21»-Jnne 4. 
Mansllelil. Illehanl til. I>. Stevens, rogr.) — Ta- 
ct ten, Waab., June I, Seattle SI, Minneapolis, 

Minn,, ii s. St. Paul ft-n. 
Msniill, Itoliert II. (Mai Xoellner, mgr.)- -St. 

John. X. 11.. May 30-Jnne 4. 
MnoDowell, tlellioiirnn (Pave A. Wels. mar. I — 

San Francisco. Col.. May 30-June II. 
Marks Stock (Tom Marks, mar. i— Orlllla, Con., 

Mny rinjune 4, Midland fl-ll. 
Marks Bros. (Joe Marks, mgr.)— Carletoo Plnre, 

Can., May .'ui-Juno I. Almonte 2.4. 
Murray A Mickey (John J. Murray, mgr,) — 

I'nrkenharg, W. Vs.. May no, Indefinite. 
Mordnnt-IInraphrey — Albany, X. Y., May 10, In- 
definite. . 
Madison Xnnaro, Stater's— Dallaa. .lex., May 30- 

Jnly 2. 
Milter-Bryan Rtnck (Fraak p. Miller, mgr.)— 

' Baton Home. La., May 30, Indefinite. 
McAnlllfe Stoflk— Hollfaa, X, 8., May 30 June 4, 

"Moonshlucr's liatighler" (W. F. Mann, uixr.) 

Knusan City; Mo., May xO-Jnne 4, season ends. 
"McFadden's Flats." (Ins Hill's (Thna. It. Henry. 

our. i — Doaemtn, Mont., May 31, Llvlnsston 

June 1, Billings 2. West Superior. Wis., 4, 

Hll.hlnit, Minn., 3, Dnluth 0. 
".Midnight Flyer" (Kit. Anderson, mgr. I— Adrian. 
- Mich.. June 2, 3, Milan 4, Omtsso 4. Vn«aar< 

7, Midland S. Itvari 0, Cadillac lit. 
Xeltl. James i Charles Astor Parker, gen. mgr.) — 

Baa Francisco, ('al.. May 30, Indrllalte. 
North Brothers IVuneillans, Kastern (it. J. Mack. 

nutr.)— Sloitk Falls, So. I>ok.. May ;M)-Jinie II. 
Nelll-MoroHco (Charles Astor Parker, gen. mar.) — 

Denver, Colo., June OScpt. 3. 
Notional Stns't (Charles U. Scliad, mar.)— White- 
hall, X, Y., Mny .10-Jiinr 4, Fort Kdward li-ll. 
Xonh Hrothem t'cmeillans (Frank C. Carter. 

rajr.i — Denlsnn. Tex,. May 30-June 4. 
Noble Stock t Warren Noble, mgr, i— -Albert lea, 

Minn,. May 30-June 1, 
National Stock (J. Albert Dawson, mgr.) — 

D.irlen, Wis., May 30-Jnne 4. 
XcwiYork Players (Hunter A Bradford, rogrs.) — 

Won-ester. Mass.. May no. ludellnlte. 
"OnrXeir. Minister" (Miller A Colyers. oigrs.i — 

s»ui Diego, Cat., June 1, Santa Ana 2, Sou ller- 
. nardlnn I. lllrerslde 4. UaLerstleld il. Vlsolla 

T. Fresno «, Snn Jose tl. Oakland 10-13. 
"On' the llrlitse nt .Midnight" (Frank (lsiMlo, 

mi-r. i--M'«.hlngtnn, 11. C, May 30-June 4, 

I'liisliurv. I'"-, d 11. ' 

Pnytnn (Vimeoy (J. T. Mncanlcy, mar. )— Spring- 
field, Mass., Mny :in-Jnne 4. 
I'ayton Sisters Oinesly (Col. Frank llotiertaoii, 

mgr.) — llolley Sprlmts, Miss., Juno 2-4, Jack- 

son. l'enn., n is. . . 

Prntt-Stetenson— Portland, Ore.. May 30, In- 
"Peddler." Sullivan. Harris ft Woods'— X. Y. 

Clly .lime fl-rj. 
"Oulney Adnms Sawyer" (P. II. Smith, mgr.) — 

St. I,nnls. Mn.. Mny :I0, Indeflnllc. 
"Qneen of the While Slaves" (A. II. Woods. 

mgr.)-- I'lllshiirg, I'o., Mny iio-jnue 4. 
lingers Bmthors (Klaw A Fi'laiianr, mrra. ) — 

Ho no. Moor., May 30, 31, Forgo, No. link., 

June 5, imiillb. Minn.. It, 4, St. I'nul ,VS, 

Minneapolis, n-lt. 
flcnlfmiv's Jolly I >n Hi finders — Cnlnls, Me., Mny 

30-Jnne II. 
Itcdtnniwl, Kd.— Seattle, Wash., May 30, Indctl- 


Ruticst|M> Stock— SokIiiiiw, Midi., Moy 3d. In- 

llmlney StiK'k (O. Bert Itixlney, mgr. I — Kcsiiii- 

nee, Wis,, May 3(i-June I, Wnitsnu 2-n, Stesens 

Point ll-S. Merrill 01 2. 
Ilblne-Wllliinl Sliv-k IWnde Ithlne, mgr.)— Mid- 

dletawti, I'n.. Mny linJune 4. Lnncnster (III. 
"llomemher Hie Maine," Llnculn J. Carter's— 

St. Paul, .Minn., May 2n-Junt> 4. 
"U'dyal Slave" (Harry Oonlon. mgr.i— Spring- 

Held. III., June 1. 
"Iloeiirreotlnn" — X. Y. Clly May HOJime 4. 
fcthrm. K II. illnnlel Prohmnu, uiur. )- t'uehlo, 

Colo., Moy fin, Cnlorodn Springs .11, Salt l.uku 

Clly, I'.. Juon 2 4. 
Stone. Floremis— Dili nlh, Minn.. May 30-June 2. 
Hpooner Ornmntlc II". K, Spooner, mgr.)— Shrove- 

isirf, I. a-. May fin .June 4. 
Shannon". The (Harry Shannon, nnir. I- -Trntcrso 

City, Midi.. June I. 
Nnnw, Mortltnef, Stock— Troy, X. V.. May 30. In- 


Sutherland, Anna, Slock -Chicago, HI., Mny 20- 

Jinie 4. 
Wlrollers (Sovldae ft Xnftaaer. nigm.)— Augusta, 

Ark.. Mny 30-Jiitiii 5. 
"Sky Farm" (llhnrlcs Frobmnn, mar.l— llnslist, 

Moss., .liny .'10, liuliilnlte. 
Tyrw. Kllanheth iCkarles Froliinnn, mar.)— -N. 

X. lily May :u» tune 4. 
Toylpi Sioi-K (Allien Tnjior. mar.)--Mniitgnni- 

crj. Aln. May SO-Jnne 4, Shrerc|«irt, Lit.. 

r, July ,'t. 
Tror. iiiiiiiiii, Slock (Jnines L. (Ilass, mgr.)— 

New Albany, ind.. Moy :iO-.lime IK. 
'J'ouhy (onieity (Itnnilnll ft Foster, innrs.) -Au- 
rora, III., May 20, ludellnlte. 
"Two Utile Sailor Boys" (Mrs. T. J. Iloylu, 

mgr.)— N. \. Clly Moy 30-June 4. 
'"Hi Die at Dawn.'* Klsla Cresry (J. SI. Wont, 

mgr.) — Chicago, 111,. May 20-Jiine 4. 
"I'ncle T'oni'a Cabin," S(et«>n's dirant Lnce, 

mgr.) — Mount Joy, Pa., June I, Diinenunoii 2. 

Xewpnrt ::, MIffllnlowii 4. Beedsvllle fl, Mount 

Cnlon 7. 
"I'ncle Tom's Cabin. " Stetson's, Western (Win. 

Kibble, mgr.) — Attica, Ind.. Jiino N, Vcisirrs- 

hnrg I). Covington 10, Waynnluwn II. 
"I'ncle Tom's Cuhln" 'Frank Wsiters, mgr.) — 

Davis, W. Vs., June 1. Hellnalou 2, liriifloii :t, 

IRickhaiinoti 4. 
"I'nCle. Tom's Cabin" (Wilson 4k Co., mars,) — 

Babylon, 1.. I., June 1, Isllp 2, Siiyvllln II, 

Pslrhoguc 4. Heliport tl, Kastpnrt 7. 
Van Dyke * Katun. (Ulle Knton (F. Mack. uisr. i 

, WSiitilni'ton. Pa., May M Juno 4, Fl. Wiiyne, 

tad., u-18. 
Vernon Stock (Belli. B. Vernon, uutr.) — Wilkes- 

hnrre, I'o., Mny 30-June 4, Ashttry I'ark, X. J., 

(i-.iiilv .10. 
Ynlluihnnt Slock— Wllllamspnrt, Pa., Moy lin, In- 

•■Vivian's PiiuW (Itleli A IloirU, mgrs.) -Chi- 
cago, 111., June 0, ludellnlte. II ml In. s Own (Frank Winn Inner, 

mar. i -(tsiiknsh. wis., Moy •jii-Jiiuc 4, Kcnosliu 

Woodward Slock (0. D. Woodward, mgr.)— Kan- 
sas City, Mo., May 20, indefinite. 
"Worst Woman in London" (It. (I. Crnorln, mgr.) 

-.-Atlantic City, X. J., June fl-ll. 
"Why illrla I#ave llonui" (Vauee A Sullivan, 

inars.) — Cleveland, O., May Hii-Juni- 4. 
"Was She to Blame!" (Jed Corllon, mgr.) — 

IkellTllle. Kan., June 1, Concordia 2, Mluiie- 

upolla II, Council (trove 4, Kmimrlo H, Osage 

(All- 7. 
"York State Folks" (F. K. Wrhtlit, nun-.)— 

Chicago, III., Mny 20 June 4, 

.. ail' sic A I,. 

Ahorii Ouero (Mllum A Sargent Alsorn, mgrs.) 

— Washington, D. C, May .'in, [nilelulte. 
A lorn Opera (Milton ft Msrgent Aboru, uigrs.) 

—V. Y. City May 30, Indefinite. 
llostiinlans ((.'has. It. Bacon, bus. mgr.) — Boston, 

MISS,. Mny 30, Indefinite. 
Brooke's Chicago .Marine Band (I)ert A. Hull, 

mgr. I— Chicago, III., May 20. Indefinite, 
lilyiu Comedy — New Orleans, La., Moy 20-Juito 

4. ' ■ 

"Babes tn Toylonrt" (Hamlin ft .Mitchell, nigra. I 

— Beaton, Mass., Moy 30, Indefinite. 
Canadian Colored Concert (William Curler, mgr.) 
I'lillllpa, Wis,, June 1, Wllhen 2, Marslifleld 

ft, Augusia 4, ii. F.leva fl, Mondavi 7, Xellls- 

vlllc H, muck lllver Falls 0. 
"Coiuiiry dlrl" (J. 0. Unit, mgr.)— St. Louis, 

Mo., Mar 20. indeflnllc. 
Dims OrclMsstrn (J. S. Duss. conductor. I - X. V. 

Clly May 30. hull-Unite. 
Kngllsh Oronil Opera (Henry W. Siivnito, mgr.i 

— I'lftshurg. Pa.. Mnr fill June 4. 
"Oiri from Dlile"— St. Iritis, Mo,, May uu. 

Ili.nps'i. l)e Wolf (Win. A. Ilrody A Sliuls-rt 

llrolhers, tiigrs.)— X. Y. City Mny 30. ludcll- 

Held. Anna (F. SHrafrlil Jr., mgr.)— Clilcogo, 

III.. May 2H. Indeflnllc. 
Ilernlil Square Ofiern iFrnnk T. Klnlalng, mgr.)— 

St. Marys. I'a., Mny 30-June 1, Knnn 2 1, New 

. ( ,'uslle U-12. 

llertiert's. Victor, Orclicslra— Buffalo, X. Y., Mny 

fiO-June 4. 
"Isle or Solce" (II. C. A F. C. Whitney, mars.) 
. —Roston, Mass., May 30, Iuik41tilte. 
Kilties bund (T, P. f. Power, mgr.)— Biiirnln. 

>'.' tn May :t(i-j'iiie 3, Itoelieater ll-in. 
Lyric dis-rii (Han. l.en Velle. mar. i- Junes- 

hero, Ark.. Jline 2-4. Pine llluir Oil. 
McKee's llnston Ladles' Symphony Orchestra 

■ Frank W, McKec, mgr.)- Atlantic City. X. 

J.. June 1-30. 
"Miss Hob Wblte" (Nlaon A Zlniinennnu. mgrs.) 

— Philadelphia. I'n., May .'to June IS. 
"Maid and the Minjiniy'V-Chlcagn, Mil.. May a*, 

loiji'fllilte. ' 

iir|ilii/iiin Opern (Milton ft Snrgent Alsirn. oiars. I 

llrouUlvti, X. XL Moy fto. imlelliilte, 
"IMir. Pqff. Potif" (F, (1. Whitney, rogr.)— X. V. 

Ciiy Mny fill. Iluleflnlte. 
"Sho-flitn' r (Henry W. Havnxe. mgr. 1 — Chlcngo, 

111., May 30. Inilnllnlle. 
"Silver Slipper" (John C. Fisher, mgr.)— Chica- 
go, III.. May 2nJune 4. 
"Show Old" (B. (!. Whitney, mgr. I — Lancaster, 

I'n.. Mny 30-June I, Alloonn 2. 
"Soirtherna'' (lleo. W. Irfilerer. mar.)— N. Y. 

City liar .lo, Indefinite. 
Van Slnddlford. ilram (P. Zlegfeld Jr., mgr.) -- 

Buffalo, X, Y„ .Mny 30-June I, Toronlu, Can., 

2 4. 
Wilson, Francis (Xlson A Zlmniennao, mgrs. i — 

Montreal, Can., Juan 2-1. 
Wells-liiinne-llnrlati Musical Comedy (Jake Wells, 

iagr.)— Memphis, Trnn., Moy lib. Indeflnllc. 
"Winrd of On" (Hamlin ft Mitchell, mgrs.) — 

.#«<"■ HI-. May :si, Indeflnllc. 
"WnMlnqd'' (Henry W. Savage, mgr.)— Boston, 

.Mass., May 110, Indefinite. 
"Yankee flmiaiil*' (Henry W. Snvnge, mar.)— 

N. Y, City May 30, Indefinite. 


mis' Rlbhun Ulrls (Jack Singer, mgr.)— Milwau- 
kee, wis., June B-ll, 

llnhemlona iTIiuiuns VV. Miner, mgr.) — Brooklyn, 
X. V.. Moy atlJiuie 4. X. V. Clly U 12. 

Cherry HiOMsons (Ihiller, JaeobH ft Lnwry. nigra.) 
— St. loitls, Mn.. May Vn .lime 4. 

Dainty Porce (Jos. Barnes, mar. t -Mllwonkce, 
Wis.. .Mnr 20-Jiine 4. 

Ihunnier K linffnian Orpheiuii Hitrlesqucrs (Lou 
llnmmcr. mgr. I — I'bllndelnhla, Pa., May no- 
June 4. Srranton (I S. Keadlna Oil. 

Innocent Beauties Boston. Mass., May 30- 
June 4. 

Jolly dross Widows (Kahcrt Fnllon, Bigr.J — 
( hlcngn. III,. May 20 June 4. 

London tlnlety Olrls (Olio* W. llratit, mgr.)— 
Montreal, t Vtn., May .'in-Jnlr 3. 

Mnonliahi Mollis ichnrles Frmiklln, mgr.) — N. 
V. Cllr Mny :io.inno I. 

Merry Makers (K. A. Hemphill, mgr.) — Netr 
Co-He. I'a., Mny ,'iu. Youiiirstnnii, 0., Ml tuna 
2. Warren It. Akron 4, Masslllon 0, Oalilon 7, 

- Wcslyille ». Slenhcnvllle I), in. Allegheny, Pa,. 

Monroe's I'nllte Knterlalucrs— llmoksvlllc, W« 

Vn.. Mar ,'Hi.lniie 4. lirnnlstllle tl-ll. 
Parisian Widows i L. Lawrence Wehi-r, msr.)— • 

lliitrnlo. X. Y., Mny nojnne 4. 
Beeves,' AL— St.. l'aul. Minn,, Mny 21) June 4. 
itiuiinviiy (llrls |P. S. Clark, nii'i'. , Clevelnlij, 

fl,, Mny .injitue 4. 
Trcaderos (M'nlilr.iu ft Bryant, mars.) — Minne- 
apolis. Minn.. Mny '.Ml tune 4. St. I'.mi C-ll 
Tln-r Lilies (W. -X. Drew, mitr.l— Brnuklyn. X. 

V., Mny llflJunc II. 
Trlinlilo's I'rnllipies (William Trlrohle, mgr.)— • 

Austin, Ten.. Juno I. Helton 2. Ituckilalo 'I. 

Crrs'ki'lt 4. llrynn it, Xeiiisoln 7, Waco S, I), 

Tempo 10, II, 
Vnnlly Fiilr (Hurry Hill, nun*.)— N, V. City, 

Mny ill) Juno 4. 
Wine. Woman niul Song (M. M, Tltlcse, mnr. )— ■ 

X. Y. ciiy June tl-12. 


Bryant A Savllle's— Allrntowo, Pa., Mny 30-Jnna 

I. Iteiiillng il It, 
Ciilhone. flutsc ft Wostnn's (Will F), Oiilhans, 

iiii/r. i -• I'-irlotiui Place, Call., June I, Binllh'O 

Fulls 'J, Perth II. Kenipiunvllle I, Fnrnhani II, 

ilrniiby s, Muuoa H. 
Ill Henry's - I'liiiTsun. X J,, June I, season emit. 
kcrsniuts, Billy iC. J. Smith A W. C. Thoinii- 

son. ingra.l-- Chicago, III., Mny 2D June 4. Mil- 

wntikis'. Wis., 3 11. 
Marlon ft Pearl's- Bye Beach. X. Y,, May !I0- 

.tuns' I, Wiili'iliiiry, Conii.. 11-11. 
HI, hards , si I'riugle's iltiisen ft Holland, mars.) — 

iiiaud Isliind. Xehr.. Mny 27. Ilnvenna 2S, 

Broken Bow ill).. Alllituce 111, Crawford June I, 

Hot Miirlnirs, HO. link.. 2. linpld City 4, Slurgl* 

il. Deiulssissl 7, Lend Clly s, Hill Clu l> 

Custer III, Kdgemonl It, 


Bnriiuni ft Hnlloy's— Pnn Huron, Mich., June I, 

Film 'J, Sauluaw II. Bay Clly I. Lsoslua 0. 

Jiicksnii 7. Maine Creek x. Knl n mn am i 0, (irunil III. Miiskcgmi II. 
Biiiinln Hill's Wild West, Col. Wm. F. Cody— 

Truro, Kng., June I, IKslinlii 2, Plymouth 3. 

Tniuilini 4. lliirei'Mlei' II. I',»,le 7. Soulliainptim 

H, Wliiehestcr II. Newliefry lO.llluh Wyi-ninls) 

II, Windsor III. Alilershol II, Horsham K>, 
l.eivi-s. Sussex, III, lleilldll. Surrey, 17, Wlinbln- 
ilnii IS. 

Beiisli'v A Dursn's- - Niirihnisui, In., Juno 2, 
\»'otcrli>o 0. 

i'iiiiipls-ll llrolhers— lllllslsirn. No. link,, June 1,'liiier 2, I'ni'k lllver 11, Liiiiudiiu 4. Cando II, 
Devil's Luke 7. (Irani) Fnrks s, Argyle, Minn., 
II. ci'is.ksioii III, I'lisatnti II, Bi'iilldJI III, 

liuwnle's, Andrew — Junlnn. N. Y.. June I, Mnr- 
cvlliM •:. Mnltvllle .1, Sluiiieiiteles 4, Moravia 0, 
Oroion 7, Dryilen a.' • 

I'.ly's. (lea, S. Carriers Mills. III.. Juno fl, Lcjs 
ford 7, lliirrlalnirg S, Kipiullly fl. 

Furepnnsli ft Soils Druthers- Manchester, N. IL, 
Juno I, Ciiiieiird 2. Nnshim tl, Fllehlmrg, Mass , 
4, llroekiisn II, Now llwlfiinl 7, Tnuuinii S, Veiv- 
isirl, It. L, It. Full lllver, Mass., 10, Woon* 
s,H-ket, II, l„ II. 

(Sentry llnilbei's -lies Mollies, la., Juno 3. 4. 

ilenlry's No. :i — Clilengu, III,, May .ill-June 4. 

ureal Fnstern (ICImy- ft Brake, mgrs. )— I'ortU 
Amis". N. J., May iin-Jiinc 1. Aslmrv l'nrk 
21, Manusi|iiaii il. Bed llsuk 7, s, Hnjenon 

lliirnrcnves'. Tlioiiins ■ -Canaiiilslgiin, N. Y.. Jim* 
I, Buinvlii 2, Allien 3, Wayluud 4, 

lliirkuess A Fox (Hoy H, Fo«, in«r,)— Cassandra. 
I*a., June I, 2. Portage (I. 4. Summer Hill 0. 7, < 
South Fork S, II, Itinilii in, II. 

Main. Waller I.. Ilunoiilnlc. Pa.. June 1, Port 
Jervls, X. V 'J, Mlddli'tnwil 3, Piitcrsim. N. J., 
4, Yoiiknrs, N. V„ it, Pmighkoi'iisle 7, Troy S. 

Miickny'a lAndi-ew Mitckay, ingr. I — Ht, Louis, 
Mo., May ,'IU, ludrlliiltn. 

Xorrls A Howe's — Scuttle. Wash., May 30-Jnne I, 
I'ltori'tt 2, New Wbntrom 3, Vaneouvur, II. 0., 
4, Victoria (I, Niiiiiiliini 7, New Westminster H, 
Wiuilev. Wash.. II, Slinhuinlsli 10, Ballard 11. 

llliialliiK Bi'otlii-n -I'hitlshars. N. Y., Moy 110, 
Montreal, Con., III. Juno 1, Oltnwn, lint.. 'J, 
Kingston 3, Belleville 4, Toronto tl, 7. liuuill- 

' Inn 8, Berlin I), London 10, I'hnihsin 1 1. 

Biihhison'ri, John — lliislotou. Pa., Mny 30, Potts- ' 
villi, .'II, coaiesvllle .1 niisi I, Columblo 2. Li" 
linlinil II, XorrlstliWII 4, Mouth llelhlehein tl, 
Hlnilnglmt 7. 

Slg. Sniilello's— lllver Point, IL I., June 1, Fow. 
tucket 2, NewiMirt* II, Warren I. Fall Blver, 
Mass., (I, Plvmontb 7. I'.asi Weymouth H, 

Oulner Ii. Mlftord HI, Marlboro II 
ollw-l lliolbers (M, C. Couksliui. mgr.)- 
Wls., June I, Berlin 2. Illism II, Princeton 4. 

Smith's. K. ft.— New Welnrfnrd, 0., Juno 2, 
New Springfield 3, Psierslinrg 4, New Mlildln- 
lowu II. liessemsi'. Co., 7. I'nlnnd, 0„ M. 

Silver's (Burl Silver, ingr,)— r-'arwrll, Mich.. 
June I. llnscinisb 2, Ileal City II, Mlllbimik 
-I, Bliiiiclinrd r,. 

Vim's, J. IL, Hog niul Puny— White Pigeon, 
Mleli., June 2, 3, 

Welsh Unit hers ■ Wooiisookct, ft. I,, Juue 1, Pas. 
eonar 2, Alllelsini. Mass., 3, Dislhnui I, Whit- 
man II.' Itiskliiiiil 7. Ilyaiiltls S, Warounui II. 
Mlddlelairu in. Solllll Iru liilligliiiol II. 

Wiilh 's lies Mollies, In., Juno 0, Cislor llnp> 

Ids 0. 

Wlus'ler, Al. F , Now llrenton, N. Y,, June I, 

Niilnral Bridge 2. Harrlavlllo 3, Finn I, Hils 
v iints tl, llussell 7, llermun S. 

Mist ni.MVWii s. i 

linstock's Trained Aiiliiinl Arena (F. 0. Bnstook, 

inur. i --liieiiinhind, Coney Island, N. V., .Mug 

llll, hiihtlnlle. - 
Butlers, The (<l. A. imtlei'. bus, mgr.)— Crnws 

fordsvlllo. Ind., May Illl-Jitiie I. Luaiinpori nil. 
Cryglaliilea (!nrnlviil (II. Henry Wnlsli, nigct-s 

line llarhor, Me., May .'in .lime 4. 
Coyle's Jlusoiim Hi. II. ISiyle, mgr.)— fllenl 

l.uke, In., Mny 30-June 1. 
Flints (II. L. Flint, ingr. i — lollol. III., Mny 2D« 

June 3. Ihillle I'recli. Mlell.. It It. 
Oreiil Moody Shows 1 1'. J. Miinily. mar.) — Dur- 
um, <»., Mny dii-Juiie I, Misielo. tail,, llll. 
Iteweil's- ili'tuid Jtiiiellon, Coin., June 2-4, F,ure> 

in. I'.. II, 7, Silver ciiy II, III, 
llnieiiliisun Caritlvul Co.- Iienulson, (>., Mny :'.n. 

Iniii' 4. 
Hairy Helms — Iron Mountain, Mleli., Juno 3, 

Florenie. Wis., I. Crystal I'nlls, Mleli., (I, Iron 

lllver 7, Wnkelleld k, llcimeiuor II, Hurley, Wis,, 

III. Iroiiii'onil, Mleli., II. 
Kniiwtes, The (ICIioer F„ Ktmwlcs, mar.)— Cum- 

ts-ilaoii, Mil., Mny .'in June 1, Wluisllng. w. 

Vo„ fl-ll. 
Lstulirlggor 'Am ((Ins Lainhrlguer, mitr. ) — Con- 

iicniit, O., Mny itfl-Jiiuo 4. 
Murlt's (Al. Minis, mgi.l- -Presipie Isla, Mo,, 

Juue 3, Carllsui 3. Van Huron I. 
Paulino (Charles' lllne, ingr. i ■ Buffalo, X. Y., 

May .'Kt-Jiiiie 4, 
V ino. H ur ry— nilmnn, 111,, May 30-Jnne 4. 


Fl. Worth.- A I I be Sltilldiild Tlientro 

(Frank Ho ltoi|tii>, iiiniiugni'). "Tim Terrible 

Sweile" was presen It'll, under the direction 
of Icon. Florence, ,\» a curtain raiser, week 
of Mny 23. The olio Included l.nco anil 
Luce, In "Willie's Visit;" Kriigsr. tuiialclan : 
I'nv Ablioti. Howard and Alton, Vlrgliiln 
llntiklit, -Lick I'nrsVitis. Iln/el I'lerio, Lulu 
lie Mnr, Curl Copelnnd, l.tilti Lnwliui, Loiilei 
{'iiltnn, rini-emn, Itnliy Dot. and Jink 
Wlllliinis. Tin' lllliotnsctipi' pictures clnxetl 
tins show. Tim opening wits lo capacity. 

i'iiown 'I ni'.mii), tl'lill Lpsti'lu, mriiia- 
geri.— "Mairli'd In tile Dark was present- 
oil by the slock ns a forerunner for it gum! 
bill week of 23. The openings : J, K. N. 
nnd (leorglo Powers. ■ Senu llcckinnn, Ftlicl 
llussell, niul lmdln (Iregnry. Iteltilnctl : Lily 
l,ti Hose. Jennie Ifnwnril, Hilly Price, Petirl 
Fair, Turn Fry, lllennor Dunbar, Mlsln Riism 
sell, Nellie Williams, Viola La Page, and) 
Haul Harris. The farce, "Blue (llass, cons 
clinics Up. programme. The opening waj 
heavy, ... . ■ 



June $. 

Oaiidevilk Route Ei$t. 

Tfcla Hat I* niMttip ■■ new. rl y uovtt r- 

5tc an it t» v»»lfel«i* make * liat of 
m.devlllr- bodklatjav "• 

Adlrr, Flo. Wan Krku.. Cal.. Hu 30-Juue 4 J 

AaliutoifTTinSiiin. KdiwD. Seattle, wash., 

Miiv no.Jitne 4. ... \ 

An Victoria. N. y. 0., May 30-Junc 4. 
Ahcrns , The? Orpbeum, Seattle. Wash., May BO- 

AlusT.**' Josephine. Rlversido Park, Saginaw, 

jiinaiHlrhic, Mile. Luua Park, Coney Island, N. 
Alien. *!Ir| i "*'vMet', Keith's. Boston, May 30- 
iSmSar* Bstlrnn, Cirque Varleto. Stockholm, 

.war ShSSPfe «4fc »» aga* 

Aldworth. Francis, Lincoln Park, Worcester, 

Maaa,. May no-June 4. - 

AinrtTcaiSo, Toledo. O.. May 30-Junc 4. 
Ainnlla * Manola, Oonilo,ue. Spukane, Wat*., 

Ainsdl'cft'Valrd. Shoa'a, Toronto, Can.. June 

AuOcVaon * Wig**, »SgSlJt^J^VSSS&i 
Armlnla * Burke, Glendale Park, Hasnvine. 

A?ii',llo*. A*?fi»J *"«:l K5 Chicago, May 

Arffccr Bkm.. Henderson's, Coney Island, N. Y.. 

A-mZ. 1 '" 1™ i!u U . Park, Coney Island. *. £, 

Alton y wilin M Cla 4 rVe; Salt Lake City. U., May 

AWtlS. Avenue, Pittsburg. May g"'"^ 
BlterUil*. 'llie, Ortdleuru, Los Angeles, Oai,, May 

June 4: IHluus rome, Wlgan. Oil-- 
Ilsm-lt Sisters, Circle. r*\"Y. ft. May »0 J me 4, 
Hair & Benton. A.* M„ Boston. May •> u : , J" np „l- 
n"iieitTeolllna. Cleveland's, Cblci«o, May 80- 

tlailct" tVnimte-. liamona, Orand Baplda, Mleh.. 

Bailey's "WllilwaBl. Boston, May 30-June 4. 
Ihiie? liulc. SSt Knights Park, K'«navltlc. 
Jml'.. May atl-June 4 ; Midway Park. Cambridge, 

Baftey */' Fletcher. Henderson's, Oouey Island, 

Bia.'ler, , l.« , 'vel!e J * U i;'lie l <r. Delntar Harden, Ok- 
nWNtW city, Okia.. May ao-Jro,. 4. • 
Bence A Aller, Chutes, Han Fron., Cal., May so- 

Bfrlnfinf' Helen, Davidson, Milwaukee, May 80- 

BcnMugton, Billy * Dalay, BIJou, Torlland, Ore., 

B P ffi,t! ,, Bel.e. <lodfroy'». Grand Baplda, M|eb„ 

B».Tne.' J, r;'aTpVrk. Cone, l.i.nd. N. if.. May 

nen?iey."rtitlfal. Casino Park, Wheeling, W. Va.. 

Mi v "0 lime 4: Lakeside Park, Akron, p., 0-in : 

BflfowC Mr. A Mr..; Howard. Boaton. May 30- 

BruTseViatnr Frank, Falrvl«« Park. Dayton. 

■agam T?i«. U "DaTldaon, Milwaukee, May 30- 

Bean™ Hamilton. Bl*cr.lde Park! Montreal, Can., 

nenttctV UmnVp™ior'a Bin Arc. N. X. C. 

BcnuVr, toiSS. Pnlac-e Boalon. May W-Jime 4. 
Ball; Dlghv, Vie orltt, N. Y.C.. May .jo-Juiie *. 
lirntlisni i * , Freeman. Elks O. H., Ltadfllle. Col.. 

Blna'imnf "i^W-'pro-Uor-. UBd Ulreot. N. Y. ft, 

Hl^^^Spman. Arel,. Cleveland. 0.. May 

BlSfiaVlCIWIal bW'W'.J Wfl* 1 ^ 
Ulmmi 4c Cooper, l-'oreat Park. 8t. Louih, May 

mwi'JSX? * Bwna. Sana Souel Park, Chicago, 

May 80-June 4, ; - i ^ _ n 

IllHii.hai-n * Wood, Kellli'a, N. V. C, May 30- 

nianehe. 4 '!.. Belle. Vldurla. N. X. ft, May 30- 

Howe"* * Curl l«. Park, yiaalla. Cal.. May »0- 

Culllna A Keane, Areaile. Toledo, <)., May 30- 

June 4. ■ • 

Coototr A lloblnaon. Park, Boutkbrldge, Maas., 

Jane 6.11. 
Coulter A Htarr, KcltU'a, N. Y, C, May 30- 

Julie 4. 
CufWM. R<we, A Co., Victoria, N. Y. C, May 

30-Jnne 4. 
Curbett, Jan. J„ C. O. II., Cblcago, May 30-June 

4, ' * • 

Ot|>er A Hurrlxon, Hlien'a, Hartford, Conn., May 

IWJiine 4. • • * 

Conarlly & Bowe, I'aator'a, N, Y. C, May 30- 

Juno 4. • 
Cremy A Ma.rne, Knrin. Toleilo. 0„ May VJ June 

4; Olenlanay Park, Colmnbua, 0-11. 
Crawford ft Manning, tlenderaon'a, Coney Island, 

N, Y.. May 30-June 4. • 
Curtla k Ailaios, Kclth'a, N. Y. C, May 30- 
June 4. 
Cunningham A Kowley, Howard, Benton, May 30- 
June 4. • - 

Culli-n, .iriM. H„ Olympic, Chicago, May 80-June 

4: Fort Hhcrldan Park, 8-11. 
Curtla * Bloitwmi, Auditorium, Pocalelln, Ida., 

Mn.v 20-Jnne 4; Butte, Hon., r,-lH. . 
Uanlela, Walter, Allentown, Pa., May 30-June 4; 

Proctors 23d .Street, N. Y. C, BJ1. 
Uarla ft Wllaon, Mora Park, Youngatown, 0-. 

May ,'IO-Junc 4. 
Day. • Krimnriri, It Co., Avenue, Plttakurg, May 

ilO-Jinio 4. I 

Iinrmwl). Cheater Park, Cincinnati, O., June S- 

l)nw>ion a Wultc. Proclor'a 23d Hlrect, It. Y. C, 
May .'Ml- J una 4. 

Dacre. l/>ule, Walaon'a, llkln.. May 30-June 4. 

lie Witt. Burna A Torrance, l'oll'a, Waterbury, 
Conn., May llti-Jnna 41 l'oll'a, Hartford, 0-11, 

Deiendn A liroon, Halt Palace, Halt Lake City, U„ 
June «••-•". 

De Land. Chna.. It Co., Orpbeum, Loa Augelea, 
Cal., May :M)-June 11. 

Dc Laceya, The, Lyrle, Portland, Ore., May 30- 
June 4. ■:.... 

lie Dnro A Kcbenk, Cryatal, Healtle, Wash., May 
m-lmi* It. ■ ■ --.■•■ 

1)'« A D'a, Savoy, Victoria, B. C, May 30- 
June 4.- ■ :• .• . 

l'r Mill, (lerlle, Hcnderaon's, Coney laland, N, 
Y., May 30-June 4. 

De t'nntna, The Coney laland, Cincinnati, May 
30-June 4. 

De Muthx. The, Sana Souel, Clinton, la., May 20- 
Jane 4. 

De Mott, LoiiIkc. Luna Park, Coney laland, N. Y., 
May IPiJnne 4. 

De lying, P.lale, Kolat Keller, Milwaukee, May 
:iO-June 4. 

Dlton, Bowcra A Dlion, J'arm, Toleilo. O., May 
.'III- June 4; Clevcland'a, Chicago. 0-11. 

Dl«ey, Henry -K... A Co., Proclor'a, Newark, N. 
J„ May 30-June 4. « 

lilanond, Geo., Walaon'a, Bkln.. May 30-Jnne 4. . 

Doric A Granger,*' Park, Oneida, N, Y., 
May .10-Juiie a ; Uenwlck Park, Itbaca, 8-11, 

Dnnglaaa, Eugene, Cryatal, Mllwaukoe, May 30- 
June 4. - ' - 

Dooley, J. Francla, Lincoln Park, Worcester, 
Ma«a., May 30-June 4. 

Oolden Gale Quintet, Howard, Beaton, May 30- 

' Oordon, SclJe, Orpbeum, Kan irran,, Cal,. May :■»■ 

Jan* IT -' ' • - r ' q 
Oolham Comedy Four, Farm, Toledo, U., May 30- 
June* 4. . , •; . . -. 
Ooolmana. Mualcnl. Walctemere Park, Ctlca, N. 

Y„ May ,'lUJune 4 ; Athletic Park, Buffalo, 0- 

r.onaman. Win., l'orat Keller, Milwaukee, May 30- 

Jfiie 4. 
areei, A Wlg<l», Keillt'a, Boaton. May ,10-Juiie 
Gordon, CHIT, Victoria. N. Y. C. May 30-June 4. 

May .Tojune 4. 
Courlay Broa., Haniona, Orand Baplda, Mich., 

Mny 30'June 4. 
Gordon. Don, Celoron Park, Jatneniown, N. i'., 

4 ; Keith'.. Pblla., 8-11. 
Gray A Graham, Proclor'a Dtb Ave., N. Y. C. 

May 30-Jmw 4; Ptoetor'a, Newark, N.J., 0-11. 
Onteea i:!), Buckroe Beacli, Hampton, Va., Hay 

30-June 4; Hlicllnot Park, WlldHngton, Del., 

Gregaorm, The, Cheater Park, Cincinnati, May 30- 
June 4; Maim Houcl Park, Chicago. 8-11. - 

Gray, VA.. Proclor'a 23d Ktreet, N. Y, C, Hay 
30-June 4. 

Oroii, Frank, Cryalal, Ht. Joaepb, Mo., May 30- 
June I. 

Grant, Ifyilncy, Victoria, N. Y. (!., May SOJnne 4. 

Gulae. Dick A E«e, Crystal, Milwaukee, May 30- 
Jane 4. 

Guerrero, rto^nrlo. Circle, N. Y. C, May 30 Jane 4. 

Hathaway & Walton, Waahlngton Park, Bayonne, 
K J., May 30-Jtttte 4. 

Hale a Francla, Dreamland, Coney laland, N. Y„ 
Mny ,'lo-June 4. *• 

Hafford. Will, A. A ft., Boaton. May 30 June 4. 

Hart. Willie A Kdltb, Monumental, Baltimore, 
May 30-June 4 ; Lyceum, Waablngtvo, D. C„ 8- 

llall,' Arlle, Temple, Detroit. May 30-Juue 4. 
naming* A Finn, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., May 

30-June 1. 
Hart, Madle, Cryatal, Trinidad, Col., May 30- 

June 4. 
Harris a Walters, Delmar Gardens, Oklahoma 

City, Okla., May 30-Juno 4.' 
llarcourt A Kane, Forst Keller, Milwaukee, May 

30-June 4. 
Hall A Hngbea, A. A 8.. Boaton, May .10-Juno 4. 
Haskell. Loaey, Proctor'a 6th Ave., N. Y. ■ C, 

May 30-June 4. 
Hampton, Prof., Luna Park, Coney laland, N. Y„ 

May 30-June i. 
Herrmann, Adelaide, gliea'a, Toroulo, Can., 

May HO June 4.. . 

lletley a Meely. Palace, Blrmlngbam, l'.ng., May 

30-June 4; Palace. London. 8- July 2.1. 
Ileuael A Koopcr, Proctor'a 23d Street, N. Y. C„ 

May 30-June 4. 
Heath A F.xcela. Salt Palace. Salt Lake City, U., 

-Mny iio-.riine 11. 
IlciiKler .Slaters. Temple. Detroit, May 30-Junc 4. 
Henderson A Boss, Hprlngbank Park. Ho. Bend, 

Inrt., May 20-Jnne 4; Casino, Toledo, O., 8-11. 
Herberts- (3), Luna Park, Coney Inland, N. Y., 

Miy 30-Jnne 4. 
Hearn A Lewis, Novelty, Oakland, Cal., May 30- 
June 4. 

Downey A Wlllnrd, O. H., Trluldad. Cal., May Hi. I. Will. Luna Park, Coney Island, N. Y., May 

Trr« « vaf» ,p i i.""v ; ;; , , 

mir 4: lllllnue. Hnnturd. «-ll. • 

..liter. Hum Park, Coney laland. N. Y„ May 

IMI-Jnne 4, 

Hun tier. 

Ilo'nirac'e l0 A Waltiluger. Poll's. Bridgeport. Conn., 

Homul ANevar™. Proctor'a Blu Ave.. May BO- 

IltmlkcaAllerla'it. Ilenderaoira, Conoy laland, N. 

BradVs BI ¥ne A.''a K, Boaton. May HOJune 4. 
llr"niYeV. Dttvhi * Carrie. Central Park. Allen- 

lJ^£&B&8?f3fo Brldgcort. Conn.. 

Brown VfE&m #m*..rm*r* »•■» au - 

.Iniie 4 : CaHlim Park, Toledo. O., Ml. 
BtndaliaW, Laura, MBea'a, Buffalo, N. Y., May 

nreUrWc. Kcnnywuod Park. Plttaburg. May 

ltii»h'. ,, rraB«' KellliV New, Kfi»-.» U^mk 
liurttim. Juggling. Central. Hreretl. , Waab.. Muy 

no-June T: tirpbeum, Tin-onm. 0-11. 
Butler. Kleannr, llonderunn'H, Coney laland, N. 

Bnrie, "?,« '"ttw'a ""inkey Boya, On.lieuiu. San 

Fran., C«l.-. May Ito-Jinie 4. 
Bush a Garden. Lnkovlew Park, Trrro lluute. 

hid.. MiiV 20June 4; Huhurban Garden, St. 

I.rtiila. 5-fl. 

30- J line II 

llolaii A Lenharr, Kellb's. Boston, May 30-June 4. 

Doyle, Kdward, Woolwortb, Lancaster, Pa., May 
no-Jnnc 4. 

Dll Crown, The. Luna Park, HCouey laland, N. 
v.. May 30-June 4. 

Dumonds,, Chase'a, Washington, D, C, May 
30-June 4. 

Duffy. Hawlclle & Dully, Farm, Toledo, O., May 
W-Jnne 4. 

Hiipnnt. Mary. A Co., Chaao'a, Washington, D. 
C. Muy 30 June 4. 

Duprec A Dupree, Monroe Park, Toronto, Can,, 
May 'I" June 4. 

Km I A wilHon, Hprlnglmnk Park, Ho. Bend, Ind., 
Mny 30-June 4. 

Knrlc A Richards, Unlqne, Winnipeg. Man., May 
3(> June 4; Bijou. Dulutb, Minn.. 0-11. 

Kurlc A Na (lor. Kdlsan, Seattle, Waab., May 30-' 
June 4; Fdlson. Tacoma, Oil. 

Kekert A Berg, Davidson, Milwaukee, May 80- 
June 4; v. <>. II.. Chicago, 0-11. . 

KeUhnrT A iiiiriiim, Davidson, Milwaukee, May 30- 
Juno 4. 

IMuerimiH, The, Riverside Park, Eaton, Ind., May 
20-Jan* 4, 

Rltrtgtv Brooke. Atlantic Oarden. N. Y. 0.. May 
30-June 4; Woolworth, Lancaster, Pa,. 8-11. 

Klilons, The, Sana Souel, Milwaukee, May 30- 
Jnne 4, ' •• • • 

Elmo, Pclc ft Allle, Central Park, Allentown, 
Pa.. May 30-Jude 4. Trio, Davidson, Milwaukee, Muy 30- 
Jnne 4. 

Emerson A Htone, Proctor'a 23d Street, N, Y. Oi, 
May 1'3-June 4. 

Empire Clt.v quartet. Circle, N. Y. C, May 30- 
June 4, Clinsn'a, Washington, D, <>.. 8-11. 

Ereratt, Prof. F. Mm Comlque, Heattle, Wksh.. 
Muy 30-Jtinu 4. 

Everett Slstera, Cryatal, Seattle, Wash., May 30- 
June 4. • 
tlvet'liart, Temple. Detroit. Muy 30-June 4. 
'Hike A Hemon, Forest Park, St. Loula, Mny 30- 
Juue 4. 

Fnutaa CJ), Chutes, Sun Fran., Cal., May 80- 

. June 4. 

Farnuni. Bud. Lludenwuld Pnrk, Hamilton, O., 
May 30-June 4. 

Fenuella (2), Kelth'a New, Pblla., May 30-June 

Ferry, Orpliciiin, Purtlaud, Ore., Muy 30-Junc 4; 
litjou, Portland. 0,11. 

30 June 4. 
Hoktaworlha, The. Olentangy Park, Columbus, 

O., May 30-Jnne 4 ; Caalnu, Wheeling, W. Va., 

Ilowanl-Loretto Co., Dieaiuland, Coney Island, 

N. Y v May 30-Juue 4. 
llollirookn. Musical, Whulen Park, I'ltcbburg, 

Masa., May 30-Jnne 4.' 
Hollands, The, Farm, Toledo. O.. May 30-Jnne 4. 
Howard A Emerson, C. O. II., Chicago, May 30- 
Junc 4. 
Holmes A Dean. Kamona, Grand Rapids, Mich., 

Mny 3(1 June 4. 
Howard, Hurry A Mny, Bye Beach, N. Y., May 

30-June 4. 
Hoover, John A Lillian, Hbeu'e, Buffalo, N. Y„ 

May 30-June 4. 
Hnll.r.vov Trio, Hiimonii, Grand, Mich., 
' Muy 30-June 4. 
Hnpiiei', Edna Wallace, Avenue, Plttaburg, May 

30- J line 4. 
Ilintlios, Cliua. A Madge, Godfroy'a, Grand Baplds, 
i Mleh.. May SO-Juno 4. • 

Hume, Itoaa A Lew la, Urpbcuin, Los Angeles, Cal., 

May 30-Juno 11. 
Il.mii. Mr. A Mrs., Cbutea, San Fran., Cal., May 

30-Jnne 4. 
Irwin, Jus., Luna Pnrk, Coney Island, N. Y„ May 

30-June 4. 
Intuitu A Ryan, Weaat, Peoria, HI., May 30- 
Jnne 4. 
Irving Trio, Klka' O. II., Leadvlllc, Col., May 

30-June 4; O. H., 'Trinidad, 8-11. 
Ingham, Lc«, llnmona, Grand Baplda, Mich., May 

30-Juno 4. 
Jniueaona, The, BIJou, Hamilton, 0., May 30- 

.liuif 4. 
Jutaea A Davis, Empire, Pueblo, Col., slay 30- 

Jitnu 4. 
Jerlmiitlsi. The, Luua Park, Oouey Island, N. Y„ 

Mny 3d June 4. 
Jcimlugs A ltciifrew. Proctor's Bth Ave., N. Y. 
Jennings A Jewell, O. 11., Colo. Springs, Col,. 

Juno nil. 

C May 3d June 4. 
Jetwo, Worth A Jesxe, Fort Sheridan Park, High- 
laud. III., May uo June 4 ; Washington Park, 

.Michigan Oily. Intl.. Bit. 
J.iliusoiM. Musical, Palace, Sydney, N, 8, W„ 

May 30-Juno 27. 
Jniii's, Irving. Paator'H. N. Y. <',.. May 30 June 4. 
Johnson A Moll, Auditorium. Winnipeg, Mall., 

May 30 June 4; Grand, Milwaukee, till. 

Le Boy A Woodford, Keith's, N. Y. C, May 30- 
June 4. 
Le Hoy A Walhy, Proctor'a, Newark, N. J., Hay 

80-Jone 4. 
Le N6lr's Marionettes, Elcc-trlc, Vancouver,, B. 

0.. June O-ll. 
Le Itov A La Vaitlon, Sutnirlntn Garden, St. 

Louis, May 30-June 4. 
I^rulre A Bohnt, Ibjward, Boston. May 30-June 4. 
Le Boy, Marie, Alameda Park, Butler, Pa., May 

30'June 4. 
r* Clair, John. Pastor's, N. Y. C. June 8-11. 
Lee.' Mr. A Mra. James P.. Pastor's. N. Y. C, 

Hay 30-Jnne 4. 
Lees. The, Weaat, Peoria. III., May 30-June 4 ; 

BIJou, Oahkosn. WIS., 8-11. 
Le-Hlrt. sinus,, Monroe Park, Toronto, Can., May 

Leonard, Sadie, Davidson, Milwaukee, May 30- 
Jnne 4, 
Lester, F. P., Avon Park, Youngstown, O., May 

30 June 4. 
Levlna. Steeplechase, Plttaburg, Pa., May 30- 
Junc 4. 
I.lh'hncld, Mr. A Mrs.. Casino. Toledo. O., May 
20-Jonc 4; Sprlngbank Park, So. Bend, Ind., 
Llbbey A Trayer, Forest Park, St. Loula, May 

29-Jtme 4. 
Llpplncotts. The, Gaughan's, HprlngReld, 111., May 

80Jnne 4. • 
Linton, Harry, A Lawrence Sisters, Cleveland's, 

Chicago, May 30-June 4. . 

Lindsay's Dogs A Monkeys, Glendale Park, t>'uah- 

vllle, Term., May 30-JUne 4, 
Long, Titos. II., Capital, Helena, Mon„ May 30- 
Jnne 4. 
Lorens, Wan., Luna Park, Coney Island, N. Y., 

May 30 June 4. - 
Lombard Bros., Unique, San Fran., Cal., May 30- 
June 4, 
I.ucler, Davidson, Milwaukee, May 30-Junc 4. 
Lynuc A Leonard, Unique, Los Angeles, Cal., May 

30-June 11. 
Mantelll. Mine., Cleveland's, Chicago, May 30- 

Jiltle 4. 
MaUdoz A Wayne, Poll's. Bridgeport, Conn., May 

30-June 4. 
Mantell A Lamb, Ccsnr, D'Alcne, Snoksnc, Wasb., 

May 30-June 4 ; Clneograpb, Himkane, 0-11. - 
MasHe, Ed. & Nettle, Keith's New, Pblla., Hay 

30-June 4. 
Macks, The, Caalno, Toledo, O., Mny 30-June 4. 
Mayer A Irving, Colo. Springs, Col., May 30- 
Junc 4; Pueblo, (in. 
Martin A Uuigg, Palace, Boston, May 30-June 4. 
Mack A Elliott, Lake Contrary Casino, St. Joseph, 
Mo,. May HO-June 4; Ft. Sheridan Park, High- 
land, III., 0-18. 
Madcaps (3). Keith's. N. Y. C, May 0-11. 
Marcus A Gartelle. Circle, N. Y. 0., May 30- 
June 4. 
Marsh A Sarlolla, Kctiiiynood Park, Pittsburg, 

June Bit. 
Majestic Musical Four, Poll's, Waterbury, Conu., 

May 30-June 4; Hartford 0-11. 
Martin, Tom, A Co., BIJou, Dnlutb, Minn.. May 

30-June 4. 
Macoans, The, Proclor'a Bth Ave., N. Y. C, May 

30-June 4, 
Martin A Rldgeway, Proctor'a, Newark, N. J., 

May 30 June 4. 
Marcel's Has Reliefs, Orpbeum, San Fran., Cal.. 

May 30 June 18. 
Marrto, Mannlon's Park, SI. Louis, May 30-June 4, 
Msrilnettl A Gross), Chester Park, Cincinnati, 

May 30 June 4. 
Mason A K.-eler, Moss A Sloll Tour, England, 

May 30- Nov. 18. 
Marline Bros., Kcltn's, Bottoii. Msy 30-Jnne 4. 
Marart's Dogs A >Inttkeys, Proctor'a 23d Street, 

N. Y, C, May 30-June 4. 
Marrpnuii. Winnie, Combine, Spokane, Wash., 

May 30-June 4 ; Seattle 0-11. 
Mar & Mlleu, Gaugban'a. Sprlnglleld, III., May 
JlO-Junc 4: Orpheum, Terre Haute, Ind., tl 11. 
Matbletia, Juggling, Llndcnwald Park, Hamilton, 

().. May llti- June 11. 
Miirtlnnt, Sidle, A Cbas. B. Welts, Keith's New, 

Pblla.. May 30-June 4. 
MeKlilovrneys, The, Kenny wood Park, Pittsburg, 

May 30 June 4. 

Mil.iiln Hlsters, Psslor's, N. Y. C, Muy 30- 

Jtiite 4, 
MePlieo A Hill, Ocean Pier, Atlantic City, N. J„ 

May ilO-June 4. 
McDewell, John O. ft Alice, Cryalal, Milwaukee, 

May 30-June 4. - > 

MeCiilloiiehs, Musical. West Hide Park. Miinclc, 

Ind., May 30-June 4; Weaat, Peoria. III., nil. 
MeHbaffravN, Musical. Edison, Victoria, B. C, 

May 30-Junc 4; Orpheum, Healtle, Wash., i; It. 

Melnlyre ft Rice, Keith's. lli.Hlim, May 30 .lone 4. 

McGralb Bros., Avenue, Pittsbtirg, May 30-June 4. 
McKeevcr, Agnes, A. A H., Boaton, Muy 30-June 4. 
McCunc A Grant, Novelty, Bukcinrlcld, Cal., May 

30- June 11. 
McDermott. W. J„ Mannlon's Park, St. Louis. 

Mny 30 June 4. 
Merrills, Marvelous (3 k, Mamilun'a Park, Ht. 

Louis, May 30-Juno 4; Uuus Souel, Chicago, 

Merlnn's Dogs, Keith's. N. Y. C. May no June t. 
Meyer A Musou, Central, Everett, Wash., May 

no-July 4. 
Meiaiii Trio, Avenue, Plttaburg, May 30-Juue 4. 
Meier A Mora, Tlvoll, Leetla, Kng,, May 80- 
June 4; Hippodrome, Glasgow, Scot., 8-11. 
Mcrrllt A Raymond, Orpbeuul, Riverside, Cat., 

May no-June 4. 
Meredith Sisters, Folies Marlgny, Purls, Fr., 

Muy 30-June no. 
Mill waul, Jessie, Proctor's 23d Street, N. Y. 

C, May 30-Juue 4, 

Trior A Norrla, Lyric, Portland, Ore.. May 30- 

. JuOe 4. 

Raymond, Alice, Robinson Park, Fl. Wayne, 
Ind., May 20-June 4 ; Sprlngbank Park, Lon- 
don, Can., it-11. 
ltnjnu. Prof., Luua Park, Coney Island, N. Y„ 

May 30-Juue 4. 
BadclltTa, The, Croker Park, Dcs Moines, la., Msy 

30 June 4. 
Rawlslnn, Zclms, Delmar Garden, St. Louis, May 

30-Jnne 4. 
lladfnrd A Valentine, Luna Park, Coney Islaud, 
7 N- Y., M« noJane 4. 
Rcndimlon, Ms.iuie, A "Picks," Victoria. N. Y. 

C, Stay 30 June 4. 
Reed A ShsW, Lincoln Park, Worcester, Mass., 

Msy 30-June 4. 
Reynolds, Barney, Proctor's, Newark, N. J„ May 

30 June 4. 
Redmond. Rita, H. A S., N. Y. C, May 30-June 4. 
Renos (3), .Unique,. Sao Jose, Cal., May 30 June 
' 4 j LyccOm, Suu Fran., 8-11. ; ' 

Beios, Tbe, Sans Souel Park, Chicago, May 30- 
June 4, 
Reynard, Ed. F„ Avenue, Plttaburg, May 30- 

June 4. 
Reed Slstera, Proctor'a 23d street, N. Y. 0„ May 

30 June 4. 
Revere, Anna, Henderson's, Couey Island, N. Y„ 

May 30-June 4. 
Rice Family, Keith's New. Pblla.. May 30-Junc 4. 
Itlo Bros., O. II., Brndford. Pa.. May 30-Junc 4. 
Ring, Blanche, Proctor's, Newark, N. J„ and N. 

iY. C., May. 30-Junc 4., ■ .., -~ .' ■ 

Rice Bros., Pastor's, S. V. C, May 30-Junc 4. 
Klcton, Tbe Great, Idora Park, Youngstowo, O,, 

May 30 June 4; Steeplechase Park, Plttaburg, 

Rhodes' Marionettes, Ocean Pier, Atlantic City, 

N. J.. May 30-June i. 
Rider s Monkey Circus, Manttlou's Park, St. Louis, 

May 30-Junc 4. 
Itnbyim, Mr, A Mrs., Cleveland's, Chicago, May 

30-Junc 4. 
llonaldos t:i), Hiiniutia Park, Grand Rapids, Mich., 

May 30-June 4. 
Rogers a Lavlne, Garden, Memphis, Tenu., May 

30-June 28. . 
Roy, Leah, Forest Park. Kansas City, Mo., May 

no-June 4 1 Denver, Col., 0-11. 
Bobbins A Trainman, Shady Luke Park, Peeksklll, 

N. Y.. May 30-June 4; Robs Cuslno, Norlb 

Beach. 0-11. 
Rose, Julian. Cleveland's, Chicago, May 30-June 

Rose Edythe Ballctt, Exposition, Allegheny, Ph., 

June 11-23. 
Roberts (4), Empire, San Fran., Cal., June 8-18. 
Russell Bros., C. 0. H.. Chicago, May 30 June 4. 
Russell A Duubar. Unique, Salt Lake City, U„ 

June 8-11. 
Hato, O, K., Casino De Paris, Paris, l'r.. June 

Siion.n. Herr, Bnmona, Grand Rapids, Mich., May 

30-June 4. 
ijamlor Trio, Luna Park, Couey Island, N. Y„ 

May no-Jtmr 11. 
Suwlrllc A Sears, Salt Palace. Salt Lake City. 

c. . Mny 30-June 4 ; GleuwuodJ Park, Ogdeu, 8- 

anbel, Josetihlne, Attibatisadeur, Paris, l'r.. May 

30-Junc 30. 
Mntauma, Drcatnluud, Coney Islaud, N. Y., Msy 

311 June 4. 

Saunders, Cbalk, Poll's, Waterbury, Coun., Msy 
30. J line •!. 

Hnntoro A Mnrtow, Olytnpla, Cbatlauooga, Tcun., 
Muy no-June 4; Memphis, tl II. 

Behlller Sisters (3), Arcade, Toledo, 0., May 30- 
Jnne 4, 

iichenk Bros., Forest Park, Kansas Oily, Mo., 
May 20-Juuc 4. 

Scott, Mike, lCdlson, Spokane, Wasb., May 30- 
Jtiue 4. 

Schneider, George, Forest Pnrk, St. Louis, Msy 
no-June 2. 

Hchaefer A Dc Kamp, Crystal, Milwaukee, Hay 
30-June 4. ■ 

Seyons, The, Kclth'u, Boston, May 30-June 4. 

Seeker, Wilkes ft Co., Chutes, Sun Frau., Cal., 
May 30-Junc 4. 

Simpsons. The, Henderson's, Coney Island, N. Y., 
Muy 30-Junc 4. 

Selbert, Drruiiiluhd, Coney Island, N. Y,, Mny 30- 
Jntie 4. 

Sherman A Dc Forest, I'aator'a, N. Y. C, May 30- 
June 4. 

Shield's, Ella, Watson's, Bkln., May 30-June 4. 

Sbaw, Mr. ft Mrs. Larry. Street Ry. Park. Kings- ' 
ton, Ciin.. May 30-June 4; Athletic Park, Buf- 
falo. N. Y., 8-11. t 

Shawa, Aerial, Kelth'a. Boston. Mny 30-June 4. 

shn.ii A Warreti, Temple, Detroit, Mich., May 30- 
June 4. 

Sluter A Finch, Oarden, Austin, Tex., May 30- 
Jbne 4, 

Htnlrl A Ressner, l.nkesl.le Pnrk, Akron, O., May 
no June 4; Farm. Toledo, nil. i 

Siiilth A Arado, Grand, Milwaukee, Wis,. May 2D- 
June 4; lamp's Garden, St. Louis, Oil. 

smith A Raker, Proctor'a 23d -Street, N. Y. 0.. 
June (111. , 

.Snyder A Buckley, Sans Souel Park. Chicago, May 
30-Junc 4: Ingcrsoll Park, Dea Moluca, la., 6- 

Kiniiliern Trio, Blaster's, Portland, Ore., May 
30-Juuo 1H. 

Houllutrd, Annie. Howard. Boston, May 30-June 4. 

Sol. Diiuiia, Sans Souel, Milwaukee, May 30- 
June a.- 

Spadortl, Paul, Ckasu's, Wasblnglon, D. ('., May 

30 J 4. 

S|ils-uidy. Slg., Luna Park, Coney laland, N. Y . 
Muy no-June 4. 

,..jwu, lotiin ,,-,.. einj, o,r -^iiiir -, , "mini niimiutT,, ,.,,. v, , W? .n, juii,- >. .,.,,/ uir, mir ^, 

I'eutelle. Harry, Coney Island, Cincinnati, May KenUin. Dorothy, Chester Park, Cincinnati, May Minor It Galbrltb, Union, Bakorsllrld, Cal., May titiiber, Freil S., Arcade, Toledo, 0., Msy 30- 

BurehVr A Mrs. Jack, West Helgbta. Kvaua 

vllle Ind.. May HOJune 4. ■ 

Buttons. The. Poll's. Waterbury. Coun.. May 30 

MiirrtiVk. Tbe Great, Crystal, St. Jose|iU. Mo„ 

Bnek^ve' Trio.'' O.' it.. Lea.lvllle. Col.. May 30- 

BylnT ilacy. G. O. 11.. Chicago. May no-June 4. 
"arier, Itobt.. A Co., C. O. E Cblcag.l, May 30- 

Carrie'' Milt'.. Olytnpla Purk. Ohattimoogs. Tenu., 

May 30 June II. . _ . , , .. ., 

|ufl llitine. Dreiintland. Coney lalniiil, N, Y.. 

faffwy* ''oTantJ'Wuodlynu Park, Cantden. N. J., 

Ci,rlera. !!0 M J nsl%!' O. II. , Pocnlello. Ida.. 

tMnl'tMell ft Hairls, Poll's. Bridgeport, Conn., 

(•ar,et\.n H, AL"'keill.'s New. I'hllu . May «Ma*l; 
Csniplvlls 1.1). C. O. tl., Chicago. May 30- 

Jtiie 4: Emplt'i'. Ananuula. M«n.. O-ll, 
Caslle A Colllit". Queen City Giu'dcns, Elntlra, N. 

v2& fOTfiShhrni rnrk. Fosterla. O., 

C.l! l » , .m«''.' l t'h,'. II. I rj- N- Y. C., May 30. June 4. ft Wlllar.1, .Iluwiinl. Bi«tuti, May JO- 

June 4: Chase's, VajaMwfjMI, ». OjMl. 
farllii A mm, Shell's, Ituffnlo, Mny'30-Juno 4i 

CbVrry m A ,, ''B«ie»r oVmPb'" Park. McKeeaport. Pa.. 
May ttO-Jime It Celeron Park, Jamealown, N. 

Cliaijia'nt Slslers, Novelty. Vallejo. Cal., May 30- 

t.'humeriiy's. The. Luna Park, Coney Island, N. Y., 

CIavltV W, J*1'viiis' A Jasper. Sans gottvl Park. 

Clileaitn. May 110- June ■». ' ., „„ 

C'latta A Monlei, Oipbciim. Portland, Ore., May JO- 

t'lio.Tsiii'uinrr Park, Citinbrldne. 0.. May 80- 

CliiikA Temple. Prtwlor'a Itth Ave.. N, Y. 0., 
Jity Vjtme 4< ITnclofa 2nd Kireet. Jill. ( 

Clliitnt. A WIIsi.ii. Ltndcuwnld Park. Hamllion, 
O.; May BJMajaa II. »,,,.. n „ 

t'lsrk A Flatettc. Chases. Wnslilngtnli, D. «., 
Silly 30 June ^ >ii Lakeside Park, Akrt*. tl.. 

Col'ilttii. Rose, ft Co., Victoria. N. V. ft, Msy 30- 

rnleniau. 'liny, ldorn Park. Youngstown. ()., May 

Cnnlu'ii" ft Maud, ClevelamVs, Chicago, May 30- 

Cdumb'lans (B), Arcade, Toledo, 0.. May 30- 

rol'hT'VnmllT, Ornheiim, San Fran., Cal.. Mny 

nOlnnw <!! Orhkeutn, Loa Augelea, 0-18. 
Coiilna A Hart. VletoYla. N. Y. 0„ May .10- 

Cniictii. F.' Alan, Proctor'a 511.1 Street, N. Y. C. 

May 30-Jnne 4. _ 

Cook. A Harris. OlsegP Lake Park, Cooperstown, 

N. $., May 80-June It. 

mi Jin... 4. 
Ferguson ft Passmore, American Pavilion, Bo. 

Ilend, In. I., Mny 1 21) J una 4. 
liiiiar. Cole A Co., Orphoiim, 8au Fran., Cal., 

Mny 30 June 4. 
Ferguson A Mack, Davidson, Milwaukee, May 30- 

.lime 4. . . - 

Ferguson ft ItccMiu, Sprliiglmnk Purk. Lnnilon, 

Can., Mny .'lOJune 4; Siiutl. Ben.l, Ind.. 8-11. 
Fisher, Mr. A Mrs. Perkins, Avon Park, Youngs- 

ii.wn. O.. May 30-June 4; Caalno, Wheeling, 

w. vs., ii-ti; 

Fleming, Mnttle. Itlnra Park, Youngstown, O., 
Muy ilO-Juuo 4. " ••.,.. 

Fields. Will F„ Kennywnuil Park. Pittsburg, Muy 
ilO-June 4. 

Fisher A U. 0. It., Chicago, May 30- 
Juue 4, 

Flligeritlil, II. D„ Fiirm, Toledo, O., May 30- 
Jtltie I. 

Fields, will II.. Farm Pnrk, Zuiiesvlllc, O., May 
no-jutic 4. 

First, 0. <>. II., May IlO-June 4. 
I'lnlay A Burke. Shea's; Buffalo. Mny 30-June 4. 
Fisher A Johnson, 0. O. II.. Chicago, May 30- 
June 4, 
Flyirn, Dully ft Barney, Howard, Bostou, Mny 

30 June 4, 
Flood Bros., Idora Pnrk, Youngstowu, O,, May 20- 

June 4. 
Ford Slslers. Henderton's, Couey Island, N. Y., 

Mny 30-Juue 4, 
Fox A Cook Comedy, A. ft S., Boston, May no- 
June -1. 
Fox A Wiml. Hacrameitlo. Cal.. May 30-June 4. 
Fox A Melville. Itnyal Standard, London, Kng., 

May 3.) June 4: New Palace 8-11. 
l-'ui.i Incites CIV, Deentnr. III., May no-June 4. 
Foster. Ed., mid dog, "Mike." Sprlngbank Park, 

So. Ilend. Intl.. Muy IitiJune 4. 
1'iv.ln A Dare, Shea's. Buffalo, N. Y., May 30- 
June 4. 
Freitcelll ft Lewis, Ocean Pier, Atlantic City, 

N. J„ May 30 June 4. 
Friinjiiiittbes ft Lewis, Oletitnug? Park. Colunibua, 

o.. May 20-Jnho 4; Farm, IStedn, (1-11. 
Frlschcr. Carl, Forst Keller, Milwaukee, Mny 30- 
' Juno 4. 

Frcneh Bros,, Circle. N. Y. 0„ May 30-Jime 4. 
Friii.el A Huge, Nouveau Cirque, Parla, Fr., May 

. 30 .1 one 4. 

Frerull, Fnnntaln Park. Pinna, O., May 30-Juno 4. 
Fulgpra, ltoberL Tomple. IXIrolt. May 30-June 4. 
Fuller, Ida, Folies Marlgny, Paris, Fr., May 30- 

Julv 31. 
Gavin A Piatt. Wal.leinere Park. Erie, Pa.. May 

llo-Jutic 4; Buffalo. N. Y., nil. 
Gnnlen A Seiners, Circle. N. Y. ft, May SO-June 4. 
Garsoit. Mmlun. Proctor's Bth Ave., N. Y. C, 

May 30. June 4. 
Gardner A Sluddard, Orpliettin. Purllan.l, Ore,, 

May no-.tiine 11. 
Gaston ft .stone. Ot'iiheum, San Fran., Cal., Muy 

nit .tune 4. 
Gnrvcy ft Thninpson, C. t). II.. Chicago, Mny no. 

June 4. 
Giiuiimix. The, SptliigHeld Park, Ho. Bend, Ind., 

M.IC .'KUtllte 4. 
Geriil.l, Win., ft Co., Proclor'a, Newark, N. J,, 

May no .June 4. 
Gernrd, Helen, Dreamland. Coney island, N, Y.. 
' Mny Mi-June 4 . 

Gllroy. llarnea A Montgomery. South Shnre 
Aniiiseiuent, Michigan City, Ind.. Mny 20-June 

(Illllluin A Murray, F.leelrle Pnrk, Kunsns Cllv, 

Mo.. May 20-Jnne II. 
(lliialer, Harry, ft (\>.. Arcade. Toledo, 0., May. 

nojnne 4, 
Glen toy. Ja«. Avenue, Pittsburg, May 

no-June 4. 

no-Juuc 4. 

Kennel te A, Howard, Boston, May 30- 

Jutte 4. _. 

Kellvy, Siwuser. Proctor's, Newark, N. J„ May 

30-June 4. 
Keuyon at De liannv, Luna Park, Coney Island, 

N- Y„ May no- June 4. 
Kt'iinelwl. Fi'iuik. Luna Pnrk, Cuney Islntnl, N. Y . 

Mny nit June 4. 
Keniicily A Evans, Pruvtur'H 23.1 Street, N. Y. 

ft. May no-J tine 4. 
Kelly A Kent. Pastor's, N. Y. ft. May no June 4. 
Kenlicld, Mildred, Henderson's, Couey Islaud, N. 

Y., May no-June 4. 
Ken. i Walsh A MeliuNC. Riverside Park, Saginaw, 

.Mich.. May 30-June 4. 
KlteniH & Cule, Mannlou'H Park, St. Louis, May 

30-Jnne 4. 
Killeccn A Coiiwny, A. A S„ Boaton, May 30- 
, June 4. 

King, Vera, Casluo, Toledo, O.. May 30-June 4. 
Kingston. Mr. A Mrs., Coney Island, Ciitclu- 
1 iiiitl. May 30 June 4. 
Kllaiuurn Japs, Luua Pnrk, Coney Island, N. Y„ 

Miiv 30 June 4. 
Klralfo, Gua, Cryatal, Leadvlllc, Col., May 30- 

Jinie 4. 
Kimball A Donovan, Nurumbega Park, Bostou, 

May 30-Junc 4. 
Klein A Clifton, Berkshire Park, Plttsleld, Mass., 

Mny no June 4. 
Klein, tltt Bros. A Nicholson, Keith's, N. Y. ft, 

Muy 30-Jnne 4. 
Kopis>, Monroe Park. Toronto. Chu.. June Oil. 
Kiwicr, Tile Groat, Summer Park, Cambridge, C, 

May 211-Jnuc 4. • ■ 

K.iler A Seymour, IiiiihtI.iI, Leadvlllc, Col., Muy 

no Jo in ■ i 
La Croix, Paul, Lyceum, Ogdeu, U., May 30- 
Juue 4. 
Lnwreiuf, Al„ Orpheum, Han Fran., Cal., Hay 

2li'Jtino 4 : orplieintt. Loa Angeles. 0-18. 
I,u Velle A Grant, Keith's. Boston, May ,10-Jtine 4. 
La Dell A Collins, Empire, Minneapolis, Mlnu., 

June 0-1 8. 
Ln Tell Bros., Central Park, Allentown, Pa.. 

June 8-11. , . 

l.iunlHTl, Maude, Delmar Garden, St. Louis, May 

no.j.uu' 4. 
Latiionta (3). Arcade, Toledo, 0.. May no-June 4. 
Lnurcus, Clevolaiid'*, Cblcago, May no-June 4. 
I.atina, Mile.. East Liverpool. 0.. May 30-June 4. 
La Clair A West, Globe, SI. Louis, May 20 June 

4 : Crystal. St. Joseph, 8-1 1. 
La Tour, Irene, and dog, "SCnis." Carnival, New- 
port. Ky., May 30-Juue 4 ; Fair, Mlddletuwu. 

«., Oil. 
La Moines. The, Henderson's, Coney island, N. 

Y.. May no-June 4. 
La Vlne-Clmarou Trio. Caalno Park, Toleilo. O,, 

Mny no June 4, 
Lniigiloii. Ilardlr, Heights Park, Ottumwa, In., 

May 'Ja-June 4. 
La Veen A Cross, Capital Pnrk. Hartford. Conu., 

May 30-Jtiuo 4; Keith's. N. V. ft, 811. 
I.uuson, May, Melruisjlltati. Chicago. May 38- 

June 4. 
I.hiiiiioiv ft Leigh, Falrrlcw Park. Dayton. O.. 

May 20-Juno 4; Spring Grove Park, Spring' 
• fleld, 8-1 1. 
Larrlvee, A. ft, Haahagen'a Park, 81. Louts, 

May 211 -J line 4. 
Ltnyil, Herlrrl, Celeron Pnrk, Jamestown. N. Y„ 

May no June 4. 
f.e Cltartlaa. Letin ft Merln, Gndfro.v'a, Ornnd 

Itiinlds. Mleh.. Mny 30-June 4. 
Ia< t:)alre. nnrry. 11. A S„ N. Y. ft. May 30- 
. June 4. 
Leslie, liddic, East Eud Park. Memphis. Tcun.. 

Mar 30-June 4 ; Forest Highlands, St. Louis, 

'Mi .lone 18. 
Mllebella, Funny (3), Lincoln Park, Worcester, 

Masa., May an Jinn' 4. 
M.aniey A llnlbleii, Bock Springs Park, East 

Liverpool, ()., May no June 4. 
Morrison A Berwick, BIJou, Hsinlltou, 0„ May 

311 June 4. 
Monroe, Muck ft Lawrence, Keith's New, Pblla., 

May 30-Jnne 4. 
Moore A l.litletlehl. Occult Pier, Atlantic City, 

May 30-Jnne 4. 
Morgan, Ixiu, Howard, Boston, May 30-Juno 4. 
Mount Comedy Four, -Poll's, Hartford, Coun,, 

May no- J tine 4: Wnlerbury, nil. 
Morton, Jan. J,, Hlverslde Park, Saginaw, Mich., 

Slay 30-June 4. 
Morcllos, The, Luua Pnrk. Coney Isluud, N. Y., 

May 30-June 4. 
Murphy, Mr. ft Mrs. Mark, Proclor'a, Newark, 

S. J., May 30-Juue 4. 
Murpliy A Wlllard, Woolwortb, Lancaster, Pa„ 

May 30-Juno 4. 
Murray A Clayton, Orpbeum, Tcrto Haute. Ind., 

Mar 30-Juue 4; Miller's, Lima, u.. 0-18. 
N'litnilo, Luna Park, Coney Island, N. Y.. May 

30-June 4. 
Nn.vtiiiit, Rosn, Woolworth. Lancaster, Pa., May 

nti-Juue 4; Purk, Bayonne. N. J., Oil. 
Nevlns A Arnold, Henderson's, Coney Islaud, N. 

Y., Mny no.lnne 4. 
Nelson's Coiulques, Forest Park, St. Loula, May 

IlO-June 4. 
Nililo A Itlley, Kcnosln Park, Daubury, Conn., 

.May 30-June 4. 
Nlekersnn, Murphy ft Powell, Hendersou's, Cuuey 

Island, N. Y„ May 3d June 4. 
Nichols A Croix. Palace, Boston, May 30-Jnne It. 
Nusses (Ti). Poll's, Hartford, Coun., May 30-June 

4; Poll's, Waterbury, o-ll. 
Nuriunti, Reeves' Park, Fostorln, O., June Oil. 
Noulln, Dave, Suburban Park, St. Louis. May 30- 

Jdne 4. ' 

Owen A Soit'lan. Howard, Boston, May 30-Jnne 4. 
Os«mitt A Hunter, H. A S„ N. Y. ft, May 30- 
June 4. 
Otis. Ellin Proctor, Cleveland's, Chicago, May 

HOJune 4. 
O'Brien. Frank, Chester Park, Cincinnati, May 

no-June 4. 
O'Rvlen A Havel. Victoria, N. Y. ft, May 30- 
June 4. 
O'ltiimey, Georgia, Farm, Toledo, 0„ May 30- 
Junc 4. 
Parker's. Bert, Moore'a Garden, Lima, 0., May 

nit -,l une 4. 
Paiilfneltl A I'luuo. Hippodrome, London, Kng., 
. Mny no -.inly o. 
Pascutel. Delmar Garden, Oklahoma Oily, Okla., 

May 30-Juue 4. 
Parsons Slslers. A. A S., May 30-Juno 4. 
I'elleleur, Bona, Avon Park, Youngstown, O., May 

niMune 4. 
Petehlug Bros., Falrvlew Park, Dayton, 0., May 

no-June 4. 
Perry ft Kellb's New. Pblla., May 30- 

Jiine 4. 
point. Fred. A Annie, Sans Souel Park, Chicago, 

June 5-11. 
Perry. Frank L„ Union, BitkerBebl, Cal., May 

no-June 4, 
Peters, Phil A Nettle, O. O. H.. May 30-June 4. 
Pierce A 0. O. H., Chicago, May 30- 
Jnne 4. ■- ■ .>.-... 
Porter A Kapp, Electric Park, Kent, 0., May 20- 
June 4, 
Piiiiiioni. Edward, Unique. Bait Lake City, tT., 

May 30-Jnne 4. 
Powers Bros., Orpheum. San Fran., Oal., May 

110'JODC U. 

Potter, >amlly, Olavelaad'l, Chlcigo, Hay 80- 

Jttne 4; Woolworth, Luneaulcr, Pa., O-ll. 

Htrakosch. time, O. O. 11. . Chlckgo, May 30- 
June 1. 

Sttongfort, Lionel, Casino, Atlanta, Ga., May 30- 4. 

Stanley ft Wilson, Arcade, Toleilo, 0„ May 30- 
June 4. 

Stevenson, Keith's, N. Y. ft. Mny nojune 4. . 

Stupid, in A Chancy. Mlssliiitmah Park, Marlon, 
Ind.. May 3d June 4; Arch, Cleveland, <>.. 8-11. 

Silekney. Until.. Jr., Luna Park, Coney laland. 
N. v.. Muy 30 June 4. 

Stuart A Murphy. BIJou. Dtilulh, Minn., May 30- 
June 4 ; Winnipeg, Miin., 41-18. 

Slcln-IOrretlo Fiuully, Proclor'a 23d Street. N. 
Y. ft, May 30-Junc 4; Electric Park, Balti- 
more, Mil.. 0-18. 

Stanley A Le Roy, Empire, Ashtabula, 0„ May 

.10 June 4. • 

Sully ft Phelps, Unique, Salt Lake City, U„ May 

30- June 4. .'i 

Sullivan, Joe J„ A Co,, 0. O. H„ Chicago, May 

no-June 4. 
Swim ft Bninburd, Temple, Detroit, tiny 30- 
Juno 4. 
Swlekiinl. Sir. A Mrs., Empire. Newport, Kng., 
Mny no-Jnnc 4; Empire. Nottingham. 6-11. 

Swor ft Westbrook, lniperlnl, Leadvlllc, Col., 

May 30-Juno 11. ' 

Hyliestcr. Jones A Prlngle, Lyceum, Sau Fran., 
Cal.. Msy 30-June 4: Chutes. Han Fran., 8-18. 

Sylvester, Louise, Avenue, Pittsburg, May 30- 
June 4. 

Hytnunils, Lottie West, San Revere Park, Foslorla, 
().. May 30-June 4 ; Spring Grove Purk, Spring- 
fleld, 0-11. • ... , 

Sylvan A O'Neal, Metropolitan, Tumpa, Fla„ May 
' 30-Junc 4. 

Taylors, Tin.*. Howard, Boston, May 30-June 4. 

Teal, Raymond, Spring Grove Purk, SprlbgHeld, 
()., Mny no-Jnno 4. 

Tcubrnoke. Lambert A Tetibrooke, Kelth'a New, 
Plillii., Msy 30-June 4., Clarice, Beilcvue Park, Toledo. O., 
May 20- June tl. 

Tbelnis Bros., Crystal, St. Joseph, Mo., May 20- 
Juno 4. 

Thome, Mr. A Mra. Harry, New O. H., Bradford, 
Pit., May 30-June 11. 

Thompson, Harry, II. A 8„ N. Y„ ft, May 30- 
> July 4. 

riniKdl ft Kiimi ml, Unique, San Diego, CtiL. May 
no-June 18. 

Toklo'a Royal Jntis. Luna Park, Coney Island, 
N. Y„ Mny 30-June 4. 

Tom. Blind, H. A H„ N. Y. ft. May 30-June 4. 

Toledo A Price, Pastor's. N. Y. ft. May 3.) June 4. 

Trovolo. Circle. N. Y. ft. May 30-Junc 4. 

Troiibntloura (3), Casino, Toleilo, O., May 30- 
June 4. 

Tralnur ft notion, Heights Park. Ottumwa, la., 
May 30-June 4; Suns Sonel. Clinton. .",11. 

Troubitdonrs, Vour, Dorney Park, Allentown. Pa., 
Mny no June 4. 

Trnsk A Murray, Grand. Victoria, B. ft. Mny 30- 
Jitne 4! Orpheutn. Ticonin. Wash., till. 

Usher. Fannie ft Claud, Sprlngbank Park. So. 
Bend, Ind.. May 30-June 4; Olentangy Park, 
Cnlumbua, O., 8-11. 

Yngge. Mllo. Clevelnnd's. Chicago, May 30Judo 4. 

Vassar Girls (8), Cheater Park, Cincinnati, Hay 
.lO-June' 18. 

Vnlmnre A Horton. Roh's Casino, North Bead, 
N. T„ May 30-Jnne tl. ~ 

Viir.lanuin, Kdlsnti, Als'rdeen. Wash., Mny 30- 
June 4. 

Van (lofre ft Cntrely. Edison, Olympla, Wash,, 
May no-June 4: Orphenm, Seattle, 8-11. 

Van, Gladys. Snbnrban Oarden, St. Loula, May 
80-June 4; Delmar Garden, Oklahoma City, 
Okla., Oil. 

J%M 4. 

TIX& J$JdTW tOKK CUlp-pteB. 


'Van, bTUy, Tcuu.dc, Detroit, Mich., Muy 30- 

Jline 4. 
Van; CbAS. A Kenny. Pastor's, N. T. 0.. Mar .10- 

Viiii cSihp. Prof., Poll's, Brldgeimrt, Conn., Mny 

:ui-.Tune 4. 
Vun'Borns, 'nut, flimrU»tor'«, Atlantic City, X. 

.eV June fl-lS. 
VnlrtlOirs. The, (Snvenultor's, Atlantic City. V. I,, 

June tt-IS. j I 

VMKon, raster's. K. T.C., May .10 Jim* 4. 
Vision It Clayton, London, Can., May oOJune 4; 

ToungMnwn, O., HI. 
Vlncim. Mnus.. Lnnn Park, Corny Island, N. Y„ 
i Mny -SO-June 4. 

Vice & Viola. Urook, Maron, Ind., Mny 30-Jnnr 4. 
Voice * Nelds, Coney Ialuhd, Cincinnati, May 
.'ISO- June »■ • ■ 

Word & Ciirran, Keith's, N. V. C, May 80-June 4, 
Walerlsiry Bros. &' Tenny. Avon Park, Youngs- 

town, O.'. May UO-Jiine 4. 
Wntiton, C. II., Monumental, Baltimore, Ma., 

May 30-June 11. 
Wntson A Hill. Keith's New, Phils., May 30- 

June 4. 
Wnlseys, Tlie, Chester Park, Cincinnati, May 
. :iO June. 4. 

Wnhli A- I.lgon, Chutes, San Fran., Cal., May 
••xo.lmte ■•*.- ■ ■ ' ' • , - 

Wall. Al.. Victoria. N. Y. C, May 30-June 4, 
\Vnciicr Misters, Qiu-eii City Hardens, Ehnlrn, N. 

Y,. May ilO-Jime 11. 
VutermelnA Trnat, 11. &.S., N. Y. 0., Mny 30- 

Jluio 4. 
Waters. Jan. It., 0. II., Trinidad, Col., May ■»)■ 

Ward,- HI Tiro, Riverside Park, Montreal, Can., 

Mny IHKlnly !!. 
Warren, Waller Ti, Point of Pines, Itnstnu, Mny 

:'.il.Jime;4. . 

Wallou. Irvlnt -11., Spring; Lake Park, Trenton, 

N. J., Juno ii 1 1. 
Welch. John J., Auditorium, PocatollO, Ida., Muv 

.10- June 4. 
Welttell, .Tallies, Dnrney PaMr, Allcntown, Pn., 
• May 30-Jiiiw 4. 
Welch, liehi V., Poll**, Waterbury, Conn., May 

no-June 4. ■ . 

Weston ft llnymniid, Kennywnod Park, Pittsburg, 

May' :ul-.lnne 4. 
Went, Ford * Dot,- Watson's, llkln., May SO- 

June 4. 
Weslon ft Adams, nialto, Klrolra, N. Y., May 

:l0.lunc 11. 
White, Stuart, ft Co., Circle, N. Y. O., May J0- 

June 4. 
While ft Simmons, Pastor's, N. Y. C, Mny <tu- 

June 4. 
Whllesldes, Tlie, Crystal, 81. Joseph, Mo,, May 

I'll .tune 4. .. . ' • ' 

Winchesters, The, New O. n.. Bradford, Pa. , May 
.'lO-.Iunc 4; Kane. 0-11. , _ 

Wills 'ft Hasson, Honiuer Pork, Montreal, Oan„ 
' May HO June 4. ■ ■ 

Wilson ft Davis, Kellh's. N. Y. C, May 30-June 4. 

Wlllloms ft Dermody, Pnatnr's, N. Y. 0., Mny 
.10'JnOe 4. „ , 

William*. "Chinese" Johnny, Keith*, Boston. 
May :tn-Jnnn A'. •_• < 

Winter; Hanks ft Wlnonn, Chase's. WushlnRlnn. 
D. ■«., May UO-Jiine 4; Athletic Park, Buffalo, 
N..Y..H-1I. .' 

Wilsons (4). Kellh's. N, V. C, Mny 30-June 4. 

Wilson ft Davis, Keith's New, Phlln., May 30- 

Wllxon, (ienrue, Forest Park, Kr. Louis, May 30- 
Wilson, l'.hrele, 0. O. II., Chicago, May llO-.Tune Allen, Crystal, Milwaukee, May 30- 

June I. The Ureal, Stag, ParkcrNlnirg, W. Va., 

Mny :sfl-.lune 4. „ „_ 

Wright -ft Moore, Sans Soitrl, Mllnrnukee. Mny 30- 

Wyiut ft Hart, Buffalo, N. Y., Mny 30-June 4. 
Yankee Comedy Four, 'Mnst l.nkc Pork, Blrmlnf- 

hnm. Aln.. Mny 30-June 4. „. 

Ynrrlck, prorrnr's KM Street, N. Y. Clly, May 

30-June 4. „ ,,„ 

Yeomans, Jennie, Ayenne, I'llKbnrK, May .10- 

yo'uiiK ft' DO' Vole, Avenue, Plttslsu*, May 30- 
June 4. < • _ _ 

Y»ii'iK« ft Brooks, I.nkeshle Park, Dnyloii, n„ 
Mliy •ifl-Jiiiie 4. „ „ 

Znrn & Htctson, Atod Tark, Yonitslown, 0„ May 

/aula, Coney Island, Olnclnantl, May 30-June 4. 

Zarrow Trio, Shea's, Buffnld. N. Y., May 30- 
June 4: Celeron Park, Jamestown, 0-11. 

Zosel ft Vernon, Temple, Detroit, Mny 30-June 
4; Shea's. HiilTalo; N. Y..01I. , 

Zuries, The. A I Inn tie 1 1 anion, N. Y. C, Moy 30- 
Jnne 4 : Oaalno, North Ileacli, 0-1 1. 

Zlmlner.' Circle, N. Y. City, May lip-June 4. 

y.Hka ft' Klni', lllversldo Park, Snglunw. Mich., 
May ntii " ' _ ..,»,« 

Znlas, Park, Coney Island, N. Y., 
Muy :io-June 11. , _^^^^^^^ 


Detroit At the Lyceum Tlicntre (R. D. 

Stair, manager).— Rngeitle^ Wlnlr, In 'The 
crust or Society," drew fair nixed lioimeH 
.May SS-i'S. The piece was well staged, nnd 
the chnracters In capable handa. Minn lllalr, 
In "Shenandoah/' this week. 

Wiiitnky TjiraTrb (B. D. Btnlr, mano- 
Ke y,._»DeBerted ot the Altar" drew large 
nuiUorjcea VH-'M. It was one of the bent 
mclodruinns aecu here this eeaaon. The, cast 
wak nbove the average, and the gcenlc In- 
vestiture all that the play demanded. A 
Hidden Crime'' la current. : 

Tumn.u XJHAXBH (3. a. Moore, mana- 
ner,).— Attractlona for week of .30: Ilia 
tlrent Kverhart, Hengler SlBters. Artie Hull. 
Kohcrt I''uIroi'ii, Swim und Uiiuibiird, BDOOD 
and Warren, Billy Van; ItWH and Veruon, 
und the Amcrlcau klnctograpU. Last week s 
lending aucceaa woa Kobert Hllllard and 
com'inny, The attendance was very large. 

Xwi:&.— Tho Avoune Theatre • has closed 
for the seaaon, to he opened agnln next »eo- 
Bon. It Is not atated as to what the policy 

of the home Is to be The Empire The- 

ntro closed- a very successful season ^8, «o 
be opened again the latter part of August, 
with a strong stock burlesxiue company. 
l»r, Campbell w going to redecorate the In- 
terior, ndd' a new drop curtain, construct 
new dressing rooma, and also reconStuicl 
the alage. lie has orraagcrt for the best 
there la Id the burlesque Hoe for next season, 
. a ■■ 

Knlniimsoo.— At the Academy. of Music 
(B. A. Buah, manager),— rhls hOiiBe has 
been dark for some time, and nothing la uu- 
nmi|ir,ea for eailv appearance. .,.„,,,„„- 

Amusemknt l'ALACki (E. C. McElbniiy, 
muuuger).— Business has been only talrBluce 
the Aliening, 10, with vaudeville and special- 
tPes, and aftor 20 the resort will close tem- 
porarily, pending n rearrangement nnd the 
engagement of a new line of plnya. Including 
llgnt opera, nt popular prices, hand concerts, 

* Marnuii & Bmlry's Circus comes Jnne 0, 
Ckfll.NO PARK, formerly iJlko View- Casino 
(Molid ft . Dftken, lnanngers).— 1 Ml place 
will open the.aenson June with a blgvuude- 
vllle coiupuiiy. . ,. 

Snulnflw.— At the Academy of Music 
(John II. Davidson, manager).— "A Koynl 
Blavo" drew a good audience May 31. The 
(Iftskell Stock Co., 23-28, proved nn, excel- 
lent organization. Field "fllnatrpla 30. 

JiOTK.nn Thkatrs (T. D.Bnmford ft Sam 
Marks, .managers).— ttutledge^Stock. Co.,Jif 
■jr,r. did good 'business. "Sopho" 20- June 1, 
"Nature's Nobleman',' 2-5. ••. ■ i. 

HmruitM I'abk Casino (L. W. Bleh«rd«. 
mannger).— BUI week of May 20: IVkert 
idid iTerg, Jaa. J. Morton, Josephine Alnsley, 
Kano. Walsh and Melrose, vltascope. 

fjrein.l itapiu*.— At Power's OiVern nonw 
(Harry (I. HotnmerH ft Co., managers).— 1 he 
Howers-Craveti Mm4 Co. opens a. Hummer 
season' here May,::", playing "The Prlvule 
Secretary" iiO-'Jiitio 4. _ ■ 

itAMONA 'lllBATltH (Orln Stair, mannger). 
—Coming week of 2ft : Ilnllet Unique, Hallo- 
why Trio, Hur Soane, the Tlirw Itonnlilos, 
and Tliree tJouHey Bros. • .... 


f«y, manager).— Week of 20 : Una anil 
Merle 1^ Cluirllss, Chas. and Madge ihiqiipn. 
Horn ami Thomiiooil, Bello llelmoul. Holmes 
nnd Deun, If Ingham, and moving picture*. 
a . , . 
Bay city.— At the Washington Theatre 1 
i\\. J. Daunt, manager).— "A Moral Slave" 

tirew a good sized. Jiouse Mjiv .20. , The Oaa- 
kell Stock- Co. comes week of 30, with the 
exception of 31, when they give way to Al. 
U. Field's Minstrels. . ,. . 

Note*. — Stuart Haydcn, advance ngedt foe 
llarnum ft Bailey's Circus, waa la the clly 24. 
Mr. Thomas, ahead, of the Qaskell Stock- 
Co., did business here 25. 

' ' ' ' 1 a '. ; ■ ' " . , 

Manistee At the Kamsdell Theatre 

(Chaa. M. Southwell, manujrer) •— "Old Ar- 
kauHuw" played to big business -May 20. 
"Uncle Josh Slmpklns," with the Kube bnud, 
20. Al. 0. Field's Mluslrels 2S. Mr. South- 
well retires from the maungenieni ot the 
Knmsdell Theatre June 1. lie wilt manage 
Orchard Beach l'ark this Summer, running 
vaudeville, acrobatic nnd athletic acts, anil 
also aquatic sports. 

JAotiaan. — At the Athenaeum (11. J. Por- 
ter, manager). — Francis Wilson,- la "Mr- 
mlnle," had capacity Muy 20. 

Baiinuu &. itAiuiVs Ctauua June 7. 

a . 11 ' 

Rattle Crrelt, — At the Post Theatre 
(rV"lU Smith, manager). — "A Itoyal slave" 
had only fair buslnetts Mny 24. Coming : 
Wilbur, Hlgby A Co., .'lO-Jime 4: Flint (hyp- 
notlst) Oil, ClnHt Stock Co. ir,-18. 

'♦ » ' » ' — 

m:w jtthsBY. 

Newark. — Hot weather en used many 
empty seats .last week. 

Bi.anI'Tv'm 'J'iikatjik (Chan, K. Blaney, man- 
nger).' — Mr. Blnaey's third and last new pro- 
duction, "The Curse of Drink;" drew good 
houses,, considering the heat last week.' The 
locomotive scene, wha a triumph In mechani- 
cal realism, and made a hit. The house 
closed for the season after the performance 

Waldmakn's Tiikatrb (W. 8. Clark, man- 
ager). — The City Cluh drew fair audiences 
for the. closing- of the senson ending 2K,' 
and the Wilsons were well appreciated. The 
house will reopen abont Aug. 20. 

PaocTon's j'ukatum (J. Anatln Fynes, 
general manager).— TIiIb la the ob'ly theatro 
open now. and modem' appliances keep the 
house fairly comfortable. 'I lie appearance of 
Blanche King nnd Henry Dlxey mnkes the. 
current hill a particularly brilliant one. Mr. 
niM'v nnd his company appear In "Over n 
Welsh Itnreblt." Miss Biug entertains 
simultaneously here nnd In New York this 
week. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murphy 1 , In "Why 
Dugan Swore Off:" William ijerald and com- 
pany, In "A Micky Muck;" Spencer Kelly, 
1.0 Itoy and Wnlby, Hastings pud Finn, nnd 
Martin and Kldgewny complete Hie bill 
John Miiabn'R eflnrln. In "Another Story," 
were heartily enjoyed und applauded last 
week, and the demonslrullons Willi liquid 
air proved' very Interesting. Business waa 
folrly good, 

Nonw. — Electric Pnrk opened for the sea- 
son 28, and (lie American Opera gives a 
repertory beginning wlln , "The Mikado. ' 
. ' " 1 

Atlantic Clly.— At the Ocean Tier The- 
atre (Harry D'Ksta, representative). — "'the 
Show Olrl" ro]«alcd past, successes here week 
of Mav 2.1. "The fioverhor'H Son" week ot 
;:0. "The Worst Woman In London" next 

Ochan Pikr Music; Ham. (Horry. D'Eslo, 
representative). — Business here Is excellent. 
Announced for week of 3(1: Moore nnd I.ll tie- 
Held, Mcl'hea and I Nil. Frnncclll, and Lcwla, 
UlioHtles' Mnrlonnlle Thealre. 

Savov TiibaTiik (Huntley & Moore, mana- 
gers). — The Huntley-Moore Stock CO. ..con- 
tinue* to draw good houses, nnd till* orgunl- 
nation will,. In nil probability, remain all 
Summer, • . ..• 

STKurLBCItAHB PiRR (Cllle* W. Clement, 
manager). — Excellent business comes tho 
way ot this bouse, with the vllugrnph as the 
attraction. . _j 

STBB'I, J'ikr (J. Bothwell, manager). — The 
samo good bualuess malutAlns here, with 
VoHseiiii's Band as the big feature. 

No no. — Caplnln John L. Voting, tho pro- 
prietor of the great ocean pier, Ocean Tier 
Theatre and.lfcenn l'ler Music Hull, has, 
during tho pant week, takeu on two addi- 
tional amusenicat enterprises In the Casino 
l'ler and Myor's Pier, both lOcnted nt Ocean 
city, N. J., about seven miles below Atlantic 
City, on the const. He will make mnuy 
Improvements to both of tbeso resorts, and 
for tbc Summer season vaudeville will be Ihe 
principal amusement' In them. Captain 
Votings amusement director. Harry D'Estu, 
will bniidio the alTalrs of these acquisitions, 
as well as keep bin watchful eyo on all the 
others. It is tint Intention to connect tho 
Oceou Pier, ot Atlantic City, with, the Casino 
Tier, nt Ocean, Clly, by a Hue of steamers, 
also under the ownership. of Captain Young. 

■ 1 

. I'nt.Tsiiii. — For the ilrst time In a num- 
ber of veiirs lovers of. .vaudeville eutertoln- 
ineni this season will have nn oportunlty ot 
patronizing u, Summer park within easy rencli 
of the city. Barlow's Byte Tark opened 
Monday, 30, and liberal patronage encouraged 
the monaijemeiit . The proprietor, Edwnrd 
Barlow, has booked the following talent this 
week: Topsy 'furvy Trio, O'Conuell, Forrest 
and Goldsmith, Maud (iarnells, Hanson and 
Harris, Price . and Star, and tbe blogrupb. 
Sunday sacred concerts are to be given 
throughout tbo season. 

Paterson Oi'WtA HoiiKF, (John J. Goeta- 
ch'lits, manager). — This house will close for 
the season Wednesday. June 1. with HI Hen- 
ry's Minstrels, M»y .11-June 1. Last week 
the Katharine Ilober Co. did fairly good busi- 
ness , 

B1.100 THHAtnu (J. Henry Bowley, man. 
ager). — A Summer stock' compnuy, an lan»- 
vittlou to 'Paterson, will occupy the stuge 
during Juue nnd July. Alblul will have tae 
direction of the company, ami nntiouiicea 
tbat the members of Hopkins' Transatlantic 
Burlesquora will form the nucleus of n strong 
combination. There will be n change ot 
performers each week. The' stock company 
made Its first appearance Monday afternoon, 
30. \M»t week the Metropolitans met with 
good financial returns. 

Phncimnoh. — Patcrsoa Aerie. No. 43, F. 
O. of Eagles, held n soelal session, May !>7. 
Meuilie)r3 of the Metropolitan Burlesque 
Co. assisted m ranking*' the tverilng one of 
mnrrlmenL Mr. Albltil, manager ot tlie 
HIJ011 Sttwlf Co., and' one' of the six organ- 
izers of Aerie No. 1, presided over the social, 
a " 

Kllnilntli. The Great Eastern Circus 
(Edwin Elroy ft W. M. Drake, owners, and 
James B: Dochemln, general director), Mny 
18-21, came to moat excellent business, 'the 
lent, with a rapacity .of 2.300, was tilled at 
cucli performance. The side shows were well 
putronl/id. nnd' the' concerls witnessed by 
neurly half of the large audiences present ot 
each .performance. The circus, was organized 
In Elizabeth by MessrB Elrpy, prnko nnd 
Ducliemln. lis programme was made longer 
by the Introduction ot amateur tulent for the 
hfruoM of a new hospital to be conducted by 
tho Kisiei-H. The professional talent Intro- 
diiced was; George .Barnard, acrobat,; "Jack" 
Elmo. English clown ; Ernest Dale and 
Charles llopiWri clowns, with Frank Wilson, 
the Two Carriers, Charles Valentine, on tbo 
bounding ropa ; T. J. Oatman and, trained 
ritalllon, 8I(T. Goiui'lo'H riding mule, tho 
Three Fralsera,, M'IWNHn; Bay Kanuymnn. 
iduck wire; I.ulu and trained horse. "Topsy. ' 
A mil formed band of ten pieces renders a 
cnncert-lu front of Hie .tenia at otieli J*r> 
formance. The aggregation cnrrlea slxly. 
live people, nnd Ibntt.Mn are used. Peter 
Walker, well knowu. In 1 lie arena, la head 
chandelier man. Three ucw sensational horxo 
acts are being rehearsed, niid'a child wonder, 
In trapeze tyn rk, la being prepared . 

Jersey Clly. — Tlie Black' I'ultl , Ti ouU- 
dours closed an excellent week at. the Bijou 
May 28. Tile house also .closed the. regular 
Bca'son on that date The Utopians neru 

satisfactory lu every respect, llud broiight 
the Boif Ton season, to a glorious ilubb 28. 
'ffl Commeittontte Manager T.' w. DlriKlns* 
teRth- consecutive season, at the Hon Too,, a 1 

benefit was tendered' him 3(1 Tho Park 

Theatre, at Bayoane, had a nibst succossftil. 
opening 21. Hundreds were turned away. 
Assistant . Treasurer. Nnuiunii, from the 
Academy, has charge of the box. Emery 
Lcpharr, from the iJotplre, lloooken, Is stage 
manager, anil Leader supminn and his bright 
little orchestra, from the Bon Ton, furnish 

the music William A. Quirk, formerly 

wltb the Peyton forces, has Joined Mottle 
Keenc, now playing the variety circuit,.... 
Sydney Ellis nnd charlea Biietlo. scenic ur- 
lists, are going extensively Into the theatrical 
supply business. 

■ *«♦ 


SI. i.ouls.— Ar the World's Fair the at- 
tendance, is Steadily Increasing. Consider- 
able agitation. exists as to the Sunday elds- 
Incr order, for It Is true that then Is about 
the ohly time that the. laboring classes In this 
vicinity have to see the fair. The 1'lko con- 
cessionaires are much perturbed about It, 
for It cuts Off- a good ileal more ttinn one- 
seventh of their possible Income. Cummins' 
Wild West has gained a point on this by 
building outside the fair limits, with an lm- 
posing entrance on the Pike. Tills they close 
Sunday und open their outside entrance, 
worklag It both ways. Jnne 4 Is to bo "Plko 
Day " Special exercises have been provided, 
nod tho concessionaires will have K proces- 
alori, which will traverse the length «t tba 
fair grounds. Every concession will he fin- 
ished bv that time. 

OLTiii'ii' (P. Short, manager).— "A Coun- 
try Girl" Is on for week of 80, for on In- 
definite .period. The company will Include 
Alice Mhtlyii. Julia Millard. laobel Vines. 
Genevieve Ida Bradford and a number of 
others. Frlltl Hiberf In "Babette," dosed 
a.' two weeks' engagement 28. Even though 
Mlsa Scheff did not appear until the second 
week, the house sow crowded audiences. 

Crxtubv (P. Short, manager). — Week of 
23 nil-hard Carle presented "The Tender- 
loot." He was exceedingly well received. 
"A Olrl From Dixie" will he offered week of 
30, for nn Indefinite period. Manager Short 
hopes 10 keep boili of his houses o|m>o 
throughout the Suinmnr. 

OtiAXn iJohn-G. Sheehy, manager).— Th* 
Grand' will remain closed mull iilsiut Iho 
first of August, lifter which time Ihiee 
series of exceptionally attractive bills will 
ho ottered. Manager Sheehy slated Hint 
thin sen >on ban been n very successful one, 
Tho last offering was "York Slate Folks." 
and two weeks' run was made to good busi- 

cuAwi'iiBn (0. T. Crawford, manager). — ■ 
"Qulncy . Adams Sawyer" is In Its third 
week's engagement at the Crawford, and 
will continue Its run Indefinitely, The al- 
tendance .hits been excellent. Week, of 2fl 
The. press agent stnten that patrons were 
turned away. , 

Havli.v's (Win. Oarcn, manager).— Inez 
I'oriiinti. Ill "East l.vniie," Is offered for 
week of '10. Week of 22, "James Hoys in 
Missouri" received nvernge patronage. 

Imi-i:iiiai, (D. R. Kussell, manngor).--» 
"Carmen," which wns presenled by Victor 
llnteman week of 22. snw good nttetidrtiii-n. 
Week of :ni, Baruey Oilman, In "Arrnh Na 

tiDKON (Ceo. Orendorf, manaeer). — Tills 
house opened Its World's Fair season 2N, 
wllh the big Klralfy-snecinculur production, 
cclehratlng tbo, Loulslauu Purchase. Mnls.l 
McCanei bus the leading roln. Tbo maiuige- 
ment, Invited tbo press, to nltend the special 
perforinnncc of alsivn date In a body. 

Coi.iijiniA ( Mlddleloii & Tate. iniiungiTM). 
— Week, of .23 a clover bill wns bended by 
tho Itussell llrothei'H. nnd Included Harriet 
Avery Slrakosch, Ocorgo Thatcher. Phil nnd 
\elilo Peters, and James II. Ctillen. Tim 
remalader of the bill was clever, and gave 
good satisfaction. The house closed 28, aud 
will remain dark until August. 

Stanuahii (U'o Uclchnubacli, manager). — 
The Cberry Blossoms week of 20. Week of 
22 Ihe World Ben (era were here, 

Ilicmi.ANiiM. .tCo). Hopkins, manager). — 
Week ot 20 the new vaudeville bill Is of- 
fered, headed by Lew Bloom mil Jnne Coop- 
er, l.ibbcy and, Trnyer, George Wilson, Nel- 
son's Comlqiies, and GeOrge Schneider. Week 
of 22 the .Highlands, saw big crowds. Lew 
Hawkins, who still remains a St. Louis fa- 
vorite, headed the bill. Great business . Is 
done here. 

Wiost End HnioiiTs (Pent Farnham, man- 
ager). — Attendance here, week of 22, wak 
lulrlv good. The* bill was headed by Ellls- 
Neu'iln Trio, Coakley and Mcllrlde, nnd Dan 
uecklow. A rellned vaudeville Is offered for 
week of* 20. It contain* only three nets. 
Mr. Fnrnliam Is exerting every effort to 
place his house In the front rank, and de- 
serves success. . . 

Mannion'm Park (Mannlon Broa., maaa 

?ersi. — The second bill of the seasnu was of- 
ereil week of 22. Mack uud F.lllntt, Hlino 
non and Liicier, and Frank O'Brien were 
some of. the nctH that scored well. . Attt-ud- 
nnce was good. Week of 20 : The Three Mer- 
rills. Klierns and Cole, Tony Itldor's monkey 
circus, iMsrdo, nnd W. J. McDermott, the 
original "Happy Hooligan," are here, 

IH'mias liAiiPiiN' (J. (.'. .lannapniila, man- 
ager). — "Beautiful Helmar" has been open 
mitie time, but the theutre Aliened 20. with 
tho first performance oil any slage of "Louisi- 
ana." . It Is a big spectacular production, 
nnd the managonicnt prophesies that It will 
be n big. success. 

KtiiiMuiAM (II. I!. Rice, manager). — Tho 
new mnnogemcut offers for week of 211 a 
vnudevllle bill featuring Harding uod Ah 
Sid, I.e Roy and l.e Vanlon, Dnvc Nowllu. 
(iladvs Van and Mile, olive. Week of 22: 
Maie. Dougherty's trained noodles, aud 
Jltumln Willi's comic act sccoieil to take best 
wllh the public. 

Mansion's Park (Mr. Cox, mannger). — 
week of 20. tho bill Included: Idioms and 
Cole, Mai-do.. Three Merrills, W. J. McDer- 
mott, and Rider's monkey, circus. Tbu pre- 
vious week's bill wns ffilrly well, attended. 

Notxh. — Ed. II. Ilolitnson. well known In 
front of tho house, Is on tbo Pike bore, At 
tbo World's Fair, as press representative 
nnd associate mnnnger of Ihe big Mysterious 
Asia show. Other well known men nt the 
bead of Plko attractions nre (.'. L. B. Pul- 
sion, of Cummlna' Wild West, and Fred P. 
Snrgeul. general manager of Hagenheck's. 

The Grand, under Manager Sbcedy, 

tins closed a very successful season, to open 

Aug. 1 The , smaller houses — Globe. 

Hnshagln's. Broadway Musee, etc. — report 
average attendance last' Week. 

k nnsas city, — At tbe Auditorium ( Wood- 
ward ft Burgess Amusement Co., iiinnagcral. 
-—Tho Woodward Stock Co. gave an oiesaht 
pcxformauco nnd production of "Parsifal" 
last week. Special scennry. costumes, elec- 
trical effects, one hundred extra people, 
nnd an nrelirstrn of twenty, under the di- 
rlctlon of Joint Behr, were employed. All 
the members of the company did splendid 
work, and business was good. .Manager Wood- 
ward has decided lo close Ida season, as the 
warm weather Is selling' In. Carleton Mncey 
ban taken n Snaimor lease on the house, mut 
will try bin band at stock, opening on Sun- 
day. May 20. with "Rip Vim Winkle." 

iln.i.tH (E. S. Ilrlgbaiii, manager). — Last 
week was divided lietween "The Denver l'.t- 
pri'ss." "Over the Sen" aptl . "A llnrril t»f 
Jloa'ey." All Ihrci sbovys did good business. 
This week, "The Moonshiner a Daughter' 
will probahlv oln«\tlio. season at the house. 

Foukst Paiik 1 Llnyd llrhwn. mannger). — 
The Hundiiy crowd. 22. was, ihe largvst so 
far this season. All the nllracllons were 
illled to overflowing. ,ln . Hopkins' Theatre 
this week the acts will ls» : Staley aim Ulr 
beck, Wilson and HeloUc, Mua Auoroa, 

Nichols Sisters, Agnetr l.oe Mnrlyntl.'-aiia'lho 
Scbcuck Bros. Tne nulshle uttruetlou will 
h* LlngnrcllH. "Tltc Lady on tbe tPolw.* ' ' 

KLKCTRtf Paiik (Sam Iteiijituilu. 'luana- 
ger). uoplttnr place threw opeii ttt 
;;nic» May 20. with a lino list tit nttrnUtlnit*. 
Libera 1 1 and his baud of fifty musicians will 
furnish the music The high diving elks will 
Is- ii feature as n free attraction. In tho 
German Village a One vnudevllle bill, bend- 
ed by nilllhnn and' Murray, and Thus. Flytvri, 
will entertain. .V new ilgimt eight roaster 
will be operated for the Ilrst time. The other 
"liulucements" are: The iniintiulum, the clrt 1 - 
trle fountain, the laughing gallery, muio- 
s^pe parlor, gypsy ramp, circle swing, the 
kinodromp, Inoit the loop temple of Hbe, bog 
ball. Princess Trlxle, and the tuoukeys. Mnn- 
uger Sam llcnjiimln will once mure be In 
charge, and n tine summer season Is looked 
for. i 

Cl.lPrTRlNOa. — Manager Peter MVConrt, n( 
Denver, bought the ••Parsifal" scenery, ens- 
1 umes ahd effects from Manager Wooihcnrd' 
Inst week, nnd will use them in n uroiluc- 
tlon nt the Broadway Theatre. 
» , 

HI. .losepli. — At the Crystal Tltcatrn 
(J. E, Jackson, iiianaaor).— Week of May 
29: Tho Whltosljes, TIioUiih Bros., Ilyilc 
and Wilson, the Great Bitrdlrk, Frank (Iroh, 
i-'annil Edwards, mid' moving pictures. 

Casino TltkATRN (E. P. (Tinrchlll, man- 
nger). — Arnugomenis have l>cen completed 
fur (be opening of rhe casino May 20. In- 
dications point to a very successful season. 


91. Paul, — At tho Metro|W)liinn Opera 
Utilise (1.. N. Scott, nmnager). — The ITor- 
enco Slock Company, week of May 22, did 
not meet with, llto patronage which tba 
merits of their productions demanded. 
" O'Drlun" 20, add "Sbennoduab" 
malltiee. 110, Decoration Day, by . request. 
Tho company will conclude Its engn cement 
Juno 1. "The Girl from Dixie" 2-4, lingers 
Ili-othcrs r,-s, and Richard Mnnsfleld nil. 
Mnnnger Scott la absent In Now York, on a 
booking trip. 

OttANp (Theodora L. Hays, manager). — 
"The Utile Outcast" came In for fair busi- 
ness week ot May 2'J. Week of 20, "Itcnicui- 
lier the Maine." "Tho James Roys In Mla- 
riiurl" follows. , 

Scab i.\I. II. Singer, manager). — The Don 
Tog Extravaganza Co. had good busluess 
wenk of 22, nnd pleiiM'd. Al. IIccvch' Show 
comes wecL nl 211, uud tbe Trocuileros fol- 
low. ..... ... 

EMl'litn (A. Weluholinr, manager). — New 
people for week of 20: Williams and l'adro. 
Florence Whiting and Karl Elaounuer'S Ty> 
rob mi Warblers.. Holding oyer: lllauche I.a- 
inoiit. Grace Matthews. Alia Owons, Lulu 
Hoiilhllt und Kiltie llnnsnui. Bnslnesa wun 
only fair week of 22. 

Mozart 11*1.1.. — The Milwaukee German 
Theatre. Co. presented "KniifHtislreleh" 2.1, 
lo 11 big bouse. This concluded their uuguge- 
mi'iil here. 

Mknvion. — An octette, romnoevd.. of slit- 
ili;nl» from the Norwegian Lnilles Hnhlliarj. 
lied Wing, Minn., Is uiTimalug to makn a 
coiiten tout' of the Noribwcstcru Stales, 
miller the leadership of Jacob Lnui-ltz lljort, 
al Iho tud of the pn-senl term. They will 
give concerts In the Twin Cities nbuut June 

Tiljiiienimll*. — A( Ihe Melropolllnn 
Opera House (L. N.. Scolt. uinnngeri. — "Tba 
Girl Cretu Dlxlo" came May 20, for four 
night". Percy Ilriavvell ,|uno 2-N, lingers 
ItioilieiH nil, Miss llnswell hnd full- bust' 
boss Mny 22-28, Inclement weather Inter- 
fering, somewhat. 

lli.ioii Opt.ra Houmi: (Tbi'o'L. Hays, 
hinnuger). — '"Iho Utile t'luleaai." 20-Jnue I. 
"Ilemeiubor the Maine" la t.niioiiiiccil tor 
'>. lien lleinlr|cks. In "Erik, Tir Mweilen. ' 
was we|l ii'colvcii last week, 

I.vchi'M TlUUTM (li|ck Kerr la, . mana- 
ger). — Tliei. slock company. In "K-asl Lynnc," 
May 20 11 ml week. "Darkest. Ktissla" Is 1111- 
di-rllned -for next week. Good business pre- 
vailed UUi'Jfl, when "A Conieufnd Woman" 
wns played. ... ■ • 

.liKwny TiiKATflH. — Tho. Trnradoro Bur- 
lesqun Co. was hare 2(1 and week, Dnluly 
Puree, lliuli'sqiiiti's follow. Al. Heaves' Big 
Iteauty Show hud good houses 22-2M. 

Non:. — Alison Sklpworth Is now 11 uieni- 
ber of the Lyceum Stock Co., taking Miss 
Haywood's place for the pri'senl. 

Diiliilli. — At the Lvceuui ((?. A. Marshall. 
ntannger). — Fluid's Minstrels, May 21, mall. 
nen. and night, .had good business, and' 
pleased. The house was (lark 22-23, "The 
(Initio Keeper" 20, ""I'lm Girl from Dlxln" 
28, Florence Stone .'tO-Jnno 2, Itogeia Bros. 
:t, 4, "McFndden's Kow of Flats ' 7, the Four 
Cohans Hi, and Itlclutrd Manslleld II, will 
close the season. , 

MirriiocoUTAN (J. T, Cotidou. uuinaijcn . 
—The Kennedy Hlork Co., In "rtiefk,' 1 " 211- 
ML und "'llie Slrenls ot New York." 20-28, 
did well. John J. Kennedy, ait Dick rlinytb, 
made a lilt. Isabel Irving .10, ill. Jaa "The 
Crisis;" tlis Kenned v Stock Co. June I, In 
"Fiilo ;" "Hip Van Winkle" 2>4. . . 

I'.wii.oii Tiibatiih (W. J. Will Is, nuuiORcr). 
— Tbe business 2U-2K was O, l\„ ami Urn 
show gave the best of sullsfncliou. Fur W 
nnd week.: De Clalrvllle and Frisco, Etllo 
Marlon, Ed. l.owrv and wife, Mynie Ford, 
(has. KcolM'y and Hudle Klutiny, CIui'.i 
Mm Ion, Frank Hawkins, Elsie Elliott, Mmtil 
Ityiin, Flora Hess nnd w. J. Wells. The 

new blll-lesqlle Is entitled "A lilug for II 

Day." ,• . . 

Bitot; Tiikatub (J M. ninungfr). — 
BiislMess of 2u-2tt was big. The company of 
.'id and week: Tbe Great Weston, ibe Mnrilu 
Trio, F. M. Johnson. A. A. Jelllson, Mue 
Wilson, and the Edlsotl moving pIclurcH, 
The management bus secured a house nl 
Fan Claire, Wis,, In connection wllh the 
four others, but It will be dark uatll Kept 1. 


to» Ann-rlrs.—Ar the Mnson Opera Hoiist 
(It, C. , Wyatt. mnnogeri.-- -Ernest HustlDgs 
niid'i'u:. In "our New Minister," oneiird lu 
good Inislueaa May 2S. .for a week's engerfe- 
incnl. .Maude Adnms and E. It. Soihera are 
aiiionu; Hi* attractions said- to be booked At 

this house. ... >;,: 

Miinosi*o'K IniBtiANK Thnathd (Olivet .Mo 
rnsco. iiianagi'i'i.— - The linker Tbeniro.' Kti. 
presmli-d ••Tho Christian," to good business 
week' ending 21. and on 22 "Jane" was pre- 
vented (0 a parked bouse. "Ulplomacjr 2J 
and week. : , 

GRANT' orKti* lIoiHii .(Clarence, Drown, 
manager), — "ShAmu* O'Brien" ftttracutrt 
j(oml business week ending 1 21. Tim Ulrica 
Stock Co. began u twelve weeks' engagemont 
22, opening wllh "Marl's Enemy.'' "Tbe Two 
Orpuulia" 20 unit week. i . .,.>, 

t'A.m.No Tn k a tut) (II. C. Wvatt A Ollvor 
klonmro, tiianagera). — "Said l'aalm" dn-w 
well week ending 21. snd N followeil by 
"Bticcacclo" fur one weeb , ■, - 

uui'iiiiiM (t'hreiicc Drown, manager).--, 
I'eiiiiir.-s 211 and week: Mldgley anil Carlisle, 
Clam nailer I nl, George II. ll'imd, Ballerlni'a 
dogs, Giiscb Misters, Hut Merrill. Rramloa- 
aiiii Wiley, Drphcuta motion pictures, sua 
DbvIm Macenley and Co. ■>•...» 

L'NtgtT. TiiKATiii; tlleulr * Mils, moun- 
ters). — Features Juno ft nud week: Bob 
Tlppel and Emll lillment, Jnioes Lyite.anrt 
Albert Leonard, Natnlln Delgadn, Morrill 
Bros., MelnoUe Twin Slstcru, tbe UUlque- 
iwcnpe, 1 ' 1 

HttoAPWAV TiliMTnti I A. J. Morganststo. 
mannger). — Feature's Mny • 22 and weak.: 
't'hn ilniullni. Benuihgton I )uo, Carter, Jack- 
sou and Carter. McCnno nnd Grant,' Ham 
Hood, slid Ralph Rich. .:•+.> 

CllLTKH TllRAiTIM (llfcDrT K'lcl), uisnngsr). 
— Kllfi-y'* Rnytll Itnllan imtut l« intccedfled 
at this popular resort by George ' Canu's 

NlHKS.--Hllerr> Royal Italian lUnd' Is 
10 bo Itictirporaled ilnTler the name of the 
Los Angeles Itallnh Bann. . . ..Walter Mills, 
hai'lKaic, and Mi's. ,1. El, JtM-mlnghani, mq- 
trnltn, sang, renpecllvely, Arililnlua and the 
Priestess, In oratorio, pt llasnrd's nivllloq. 
Mny 21.. . . • .U'H Abgelea and Paandeng 

lodges of Elks niraugcd for a grand noiltir 
M.nv 2s no, nt Wilson Peak, ti resort in tba 
Sierra Mnilrc Mountains, near Los Angelas, 
.,,.'., Mmioger OltVer Mornard tvc«uHJT|Ml|il 
a. nniTled, visit to Hnii' Prauctscu, snd foj» 
lotVIng tbcrvou la a' report Hint the' Netll- 
Mnrimro cuiiiiuiulca aro uOw owned by Mr. 

Mnrosuo ludlrhlually .Tim Cttlntiock 

School of Expression will give a preseiiltltlOn 
of "Am You Like It," out of doors, after- 
noon of May 2A DlaVolo la giving his 

loop the l'"'P tilt at a Jalior carnival being 
held In' Los AugoU-a, .^ .. 

Soli Dli'tfo. -At tne lots' Theatre (TI. C 
Wyntt. manager). -The huttss Is (Isrk |( 
incscnt, . UesTrihlbg May 2«Y IUe Qrattno- 

Do Vrniun Stock Co. opened Its Silmuwr 
iieusoa, lu reperiot-y, Willi "Slinmns O'Hrlcrt" 
101 Ihe upunlng hill, A change' or ploy twlisl 
U week. ,...,. 

• «»»■ 1 ' ■ ■' • ' 


WnnlilusTlou. — Idisl.' tveek Was'. llii'CS- 
saiiily hot, and It hud a depressing elfcet 
mi ihil pulroiiaue of our playhousi'ii. , ,.> 

Clil.tlMHIA TiiKATim (Joseph, % Lucket], 
— mntuiger).—T'bo Edwin Aideu CM. pte- 
neiilvil '.'A llllilnd Fool," In n clevrr, nianiivr, 
nnd' scored un artistic, It not a lluuuelal, sue- 
■ CHS. 'ibis week iha aame compauy .presunts 
"Siildlera of .Fortune.." ... , , ,B 

Lai-aviuti) Orr.RA Ilimsu dm J, lav Mptto, 
luiilingi'l'),— LiiKl week the A born Opera Co. 
I'loik gave us "Thc.lVlsnrd of the Nile," to 
fair sized houses, ami tho best of satlsfAn 
lion. Tils week, "Tho Mara Wyoj", "Met; 
Wedding Day" Juno (1-11. ■., . . -J 

(Tiaiib's TmiATlinfMlus I). Wlnriirrod lie 
Wilt, tuiiiingeri. -Even this popular houss 
1 urri-rcil from the bot weallier lust Weokt 
notwlthlilaildliig u prlmi) bill,' liendad. Iiy 
Henry E. Dlxey. This week 1 Paul HupdoiJ, 
Fred Clink, a ml Florntta, Lea l-ots BuunJildH, 

Bis Molnra, — At the Grand Ojiera House 
(Wtu, Foster, nmufigrr). — Billy Kersnnds' 
Minstrels played to l/ig business Mny 111 Ik. 
The Blue Itlbbon MinsUel Gil la drew crowd- 
ed houses 10-21, "A Moonshiner's Daugh- 
ter" opened, to n go6d , ottdlencn, 2:1, and 
closed the Grand for the season 21). 

l.Noriisoi.i. 1'AtiK (Fred Bucbaiiiiii, mana- 
ger),— -This resort opens May 20, wltb a 
good hill. Including: Jlnynie Gehruc, Hie 
FIVe Juggling Normans, Wagner and Arnlm, 
Blmin, itoiiiui B-r-r-r, Wcsion and Beosley, 
and Selorn. 

Ntw««,— flenfry Bros.' Dog nnd Pony Bhotr 

comes June it, 4. Wallace's Circus June; 

Win. Foster leaves for New York and 

llto East, to make arrangements 'for the com- 
ing season. 

■ a 

Cedar Haplds. — At Greene's Opera 
House 1 Will S. t;olll<-r, business nionogur).-- • 
'the Van Dyke Stock Co. did fair business dur- 
ing tbe second and last week, May 211-21), 
which closed the season of till* house. 

\\ all ait; Snow Juno D. 
. 1 » 1 

liiirllnirloii.- -At ihe Grand Opera Hnuso 
iciiainbcrlln, lIBrrltigtou fc Co., umnngers). — - 
The senson iloseil lust week, with tho (llliuoy 
Weed Slock Co., which gnva egrelleur sfitln- 
fnction. lo good ; houses. The tnauiigouient 
has been very happy III Hie at tract ions offered 
t/ie past year, und Ibe public lias shown lis 
appreciation by a larger otteiiduuco Hum ever 

Kookuk. — The Casino Theatre npcuo for 
Ihe. Summer season -May Rfl, wllh Ihe I' 
Sisters' Co., playing it two weeks' engage- 
lliebl. In lepertory, This house la In ilia. 
Matt Kuseii circuit of Summer parks nud 
theatre*. Considerable scenery/ has ls?en 
added 10 the stage eQiilniuent, and .tho audi- 
torlutu has been rcnovuled aud luptovea. 

Henry E. Dlxey 

I red Chill; niul . 

Iteno ft lllcliurils' Co., WIiioiiil winters, Mary 

DiintMit and Co., nnd Mark Sulllvaiu. ,r ;' 

At'Aiu.'Aiv or Mi'sic (J. W. Lyon,, maun- 
reri— Last week "The ijMM or Iho nWtl 
SlaVes". hnd fair Intilnoss, T'ltla .week..!' 1 )* 
ibe Bridge at Midnight." The now Academy. 
Slock' Co., under the maiiugenieni of Fred 
G. Ilorger Jr., will prnseat "Tbe Princess uf 
Pnlclles" June U-J 1. ■ . . ' . ... / 

LiTKim TiiKATiii; (Kuuetie Kumau, launa- 
gen. — Ltsl week the, 'PJgur. .Llllts .sv'tfll 
wnli, This week, Ihe last of tint nig||liir sen- 
ton, rinses with a nionstea bamiOt tu i;ugoiip 
Kecnnn. and 11 weak wllh Die Lyceum Stock, 
wtilcli will tbereufler conduct ,tlt« lioiisp for 
tho Slimmer, under the mnungcnient of Jiis. 
M, llrenhun, who formerly so- auciioastplly 
inanngud Hoi stock at the old IIIJoll Theatro 
of, tills city. , : 1 ..' , . , l* v 

NoTpM.- The Nallonnl and I'jmplre Them. 

trva uli> closed Pawnor. Illll'.s Mlmw Is 

lilllnl for Jltne I, 2......Tlte Luwrnhfo 

Milinuier Gllnleji I'DCIied Us I'lgblb tipns.tJR 
Mny SH, under Iho nianngrnjent ot Sam; <{*)<• 
K'liholmor.'itnil the slagti dlrcillou or Josepb 
lmnels. wllh Ibe following. IsionlH.i. Flora 
Moore, llaclue and linyniond, .Mndcleln, lltil- 
chins. Charles Mlllliinn, Albert Vnscijl-, and 

1 lm Leslies At Chevy Chase Lake, Hie 

I'. H. Marine Bund concerts opened IIP, and 

will com lime all Hummer At, Cablu John 

Bridge, Haley's. Hand' concert 211. 
— I — , '4« " p' ■ ' ■ ." 


Providence- At the Providence Opera 
House (Felix R. WeiidclsclmefiT, lunliogof). 
--jsntieiic Evesson. in mo bend Of her own 
i-iinipnnv, opened' May '."I, lo H crowded 
liouse, which gave bee atl ovtitlou, ll'Mllfylng 
strongly to her populnrliv here. 'i'b« play 
was "Trilby," and lis presenfntlnii waa 
noticed favorably, Miss Rvesson, ui' wall 
us other meaibeis of the coinpiiny. rMsnasJ 
lavish floral IrlbuU'S. "Jnulco Muredllh" 11(1 
ami week. *i '• 

KKItll'a THBAtiib (friaries Ijovennertr, 

on by 
,...{, wcuk 
Isicaiisii of hot weallier. "Why Snillli U'll 
Hoiue" was the nttraf tlou .10, nt which Hole 
tbe cntnpa)iy was Joined, bir. W. 1!;.. Turner, 
who hits been starring during Iho past sen- 
son lu "Dnl'ld Durum." "The Sporllng 
Duchess" Is billed for uegt week. 

DuiwiiAi, Thratiik (Felix III Weudul- 
scliuafer, mniingecj. — "Tl)e, Cowboy nbd tin) 
Lilily" Wits a! von 2,1. Hie production twlllg 

KriTll a tiiratiir UTiaries ijovnni 

iiianiicer). — "Tho Climbers" was pul.ut 
the Alhee stock <>„■ ill, witn .bvM.ei 
llimlneas fell off it ' llulo . durltigVoM. t 


cari'fiilly. nud satisfactorily worked 1 
"Monte (!rlslo" .'10. nltd week. .... , 

Kmwiii: TiD'Ajki; (Hnttz & Natliaiisutt, 
malingers).- -Dot ICnrroll and (tin stock cola- 
puny sliu liesda presented "A Titled Outvosl" 
tp good litudncas week of. 2ft. Vnudenlio 

was glvcii between the acts, wltlt Jhre Sun- 
fnr-il, Roiolst. "A Night In ctilnntoWrj," JIO 
and wet*. "The Spotting DnchOHa." roiluVfs.',, 

WanTHiNNTtRTllKATIIK 'P'lnrgt' II. Hdteu- 

eller, rtinnager).— Tin? Btillnrfty' l)urlc«l)ii(!r» 
guv*; ii fulr show last wt'rk. Troiisoceaald 
BtirleKipici's, :io and week. Girls from' 

Tlie . Sit nitter 1 HuWtro' 
... Wltii'irnidllo.'ii oiii'Titiiu 

Mrgltt Minstrels, under. Hie mnilBgelpCltt'ilf 

III, "wie. 
Sea Si III, opf'lti-ll Jill 

Mv Wilson/ Jpo. niirniitf, 

Mine. . (lliinlolphy Roll' 
inn, nnd Ibn Virginia guar- 

Fiunco uexf.witck. 
CiIk»1'.si/t Oiidvh. 


. li(ler,HI« \ 

Alroiisli A l.ninoiit. lit tllo couijiilhy, /t.-e. 
Hilly Juckson. Blllx Wilson,' J>«. nurnotf, 

MnildO Packer, .Mi: ' 
Spntgiio. Sammy Bnll, 
let le, all colored. 

IbiYPDN lii'.imiTs (Splls, Nathartsort^* 
Ahie«, iiiBhaitcrj)i.-~0«Qrge V. Holloway.'a, 
lining horses, King nnd Queen, are: shown 
the opening week,' OT,"" "." ... 

i ■ ■ • . ,, «isp ,r iii . i. , .„ 

.NiOTil) HtfriEBT wUl'anpu on Ibs.-pfffatM 
circuit July is; wltb bar tvugti girl moilo- 




June 4. 

', ' , ■' ■ 

Ua«decllle and mitisrrel 

i CiUui.ks II, KotuiKST Una ii gain Joined the 
Topsy Turvoy Trio, to play the eccentric, bell 
l»oy; "the trio mot wllh (Success while recently 
it Pastor's Theatre. • ' ' ■ 

lumiv am> Wiilkobd, who recently, ap- 
peared lit 1'ustor's In the place of another 
team, ■produced their, dancing finish, and It 
was a great success. They ore booked on the 
lialvUuV circuit,, opening Monday; May.UO.. 
• vMs.RbbD, of.Beed and 8bnw. In receiving 
thtf tfongfatoiatlons of ills, friends upon the 
•frttal rof' a- little wcy present** to fllmby 
m*m < en tin 21. i ^ • ' 


^J:.tJje Qrder>of Baspbetrys st Pittsburg, 
w*Th7j|ilSyWg:at the Avenue Theatre. • • 


recently closed three weeks aflho Sew Or- 
phwini' Theatre, Portland, Ore., and- then 
opened at Empire Theatre, Tacoma, Wash., 
wtth Central Theatre, Seattle, to follow. An- 
nette and Llllum, the cbldren of the team, 
lire meeting with success In their dramatic 
sketch. They arc Introducing some clever 
irkk buck dunclug. We will introduce a big 
four act .next season, carrying special 
swnvy." ' 

Cmim-ci- aw'p Ri;iikh wore obliged to can- 
cel Philadelphia week of May IB, owing to 
deaths In the < family of Mr. Corbie/. He 
hurled -his father, and three cousins In the 

! ijteMrruw the 'trump, writes: "I have 
closed with the Dllgcr-C'ornell Co., and have 
gone Into stock: for the Unmmor, to play 
parts and do by epeclaltlcs. I am with tbo 
llthel Dyffryn Stock Co., ut Johnston's Park, 
Hrantioid, Can." . ., • • ■ ■ • ... 

ConA itaitwmi, female swimmer, will 
commence her' Sumuier season under canvas 
111 'dUQC.: -Mlm Beckwlth Is a well known 
feature, iittractlon at fairs and expositions. 
Her remarkable swimming exhibitions are 
dime; In a portable tank fifty feet long. . 

■ HbUuuoTM, Dki... a seaside resort on the 
Atlantic ocean, Ave miles below Cape Hcn- 
lope u and directly opposite Cape May, Is to 
have a 8utnmer:tbenlre and ocean plor, which 
are nowsalmost completed and will bo ready 
fp-rofwn-Hbout ' Juihv 10. Tbo theatre will 
Nat about 560 people, and' la being hand- 
somely fitted up by the owuer and proprie- 
tor.. C. • 8, Horn, who has engaged a number 
ot-protnlneut attractions, Uehobxith Is largely 
patronized by Haltlmore and Washington 
people, and It has « permanent population of 
shout -10.000 In the Summer. 

'.'AUnx Williams, of Williams and Padre, 
writes: "My wlte'taud I celebrated our Oxst 
year of marriage in tho far Northwest. Thin 
Ih' our second, and last week ut. Spokane, 
\v;nxb.,- as wo leave for -Minneapolis, where 
we have- quite considerable booking through- 
out Minnesota. and .Wlscenslu." • .•'•- 
-'ilri, aND.Miw.W.'H. McDoOOAUi (C'orlnne 
Ea' Vaunt) write': "We 'will remain' with tho 
NMIohnl Mock Co. for a Summer tour of tho 
Adirondack Moitptsliis. • Wo received many 
linsWer* ,to. our, ',Cwrrt]K' ad., but we' shall 
remain ' with Manager Hchad for tho Summer." 
<.rfue Capitol' City Tmo wrlle that,, they 
UIyo .been making unite a' success in New 
York. State. They" arc being featured with 
tlui' Garrick Stock Co. Mastor Lawrence. Is 
uluklog u' success with his new creation, "Tho 
Choir TBov's Vision/' 'The trio 'start- on their 
nurillern tour (Canada) early In July. 
,tiit> Two Iikwitts are presenting tbelr 
novelty! globe' act as. a free attraction feature 
on I'lho street in front' of tho Illg Coliseum 
i.ireus, wlth-lbe llatch-Adftuis Carnival Co.. 
The Hewitts, who are booked solid for Sum- 
infer Reason, are meeting with success. . . 

Jack. Hbown and Lillian Wiuukt have 
signed for sixteen weeks. on the t'rauk. Mel- 
ville' circuit of purks. 

' •Etjxr.LLi: '8i!AFi-:ttT, who closed a thirty- 
three weeks' engagement . at Providence, It. 
I., April i), os Ingenue Inli J. Curpentor's 
"Fpr Her Hake" Co.,' opens her vaudeville 
Hgksbft.aL Ilashagen's Park, St. Louis, Mo., 
week, of Juue. la. ■. 

•Mrs. M. Bookcm, manager of tho Young 
America Quintette, sailed for England, Sat- 
urday,- May t!l, to visit her daughter, Mattlo 
Itoorum. The Quintette is booked up to April 
next through ICngluod. . . • 

Lillian LB Itov writes: "I have signed 
for'twelve weeks over tho Fly tin parks, open- 
ing Jhine '20. I have ii new act for next sea- 
son, -which will be known as Murtba '. It-Co., 
In- 'A Grievous Mistake.".' . . 

James It., who was at the Opera 
Hftual, Colorado Springs, Colo., week of May 
as, writes: "Since playing Inst September on 
the' Kohl ft Castle circuit I have not lost a 
week, and. am booked up solid until the mid- 
dle of August." ••' .', 

Cms. Alnolua, oiiulllhrliit. who recently 
closed a season of thirty-six weeks with the 
M brray and 'Mack cy Comedy Co., Is touring 
Illinois with Hudson's Comedy Co. 

'J. Norman Dm Vavil recently closed a suc- 
cessful se'ttsou of thlrty.elgbt weeks with Con- 
roy * Mack'a Comedians, at Pottstqwn, Pa., 
and '■ will ' play Hummer ' parks ' with . Sister 
MuTbellc. In "The Little- UouBekoepcr,". by 
Walter Mnek:' They arc booked solid until 
Aug. a On July 4 they plsy Educational 
Hall, 'Anbury l'ark, N. J. 

'Habky > Von ^Dhm. • has closed with Leder- 
insn's Now York Specialty Co., and will opou 
wMh Thornty Donnelly's MolropolUan Mln- 
FtfelB June 3. 

••Fhfid- Clayton, formerly of Clayton and 
tilr Shon, last season with the Mlttenthal 
.UhM,'' attractions, has closed a forty-four 
weeks' engagement as ' light comeduw . with 
the Knstcru "Mttlo Outcast" Co. ■ 

'. Ciatjnr Knu.v Is now In Ida twenty-fourth 
neck on the It. Ilcors Loos Southern Califor- 
nia' circuit, ■. ■ •' '"-, 
..Smith anp. Auado report success at the 
Qje.vtlnndt Thealrc; Chlcagd, week of Mny 22. 
They, have Milwaukee and St. Louis -to fol. 
low, and nrp booked solid for the Summer. 

■ CiNyui vai.1,1 liaa completed over four huir- 
dred tulles In his sixteen borso iwwor Clem- 
ent sutomobllo. traveling through Knglaud. 
Siiitland' and Ireland. Ho. has climbed to 
the. summit of a -hill culled Snowdon, which 
has never bern done before. 

Stage ntecbanics. 


At the New Amsterdam Theatre, New York,, 
City, on Saturday night, May M, Joseph 
M. Weber and Louis M. Fields said their 
farewells to their company -and to each other, 
for henceforth each has decided to go his 
separate business way. There - was u tre- 
mendous audience prvsent to view the last' 
scenes on tho stage as the partners of over 
iwoity-Uvo years' association made their last 

£ubll<- Rp|iearance together as a team, and 
Ir. Weber, -Mr. Klelds, and nil the principals 
of the .company made farewell speeches. ' 
• Humors of the separation of the partners 
bacjiuse of business differences, had been In 
the air since early In the neaKon, but they 
were repeatedly denied until a tiborjt .*une , 
ago* when their truth was admitted, and the 
farewell engagements of the famoaa Weber 
ft Klclda burlesque organization were- an- 
nouueed. The engagement at the New Am- 
sterdam marked the final appearance of 
Weber ft, Fields together, and the all 
star stork company was then disbanded. 

This well known team of performers were 
bolh born In- this city, Joseph M. Weber on 
Aug. 11, 18sT, and Louis M. Fields on Dec. 
SI of the same year. They mudo their' first 
appearance on the stage together, .at the 
ago Of twelve .jcars, making their debut at 
Turn Hall, In East Fourth Street, mis city, 
at an entertainment and ball, where/', tbev 
appeared In black face and did a knockabout 
song and dance. The/ had no Idea at thac 
tone of becoming professionals, as their ap- 
liearancc was only for a frolic, but they suc- 
ceeded «o> well thru a stage career, opoued 

has' closed, after n most successful season, 
nnd will be opened next season a little 
earlier than usual. Some repairs will be 
man's. ... .-'..'■ 

West Ueiohtm Park offered a strong 
vaudeville bill ' week of: 22,. and attracted 
large crowds. Two programmes are given 
daffy. ^ 

• t Cook's) Park flr being changed somewhat, 
and numerous additions have been made. 
All-- sorts of attractions . In roller coasters, 
side shows and curios hav: been added, 
with a large addition to the Summer the- 
atre, which will be devoted to repertory. 
Felix Heprit will manage It. 

'SELLS ft Downs' Cwcuh'Ih booked June 7. 

I •.. a ■ ■ , . 

KranLfort. — At the Bllnn (B, Langer- 
lirake, manager). — The K. of P. Minstrels 
closed the house season. 


Itself to their view, and they resolved tit 
enter the profession. They finally obtained 
an engagement at the old Dime Museum, on 
Chatham Boiiarc,. where they appeared from 
early morning until midnight, receiving 
throu dollars a week each. Toe engagement: 
gave them an opportunity for practice, and 
to feel their way. ' Then followed an engage- 
ment at the old New York Museum, oh the 
Itowcry, where the management thought 
them worth «7.00 per week each. Here 
Ihey appeared thirty-six times each day, 
The supply of black faced comedians proving 
rather a glut on the market, they deter- 
mined to get 'up anew ncti and they accord- 
ingly got together what they called an Irish 
Jong and daneo knockabout sketch, and as 
rlsh comedians they appeared In the vari- 
ous variety theatres for three years. Then 
It' was that they decided to transform them- 
selves Into Dutch comedians, r.nd they cluntc 
to this stylo of work ever since, winning 
(or themselves fame and fortune. Early lu 
tbolr career us German Senators they an- 
nenrcd for one year with the CarncrosB 
Minstrel Co., 'n Philadelphia, Pa. Thev 
went to the Quaker City to play a . two 
weeks' engage men i, but, making a bit, .re-. 
iiiuliR'd for the rest of the season. During 
tile season ' of '85-SO they -traveled with 
Hyde's Comedians, and In the following year 
uojiearcd will: Austin's Australian Novelty 
Co. During the season of '87-88 the*'' were 
members of -Horry Kcraell'n Vaudeville Co. 
The following year was spout In California. 
They uppearcd for several' months In- Sau 
Knnelaea, at the dlffcreut vaudeville houses, 
and then visited Portland, . Ore., and. later 
Hi. Pnul and Minneapolis. Minn. For the 
seuson of '00-01 'they orgaulzed Weber & 
Fields' pwn Company, which - became one "cf 
i he leading traveling vaudeville companies 
on the road.- . For the seasons of 'Dt-OU-dit 
they wcro with Tony Pastor's- Co. for the 
Sni'ltiR ■ tours. Weber ft Fields' VauUeVllla 
Club was first organized during the- season 
of 'B-J-Uu, and tbt'BnnaM Dros. ConKdlnm* 
for the season of '92-n:i. The skctrhns 
which- won them the greatest public -raver - 
while ■ vaudeville performers were tbolr 
"Scniitors in the Pool Room," "At the Bowl- 
ing Alley," "Senators at Work," "Senators 
ut Play," and tholr famous "KthuctianioeL". 
At tho- Columbus Theatre, In Harlem, on Sept. 
28, they bioUght. out for the season of 'U't- 
l»7 a new B':t, which they culled "Tho Ger- 
man Spnators at Buseball." The setting for 
this' set was more elaborate than any of 
the preceding offerings of these comeainnB. 
In the background there was seen A grand 
eland.' crowded with spectators.. In front 
of th(s scene was' a seven foot high I board 
fence, In front of which' was un old limbless 
tree, somewhat higher that (he fence. When 
the act oyoued, Weber and Fields were, seen 
perched In this tree, so, that they wero able 
lu look over tho fence into the bull- ground. 
The- comedians themselves were dressed tin 
busehall players, slid they Introduced Into 
tuts- act a vust quantity of fun. frolic and 
fncctlouimcss. On Sept. S} ISfltf, they 
opened the old Iraperlol Music Hall, under 
the name of Weber ft Fields' Broadway' 
Music' Hall. A stock company of upwards 
■if thirty people was orgnulred for the pre- 
ucntatlon of burlesques on leading dramatic 
successes of the day. Principals of tlin 
Stock company which opened the music hall 
worn Ross and Ponton, 8am Bernard. John 
T. Kelly. Thonins.J, ltyao, Yolunde Wallace, 
Lllllun Swnln, Frankle Bailey, and the Sis- 
ters Benumont. Joseph Herbert was ' en- 
gaged to ■ Write the burlesques audi 
Ptromberg to wrlle the music. The first 
liurlceque put on was tho "Art of Marv- 
land," whleh met with success. ■ "Tb^ Wce- 
zer," a burlesque on George Edwarde'H 
"The Gelfha," was produced at the Music 
Hall on Thursday, Oct. 8, of the same .year, 
and proved a very amusing and tiuceesHful 
travesty upon tho original piny. The suc- 
cess of the little music half was phenome- 
nal, and although Weber ft Fields often 
branched out In other ventures, their New 
York home theatre, n financial nud sHlstlc 
success at all times, .was their reliable und 
most firmly established nionoy maker. The 
burlesques were changed every yent, and at 
frequent Intervals skits whleh held up to 
good nlitured raillery the legitimate -successes 
of the tlay, were Introduced, The 'princi- 
pals in the Weber ft Fields' Co. presenting 
"Whoop-Dee-Dno" nnd "Catherine,"' clos- 
ing May 28, -were Weber ft Fields, Chsrle* 
J. Ross nnd Mabel Fen ton. • Louis Mann, 
John. T. Kelly, Peter. F. Dallcy, and Lillian 
Russell. - . • • " 

»■> ' 

..^otes frutn llUladeliihia Lodge, No. 8. — 
On Sunday, June 0, the. dedication .of our 
npw bur|H) plot in Montrose Ceoietery will 
fake- place. The. ceremonies, beginning. Hi 
4 ly M„ will. consist of orations and sddn>sses 
by promlnont ettlsens, vocal and Instrumental 
■UUsIc, etc. As. this event creates a prece- 
dent in the -history of the order, It Is desired 
that you extend ,hii. lnvltiitluu \<> jour ac- 
quaintances to be present, und that you bring 
vnftr -family wltk> you. Take Market Street 
oar» to Klxt.v-thlrd Stiver, and West Chester 
I rolley two miles. tu Oie. cemetery gate. Fol- 
lowing Is the board of .officers of Ptilladnl, 
Pliut Lotlgo. Xo. Ii, T. M. A., for 1004 : Presl- 
dant, .John Penrose; past president. Geoi-ge 
w.iiisjx : vice -president. Thomas Calhoiuj: 
recordlng.'Eocretary-. C. J. Loverlng', flnaiKlal 
secretary, Ale*. Chrlntlu ; treasurer, William 
F.-' Sehoefer; physician, W. C. Hammoud ; 
trustees — Gun Walls, Chas. A. Heffner Hr. 
aMChaa J. Phlllbert: marshal I, William 
K. Blocb ; sergeant tit anus. T. Dauonliowct ; 
guard, C, Gemendtuj. In our new headquar- 
ters, which have home like nnd club features, 
nil urotbero are welcome (any day or eren- 
trur),.>fruui leu o'clock a. it., to midnight : 
IHtrticulnrly on tho fourth. Sunday of each 
month, our- regular meeting dny, commenc- 
ing at 1' 1', 51. ." 
:,T Tlie- members of Local 18. Milwaukee, 
mourn. the death of Henry Nlcnow, formerlv 
MHH agent of Local 18. He died May 
20^ and after eighteen years of service.- A rn- 
■••Id King nnd'Edwiird MeUlllh«-«re also very 
llll, but. the brothers' look hopefully forward 
to their recovery.- < > •• 


Indianapolis.— At English's OperaiBouse 
(Ad. V. Miller, manager). — The season closed 
in a blaxe of glory May 14. with "The Ten- 
derfoot," matinee, and night, to packed 
houses. It wsb the third engagement of this 
attraction here thin season. The season lust' 
closed was tbo most prosperous In tlie his- 
tory of the house. 

Pa uk Tiieatrfi (Dickson ft Tnlbott, man- 
agers). -^-.Tho Holden Stock Ob. put on "Tho 
Christian," to capacity busluess week of '23, 
except. 2 1 , when "Sapho" was given to two, 
packed bouses. "Kathleen -Mavotirneea"*9V- 
June 1. "My Partner" 2-4, which will close 
the seasou. •-■ .,.,..'., 

ill?' I ' ' 1 : 

Vincennes.-— At McJunsey'st Frank Green, 
manager).— The Tuony Corned v Co. closed a 
ten days', stand May 25, pleasing. This house 
has closed for the Summer, ana will reopen 
the latter part of August. 

Electric Park- on Casino, «» it wi| be 
atvlod. n Summer garden and theatre, 
opens the luttet part of June whore 
Fall-view Park Is now located. This', Is a 
venture which Is being rapidly pushed to 
success by the Messrs. Rronlg. of Terro 
llHute, lun. The theatre will have a seating 
capacity of between six and seven hundred. 
The stage and staging apparatus will be new. 
and strictly up "to date In every particular, 
the stage being 0Ox2;t feet, with an opening 
or 22ft., and fly gallery attachments. It Is 
the Intention ti> have continuous vaudeville 
i ■ . . ■ i 

' H)r«n«vlHe.— The People's' Tlle'dlfe 
(Pedley it Bnrch, managers).— This bouse 

.■-.. CANADA.. - 

Montreal, — At the Academy of Music 
(H. U. Brooks, manager). — Cbauacey Olcott, 
Ip "Terence." came to good bouses May,2S- 
28. Francis Wilson, In "lirmlnlc," June 2-4 ; 
Viola Allen 6-11. 

PsocroB'H (H. C. Egerton, manager). — 
Tbo Dnrban Stock Co. opened Its season, in 
"Brother Officers," to good bouses last week. 
"Robespierre" May 30-June 4. 

Theatrb Frakcaih (F. Hawortb, mana- 
ger). — Tho Audrey Stock Co., In "Woman 
Against Woman," came to fair houses May 
28-28. "Devil's Island" ItOJune 4. 

Theatre Royal (F. W. Le Clair, mana- 
ger). — The London Gaiety Girls, in burlesques, 
Including an olio presenting Gilbert- Sarony, 
and the Maginleys, drew fair bouses May 23- 
28. The London Gaiety Girls- Co. remains 

HoHnr.R Park (Lavlgac ft Lsjole, mans- 

Sers). — This place opens its Summer season 
lay 30. 
theatre National Francaih (G. Gau- 
vreau, ■ manager). — The permanent French 
stock company. In "The Organ Grinder," bad 
good houses 23-28. 

, e ; i ' i . i 
T'oroiito — A t the Princess Theatre (O. B. 
HUeppard. manager). — Francla Wilson pre- 
sented "Krminie," to packed houses last 
week. Viola Allen, In "Twelfth Night," 80- 
Jnne 1, "Red Feather" 2-4. 
Grand Opera House (A. J. Small, mana- 

Ser). — "Tbo Tyranny of Tears" drew fair 
ouses last week. "The County Fair" this 

MajkhtIc Tukatoe (A. J. Small, mana- 
ger).— "llie Light of Gotham" played to fair 
business last week. "East Lyn'ne" Is the 
current bill. 

HiiEA'a TiiKATiiE U. Shea, manager). — A 
drawing bill last week Included: i/oulse Gun- 
ning. Ilul Godfrey and'Co., Kd. F. Reynard, 
Jennie Yeamaus, Reno and Richards, Foster 
and Foster. ' Carl McCullough, the klneto- 
Hcope, Sbean and Warren. . 

Star Theatre (F. W.- Stair, manager) .— 
The Fay Foster Co. did a large business last 
week. Tho Rose Hill English Folly Co. May 
30 and week. , 

Tin: Inlanii. nanlan's Point (Mat Dee, 
manager). — This place of amusement opened 
for the Summer with a strong list of attrac- 
tions and large audiences. 

''Mt'NiioK Park (W. Banks, manager).— 
This resort opened to largo crowds 23. The 
bill Included : I.lbble Blondell, Onri. Leonard 
ancl Drake, Beeson and Ferguson, the Climb- 
ers, Beau and Hamilton, and the Schuyler 
Bisters. - 

'Si. John.— At the Opera House (A. O. 
Skinner, manager). — "Tho Real Widow 
Brown" opened May 10, for three nights, to 
good business, giving good performances. The 
Fls'ke Stock Co, opened a two nights* engage- 
ment 28, to a good house, lu ''Hearts and 
Arms." "Jennie, the Mascot," drew standing 
room only matinee and nlgbt 24. Due : Rob- 
ert Mantell 30- June 4, In repertory. 

York Turatrb (R. J. Armstrong, mana- 
ger).— The Innocent Maids" 23, 24, packed 
the house. "Grimes' Cellar Door" 0-11. >• 

NotBs.— The Flsko Stock Co. left 26 for 

Cuariotlctowo, P. E. I The Innocent 

Maids left 25 for Frcdcrlcton, N. B. 
• ' »»— ^^— a 

Berlin, -At the Berlin Opera House (C. 
E..-: Mover, .manager).;— On May 18 "Happy 
Hooligan" had a crowded bouse. "Iu tho 
Heart of Texas" 28. - 

.Bridukfokt Casino (Phillips k Eagcu, 
managers );— Large, crowds attended the 
vaudeville every night '23-28. ' Booked: Liv- 
ing.. Canada 30,- 31. -. . 

Belleville. — At the Carman Opera 
House (S. U. Carman, manager)'. — "Are You 
a Mason V bnd fair business and gave good 
satisfaction May 25. "Reuben In New 
York, m 

•Note.— This city Is liberally prepared for 
the appearance of Rlngllng'a Circus, June 
4.v.. -. .Forepaugh-Hells, JulyT.- ■ 

Winnipeg.— At the Winnipeg Theatre 
C. P. Walker, manager) . — Tho Beggar Prince 
Opera Co. opened May 10, and played to 
very nice ' business at popular prices, re- 
maining until 28. 

Tun Auditorium Summkr Garden opened 
2R-: the. vaudeville talent was all good, and 
they 'bavo boon drawing, good crowds. 

•iuclicc — At the Auditorium Theatre (A. 
J. Small, manager).— Robert Mantell finished 
tho Inst week of his engagement May 28, to 
..Improved business. On victoria Buy, an extra 
matinee was given, The theatre, under the 
direction of Local Manager J. L'. Turton, 
was very prettily decorated, and the night 
being .Military Night, the local militia at- 
tended and enjoyed Mr. - Mantell In "A Se- 
cret Warrant." Coming : Quebec Symphony 
Society SO, Montreal French Stock Co. 31. 

Hamilton.— At the Grand Onora House 
(A. R, Louden, manager). — "Reuben In T\o\v 
York did fair business Muv 20, 21. "To 
Die ut Dawn," 23. had large'eudlencc. "The 
Country Fair," 21, attracted two fair slued 
houses. Very large audiences witnessed 
"lied Feather,'' 28, 27 (return). "Happy 
Hooligan," 28, dosed the season here, which 
has been a prosperous one. 

♦ »♦ ' ■ 

Cheyenne. — At tho Crystal Theatre 
(Crystal Co:, new managers).— Vaudeville 
continues to draw good houses; A very 

good show last week. ' . 

music and $jjg| 

Kd. Duffy, formerly leader of the "Her 
Atonement- band, has been selected by the 
dock -commissioner of New York to provide 
a band of twenty-five musicians to give con- 
certs eveolngs on tho recreation pier, also to 
give concerts afternoons. In the city parks. 

Elisabeth Pnrkana. an American soprano, 
mudo her Kuropean debut at Covent Garden, 
London. lCug.. on May 14, as Slebel, In 
"Faust. ' Newspaper comment on her work 
was decidedly favorable. 
'• ♦■» 

— Success always brings a host of Imi- 
tators and pirates. Althongh "The Shep- 
herd King" was only produced on April 5, 
Wright I<orlmcr hua already received com- 
munlcatlons to tbo effect that pirated ver- 
sions of "The Shepherd King" are being per- 
formed In the West under various titles, 
nnd he has Instructed his attorney to take 
steps at once to prosecute all Who Infringe 
upon. his .copyright. Howard Derrick, Mr. 
lAii'liucr'a representative, has also gone to 
look, over some of these plays hi order to 
(see that Mr. Lorlmer's Interests are fully 

i Notch from Burt F. Pikrcb's Streets or 
Njew , York ami Oregon Indian Mkpicinb 
Co.. — We are' in our thirty-seventh week of 
continued success. The hard Winter has not 
had any effect upon us, as we have not lost 
a single nlgbt. We are pleasing the people 
and quite often the S. R. O. Is displayed in 
front of the bouse. Wo have got everything 
new this season. Frank M. Petts, our mana- 
ger, has occupied that position for five years. 
We have played towns this Winter that never 
have seen, a picture machine, and the people 
were delighted with them. We have not lost 
,Thf Clipper once this- season, though we 
hired a man once 1 to drive nine miles, when 
It was 20 below zero, to get It for us. The 
"man In white" Is still on deck. The roster 
Is . as follows : Pierce k Petts, proprietors ; 
Frank M. Petts, manager; Burt F. Pierce, 
magic, royal marionettes and picture ma- 
chine ; Frank M. Petts, comedian, singing 
and dancing and musical act; Maud Pierce, 
song Illustrator ; Llllle A. Jones, leader ; trick 
dog Cute. We stay out all Summer, playing 
the sea coast towns and cities. 

Laura Morbis (formerly Mrs. Jas. B. 
Macks) has been engaged by Thompson fc 
Dundy, of Luna Park, coney Island, N. Y.. 
for her Cynthia work. In ber entertainment 
sbc holds closely to real Yankee eccentricities. 

Al. Doi.sos, press agent for Pain's fire- 
works' spectacle, "Last Days of Pompeii," 
writes : "we opened our season Monday. May 
18, at Charleston. S. C, Confederate Veter- 
ans' Reunion week, to over twelve thousand 
paid admissions, und played to the largest 
week's business In the history of Pain's spc- 
tacles in that city. This organisation travels 
In Its own special train of fifteen curs, car- 
ries its own cauvas Inciosure, with a seating 
capacity of twelve thousand people, and en- 
lists the services of over fire hundred pyro- 
technists, performers and employes, playing 
only the larger cities, one and two weeks, on 
guarantees. The executive staff Is: II. B. 
Tbearle, general manager ; G. E, Raymond, 
manager; James Cunliffe, superintendent ; L. 
W. Buckley and J. S. Gordon, contracting 
cgents; Al. Dolson and Harrv Earle, press 
agents; W. S. Maguire and James D. Lee. ad- 
vertising and excursion agents ; Fred S. Mur- 
ray and Fiddls Page, stage directors and 

Roster op Brother Anprkw Rankin's 
Quaker Mhdicine Shows: Andrew Rankin, 
lecturer and proprietor ; Dr. K, C. Bell, con- 
sulting physician and office worker; J. B. 
Woods, all 'round comedian and acrobat; 
George Mooney, black face comedian and 
vocalist: little Jim Woods, mascot, and the 
Great Monon, contortionist. Wo opened In 
Toledo, 0., May 2, for the season. Business, 
In spite of cold and rain, has been good. 

Notes from Hutchinson carnival Band. 
— Prof. John McElwee and his celebrated An- 
thracite band, give dally concerts that are 
enjoyed by hundreds of people every day. The 
following nrc members of his bond :'IInrry 
Kline, William Simmons. Herman Ralkllng, 
Jhmcs I'. Brennnmnn, Percy Turner, James 
J. Brennan, Nicholas Carroll. John MeKlwee, 
Ignatz Weston, Frank Bruno, Fred Kraft, 
Frank Holllster, William Korp, John J. Bren- 
nan. Frank Berst; of Stillwater. Minn., has 
.lolned Prof. McElwec, filling a Joint eugage- 
ment as solo cornet. 

James and Loss, bell ringers, write: "We 
opened our tenting season at South Milwau- 
kee, Wis., May 17, to the largest business 
in the history of this company. Our new 
people, as well as the old featnres, were well 
received. Hnmlln nnd Davidson, Charles 
Carter and Leona Blake were all new feat- 
ures, Stella James and Harllc made good 
In. a new musical act. Harry Stafford wn.s 
well received In his vocal selections, while 
James nnd Loss were given a hearty recep- 
tion. We will continue at Milwaukee for 
two weeks. The company, numbers sixteen 

Notes Fnosi tub Swiss Entertainment 
Co. : . This la our third stand under rover, 
having seating capacity of 1.500. Wo will 
locate at Winnipeg, Man., for four weeks. 
'Ihe roster Is: J. Grlese, proprietor and 
manager; Mlnua Von Fulkenburg, treas- 
urer; Chas. West, leader of band: JI. A. 
Lowry, leuder of orchestra; Will W. Bind- 
ing, singe director; Earl Stanley, Jlmnile 
Hurnj, Alberta. M. A. Stevenson, L. F. 
Stutsman, F. W. Lyle, Joint Scott, Jlminle 
Llston, Henry Carlton. Harold Wolstront. 
Lester Ashcr, Guy Evans. Frank Marsh, 
hvalyn Watson. Trlx Stanley, Josephine 
VYesi, Lena Asber, and Ella Evans. 

XOtbs from .thb Pan-American Show. 
—We opened our season at Clinton. Mo.,' May 
14. The big ton Is under the direction of 
Ed. Baldwin, and tbo side show is under the 
management of Bert Chlpman. Ed. Lemon 
Is bandmuster of the big lmnd. Zelleno, the 
mystic, (s with our show this season, making 
bis second season with this show. 

Dr. C. K. Covev bus written a book of 
"Modlctii Sjjells," whleh has been published 
by Ernest- L. Fnntus, Chicago. The work Is 
devoted exclusively to lectures for medicine 
men, street- men. carriage doctors, curb stone 
sellers, opticians, medical "ad." writers, nnd 
to all those who sell curative or toilet goods 
through the art of speech. 

William Patrick Hates, a native of 
Brooklyn, a dancer .and acrobat, died at the 
Seney Hospital, In that borough, from ty- 
phoid fever, on May 2. Mr. Hayes was born 
March IT, 1881. and had been Identified with 
the Hyde & Behman theatres from bis early 
youth. When seventeen years old he wont 
upon the stage In the company of George W. 
Monroe. Four months later he became one 
of Edna Bassett Marshall's Quintette, with 
which he remained three seasons. He then 
doubled with W. II. Baker, and after a six 
months' copartnership, joined Ward und 
Vokes, and his dancing with Lucy Daly was 
a feature In "The Head Walters." After- 
ward he doubled with Harry Blocksom, now 
of Blocksom and llurns, and during the sea- 
son of ] 1)03-04 was one of the features In 
conjunction with Edith Murray. In "The 
Funny Mr. Dooley." Frank D. Bryiin was 
one of the pall bearers, tho Interment being 
In the eomotery of the Holy Cross. 

Emma Leslie, who was well known half a 
century ago as an actress and singer, died at 
tho homo of her son-ln-luw. J. W. Cook. In' 
Brooklyn, N. Y.. on May 10. She was bo'n 
lu Cambridge, Mass., eighty-one years ago, 
and her name In private life was Mrs. Cndy 
K. Howe. She was married when quite 
young to Jerry Hnllctt, a brother of the first 
Mrs. P. T. Barnuni, and began her career by 
singing at Barnum's old museum, at Ann 
Street, where sho became a great favorite. 
When Uarnum opened his new museum, in 
Philadelphia, In 1840, Mr. Hallett was sent 
there to take charge of Mr, Barnum's Inter- 
ests. His wife accompanied him, and be- 
came a, member of the museum company as 
Miss Leslie. She soon won the hearts of 
the pnbllr, and became a favorite. She re- 
mained In Philadelphia until the museum ' 
was burned down, In 1851. Mr. Hallelt died 
In 1855. leaving his young widow to the 
care of his sister, Mrs. Barnum. Mrs. Hal- 
lett lived in Bridgeport for a time, and In 
1857 married Cady E, Hove, a well known 
circus advance agent, wf^h whom she lived 
happily until death wparated them, live 
years ago. Sho leaves two daughters. The 
fumviHl service, May 18, was largely at- 
tended. Many old friends of Mrs. Hallett 
and Mr. Howe attended, the only old friend 
of former days being Aunt Louisa Eldrldge, 
who was a member of the Philadelphia mu- 
seum company, In 1850, and who bad al- 
ways kept up friendship with her old roui- 
E anion. The remnlus were taken to Cam- 
ridge, Mass., for luterment. 

Jambs I,. Loyb. long known to colored 
performers as "Daddy" Lore, died recently 



r U*u*«' 

The Best Way 

to keep well U to prepare against 111. ' 
' Half the enjoyment tif Summer time is 
lost to many through over besting and ex- 
cessive perspiration— too often resulting 
in chills, or worse. Iu the light, airy 
Woolens of the-Jseger Sjstem there can 
lie neither over heating or chill, as thev 
effectually protect against both. No va- 
cation outfit complete without them. ■ 

Booklets and samples Frrr. 

Dr. Jaeger Co.'s Own Stores: 

New Vnrk- I »» "flh Ave. ' 

Ncwloric. j m Broad ir«y. 

Brooklyn: 50-1 Fulton St. 

Boston: 230-2112 BojlHton St. 

Philadelphia: lMOUhcstnnl St. 

Chicago: 82 Statu St. 

JyeiUt In all 
Principal villet* 


■ na MARC! All Ban* Initrif 
■t about 

... ■« mil., 

one-half th ■' ■ 

prices otbera ask for the 
ifmmo nlg-b grails goods. 

For our Frca B<na Inatru- 
man! Catatsgua, al^oour Free 
Boaklet entitled, "How toBny , 
Band Instruments," for JarKS il- 
lustrations and oomptetp description* of our thro 
large lines of brapl instruments, also eTerythtng In 
Drumv.- Clarionets. Flutes. Saiophoncs. etc., etc., for the 
free catalogues, our frueranteo and rorund proposition, 
for the moat liberal band Instrument offer «rt>r 
heard of, for the new method of erlllng Instrument? fully 
eiplakled, for something new and Immenwly Interesting 
to every bandmao, cut this ad oat and mall to as today. 


" WANTW) at'K'K, MAN ['OR QENTliKL and 
Character Heavies; Character Man and Woman, 
8..and I). Souhrette. Also Band Peoplo that Double 
Orchestra. Write or wire quick. Salaries snre; we 
pay all. 1). Ii. HATD8N, secretary, 

- • Dettnls Stock Co., Hyracra, Ind. 


V Address ELLSWORTH YATK8, A"g"ata. Kv. 

KOIl 8 ALE, Working Worlds, Italian Twins , 
Two Headed Indian Child, Egypthiu Female Twins, 
Devil I'lsh, Human Face Katue Snake. Alligator 
lilrl, Japanese Klsh Child, Crocodile Ctrl. 

C. II. HOOD, Van N oden St., Cambridge, Maaa. 


specialties and work in acts. Also CORNET 
PI.AYER who does specialties. Tell lowest aod 
all first. No tickets. . Week stands. Join on wire. 
C. J. WALSH, Pine Island, New York. 

at lils home In Chicago, leaving a wife und. 
two brothers, all prolesslonals. lie' was for 
ten years known In the profession as a 
vocalist and dancer, and for the past seven 
years handled colored attractions. 

Col.. Fiiank W, Gaskii.i., the well known 
carnival proprietor, died In l'lttsburg, Kun., 
Tuesday, May '.'4, from pneumonia, after 
a. very short illness, lie was forty-five years 
of age, and leaves n wife and son. On tho 
arrival of Hie Liasklll Carnival train In 
l'lttsburg. Kan., from Oklahoma i.'liy, Cot. 
(Ittsktll ivas taken suddenly 111. and was. re- 
moved to the city hospital, r.nd in twenty- 
four hours he succumbed, After learning 
Hi the seriousness of his condition Mrs. 
Ouskill was wired fur, to Hun .viiionlo, Tex., 
where she was uniting a visit, lint her- hits- 
baud died several hours bct'dro her arrival. 
The funeral services, attended by members 
of-llie (iUHklll Carnival Co., I lie l>lllsburg 
Kiks and Kaglcs Lodges, were Ueld .Mny ij, 
and conducted by Itcv. Vi. C. Ityuiau, of the 
Klrst Presbyterian Church, of i'ltlsburu- 
Col. iJuskilJ s private car, . Tiigus, was di- 
verted' Into a funeral car, nnd left l'lttsburg 
May -M for Alliance, . O., with the remains. 
All the Oasklll Carnival attractions wero 
closed until after Ihe departure of the fuurr- 
M l car. The pall bearers were : Wllllum 
Haima, Oscar ttabcock, Abdullah, W. C. 
(.'lark, Tims, Hui'd und Harry. Utrdy. Tim 
last rites were held In Alliance, O., Ktinduy, 
.May -H, nnd tho interment was at Woorl- 
lawn Cemetery. 

Washington Smith, u showman, died >n 
the Bridgeport Hospital. Bridgeport, Conn., 
Muy -7. lie waa for thirty years a sbow- 
mun, Joining IIhii-.uui In 1871 us a four hi>r„:« 
driver. When bis brother, "Bill" Smilh. 
took charge of the stock, lie worked for hlui. 
but : Inter was assigned to '• he Unrmim & 
Bailey ijitnyters outside of London. (In 
came back to this country several wcelo 
ago on business connected .villi Ihe show, 
und was taken 111 on the nieuuier. .On 
reaching New York' he was hurried to 
Bridgeport, it. being ascertained' lliat- he whs 
suffering with Brlght's disease. He WW 
forty yours of age. wus born In Dclevan. 
Wis., und single. He leaves two sisters in 
Milwaukee. His only brother, Bill, was 
killed with the Barnum & lUllsy Hhow lu 
Oeruinny, und his body brought to Bridge- 
port. • 

John, who died - In St. Vlu- 
vent'e Hospital, this city, an May J. wus 
a member of ihe team or Mulligan and Un- 
ion, and made his last appearance at Daw- 
son City. Alaska, In October, 1008. Previ- 
ous to this Mr. Mulligan hnd been of tbo 
team Mulligan mid Kidd, mid wiih .will 
known on the I'ucllle const. Interment wus 
Kt Ncwbnrg, N. X. He Is survived by two 
brothers und one Bister. Ills slster-ln-luw 
is Mrs. Albert Klngslnnd, of New York. 

■ Iiauka Joyck Bki.i.. the well known con- 
tralto light opera singer, and wife of Dlgby 
Bell, died suddenly at her home, 14T0 Isl- 
ington Avenue, New York City, on Sunduy.' 
May 211, from heart disease. Her 'maiden 
name was Ilannnh Joyce Muskell. and she' 

was born ut Newport, Kug„ about May «, 
MM. Nhe mnde her professional dehut In 
the Spring of 1871, at St. James' Hall, I,on- 

(ion, Has,, as tlertrnde, In "Loan of a Lover." 
und later played souhrette roles at Covent 
Garden, that city. Her American debut wus 
made on Nov. SO. 187 1!, at M bin's Garden. 
New York, as Babctte, In "Leo and Louis." 
nnd she stibseiiuently rondn a name In this 
country In such companies a» Duff's, Mc- 
Caull's, Daly's and the LMgby Bell, opera com- 
panies, and also appeared iu "Evangeline" 
und other well known extravaganzas and light 
operas. On Jan. 1. 1874, she married Juntos 
Valentine Taylor, from whom she was di- 
vorced In 1878. and in March. 1883, sho was 
mnrrled to Hlghy V. Boll. She and Mr. Bell 
played In support of De Wolf Hopper last 
season, In "Mr. Pickwick." Her husband, 
two sons and a daughter survive her. 

*"*"• ' 

— Isubclle Hvesson begun a four weeks' »d«r- 
rlng season at the Providence Opera House, 
Providence, 11, I., on Monday. uMay 23, open- 
ing ber engagement In "Trilby." Miss Eves- 
son Is very popular In Providence, having 
played u number of successful engagements 
in stock there. During her engagement she 
Intends to present two news plays, with a 
view to utilizing them for her starring tout 
next season. i 


June 4. 




National League 


With CI * CI JIN TAT I, Jun. 1, ft, 3, 4, 
With riTTHBtJKO, Jane ft. T, 8, 9. 



We handle Ike Uix- 
■M line of Secret so- 
ciety In the 
United aialee. BADG- 
BliHETlU, JB»- 
KU, ale. Write ler 
ClrcnUr. Oar EAGLE 

heth eldee alike. ■■• 

aeaelea BsaMosa.Clenalne c I • w« , c oi a 

■ n\*4, warrantee to wear to CO 9 c 

yean. Ort« Ho, 07,oDiy . ,9*.*0 

FratiriaJ Emblem and Badge Co,, 

tin wiiin irrw, uieise. 

World of Players. 

' — Notes from the C'Iihh. K. Chnmplin Stock 
i'l).:' Wc hflvu Just ilulshed a wawn tu' 
llilriy'-nlue weeks without a, single night's 
lay oft, dosing at 'Red Hank, N. J. During 
the thirty-nine weeks wc were out wc Iiau 
live losing weeks, and broke nine enormous 
liOUbC records for week's business, besides 
breaking over a dozen other records of houses 
fvr the season. Any one looking up our route 
■ in easily verify the foregoing. All aloug 
the line wc were very warmly welcomed by 
houtc ', managers, bemuse they knew the 
quality of our attraction, and that the com- 
I'liny wmlld bring In paying business where 
ninny other attractions not only failed to 
draw, but' were compelled to close on ac- 
count of the general depression throughout 
tliecountry. Our plays liavo all. been royally 
productions, and rtrouueed'hy an uetlog coin- 
j in n v of nineteen people, and from the day 
we opened until we closed there was not one 
change made In the company. AVc were also 
proud' of our vaudeville department. Wo 
carried all season, and produced at every 
performance, three double specialties and 
three singles, the combination being pro- 
nounced by house managers' to be the finest 
playing their bouses. During the entire sea- 
sun the company baa been more like a large 
family than anything else. Kverytblug 

moved . along with perfect smoothness, anil 
the people made friends everywhere. 


many of the -cities the house managers, in 
appreciation of the company's work, ten- 
dered us a banquet, while in different other 
cities we were royally entertained by the 
Clks and K. of P. lodges. Some of the places 
Mint, will always be remembered, on account 

of the elegant bauqucts enjoyed, arc Tauntcn 
Brockton, Newport. Lowell, Newburg. Yonk 
cm, Saratoga, Mlddlctown, -X. V. : Jted Bank 

Long Urunob and South Norwalk. Conn. We 
are rapidly rilling in our next season lu the 
best houses in the middle and Kastern cities, 
and will open our seventh season Aug. 8. 

— Wright Lorlrucr bus re-engaged Frank 
lOlilrcdgc us his business manager for next 
tenson. Mr. Kldredge acted lu the same ca- 
pacity during Mr. Lotimer's' New l'ork en- 
Basement; . ' * 1 

— Notes from the Frank E. Long Co.: He 
closed a successful season of forty-one we?ks 
at Superior, Wis., June 1. Tl-erc was only 
one cliaticc made in the people during the 
entire season. The time Is nearly nil booked 
fur next season. Mr. Long Is securing sev- 
eral high class royalty phiys and new vaude- 
ville acts for next season s company, which 
will be bigger than ever. 

— Notes from the Mabel Paige Co., un- 
der the management of Henry F. Wlllard & 
Co.: We closed a successful season of forty- 
two weeks at the Pickett Springs Uisluo. 
Montgomery, Ala.. iMay Si, ami we are 
booked for a return date at the some park 
Aug. 2, for a four weeks' run. This has 
proven the most -successful season this Utile 
star bits evor. had, and each nlgbt through- 
out the season she baa been greeted with 
crowded bouses, especially so throughout the 
•South. Messrs. wlllard & Co. ora now se- 
lecting Miss Paige's repertory for the coiiiIiik 
season, and have the refusal of several Nifty 
York comedy bits that were produced the Inst 
senson. The coming year Miss Paige will 
curry even larger senile productions than In 
former years, find a special baggage car has 
been engaged' with this object in view. Mr. 
Wlllard leaves for New York on or about 
•lane 11 to sec tho printers relative to an 
entirely new lino of lithograph paper, to Ik; 
gotten out. for Miss Paige. The following 
members, of the last season company anvo 
liecn signed: Vullerle V. Barras, Will Huston, 
'J'. Spencer Hprague. Jnllu riiclps, W. O, Sblp- 
lor. Murgttci'nll.e' Shlplor and Amy Rand. On 
Ills arrival In New York Mr. Wlllard will ar- 
range for a big sister trio act, to bo present- 
ed as the. vaudeville headline. 

— Henderson Stock Co. Notes: Wc arc 

i ilnylug return dates almost exclusively. 
Iiislni'ss bus been excellent through Michi- 
gan, and Indiana 'promises to do ns well. 
Mr. MacWsllei- visited the company lust 
week At Rending. Mich. The roster Is ns 
follows: W. J. Henderson, Richard II. Hen- 
derson. Chas. II, Pblpps, C. W. Courtney, 
ileo. Rlford, . Hddlo Kern, Kdlth Prcttyman, 
Mny .Trent, . Hello Murray. Helen r elger, 
Ida Courtney and Chum Kwcu. 

— -'■ TV. J, Sully, comedian, mourns the loss 
of his mother, who died at Boston, Mhhs.. 
May 25. 

— tiftrry K. Hamilton has signed for next 
season with the Osman-Iloyr Slock Co, fcr 
lends, and to direct the stage. 

— Don Mucniillau. manager Irving French 
Co., writes: "Wi> opened our Summer sea- 
son May -0. at Lexington, Mo., to capacity 
business, which continued during our stay 
in that hustling little city, and while there 
we were royally entertained by brother 
Eaglet* ami- the local manager. .\lr. Ilenrle. 
We bave hooked sonic must excellent time 
this Mummer. The complete roster now In: 
Dorothy Grey. Clara Swarthout, Carrie 
Walbir, Jttd Williams, Harry ,T. Lane, Hurry 
IVIdtiuin, .Tack tternard flail. Valentine 
1 1 rick cyclist!. J. 0. Pennetl. Fred B. Wolfe. 
and Don Moenilllan. Miss Weller and Mr. 
Nine ..recently closed season with Western 
'Human Hearts' Co." 

— W. Walter Shuttleworth, who recently 
closed a successful engagement with Ken- 
uody's "Mlnn'eht Kipresa" Co., is resting at 
bis home at Lansing, Mich. 

— .las. A. Nesbltt writes: "I have signed 
for the Summer season with the Klerlrli: 
1'ark Stock, at Leavenworth. Kan., as char- 
acter comedian." 

— Kullx Kunt us has been signed for one 
of tho Bcnnelt-Moulton compuulcs for next 

— The following members of the llnrrlj- 
Parkinson Stock Co. have signed fur the 
cooling ' season.: Hamilton L. Brooks. Will 
II. Starkey. Harry Slgman. James I«mcr and 
Barney Woods. 'The Phelps D110 will he 
among the .leading vaudeville features, be- 
sides, playing responsible parts. The season 
opens early in August, playing several fair 
dates In Kentucky and adjoining States. The 

Bast season of forty-two weeks, under Mr. 
larrls' management was very successful. 

J^JnC* aZ^C^JaUmX^ak.* 


One of the Leading Outdoor Futures at THOMPSON & DUNDY'S BI6 AERIAL CIRCUS, Fear Weeks Cndlog June 1 1. 

P NOTICE j Picked up at random 1 "One of the features which doscrvc special mention was K. M. /.OLA on a Spiral Tower, which for norve 
It K 8 » 1 and daring was one of the bcsl seen on the Island In years."— KVHNlNi: TELEOHAM, May as, '01. 


ALL AUKNTS, or care of LUNA PARK to June 11. Porm., 1397 BTATE ST., NBW HAVEN. CONN., 0. 8. A. Foreign Agent*, a rite for time and terms. 






I nfc uLUKIUUu HlbH UALLi professional <«>piks prick. 

Thompson music cOo, 275 Wabash Aye., CHICAGO. 





Passion Play and Plenty Comic Films, latest Songs. 
Managers parks In Can., Pa. and N. Y. .Slates, 
write; also agents, Almonte, (Int., June 2-4; Am 
prior, Ont., fi-8; Pembroke, Ont., 916. 

CareofOEN. HKL. 

Slate all part Iculara in tlrst letter. Appearance 
and wardrobe essential. Managers In Indiana, 
Illinois and Kentucky, send open time. 

ROUT. SK1NSKI, Manager, 
J6'J8 Soatli 12t h St. . St. Lantt. Mo. 



A thing or beauty, a mystery to ail who see It. It 
holds i lie crowd and gets the money. 



Patentees and Sole Manufacturers. 


llcaullful domestic play. Author's original version. 
Magnificent, line of lithograph pictorial paper. 
- ALL RIGHTS. Special terms to Western and 
Southern Repertoire Companies. Cash with 
, order. No C. 0. 1). 

H. MARVIN, 1810 Broadway, New York. 



Call at once. 
Bank Hide.. Room 4, Ninth Ave. and lflh SI reel, 

urmitows a co., coney island, n. y. 

2<> per cent, commission. 





Can Double Eltat Clarionet. 

l.URAY; Va, 


Versatile Performers doing two or more turns, for 
stage or ring: also B. and 0. Musiclins. Open 
here Juno v. State low, sure salary. 

CHAS J'ORK, huray, Virginia. 


One nlglil slaud. Variety show. Salary $8 per 
week and expenses. Also LADY AMATEURS. 
MACK A CO., Waterloo, Now York, to June lj^ 

Prof. J. 6. 8rubb. Bag Punching, Al Feet and 

"Body Movements. Two hags at once, blindfolded; 
clog dancing and comedy specialty, AT LIBERTY. 
Permanent address, SMITH CENTER, Kansas. 


At. Mbortv for Stock or lle'crtol'e, Leads and 
Ucavlcs. 'itell'iulc managers only, address 

BLUE EARTH, Minn., week nf .lime 1, 



May CO, PALACE THEATRE, Kalamazoo, Mill 


B0UUHT, SOLD and EXCHANGED, Send foroom- 
pints List. FRANK HOIiTON & CO.. 

107 E. Madison Street, Chicago, III. 

WANTED, Sketch Team, Man and wife; most 
do Doubles and singles; change for week: one 
must Play Organ; l-ady that does Specialty and 
Plays Organ. Toll all first "cttcr. No telegrams; 
positively no tickets; money advanced after Join- 
ing. Teams salary, $16 "total ;" single, $«. (lei man 
Medicine Co., Olivei^dgarCounty, ill. 

SOS' who can double stage. Bure money, long 
engagement with reputable farce comedy. Slate 
all first. Address FARCE COMEDY, care ol 

CLIPPER, Room 602, Ashland Block, CHIP ACQ. 

~wjjnmn. for teets mmv it. r. show", 

Muslolans, and circus and advance Agent; per- 
formers In all branches. Suite lowest salary in first 
letter. Write or wlro 

_ TKETS BROS.' SHOW, Taylorsvlllc. N.*0._ 

FOIt SALE— 2 Well Trained Dogs, somersault: 
1 Troupe Trained Doves. E.xcliaugoor buy good 
plat turiii show and up to date films, Wanted, peo- 

Bte. 2 or 3 luriis;smal' wagon show. Prof. Ham 
tnith, Six Mile Run Pa., June 2 and a; Hoscnel 
4, Saxton 8 anil 7, Orbasoala S and 10. 

Company, Tcoplo that are up in Repertoire work. 
for the summer mid next (eason. Specially peo- 
ple preferred. Make your salary low; If so ran 
oner vou good, long engagement. Managers pets, 
knockers, boozers and mashers save stamps. I 
pav expenses. No car show; not class hotel*. 

Bartlctt, Tex.. June a. ;, 8^ Granger o, 10, 11. 

WANTED,' PARTNEB, Lady or (lentleman. 
Must be a good Singer or Dancer, play Piano. 
State age, height and weight. Send program. Ad- 
dress JOHN J. HARRINGTON, No. 6 I'nlnu St., 
Sprlngtleld. Maes. P. S.— Friends, write. 

' w A t¥TK D A t Once, Carol natie Set of A ire h Be Is. 

First cIshs conditt in, and cheap for cash. Including 
trunk. GeorgcS. Harris, care of Ideal Entertainers, 
Juno 11', Cambridge, Wis.; 13, Albion; 16, Marshall; 
17, Sun Prairie; It, Poynetlc. 

WANTED, Male and Female Vaudcfllle Per- 
formers, also Dramatic, and Musicians, tor city. 
Small Summer expente*. Turner, iw W. 2ttb St., 

WAITED at Once, Single Novelty Performers 
r>r .in Kinds to Join right away, canvas Show. 
Good treatment. Ticket «» no. Make yonr salary 
low, as it is sure every week. Live on lot. Addreas 
Hilly De Mack, liewey. Ind. Ter., week May 10; 
warm, lnti. Ter., week June t). 

WANTED dl'ICK, Cor All Summer'. 

Engagement III Immense 


PERFORMERS in all lines, Red llol Comedian for 
specialties and lo direct farces; Good Looking S. 
and H. Souhretlo, Silent Acts. All mast change 
often. Isjnfj. pleasant engagement If yon MAKE 
COOD. One in rn eaoh night. Three shows each 
week. I nay hotel. Wrllo uulck antl tell every- 
thing. Would like photos. Address 
LEON IIAHN, Scwioii, Kans. 


Bonita Lesley 

Soubrettas, Ingenues and BofH, . 

Singing, nml Dancing Sjierln lly. 

Wardrobe, Experience, Ability. Write <ir wire. 

I^oir Sale. 

S7 Key Cardboard Organ (best ever tinprirtedl; Full 
Hand; cq»al to 40 musicians. Trice I' All 
Kinds of Organs ror Shows, Merry Co 'Hon ndtt, etc. 
L. BEKNI. -m E. totll St., New York. 

For Morgan-field, Ky., Exposition, 

place two more pay Attractlfins and Ferris Wheel. 


To direct orchestra. Season 1', weeks. Yoiitig 
man preferred who doubles In brass. Mu'l open 
snnday, June S. Stale salary and full particulars 
In tlrst letter, Vaudeville people, write. 
Addre ss DAIRI) A 1 UKEN , Kala mazoo, Mich. 


Thoroughly experienced. Theatre and orchestra. 

WIPE, Esperleneed 'Cellist, 
Locate or travel. No familr. References, 
JOHN ORAi:, care of CLIPPER. 



To double Orch. or Stage. A good R-Flal Cornel, to 
double B. and O.; a strong Clarionet, tor II. and 0., 
and a Slide Trombone, to double stage. Monev 
sure, worn easy. Ono and two week sis nils. Ad- 
dress, until June H, CHAS. J. MKST. Musical Direct- 
or Swiss Entertainers, Wlanipeg, Man. 



per l,C00- L FORTnNE8, 60c: Samp. 10c. 
For Future Photographs 
_ and Lovers' Post Office. 
„. I) !?}' A - < J?••. 1 ? ,7 w - ^"lard Bt., Phlla., Pa. 


PYTHONS, all sizes, very cheap; also Bulls, Pines, 
Turtle Heads and Fixed Rattles: also Large lia- 
iioou uud Haiiy Monkey. .1. HOPE, 

It, N. Ninth Street, Philadelphia. Pa. 




tlnod salarv to good ladles. Address 
SACKIl'S HARDEN THEATRE, Zanenvllle, Ohio. 
FRED SAIKH. Prop, and Mgr. 

at Liberty' after june b, first 
time in fifteen years, 


ments, Openings. Etc. Can Join anywhere. Write, 
or wire. JESS BROWN, Taylorsvllle, N. 0. 



SMALL BAND to double orchestra, Al tall ACTOR' 
for Heavies, also olhef Useful REP. PEOPLE with 
Specialties. Slate lowest salary. We pay ex- 
pense*. Stop al. hotels, Addrei-s WADE RHINE, 
Mgr. National Stock Co.. Mlddlctown, Pa. 

WANTED, for 


Pcrroriuers to do 2 turns, Bro. Act, Red Hot Corns- 
dySong and Dance Man, Contortion, Magician, 
wllh Comedy Magic; Miiflclans, 'J Slides, i oruct, 
Clarionet, Baritone. Llmll. $8 a»d nil. and you 
gel It. Hoorcsvlllc, Ind., June s; Weil Newton », 
South Port 111, Orcenwood U, SAM L. BAYLISS. 

Boss Canvas Man. 

Wire salary. Norwich, N. Y., Jnue 1 ; Weltnu 1 
Delhi 3, Sidney t. 
GEO. PECK , BlanMg.r. 


Must tie Sight Reader: also Play Solos. Season's 
engagement. Wire or address, 
HEINRIUH DAMM, Belters Harden, Detroit, Mich. 

For Sale or Rett, Ton Shaw; 25 Noises and 

Wagons, 30 People, foxioOTent; now on the road. 

Terms eisy. No time in visit. Don't write unless 
you mean biz. C. 0. .PHILLIPS, Coniaud, Onio. 


Highland Park, 111. 

Owing- lo failure of Contractora lo Com- 
plotu Theatre IliilUlIng, the Opening will In 1 
delayed until .Inly 4. All acts booked prior 
lo Hint date ore hciehy canci'lled. Write 
tor new booking)*. C. W. MIORItll.lE.s, 
RikijII liH>7, 108 I.a Salle SI.. < IIIC.MIO. III. 


Black Ptcfj Comedian aid 8rabnltt. 

vijry lowest snlnry. Join on rccelpl of tide 
gVuin.. KD, ANIU'.ItSON. Milan, Michigan, 
.hum 1: (Iwosso. Michigan. June it : Viissar. 
Michigan. June 7: Midland. Michigan, .lime 
•s ; K.viirl, Mlchlgiiu, Jitmi !) ; Cadillac, 
■Mlchlguii, June 10, 





People. In all lines, inolnding men fur title roles ami 
stage managers. Preference to people who have 
plated in these pieces. Can place good agent and 
business manager. Slato lowest salary; pay own 
hotel. Competent people only address 
DAVE_B. I ,fc yuj, isia 'rrlbun'e llldg.. Chica go, III . 

Wanted Qnick, 0B6ARI8T, 

One Who can assist oo stage preferred. Plenty of 
money to pay you. Stale all, and Join on wire. 

DR, IIARRV DAWSON, Mllclie.ll. Ind. 


Tell all (lint letter Address 

JOHN E. WAItllK. Manager, 
Cars B ready Remedy Co,, 08*1 Superior street, 
Cleveland, o. 

•So. 1 
and 2 

A few good Useful Performers, clowns, Muscle 
Dancers, Man to work Lions, Trap Drummer, Hand 
Lcudcr that can play Cornel, Bow Canvas Man. 
Light Man, Pony Man. Year's ongngoment to all 
above positions. AUilCSTI/8 JONES, 
__:__ Care tlcnl . Delivery, Pittsburg, Pa. 


Hotel or i'lirkiirclcrred. (Illgli or low pltclu. 
' WIIirco.Mll, 

Address K. I 

' Vi'i I'rluceton Ave.. 

Tren Ion. N. .1. 

Wlim. EJU IlilATIC GL JILT <. 

Opora Uoiise Imttrcmodoled. J.ikki pontile m town. 
HARRY ALLEN, Manager, Fisher, III. _ 


Baritone, Cornel, Clarionet, Tromlsinc and oiliors. 
Must Join on wire. Tickets ir not. loo for. Address 




DR. R. J. ATKINS, IhuivlHc, Wis, 

WANTED, Owing to Misrepresentation, Sing- 



_ INA LB1IR, noAt week, Barncsvlllc, lis. 



Slato all. Address WM.TODT. 

Hrldgevlllo, Delaware. 


AND FAKE-oiie that oan do utralght In acts. Low 

Nitlurv. sure. Aildrei-s 

M.\NION'8 COMEDY COMPANY, Newport, Ohio. 

Repertoire or Looal. . 

1I.MAYTIIKE, care of Fllniore House, HolWo.N.Y- 



At Liberty, "Martinez" Ladies' Orchestra 


toncert, Vaudeville lloicl Kiperienae. 

, * . Care of NEW YOHK CUPPER. 


Those i hni King and dunce and are able lo put on 
sou and niakt thein go. Cliaogo for one wevlc, 
Address CLIFTOS flEMBDY CO,, lllrird. llllnoK. 


mer Job for reliable people. Salarv sure. 

MODERN REMEDY CO., 'itavenu. X. Y. 

Waited), All Around Black Face Comedian 


I will pay good man good Mlsry.*" Change *ror 
DOC RAilK. Alden, Erie Co.. N. V. 


Jugglers, Look Hon (-Have For Sale Cheap, 

a Complete Outfit for a good Juggling aid. Send 
stamp (or pirtlcu'aia. Address rtlil. C.MARHE, 

IMS Allen Avenue, St. Lasts, Mo. ; 


Stfinther' Resort or Park. Drums, Hells, Xylo- 
phone, Traps. U. MILLER, 
U Chenango si., Bingliamlon, N. V. 

Miildaos Wanted tor Ho I nteroatloaal. R. R. 

SHOWS. Mum join on wire: tickets If not too far 
■ ' FUicaneiviiie, 111- 

Scroll Wire 

li.aa nt R. T. sptoIstMaM 
to II wlrt. WlllnoH«ratah7 

• He 

o,ii er hlaekan tae) 

»irem. .^i 

Nn. » w l> set with uinrteA 

Wnw. ... -j 

tin. CM hu a rnllnd gnlf 

Cited htarl banal* with,. 
i»d«d bontor, «!»• siiltabU 
for Initials. ™ 

They are tli* best sslllse 
wtie ring* «.«r put on ihe 
ni.rket. > 

PM IO<» 

lire t.M 

Tkese ere twe Ies4ef e »i.m* 
•eifwo.araew •«>!.■. 

or.ssMi nm a van, 


atMSk »..«u«. CNI1MI, IIII..I.. 




MAKE-UP etc. 
JOKES etc. 

W.r.*H„.'. in TFT cons, III, J.r, (I .Ml isn" 
We »ii|i|ily si once everything fee l'i"'0' 

aiil or Yaiusr.-v.lgs, gre.-e p» 

eiry.bnrnt eork.ote. Beiulforiii— •■•», 

wiu. HowsiTr.a, m w..n.«u« si„ tnu tim 

C. W. PARKER, Abilene, Kan. 

Ijirgcstoieluslvu nianufnelumrof Auiusoiiient. tie- 
vines In tho 11, H. M KlllH -till- HOI > DS 
SIIOIITINO,Li:illi:s, Mllliary Hand 
Orsann.Oyllnilor Plauoa, Moklv-lnSlul l'iuiios,ole. 

■UkolLne Tights, 1)1.001 Wonts* 

Tlgliis, 9U.uui Cotton i'lanu, 

«1.XIU| Alls TlRhts, from •».«» npi 
hlrte to mnlcli all same nrlea 
BS tlphl.i Pomps, US rentsi unit- 

era. Sl.lilli Hlastle Bapimrtere, 
SI ,0i)| Cloth flnpporten, MB rente. 
■end for eatalogne and lamples 
of tlabts free. Positively • a de- 
posit retinlred. Batlsfaatton guaran- 
teed or money refunded. SPICIER BROS., 

M Woodbine f>t., Prooklyn, V. T. 
aid mind lint rjsw sdlresa. 



:ii4 bcARiiORN S7 criicAco 


720 Hsnnspln A vs., Minneapolis, Minn. 

' Largest stock of Slide*, Films and Hup- 
piles in tho Northwest, flood Films 
wau'd. H.rgaln Lists. 
GAS fiRDHRI PiM.i'.n i-noMi- ii.r. 


I s-| -#v H O Y •*, L t Y 


? <\'j L KL'KtJM (I 



vi Is niilllled tosundiuii 

Tim profession Is notified losoicTI im iiim-f umIi-m 
for MSS. lo fls nit frnwne as lil« Imsliinss Is clo>ed. 


Daniel Roach 




Good All Aronnd Beportoire Aottr Wko 
Oan Do Specialties II Reeded. 

Ticket (o parlies known. ' i- 

HOII LTOV. Maine. REV V MAl.'K. .' 

• AciENTai 
c We have what you waui. Novell/ 
L Photo Jowelry. Smivenlr Shell. 
r etc. Roportory managers, try 
f some souvenir hultona. Olyn 
tiiemswayatevery perfornuiuco. 
Our prices are right, 
UVnSKN "••»•♦". —< imarlNirnML. Chicago. 


(■''ill AHML'IIV PARK. \ K% I It I l.lllil Ih I 
preferred. HSM III' IHIE" A»l>iir» Park. N. 1. 

K I r-AHH T A Ii V L sji are tee Bert aye- 
p.p.1. raodldn; . v,r mid. Ahun- 
died ralllloo.ol Uwm Mrsleep sold 
joa .Inile «er. Uou^imiIoo, tmrt- 
tiurn dek hMdaoh*, ■"— Inier. tail 
bmttli, ton throat sad rrtrflllniM 
•ruiar from a dlKniered stoiuacli 
are r»UVr«a or cur«l trr HJi«bj Trt. 
uUfc on. will tmmlljtn reutC 


Tilt! NEW YOBK CtlPl^tiR. 


MiW tUltK CITV. 

Hulfw anil Comment — Six more 
theatres were added, during tin- past week. 
to the 11*1 of those dink in ihlK city, and the 
announcement of Hie early closing, of two 
others I* proof the Summer theatrical 
season Is well upon iik .... "The Southerners," 
a musical comedy, in two act*, isiok l>y Will 
Mercer nnd itlchr.rd Grant, nnd miiHlc hy 
Wm. Marion Cook, was Riven its Initlnl met- 
ropolitan presentation. Monday night, Mny 

24, at the New COM Theatre ..The 

event of the week, which drew IheRltentlon 
of i lie in, -ill piihllc, MM the termlnntlon of 
the partnership between Weber nnd Fields, 
>vb)ch had existed for over a qttnrter of a 
century." part. Further mention of the part' 
lug of this popular firm will he found In 
oiwtb*rc.6liiinn. . . . ."The Man from China," 
nt'tlte MajebiiI.' Theatre, underwent a re- 
vision, anil wiih presented In II* new fiirin 
early In the week. It appeared In meet wilh 
favor, and the Hidden closing of the atlrac- 
| Ion. Saturday night, 28, ennie a* n surprise. 
Other dramatic house* which cloned on that 
dale were: 'J'lie Knickeuiioi'KKIi, the Kit- 
fiiic, the New Amhtkmiam nnd the Aoaii- 
JJV» or .Mi-nit*. The I.oxpnx Tiieatiie oIho 
closed. .-. .The continued infractions for the 
week ending May 28 were: 'Titr! Pa.*I'l 
Ponf ! : !" at the Casino, Itnymonit Hitchcock, 
III "The Yankee Consul," nl the Hroapway : 
"Til. for Tat" nt the; SaviiI, "1'Jiti County 
f'hulrmiui" nt Wallace, '*, "liweci KlUy Bel- 

inlrn" at BELAK1*0'K, II).' stock cniupijn.v ut 

the MrmiAV Hii.i., William Collier at Uiu 

Critkiiion, Ite Wolf lliipiicr nl the Lntu:, ihe'iicw bYlTfnr'the m-okVaV^oft-^Tor "ho 

Proctor's Fifth IvenuP Theatre (J. 

Austin Fynes, general manager). — lllnnrhe 
King Ih the special attraction ihla week, 
beginning on May 3D an engagement which 
taken In 1 thin house, Proctor s Twenty-third 
Street nutl Prnrror's Newark Theatre* in one 
week, making It necewiary for her to play 
nl.v time* a day. She appeared here mati- 
nee of :!0 fur the first time In the "loop.'' 
and snug three songs. Including her "Belle 
■N Aveidie A." which brought her prolonged 
nnd liesrly applause. The lioii*e stock eotn- 
piiny pluyed "Needles nnd I'Iun" and ra|i- 
tured any nnnilier of laughs by the Manner 
iu whlcli they lnter|ireted the old comedy. 
<li -rulfl fii-ifliii iiml Verner (barges had plenty 
of opportunlt) for fun making, nnd they 
urnultted themselves- with dlntincl Ion. . Mal- 
colm William*, John Westlcy, Al. Robert*, 
Margaret ITlzpntrlrk, l/itta Llnthlciioi. 
tlenrgle F.arle and Mm. De-ihon also did 
creditable work. The raat : Meholaa Ueagle, 
< :>rj! lit i irlrbii : Cbrliitoplier Vondu*en, Ver- 
ner ('large*; Kll Vundiiscn. John Westley: 
Tom Versus, Malcolm Williams; Sergeant 
Miiciloiiaiil, Albert V crude ; Jonah,: Albert 
Itoi* ns. Blot. Leo llawley: Box, Harry Wal- 
lace; Mr*. Vundiixen, Margaret Fllzpuirlck ; 
Dosle lleffron, Mr*. Deshon ; Slleue Van- 
iliiaen. Loita Lluthlcum : Mary Forrest, 
lieorgln Parle; Caroline,' Cecyfln Mnyer; 
lliinnnh, Mary Cecil, Beside* Miss King 
the vaudeville list Included: Loney Has- 
kell, willi lil* liright act ; Marlon Oarsou. 
u cnpltiil soprano singer; the Macbans, In 
Juggling: Grey and I'rnlinm, in n musical 
net; Lillian Bender, violinist ; Jennlng* and, 
Renfrew. In anng* anil dances, nnd (.'larke 
und Temple, In u coineily net. The knlalech- 
noHcope continues. 

Keith's Then Ire (K. V. A I bee, general 
manager).— Till* theatre wn* crowded very 
early In the day, Miiy 30, as I tic holiday 
patron* of Keith* tiro well aware thnl It Ih 
wlatt to copy the early bird In order to secure 
place* to enjoy ilie show, llefore the' cur- 
tain wi\h rulMi'il for the first show, every 
tiiiicc of vunteire Iiml been pre-empted, and 

Welier anil Fields nt the Niiw Amhtkiioam 
"The Man .from China." at the Majektii:, "A 
Venetian Romnnee" at the KMCKHit^OfKr.rt, 
Julia Mnrlnwo nt the , IJjti'ittr., and , "Two 
l.itlle Sailor Hoys" nt the Academy, t lie last 

tire named closing on. that date Thi oup 

week «tnnd.<. closing 28 were : Tlie llostnnlnng 
lit. the Okanii Ot-HHA IHitiKi:, ''The Kittle 
church Around the Corner" at- Iho Tiiiku 
A.yi:siii:;' "linvld llarutu'' at I'lmcTitii'M 
KlW-i:i(iimi NnKfi "I'nrsifnl" nl. the 
Wren l'.M>.,"MlindowH of n Orent City" ftt the 
Mbtiioi', nnd "The l.ltlln .Mother" nt the 
.STAn... Variety outei-laliiinciil \vus fur- 
nished ut the emeu:. Tow , I'astor's, 

'tltlllll HrtlllKT. the VllTIIKIA. Illl' IlKlVKV, 

MlNKit'S F.immi Avkm'k, Die l.oMiH-is, M.t- 
vi:n's Homttiy, HIUITIII-& Hkamon'h and tlie 
Uo'i'iiAM. Hiiiirii'h Ml'SKii.M prcKenlcil" the 
usual long 11*1 or curio*, freukH ami vaude- 

*■. ......ill.,., ,...,.. n. v ..viltlll., 1*111 J.IIUHI'1, 

ii JohiiHon, .lulic Johnsun, Mimic l'lillllp*, 
cy l.iunt, Kuiiuii Clilcoii. lilu Foi'koii. In 

tlrpli> Tlii-nirr (Percy II. WllllatnR, 
mannger). — The Inrgesl nudleiives since Man- 
ager William* iisminifil hi* tcunnry of rlie 
i.-oiy Circle, assembled on Uecorutlon Day, 
May UH. The regular Mondny audience* 
w»ru inigmenicil mnierlally by the hnlldnv 
cfowds, nnd It was Impossible for late comet'* 
to pblflln. even Ktniidhis room, shortly nfter 
the rice of the curtain. Much curiosity wns 
uitmifesiml lu the debut here of Itosuiio 
tjuerreo,' who Is said to bo Kpaln's most fu- 
iffOus dancer und pamomlmlst. «Iie appeared 
In a.,lieiliitirul costume, and with admirable 
lilay' fit features, gesinres and po*cs, pnr- 
trajed six of the lltful pnsslous of life In 
ir.Hlurlllrigly realistic maunert Her succcrs 
vims iiMsiired, null she riglitfnlly won the on- 
plhnsu accorded her. Clayton White and 
Mnrlu SiLuart gave, for the drat time here, 
their dainty one act comedy, entitled 
,'1'nrls," n continuation of I heir siicce*B- 
fUl "tllckey" .episode. In their latest of- 
fering 'they scored easily the same success 
accorded these clever people in their former 
I'naiedleitn. Knuua Cams received a rous- 
ing reception, 'and her rblc manner of ren- 
dering her songa, ulded bv her deep con- 
tralto Hinging voice, won for her the mime 
bearly applause usually accorded her here. 
Others wtio won well deserved (uvor were : 
The Umpire City oitarlet, who vocalised har- 
ii)onlously; Trovollo, the popular venlrllo- 
o;ulst; I he French Bros., European 'cycle 
experts ; tiardner und Homer*. Iu musical 
Hpeciflltlea; Marcus nnd Uartolle, In "Fun 
Iu' a Hkatlng Academy ;" /limner, an accom- 
plished Juggler, and Urn American vltngrnph, 
with new pictures In life motion. 

Miner'* llluliili Avenue Tpeatru(Ed- 
wln H. Miner, manager). — Al. Mnvcr's Oc- 
toroons Is the name of the organization 
which Ih bidding for favor this week, colored 
performer* making up the company. A two 
net musical farce, entitled "The l'lilliiuin 
1'orters," wits productive of milch enjoyment 
on May :iu, and Introduced the following 
principal*: Geo. Williams; lleit (iriint, 11. 
C. Scott, Frank He Lyons, 1'bll l'ortlook, 
Hurt Murphy, Urownle CoIIIiir. Will Tucker, 
Jim ' 

the ouo were: Mattle l'hllllps, coon slnirer 
Scott nml Johnson, comedy acrobats; Mur- 
phy and Francis, In n comedy nketcli ; Crant 
and Williams, In ait entertiiiiilng hit of non- 
sense, called' "The Hooking Agency;" the 
Female Drummers' Quartet, nnd Irving 
Jones, Iu his well known offering. "The 
Porters' Trip to the I'leiilc" presented the 
entire company Iu buck and whig dancing 
und cake walking. The theatre will close 
itfler this engagement, following the per- 
formance June 4, ami Is announced to re- 
■>l*'ii iiliout Ahg. 22. 

Third Avenue Theatre (Mnrtla J. I)lx- 
tin, mnniiger). — "Tlie King of Detectives'' 
furnishes seusntlounl mutter for this, the 
closing week. The characters are appor- 
tioned n« follow*: James Fierce, Will It. 
Wailing: Sammy Sklvlnskl, Irvln Walton; 
Uecrge W'nter*. II. Corl Lewis: Tommy Bax- 
ter, Clin*. itoiiiiiKoii; Harry Woodruff. David 
llngiiell: l.lmpv lleiinessv. I.oii-Dolu ■ i-t v : 
Judge liruniinond, llnrry Hull: tienrge Sirus- 
man, Coo. Hurl: Chirpiioe Jerome, J. C. 
Kline; I'hlllp Bernard, CIiiir. Ilenler: Jns. 
Duffy, Howard Stone: lloger Dnlnh, t'hrlsio- 
iilur ' I'aliTlilld: Ferdinand (.otllleb, David 
llngnt'll : Mllilred Woodrufl'. Virginia Thorn- 
ton ; Olgn Humphrey*, Kvelyn Solhle; Ilel*y 
Booth, May Soulhwnrd: Airs. Pierce, Corn 
Bell tlreen: Bridget O'lluru, Kiiiinn TiiIIhiU; 
Slsii'i- Mary, Mildred Steven*, ('has. llnb- 
iUsnn'R Miiecliiltv mude a lilt, a* well as that 
presented by Slay Southward. The liunso 
vVIII renisjn In Align*! wilh "A Child of the 

Penple'* Tlieutre. — "The flowerv After 
Dark Is this week's at traction'; with the fol- 
lowing cast :: Joseph Howe. Lea Begga: Bnh- 
ejt Morris, John Terrls : Twang life. Logan 
Paul; tr,*.v Cnlicn, Harry Fields:. Michael 
Quirk, Tliomns Miirrlsney: 1'lorn Morris, 
F.muin II. Cumin: FiiiK. May lierald': Mi'*. 
liuugeuht'iniPi', I/o.iIhp Deni|i*ev : Nellie, Mrs. 
Terry MHInvern: Tetrrjr, the llowerv Isw, 
Terry Mcliovern. Specbililen were Intro- 
duced by Kittle Blngbiim. Mrs. Terry Me- 
t'lnvcrii, Horry Field* mid Louise IVmpsev. 
Nett week, Samuel Thnruherg. In "The I'eil- 

At In nt lc (inrileii (W. ICrntner'R Sons, 
innniigerm. — lln. koii and llnynirt. In n novel 
musical ad : Ibe Zoi iicm, aerial double tin- 
nc*lil«: Curler mid Hlufnrd. singing, danc- 
ing, character chnnge act : t.'nlion and Bar- 
row, In llielr miisliiil *hll, "A Cure fur Urn 
BIiicfi :" Brooke ICItryn, opuallc and t;e- 
Rfrlpllro vncallfli: and 1 Salor, the ma- 
gician, are the attraciluim for this week. 

Proclurs Plftr-elKhth SlrpPt TIic- 
ntre i.l. Austin Fynes. general manager). — 
The first week of the Hummer opera season 
was »lnrted Decoration Day. Monday, Msy 
ilil, a large crowd. of holiday pleasure seek- 
er* Ailing the house In the afternoon, nnd 
la spite of ibe heavy rain storm In the 
evening, the bouse was again ill led. The 
Inaugural offering was Alice Nielsen's sin- 
ce**, "The Fortune Teller," cast as fol- 
lows: Sandor, Edward H. .Metcalfe: Fresco, 
Robert Lett : Count Berezowskl. Phil. Bran- 
son : Captain Ladlnlsti*. (Jenrge Tenner/ : 
Burls, it ilypsy. Herman liinihlierc: Mile. 
Pompom, Bertie Dais ; Vunloka, Kleda Maus- 
lone: llafarl, Bertha Chllrle: Sergeant 
l'etcrokln. James: Feeney : Jeweler ond Gen- 
eral Koigs.v, Hirry 'J'urpln ; Wsada, Ada 
tilffonl;'lkn, Elolse Byrne; Vera. Blanche 
Nellscii : Sergeant Kopncr.y. J. McDonald ; 
Wnldemar. Harry Tin pin ; Lieutenant Almlr, 
Uobby Newcomb: Lieutenant Tlmar, ltu«- 
sell Wakefield ; Jan, a tailor's boy, Ollle 
nivei-H: Blgo, Klolse Rvrne: Paul, Nellie 
Brown: First Detective. .1. W. O'Xell : Sec- 
ond Infective, .1. I), i.ongliran ; Drum L'orps, 
lloiel Gray, Sallle Johnson, Dollle John- 
son, Nellie Brown. Klejinnr Lewis, Dixie 
Crane, Lottie Schulz and Ellen Beck with ; 
Muzette and Irma, Grace Orr Myers. The 
principals nnd chorus were In good form, 
the solo numbers calling for repetition, 
and the concerted numbers also coming In 
for marks of appreciation. Itolvert Lett, as 
a ballet master nnd stage manager, scored 
In his comedy work ; Edward S. Metcalfe 
was htSo a fnvorlte, and Grace Orr Myers, 
In the dual characters of Musette and Irma, 
was heard to advantage. The costumes were 
handsome and the scenery was appropriate. 
The production on the opening nlpjit evi- 
dently pleased, nnd the season of comic 
opera tints inaugurated has the. ear marks 
of success. Next week, "The singing Girl." 
Sunday's 'concerts. May 2b, attracted good 
paytng houses, afternoon nnd evening. 

Proctor's Twenty-third Street The- 
atre (J. Austin Fynes, general manager). — 
Blanche Ring beads the Tilll this week, play- 
ing this house second on the lint on May 
Ml opening at Proctor's Fifth Avenue and 
Mulshing her series of inntlnee performances 
nt Proctor's Newark Theatre. She was 
eordlnlly received. Joseph Varrlck, with 
his- "Magic Kettlef" succeeded In holding 
absorbed attention while he did most re- 
markable things wilh its aid. and the act 
was voted n most' interesting one. The 
Stcln-Kn-I to 1'uiiilly presented their truly 
wonderful acrobatic nnd bund jumping feats, 
ami- soured a big success, us they it Iwnys do, 
while Kennedy and Evans gate the audi- 
ence Rome first class comedy In their bit. 
of Celtic cleverness, "True to Nature." Fred 
Macnrl's dog* nnd monkeys had noma 
new tricks anil Ihe best of an ex- 
cellent line of their former feats, and 
ihe animals furnished great enjoyment, 
iidwniil Gray had considerable good 
material In his monologue, and Hie 
Heed .j.slers gave n dainty singing and danc- 
ing specially. Bingham's Grocery, n bright 
nnd thoroughly entertaining ventilloqnlal 
act, was a marked success, ond Emerson and 
Stone, lit novelty Juggling, also tallied a 
sir. ug success. Other entertainer* were' 
Dawson and While, Iu singing, talking and 
dancing : llcttscl and Kooper, ' Dutch com- 
edians: Master F. Ainu Coogan, character 
vocalist, aiitl dancer, nnd Mr. Proctor's spe- 
cial added feature. Jessie Mlllwnrd. assisted 
by, Boyd Putnam, In "A Queen's Messenger." 
which wns so potent ou offering last week 
Ibat It was decided to retuln It. Miss Mill- 
enough to draw Hip iinbllc and delight the «'»"! duplicated May !H> her success of last 
management. That Mr. Pastor's efforts to week-. The, kalnlerbnoscope and pastels of 
inter to the piibllr 

llrst performance. .Merlon's pantomime dogs 
me tint only held over for a second week, 
but these intelligent canines bold the posi- 
tion of Ihe. headline act. Their work. In Its 
way, Is separate nnd distinct from anything 
ever seen in lhl« country. The Four. Wel- 
sniis are here tbla week, lit their snrpriHlng 
rent* on Hie: Hying rings, and other excellent 
nets listed were : Wnril nnd Cumin, In their 
eccentric diameter sketch,- "Tlie Terrible 
Judge." coupled with the line singing of 
John i.'iirruti: elm*. C. Iiiuncbard and Ella 
Hugh Wood created mirth In their rural 
skit, "The Boss of the House :" Klein, Ott 
Bros, and Nicholson nre veritable "kings 
of melody ," mid their net scored strongly ; 
Le Roy and Wondfcrd, conversational com- 
edy (tun, held uu Important position of I lie 
bill, mid capably, loo: Mr. and Mrs. Allison, 
Iu "Minnie, from Minnesota," added to their 
enviable position In vaudeville's realms : 
i.'iirtlx end Adams, German comedians and 
wooden shoe dancer*, were high in popu- 
lar favor; Coulter and Starr, black face 
comedian*, sang nnd danced cleverly ; Phil. 
Ilailn und Jes*le Bertram, Iu an original 
little comedy, "The New Girl," were genuine- 
ly eiiieriiilnlng ; Wilson nnd Davis, singers 
und comedian*, were deservedly upplauded : 
Sieveuson proved himself lo bo ii mystify- 
ing magician, and the blograph displayed a 
new series of lilnis. 

Cantor'* Theatre (Tony Pastor, mana- 
ger), — A popular house, u good show and 
beautiful weal her lire conditions favorable 

I ravel continue. 

Slurrar Hill Theatre (Henry V. Don- 
nelly, manager). — "My Friend from Indln" 
Is Hie current 'attraction. The bouse will 
close lis season June 4. 

. Criterion Theatre (Charles Frobraan, 
manager).' — William Collier, In "The Dicta- 
tor," entered upon his ninth week matinee 
of May 110. 

l.vrle Theatre (Sam S. & Lee Shtibort. 
managers). — De Wolf Hopper, In "Wang." 
opened his seventh week with a matinee 
May 30. 

Tub BFNKriT kob tub Stuart Robsos 
Memorial will take place Friday, June :<, 
nt the New Amsterdam Theatre, and not 
.May 31, as was llrst announced. A special 
infraction will be the reappearance after 
a long absence from the Hinge of Mury Bob- 
son. Miss ltobson will contribute to the 
programme an original comic sketch, writ- 
ten hy her brother, Stuart, entitled 
"liomeo and Juliet Boiled Down." Nearly 
nil of Ihe prominent stura now In the city 
will appear In the programme. The sale of 
seats opened at the New Amsterdam The- 
atre Tuesday, May 31. An entirely new fea- 
ture In the management of the affair will 
be the admission of children free to pur- 
chasers of two reserved seals. The com- 
mittee also announced that a cash prize of 
lift y dollitrs will be awarded to the actor 
subscribing for a reserved neat who submits 
the best practical working plan for the 
conduct of ihe Memorial along the Hues an- 
nounced by tills committee. 

Tin: I'tiofKssioXAi. Woman's Lbagi'K held 
Us eleventh annual meeting nt the league 
house, on Monday, Mny °J3, ut pretty leugde 
room being handsomely decorated for the oc- 
casion, and packed with members and tbelr 
guests. A very One programme was given, 
In which three men appeared — Edward J. 
Bice. Ti.mpler Saxe and Willis P. Sweutuuin, 
the last named of whom kept the bouse In a 
roar of laughter. Mrs. Edwin Arden, the 
piesldeut of the P. W. !>., delivered the an- 
nual address In a convincing manner. "Aunt" 
Louisa KUlrldgc, the vice president, present- 
ed Sirs. Arden with a bunch of American 
Beauty roses iu behalf of the executive com- 
mittee, and nutde one of her characteristic 
rpeoehes, whlcli plensed greatly, nfter which 
•cp cream and other good things were served, 
nnd the P. W. L. entered upon its twelfth 

J. II,, well known na a vaudeville 
.agent, and "Beg." C. Mnrrynt, for nearly 
nTue years connected with James J. Arm- 
strong's Theatrical Exchange, have formed 
a partnership to conduct a general vaude- 
ville agency. The new lirm bcgitis business 
June 1, 

'I'm: Academy or Mrsic was Incorporated 
nt Albany Inst, week, with a capital of 
$r.0O,tMH). The directors are Kdwln (i. (Ill- 
more nnd Eugene P. -Van Dtisen, of New 
York, nnd Eugene Tompkins, of Boston. 

"pAttiH By Niiiiit" will be the nllractlon 
on the root' of the Madison Square (inrdeti 
this Summer. The opening Is. set for July i 

Walteii C. JouiiANj manager of the Berke- 
ley Lyceum Theatre, has effected arrange- 
ments whereby It. E. Jnhnslon will present 
Ysaye. the violinist, nnd various other ntu- 
ntcal celebrities at this theatre. 

Tiin Rainy Day Club Ih to hold a picnic 
on June 3. nt Fort Washington Park. Mrs. 
A. M. Palmer, who Is president of the 
'■Daisies." says it Is to be a regular old 
fashioned open air picnic. 

TllR ANXi'At. VAitiu:vii.i.K MIUlUXinXT 
of ihe While lints of America o.'.-iiricd nt 
Hie liraiid Opera Honsp, Sunday night. May 
'Jit. The laic.' auditorium wns packed with 
friends nnd members of the order, nnd those 
who attended In wllttpM the excellent pro- 
gramme given hy members of the White Hat 
order. Tli.» follow lug gave their valuable aid 
lo bring Hip affair Io'miccpsh: Ezra Keudnll, 
(•purge Evans, Ueorgn W. Monroe, Mndilox 
find Wayne. Era Mudge. Konugh and Bal- 
lard. Ml** 'I i-avls, Hayes nnd Healy, Conrny 
nnd McDonald, Paul Dresser, Stiarrnw, Mi'- 
Malmii und CtinppcPe, and the Minstrel 
Maids. . Charles T. Aldrhh bundled Ihe 
tirnud Opern Utilise (John It. Springer prop*, and Junto MeCrep and lieu Shields 
iniinitgerL-7"Froiu Hags In Ktohrs" Is litis (IM.thi'. announcing. 

week'* hill. , , , 

Wu|liii'k'« I'll.. nl re (Mrs. Then. Moss, Harlem,— At the West End Mioorge 

■MMHrt. -"Tlie County Chairman" began, A. Blumenihnl, tuanager) "Rpsiirrectlnn," 

-May JO Its tweuty-olgbtb; and last week. with ■ Uua Aliall Drinker ns Mnsluvn, drew 

for many years aro tifipi'e 
elated I* evidenced by the box ofllco returns 
from week In week. While our city tbeutres 
nre rapidly closing llielr season, the seasons 
hero nre Interminable. This week, Sherman 
nnd De Forest bend an excellent programme, 
appearing In (heir well liked war djuiina, 
"The llatlle of Sun Dago." which Is" ihe 
best burlesque of n ivnr battle vaudeville 
hits given us. There Is' much merit .also 
Iu the added utimctlou. which lists Vernon, 
Ihe accomplished ventriloquist — and a capi- 
tal entertainer as well.. The bill also In- 
cludes .las. F. Kelly and Dorothy Kent. In 
comedy, singing, dancing and' travesty; 
Irving Jones, a ■ real . colored songster, 
und nothing unreal nbont him: Frank II. 
White und Lew . Simmons, lu their funny 
skit, "Rat* ;" Charles Carlos and his acting 
dogs; Mr. nnd Mrs. .Ins. p. Lee and: Little 
Madeline, In their dainty little playlet, 
"Thou Shalt NotStenl," which held the close 
attention of I lie audience ; Charles and Funny 
Van, iu song parodies nnd cross talk, who 
entertained well their allotted time; the Mc- 
clain Sister*. In songs and dances; (ins 
Toledo mid Sadie Price, in flexible itcro- 
iHtth'M : William* and Dcnnody, buck and 
wing dancers; Hugh Connelly and May 
Howe, who were applauded for excellent sing- 
ing mid dancing, und the vllngraph, with 
new picture* In life mat Ion. 

Victoria Theatre (Oscar Hammersteln, 
manager).— The cnrrein bill names: Rose 
c'oL'lilan mid company. Sydney tlrant, O'llrleu 
ami Havel, Collins mid llnrt, Aga, Cliff Gor- 
don, Mnyine Remington and her jilckanlnules, 
La Belle Blanche, Al. Walx, and the vita- 

Slitter's Howerr Theatre (Edwin D. 
Miner, manager). — The closing attraction Is 
i-.e City Club Burlesiiuers. They furnish 
the following bill: 'Two (lay Deceivers." 
Crnco Leonard, Slewnrt and Desmond, Col- 
lins and Vnck. Bryant und West, musical 
act. and Ihe Wilsons, colored coiUedy teuin. 

Holier'* Museum (John II. Anderson, 
maiingeri. — Busluess Is still excellent at this 
popular re--oiT, where Manager Huber never 
falls In provide a line bill. The curio ball 
nt unctions are the snme as Inst week, Bean 
nnd Berry, on the 'cycle trednl, topping ihe 
bill. Iu the theatre nlso Is given a line pro- 
gramme. Including : Amy Bernard, Hart and 
iveaeie, Byron and Blnuch, Watson, ihe Wil- 
sons, Lou Watsou, Znru and Stetson, Marie 
Elmer and Stclnert anil Thomas. 

Hewer Theatre. — (Sullivan & Krnus, 
nfniiiigers). — The Moonlight Mnlds Co. Is 
hero this week wilh an excellent programme, 
Including "A lllillo llounder." wilh Joe 
Field* and E. linn ley In the principal roles. 
The olio Includes: Marie Rodgers, Deltor- 
olll nnd (illssundo, Joe Fields and Murk 
Woolev, Heidy and Currier. Itoxuirc nnd Tuft, 
and the show closes with "A Round Up." 
Next week. Hip Bohemian Burlesquer*. 

New York Thentre (Khiw »t Erlnug- 
er, iiiaitngciH). — "The Southerners" opened 
Its second week with a matinee May 30, 

Rartranr Thentre (Frank McKce, uiann- 
ger).— IHIznbmh Tyree. In "lit for Tal,' 
began her sixth week May 30. with n special 
mntlnee. Mrs. Felix Morris replaced Helen 
Tracev Inat week. 

11,'lnsci. Theatre (David Belnsco, man- 
r.ger).^ — llenrletln t'rosmati, Iu "Sweet Kilty 
llcllnlrs. ' Is in her twenty-sixth mid last 
Meek. A speibil innlluee was given May 
W. Kiitberiiie Florence's loimer role ot 
Julia Stnitdlsh I* now plnycd by Fatiehou 

CiirIiio (Sam S. & Shubrrt. mnnngersl. 
— "Plff! Puff!! Piinflll Is now In Ha ttlii'h 
week, oiM'tiing ntntliipe of Illl, 

Moitl«no Huhare Lonlcii. — "In Beauti- 
ful Venice," which .1. S. Huxs uses ns n set- 
ting for himself nnd Ids Metropolitan llrclies- 
lya, Is now III lis second week. 

Ilroailwny Thentre (A. \Y. Dingwall, 
manager). — Raymond Hitchcock, in "The 
Ynnkee Consul, entered on his iliieenlli 
week May 30. Madge I.e»*ltig has leH Ihe 
company, and Julia Sanderson now plays the 
role of "Mnltiyii, hegtfmlng May 'JS. She Is 
cMfs'lletit in Ihe cbarncter. 

out two crowded houses Mny 30. The pros- 
liects are that this house will remain open 
until July. Next week the same company 
will present 'Tinder Two Flags." 

PnocTiiR'H oxn Hi: Minim and Twtrtt- 
FiirrH Strxgt Tiibatrr (J. Austin Fynes, 
general manager). — "The New Magdalen 
is ibe offering for this week, and It drew 
pucker! houses both afternoon and evening, 
30. The mounting and presentation of the 
play was particularly line, and drew forlh 
plenty of applause. An sn extra attraction. 
Jessie Mlllwnrd appeared, assisted by Boyd 
Putnam, . In "A Queen's Messenger," which 
should tend lo Improve business all week. 
Those who contributed to the vaudeville 
were: Donley and Fowley, Katie Rooncy, 
Brooks Bros., and the Bccmers. The kala- 
technoacope continues. 

Mbtropomm (Henry Hosenberc. manager). 
— "The Two Llttln Mallrir Boys" moved up 
from a down town house, and drew nut 'the 
usual holiday crowds 30. This Is the last 
week of the season at this' house, which 
closes nfter the performance June 4, re- 
opening early in August. The. season just 
anont lo close has been a prosperous one. 

stab (Win. T. Keogb. manager). — "Es- 
caped from Sing Sing," with Jimmy Brltt In 
the cast, opened to n packed house 30, and 
met with a warm reception. Prospects are 
bright for a ids week, as the company evi- 
dently gave satisfaction. 

Ilnirto & Seamon'.i Music Hall (Ben 
Ilurtlg, manager) :— This Is the last week 
of the ."iiwiii, and It opened 30 to a good 
sized audience. A most excellent . bill was 
offered, headed by Blind Tom and Harry 
Le Clair. Others were: Ossman and Hunt, 
the Watermelon Trust, Florence Reed, Rita 
Redmond, Harry Thomson, and the Cas- 
tanos. Treasurer Louis ilurtlg will have a 
beneUt June ti. 

Gotham (Sullivan & Krnns, managers).— 
The Vanity Fair. Co. Is the attraction for 
this week, and the opening attendance, 30, 
wns beyond expectation, the house being 
tilled nnd 1 the performance tip to Ihe stand- 
ard In every respect. This bouse will close 
after June 4, ana will reopen early in August. 
'The new cafe next door to the theatre is 
ilnlshed, and w'lll be open nil Summer. 

Brooklyn.— At the Orphcum (Percy (J. 
Williams, manager). — For the second, week 
ot the opera season. "The Wedding Day" is 
presented week of Mny .'lit. Dorot hy Morton, 
who wns a big fnvorlte last season, assumes 
the title role. Hood business Inst week. 
Next week, "The Idol's Kye." 

Stau (E. W. llotthold, manager). — The 
Bohemian llurlesquei-s drew well 30. Next 
week, the Tiger, Lilies, 

Watson's Cozy CoitHKa (W. B. Watson, 
manager i. — Harry Montague's amusing nau- 
tical exiravugaiiy.a, "An Ocean Voyage,'" Is 
on ibis week, with W. B. Watson. Jeaonette 
Ditpre, Elmer Teuley, Harry. Montague, lid- 
ward B. Adams, Caroline. Duncan and thirty 
shpw girls. The vaudeville bill names I,oiile 
Dacre. the comedienne: Ford and Dot West, 
F.lla Shield*, tieorge H. Diamond and com- 

tlAYirry (James Chirk, manager). — With 
a list of new songs and uew scenic effects, 
the Tiger Lille* opened here 311.' In Ihe 
olio are: Mr. und Mrs- James Cooper, Kddle 
P.stu*. the Morrlssey Sisters, Olga OrloT, 
Clnrence Wilbur and company, Julius Na- 
His, Tom Robinson, Victor Mile, Elsie I'.'.y, 
and .Stella Mack. The usual two burlesques 
are given. 

LvcKtit (Louis Phillips, manager). — X. ». 
Wood, supported by the stock company, pre- 
sented ins well known pluy, "The Boy 
Scout," ibis week. - 

Lixa Park . (Thompson & Dundy, owners!. 
— This vast pleasure ground has almost 
doubled ' In size. This great resort, which 
entertained millions last Summer, has added 
attractions on an even more magnificent 
scale that those which were. Inst year con- 
sidered marvels of their kind.: The gPhit 
Durbar pageant, the plunging elephants and 
ihe burning of nn entire city block are nil 
three added features that *bow the genlu* 
of the showman, ond the plan of the Durbar 
spectacle Is on a scale of great lavlshness. 
A great' fortune has been spent lu providing 
for these three attractions alone, ond sixteen 
acres ot land hnvc been added to the wide 
urea that Luna Park occupied In 1003, Jnst 
to accommodate the Durbar and the herd 
ot sixty elephants which take, part In tlie 
dazzling procession. Of the thousunds who 
have visited Luna Park none departed with 
the impression that the advance notices of 
these spectacles, despite the glowing ad- 
jectives with which they were described, 
were not lived np to. To complete tb«j 
Durbar pageant lhere are three hundred 
natives of India, dressed 'n the snme 
gain raiments they wore In the Durbar 
In the city Of the moguls. The plunging 
elephant*, that should prove uu unending 
source of delight to ihe youug, nnd 
amazement lo the old, throughout the 
Hummer, made . their first slide last 
week before a large gathering. The feat 
of teaching these huge animals to com- 
placently slide down a precipitous shoot the 
chutes into a great tank of water, was one 
of the greatest ever undertaken by an ani- 
mal trainer. Then there I* the Naval Spec- 
liitorinin, with its stirring sea fights and 
I'oinbardnit'iit* of fortresses, the great circus 
in mid air, wbtcb never censes lu Its round 
of entertainment, ; the Hanging (iardeus o( 
Babylon, where 70,000 inn rest In the shade : 
the Japanese Village, and a score of other 
features Hint are ail new, besides the Trip 
lo the Moon, Twenty Thousand Leagues Un- 
der the Sea, nnd many more that met with 
unnroval. The circus rings nre constructed 
In tlie centre of the enclosure, over the lake. 
The hill presented this week has many new 
features. Ring 1 : Louise De Mott, Bonner, 
Kohl. Stlckney Jr., Mon. Vlnella. Josle Asb- 
lou, Kcnyon and De Uarno, Mile. Alexau- 
ilrltie, Slg. Spessardy, Will II 111 the Five 
Flying Herberts. Ring ".: James Irwlu, 
Prof. Rnyuos, Sherman, Zola, the Jennett*. 
Klltnmurn's Japs. Ring 3 : Tlie Whirling 
/.olns. Roliln, Prof. Hampton, Kaxndo, Ber- 
llnl. the Morrellos. Toklo's Royal Japanese 
Troupe, and Dftn Du Clou, Frank Keuueliel 
and William Lnrcnx, clowns. Fire nnd Flames 
Is one of the most, realistic spectacular pro- 
ductions that has even been given to the 
nubile. It is In every detail a great feature. 
There was unite nn exciting time here Inst 
week, when several of the sea lions escaped. 
One found lis wny to the ecu, while another 
wns caught lu Coney Island Creek; a third 
was found In a scenic railroad car. . 

D'ieami.aso. — Tha programme of free at- 
tractions at Dreamland, which nre presented 
In the open near, the lower. Is a large one. 
Helen Corn rd bends the list. She made n 
great success with the Forepnngh-Sells Bros.' 
Circus. Sulsuma. Japanese equilibrist; Sel- 
bert. the clown, and his funny donkey ; How- 
ard. Lorctla Co., In aerial acts, among which 
they introduce tight rope walking several 
hundred feet alwvc the lagoon: a slide for 
life from tlie tall tower to the llghthous" 
nl the top of the ditties: riding u bicycle 
down Ihe chutes and plunging Into the water 
of the lagoon: Hale and Francis, corned v 
hoop rollers, nnd Caron and Hume. A great 
inrulmlor Institution has Just lieen opened 
here, where the preservation ot Infant life 
Is Interestingly shown. The Snntos-Dnmont 
airship. Nn. 0, said In be the one in which 
Snnlos-Dumonl sailed |o Longcbnmps. Paris, 
nnd. around Eiffel Tower: Fighting the 
Flames, linstock's. trained nnlmals. the' Mid- 
gel City. Ihe Canals of Venice. Ibe Fall of 
Pompeii. Our Hoys In Blue, the Chllkoot 
l*n*s, and Andrew Mack's llsblng |>ond nre 
only a. .(aw of the oilier nil rail Ions. From 
.New York to Coney Islam), Its 
own Rtoel- nlpr nn Ihe ground", Dreamland 
has Inaugurated and has now In operation 
its own fleet of fast excursion xteatnlsiais. 
ThesP boats are Ihe largest plying between 
New Vork and Coney Island, each having a 
capacity of 4,000, Hourly trips are made 

every day from landing* on the. North Rtrer 
nt, West One Hundred and Twenty-ninth 
street. West Tweritr-second Street and the 
Battery. The round trip- fare, hy boat, in- 
cluding admission to the ground*, Is thirty 
cents,, except. , on Saturdays, Sundays and 
holidays, when It is thirty-five cents. 

HkmictboVs MDsic ' HALL, Coney Island 
IV. B. Henderson, manager). — The season 
opened 28, with big business. The .bill pre- 
sented tbla week Is a long and strong one 
Tboie who appear are: Archer Brothers, 
Kleanor Butler, the Simpsons, Anna. Revere 
and ber nicks, Koppe, La Moines, Mildred 
Kenfleld. Ford 8lsters, Bailey and Fletcher. 
Nevins and Arnold, Gertie De Milt. Herbert 
Brooks, Crawford and' Manning, and Nlcker- 
son, Murphy and I'owel. 

*<**> ' 


I) o Halo. — At the Teck Theatre. (J. R. 
Stirling, manager). — Grace Voi: Studdlford 
appear* May 31June L Viola Allen did well. 

Stab Theatre (J. B. Stirling, manager). 
— The Baldwin-Melville Stoc). Co.'a engage- 
ment begins Decoration Day. "Sis Hopkins'' 
did a fine business last wee'.:. 

Convention Hall (II. L. Meech, mana- 
ger). — Victor Herbert Is the current popular 

Lyceum Theatib (J. Laughlln, manager!. 
— "The Johnstown Flood" this week. Ed- 
wnrd llarrlgan did big business last week. 

I.'.mrn,: Theatre (Cbas. M. Ban, man- 
tiger). — Weber'a Parisian Widows this week, 
closing- the regular road show . season and 
Inaugurating the stock burlesque season. 
. Shea's Garden- Theatiie. — Mclntyra ami 
Heath are the preseat week's headllners. 
Chas. n. Sweet and Adelaide Herrmann were 
magnetic Inet week. . .. 

Athletic Pabk, — This Immense pleasure 
ground started, to great crowds, i'S, the 
Kilties Band being a leading entertainer. 
» . ..i . 

Albany, — At the Empire Theatre (II. R. 

Jacobs, manager). —The Mordant-Humphrey 
to. opened May 28-33, with "Camllle," Ola 
Humphrey appeared In the. title role. Au 
excellent Interpretation drew . good slzPd 
audiences. The last, of the week, the house 
was dark, because Miss Humphrey bad. not 
quite recovered from the effects of her fall 
ot the week before. The company expects 
to resume Monday, 30, with "A Rough Rid- 
er's Romance." 

HviiMANi's Bleecker Ham, (II. It. Jacobs, 
manager.). — The lvlogdon-L'nurtensy -stock 
Co., opened St and week in, "The Prisoner ot 
Zenda." This Is the third season of -this 
company here, nnd the house was packed 
with friends to greet them. Many floral 
pieces were sent over the footlights. The 
company will continue for five week*. "The 
Cowboy and the l^tdy," 3d und week. 

Pkootob's Theatre (Howard Graham, 
resident manager ». — The Summer stock gave, 
1*3 and week, "Champagne nnd Oysters," to 
Ihe dellebt of Inree audiences. "When We 
Were Twenty-one" 30 and week, with Wil- 
liam Morris and II. Dudley llawley. In ihe 

Electric Pabk Is dally growing In favor. 
i a 

F.lmlrs. — At the Rlaltn Thentre (P. W. 
McConnell, manager). — Arrivals for week of 
May 30 : Dnpree and Duprce, Thomas Ii. 
O'Nfll, Blanchp de Cotreo, Lessle .MacAvoy, 
Mny Nellson and Edna Pearl. Those who 
closed last week are: Beverely and Danvers, 
Dorothea Sisters, Towner Sisters, and Frtrt 
llonbs. Business remains very good. 

KoitiflK's Park - (Herbert Salinger, 
manager). — Despite the unfavorable weather 
last week the crowds which' attended the 
rpenlng performances taxed the capacity of 
the theatre. The Father Malhew Minstrel 
Company (local) played the entire week. 
Josh Daly's Minstrels Is the attraction this 

Queem City Oaiirens (M. L. Sullivan, 
manager). — The following people nre making 
good here: Wagner Sisters, Castle and Col- 
lins, Jennnette I.eary and Fred llohbs. Busi- 
ness Is good. 

Note. — Manager Little, of: Eldrldge Park, 
may soon introduce a vaudeville entertain- 
ment there. This will not he a new venture, 
as vaudeville programmes were given in the 
park for several years, with great snrcesg. 
Last year, however, nothing of the kind was 


Rochester, — At the Lyceum Theatre (M. 
E. Wollf, manager). — The Summer stock sea- 
son opened May 30, with "The IJnrs." . 

National Theatre (Max ilurtlg, mana- 

fer). — Beginning 23, the production of "Love 
'Inds the Way," by the stock,- headed by 
Jessie Bonstelle, gave pleasure to packed 
houses the entire week. "The Sword ot. the 
King" week of 30. • ■ . 

■ Cook Opeba Hottbb (J. H.'Moore. mana- 
ger). — "The Prisoner of Zenda" packed the 
house to the doors week of 23. The stock 
gave a Dae performance. "Davy Crockett" 
So and week. ■ -i 

Baker Theatre (J. E. Boyle, manager). 
— S. Miller Kent, assisted by the stock com- 
pany, produced "The Cowboy and the Lady" 
week of 23. The play well pleased the large 
audiences. "Fighting Bob" week of 30. 

Ontario Beach Pakk (John J. Collins, 
mnnmrer). — This resort opened 30, with 
(Jnrrnmoue's Baud as the attraction. 

I'tlc'a.— At the Majestic Theatre (Dnv'd 
Eldred. manager).— The Davis-Boyle Stock 
Co. did a fine business, week of Mny 23. pre- 
senting "A Gilded Fool" nnd "A Royni 

II iupim niton. — At Stone's Opera -House 
(J. P. !■:. Clark, manager). — Howe's moving 
pictures June 3, Mrs. Flake 4. 

. »«» '.,• 


Peoria. — At The : Grand (Chamherlln, 
Harrington Ii Co., managers)^ — "The Royal 
Slnve" drew a fair i bouse May 221 "The 
Maid and the Mummy" 21). The bouse will 
be dark from that, date, with the exception 
of a local production. 

Sans Solci Garden (Will. Nash, mana- 
ger i. — flood attendance wns the rule Inst 
week. Hall's Comedians and Vaudeville 
Entertainers. 30 and week, . 

Weaht TitKAThn (C. V. Barfson, manager). 
— Excellent business. Coming 30 ami week : 
Innes nnd Ryan, the Robins, Albert and 
F.iigrnln Woods, Charles De Varo, .Curtlss 

Jai-orr' Tiiratub (A. F. Jacobs, manager). 
— Business Is fair. The regular stm* com- 
pany holds the hoards with MeVeagh nnd 
Sibley Ih vaudeville, and the Mldgloys. 

Ci.ipr. — Dr. W. A. Gray, of Bprlngfleld. 
III., who purchased the Grand Opera House 
In that city two years ago, has just sold it 
lo the Gnnn Land Co,, of Fort Scott. Kan., 
for *(I.1,(H>0 ensh and farming land In Cen- 
tral Kansas valued at Stri.DOO. Dr. Gray 
paid S100.000 for bis purchase. 

' « T i V ' 


Pailneah. — The Kentucky haa closed' for 
the season, the Tucker Stock Co., week of 
May 21. Mng the last attraction. 

Tnt: Casino, Summer theatre, opens May 
30, under Ihe management ot Matt Kusell, 
of the KiiselC Wairm Weather circuit, with 
Harry Nre a* resident manager. The Gross- 
I. vnll Stock Co. will he first attraction, for 
two weeks, with "A True Kebtucklao" as the 
bill Ito-.lane -l. 

■ i f.*"- 


'.v -:ui 

- i.-inivj. ii i.i'i J'Ui'."i< i'^.i 

-.'......_.-•- -• 

Anxnin — Pain's "f^st Days ot Pom- 
peii * packed them In nlglitn of May 2.1-2.1. 

'Tiip Ferguson. S.tock Ca. at Ihe Opera 

House, at nopntnr. prices, found the outdoor 

allinctlon. prelly. hard lo pnli ngulnst, but 
got It nil fhr tlie rtmntnlrtfjf tBrete' nights, 
20-28, .Nothing hooked for this week. 

•TUNfc i. 



BWHte Bill Posters. 

Notts from i Local No. 17, Boston, — The 
largest attended meeting la tbc history of 
the local was hold Sunday, May 22, at our 
ball. A committee wiih appointed to rcpre- 
sent the union at tbe Pickett iucinurl,il wr- 
vices, at Forest Hills Cemetery, Memorial 
l)sv forenoon. A number ot visitors Irom 
the clrcoB were present, and after the meet- 
ing the officers. In charge of Jim Mammon, 
ot Waldron's I'alace Theatre, suppered at 
tbc Hotel Italy. Bros. Wm. Kuhn, Harry 
t'rnbifec and Howard Clark, of Morton's 
brigade of tbe lllngllng Ilros.' Circus, were 
entertained and shown the city by Itro. Ned 
Citrtln. Bro. Dare Superior Is with the Don- 
nelly Hill Posting Co. for the Summer. Man- 
ager J. F. I'lt/.patrlck, of the Majestic Thc- 
atre, whs presented with a handsome dress 
t ill t case by the union employes of the the- 
atre. Mr. Fltzpatrlck, although somewhat 
surprised, mudo a happy response. Bro. Joe 
Yokes Is doing the card work for the Joy 
Steamboat Co. Jim Rhodes is one of the 
latest applicants for membership In this 
local. Bros. Tom Galley, Walter Ward and 
Dene Ruble nre doing the billing for the 
Nortimbega Park. Bros. Jim Judge, Nick 
Pnufcllo and Fred Newball arc at Combina- 
tion Park. Bros. Abe Rich and John Hatpin 
are at tbe Point of Pines. The following 
tneatros have closed for (he season: The 
Mollis, Park, Majestic, Columbia and Grand 
opera House. They wilt all open early In 
August. Bro. Pat Manning Is still very III. 
Pro. Ted Werhle left for Worcester on a 
business trip concerning the local. Peter 
Trautweter Is with Bro. Geo. Collier. Bra, 
Jack Kills, of the Grand Opera House, has 
been re-engaged for next season. 

On Tuesday, July 12, the annual meeting 
of the Associated Bill Posters and Distrib- 
utors of the United States and Canada will 
convene In the main assembly ball of the Ad- 
ministration Building, on the grounds of tlio 
Louisiana Purchase reposition at St. Louis. 
Mo. Tills will be the thlrteentth anuual 
convention of the association, and will con- 
tinue through four days, July 12 to 15, In- 
clusive. Friday, July IS has been set apart 
by President Francis, of tbe Kxposltlon Co., 
as a special day, devoted to the Interests of 
the bill posters and distributors of the world, 
designated by him to be known and cele- 
brated as "Poster Day." An Invitation Is ex- 
tended tp every member of this association, 
and Its subordinate associations, to be present 
at tbe opening session at 10 o'clock a. >■., on 
Tuesday. Joly 12, and remain through every 
session during tbc continuance of the conven- 
tion. Kvcry bill poster, distributor, bulletin 
painter, poster printer, solicitor, publisher, 
advertiser, or iwrsons in any way connected 
with or Interested in out-door advertising. In 
the world, is given a special invitation lo be 
present, and participate in the celebration of 
"Poster Day. 

Notes from Local No. 13, Omaha. — On May 
1!4 the .No. 2 Car of the Great Wallace Show 
arrived here, and started to bill the town for 
June 2, .with tbe following brothers: Ilro. 
Fred A. Morgan, of Local No. 7, In charge ot 
car: Brothers C. Dubbs, C. Jones and V. 
Scott, of Indianapolis Local No. 7 ; D. Hamlll, 
Dan Debaugb and J. 8. Thompson, of Chicago 
Local No. 1 ; Tom Serrln, of Pittsburg. No. 3 ; 
C. A. Martin, of Denver, No. G ; J. P. Weaver, 
A. Hall, C. <-'• l'cavey and C. H. Mathews, of 
Omaha Local, No. 13 : F. Wilson, of Cincin- 
nati Local No. 11: H. Ingeraoll and 15. E. 
Hamilton', 'of St. Joseph focal No. 20; H. 
Miller, paste maker, and F. 0. Rossmau, of 
St. Paul Local No. 10, boss bill poster and 

Fred J. Rellly, ot tbc Taunton, Mass., Thea- 
tre, has secured a position with the New Bed- 
ford, Mass., Bill Posting Co., as bill poster. 

The regular meeting of Local No. 2,- New 
York, was held Sunday, Slay 22, and was 
largely attended. President Joseph Pine 
presided. President John Crawford, of Brook- 
lyn branch, attended the meeting by request 
of President Pine, and made a few remarks 
concerning the success and great progress 
made by the Brooklyn branch since it's or- 
ganization! last Fall. Paul Lone, of Local No. 
2, bus been ill with pneumonia for rive weeks 
past, but Is now on tbe road to recovery. 
Kd. Waitioold, another member of No. 2, who 
was competed to go to Liberty, N. Y., on ac- 
count Of 111 health, has relumed much Im- 
proved, and it Is to be hoped, will be able to 
resume work in u few weeks. 

Roster of advertising car No. ■!, of the 
Great Adam Forcpaugh & Sells Ilros. Shows: 
Jos. G. Howard, manager ; Thus. Morris, boos 
bill poster; Jos. Glynn, lithographer mid 
board: Robt. Simons, banners: Frank Mill, 
programmer: bill posters — '£. Cope, William 
Glllman. Frltzle Burton. Frank Watson, 
Phil Miller, R. L. Davis, Burt Miller, Harry 
Long ; a solid union car. 

Notes from Latal No. 24, Iluffalo, N. V. — 
We have mudo, the Academy, Lyceum, La- 
fayette and Star Theatres strictly union 
houses, and expect to get tbe other two 
bouses very soon. We have also got till 
the men of the Wliltmler ft Kilbrlck Bill 
Posting Co, except three, and they have 
promised to Join .us soon. When they do, 
wc will have everything Hiid every man In 
the union. Local No, 21 has only been 
organized since Nov, IS, 10011, mid wc have 
now about fifty-five good members and more 
still coming in. The local Is In good shape 
In every way. Ilro. II. C. Bristol, ot the 
New Park, and his men, are very busy bill- 
ing the opening attraction, the Kilties Ilund. 
Bro. Kddlc Frlrkcrt. of the Academy staff, 
wliu has been 111 for tin; Inst live mouths. 
Is out once more with his bundle of paper. 
Notes from Local No. 2. — Thomas A. 
Imii. who lias in charge the advertising for 
Hrennilaiid. Coney Island, N. Y., l)»s opened 
offices at Hill Third Avenue, New York, snd 
with bis staff of fifty men Is throwing paste 
nnd paper in a way that Is very creditable. 
Mr. Shcclmii was recently connected with tbc 
advertising, force of Wulluck's Theatre, nnd 
wr.s for many seasons on tbe advance forces 
of various circuses. 

Notes from Local No. 3. — Brother J. I. 
Williams, of No. 3, has been granted a with- 
drawal, card to Join Brooklyn Branch, No. 
2. Bros. Chits. Joseph and Sara Van U'sven 
have charge: of the hilling for tbe United 
Labor Carnival, to he held June 11-2.1. 
The;, have fifteen men doing the work. 
I.ewen have charge of Ihc billing for the 
United Labor Carnival, to oe held June 11- 
23. They have tlfteeu men doing tbe work. 
Bro. II. A. Morrison has charge of the work 
for Kcnoywood Park. Bro «»eo. Uelly, of 
No. ::, has been granted a withdrawal card 
lo join Buffalo Local, Ko. 24. Bro. Denny 
Butler, of No. It, Is now lithographing for 
the Bijou Theatre. Bro. Victor Lelghton, of 
No. ]g, la In Pittsburg, heralding the re- 
turn engagement of "Queen of the White 
Slaves" Co. at the BIJou week of May HO. 
Bro. Geo. A. Florida, of No. 3, Is In Bnltl 
more, looking after the billing ot several .if 
Al. II. Woods' attractions, wblcb are to pluy 
that cltv during the Summer. Bros. Cans'. 
Colley and Harry Mulllnger were laid up 
sick for a few days last week. 

Rosier of ear No. 2, Forcpaugh ft Sells' 
circus: W. 8. Freed, manager of car: 0. 
W. Mcleod, assistant manager; W. F. 
Adiims. In charge of paper; excursion men — 
('has. McKee, A. Htpueh. O. Hllherg. C. .M«r- 
relles. ,1. Ilevnolds, G. Thatcher, M. Killer. 
N. Tlmlnil. .1. Snyder and J. Casey: litho- 
graphs— Chas. Carroll and H. Mason ; ban- 
ners — C. Peppers nnd II. Mercler : pro- 
grammes — N. Ohara: porter — "Col." Lla- 
bracd. The ear In strictly union. 

Notes from Iswal No. 12, Milwaukee. Wis. 
— Bro. Reed, who has Immmi In the enijiloy of 
the Cream City HIM Posllng l'<>. fur the past 
eighteen yrars, was ndvnuced In Hie position 
•>r shop foreman, to succeed the late Ilro. 
Sehlehlcln. Bro. Reed Is receiving the con- 
gratulations of his many friends upon his 
advancement, a promotion which he has 

Mined \,i tufd, sojucieatipju auk, »vu 

Dunn, advertising agent nf the Alhsmbrs, Is 
preparing for his annual outing, and will 
leave ror Oksltroec Lake as soot as the house 
closes. Bro. Dean Cameron, of Local No. 1, 
closes' at the Bijou June 0, wben he will re- 
turn to Chicago lo work for tbe American 
Posting Service. Bru. Richards, of No. 1 
car. John Robinson's Show, writes tis from 
the Last thst he Is enjoying good health and 
prosperity. Bro. Wclllnghurst and his as-, 
slstnnt. Bro. Plcper. nre doing good work 
with tbc centre wagon. Bro. O'Keefc will 
close at tbc Star June 20. after which he 
will take charge of Hchllti Park. Bro. 
Thomas writes from St. Louis that ho Is hav- 
ing a delightful vacation, and taking In all 
the sights. He will resume bis position at 
the Academy June 13. Outside members are 
advised thnt the affairs of Local No. 12 arc 
In a flourishing condition, and every pros- 
pect ot their continuing so. 


Our theatrical correspondents are hereby 
notified that the credential) now held by 
them expired on June 1. They are requested 
to return them to this office at once, for re- 
newal for m'rOQZ. 

Under tbc tents. 

The Soutukr* Amusimknt Co., under the 
management of Kdw. Wertlcy, closed nt 
Luray, Vs., recently, and the entire outfit ' 
was purchased by C. Z. Marston, who will 
transform It Into a week stand vaudevillo 
show, nnd play the larger towns of Vir- 
ginia, Maryland and Delaware. The new 
enterprise will open at Luray on or about 
June B. 

The Great Dr. Vilbis writes: "I am In 
my fourth week with the Sua Bros. It. R. 
Circus, and am meeting with success, pre- 
senting my comedy wire and unsupported 
ladder act. I make up as Hooligan In the 
parade. I have joined bands with Hurdelo 
and Chnpin, In their triple aerial bar act." 

Kittik Morgan, who recently closed a 
very successful season with one of Al. W. 
Martin's companies, has Joined tbe Great 
Wallace Circus. 

Thb Pan-Amkiiican Circus opened, to 
good business, Muy 14, at Clinton, Mo., aud 
good luck has been with the show all along 
the route In the Indian Territory. Tbe 
executive staff Is us r follows: Chas. E. Mc- 
Kee, general agent: Chas. 15111b, contracting 
agent: P. S. Mattox, manager advance car 
No. 1 ; W. Babcock, manager advance car 
No. 2 ; A. Goodman, route rider, and twenty 
able bodied, hard working bill posters make 
up the advance staff. 

HorfnKi'i: Brothers' News. — The opening 
day was set for May 7, and heavily billed 
for Augusta, Okie. The tents were erected 
on the Mteen about one fourth of n mile Irani 
the Winter quarters, near a lively barn 
owned by the show managers. Everything 
was In readiness for the commencing outside 
performance, and a big crowd rilled every 
business place in town, hesitating to come 
over and Join the gathering people on the 
show grounds on account of ominous indi- 
cations of a hurricane looming up In the 
Northeast. Many predicted that it would 
pass away to the North, but they were mis- 
taken. Another black cloud formed In the 
West, and as they cume together orders were 
given to pull down. '1 lie canvas was quickly 
(lacked on wagons and rolled into the .burn, 
and all other proiierty made safe, when tbe 
storm burst on the town with tierce wind 
aud pelting ruin, followed quickly by one 
of the worst ball stcrms ever seen In this 
part of the territory. Windows were broken 
by die force of the descending hall, ami Hit 
ground soon became white with the frozen 
pellets. The storm ceased at fifteen minutes 
to ten o' in the evening, and the pleas- 
ure seekers went iiome In a polar atmos- 
phere Illuminated by fitful moonlight, beam- 
ing Intermittently from between the racing 
clouds. At Carmen, one nnd one-half miles 
from Winter qua net's, Monduy. May 0, Hie 
real ■ opening was made, to packed tents, 
under a typical circus sky. and thd season 
from then on has been everything that could 
lie desired. .1. It. Bonhear made m few days' 
visit to Winter quarters, from May 20 to 
25. A. <;. Bonbcur Hilt d his islacc us ticket sel- 
ler during his absence, coming on from the 
advance lo do so. At Uoltry, Oklil., u jet 
black pony colt, only twenty Inches high, 
was burn to the while Shetland mare. "Sun- 
rise," Immediately atler tbc pony drill, In 
wblcb Its mother took part Its sire is 
"Juhebiig." The citizens of Goltry felt much 
honored by having the equine midget chris- 
tened "Goltry," for the town where It was 
born. Tbc nsmo was suggested by Rosaline 
Wllniiirlh, a member of the show rumpany. 
TiiK IXnta reaches us from a news depot 
in Wichita every week, rain or shine, calm 
or stormy. No matter what happens. It Is 
always here, u welcome friend, full of sun- 
shine, cheer and Interest. It Is our adviser, 
gossiper aud friend. 

Uinta mom Hhamjh & Dobsa Cojiuineu 
Shows. — We opened lu Cedar Rapids, In., 
under canvas, May 27. to S. U, 0. Wc arc 
liooked solid until Nov. 13, making fairs, 
race meets and carnivals. The roster Is: 
Cdrl Beasley, business manager ; W. 1'.. 
Dorsa, treusurer and musical director ; Chas. 
O. Wolfe, assistant inuusger and stage di- 
rector : Frank Neff, leads and heavies ; Chas. 
La Roy, eccentric comedian : Smith Bros., 
musical team: Arthur Drlscoll, buck aud 
wing dancer; Kva Hyers, souLrettc : Vesta 
Vaiighiin, leads aud characters, and May 
Howard and Pearl Wormslcy, Orlentul won- 

Will C. Sitk.s, general agent aud con- 
tractor of Lower* Bros.' Circus, writes: 
"Business with this show could not be tet- 
ter. Dam. MeUrnfth. ticket seller; formerly 
of Welsh Bros.' Circus, gets them nightly 
with the big monkey dance, tbe leading con- 
cert feature. The Lowery Bros. Shows art 
considered the best shows playing Pennsyl- 
vania. They- carry slx4y people/ and' one Of 
the leading outside attractions is Prof. Chus. 
linker, In h's wonderful balloon ascension. 
Prof. U:ik«r went tip at Knardsvllle, the 
other night, and the two thoiisuud people 
who saw the ascension claimed It was tho 
best ever seen lu that city. The Shields 
Bros. (Jim and George), acrobats, have 
slgued for the coming opera bouse season 
with my stock company, which will tour the 
Suttth. The company opens Hi season In 
October, In Maryland." 

Harry W. Semo.n has released the Camp- 
bell Brothers from their contract with him, 
owing to the heavy loss incurred by the 
burning of their animal car, a recent wrecs, 
aud the continuous Inclement weather. 
Rain, mud and wind has been a dally w- 
currance, with but few exceptions. < nmp- 
bell Brothers and Mr. Semon part on the 
most friendly terms. 


lelle's nine consolidated railroad shows is 
as follows : L. J. Chanilterralu, bandmaster ; 
William White. Geo. Hoffman, L. Rosen- 
zwelg, David Ileureux. II. Tiiiirvlllc, II. II. 
Hull, Chas. Currott, W. K. U Reeger, M. 
M. ' Games. K. 15. Klurgis, M. II. Collins, 
Kluier Burke. George Taft, II. Richards. T. 
II. gchultz. T. F. Smith, Geo. Provenchy. 
Wm. Kronelcy, J. W. (loldsworth, leader M 

A Dmr-ATrii from Fort I'bAt*. N. Y., 
dated May 25. given I be neronst. of, n blow 
down suffered by llhrgrcive's Cirrus '>n 
Hull nflcrnisiii A tierce x"'"' struck Hie 
village suddenly, ami nhuiu: in nn Instant 
Hip main lent of the cirrus «ns Hull rued i» 
Ibe earth, carrying down polos, sents.ntid 
tent rigging upon the audience. Scores were 
more or less Injured nod live persons were 
KflfUMl*. but. , -— — 

Cauibrldar Springs loaraey. 


1. Fox r». Marco (W.), Ruy Lopes 03 

2. Marshall { W.l-Delmar. Dutch Hcf. .... .3(1 

3. Plllsbury-Janowfikl I W.l, Q's Ultn. Dec. 78 

4. Hnrry-Snowalter, Ruy Lopez, dr (13 

5. MlrsCB ( W. i -Hodges. Sicilian 22 

11. Laskcr (W.)-Telchman, Pctroff 38 

7. Lawrciicc-Schlcchtcr (W.), Sicilian 33 

8. Techlgorln (W.)-Napler, Sicilian 42 


1. Telchninnii r.». Lawrence, Uuy Lopes, dr. 31 

2. HodgeR-lJtsker (W.), Q l s Gam. T>ec... 33 

3. Showultcr (W.)-Mleecs. Ps Upeng,. 47 

4. Jnhowski (W.)-Barry, Q's Gam. Dec... 44 

6. Delmnr-Plllsbury (W.), Petroff r.l 

f>. Marco-Marshall, Reeves U'ter-Gam., dr. 30 

7. Napier (W.)-Fox, U's Gum. Dec 02 

8. SchJechtcr-Tschlgorln (W.), Ruy Lopei 30 
No. 1, simply an even, steady game. No. 2, 

as expected. Bravo, Showslter 1 Yoti recclvu 
pieans of praise from Atlantic to Pacific. Js- 
nowakl was not to be shaken down, l'lllsbury's 
pretty tactics brought him up a bit. Marco's 
lace was wreathed with new smiles, if that 
were possible, as he arose from an encounter 
that neither disturbed his own nor Marshall's 
standing. Considering what Kox bfls done, 
Napier is probably quite proud ot IiIh victory. 
A well earned win was scored by Techlgorln. 
Rkkvkh Counter-Gambit. 

Karen. Marshall. 
1«..1I(0R4 B to 114 
I7..B-K13 KB J 

IK..K It Kin uK-Ksu 
I9..g-Kt» B-Q't 

w..qiu P-Ke 

iL.hKxP «UXR 

«..hpyr y bp 

J3..KI-B3 PQKtt 

> X V » F 

iS..Il-K9q Kt-U* 

M..V-Kt»4- H-Bsq « HP KIX Kt-f 

»..rxKt Hhu a 

Marshall, »l.ono: . Jannwskl and Lasker, 
ltr>ti each; Marco. tiOO; Showalter, $106) 
Sehlechter and Tscbtgofjn, |(I7.50 each. Then 
there arc 1700 to be divided among Ihc en- 
trants according to llielr resiiectlvc scores, 
and naron IIothsehlld'H tut) and »40 for the 
first and second most brilliant games. From 
such a galaxy nf brilliancy as this tourney 
offers, this award must prove a delicate and 
difficult task. 


2..K Kt-8 3 
3..K B-KtS 
ti..K B-H4 
O.h BX Kt 



l.i.-l' *■ II 
16. .Castles 









B-b Is 3 


OK 3 


K BX Kt 




J0..B X 





1. Marshall rs. Napier. Reeves C.-Gnm., dr. Si 

2. I'lllsbury-Mnrco, Q's Gam., dec. dr. . . . 03 

3. Barry (W.)-Delrasr, French Defence. . . BR 

4. Mleses-JanowsW (W.), Huy I^>ne« 3» 

.1 Lnsker-Showalter, Ruy Lopez, dr. 45 

(J. IjiwrciHT-llodges (W.), Sicilian 33 

.. Schiecbter-Tclchmnn. Q G«M. Dec., dr. iltl 
H. TschlgorlD-Fox (W.-tlme limit), French 41 

Napier strove hard, up to f till time, to stop 
Marshall, and was fortunate to escape m 
well. Marco held fourth place. Age, we 
tldnk, tells upon our esteemed old friend, 
Mr. Delmnr, in a long, taxing struggle like 
this. Janrrwskl clung to second place, arid 
slightly widened the gap between hi m«elf and 
Lasker, with whom afMiltar hart' the en- 
viable distinction of dividing honors, thanks 
to highly Ingenious end game tactics. Hodges' 
victory was due to fide chess, nnd No. 7 was 
evenly contested. Fox played splendidly, 
though technically winning by the time rule. 


To Correspondents. 

J. W. Long Ju. — Request compiled with. 
Miiuin. — Favor to hand. Thinks. 
Dr. Sciiakckr.— Hope everything Is satis- 

N « w» of the Giuue. 
In local matters tho N. K C. C. tourney, 
Thomas Ryan took first prlie, Messrs. Chss. 
l.awson dhd Jus. McKntoe comlila In second 
and third, respectively. Mr. Iqersou, the 
Newark crack, visited us recently and played 
I wo games with D. Herman, both drawn. 
W. T. Call has brought out his "round 
square" checker bun id on u Ihln sheet of 
rubber which can bo rolled or folded In any 
shape and slowed away In grip or pocket 
In a few inches' space. They sell for fifty 

cents. Dr. Srhnefcr Is selling agent .' 

The proposition lo present ench or.o of lliq 
team and tho draughts editors a copy of 
the. match game books containing autographs 
and photographs of the players Is a good one. 
A limited number of- copies are to bo wild 
(probably 100) at *r, a copy, or In other 
Word* to each person who subscribes fB 'a 
the fund, n copy will bo given........ 

Checker players will bo cordially received 
and entertained at the Caledonian House, 
82 Prospect Street,. Newark, N. J., where op- 
ponents ready to play will always bo found. 

In tournament play In Australia they 

have tho "two-llfo" system, which aeoniH 
to work well In determining tho llrst shil 
seconil prlKea, should tho winner of the 
second division defeat the winner of the 
first division In the stipulated series of 

"Parsifal," with lleory Woodruff In the lead- 
ing role. The other members of the com 
paiy are: Bruce MelUe, Frederick Pwry, 
Theodora Roberts, Kdwnrd Mackcy. Thomas 
MrClarlne, Grant Stewart. Wright Lflrlmrr, 
Arthur lluyt, Joseph Kimffman, May Buck- 
ley, Julia Stewart, Agnrs Ardeck, Helen 
Tracy, Nelletta Reed, and Ada Dwycr. Mrs. 
Long bus expeniled twenty thousand dol- 
lars oil the gmnnds, and Ms many new novel- 
ties, lucliidliig the old mill, the double figure 
eight, and the circle awing. It la the aim 
to make Hlttrh tiardens one of the finest re- 
sults in the, West. 

Mh.viion. — Mrs. Leslie Carter mines to 
the orpheum Theatre one week, May 3U- 
Jtinc 4. 


games. This places Iho two on an equality, 
arid a second scries nf games Is played, 
which constitutes the iliml. A handicap at 


U..K KI-B3 



0..K1 x Kt 



S..K-K 11 


P to O B 4 






Kt-0 4 






lft .Q B-Kt i 

K U-Kt. 2 






R-Kt sq 





.r my Ha 



OB 113 

Kt-0 4 



. K R-K sn 


.H ll-K 1 

•J 4. 

11 Kt H] 



Kt x 8 


.11 K 4 




R-Kt s 


.K 11-0 2 
.0 R-K It 

.K It XKt 



. B-home 





.o-ber 1 












Rui Loi'KK Kt's Game. 

Dr. Laskcr. 
3..K B-Kt 5 
10. . Kt-'Q 1 
16..K It-K ni| 
is.. B- II 4 
ViJ.. II X Kl 
44.. K Kt 114 

P to K 4 
Pt) R 3 
II -1} -1 


P-K R 4 

P-O 11 4 
Bills 3 
K 8-Kll 
Kt -q i 
U Kl 4 
Kl-K 1 
II- Kl 4 


Dr. Maker. 
44.. Rx It 
4.-1..RX K + 
30..P-II 4 
31..P-R S 
34.. R P X H 
33.. P-K « 
34.. PX KtP 
3s..i'-Kl 7 
311.. K -4 H 
10.. Pit 4 



KB 4 
41..KXB1SI.P BX T 

4i!..R P X P R P X P 
43..BPXP BR« 
44.KXP H • P 

45..KXB K-K13, IhO 

gsmc Is drawn. 

Ail altogether unique and Interesting game, 
liigllly bonoruble to tbo American ex-cbam- 

fifti;i;nth and final round. 

I. Hodges rs. Sehlechter (W.), Sicilian.. 65 
a. ShowHlter-ljawreiice, Q's 1' Oiiea'g, dr. . 48 

.1. .ISdowkkl-Msker <W.Ti 4 hfrs.... H 

4. Iielmar (W.)-.UIcses, Sicilian Defence.. 'JK 

B, Marco-Barry, liny Lopez, dr 3y 

II. Nnpl«r.PlIlstHir.V. Irtegnlar, dr 38 

7. Fat-Marshall (W.). Sicilian Defence.. SM 

8. 'IVIchinniui-TschlgorlnfW.), QGam. Dec. 'M 
Sehlechter, after a rather up bill struggle, 

just managed to edge Into the number of the 
elect by dividing sixth prl/.e, Showslter de- 
serves high praise for the exceptional work 
he accomplished. .lutunvskl nnd Laskcr played 
the game most looked forward to in this 
roifnil. It not only settled possession ot 
second prlxe, hut, the question of bersonal 
superiority. A draw would have stifllccd for 
the French champion, but It whs win ot* lose 
for lilm, nnd the sacrifice be made with this 
end In view turned out to the advantage of 
his adversary — as see 1 lie game Wlow. Del- played a happy go lucky sort of game, 
wholly unsound, nut Mioses fost his head In 
(he tumult. Marco, .sure or fourth prize, 
probably played for n draw, and Plllshiiry 
could get no more. Marshall came out as ex- 
pected, though be offered a draw, but as 30. . 
had not been made, the managers vetoed the 
proposition. Tschlgorin can be spoken of ns 
was Sehlechter, though his buttle was nut 
half as long. 

I'm T. K'f'H GAMB. 

Jannwskl. Dr. Lasker. 

1. PI0K4 PtoK4 

3..K KI-B3 






S.. P-K ft 

V.. II- II 4 

.P-0 1 
.P-K B4 

10.. K PXKt 
14..0K2 + 

I'.. .11 -Ksr| 

IS.. P-O 114 


K t -It I 
K B-B 4 

Kt x Kt 
Kt-Ki 3 


B 114 




o-her 3 

Kl-K J 

BO Sq 





Jsnowski. Dr, Lssker, 
lt..PI0QB6 otaltt 

I..KtXP f 

e .Kt-K4 


JA..P-K KI4 
«..KI-«JS + 
27.. RX B 
48..0X Kl 

3I..R-K17 4- 

33.. P-K t 4 


While resigns 




.blllnWSkl. . . 



Showaltcr. . 
Hchlerhter. . 

Won. Iintt, 
13 2 
II 4 
II 4 


Stimrt. Won. JiOtt. 
Plllsliliry... 7 8 

K<nr |« 



lann.. II % Hi/, 

ice., m »« 

HVt UVj Napier r.(fi V\\ 

7(4 7(J:Hsrry...... B 10 

Birmingham has rceenlly been played nn this 
svstem....'. .Mr. tleffner, In 77io Mm 
li r raid, differs very much with Bert '1 litis, 
tbo Minneapolis expert. 

Solution of I'oaltlnn No. 10, Vol. fill. 

nr w. Hr.WARti, nkw yobk. 
Blank 3 ill K'JD . 31 
White 13 W 30 K 14 
Black to pluy and draw. 
31 l!ti Zv 'iTt 'iTi 'Si 
T.\ HI It H ]R IB 

■M » Zit l» HJ S.i 
10 15 13 10 10 11 

•SI 18 

10 S3 

13 » 

•s.\ -ju 

30 SI 

.Huliitliiu of Position No. II, Vol. (M. 

UV l>, M. HTKli.NM, WK.HT IIKllHT, N, It. 

Black K 7 17 20 'Jl 'J I 30 
White 15 18 lb 33 III 1 32 
' White to play nnd will. 
JX 14 LS II n\ -In II 3 2 27 

17 in 24 15 30 23 21 30 While 


I'osltlon No. lit, Vol. r>2. 


frosi ItrMol Weekly Urrvuiy. 
■ Black 111 24 K 2 

■ ■ ■ 

White K 18 31 
White lo play, Black to will. 


K B-K2 
OB 0,4 
Kit «<| 
Kl -B « 4- 

11 v u 


K-ll sq 
(J 113 


B-B s,»nd 

Mllvvankee. — Vaudeville Is having a run 
in ibis city at the present I Imp, and good 
attendance Is to bo reported. Manager 
Sherman llmwti offers tho tallowing at (be 
Davidson Then tie week of Muy fill: llclone 
Befiram. Ihe Beethoven Trio, KlllsNowlla 
Trio, Hckhoft and Gordon, l.urlor, Fergtisou 
and Mnek, and Sadie Leonard. 

Ai.u.i.MniiA Tiikatiw (O. F. Miller man- 
ager). — The popular Than Ioniser Block Co. 
Is meeting with satisfactory at tentlniice nt 
this house. Irving llrooks, who was a warm 
favorite In tho orlnlnal company, opened 
H Slimmer etiiragement with Mr. Thanbousor, 
npd his appeiirinco was one of Ihe iilesslhg 
foalures or thh week. "Captl.'e," week of ."Kl. 

Ilt.iou Opera IIochb ( Joint IV I'lCrce, 
resident uuiuaaeil. — "TIip .lames Boys lu 
Missouri," week of 30. will rinse Ihe most 
successful season that llils house has en- 
joyed In years. "Why Girls Leave Home" 
fared well week nf 23. 

Star TltKATlin 1 Frank It. Trolttnnn, mana- 
ger). — The Tracndero Mxtravnguniia Co. belli 
ill' lo the standard ot the wnocl, and as a 
result, gnisl btiHlnesK was In evidence week 
of 22. The Dainty Puree Co. week 20, and 
The Blue Ribbon Girls follow. 

CltvaTAl, 'I'll Minn (F, II. Winter, mana- 
ger). — The house Ih crowded daily, reollln 
week of 30 : Douglass Kugonc, Dick and lllllc 
tlulse. .Idhn and Alice Mrtinwell, Shiiefer 
nnil l>« Camp, and Allan vYIilghtiunn. 

Foiist Khi.i.kii (Carl Flaeher, manager). — 
i:lsie Dc Lortg. William GoKstnnnd, Cncl 
Fischer, and lliircoiirt and Kant) make up 
the bill week of 3d. 

Hanh Hont'l.— - Manager Chnrles K. Wilt 
offer-i 'lie Blrinns. Donna Sol, and Wright 
nnd Mnore week of 30. 

N'ornH. — Fiuroiicn Rockwell, tho new lead- 
ing wotnnn of the Thiinlinuaer Block Co., 
arrived In Ihe eliy Inst week. Colin Cnmp 
hell, an old time favorite with Academy pa- 
trons, has also arrived, and will resume his 
place as assistant director of the company 

May 30 loo Oppcnholmer bus rejoined 

Ids' Fay Foster Co.: Mrs. Oppenheliner la 
sllll nt Okuiirhee, where they are having a 

Siinimer home built Manager Frank 

Trottman nnd Wnlt tloulehen. of the Mtnr, 
were out to Okmiclicii Inst week. Insiieelliig 
"The Oftks," which the Star mid Alhsmhri 
boys will open for Ihe Summer, early '11 

.1,110c (.entry Ilros.' Show put In week 

of 2:'. In tills city TImih, Preston Brooke 

and his excellent bund continue In enterlNlii 

thousands u( the "Hiihi," Henry tVlci- 

lloW, of the Alliiimlira Then lie. tiled Wcdll.'S- 
day, May MB. nod funeral was held Saturday. 
28. Mr. Nlrrmv. was very popular, lielnit 
an snibiislaslle member of Local 18, I, A. 
T. B.M., and doing good work for the local 

when business agent Arnold King, of 

the Alhiimbrn, and F'.dw. Mclilllls, of the 
Uavldkon, nlro very III. 

- ■ '*»*■» 

I'ortinntt, — At the Miii'ipiaiii Grand (Cal- 

liame No. IV. Vol. IU3. 

Played In New York recently belwcen two 
a 111 a tears. 

11 13 4 8 IB 24 17 2fl 17 22 

22 17 20 22 3tt 2H 31 22 HI 7 
H II II 10 7 10 I II 22 211 

17 14 30 2« 28 l« 23 18 7 3 

10 17 10 17 10 14 n tl 211 31 
21 14 22 13 27 23 13 It 3 7 

IK 8 11 14 17 2 II 31 27 

23 14(a) 23 22 13 tl 22 17 7 HI 
13 IH 18 23 ft 14 13 27 23 

21 20 211 22 22 III 17 14 18 15 

11 13 3 8 14 17 13 17 While 
28 24 24 111 2(1 22 14 111 wills 

tin The following was played In Bristol. 

Kiighiud, Id 188U. between Mr, Ksi olnm mill 

J. A. Kctir Sr. Mr. Ksculmc played black. 

24 10 HI 20 13 8 31 24 18 23 
li 111 IB it I'2 28 10 12 III 

2<i 23 II HI 20 22 13 17 23 M 

II If. 14 II II 10 7 2 1(1 23 

31 2(1 5 14 22 18 17 22 30 23 

-I K 18 (• 10 23 2 7 24 27 

23 21 111 10 IK 14 22 211 2ft 22 

O IK 23 HI 10 17 7 11 27 31 

20 22 12 HI 21 14 211 31 22 18 

18 25 I 3 9 2(1 11 10 23 2(1 
211 22 2 II 14 III 31 241 18 14 

8 11 30 211 211 31(b) 13 18 20 3D 

22 18 7 11 10 7 20 24 14 tl 



20 30 22 18 17 22 12 1(1 31 2(1 

27 23 14 II 3 7 7 11 10 15 

30 20 18 14 22 2(1 111 20 211 22 

23 18 10 7 £8 24 U 7 15 10 
211 22 II 17. 20 27 20 31 Drawn 
18 Ti 7 3 32 23 23 10 


Deiivrr.-At the Tabor Grand fl'efer 
McCourt, manager;. — May Howard's llur- 
lesiiuers played to big houses week of May 

""ilnoADWAY (Peter McCourt, manager).— 
Week of 30 the Broadway Slock Co. opena 
the Summer season with a strung list of 
p.ayers, In "The Gay Lord Qtiex." The com- 
pany Includes: Robert Drouet and Kutli- 
erlne GrSy, In ihe lends; Janet Ford, Kmlly 
Wiikemnn. Myrtle May, Heuliili WntNon. 
Marie Kails,' Marian Longfellow. Alfred 
l-isher. Waller 'ITiomas. Alfred Smith, (.'has. 
Hnllnck, HeOrgn Christie, Spotllswood Aiken, 
Frank Connor, Robl, iiumsns. Week of 4'l, 
I'.. II. Solhern, In "Tlic Proud I'rluce." drew 
the best houses this lionso has had this 

NKW Crystal TniiAriiB (Geo. Iru Adaius, 
manager).— Week uf 310 ! lisle Slid Weiisley, 
Bingham and Gable, llanafiird ami Hart, 
Burden and Zsreili, Krnest Bnrlsiur, Schoeti- 
wick, (hair, Kvsns, Ksll bt. Clair. Business TitKATite (Henry LuhelikJ, nana- 

5 pr i. — .Week of 30: Benson and Frsnreals, 
li.'Tysell. Klrkpnlrlek and Penr, Frank flea- 
mnii, Seeor and Weallirisik, Alorliiner ami 
Hill. I'nink llilil. 

Iii.iti'O H.)itiS)SH IMnry Klltchl^ing mnh 
Ag , eri.--'Dil« : |Mipiitnr Siiiuni^r resorl uMMl 
on May 28 with one of the finest stock eniO- 
pnnloa Denver bad ever had, Waller Clark 
Bellows having selottsd a remarkably strong 

cunnnAV's Tiikatrk (Cordrny * Russell, 

inn lingers ).— Isatiel Irving did fine business 
Hl-IH. In "The Crisis." "Brown's In Town" 
■lid fiilrly gins! business 10-22. The Kile- 
lord Co. opened 23, lu "Kidnupped," "Day 
by I>n,v" 30, by lite sumo cotnpiioy. 

HaKkii Tiikai'iik (George L. linker, iniiiiii- 
ger).— The t'nslno Co.. Of Him Frnticlsco, 
opened Si, to very good bouses. In "J-'Idrile- 
liec-llce," A double hill, consisting nf 
"lltirly Burly," mid a burlesque on ''Tho 
Royal Family." week of 211. 

Ari'atik TitiiA'niK (H. Morton Colin, mana- 
ger i. — Week of 211: The lOxpyslllon Four, 
(he Two IIoIIh, Wilson and Monin, Josephine 
Gordon, Kippy, thn American bioscope, tho 

lAiili: TilKA'l'iiH ( Keating. & l.'lood, mana- 
gers).— Week of 23: The vloiurollas, Alex- 
ander the llrrnt. Will King, lluyrtond G. 
Ilillilwlii, the Hchlcys, Miiran and Ring, tho 

Hi.ioi.i TilKA'l'iiH (Chas. li. Brown, mana- 
ged. — Week of 23: The Mnzzhiliis, Addison 
mid Llvliigslono, Itolssrls Fotir, Clans and 
Monti'!!, LMllo Millie, vlliiscoliii. 

Maxk (A. Shitpli'o, niiiiiagori.— Week of 
23: llattle Wind. Leslie Hluuley, Cora (Iran- 
vllle, Bliinchn Jliogiin. 

tiMi'MKDM TiliiAini; (Al. I.liikon, itmnageri. 
— For week of 23: Four ll(ila>rls. the Threo 
Monies, Zni'ii illid /.urn, Addison and 'Living- 
stone, John I'. Ilnice nnd Co., Cad Franks, 
Geo. A. uud Lizzie, llurd. Franks, Mann nnd 
Franks, Misses Monte/, sod (.'In us, Kd, Fisher, 
the vltascope. 

JIi.a/ihu'm ('08CKIIT 1IALI, (KM II. I In vis. 
manager).— Wrck of 23: Ireuo Alien. NOts 
Lee, Sliaiiilon and Vaughn, Dnvo Unrton, 
Flora Franks. 

Miiickhon'm Music Hall (II. D. Griffin, 
manager). — Week of 23: Littleton and lm»- 
lie, Sylvia U'ltor, Maude Raymond, Hlanclis 

Nonius ft Howk'm CiuciuH give four tsir- 
fornninces under llielr own canvas, on Mult- 
numnh Field, 43, 24. 

Fiiit/.'b nkw Tiii^A'nifj (Wllllain II. 
linns ii, iiiiiniiuirl. — Week of 23: Billy Hit r 
forty, Geo. W. Milton's Hitrl'squo Co., Hurt 
und Hurt, Flora Hit Hols, Flo Zclla, Prol. 
Hunt's Dog slid Monkey circus, Ixivelund 
Slslcrs, Jcnnlo Lester. Knlherlue Kielg, 
4*4* — 


nrl(1«e|»(irt. - Al Smith's Theatre (Kd. 
ward (J. Hnillh, wanagor). — Tbo Oarker 
Jacks, Mav 23-25, played to good business. 

••At g Southern: Pines," 20-30, drew to (Kb 

capacity of the house at every performance 
On the opening night some 500 members of 
(lid F. O, Of I'Jugles attended In a body, and 
gave II. M. Sperry, the author, and an Ksgle, 
a rousing reception. Booked : Mother Goosn 
Jubilee June 3, 4. 

Pom's Tiimtrk (Joseph Crlddle, mana- 
ger i, — Hill for week of 23 drrw big huslness. 
Hooked week of 30 : George (.'. Jloiilfuce Jr. 
und llerlhit Wiiltxlnger, Mndame (Hive, the 
Misses Bruce and Dalgiieaolt, Maddux and 
Wavne, Harding and Ah Sid, C'ardniell aud 
Hurrls, l'rof. Villi l.'iitnp, Ihe eleetrugrspb. 
<»» • . , 


Wherllnsi.- At the Court Tliculro |B. 
II. Fransbelin, manager). — Week of Msy 23 
was dark. Knowles, livpuotlsl, June Oil, 

NoW8.-k-T!ie K. of *'. will give a street 
fair and carnival on the State Fair grounds 

June IJI-18 Wheeling t'srk ft'onr«id 

lllrseh, insimgen will open with vaudeville 

for the season, fllionl June Hi: Prof. 

Jollli I'Jviinh, till' popiilnr leinlrr of Hie Griilld 
Ois'rii Ifiaike, left 'fur New fork 211, to spend 
bis vacation. 


Lkstkii FAiiuas, liiick add Wing dancer, 
Joined, Jlsrrr Llaaiey's fOfces «t liKomSck, 



$PKE 4. 


A.tlilffl hy MAHKV PBMBHIIOKE and MASTER TOMMY CORCORAN, In an Original Stirring Story o f the Torf. 


.TBHHV OHKII,, i. Jockey 
KAIll) BILL, h Gambler 


HAHHY PEMBROOKR | BOB TAYLOR, a Horw Tnlnw ...... - -| 


' NOTE -Have lu.t closed aurresafal ..ason with HICK nnd BARTON'S HI* Hal. t> Co., doing SINGLE SPECIALTY, playing Opposite Comedy and rNDERSTCDY for CHAJ. BARTON. 

N. ll.-Flrnte., "Keep Off! • Ha v,. Cleared Deck for Anion. ■ .- Address AI.U t t,A8H AOEWTg. 




Address WALTER J. WJJIMKH. .11 W. :Wh Street. 

Or P. H. SHERIDAN, Bay III I, and Hmli Arts., Bath Bench. L. I., IV. Y. 

AT LIBERTY, HARRY W. SKMON, Oen'l Agent, "Newspaper* Jollier" and Railroad 
Contractor. The following letter tell* it* own slnry: SIT. t'A I J„ MINN., Ma; 2), loot. 

Mil. IIAftKV W. 8EMON, neneral Agent Campbell Hros.' New consolidated Miow, St, Paul, Minn. 

MY DEAR SKMON: I wish to say to you thai your work since yon have been in our employ line 
pleased its beyond all expectation, von having pei formed your duties faithfully and honorably, and 
it Is with sincere regret Hint we are compelled to dispense with your services. Wishing yon every 
Mm ess In the future, we arc sine-rely ynnra, Till: CAMPBELL brothers. 

1 publish above with lull consent of Campbell Bros, competent tn nil any business position with 
Circas, Wild West, Carnivals, Streei Fairs. Elc. Wrltnorwlre 

IIAKKV W. SKMON, Care of liynn Hotel, St. Pan!, Minn. 

Not How Choap-But How Good 

If you want Cheap Scenery, buy of the aelf allied 
"Heeognlxed Krealr Artliti of Chicago," We make 
lh« klml that pU-eaei. DANIEL'S SCENIC STUDIOS, 
UOfl Chicago Opera Home. Chicago. 


Madison's Budget No. 9. 

World's greatest honk of comedy, con- 
taining 'Jl Original Parodies. ft new Mono- 
logues. 4 great Sketches, new* Dutch, 
and Hebrew Bpcclaltles; Comic Poems, 
Toasts aud Epitaphs; four roaring farces, 
awl great hurhxine*. hosides hundred, ol 
new tisgs. Siurlca and Jems— 80 big pages. 
One dollar par ropy. Hack niniii.era a- fol- 
low: itdv -. i uny :i. MR any 4, J2.WI 
or lliirtfefsil, I, it. T ami K. fi. OlUeis out of 

Kitll. Hemlall order* ' o in v agent, L.J. K. 
Bill, 1404 Third Avenue. New York. 

__ — / W/ L C a— 


r=.'Nt. W.YORK '-•.•',. '■_ 
••n,\i -.! s<r/?w.'\"!/„.~ i inc. 

w, 'Mt/mer/ifR wfttAfs/MMw row. 

PLAYS with Paper, far 

Frank E. Long Stock Co. 

Alan Leading Man, Soiibreite and other I'aeful 
People. Agent who knows the North and West. 
Three Al Special! lea. Address, for six week., 

I RANK E. LONli, Cresco, lova. 


Lambnl Bros.' Circus, 

Close contnioior. mid tuns; do posting, .loin on 
receipt of wire, salary tnitsl he low: state In tlrst 
letter. Address - Bros., 
■_ Moweaquu. 111., June 4. 



An Actress." 

Two Mule. OnoTennile Character. A Substantial 
Hit. Easily Hooked. Produced as follows: Proe- 
tor'a 3ttd St. .week April U : Avenue Theatre. Pitts- 
burg, week April -'a: Pmotnr's, Newark, week 

Mity 3. : Address PRANK TANNKIIILl. J II , 
Hnlte Hi, Now York Theatre Building. 


To Kent. Exchange aud For Sale, Now and Second 

Hand Tloturo Machines and Films. The largest 

assnrtnioni'of sublocts liY Hie city to select from. 


Tel. 3166 Madison. 40 West Mill St.. N. Y. 

WANTED, Carnival and Midway Attractions 

With -weir fronts ami lav "tit*, at once. Two in 
lour week*. .Also YAI'UEVILLE and KEI'KII- 
TOIHE, under, canvas. -Free acts and vaudeville 
peopie. Tblnl week of big success. Ilradford 
Carnival Altntotlons Wanietl for Suoibiys. llnid- 
foni iiuti .oittrtit Perks. .- . .< • 

__J0HN_0. KOWLBH, Urutlfnrd, ra. 

Good Song and Dance Sketch Team, 

HAM) I'LAYEIt, male preferred, who can do 
sirulght and sing Illustrated songs: I have ma- 
eliln>; must tie voher, no kicker. Limit, t s slugle, 
$ if, doiiuie; all expenses after Joining Positively 
no tickets io anyoim. OKO.'J. CltKatllt, Mgr.. 
• -I lleren. Madison Co.. Ky. 

Wants Partner, 

With (iooil Attraction, to Play Parks aud MM. 
Would like to Itour from u good clown and wife, 
sinia all III Urst lutler , and write i|itlok. 

\Y. t. STEKLE, Morrlsvlllf: Utnoltte Co.. VI. 


Com.dlm lo pliy pirit, with itrong .pecltlti.s ; 
Men lor Gen. But., with specialty. 


Ethel livtnvn Co.. Hralilford. out.. Caiisils. 


To Bay, Oar Hoi Lew than 6511., 

Will nav cash for same. Address 
V. E. eW iaWtl LO. Willoughby. Ohio. _ 

WAHTED, insiclan Attendants, 

write. Must he sober aud rflllahle. Write or wire, 
OEIi. V. OKAILEY, Leader. 
Slate iloapllal, Morrl. Plains, N. J. 




Musicians. Tuba Player. Slide Tr»nii on", I'ririiet 
Player; Violin, to lead tie Inin, ii.i.m Double 
Alto or Cornet In U»n<l. An*) useful Dramatic 
I'ennle. Address 

HICKMAS-BESsEY CO.. Elgin, 111. 



XKSS; Hand People, Boas canvas Man. Hill Fost- 
ers, Hobs Hostler. Two car show. Address 
harry MAOK, Manager, 
(344 Ptnn Ave nue, P ittsburg. Pa. 

DEBJlSuEn l-'rom :»7 E. 14tu St. 
ncmUVCU To 10 W. 88th Bt. 


Manufacturers of 
Theatrical and Custom 

Shoes. EsUJSK. 
Late with John Az/.luionti. 
Complele sntlxfactlnii guaranteed^ 

\A/ ANT 


Long engagements to good pjople. Open about 
June l&. Address 

s ^ .. SHAKER DOCTOR. Nevada, Mo. 



PALACE. Must Join on aire, other musicians, 
write. Charleston, W. Va., June 6 anitil. 


t'eflortuiM-s doing specialties, Musicians for 
Itiiml ami Di'cht'Klrii. 

IA_ IIITflUXS. Clinton , Ind. 

\A/»rtt:aa€d Qulok, 


That change often. Bkitch Team, Musical Act, 
comedian, Silent Performer. Plnoo Player, t'tnler 
canvas. Stop at hotels. Balart sure. Jol" on wire. 
J AS. O'HARA. Ashland, Old". 

For Canada Frank's R. R. Show, 

A few more good Performers lo Itrengljieti big 
show. An*, quick, full pariirnlara and lowest »«1- 
nrv, to F. M.MVKRS.Mgr. Aurora , South Dakota. 

Wonted, Musical Aota, 

for II. A o.; under cauvna. Qood amateurs write: 
all letters answered. Address 

.1. M. scoTf, Musical Director, itepnblle, Mo. 


liEll COACH: built 


up h| isleen is. 
Rig cellar, will go on any train. Price 
*«mi. Oct kev ol MR. SCOri' BROWN, C and N. 
W. licnenil oillecs. Chicago. Adiltess . 

W. II. RICK.,i;<l2TRIIII'NE llldg.; Chleugo, 


FORMERS for .Med Show. Join on wire.- No (line 
to dicker. Sure money. Lung scaavil. Ailiirtss 
JOE MILLER, Siiiimici Held, Ohio. 

Wanted, Good All 'Round 

NKD10INE PEOPLE. Slate lowest salary. 

Address Dft. A. D, CHRISTY. Dealt. Iowa, 

Trap Drummer At Liberty. 

TyiupaulM and I'nll Lino Of np-to-date Traps, 
sfrktty sol*r. Adrtres* YV. D.JONES, 

lus Eaat Mat strei<». New York Clij. 


COMPI.frfK': Mnst bt> v eHeap and In gondcondl. 
tlou, ready to set up. State full particulars first 
letter. YVALLACEOILMORE CO., Oswego, N.Y. 


Poles and Stakes, SEATS, Flan. Etc. 



Fronts and Banniri for Stmt Fain, 

It North Ann St., CHICAGO, ILL. 

Take Lake St. Elevated anywhere on the Loop. 
Ann St. station la fourth atop over the river, live 
minutes ride from centre of city. 

OopyrUht yonr sen. plays, sketch*, ana 
socga. It will FAY you. M any Copyright, 
art, worthiest, because invalid . You cat 

not afford to take such chances. We 
guarantee a valid copyright at snail coat. 
Opinions and legal advice. Patents and 
Trade-Marks. Bend stamp for particulars. 

Columbia Copyright and Patent Co., Inc. 
; waaori etsa, waawmoToa, p. e. 




Send a Dollar 



Never Needs Honing. 



1033 MARKET ST., FHILA. ' 


Bath Beach, 

Bay I ftli St. and Ocean, 


All Modern Improvements. 
ftMMM .rtir IIk nujierior ruixliif. 
la', acres of heautlful well shaded lawn. 
I Finest bathing in oravesendB.iv. 35 minutes 
I from N. Y. via Brooklyn Bridge or aitth Si. 


And TenU^of Every Oeacriptlon. 

| New and second hand 80 ft. tope. and 

under, alwaya on hand. 

wuiTEj f on eaTiMSTea, 


• u cmmou to T. vv. NOBLE 

a«l»Nl.h<0 1877. 

139-130 Fourth Stream 



Slide Trombone, B. and 0.; Baritone, Stage 
or Orchestra; Clarionet, B. and 0. 

Others write, stage lowest salary and whut ex- 
perience, age and slxe. Most he competent and 
sober. No amateurs. Address 

0. K. UEYERLE. Proprietor, 
Daly's 'Ten Nights tn a liar Room" Co.. 

Norfo lk, S ell. 


wnmstoio, tex. 

I will open a new Opera House lu, 
Tex , about S>|il. 1, Willi new scenery aid every- 
thing complete. Atu now booking for season 
ItHM-o. Nothing tint ilrsl olass ros. wanted. Would 
like to hear from three or four lien. Cos. He sure 
and address EH. A. WRIOIir. . 

Mituagcr New Opera llmise, winnalmro, Tex, 


have on hand a large assortment of sllglitly worn 
EvcnnigOowns, Dinner. Reception and Tea Gowns. 
These tol«a are )>erfect In every respect, and are 
especially anltaule for wear In HIGH CLASS DRA- 
MATIC i'RODUCTIONS. We havea fnll line of 
Seal Skin (Vats and Ears of all kinds' 
MRS. II. STAltit, :U17 South Stale St., CHICAGO. 


CLARENCE FAUO, 40 Bond St., N. Y. City. 



ROOM 410, ST. I.lHis. s|o. 

Musical Comedies and Farce Comedies, and Other 
GOOD Shows, for Opening Week and Later, for the 



This hnnae lias been rulai^cd and rebuilt, at an eipen*eor$lfl,OUO, making 11 
one of I be most up-to-date theatres In the State. 

All louiiininli at Ions address 

ARMAND T. NICHOLS, Sole Manager. 

New Pavilion 


FRANK 'illbDIK, 

Oirner and Proprietor. 

Sole IH»nn «ei. 


"W»T /a WrniT1T\ Kor ,h * Opening, and Every Weak Duiliiu Die 
lrV tk. IM I K II . Suimiuc, >HK BlGtiEST AND BEST At IS l> 

ww iAAl * .'*l ^^ vaFdkvili.e. 

Address all commnnlcatioDs to FRANK GOLDJE, as above. 




Address, as per route, DOWME'S NEW *IIOWS. 


Great Barlow Minstrels, 

BASS and TIBA, TROMBOVE, Doible String; TKOMIMM, Stnight. 

Wire or -write 

J. A. COHl'K.V, 19IR Demlag Place, t hiieago. 


MAN'AOER FLOYD LAUMAN SAID: "That eerlulnly Is one of the best single tnrns itiat ever plaved 
Trocadero Congratulations from everyone connected with the theatre. KluQlgnn iturtalnly made 
them laugh long and liiml." FOR SALE— A set of green boxing gloves. Warranted to knock out any 
audience. Would like n nil mil Inn week of June 8. Addresa • - 

WM. MORRIS, and other llrst els»s ugcnis. 

The Hufile Midway and Carnival Co., 

Streets of Cairo. Electric Theatre, Lunette. Dog und Pony Show, Snake Eater or any First Claas 
Platform or Midway Shows, to strengthen the alxive named company at tllasgow, Mo., Dig Free Street 
Fair aud .Merchants' Carnival, one week, COMMENCING MONDAY, JCNB 2T. This Is ilie big ope. 
All privileges tltt.oo. AVritc quick lo JOHN IIUFTLB, Manager, (ilasgow. Mo. 



People lu all lines for Tom business, Al Slide Trombone Flayer. Trap Drummer, fnU lire of traps; 
culored people In all Hues, good singers, cato walkers, buck and wing dancers. liooaersftnd Jumpers 
save smiups. Fares advanced to right people. Address J. I). CHUNN, Box 130, LU Uc Sioux, fowii. 


Roman Chariots, Elephants and Lions 

Also wish to henr from FII18T CLASS ACTS OK ALL KINDS. Slate lowest terms In 
first letter. Address SIIBIK HADJI TA1IAU, Munager Ancient Rome IMilbli; 




Men for Josh Willi specialty, Dutch Comedians and Sotibrettea: tuusi slug und dance, floated Heavier 
Tall Character Mcu, Juvenile Leading Ladlca, Character Old Women, Musicians of ull klndi, inclinllng 
Leaders for band and orchestra; people doubling brass preferred. Can place a good Agent. Only 
capable, reliable people with wardrobe wanted. State lowest salary, pay own hotp). Address 
DAVg B. LEYIS. 1611 Tribune llldg., CHICAGO. 


TAKE NOTICE. AddreBS GEO. MAROElir.M. Metnphi Theatre, MentulHt, Tenn. ' 

BASS POINT CASINO, Bass Point, Hahant, Mass. 

BEEBE BROS., - - ....... Proprietors. 


TWO SHOWS DAILY'. Address WM. A. STANLEY, Manager. 

JUNE 4. 




The DONALDSON Lithograph Co 




JOHN P. CHURCH, Vice President. 


Eastern Headquarters, Marlborough Hotel, H. Y. City, until September I. 





Y OO. 


Actors, Singers and Dancers, Acrobatic Acta, Knockabout Acts, Sketch Tennis, Comedians 
that lire Fnnny, Acts of All Kinds, and Novelty Acts of All Kinds, and Everything Hint 
goes to make a Big Show. Everything must he first clans Good Burlesque Woman. 

P, 8.— Wanted, 100 Chorus Girls. Mnst be good Singer* and Dancers aud good 
lookers. Send photo, if possible Stale experience. Address 

RICE & BARTON, 341 East I18lh St., New York City. 

Snmnter address— Centreport, Long Island, N. V. 

__— _j— ^— — ^— .— — — — — ^— . — — — — — 



.By RICE aim MARTIN. A Reanilftil "Story Song." with Waltz Itcrraln, 


By llAUcK nnrt HOPKINS. An "All Join In" Waltz Song-A winner. 


A Real llll-by MILAN ami NKKIHIAM. Tills will Bring the Kocores. 

Send late programme and postage (or Professional Copies of latest Inst, anil Vocal Music. 
Orchestrations 100. 


aOH-aou Baltimore Bide;., Chicago. 


Thai nan do General Business iiml oKclaltles: also oilier useful Repertoire people. Write, state lowest 
Summer salary, age, lielglil, elo. I don't pay fancy money, as you gel It every week. 
ii'i owe a cent only lo chasers, oruuks and dope fiends, 

1». a I don't 

UIIAS. T. KAI.F.H CDMItPT CO.. Winchester Hotel, Syracuse. X. Y. 



jF*ittisl»iii'i»-, F*n.« 





F»fcM*formorsi of All Kinds. 


Wire or write. Slate lowest salary. Home: costsvUIe, Pa.. June l: Columlila, 111., June 2; 
Leliauon, Pa., June 3; Noirlslowu, Pa., June 4; South Bethlehem, Ph., Jane it; Slaiiugtnii, Pa., June 7; 
Plttatnn, Pa., June 8. 






Carrying it Carload of Special Scenery, Two (Ji Shetland 
|7) Big Vaudeville Arts, All Ro) ally -Piny.. 

Ponies, Seven 


Must Have the Le.t wanlrolie. PROPBRTV MAN TO RUN MOVINCI 
PICTURE MACHINE. People In Other linos, write. 

S E A S O N 


U O. 

Can Place Sister Team or Trio Latter Preferred). 

r.i.intlnl. HENRY V. V*ILL\1U» & CO., Manager., Montgomery, Ala. 

We Carry Our Own Moving Picture Machine. 

SPECIAL.— If you are addicted to intoxicants or drag*, please don't writs 





Repertoire People, Sketch Team that can iloParta; also Plan.. Player Musi he strictly in I 1 no and 
salary must be reiHOnable. Those doing strong spcelali ten given preference. Write full particulars anil 
do not misrepresent. Jnat closed a most successful season of »6 weeks. 

Address E. 0. QB08JEAB, 306 West Maine Street- Independence, Kansas. 


Bnltiniore^ Add., 

J. L KERNAN, Proprietor, 

Are the rsreni addition* ta the (treat 
Keith Circuit. All appllratlnn* for time 
in Hie Keith houses and fur .IAIMEM 


Portland, JVIe>. 9 


S><»l«?iii, ivi 1 1 s» s . , 

MUST BE MADE In perann or by letter 

S. K.H0DGD0N, 

General Hooking Agent, Vaudeville 
Managers Association, HI. James 
Building, or Union Square Theatre, 
New York. 



8TA0R MONK V «C. per 100. 

AL. F-L.ORE3 4. OO., 

II'M W. 14.1 STREET, N. Y._ 




Is an honest made, up to date, Professional ma- 
chine, with all the latent Improvements. It Will 
give vnu as good work as though you paid I loo for 
It. Your money will lie promptly refunded If the 
Slereopllcon Is not entirely satisfactory. We will 
ship machine, C. O. O., subject to examination, on 
receipt of express charges. PKAKOK A BOIIKCK, 
Mast Calvert St., Ilalllmnre, lid. 

our spume catalogue 

Issued April 1, will contain a complete line 
of goods used by Street Men, Carnival 
Men and Csursaicri, Please tend In 
your permanent address. Catalofu. trill be 
■ent to you free of cbarg*. - | 



Unbone*. O. 

BILLY SINGLE CLIFFORD. Sole Proprietor and Manager. 

Will he Completed in Time lo be Opened Aug. 1, by Al. a. Fleld'a llBltr.ll. 

flround flncif. Thoroughly up In dale. Seating capacity i,s«i. Ki|itippei1 with I lie laltal contrivances', 
Mime -nxii'i, height In gridiron tUi feci, Prnseeiiliiiii tipeul'ig 4U.xan. Klxlit dnwliig tonim on siagf. 
drawing pnrnnlalion laJMM. I'rbaiia I* localeil on the Uric, Pa., and III* Pnar It. Ii'i. 
Managers oflflrsl Class Attractions desiring iliue, addrws 

EO. «. CI.IFFOUD, llesldanl Manager, ltrliana.O. 

, ~'* — NOTICE. — 

i h.„ ALLEN and MARRY AT •«*■ 

- " SI West iHth Ml., New York, Suites * and 10. Telephone, '44'IU Madison. 

WANTED. Vaudeville Aota of All Description.-. 

Park, Fair and Ouldoor Al tractions send your open time Willi full particulars. Malingers, wrllo fur 
Special Llsls. 



Kxcepi leading woman: would like In hear from tlrania'ltt people doing specialties; man ami wlfr> 
Willi clevorcjilld Willi specialties; man wild good liCTIiKK uaoillNr, llll'lYIT for props mid IiIIh; 
SCKNICAllTIHT. lo act as carpenter or double stage. Dnsiraliln t'tigiiKCiiiuiit hi overv way. Usual 
summer salaries. Wrlic full particulars quick. Xo telegrams. 
- X. II. -So inci impeience In any fnriti tolerated, specially urllsts wrlin for July and Ana tint lime. 
-.' Address J. WAI.I.ACK IM.INTON, ttarrnllliui, Caliaruuiiii* Co., Nciv Vork. 


afo, F-t«B>lla*b>le» Organisation, 


A lleciird ItrttakillK llusltte.s the I'ti.l Season. 

Musicians, Singers, Dancws, Specialties, Novtlllsf. 


45 WHKK.H' SOLID CSflAlillMr NT. OPKN' Al 0. ill 
Address Hooking OlllfO, IIAHI.OW At WILSON, tit Main Slrmi, imnhiiry, Conn. 



Ufcf> -to Data In Every Roapoot. 

t.tlOI) OH>,.\ TIME 11)114-.-.. WE LIVE (I- TO M.I. CO.VI'II ACTS, 



i'Oln.,; 28ln., : KHBh J!) no : noin., jiot.ii : 4(ilu.. Si .'.do. Circus Trunks, 'J-ttl HxiH, 

JT.f.O. Hill 'Pniiilis, .-Itix-Mxiri. Inside, JIU no. I.illm Ti links, -1^ Vji'-'M '/jX TJ Inside, Sl(,.nu. 
.Shipped ou receipt of SH.imj. nal. C'. t». I)., except over ilOli miles, then remit whole amount, 
SIMONS a co.,ci:\tu.\I,T!;i:ni; FA« TOItV.Kst.isiW. S .W.inr. 7ili and Arch Hts., 1'lilla. 

• i 

Establlthed 1886. 
nO-32 N. Sixth St., Terre Haute, 

I n<). 




Address. A. S„ earn CLIPPER. 




Sketch Teams, Sister Acts, AcrluAclB, Novelty Acts of all Dcaorlpltoo. and alronsr Single Specialties, 
Male and Female. Also good Dramatic People for Slock, capahle ofrininfr specialties. All people Dial 
I'lajed this honse liefore, write. Address all communlcaltoiis lo JOHN WOODFORD, Mgr. 


National Theatrical Protective Ass'n. 

There have been some Important changes made In ihc Secret Work of Hie organization, anil it Is im- 
perative tbal all members send In their address n l once that they may receive Information regardlug 
same. Business of extraordinary Importance is now before the order, ami the attendance of all mum- 
lierj is desired at the next regular meeting. Address 

KU. CLIFFORD, Treasurer, N. T. P. A.. Room ISiw, New Tribune llldg., Chicago. 

Thomson S Vandiveer's 

Circus, Mmgirli u. Hlpii..Mi Teats. 

Bare a record or over forty years as being superior 
in Material, Finish, workmanship, Style, Durabil- 
ity and Economy to all others manufactured. Es- 
timates given on application. 

So. fflo-aaf E. THIRD ST., Clnolnnau, 0. 



Now honking llrst class attractions for next sea- 
son. Can honk three other ell lea, 

01IAKI.ES KOUKTON, Mgr., New Orleans, La. 

Strettmen , T rai n Agents & Canvassers Supplies 

Wo Always Have the Latest Novelties. 
Send for Our New Catalogue, 

1»» La Salle Street, - - VBIMVV. 

WANT 3D. fkjiith, 





v^wsa w> w^ a uantlogne of MO New Noveliles, Campaign llitclges, Rubber Balls, Confetll, 
W Btf M m I ITnlou label Flag Canes, lllow Outs. She'l Goods. Rtiallc Wootl, Indian (iocsls, 
* JsYXJsWJJt^* xrlck Matches. Rtibla>r Faces, China Pols. Exploding Canes, Ait Mirrors. 
Whips, llnsten, Prtie liootla and Carnival Novelties. TUE NEWMAN JIFU. CO., Cleveland, Ohio. 

films colored. WANT CHEAP FILMS. 

BOX 37I,_Montgomery, Ala;_ 

TVlHTFn Young Uilv l<i Travel with com- 
nan IJbWi psny; must hare fine and cultivated 
voice, pretty, and possess handsome wardrobe. 
Good salary and season engagement. Send photo- 
graph and full particulars lo 

BOX 312, Montgomery, Ala. 


at Ha 


Cures all 

Discbarges in 

48 Hours 




Vaudevilla Parformara in All Branohaa. 


Wrlic tiLnnce for ilnles. Also ivould like lo hear fnuu Vluilii, Cornet anil Olarloni-I Plavors. 

'■' Address FRANK HOIIAEPKII, Proprietor, 

O'Donziell Fireworks Co. 

Fireworks and Bpectai-iilai- Displays. SIKOEOK 1'KKIN, itl.'HSO-JAP WAR, for Parks, Carnivals, and 
oilier iniKlogr KxhlMiloiis. Write for |inrib:ulsrs. M7tl \v, I'oln street, « Itliiugn, III, 


, M? MINOIC, 4-ia HI Mlt Avenue, between villi aiuUTHi Sireels, N. Y. 

Al.- 7. Wheeler's model Shows. 

WANTED, Sober, llcllalile IIOSS CAN VAN MAN and good Working Men. Small wiicoii slfow. 

Kx|ter|encc<)mi'ii only wauled. 

.Vsiiiral Bridge, N. Y., June 2; lliirrlsvlllo .1, Fine 4, Edwards n, llnssel 7, Hiirinan s. 



If i liev ihiti'l deliver goods as per contract, Trunks Stored, 'JTic. Dcr month. 
11114 No. Clark HI., CII1CAUO. Tel.— Nortlflf HIV. • 

Sutton etrril Stxttoia, 

TDK RIHIK AND SOI IBHK1TK, Comedy Acrobatic Contortionists, In Vati.le. Ills. 
P. 8.— Who Helled the Cal? SANS -i CI I'AIIK, Cllulou, la., Indilllnlte.S 



Per. address, MABION, OHIO. 





(Made lu While alsoi. .Your own brand on each cake if desired. Snhil for ssmnlo mid price. 

I»A\ III limit di CO., 14.1-1 17 Iliilluiin St., t'lill'iign, III. 

Harry ®. May Howard. " , ** M, *"•* 




You Mustn't Pick Plums From My Plum-Tree. 



June 4. 

Clipper Post Office. 

In order io avoid 

UtnUr. »>A to 
delivery "* tha 

Ibi* 11.1, »u 
retard »•»« *" 

, and a *frlttrn 
order (or the letter, alined wllli the 
foil name and nil<lrri« and the line 
•( haalaean . followed br the ■rider, 
■taat »l»'o be eaeloied. 

Plrttae mention the date (or nnw 
tour} of THE CLIPPER In whli " 

Iter* aent for were adYertUad. 

ek tbe 


A Urn, I'l'iin C. 
Allen, 1'earl 
Alton, Grace 
Aiilior. I/iuIhc 
Arlington, -Mile 

Angaria?, Uert 



■ Mr*. Fred 

Allele, Mi.e 
Allen. Km I her 
Jinrkn, ,M«y 
Berry, Pniillnc 
. BurieuM, Nell, 

Bishop. Mary F. 
Rlek, Helen O. 

gronDelil, Heat, 
■yea, Nnra 
Seaurrgnril, tier 
rend I, Franco* 
arreu, RK 
Brokn, Mn 11 II 
lilfij!, Mrs. V. It 

truce, Knllp . 
rock, Ik-mile 
r-Hrianf, A liner 
Butler, Mnrjorle 
Hraduhnw.. ■ 
• '••'•• Pauline 
. Belmont, 

Mnrle I,. 
Brncfniril. Julia 
, iinoker, Cera 
'BlbndMI. pearl 
fleck Mm. 3. It 
Her I nun. Dolly 
Barnes, Mnmlc 

Hrlglil. .Iii'le 

, Byrrl. Mrs.Hurali 

Bertram, Helen 

HcrnSeltl. Ai mi 

t/Ooper. 1 -nr' I n 
■OwoY '•Itinrttta 

CjmiiN'll. Kiiiimh 


Tp a • dell* B. 


1 , Mm M. H. 

Carlflmi Sinters 

CI nylon, 


Craig. Tiihy 
Cn\, liny 
i.-lymer, Kiln a IV 
Curry, lluac 
Chevalier, Kulh 
iiloiiKiuiii, Inn 


Mrn. W. U 




(Vlrale, Graven 
. Curler. IWhu 

Calhoun Cnnillle 
Carlton, llerdle 
Olymer. Delhi 
•tilirlH. n*Vnyre 
tVinnnlly Sister* 

Unvi'ii|nirl, May 
DeVeral, ftnac 
Jliinroe; Minnie 
fttefroyr nibln 


Iielvluii. Nell I,, 
IVI.rnc Miiilclllic 
IlnvlM,. nelle. ' 
Dnlrwiyt 1 Carolyn 
'nahVLnli ' ' ' 


- Mm. .too. 

Dinmiiil. Palsy 
I lei /i rue. Mile, 
Mi'Ull. Illiiiielii) 
IM»|h, Annie 
riiinSlHH, 'A III: 
DMMfi .Bel If , 
iKnii;iii:i. Olnm 

Ileun. 1 1 III h.'h e 
Dnnnvan Pantile 
I In n tin r Sister* 
Ilavlw. Ik'MHle 
Davis, I. mini 
H'Arvllle NhlerM 
Demi. Jiiqll* 
tlaytelle. Mndse 
Pale. Virgin 
KMneraliln i 

Klnltie, Mildred 
Kslcllr, Mnl 
Knrle. .IiiIIh 
Kinineraun, Idn 

l-Vkert. ■ luiolyn Mllcliell, Ivlnn 


Plmwlr, Nell. 
Furil, MiiiiiI I,. 

Mn. Ilnr. 


Fnlrcblld AlrM.I, 
Fnrerie, Nelle 
FcrToll, May 

l-' lor I lie, Minn 
Fielding, ' 

Marin I'. 
Ferguson, Minn. 
Florence Sifter* 
Ficdorn, Venule 

Florence, Katll. 

I'crty, Kitty 

Faust Sliiers 

Pledora, Befnln: 
Fowler, e'mmn 
tlllhert, Kl|r«. 

Mine. It. 
•Iroy, Vcrn 
(iretin, Mine. 
.Vi.lley. Mm. J C 
ilnlilhin. K.iiiiiin . 
(Inmly, limine 
Onllhlln, ' ' 

Alln'i In. Ca, 
fjonlon, Minni 'I 
ilnnllier, Irene 
(Hlmqrc, He»» 

flli-nnlnre. l.ellli-; 
tllnney, AiIh ll'owell, Mny 
(innlner, Mr*. D'ercer Slnleri 
Den^mnnn, Jennie I'nlmliek, Kiln 

Milrtlnnen, Ailn 
MnreuK. Mm J A 
Mil»e, Knihryn 
Mnrtclle, Hmlle 
Mi'l'iouil, I.. 
Alllelipl, V. 
Hnntrone, Bennlc 

Martin, 'Thirena 
Moreau, Ktnn 

Mr*. Tlion, 
-Miirtln, K'ln 
SlnreiiB, liny 
Mnmhnll. Mild. 
Mndden, 'llielnm 
Mllliey, l.l/r.le 
Mnrlcll, Allie 
Mllimrn rllclem 
llnore, I'lniencc 
MnHflii, r.nlla 
Nntun, Jillln 
Nirtaiin, Nate 
NelHini. Shirley 
NelMn. Ilrien 
NelMlli, Shirley 
minIT, filir-i 
Owens, Ali.i 
il'llrlni, Alice .1 
ollne, Mile. 

i'lunkett Itlimch 
Mtt, BeHHle 
•hllMpH." " 

I'linlter, lllmicli 
I'ellullll, Kittle 


Myle. Helen 

tlnreniirl. Diipli. 
Mall, Aril- " 
lliiklnird I'lnuiilii 
lleimhnw, Vella 
llimkeli; l^-flle 
ilnrvey, (lertlo 
Held Ml. 
Henry, l-oiilno 

lllirellnli (IIiiiI.ik 

Iteywooil, I nt (li* 

Mrn. I.ivilhn 
Hownbl, llrrnli-e 
InrnicH. Jen lino 

Jlnll. Je»«le M. Iliwl, iH'illin 

Hlirvey, Minute 
llnlilm, AI. It 

I In nly, Nellie 
Ilii.Vivnrd Jennie 
Hlinler. Hi iee 
Hull, Arlle 

liimonrt,t1liielr Sllekney, Mme. 

iiittitm, Lilly 
iiIiiik ni Mary Al 

JlilieH, Ailn 
.tiilinwn. Hone 
Jlinln. Klnle 

JollllHOll, Selene 

JntniWrn, 1M 
Jiilmnnn l*arii|i|l 
Kramer. Florn 

Klnpj. l/inlmi 
Kiilncr, Nora 
Kcofiti, Miir.' 
I'.eiiiilmiii Hint. 
hi. irk. (Unity m 
Kent* Aliideflno 
h'ely, tlone 
i.nrili, Jennie 
UliiKKion nirlK 
I iiiniir. AIIkm 
lionrener, Annie 

Alnnle B. 
l.iiMnlie, Kim. 
i iiMni, Irene 
l.nive, Mir i' || 
Lrgrnnde, i;rljt 
l.yiinie Hlntern 

" Alleli- 

Ininli. Dorolhy 
I miKil'in, lionlKc Annu 
l.ymnn. .1 fun. 
I mine. I. nllii 
I.exTer. Utihle 

° Ilerllin 
MnrlMHcy,, Hlellil 
Alnrrlnney Dollle 

Jim. A 
Alltcliell Oira I. 

'fnWnne Anire'n 
l*erBrr Hlnlern 
I'ltntier lilniiee 
I'eyaer, Dora 

Keed, I'earl 
lleilley Aim Pnt 
lleynnliln, Nona 

HiA'eT, Millie 
Itellliilne. Klella 

Boy; l^ali 
ItelliieTf. IKrllc 

II lien, Mile 

IIIkkh. Hertrinle 

llnlneli. Her lie 
llllllll Mrn. A.M. :<itllle 
Peed, fjeltn 
Slemc. <Vctl 
SylreKtcr. Nell. 
SlddOK, Kittle 
Sewell, M.irleli. 

Beyoionr. Vu. 
Hleni, Alildred 

Heyillinir. Dullllil 

scuit, Carrie 

SlrniiHer. ' 

Urn. Win. 
Kelmylfr Hlnlent 
Helm, Currle 


Vloln ft V. 
h'lmrpe, Itltttelie 
Hqulren, Nillle 
Knwell, 8,i, lie 
Tlterenn, Marie 
'I'llinuiiH, Inn 

Taylor, Knit* 
Tnimtmy, Kvn 
'Ivrene. Alin'uin 
Vernon, Kittle 
Vrnnnrd. Bell 
Vmtoti llcnrletlii 
Vera, M(iy 
VanAttker flritce 
van, i it 

Went, Jcm-|i|itnc 
.Welln. I.enn W. 

YVIillnev. I'.vil 
WllllnniM. I.Mlle 

Mil III Ic 

Mrn, chiiK, 

Welln. Klllle 


Went. Kiliei 
Wranl. Mum! 
Vaxer, Mniul 
Zolin. Mile. 




•Anilernoit, Ktl, 

Ansell, J. S. 

Anilrenn, Chun. 
'Atery, W. 

Aldrffli, Kv. 

Ailntiin, J. II. 

Alhlnl. II. 

Anliolt, l.nvr. 

Antltony, A. 8. 

Ailallm, I„T. 

AMiill A K.I. lie 

All A I'olner 
Alo» A iHnln 
Anlell. Willi. 
ArinntrotiK, Jim 
Acker. M. A. 
AlilrlcU, (.'. T. 

.Mini n 

Ayren, W. II. 
Anhlry, Hoo. 
AiIiIIm.ii A 

AiIiiiiih, Alnrk 
Briiee, II, U. 
. Be int. V. I*. 
n.iii'i A I". I'.-sl 

Slxliy, Frniik 
nice, F. 
Baxter, tHiim. 
BKr.t, !•'. W. 
Bennett. .Intel 
Brrrii, Tom 
Benton, ft. I). 
Breeliele, II. A. 
HiiUcj A 

Berenfnnl. II. Cn 

llllllVKIllH. |."|v. i 

Brewer. Walt. 
Ben iil le(, I,™ 
Bonieer Kiln- 

cnleil llornen 
Bolnmt, t 
ii.u a lit, is., l 

Burton, K. II. 
Balen. Ollde 
BnrfltiKton CllAB 
Bot-nnl , Art, 
Bloom, Mux 
linlilivlii, I,. <;. 
llOMlorlck, K. T 
Hnker, II. K, 
Bermnnn, Henry 
Illooni * t 'i«i|M>r 
Bernniil, llartt. 
Ktmell, l:Ai. 
Barnelt. P. II. 
Burton. [•: H. 
Bowern. F. V. 
BiifikMin. liny 
Bruce. II. c 
Beenvn, Milmlm 
A' Ueenon 
Bruno. W. II. 

.Beraer, .ins. 
Rmirke. .1, Wy 
llnrrelt, Joe 

' Blair « McNntty 
Blticknllnr. Art. 
Blnilklier, l.'rod 
Brotnte, II. D. 
BaUlpy, J. A. 

Bnrlntur, Wm. 
Boyle, U. II. 
Bennett A ' 


ll.illey. Hi ir. 
Ilenniili. I.t'ltoy 
llreninnin, Mm. 
Itnwrii, Bert 
UlhHiin nelle A . 

Ncwinn u 
Bntcn. Clyde 
Btiruen, I. II. 
Hainelt Kie.M'll 
lilllltiK. lliiny 
Biyne A Went 
linker A l.yiiu 
llnlley A 


itiirircn*. Hurl 

fmi|MT. J. K. 

l.'nttncy. Win. 
CorMev, I, K, 
Cnrrell. C. J. 
CurtwuKht A 

Oiawforil, Hnni 

I'.ilwel A Mill! 
t'onni'SK, Hutu. 
I'lilhihiui. ,1. A. 

Crnivell. Trevor 
» lulls A Ailiimn 
i:61liy I'i.nilly 
i 'link, Jn> 
ttrenny,' W- M. 
Colin. I. II. 
IleVonde. Cliwt. 
DnnliltiKliin, Alii 
Dewntie, Unlit. 
T>ereti|Mirt C. M 
Uel'oy, Karl 
fietl-iini-, Unlit. 
Hehiiniitei , Mr. 

KeViul. Kreil. 
eliluiitii. W. H. 
Delllie, llohliy 
Hfijliwi Bren. 
Divwn, :i, Co. 
DorilcllH, 4 

4 Klylltk- 
liiirrmv. J. Al. 
Dorr. lien. 
Dnwklim, H. J. 
I'l.lnii A l.eiihnir 
lleiwIiiK, W. C. 
DeVllle. .Ifnn 


I .n iv r. 
ti. I,. 

Clnyloii. .Irnklnn Daly A Mornti 

A ,lan|ier 
Cornell, Olirla. 

I'llllllll A I llll IOW 

Citrltuii. Al. 
Ciiinoii, I", CI. 
Clatk Hlock Co. 
I'luik. Smn 
Collmi, O, Al. 
Cnrllnn, 8, M. 
Carroll Troitiw 
Cltenler. Willi. 
Conk. J- 11. 
Cnney. W. II. 
t.'oe. K. D. 
I'linelc, Ilnr. 
tlhliiman. K. W 
fallleotle, C. II. 
iVwtcllij. Jark 
Curl Inn. Curl 

W, R, 
Crane, 0. K. 
Clarke t 

Ciinipe, Harry 
Carroll. Hen 
Clnyloii, r.iiiiiu 
cue. B. P. 
Col I Inn, Wiu. 
Carroll. I. 
Collet). Mr. 
Clilrke A Temple 
I'lillltlliin. Dunn 
CllnMlon. V. T. 
Cooke. W. 3. 
Curley ,T. 8. 
('lurk. ■). I-:. 

Cnltillelnel 11.11 
l'hi:..i, J. 

f'ltrlnn. llnny 
Ciirroll. Krinik 
Colinurn A 


Clayton, Frank 

Day, II. II. 

Heiine, Hyilnev 
IVtnpiiey. ,1. I.. 
DoiintetlH. lew 
Doric, J. L, 
Del'eiv. !». O. 
lieZiiiiinrH J. 
DeVoink. ,r. K. 
DenniT. H. W. 
Dnte. W.-'U. 
Dorrln, Allnrt 
UiiHhliiKii.n. Al. 
Dorney, (loo. I,. 
Dnwnon, B. J. 
Dave, 'tlen. 
llnlto A Zelltt 
Dtierow, Joe 
DiiHln. Herbert 
llnimlierty. Jnn. 
He Alva, K. II. 
Kno. II..W, 
KhIiih, l!.l 
Krtmiinn. V. 8. 
IJIwiv'l. CHiiec 
Kiln-arna, ft K. 
||.iluioitiln, Ilnr. 
C.llll lllllB. I',. I). 
Ihiulcy. K. M. 
Kb-. J. R 
Kller. W. A. 
Kno. II. W. ' 
Kiliranln. Cnrlcr 
riilrlilse. I'reni 
Rmmrd, It. 
Ramon; Hilly 
ICthviitila, »3eo B 
Kilwnnla, .1. s. 
&VUII*. lli'iiiiilon 
Kilwnrdn, (Inn 
I' lilrldwv' Unlit. 
If-elOiolt A 

KrcfooU BlockOo 

Canton, Kred 
Karle A Naar 
rieliln, Ho) 
lergunon. Alar, 
I'inher, Frank 
I'loidn, a. 0. 

Krnnklln Allyatl 
I'looil Broil, 
r'lnrenre. Nell 
Farley, .7. A B 

Fll-liln, Nut 

I lehlK, Walt. 
Ferrar A Cole 
Fnlardo, Mr. 
Ftni A 

Fonl.C. O. 
I'erry, Cllnlou 
Fern, Hlilney 
l'orlicr, — ' 
lay, tliin 
French I/. J. 
Frear, Rohcrt 
llyim, Mr. 
(Inrton Jr., Jon 
lilenrov, I. It. 
(ilynii, Nick 
iilKMen. Isnnc 
Cnrrlc, Klw. 
Ornun, P.'II. 
Ulan*, i. },. 
(lerranl A <»le 
(Jarrlson, J. A F, 
riuliwtte. J. I. 
ilrallnm, W. M 
Oarrlre. Clmn. 
flrceilWood. FM 
nnrnmnil A Ford 
Oraltnin, Henry 
tiroas W. K. 

njocfcm, The 

Ulorker, lloenlp 
A illocket 
(IlltcH A Nelroti 
Co inn AlIerlKTI 
Hnr.ller. Jack 
Uiittnuiii, A. 

Garry; tun' 

ilnllaiilier. .1. P 

llnrillicr. Jlick 

Hon, Air. 

ill), O. It. 
Inyen, Kilmund 
Inmiaii, Clina. 
JlnfTmiin. F. O. 

«uugli. I-; L. 
owcll A 

Hawley. Win 
llnward'a Prinlen 
Hale A Krancln 
ll|irilhiK AOrnnd 
I 'hi we, rill in H. 
Ilearnc, f, Q, 
llonier, Knni 
Heelow. Oh*«. 
Hall. Frank 
lieck. Frul 
Howard, II. 
I1*rrnltl, Jack 
HiHlrlx A 

Harper, Oca 

mniul A Itnlley 
Hiimen, F; T. 
Hale A Franco* 
Howard, A. U. 
Iloyt, I'alnln 
lloKaii. Krncnt 
HlekiniiiiM. The 
liiihler. C. It. 
Hlatl. 1 D. O. 
Hanlninn, Joe F. (I. 
Hoffman, 0. F. 
Hull. Henry 
IIiillRtvii, Win. 
JllgBlnn ft ' 

llrriiinn, Cli.iB. 
Hnllrn. Fnii 
IliiHcnll. Loll 
lliii'tiniiti, l.niil« 
HiitHclnl. O. D. 
Hoyt. N. 0. 
Iliiyen, Tom. 
Hoffman, Mm 
lliinil, Ileun. 
Itart. Billy 
IlerliiK, C.irl 
llownnl, W. K. 
lliiutir. 8am 
HiMirya, Tin* 
iKiniii. in, w. it 

llllmcn, Honn A 
I owl* 
Hurl. cimn. K. 
Hoy I, Chun. 
HoliKlllon A 

Holt, Dan rl. 
Hull A Ittiekel 
1ml It. Iliiun 
Irlah, F. II. 
.larkann, I'oter 

Jlleknnli, WUI. 
.lollllN.ili, J. M. 

Jewella, The 
JoHaelln 'I'll. i 
Jolinaon, Daten- 
port A I orel la 
JndKe', 'Ttnl 
Jotinnon. Hal 
Jonen,. P. J. 
•*!. Murcua 
,'lnnea, A. 
Jiiekminn, S 
.1 linker, N. H. 
Klinilf, tl. U. 
hi.lilcr. Q, 
Kilta. .1. 8. 

heel.'li Fninlly 

Kelly, W. C. 
Kane, it. II. 
Mull. l'Mwil. 
Ktirtt, (l. II. 
King. n. w. 

tl. A. K. 
Kane, J. M. J. 

KlllB, J. H. 

Kllrov A Rrltton 
IteMh, Bnyder 

A Co 
K rotBi'lintonn, 


Knell, H. II. 

Kiilli, Oen. 
KpiinnlM, .Inn. 
Krlck, Kugene, 
Kenny, Thoa. 
KCIly, .1. K. 
Kelao, 8. 11. 
Keen, Julian 
Kopnc, Hoi 
Keith. W. J. 
Knuffman, ,7no, 
Ki'lnVein, Alva 
I.ncy, ii. II. 
laiiniml. J. ft H. 
I.i'iitinril. J. F. 
l.aVei'li. Ham 

I.ewlK A IlllTII 

l.eniy. A. H, 
Lenley, Oro. W. 
Livingston. Cbr 

l.ueloe, Plof, 

l.eartl, Wm. 
r^nia, Orion 
I. urine, Cameron 
I.aMack. Hnr. 
I. a Fey tli. Cttet 
l*dnc, Teilily 
laffelnre, D. J. 
l.owln, thin 
l.nmliert, F. H. 
Lannnnl Broa. 
i^indnnn, ft 
Larnnn, Fred 
I.ewln, Monte 
Lyonell. I.e Hoy 
Lower, Fred 
l.lntnn, Ii.u ry 
Iorralne. Fred 
l.loyil, W. 
Luce, Or.iut 
Leech. Al. 
I.iHiiiniil A 

l.eonnrd. Ale». 
Little. J. W. 
Leach. Bitihy 
I*trl», L. W. 
l.oreymir. I. 
Lend. Frank 
I aVernr. II. 0, 
Boche, It. B. 
I/^IrIiIoii llmry 

I«wla, Armlc 
Lane, Arthur 
U'rny. Al. 
I^ltner, I^nioy 
en Veil, Frank 
Land o' f/ot. Co 

1 ang. J. U. 

I^nfje, Jumen 

l.Tnon, Cant. 

Mhttnay. Ueo, 

mm A KIHirht Mtnironl, Al. 

McTJlure, >:lmer dtfintotl, lltigli Kretl 

anon Ileeil Co. 
McDolmld U. W 
Mo/rl». Lew 
Alnnlngiic. Ilnr 
Malonc, (Ira, 
Mnrtlnwii. O. II 
MSltlney, W. A. 
Martin, J. A, 
klandy, 1. 
Mack; J. J. 

Alonher, lluueh 
ton A Mi, "her 
Meeker, Baker 

' Trio 
lforrl»non I^lgli 
Uorria, Jim 
Monroe, H. C. 
Vjoyi, T. 
Ijnrrnii, Frank 
Matron, Jno. 
Marion fc Pearl 
McAll.lne.J. X 
llntthewn, 9. c 
Vloiiltnti. Ilnr. 
Martin A Qnlgs 
Melville, Ceo li 
ilnrac, T. V. 
Morgmt, Jon, 
Miinnliign A 

Mlelielnen. Tlior 
McAlllaler, TA 
Mily. Billy 
Mack. W. IJ. 

llltehrll, II. F. 

Mltcliclln, .'I 
Mnlliewn. J. C. 
Mann, Dnhny 
Mngtilre. N. 
Moore. EL II. 
MaiiHon* Kdwanl 
.McCniilcy, Iloln 
Jlnc,key, O. F. 
SlHl'k. H. II. 
Mitchell, 8. A. 
Majenllc Mun. 
Montlay, Jan. 
Mnlinln? Trto 
MeKuy. W. O. 
Mnrpliy A t icii.i 
Mnna, Al. 
Mniul). ,lua. 

M. J .nil, II. K, 
M in hi. . \, A I. 
Alorow, .1. A. 
McKay, Neul 
AlnlhewB. Cnln 
McCne, W. J. 
Mnrrla ft Morrln 
.Morton, .lumen 
McDonald Broa 

MvUralli, C, A 
AIH. O. L. 
MliKon, A. V, 
.Miller. Ca it, 
Alucllaiin, Jug. 
Alnthcwa Ac 


MrCiiwmi .V 

Mctlr. Paul 
Myern, W, II. 
Muck, W. II. 

McFiirlniiil, F. 
Mhlgelcy A 


Marlon A Dean 
Miirtln A Qulgg 
.Miller. Fled 
Mrnen, The 
.Norm in 

(Fros Mutt) 
Nelnon. Neil 
Niiihi. A.' Ic. 
Nngle, IiutIiI 
Nairn, W, It. 
Norton, K. 8. 
NhIoI), l.leul. 

Cm 1 1 li| uen 

Norton, Joe 
Nelnon Farmer* 
Nolan, Tom 
Neeilham, W. P 
Nnvlii. Jnn. 

Mekernnn K. Fj 

N. v. NevKliny* 

Nennen A Nmnen 

Newwntt, Al. " 

Norton. Jon. 

Nntrlmm. The 

O'Hourke. Fug. 

Onrla, The 

O'Donnld. Sieve 

OrtoffH, ;l 

Ormntiy, (5haa. 

"nil. A. L. 

Ore. R. A 1*. 

Hverlon. II. it. 

nlvlo, 8. 

Omlir.ia Tnui|ie 

O'Brien, Pal 

Oukley. I'iiiiik 

Orhistcv. CIiiik. 

il'lloiiike, Win. 

I VI6I, Fml 

l'ltarlm, Joe 

I'uylon, II. il. 

I'iiIrc. (I. \V. 

rerolval, C. A. 

Primrose, Kel. 

Prentnti. ,1. A. 

Prentice. II. C. 

I'rlinrone, T. 

PrCnllaM, Vul 

Polk A Tinnk 

Pottcm Poerlemj 

Proaner. Hens 

Pryor Brea. 

Patten ft Perry 

Perry, (J. L. 

IVHrl, Tuny 

Price, H. M. 

Pierce, W. J. 

rowern, J. T. 

I'lilllhia, U'U 

Plieltin, K. V. 

Ponpi A Leo 

I ■vice, llllly 

I'litiliiia, Tom 

purcell A 

It rooks 

y linker City 


Hulilnnoii, Tout 

Illiv, V: A. 
It, .Nen. mnl. Art. 
Hover, Arcl'lc 
Hiidellffe, Claud 
Hhlge, K.lliey 
lllce. 3. J. 
Itoneniun, I'lrtint 
Rtindoliih, Fred 
Keymilila. LnH 

Reynard, K. F 
Honn. C. K 

Hllllilnlpli. Chili.. 

Hiuirorrt. 0. n. 
HockcllrTc. Hcrh 
ltller, Frnnk ' 
Heed ft Bhnw 
jbaraMH Pron. 
Hcno ft Smith 
lllcc A I'.l'uer 
lt.insl Bron.. S 
II hi BrO».. .1 
Honnnlre, II. 

Hone Family 
Honinln. Tkib 
lTtinKell. Walt. 
Biter, Wm. F. 
Hovle. ,1. 0. 
HotihiKoti. Km. 
BAyiien. 3. A. 
I In Mini. J H, 
Itevere. (!eo. 
Hnynore, W. L, 
Itlckcrtn, Joe 
UiV« K. M 
Ileeil, (\ 

rich: niiticis at hi:ao of list. 
o ■» 

— Win. V. Rchi'ller, Icndliig innn of Heller 
Slock Co., recently cIobimI n very 1 jili'tiKiinr 
Bcnnuh with tlirtt ctmipanv, find' Is now lu 

•lock at loli, Kan, 

Ilnwiuin A June 
Hlchardnon, F. 
II ice. Bob 
llldley. Tom 

iu<t Bm*i. 
Boeelclgli, Jack 
Hudd,' IT. C. 
Ilo^law. Dan 
Hrrflth A Clark 
Krnllh. It. D. 

HI ropk, J. M. 
Ktuber. F. 8. 
Ktratton. F. .1. 
8t. Otige BtMk 
Hlicrntan, J. C. 
tprumtc, Tlnin. 
HtucElinrl. Walt 
Hoe. J. A. 
Hniltti. Fleleher 
ittaoifonl. Hilly 
Ml'eMon, W. II. 
Swift, Hi'ih. 

Kconton, BtJ. 
Hrhllh, A. P. 
Kiiitt (fniK *ttan 
Stanley, J. F. 

SttinrK Alualcnl 
FonCrnnt. .Ino. 
Sadler. J. II. 
Ktreeler, M. B. 
Hptagiiellm, The 
hejnr, W. 
Swain, W. I. 
XteVcn*, W. H. 
Sliermnh, Frank 
Kchnililt. Ilcrr 
Kmllh, H. T. 
Hmlth. B. H. 
Howard HlnekCo 
Hewnril, Freil 
8t liber, V. H. 
Selhy, A. L, 
HtClft, Herb. 
Slavnrdnle, ,1. 
Hliiirrock, liar. 
SnrAny, tlllUo t 
Heehnck, Ilnr. 
hluiioifui. Hum 
Slllllfnli. J. J. 
Shcarn. J. W. 
KlGnrla. Alun. 
Shoemiike-. Air. 
Stnlitcy A l.elloy 
Slmmn, J. 
Htunc, Ben 
Schnildt. Ilcrr 
Htcrnna, ' Freil 
Sljirltt". H. B. 
K pea m. Jin* 
sulllnio. C. H. 
Sniltl, A Cheater 
Rlona, l>n B. 
HtriuiH Ilonmio 
Sttaiv, l/irry 
8ei|ley, Harry 
Srott, O. Al. 
Tayloi Frank 
Terry A Kloier 
rcnBrook, Jan. 
Tuck, 8. L. 
Trevelle. T. P. 
Tittlnor. Vul. 
I'lirncr, F. L. 
1'reror, dlwln 
fyler. Clian. 
rnrncr. W. Y. 
Tarrfll Bron. 
T*iyH. Tim 

Prof. Aug. 
Terre, W. II. 
T«ft, Murry 
Mil, W. B. 
Tltelnm, Otto 
Tlntrntnn, How. 
I'lilinttrnh, I'.m.i 
I lii.iuun. .1. II. 
Trliilrtt. W- K. 
1 Imony, John 
Tluirne. F. A. 
Tmvnr. Ilihvln 
ItielMMe. W. M. 
Vernon, — 

Vernon, B. II. 
Vale. A. 
VnhClcve, W. I. 
ViuiDeck, A. L. 
Vernon A 

In ininli 
\ngel. Join, W. 

Wlllatr. flur. 
Walker, Lew 
White, Tom 
Wayne, Al, 

WellH. U. M. 

'.Vnttei-H. Billy 
Wolhert. Wm. 

• llroa. 
WIMea. 6. D. 

'.ViImoiim, t 
tVllmio, Alux 
Wlliou, Frill 
WyckolT, |„ 
WeKton. A. II. 
WimhIvvui.I Clipt 
Wlllk. N. M. 
Wnker. F. T. 
Willltiiun, Tony 
Hilton. Tom 
Webb, \V. O. 
\Vllanchek. Win. 
Wlillllor, II. II. 
IVe.. l,,n, A. D. 
Waller, II. !■'. 
Ward, Hi 1 1 ti 

\1oikIi\iii.I. Hnr. 

Wheelcr, ' llort 
Wlllliinin. Wiley 
Wllnoit A 

Wlllltimn. lii.vo 
W'nklee, Mmil 
Wcllael, Jan. 
W«MM,' I 
»VimmI A Berry 

M'lllluini, Al. 

Wyckoff, Fred 
Will,,,,!. .11. F. 
Wood. Alllt 
Wntotni, a P. 
Warren, W. .1. 
M'IiimIow, II. II. 
Wllnon. Frnnel* 
Wllllamn. (I. W 
Weaton, AVIIIIe 
Wllnon A liuvla 
Wllnon, Fret! 
Woiifi, I. J, 
Wiliulmlil. Uco. 
Wllnon. .1. It. 
Wurd. Ilnr. 
Wright, lllll 
Welnon. Mnx 

Weltr.el. JllK. 

World. J. W. 
Wiiy, II. D. 

WllllniiiM. .lint 
Wtlllg A I. m kill 
Welwter, II. n. 
Wright, Freil ' 
Wood. Al. II. 
Wllnon, F. 11. 
Welch . J. AC. 
Wclihn, 4 
Wulilion. Dan 
Wiley, ('war 
Ward. Ralph 
iVenley. llnrney 
WnkeltM*. Mo in. 
Wnlinn, llurry 
Ward, .Ion. 
Went. John A. 
Wiinllnch. J. (5. 
Wnterbiirr lire* 
Welttel. .Tiintea 
William. Herb. 
Wert*' A Judge 
Wllllamn. Hnrry 
Wormwood t'o. 
Wall. Waller 
WihmI. F. II. 
Weld , Hirry L. 
Want. Mt.lty 
iValeiliury. li.N 
iVolf. Art. 
Wiildoii. Mnx 
Wlllliinin, Ben 
Xlmmer, F. V. 
Haruen. The 
/jira. tlen. 
y.lnuuer. F. V. 
Z.irrrcti; Jo*. ' 
Xnt /.am ( 


To Get to 




A Train Every Hour 
On the Hour 

Dired'to Reading I g^i* 
Terminal. | fcg«f 

Ft. U»fi, 4 . N. R. .ad Srank F.OT 

11 1' 

A Bunch of Good Ones 

Kitty O'Neil 

The Waltz Song lilt ol the year. 

In the Dells of Old Wisconsin 

Nothing; obiter.- you'll iaV so ff you seo It. 

When My Golds,. Hair Has Turned 
to Silver Gray 

The best ol lis kind In years. 

Honey Dew 

Not a coon Mini; A ccm. 

Open Wide the Gates of Paradlie 

You coitld not naklnr unythlqe belter In a 
'..i.ii-il none 

Up and Down the Pike 

The St.; Louis ICxposlllon Midway Succcsi. 

TwoStep. by RArMAEL FAMBTT. 

We will aend the (irchrntrnilona and I'rolcn- 

alonal Copies to you i : RER upon receipt ol your 

request, enclosing programme ol- card. 

Band and Orchestra Copies Free to Leader*. 

Mckinley music co. 

«2 fyabaak Av. CHICAGO. 82 Filth Av. NEW YORK 



Tlinro »ro ninny Cold Cream Preparatlooa on 
tho market lodny. Borne arc (loop— others are 
BBTTKB— But Mcliincrncy'a la UKHT. 

The Ingredient* of Hclohcrnoy.'s Cnld Cream 
are pnro and harmless, and when ;on once me 
thin preparation ynu will want no other. 

Other good qualities In Ha favor are tla delicate 
perfume, ainnnili whltencaa and cooling nrorHirUoa. 
Add It does, not rout as much aa nwnj of the far 
Inferior preparation*. 




Pretty Teelh In a Good Mouth 

are lllce Jewels well set. Our beat men 
end women have made Gozodost the 



Inntnimonta. "Violin*, Banjo*, 


dr.. mnrlo dy Lynn A HoaIt nrO the 
ntnnitnnl nt pawlliuiro. Vi»rj low 
lirlcod «trlm rtn mil n* Mull aratlrn 
mtrh fin tho "Wniihliiirn." Ank your 
livnl muiito denier for thrm, unit if 
hoHmvu't kt(|i (hrm wrllo lo ma for 
"l>0|)t. U" Cntntpano llliiNtrnU'd. 
niBllfMl/rrt*. tt inf.* how to JuitRo 
ijtinlttj and rIvcn full ruirttriilitni. 
if you nro wl*>o yon will nooiiro mi 
inatrument with n mttthniinlltNillY corrci-t Itncor 
hoaift titjft n fall tirli tono, one that will rIvo 
•af.fdfrirtlon for n HftUinio. ■••■• 

LYONAHEALY, 3Q Eail Adami St.. Chlcaqo. 

WffU'l IaU|«*4 MaitO llwii*, "S#1 II ^.»er t»hln| £m*q la lluik.'*. 


To clear the skin of pimples, moth 
patches and other detects, use 
Glenn's Sulphur Soup daily 
for toilet purposes. It's the only 
fine toilet soap that contains 
enough pure sulphur to be a 
specific for skin diseases. 

2Mi. a cake al all drug mores, or mailed on re- 
ceipt of Mo., by 1'HJf C. N. UIUTTKNTON CO., 
lit Fnllon St.,' Nov? fork. 

Hill's Hair and Whisker Dye, Black or Urown. Mcls. 

IIKS I ' (ll'lMiIfl'liNITV m kxintkkTr. 

lliiiriiiti'i'i'si iii one of the Uncal ri'berlrdre rom- 
Pfrilfa, %iiXI. it, m'iiii ^.riling, nvn I'd'i'iiniili'S. Kx 
petionre not reqnlrcil. Fori line fur plcuire iniiunr 
anyone nllh almlre ainiiillit. Address 

JAS. r' KKITI1, tlen. Del ., HliiRniiiiiHni, N . Y. 
N.B.Some Port Wckcnjon letters; write again, 

WaUlliailB. 0. MATS., WBD. and SAT., ». 




wi;kk ov si.w 30. 


KltANK Will TK and I.KV7 HIHUOrS, 

Tilt l,KKH and MADKMNE, 




VKttNON T«B \ K,r« Til I 1 1 NT. 

T11B " 


East Mlh St. 


Moonlight Maids 



12fiUi St.AM av 

Matinee Today. 


H liber's »' Museum 

OKO. II. Ill HKH, I«ropr. . 
WANTED AT AI.I, TIMES, LlvlnR Ctirloslllea, 
Freaks of Nature, also Flrsl. Claaa Vaudcvlllo Acta 
for Thcatrv,. Addrcsa 1. H. ANDERSON, Managor. 






JlincW. All viiniliiuilliiiitlnlli in IIAVlll .SAHEI. 


Thin weelt, Llnilcmvalil Park, lliunlllnn, I). 

0HAS7E. COLBY and 

^Jhn_y^n»rlloQwliitj»ind Dancing atoll. 

Harry Brown. 

ilia New Bona-. "WHY, HELLO, DIM,! WHOSE 


Vaudtvlllea "Aumalnnist" Mimetic. 

rcrnmncni mldrcsa, II. K. 11. No. 1, Kont, p., U.S.A. 

Lottie Gilson | Billy Hart 

" TUB F LY FLIRT." 73 Llvltpwlon Av., Yonkcra.N.Y 




' Nnvel I>i ae it Inn and Sliadowtat, 

Per. Add. 1A17 WAMCBIl 8T., uiniunnati. 



EDDYSII A YNE , Wi'slcru. WM. MORRIS, EiiHlcrn . 

mayMe remington 

And IlimtlLE l(i»ol,ilt)llAIIII'.S-1I(,l(.|, 
N.Y. Aci'llt.s:, III PAlliE SMITH mill WM. MORRIS. 



THIS WEEK, MAY '.MiJUNK 4, ■ '■• ■ >. '-. 



OF ai.i. « (io\ sum ri. its. 



CHIEF rolling DEAR, Oakland, K.v. 


Apply iiuluk, HUSTLER, care CLIPPER. 


WAXAHACIUE. Ill iiiiitHi' of eniisiriiellon. Seat- 
InR 1,000. Pop. H,(HW, ivlili Rood lowim to drair 
fioin. Fly Scenery. Staite '^8x17. Now hooking 
in i| 5. Want guild ni i nu.i inn unenlue.nlguU 
Addrcas V. II. SBELTON, Sole Prop, and Mfrr. 

Iliulor Canvas. Juvotillc Man, Slido Trombone, 
liat'li niiu iiiiilTiii.ii. to ilonlile, B. A 0. If you 
ilmi'i wnnt wnrk Hiiva siamp. l.owenl nalnry. ,1'olu 
on wire. Atldrcaa STAUNTON, ILL. 


mnl wife; two siiikIo I'crformcm, Comodlan amt 
Sltont Man. change for week: live In camp, Tlnk- 
nls lo ilioso Mint nieiin hnslnens. Salary every 
Siiinlay. Eight ilium iN'uiriiiiy work and good 
trt'iilinctil. No ininiH or lias lieen or would lie 
managers. Address FOREST HERB MED. CO., 206 
Jeilersoii, Sntil li lies Moines, Iowa. 

SANS KOUCI JPAKK, El I^soTto'xTnow Open. 
This park for sale or will luko Banner or loaao 
Maine. Reason, too much to handle alone. 107 lino 
trees, alngo, dancing pavilion, ciife, modern dwel- 
ling or live rooms, toilet and lialh;flrst.cliiHSlollet8 
in park fur ladles and koiiIh; sl/,o of park, entire 
city block, -Jfio fed square; covered with green 
grass; seating capacity or park. 3,000 people. Elec- 
trio cars pans entrance, only II blacks from centre 
of uliy of 40,000. High class attractlona wanlcd 
»■ all limes. <;. \V. DAII.kv, Proprietor, 
Sans Souol Park,_Kl JPaao, Texas. 

'WANTED dtiicic, Skilcli fciim iiiat on 
clinngc for one week. Season's work. Salary 
sure. Limit, $'.» and ex. IVIro or write. One 
mini vamp organ. B. M. Moid; AN. oaro of Clirion 
Rem, t;.)., Brookvlllc, Snllno Co., Kuns. 

WANTED XT ONCE, for Med. Co.. one 
Good Novelty Man llinl ciin do Wire, Traps, Kings, 
anil bo Ion It; one Hint can change specialties for 
ono week or more, aa I make nine days standi,. 
Tho best I« not Ion good. All eat on lot. Salary 
sure. Tickets ir rim are right. 

DR. R. J. ATKINS. UanTllle. Dodge Co., Wis. 

WANTED al Onee, a number nf good second 
Hand Fllms-Comlc, MO,', long ones If possible; 
also i:. lis. ni i:\i.Hiiiiuii or Universal Kliioloseope. 
J. HALL, gill UiAlplii SI. , Phils,. I'll . 


ror any instrument or iinmiMir of lnstrumonta. 
Songs, Words and .music, nketehes.cic. Send stamp. 
ojiAJL i« IiSE-S , 429 RicHmoad St., Ouiajniiati, 6. 




hktropolitaii HOTHL, Broadway and 
nth St., New Tork. Knropean Plan. Rooms li a 
week, np. Wm. B. Mott, Prop. ; If. K. McNnlty, itut. 

ST. CHARLKH HOTEL, It 8o. Clark 8L 
Ohlcago; Robt. J. flonld, Prop. Theatrical Head' 
inarter*.RoonM tl to f I per week. Steam hoat,batki 


VanBnrcn nni3w&fi»j|°Av 

D. A. DOOLEY. Prop. 

WM. TKLL HOUSE, Howard and Somerset 
a la., Boston, Has*. Central location. Eicollonl 
tnealsT KMILT T. BANNWART, Prop 



•unortcaX *3 *nd apiEaronehn, lecta. and np 

■peelai Bate* to Theatrical Profession. 
*. A. CROWE, Proprlotor. 



STUOHK UOTKI.,41 »nrt!40 W. latliBT., 
tl.OOS lNO LE, 18.00 DOUBLK PER WjBjj, 

CIIESTKHFIELD.-Elcgant Hotel; modern. 
Perfect onlslno, service, apnolntmonla. Karopeaa 
plan. J. M. HANRAHAN, Prop., Poterabnrg, Va. 

TBAKAIiOAll, lla-117 Eaat Mlh BL, New York, 
opp. Dewey. Booms too., 780^. (L II.U day; tiM 
to »9 week. W. D. ILaWilOAS. Propr. 

17 «i», doable. 

Wsbaah A Madison, OBtOAfJO. 
O. C.Vaughan, Pron. strictly 
American Plan, $9-118 single; 

Mi New RIM mMpafifag 

Rooms 80o. lo 76c. per day ; |2.80 and la.OO a week . 
Ladles' Rostsnrarvt on second floor. No. 8 E. 4th 
St., Wilmington. Del. 0. R. HOLT, Prop. 

PALACE MOTEL, 101 N. Clark St.yChlCBao. 
European, $3 pur week; with private bath, $7. 
Turkish Bath, to o. H , B. HPI1P H REY, Prop, 

«T. JAfflKS HOTEL, TOLEDO, ^ O. Amen- 
can Plan. Theatrical Ueadquarteri, 11.38 single, 
tl donblo; $8 and tY per week. 

VICTOR HOUSE, 274 E. Indiana St., ChlcBgo. 
Room {and Board, f8 week. Italian and French 
Ciilnlnc. Centrally located. V. CaBtellazl, Prop. 


140 Dearborn St,, Chicago. .Profesalonal raus tt 
per week iindjip.^ location Ip Jiearl of Hi e city . 

nished rooms, f :t to $1 weekly; transients, tl lo|2 
dally, with private liaib. 351 li St.. opposite Msey's. 



ff special weekly rate* to the profeaalnn, 
lal Clark 8L, OhltwKn. Moat central location In Ully 


(Copyright! a dllTercht honks 16 els. All kinds sets. 

A. (Kioiiiticii. LAWYER, 841 West Madison 
St.. Chicago; cstabllHhed 1864. Business legal and 
quiet. Branches and faollltics In other State*. 

'CHEAP FILMS, Moving Picture Machines, 

iMmenm, Lnulcroa, lenses. Song slides and mpply 
sold and bought Hncolal aim,* and alldes made. 
Shows given. Expert mechanics. OermanAm. 
Olno, A Film Co., 176 F» Beth 8L, N.Y. Tel. 488 J. 7»- 

FOR HALE nr rout, Mechanical Wax Plgtircit, 
Illusions, Pine Snakes, Marlpncllcs, Palntlngn, 
stutrcdAuluiiils. liny, sell or exchange, send uiamp 
for answer^ __J. D^SWEET, Allantlc City, N. J. 

SONU Sll EETtl t2.80 per 1,000; Song Books {I 
per 100; $7.80 per l.otw. Samples, loo. 
CA RT ERH1IOKCO., ail 8. Broadway, St, I/ mls. 

NEW Lllliograplicil Envelopes, llnli|iie, Up In 
Dale, in for 16c. Sonvenlr Postal Cards, world's 
FairBldgs., IQforat. S. 11. HID DEN, Li ncoln, Me. 

"FIRST CLASS Moving Plolureaand Plolura 
Machine, with Honga, can be engaged for Uieatre 
or resort. Kvorythltig up lo.dale; al»o Flia,lClHna 
Vaudeville PIANIHTK AT LIBERTY. Address 
M. FBKNEK, 167 E, 88 111 Btren t, Ne w Yor k. 


per ct. and exp.; Sketch Team that can put on acts 
and make lliem go, Lady Skirt Dancer, and 
ollicra. Must, Join on wire. No ticket*. 
I^_U. H AVISEB, Bprlngboro. P a^ 


Class order. For parMculiira address 

LEONARD KLETT, 71 Corllandt HU, N . Y. City. 

"LAWYER Fied"k P. Schenok, 1133 Broadway 
(St.Jaiqca Building!, New York. Comrade drawn, 
corporal loua formed, etc. Nodlvorco act ions take n. 

EOIelON KlncloHcopo, or other good Movlug 
Picture Machine Wauled; also Conilc Films, Fairy- 
land, Ac. M. WHITE, 3637 Walnut 8 1.. PlUla., Pa. 


NEXT SEASON. Guarantee (nil houses to nil good 
companies. Can seal live hundred. Address 
,. J. B. LONG, Ab beville, Ala. 

FOR BALE— 8 lie. I Broadcloth Band Uniforms. 
cohIs, pants and cap*, Irimiiietl In black braid. 
Never used. Good sizes. Hell for 1 10. Cosl JM- 
Send IS. Ship CO. o. balance, allowing exam. 
i mn inn. _R. M. DORJN, Ho neadajo^fa, 

WANTKD, a lively, laiighnhle, Singing and 
Dancing Turn, Comciiian todoublo Olott-n: also a 
Hiuall Band to In Concert and a red hot side 
show Speller, (live rull particulars and lowesl 
Drat loiter. GOLDEN MASCOT SHOWS (Over- 
land), Caltlwoll, KaO; , 

"^WANTitiD.lor SMOUSE A 0ABEY8 Big Can- 
vas Theatre Co., Specialty Artists In all lines. Piel- 
orence tlioso working In Aols or Doubling Hrnni- 
"Geo. Turner." where are your Address: Klondyke, 
im., .iniion; Mi. Pleiisani, -I, 8 and o. Permanent 
addreess, Jcannotle, Pa. ; . 

Comcdliiu anil Novelty Acts. "Good treatment', live 
In special Piilliiiii.ii car; ghost always walks, tievcr 
fulled; booseni, chasers, knockers, don't write; lell 
a 1 ilrsl lellor. Addross-THOMAS BROS., Canvas 
Theatre, Tnwigor, Westmoreland Co;, Pa^ 

WAnitll, NK XT SEASON, . 




MubI go In hand. We parade, and nnlindy Is loo 
good here. Special Vaudeville Acts that can 
change wanlcd for Summer. Useful repertoire 
people in all branches, wi Ho. 

will Buy Set of Fatigue Uniforms. Want to 
Lease Plsys with Paper. 

Wo are tlm recognized Hcperlolro Show In this 
territory now, nnd will be "of tho West" In 
another year. Addrcas 


Oslikoali, Wis., May •» to June 4; Rcocwlm, Wis., 
.ItlllO II 13. 


Stock aangera, Poster* add Onta on hand for 
advertising every branch of tho Arnnsemont Botl- 
Send for Catalogue (D) of Dramallo *nd 

Show Printlog of all kinds ; Catalogue (0) fair and 
carnival ranting; Catalogue (B) Bill Fetter*, 
Commercial Poslcrs. 



813 Elm lu-i*t, 

■ t. Lonla, ■•• 

June 4. 



p t |. i II !■ ■!■ I II II " ■! 

i TtcllattoMlVcUclMolHcalUiaadPkaiara ; 

Equipped with 

Two-Speed Gear 


Coaster Brake 

The return 'of bicycling finJs our American ■ 
rinds greatly improved and the bicycle itself per- 
fected in design and construction and euuipprd 
witli new and marvelous devices. 

To learn all about modern bicycles, get cata- 
logues free from our 10,000 dealers, or send 
stamp for any one of them. 

Pope Manufacturing Co. 


1 l.utf.'M. '.'nail 

•Colsisbls" "Cjevclud 

I hi. Ogi», ID' 

R.rshlrr" "MHSrth' 

I"Coh*isbls" "Clevslsad" "Rimbler" "MmikIt" 
'Tribune" -'Crawford" "Cre»ce»t" "Inprrlal" 

I You See Them Everywhere ! 


<Our Now Band 

Just oil Ibe 
Press I 
pile oewl 





ol new 
things iu 

Band Instrument's 

Drums & Uniforms 

L Kfvryband Hill .uvoo ildra 

britiujlnafor a coey, S-'UEE 
Write lisduj. 


a» AdamaBt.. CHI CAQO. ILL 



lhe raslencr wild a BlU-UOt; GRIP 

MwU'uM&rlUKllllllilt tit Ihrlr I1MP. \|>|Hk-l 

' f^^^^ lip) *1«ln ami 

.'. I lilllitt tit n.-i. M \|.|4W>l 1-i J 

■ml HIiiK, 'j;,r. j 

urn Km, !**■• lrr«. 'J Of. n 

^ (air Dalin <■. no,-. K 

™ J -._„ NrirllliiHvn, Ilk. { 

-J.iltl* Itul \f 

hnii r 

, 1 -.1:1' >.>i' I're*. 



Aowrlcss Slat *■ 

•kill. H 




"A* tiiPnSIIH) Hist tAftk 


To nrouso Interest In, and to advertise the 
this enormous sum will bo distributed. 

Full Information will be sent yon AB8O. 

I.UTKI.Y FJKK13. Just Bond your 
nam* mid address on a postal card sud .. 

k , wo will semd you full particulars. 

World'o Fair Contest Co., 

108 N. 8th Street 
Bt. tools, Mo. 

[• CTD ATP "ALr-iONt 
I bl HA 1 £ process ca 

JQin, SOUABt INCH- MINIMUM 8Ucll^»l__ 

Urn Harry Morton, Western a Dcvesur, Lawrenoe 
A Lawrence, Btewart 4 Glllon, Edwards.* Komiey, 
I and others. Ask them what We ilo ana now low 
I our iirli'tB are. Drop ns a lino tor circulars. 

704 Park Row BldB.. New York. 





These Attractions may be addressed care 
H1NGI.ING HHOS., Bamboo, Wis., or >■ per 
route of bIkiw. 


ili'lglmilnrs of KverylMns New In Ac nil ml lex. 


Whirlwind' Dancers. 





Morrison Show Print Drt ,,. | 

St ill Ilium's Dresser Trunk 

Wsy to got ul everything wlllioiit 
Ulstiirhlng unylhlug. No fuLlguo 
In pucklnc and unpacking. Unlit, 
strong, roomy drawers. Holds as 
inucli and ooHts no more than a 
good boa trunk. Haud-rlveted j 
strongest trunk made. In small 
room nerves as chiffonier. O.O.J), 
with privilege of examination. 

Sc. ■UmpforCltSluf. , , . 

>.A.miiimn.gfiw.3pruigai., coionta, ". 

Attention, Band and Orchestra Leaders! 

Da you waist, tit l.enris <o Compose uml 
Anmiuc Msislc 1 If ho, send He. slam n for 
trlul lesson. Noils iiik •«■ l»"y «■"'• J"! 1 , nove 
linen Tittlirlit. Lessons 1, 2and a. If these lessons 
donol convince you Mint tills Is Strictly I.egll- 
IsiiMte.theii Tlaey lire Free. Don't write un- 
less you have 11 IhnriiuKli knowledge of Hie rudi- 
ments of music, mid Mean Business. 

C. W. WILCOX (Harmonist), 

l.VJJtl Broaslway, N. 1 



for tinuriclle. HID FBrlN. Business Mmisfrer._ 


•Sensational Eqm-strlnnn. The only act In 
Ami-rtcii Introdiii'lng a dbg and 3 people 
Junililiii; 011 1 burse. 

ciiiLLE mm TRIO 

Champion Horizontal liar Cnmlqueg. 


An Absolutely Original Aerial Display. 


America's Oretilest Troupe of 'Cyclists. 


The World's Must Marvelous Contortionists. 





A WOMAN'S I.OVK, rust - • 


I.lltKI) I'HOH IIOMK, mat • 

Sl.AVKSiiFTHE WORKSHOP, ra«l - 11 

TIIK.SI^SRTLIMITHIl.rn.l - - 10 




TI.1I MOIIONKV'X FUSM.His, • i.»i 



.W. B.WATSON. Watson's Thestre, Brooklyn. N.Y. 




, . liltrlAT INDIAN HONt!. , . 




Inclose slump for professloiiiil cnpli'S. No; 
Hlaiiip, no uopli's.. 


114 W. !Ulh ST., KKW VOHK 


SeiiBiitlnnnl Long Distance Mid-Air Leaps. 


Only Tlirtv ArllalH In llu> World A<r.iiii)ill«ih- 
lOK Tiiplc Sluiiillnneniis l.<>n|i fmni I In* 
gi'oililil on lo tho Inii'k of u KalliipliiK horse. 


Artistic 1'oslnK on the Double Trapeze. 


Acrubnts. I''enture wllh liliiKling llros.' 
..Cirrus— Scfiiiul Year. 

cheaply and quickly. Amateurs suniilleiL 

Cllifl. E. »IlLLS,4a7 W. 4lHlSt.,NeW YolkClty. 

Very Good in Dutch and 
lew Character .. . . 


.1. II. HOUKH8, eareof CI.IPI'KK. 



Must piny airings niul clinnge sougs for six nlglll->. 
I will pav n rent salary for a leal eiilertiiluer. Ho- 
lirlely lii'i|tcrallve. Ticket, If known. Kxiwrleiiee 
In HI reel svork alsnliitely iii'eessnry. 'full all In 
Hist. No useless cnrresnomiriicc. 


St. Nicholas lintel, I III', III. 




It Open for Engagements In CANADA 

Vatiilevlllualid purka. for ilutcs iidilrcMS 

w. c. KKIPW B iti .Murltloii. JUtt M. 


\A/ A NTS 


Willi singing and dancing specially. tVnuld like 
to hear from oilier Useful People wllh specialties. 

for mi mini i and next season, also it Clever Clitld 
iKlrti. Biota lowest salary, pay own, anil all iiar- 
tli'.illui'H II rst letter. Aildrcs- IHMIRKA WlRNhl.l,, 
Nav .•RIJhiiu 4, Coming, N. V.; June n-ll, Brail* 
foril, IM. 



RILEY & HARRIS, Managers, 



Wanted, for 

Mystic Shriners, 


It. D. HOKIIAN, 22»2 Wlllsoll Ave-, Cleveland. 0. 


Ootnblaed Sleeping and Dining Car, 

Suitable for traveling companies. Also is.wKUfir. 
OAK. NBW .ll'.KHKV CAIt WilltKS, 



M'ant Char. Woman anil Useful Wan for next 
season. Roperlolre. Must be AII.HOM/T KLY com- 

~ "'^lill'^u.^^umTc.ty, K». 



(Single uml lioiihle). Address 

PHILIP DOKWIN. lleiieral Delivery, Chicago, III. 

FRANCIS CLANCY, Haw Not Seen You tor 20 

Years. If you are alive let me hear from yon. Airy 
information '^'^^^^1^' 

A PIASI)lllHIAN;eliea|i; new IHlies; tt""'! i:«nill- 
tluti: worth tSW: wTO sell for *loU. 

' A. 8ARNO, M Bowery, K»t York. 



Street or Stage Clothes 


Call mid see me. 1 will allow lfi per cent, diseounl 
fur Hie .Miilillis nf June and .Inly. Prices will sui- 
pri"* you, us we lielieve Iu laisre sales ami small 



•ra. i»o« tin 


Uteat and Best MOTION PICTUHK MAtllllNR now 
made. onlTAT.I. RDlNON l.ATKNT FII.Mh, 


New Cowboy, Ranoh Life, 







Willi Metal Praoieauil Hnnd, 4 '.In. Condensers, 
Achromatic MnKltltylUK U-llses, Morocco llellows. 

sum; stkhkoii'Icon, Klectrle omni tis 

MINI! STKIIKOPTICIIN, Ai'i'lvlenii Onllll lv<l 

t(XY. IIYI),JIX'.0NI.Y »ll. k 

Fire Proof Maftazine 

and Take Up Device. 

Motion Picture Machine, $25. 

ciNK.iumAPH, 1004. for |Mi; |»KI.KCTUIO LAMPS, 
(cjiinplete Willi Kleclrlc Lamp ami ltlniiislal). 

riLUS, $2.00 per 50 Feet, Op. 
Cloak and Serpentine Slides. 

• - ] , Hr.Nl> FOR LIST. 


I-.I suih Ave., Isel., JHIIs it ml -i'.MH Sis., 



WOKKKK. Can elinntfe rur Ten Nixlits. Will 
Join any (.Mini cntnpauv on wire. Aihtress. until 
June it, HAMLIN, IYKST \'A.; alter Hint, 

Care or x. v. cr.llTUK. 


Cornet tor Band and Orchestra. 


Ml. Joy, IM.. .1 urn' I; DilllnlllMI, Pa.. June ':: New- 
purl, Pa„ Jiuif.i: MiMiiiiinii, i'n,, June 4; Heads* 
vlllr, Pa., .lime i); Ml t'ninn, Pa.. June T. 



OwiuK to the rriniiilrlliiK of Hie i;iand Opera 
House, tills cll.v, alinve chairs will be ottered al a 
liariraln for cash. I 'or pail Iculnrs iiddress 

L. J. DALIB, Proprietor, SnrlUKt|eld, nlili). 



(40 per week anil all expenses, alter Joining. Must 
loin on wire, HBO. H. I.I.V, currier Mills, 111., June 
u; Uslford 7, HarrUlinrg «. K.i|intl!lj !'. 

Grand Opera House, 


Client i line fin- nil" ulKlit and thrco nlglil iillrar* 
lions, Season l<iii4-iir>. Kulr week Hepi. notoOet. 
1, open for good Stock Co. 

_ W. B. IHNKOKD. Manager. 

Til It f i: lin I'AltACIIIITK 
w , , n- _ .« — . . SPKCIALTY. IIAI.LOONS, 
Ktc, for sale. No agents. PHOK. CHAS KAHKICH, 
9 Centenary si rem, Uingliamion.N. Y. 



WITH LAKOK t'lltCKS, NOW KN 1101 TB. . Bill 
OPPORTUNITY. Musi ben ninnuy getter. Answer 
quick. LIVINGSTON, care or CI.IPPBIt. 

i!liatll llhlVTIiVI* ,:,,T I'HICKH. Write tor 
MIWH IllllllllHl. cutiilogiie uud siimplfH. 
val, Minstrel and YniulevHIe people, write. 

^■**»— *- m*. »*■«*». rlllDW I'llINT CO., 


MoNKV MAKBHS. A .Tremendous Success. Price. 
fi>. Clr. IIASSKlt MKH. CO., Webster, Muss. 


WANTKD, Kali-yliind, Pinicliers, Til|i In Mnnii, 
.smiitrglers, Oreiil Train Knlilieiy, I'ausl. Puss In 
Itonts. Wllilntii Tell and other large nuns. High 
est price paid. ,l!»x ,r,, Post Olllce, Phljis.,. I'u. 


sni.i-i -niul rellalile, uml a iiimiey gutter. Address 
DJt. It. .1. ATKINS, Danville, Win, 


BACK. Must dance. (Jlllicrl saroiiy, write. 

Address A. Il„ erne nf Cl.ll'PRH. 


not men. Salary ami percentage. Long engage- 
ment. _ _ C^ 0. BOBKKTH, Peoria, 111. 


MI W.'JSd ST.. NBW YORK (old Hosier * lllal'si, 
HALLKTT THOMPSON. Manager (late Wood's 

i, mi. i Special rates lo performers, tl a weak. 


Want lo streiiKllieii their Tf nl Show Willi Come- 

dlaus and Sk h Teams- Tlekela If «e knowynu. 

Box IM, Siiuth Milwaukee, Wis. 


Second Hand Kllms, Snllg Slides anil Machines 
Bought, Sold and Kxciisiiged. HI WASHINGTON 
ST.. Kouiu 4y. ItOHlonJIiiss., nop. lejarjis lluuai', 


6. SHINDHEtH, Tbtttileal Wlf 

MAKBIt. Uiiod work (or low prices. 
11* West Mill NT'HRKT, New Yof k. 
acud stamp for price Hal. 

new fcSaoiQ Hand 

HaUaCH&KLrna 1 




Prizes and Gifts for All Games. 

Ji:\Vi:i,HY nod NOVKI.TIKH for Honvenlr 

senilis, Parks, I'n Irs, iTirnlvuls, and Then- 
N11W YOUK. rlenil for I'lllnlogtie and I'rlce 
List. Ai.i'iir.D i.t:i.<ii:s(iii:iM. 

Rita llrondvyay. cor. Spring St., N. V. City. 




Slionld spply for lowest pmiaugo rales and full 
parllcillura at 





Bind lor IlluilrtUd Cslsloous, Frss. 

FRED BDZEHHRRDT. 502 E. 19th St.. N. Y. 




I-Tlie Hnn of llthcigraph printing, leu dilt'crcnl 

styles, w. \v., Colonial Thealie, cleveliiml, o. 
Would like to near from small circus mis. 

WANTED, Ladles and Gentlemen to Study and 

lie vouched for Vaudeville, Opera and Musical 
Comedies, engagements procured. Will lake a few 
acta fur inclusive luioklngs. Address or care 
VAUDI.VILI.K STUDIO, ins Pi Mi Ave., .V. V. City. 

.FSoj? (Sale 9 

000 Second-hand PLUSH OPKRA CHAIRS. Oood 
00., l» ill M West 1Mb ML, New York OUjl 



Traveling colupiililcs Invited lo write (or dales. 
M'M. DAKII.K. Prop. 

MKIC'I'CjIIICS wluri ' KN TooiiHKit 

No Slump, No Reply. J. W. HCIMV A lt'1 /., 

Iters, on application, 'plume ::wi Bornlugsldu, 


< ATA I. Ofl UK, SSci HOI'. CATAI... 6e. Nune 
free, imty N. I'}. Agent for Mohtitiua, luc. 
,W .D. I.HIIOV. Hl.'l Court Ht. Hnslnn. Masa. 

Mai I A A|J Sew ami Seen. ,1 Hand. kla, In 
H Bl_ IM unit siild 11 niter a positive 

■•'■•wssfcwwiw giiamulee lo hn as repre- 
sented. Wee Clre. NOItTHWI-.KTI-.KN BALLOON 
CO., II Kullerton Ave , CHIOAflo. 


John Herfnrlb, Cincinnati, 0. 


PRRI'OHMKItS IN ALL LINKS; maleiiud female. 
Address, PHILIP ATKINS. Hunter, N, V. 


liniiiile la hand and stage, oood Toissy, Man for 

K11I i.-loinl, Neliraska. 

Live Aliijalors On Hand, From I Te 9 Feet, 

• treat Blue Herons, Small llliieaiul While Ureal 
Blue Herons;* pair on liiiud. Wish In correspond 
yrJHilmyer*. J.M. DKIMIK, WlllierH.tlii. 

Wanted, A Good Opera House 

Splendid Incut Inn and a good show town. I'm 
paiileulars, address J. D. AI.LKN, Nendeshu, Kail. 



tfl-tlli'- I'ark How (Wurld Bldu, New Vurk. 






Endorsed by Press tnd Public. 
6,000 references from all parts of lhe world. 


(Up-to-date In sverr detail.) 

Buck, Jig, Skirt, Novel Oik* 

Walk, Klocnllnn, Singing and 

Bag -Time .Song*, .Vaudeville 

Acts. Sketches, Monologues, etc. 




Miss Krances Lee and others. 

Circulars Free. 

I endorse PROK. KIDtlK as Hie only Performer 
and Professional Danclna; Teaeher in Chicago. 
r'KKI) J. WILDMAN.TIu'strlcal Agent 

181 1* Salle SL, near Madison, CHIeafo, III. 

Wanted, Man for Joe floral 

Must Dnnlile Band; WANT III.ACK FACK coMK- 
in AN Hint con Ihmlile Baud and Play Parts; also 
an DKCIIKSTKA l.KADBK lo DnilLIn Clatlonel, 
First Alio or Baritone. WANT THoM HONK for 
II. and O; also one lo Dinihlc second i Kiddle In 
orcliiiiia. Stale all llrsl letter; In join at oqce. 
DniiT hi In- unless vou can make good, llood 
Hkhirles to right parties; iu weeks' work run vear 
'round; never missed a salary day. Cilr «lmw. 
Ilarrv Welch, Joe Siiillli mid Actors thai call 
liiuke good In llaml. write. We pay more uiimey 
Ihaii any show of Hie kind* 

WAM' A cook i nit CAIt. Acturs Hint Dnnlile 
llrass niul Play Parts, write, 


WlelillH KalU. 'IVk, 



The scenery of wooded hills with erreks and 
springs imifea II a charming place for liuiue. H 
Is healthful and restful. Fare, Itlo. Many taiultlri 
have located, and among tiieni quite a few fatnitlrs 
nr actors who dud it convenient iu Uielr bualuels, 
slut a line place for home. We sell large lots, Hi 
l&ofl.. mi nmiiered lillls, at tvu; f 10 cash ami |lo 
inoiillily; solid (or llleratun*; names o( aclur* given 
uy rei|iiest. Wonsnn A Co., 114 LaSalle St., Chicago. 

MEDICAL "SPIELS, dkvotkh to tub 


SKI. I, Kit. uml In nil Who aell Medicine, Toilet or 
Curative Goods through art o( speech. Pule talk 
Gull sella i'u. ..I-. Iu your llioillh Tells what 111 sav 
to liiitil .iiieniion, nmiise. Instruct and Interest suf- 
iii-enili lii touch Hie pockctliook. If you secure II 
vim wniilil inn part wllh It at miy price. Bent post 
paid fur f r., Money liaek If mil sin tsBcl . 

I'ANTPS ,t co., ;n;t iicai inn n St.; ciiicaho._ 


Will be the oulv attraction id the kind In town. 
Must in* AL Will have Iroiti 4,111m to n,unu People 
here to celrlirnie. Will play on reasouatile roiti- 
iiilssiou. Also have Privileges To l,st fur Ml 
Kinds id Humes (except gamlilliiv). Address At 
once, S. C CAUL, Manager, 

'Pile Grand. I.uiix Tree, Iowa. 



l-BnCC Pi'lnllliu mill Kiib. I'n., 
vflUdd : "- N DeuiTioi 11 H|., 

lite, fur Mm Jimmy. Hook or mi., un, 


BDBK'S "D. T. 0." 00. 

Most hecapaliln, soher, etc. Also oilier in-oiile 
for lnii ti Tom ami Ton Nights. All men Douiile 
Hand. O.K. BKYKIH.R, SlnilX CHy, la. 


Member A. F. of M., 


HtlUMKR MONTHS. Address 

It. M. KAMKAY, Morrison, Illinois. 



More Miisli'lnn. furnished If necessary, Address 
II. L. VAN NKSH, earn of 01,11'PKK. 

at L.ias«Kn*rV ( 

strlelly rellalile. No limine or drugs. Age:'-': 
height, n(c; good dresses on undoir; plenly ol Al 
tuislern wurilrnhe. Address 
.. ,, uct'i OLIVB KI'HKKT, NL I, mils, Mo._ 



VYKBB PT4I. 00., Us Dearborn St„ ouiusio,_Hi. 

r Stale Chuap. 

A Cniiiplete Wagon Philforin Slinu , 11 greisl iiuiiiey 

getter; A Luliliis i'u graph, I.JMifl. ITI111-, lor, 

Slhleo, Bte.i KillsuU Coiieerl I'lnuiogiapll, llltiel 
showalutl. It. C. IIBNDBIISON, lleloll, Iowa. 


For next si'usoh. New scenery, Inrge, clean dress* 
lug rnuliis. I'KANK JANOIIUII, Ugr.. Wilder, Neli. 


, "..U.TIIIHKLS, Nlsiulu, III. 

At LIBERTY. Trap Drnmnier. 

Address URN W. OKBOOKY, LVl W. Congress Hi., 
F. S.— Tin Pup. Iipiroll, MMk_ 

W ANT ■ O, " 


W KI.MII BIION/ HIIOWM, p.*i Itoiil.. 


KKNOMI LOIIIIK, It. P. II. KI.I.S MM, W.lllts Sllilllg 
li'neiit Aitraciioii for curly In the season oflsoi- 
I (sir,. 1. iii. ml giiai aiiii'i- tu rig lit lienple. Address all 
euiuinuiilcnllons to II. L. liUN/llKltO, lleimvu J a. 

Wanted, Picture Bacbloeg, rilmg, 

Pholiograplis. (iriiiiiophiiiies, Records, Meclianlcnl 
ITgnres and fnld show goods, also fur sale. Address 
Box 76, Po*l Olllce, Phil.!., Fa. 



Jttxe I 



(A Mm! L'nl<|U» Dulla.l Conception, liy MONBOE II. HUSEJll'EI.D, Mimic liy the Popular Writer of Hits, MAX 8. WITT.) 


PulilUlieri mi a Song. Wonts liy MONBOB II. HONENFBLD. 


< Sen. I Ma, 



fur our 3 (ircut Mcdluy Waltzes (or 1') I'm. and Piano: 

\ "On the Pilliws of Despair," "Starry Night (or a Ramble," 
J "Little Rustic Cottage by the Stream." 


Special to Mandolin, llanju 
and Guitar PloVrrs. 

"POLLY PRIM" for 3 Monde- 
Hub and Guitar and Piano, or 
f or Banjo and Plsno.ioc. each 

Special to Kami 
and Orchestra leaders! 

Complete Copies of "POLLY 
'. PRIM" for Hand or Orchestra, 
. 15c. each. 

IS^0aeV^*MMa ^ 

S Y^r 


Published ua a Hong. Word* by MONHOB H. BOSENFKLD. 

PROFESSIONAL PIANISTS, Read this List ol Instrumental HllsTl 
POLLY PRIM. March. KlUKAPOO DANCE. March. . > 

: AKRICANA. L'hiiraoterlstii: 



L'liilonlilcilly the ( n(< bloat nml Prettiest WALT/, SONG HIT of the Year. 
Hy tli.. writer, of "MAVIIE," "BELIEVE," Etc., Etc. 

t coxoo love sono. Marcli. VVOJH1 TiNfi sino. (Odncfc Inter- > 

< BEAinTI'UL AND BEST (Rag). FALL IN LINE. March, (mezzo.)) 
i SPECIAL— Prof, copies of all of above 10 Nob. acnt on receipt or > 

< 10c. for mailing. ) 

, ill HmH "f »"J S all of abovo FBET 
llllF«\ tvllEiQ orcliciirailonsioc. each Regu 
ar Piano copies to tiori-profcaslonalH, 25c. each. 
PEHPOHMMis'Si'thl us your permanent address 
' ' we'll keep Jim pooled en Rood things; 


tegu- c 
ranli. ; 
IrciH / 



34 E 2 1 si St., 
> N. Y. City. 

) tt> will k 
> BAND i 


keep yon poalcd on good thinga. { 


In Die hwlm if you don't belong to onr Orchci 
Chili. ONLY |l per YEAR, ono New Each 51 

»c»tra I 
lonth. I 



SUITE 306, REAL ESTATE HOARD I1UILD1NO, Corner Dcarliorn and Randolph sis., Chicago. 


Wi; place tho highest priced talent. Henri for tormafor "A Royal slave," "The Holy Oily," "Ton- 
neasce'H Partner," "A Bacliclor'a Honeymoon," "Friend*," "A Fair KetMSI," "Heart and Sword," 
"Oypay Jaok," "lucog," "Mlstakos Will llaprcn," "Tlio Pariah i'rleal." "Reaping the Harvest," "The 
Tide ot Lire," "Jim, llio Westerner," "Heart of the Blue Rtdgo." "The (lame or Life," "At. the Cannon'a 
Moiilh," "Sins of the Kalhcr," "Knolia of •Tonncaacc," "Dolly Madison," "The Man from Paris," "The 
Man from Nevada," "All llio Rage." "The Tarrylown Widow," "Oapialn of Iho Nonsuch," "Golden 
(iiani Mine," "The Ensign," "A Nutmeg Match,' 1 "Utile Alabama," "A Ouster Wedding," "New 
England Folks," "One Night In June," "The Mad Czar" ("Ivan the Torrlhle"), and any of the best 
plays by the beat dramiil Ihik. SEND FOR CATALOGUE OF 1,000 BEST PLAYS. - > 


FEINBERG The Photographer 


AFTER JULY 1, 1904, 


No. 1343 BROADWAY, 



In onr New York Store, A LE ATHEROID TRUNK 

That kM uuaneil through the flume* of the I roi|iioU Theatre without iiaaHi Con 
tonla Intact : im greater roioininoiiilallnn can be paid any trunk; belonged In Hrrimrt Unwtlmrne, of 
"Mr. liiiie Heard" Do., who used It 14 yearn. Our irtinka arc nut leather, bul. l.r.ATHBlMIID-n 
secret prmwM Dial makes u ABSOLUTELY UNBIIEAKAIILE. Over i'a.oM lu uao and no com- 
plaint received vet. Send for Catalogue and Price List, 

LEATHEROID MFG. C0., oaa '"^»wr 8T 




Departments of Productions 
iiinl Engagements, 


Holland Bldg., 1440 Broadway, New York. 







4Q1 Strand London, 


•Ingle ColBatB lork 


IN 9 



••tmb: oouimtkss." 

I'einianent, 11 Avon St., Mom.rvllle, HMMi 



or Agent. 

A thorough knowledge nf all llualneaa llranehe* with Travelli-g I'oiitpanloH and l.noatcd Theatres. 
Ronlo and Hunk any Ural claaa atlrncllitiia, I'd. atidrou, UHR N. HaUllal Ave., ludlauapollii, lint. 

IVIL-L-E:. ALINE, Ult*l» Lady Juggler, 

>i VKlNn ctiiin anil MORE at Raiituiia Park. (Iiatid Rapids, Dili week. .Some open time after July in. 
O.l'cra Invited from Fltal Class Agettla and Mauagei «. laikustdo Park, Akron, O., week Juno V. 

Great Bargain Sale of Moving Picture Films, 


Wo have lust puiTimscit the enure atnek ol linns belonging to two large exhibition couipanlc*. 
Moat of the tllius are iiliNululoly now, uuver oven uaod. all In line condition. Wide at. once lor Ureal 
llatgalti 1. 1st No. IIMj. Don't delay. WILI.IAMH, nitOU'N & BAKI.B, 

' .. llcpt. n. No. Dig Qhcidinil SI reel, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Art: Elootrlc »t«a«o L.lscH«lnig Oompainy. 

MaiiurneiuilngEii"ipiiiotil fdillie. Win Id's Ociatesi Maslcrpleeeii. Mechanical Photogranliic lilacs of 
riuiidx, Snow. Hatn and Imaginary Trlpa by Airablp, Sulnnarlno and Thutighl Travel, Around the 
Wnild, Tliriingli the Earth. I tutor llio Sea, In I he Monti, Mat's and other world*. Unique Phntogriiplt* 
and Lnrgeat Photograplilc Trausparenclea over made, Scloptleona, Slereopilcona, Rellcclor. Spot 
and Svaieh Llghta. U;tS llROAliWAY, NEW YORK. Telephone, «W.'-J-38. 


Shave youtaelf Willi l.YMAN'H FAMtit'tt 91 ItAVSOIt, mndo of heal Shetllchl (Englnud) Blecl. 
Tlila Razor ti (IllARAN'TKIvD. Sent on receipt of price, which will lie cheerfully refunded If ' not aalla- 


el i if I. MVDNKY M'llIAN .\. CO., Cutlers, 1401 Broadway, 


MILITARY PfSfiiiR Unirorma, (iuna, Swonla, Hevolvera, Cannons, Tenta, Etc. 
«■■■■■■ • »»•» ■ %*Wi#0 Evorylhlng In Iho Mllllarr Line-fully doaurlbcd In onr large 
Magaxlno Uataloguii. eonmlnlng not cash prlcca with upwards or llhiatratlona. Price or catalogue, 
in eoiita-iunllnd on rciolpt of 6 cents In alampa, uiont lonlng thin ailveitlaemcnt. Cunlninera write ua that 
our "OATALOI1UE IS WORTH ITS WEIOHT IN OOLII." Wo ha vetlin largest alocklu Iho world of military 
gonda from Oovornnwnl auotlnna. Dealera Supplied. Franola Hannerman. HO Rroadway, New York 

A* COHN rurmorly with W. II. Kctcuam A Co., m and loo Won mill St., New York City- 
Telenhoiie. UHIHI M»dl«oti Snmr., 

W . 4. KKIT1I and THE HI 1, IT Alt 1 MI88KH 






The "Shore Winner" 
Catalogue and Price List. 

nigger and Holier and Mora Complete Than Ever. 
It litis no rival lor quoting the lowest prices on a 
Very Choice Line o( Selling tlooda, Hiillnble tor 
Strcelutenand Agents. Seed for one— II Is free. 

N. SHURE CO., 264-270 Madison St., 

Wholeniale Htreetmen'a Good*, 


We Desire Outdoor Attractions for Monroe 
Park, Also a Ge.d Band with Soloists. 



"Tell It To Me" 



For aale on all trains and nowa aiamla, or by 
mall, Addroai BZBA KENIIAM., 
_ 00 South Ttto Ave., Mt. Vernon , N. V. 



At niodeniln prleen, Lnrgc Hlock, luiminso 
variety, lllnHlrnlH Cntnlogne Free. New 
.Miimiiiolh Cntiiliigite Jiiat iHaiied.'Jdr. Mat nf 
■Hill luii-gniiiN III Hue it I ■ i in ii ■ 1 1 1 If for 2c. slump. 

A . iHifi:i ii t_E i it;, nit (inturlo St., Chic ago, 



BBS. H. C. H IILLE, • • Agonl, 
1402 Broadway, N.Y._ Phone 3866-38lh. 

New Ground Floor Honsn, 



II. D. CI.ABKB, Muiiwn«r, ' 


Now booking seasons 10N>lmt, All llrat clnHaal- 
UMOMona, write. 




Water Prool Dye Scenory lor the Bold 

A Specialty. 

No. 14 to 2t Emplro Park Pl ac e, Tlflln, U . 




ALL FIRST lll.ASS. Address 

FISK and ftOONEY, Bartboo, Wis. 


Preference given to those who do s|K'elallica. A 
alead\ engiu<euiei)l mid a long seas u to the right 
people. A sober, reliable CHANDELIER MAN 
who thoit/iighly understands his Limine**. Pay 
yourownj M, I., KINSBV, Kenton, Ohio. 


la the worst dlKcuse on earth, yet the easiest 
Many have plmplea, spots on the skin, sores 
In the mouth, ulcers, 






Address DR. BROWN 


fnllinghalr, bonepnlns, 
eatnrrh, and don't 
know It is BLOOD 
POISON. Send to Dlt. 
BROWN, 1130 Arcli St., 
Philadelphia, Pa., for 

brown's blood 

CURB, $2 a bottle; 
Insta a month : sold 
In New York only at 
II AU'S mid JIlNdMAN'S. In Chicago : DUCK 
& RAYNOlt. In St. Lonls: WOLFF-WILSON 
DRtlfl CO. In (.'Inclnnntl : DOW'H SIX ANTI- 
TltllR'l' STOHBS. In HoBton : LKWI8' DRUM 
BTORHL raclflc Coast Cities : OWL DUUO CO. 







BOBKION BVBSCBIPTIONS. 3ils. per annum. 






C. A. Taylor Trunk WorKs, 


131 W. 38th STREET. 


Muirtbo High Clans, Versatile People, wllh atuir for long Hlttnda. Want Comcdhllis who can put on 
Acta, Sketch Tcania, Mimical Acls; Dancers (II VEN PREFERENCE. Must bo ladies uml geitUeiucuon 
and otr; fio single, $4ft Double, and It. R. after you loin. Tickets If you cnnglvo rerorencea. Long 
acason. All lo'tern answered. O. T. S tk atton, cam of t)uaker Doctors, Deadwood, S. Dak. 


9 9 

A SLOT Machine with a Mystery. 

A siiow by itsetr. XHG Novelty of the senaoa. 
Other N««v Onea. Write for rlreiilura. 





.It'LY !»li TO AUG. «, 1110*. 


Von niiike good money Willi us. K. IV. IIBUBACI I , LhiipiuI illamigui-. 


For Stock Companies, far Repertoire Companies, for Amateurs 

l, Alii HOST ASSORTMENT IN Til hi WOULD. Books for homo 
amusement, Negro Plays, Paper. Scenery, Mrs. Jarloy's Wax 
Catalogae Free I Free I Free! HArllCKL BltUNCH, 


IT \V. VU-.l tit. V-- V..rl 

FACTS of Vital Importance to Every 
Sufferer of Blood Poison. 

PACT ONB— It takes time to tell whetli- 
ur you are permanently cured by a treatment 

or merely patched up for the present, 
FACT TWO— Tho Cook rtotnedy Co. Is the 

In the world that makes the cure of Blood 
Poison K specially. 

FACT I'TVB— fatlctits cured by Conk Nem- 
edy Co. are constantly pausing gucccHsfully 
Iho various rigid examinations of the most 
conuer vii live life lusuranco companion, nnd 
are passing the examinations for- adinluslon 
to the army and navy ot the United Stutos. 

FACT SIA— If you tuko Cook Remedy Co.'s 
treatment under their guarantee you aro ab- 
solutely sure of a cure or your money back. 

FACT SBVBN— Every other method of 
treatment known to tho medical profession 
gives but temporary relief. 

only company or medical association In ex- 
istence that baa been treating Dlood I'olsou 
loug enough to know that Its patients aro 
cured to sTuy cured. 

FACT TIlBKB— The Cook Remedy Co. 
bos many putlentn who were cured by Its 
magic remedy eighteen yours ago who aro 
today sound and well, 

FACT FOVIt— The Cook Remedy Co. la 
the largest and the ouly successful company 
. FACT BIGHT— flood health III the moat Important tiling In the world to any person. 


The Cook Remedy Co. solicit the most 
obstinate cases, and challenge tho world for 
a case they cannot cure, This disease has al- 
ways bnflted the skill of the most eminent 
physicians. For many years the Cook Rem- 
edy Co. have made a specialty of treating 
this disease, and they have unlimited capital 
behind their unconditional guaranty. 

You can tie treated at home for the same 
price and with tho same guaranty. With 
those who prefer to go to Chicago the Cook 
Remedy Co. will contract to cure them or cure you. 

Why Hesitate Ono Day In Boglnntsg This Wonderful Coro? , 



1111 Masonic- Temple, CHICAGO, U. S. A. 

pay railroad and hotel bills, aud make no 
charge If they fall to cure. 

If you have pimples, eruptions, mucous 
batches, pains, rheumatism,, etc., write for 
took Remedy Co.'s free home treatment book, 
nnd learn nil about contagious. blood poison. 
If you want medical advice, give a .history of 
your case, and their physicians wilt furnish 
all the Information you wish without any 
charge whatever. 

Your salvation depends on Cook Remedy 
Co., and on them alone. They will surely 
cure you. No other method of treatmeut will 


June 4. 








' Send 60c. for oar a great two-step hits for 10 
i pti. end pImio, or fall band: -Tolly Prim," 
, "Fall In Line," and "Big Indian Chief", 


(COLE and JOHNSON'S World Famous "Congo" Son*-* worthy sequel lo their "Under the Bamboo Tree"). 

ongo Love Hong'', "Welcomo 
••Out Whore the Breasers Hour," "Good Follown," "Prince 
Fellows," "Davy Jonee' Locker," "Whoro the minuet Tarns the 
i ocean's Blue to Hold." Send loo. for each of above quartette num- 
» Iters, If jnu will furnish ns with yotir permnnent address wc will keep 
Infoimed on our latest Quartette Publications. 


of snj or all of above FHKE. 

" . Regn- 

ri vviu» Orchestrations 10c. each. 
-, lar PUno copies to non-professionals, 3to. 
) PERFORMERBI Send as jour permanent address 
) and we'll keep yon posted on good things. 



34 E. 21st St, 
N. Y. City. 


We will koep you posted on good things, 

III the swim If you don't belong to our Orchestra 
Club. ONLY tl per YEAR. One New Esch Month. 


re not i 










Before considering any other 
SLOT MACHINE Proposition 
see THE PHOTOSCOPE, or write 
ns for particulars. 200 Ma- 
chines will he in operation 
at the St Louis Exposition to 
the, exclusion of all other 
Automatic Picture Machines. 
This shows what the World's 
Fair Management thinks of 
the Photoscope. 

SB*. Loula OtVlo«»i 


It will h« Id UBBRAli ARTS Bill MM MU •« World 1 . K«lr 
tirc.unil., Altar til* Opening of tlm Fakir. - . 

Two-thirds of every nickel 

taken by the Photoscope 


noLOiiTi patents-sole MABrurAoruBiu, 

tiik FHOTOBOOPB CO., »S» Broadwav*-, ■. V. city. 

The Newest Biggest Money Maker 


Bind 6 0EHT8 in Btunpi (or Photoseops Booklet, Simple 
Picture md Oar Offer. 

Pittsburg Office, 814 BIFFEL BLOCK. 



XXX Continuous Steel Binding, Riveted on. Yale Lock, 
Rawhide Handles, Basswood Box, Tray to Swing, 8 H In. 
deep, with Comportments. (Guaranteed for 6 Yean). 
Prices: 28, 110.25: 80, 110.75; 82, ( 11.75; 84, $12.75; 
80, $18.76; 88, f 14.75; 40, $16.75. 

XX A Very Strong Riveted Trunk, Heavy Steel Trimmings, 
Yale Lock, Large Dowels, one Sin. Tray, one 4lo- Tray. 
Double Jointed Strap Hinges. Prices: 28. $0.76; 80. $7.26; 
82, $7.75; 84, $8.25; 86, $8.75; 88. $9.25; 40, $9.76. 
Steel Clad, Covered with Cold Boiled Steel, Yale Lock, 
Heavy Steel Trimmings, Dowels, one Deep Tray, with Hat 
Box. Prices: 28, $6.00; 80,85.50; 82, (6.00; 84, *u.BO; 
86, $7.00 ; 88, $7.50 ; 40, $8.00. 
Write for catalogue, or snipped C. O. D. on receipt of $5.00. 


111. 8. CASEY, 441 Oth Ave., H. T. Est. 47yr«. 


, THtNFIc M III- If l>IVII /.,H!IM. 




kerosene!, • W.B.MOORE MANAGER. .■.;■;! gasoline" 
JR mantle. I 108 FRANKLIN ST, CHICAGO; r OP r.ThER 

KINDS, ETC. Plays by means of Qutta Board Note Sheets (damp proof). 
AlBO by cylinders. 



31 to 3T Hmlford At*., II rook 1 y n , New York, V. 8 . A. 


GEO. T AYLOB, 97 CHIT Street, New York. 

Miniature Railroad Co. 



For Parks, 8ummor Resorts, etc. 
Hauling Capacity, 3D Ton*. 
Earning 91 ,BOO In six days. 

With proper oare wi ll last 20 yrs. 


Fourth julY: 

To* Host Attrerti tb Postern Bras Prodaeed In the U. B. 
Bampie. STURin & Yssfll ER Poster Co 

OfflfOi! » and 7 Tribune mat. MINNEAPOLIS. MINN. 


'".'■' T'" 6 ,C.ruC tl *V ■'■:";-■■-.'■ 


FORT S"rvflfH : ,A-RK.- 

Fin Migleil Apparttu, 

Orand Bad of Oratory, fully 
Illustrated. BOOK CAta- 
looub, ho., (rat by mau. 
Catalogue of Parlor Tricks tree 
aLABTINIA A 00., Htrs_ 
aas en a™., w. ▼ 


: MALKLY ^ •.-.-.:'. 


6th AVE. and Slot STREET, NEW YORK. 


The Profession sojourning- in New York 
during: this month will do well to take advan- 
tage of the exceptional opportunities offered by 
this sale. 



Made from tb. vary belt tin, are block enameled. 
Especially made lor professional oh, baring a 
tray with compartments for Greats Paints, 
Powders, Comb and Bruin, Wigs, Eto., 
Eto. Has donble action look, with two 
keys, at ... 


is maw, 

49 C 

Oar COLD citEAin, expressly prepared for the The- 
atrical Profession, (naranteed to be absolutely pure and 
never become rancid In any climate. Put op In 1ft 
Screw Top Tin Cans at «8c,i >,ib at SBe. 


All mall orders must us accompanied by money order. 
Nose sent o. O. D. 


BB80BT8, DAHOE PAVHJOHS, Eto., . . . 


SPECIAL DISCOUNT on all arrangements made now. Poll particulars and 
ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES HAILED FREE on application, by their Bole Af ent, 

AUBUST POLLMAN. 70 n« 72 FriikllD St, Nil York City. 




June 4. 

Save Money and Trouble. 

Professional and business man, students, 
traveler*, mechanics, t portsmen Sod style, 
contort, convenience tnd economy Id 
these goods mad* of Baa cloth and On- 
lined (n pure ■Urea. 

No Washing or Ironing. 

When .oiled, dlacard. W« send by 
mall, prepaid, ten collars or At* 
palra of onffs for 30c Sample collar 
or pair of cuffs for 6c. In U. 8. stamps. 
Name alae and style. 




Th» Tonswanda 


rryw r<^.rr- -nrrf'W?! 

■ • 1 '*'-.* ■ 7 • . *■ O • I • - * ' -a ' a 

Steam Riding Gallery 


IrmitagB-Herschell Co., 

North Tonawanda, N. Y. 

M «• lis Oliver It. 

The loTsntors and Original Manufacturers. 


A.dvinc.,'Prlvll. gt.'Bigg.g., Stock tndBoxCir. 
MR long. Desirable (or Show and Carnival Oom- 
panlei. Reasonable term.. Write tor particular!, 
No. IMP Monadpook Building, Chicago. HI. 

■■mnwiiiim . . imumvwwwwvxw 


■anal to any la workmanship, shape and 

Juaiity. Get our prices before boring. Agents 
or Kldd'a llahti and Baker torches. Slack 
tents tor moving picture*. Good second hand 
tents from tSzBO to 120x800. at Bargains. 
BAKDB A LOCKWOOD. Bitccessors to C. J. 
Baker. 410 Delaware St.. Kansas City, Mo. 



Fimooi Theatrical 



Between 28th end 2Mb Bit., 


Beat of Food, Pert eotl j Cooked, 

Dellclously Served. Price* 
reasonable. Special Dining 

R/w*m for LadtM 

with xieotrlo Arc. Osllcnm or Acetylene light 
Illustrated Song Slide., Mo., colored. FILMI 

L. HETZ, m B. Md Street, Sew York Olty. 


This ib a money-maker 
at park!, In .tores or 
on the road. It makes 
those delicious pop 
corn crlsps.tho greatest 
5 cunt paokage. You 
need not be a candy 
maker to be successful. 
W. Z. LOMO, Springfield, Ohio. 



Everywhere find moving picture i a most attractive feat- 
ure and a very economical act. 

We carry s large .lock of tbe latest model EDISON 
KIN'ETOSCOPES and the newest subjects Id films. 

In frder to do tbe molt effective work, moving pic- 
ture machines must be equipped with proper lenses. If 
the lenses which accompany tbe machine, project too 
large or too small a picture at the required distance we 
equip tbe instruments with such lenses a. may be neces- 
sary. If these are higher priced than the regular lenses 
we add the difference to tbe value of tbe Instrument 


D06 FACTORY, 240ft, Class A, Value $36.00 

This Is an excellent comic film that reverses the ac- 
cepted Joke which converts dog. Into sausages, and 
shows an up-to-date method of transforming sau- 
sage. Into dogs. 

QUARRELSOME NEIGHBORS, 120ft., Glass B, Value SI4.00 

A comic film showing two neighbors on opposite sides of tbe fence, tbe one painting It black 
and the other white; there follows a mix-up of paints as well as neighbors, with a laughable 

WASHERWOMAN AND OMNIBUS, 170ft., Class B, Value $20.40 

Thl. is a laughable film showing the repeated efforts made by a washerwoman, who Is carry- 
ing a clothes basket, to eaten an omnibus. Her adventures end In success. 

THE NEW COOK, 105ft., Class B, Value $12.60 

This is a mysterious and comic film showing the new cook smashing china, the piece, re- 
forming into perfect dishes at her command. 

HOLD-UP IN C0UNTR, GROCERY STORE, 160ft., diss A, ValueS24.00 

A comic film full of action. 

THE COP FOOLS THE SERGEANT, 175ft., Class A, Value $26.25 

A very humorous film, which shows the policeman having a good tune In a bakery; tbe Ser- 
geant ha. seen the policeman leave his beat and Is waiting for him to re-appear. In order to 
save tbe policeman the bakers put him In a large bread basket, covering him with loaves of 
bread, and carry him to the bakery wagoo, which drives off. Tbe Sergeant Is still waiting for 
the policeman In front of the bakcy when tbe latter U seen coming down tbe street swinging 
his club and saluting tbe Sergeant. 


Edison Kiaetoscopes. Kleine Stereopticons, and Slides, Lenses, Etc. 



Manufacturers of Stereopticons, 

Edison Mfg. Co.'s KINET0SG0PES and FILMS, 

NEW YORK BRANCH: 127-129 W. 32d ST. 



1904 HODEIb 


182-198 St, North Ton. win.., H.Y. 



Operated by depositing a 
penny. It is the handsomest 
and most graceful machine 
of its kind, and Is an Immense 
money maker. These ma- 
chine, are made entirely of 
quartered oak cahlnets, highly 
polished, lined with red vel- 
vet, and has conspicuous red 
signs. They show the exsct 
number of square Inches of 
air the lungs contain, and 
.how the space the air take. 
up when in one's body. 


Physical Culture Manufacturing Co., 

Ofllce and Salesrooms. 30H 'West 16th St.; 

Factory, 135 Eighth Ave , «ew York 

City, N.Y..TJ. 8. A. 

Bead tor Circular and Price List. 



line IE 3 d h as *J sTaIm 

-'..■ - ■ ■_•:■ 


stL aj**SS«Vt?Toi^ 7 r» Vr ^L mX 


. — - — ..; ... ■= — 


:'..... rAffolff'ftiCftjhTpf*?-. . 


No Manager or Agent knows how clever yon are 
until he sees yon play, and you do not know how 
snperlor DUE *M CREAM Is as compared with 
other skin preparations until you have tried It. 

A positive care for Moth Spoil, Freckles, 
Pimples and all akin blemishes — has made 
wonderful cures In cases of Eexema— Is a 
superior manage cream a. It remove, wrin- 
kles and develops tke neck, throat and 

In dainty ]a*s, $1.00 each. 

Sold at Wanamaker's, Rlker's Drug Store, or 
sent direct on receipt of price— write to 

Box 287, Madison Square Branch, N. Y. City. 

Edison's Uncle Tom Cabin Film. 

Al order, low price, lloo feet O. Meredith, CLIPPER 


Why handle rooky good, when yon can handle good, that will sell them- 
selvesT Bleotrto Belts from $1.00 per doa. to f 18.00. Large variety to select 
from. We also make other stjles of Appliances and Medical Batteries. One 
third cash required. Hot Springs Sulphur Soap, wrapped, $.2.10 per grota. 
Equal to Williams. Trial order will convince. Largest Manufacturer! for 
Eeo trio Beits and Appliances in C. S. A. Established 1ST*. Catalogue tree. 




„ -NOX&URN! 

I mitatTo N 5 
burn: violently: 

^-ufe: ^ 




!' wears lonoest.. does. n-ot;crAC-b _.;■-' 
r.. always bright nr\~d clean', \na 
):• ^rrn ar\d >v<xterprdof. '■ --: 
^aecihr'Theai:re-5^rhple Book Free . 





(Eastern and Western Companies) 

Conceded by all the Biggest and Best on Earth. 
Want Al People in All Lines of tbe Business. 

Whit a Parfnrmnre- Agent, Children for Eva and Barry, Musicians, Leaders for Band and Or- 

nuuc « 01 lUriUOlB. C hestra, Stage Carpenter, Property Men, Electricians, Cooks, Walters, Car 

Porters, Workingmen, Ac. 

flnlnrArl Porfnrmops- Quartette, Bnck and Wing Dancers, Singers, Cake Walkers, Drum' 

UU1UTOU rcriuriiiers. Corps, Buglar, Ac. Ail must be good singers and dancers. 

NntJAa —Best of treatment and finest of accommodation. State all you do in first letter. People 

it u lit* o . already engaged write at 

Sole Owner. 

. _ vrlte at once permanent address. Const 
Permanent Address, AL. W. MARTIN, Prop, and Mar., I 
Co., Room 1508, Tribune Building, CHI 

you do In first letter. People 
Consider silence a polite negative. 
Care of National Printing 
CAOO, 111. 


on cipplicat ion 

. Iliyfi .Q.i.'.iilu 


FfNTiRE G '^ 


:^J-SV248 ;.W; :; 23- ST/ NY t' : &'Z 







Address 1936 THIRD AVE., New Tork. 




Copyright, 1044, by the Frank Queen Publishing Company (Limited). 

Founded by 

NEW YORK, JUNE 11, 1904. 

VOLUME Lll.-No. 16. 

Price 10 Cente. 

Mi55 CIipper'5 

Motes, Personalities ail Comments, 


SriGE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS 


An Instance where a clever piece of acting 
was the cause ot the summary dismissal of 
an actor's services Is told of a member of 
Richard Mansfield's "Richard III" company. 
The company had assembled for rehearsal 
and the actor-manager had not yet appeared 
on the scene. Dnrlng the wait a young actor, 
whose powers of mimicry were unusual, 
amused the few who stood near him with 
a few lines of the star's part, cleverly bur- 
lesquing that dignified personage. Be was 
ending with the well known Mansfletdlsn 
bow, when the grace of It was Interrupted 
by the resonant tones of the star as he was 
approaching the box entrance to the stage, 
by way of the side aisles, his figure yet In- 

"Clever — exceedingly clever," exclaimed 
the star, "so cleverly acted that more than 
one of us would be superfluous In the com- 


In companies where a large force of extra 
people are required, It Is necessary to keep 
' a record of the work of this force, and to 
assign each of them a number, so that when 
reporting for duty each nlgbt the assistant 
stage manager may check them oil the list 

About two hundred supernumeraries were 
employed In Wright Lorlmer's production of 
"The Shepherd King," and one night during 
thla checking off process It was discovered 
that while Mr. Lorlmer was only playing 
"King David," one of the extra Nubians 
(from Eighth Avenue) bad some right to the 

In the temporary absence of the assistant 
stage manager one of the members of the 
company was asked to replace him In check- 
ing the extras as they passed the stage door, 
one of whom belonged to the Nubian group. 

"What's your number?" asked the assist- 

"Didn't git none ylt, boss," replied the 
darkey, "but man name's David, Sub." 

"What's your other name 1" was the next 
question asked. 

"King, Sub," was the 

"Ah, David King," . 
said the assistant, look- 
ing down the list for 
the name. 

"No, Sub," objected 
the darkey, "King Da- 
vid, 8uh." And It was 
afterwards found that 
this was the name by 
which he waa known. 

Wright Lorlmer re- 
lates sn amusing story 
ot his reception at the 
home of an English friend, who resides In 
one of London's suburbs. 

"I was making an unexpected call upon 
this friend," said Lorlmer. "When the ser- 
vant answered my ring t asked If Mr. Ar- 
butmart was In." 

"Master has gone out," was the reply. 

"Then I will see Mrs. Arbutmart— Is she 

"Missis has gone out too." 

'Well, I think I'll come in and warm my- 
self by the fire before going back to London." 

"You're most welcome to come In, Sir," 
said the servant, "but the Ore's gone out too, 


Leon Herrmann has condensed his two 
hour entertainment Into a vaudeville torn ot 
thirty minutes, and baa secured a year's 
booking on the different circuits. During the 
Summer season at Manhattan Beach he will 
give an entertainment every afternoon, In 
the pavilion, his performance being inter- 
spersed with music by a popular band. 

This well known prestldlgltateur relates 
two experiences In his clever manipulations 
that were not performed upon the stage. 

One happened during an engagement In 
New Orleans. With some friends, he visited 
the famous old French market, the mecca of 
all tourists to this Southern city. On the 
stand of one of the old market women was 
a pile of eggs — about four dozen. One of 
Mr. Berrmann's friends suggested hia Illus- 
trating his sleight of hand ability with the 
vendor's eggs, and, to amuse them, he ap- 
proached the white capped old person. 

"Row much are your eggs?" he asked. 

"Twenty-two cents • dosen this morning, 
Sir," was the reply. 

"Are they perfectly fresh r was the next 

"Indeed they are," Indignantly answered 
the old woman. 

"Well, let os see If you're right," said 
Herrmann, proceeding to break one of the 
eggs, and from within the shell of which he 
appeared to take a silver halt dollar. Put- 
ting it in the band of the woman, he reached 
for another egg, with which he performed 
the same trick, again presenting the prlxe 
to the owner ot the eggs, thus Indemnifying 
her for the possible loss of more than four 
dozen of them. 

Bavlng passed three of four stalls the 
party turned to see the old woman in the 
act of rapidly breaking up ber egg stock, 

of one of this gardener's cabbages. Tender- 
ing a shilling to the owner, the magician 
reached across the stand for a small cab- 
bage, which he cut In halve* with a sharp 
knife he bad taken from hla pocket Snugly 
embedded In the centre was the missing 
watch, which was drawn forth, to the as- 
tonishment of the owner of the vegetables, 
and the amusement of the party, who quickly 
realized that they had been witnessing one 
ot the clever tricks of their friend. After 
cutting Into another, and finding coin there- 
in, he said to tho gardener : 

••I will take half a dozen of your cab- 

tunste. At the suggestion of one ot the club 
members a tall atep ladder was brought In, 
and the magician waa persuaded to mount 
and pencil his autograph beside the "seven 
of hearts," which adorned the celling in 
proof of bis skill. 

Florence Sarto, a member of "The Little 
Outcast" company, recently overheard two 
countrymen Indulging In a unique discus- 
sion of herself. They were seated In .the: 
dining car, en route between Cincinnati and 
Chicago, when the actress entered and took' 
the next table. 

"I'll bet she b'longs to the troop that 
played 'Little Castout' In taown yestldy," 
said one ot the Boosters, 

"Nope," said the other, "I think she's the 
tight rope walker in the circus we saw the 
day before— 'relse shs did that Jugglln' scene 
you got so stuck on." 

A moment later the waiter entored w'th 
a portion of Miss Barto'a luncheon, which, 
consisted of a rum omelet, In a blue blase ot 
burning liquor. 

"By gum I" one of the men exclaimed, 
"none ot us wua right- -she's the firs eater 
we saw In one of the side shows." 
« f 

Tho dspper waiter lingers— 

What shall I drink tonight? 
I turn, with listless fingers, 

The wine list to the light ; 
And while I scan It, thinking 

That wine has lost Its charm, 
I dream once more ot drinking 

Sweet elder at the farm. 

From Orandad's ancient settle, 

Before the crackling blase, 
I watch the singing kettle — 

A merry tune it plays. 
There, when the corn was snapping, 

And apples siszed and steamed, 
With Grandad slyly napping, i 

My sweetest dreams were dreamed. 

The Winter wind, snow laden, 

Coaxed up the roaring flames, 
And there a rosy maiden 

Bat by and played me games ; 
There Love, who heard the clinking 

Of glasses, came and saw 
Two happy lovers drinking 

Sweet elder through a straw. 

Snug-snettered from the 
At Boreas we laughed, 
And quenched our thirst , 
In that cool amber 
That drink of Orandad's 
Pressed In the mill 
hard by, 
Bet no light head to 
Turned no bright 
speech awry. 

Stilled are the clinking glasses, 

Long vanished Is your smile, 
Oh rosiest ot lanes ; 

But still I dream, and while 
My gray mustache I'm dipping 

In wine without a flaw, 
I see your red lips sipping 

Sweet elder through a straw. 
I'uank ltoa BACHBI.DBB, in Lipptnaott'i. 

»» >■ 

anxiously examining the shells, while around 
her was a group ot market people as deeply 
Interested as she. 

Mr. Herrmann performed a slmllsr trick 
in the old Montreal, Can., market place. 

"What time Is It 7" he asked of one of the 
party as they were passing a stall piled 
with vegetables. The gentleman reached for 
bis watch, and, to his dismay, found the 
pocket empty. 

"Heavens! my watch has been taken," he 

"Perhaps It Is not far away," said Berr- 
'I think It will be found In the heart 

Evidently the cupldlly ot the dull appear- 
ing Individual bad been aroused, for be re- 
plied : 

"They're not for rale, Sir." 

Upon the celling at the Bohemian Club, of 
Montreal, Is a souvenir of Berrmann's visit 
there. Among bis most difficult card tricks 
la that In which a guest selects a card and 
personally replaces It In the pack, which Is 
(hen thrown st the celling, All the cards 
drop to the- floor except the one selected, 
which sticks fsst to the celling. Herrmann 
sometimes falls to overcome the difficulties 
of this trick, but on this occasion was tor- 

It may not be generally known that the 
Government conducts an Institution for giv- 
ing pleasure to the blind. A room Is set 
opart for them at the Congressional Li- 
brary, and entertainments are given there. 
Etta Josselyn Qlflln is the official In charge, 
and In addition to these entertainments she 
takes parties of tho blind to the theatre each 
week, the tickets being contributed by the 

After Julia Marlowe's performance of "In- 
Rornar" Miss Qlflln took her blind guests up 
and Introduced them to the star. One old 
gentleman, after thanking Miss Marlowe for 
the pleasure she had given him, added: 

"And I want also to thank you for the 
pleasure I enjoyed In bearing your voice In 
'Everyman.' " 

Miss Qlflln, having heard of the Jealousies 
of theatrical favorites, was appalled and has- 
tened to check him. 

"This Is not Miss Mattblson, It I* Mis* 
Marlowe, Mr. Blank," she said, hurriedly. 
But Miss Marlowe stopped ber with a charm- 
ing smile, and warmly shook tbe old man's . 

"You have paid mo the prettiest compli- 
ment possible In mistaking my voice for such . 
s beautiful voles as Miss Mstthlsoa's," she 
said, In a tone so sunshiny and sincere tbst 
the last trace of embarrassment disappeared." 
—X. V. Ma** 



June 11, 

FAI RS FOR 1904. 

Following oar annul custom, we present 
a Hit of fairs for toe coming season which 
bai been announced up to tbe present time. 
The clashing of dates, tbe frequent changes 
and practical Impossibility of collecting til tbe 
material combine to make a list of this kind 
only approximately correct; nevertheless, 
tbose fairs we record here, made np from tbe 
official fair lists, etc., will be found useful to 
man; classes of showmen who have not jet 

arranged tbelr routes for tbe coming season. 
The letters preceding dates stand for tbe 
months, as Ju. for June, Jy. for July, A. 

muuum, nn «iu. ivi «uuc, «,/. w» -*.<,, •»• 

for August, 8. for September, etc When no 
Initial letter precedes tbe date It signifies 
that the month Is tbat last Indicated, Later 
we will print a supplementa l lift 

■tats Fair*. 

COLORADO.— Pueblo, 8. 20, 26; T, H. 
Devlne, secy. „ _ „ 

GEORGIA.— Valdoste, 0. 20, N. 8; M. 
V CaItId MB 
'ILLINOIS.— Springfield, 8. 20, 0. 7; W, 

C. Garrard, secy. 

INDIANA.— Indianapolis, 8. 12, 16; 
Charles Downing. secy. 
IOWA.— Dee Moines, A 10, 27; John C. 

B 'l»aAN-.-rontl.c, 8. 12, 16; J. H. 
Butterfleld, secy. 

MINNESOTA.— Hamllne, A. 20, S. 8 | B. 

W M Wo'kl.^eda..., A IB. 18; J. B. 

BI H5?JTA^A.-Helena : 0. 8, 8; J. W. Pace, 

'Nebraska.— Lincoln, a 26, s. 2; R. 

W. Furnas, secy, .„.„,„ 

NEW HAMPSHIRE— Concord, 8. 18, 16; 
Charles B. Hoyt. secy. 

NEW JERSEY.— Trenton, 8. 26, 80; M. 
II. Margerum, aecy. „„ 

NEW MEXICO.— Albuquerque, 0. 10, 16; 
P. F. McCanna, aecy. ■ 

NEW YORK.— Syracuse, 8. B, 10; 8. C. 

Bh NORTH C CAROLlNA.— Raleigh, O. IT, 22; 
Joseph E. Pogue, secy. _, _, 

OHIO.— Columbus, A. 20, 8. 2; W. W. 
Miller, secy. _ „ ._ 

OREGON.— Balcm, 8. 12, 17; W. A. 

M I?ENNBYLVANIA — Bethlehem, 8. 6, 0; 

H BOUTH W CA 3 ROLfNA.-Co.u»b.., 0. 28, 
81: T. W. Holloway, secy. 

SOUTH DAKOTA.— Yankton, 8. 12, 10; 
Walter B, Dean. aecy. ._ __. „ ... 

TEXAS.— Dallas, 6. 1, 16; Sydney Smith, 

** C fjTAH.— Bait Lake City, 0. 4, 8; W. J. 

B *WKST' VIRGINIA.— Wheeling, 8. B, 0; 
George Hook, secy. _ . 

WISCONSIN.— Milwaukee, B. B, 0; John 

"'wyofllNG^-Caapcr, 8. 20, 24; C. G. 
Coutant, aecy. 

Connty and District Falra. 

COLOIUDO.— Lamar, Prowers County 
Fair, A. 24, 2B, 20. Las Animas, Bent 
County Fair, A. 81, 8. 1, 2. Rocky Ford, 
Arkansas Valley Fair, 8, 7, 8, 8. 

IDAHO.— Boise, Intcr-Mountaln Associa- 
tion Fair, O. 17, 18, H», 20, 21, 22; Bd. H. 
Peasloy, secy. _ 

ILLINOIS— Aledo, Morcjr County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, 8. 20, 21, 22, 28; W. 

D. Emerson, secy. AtlanU, Logan County 
Agricultural Society Fair, 6, 7, 8, 9 ;, W. B. 
Stroud, secy. Avon, 

Effingham Connty Agricultural Society Fair, 
8. 2f, 22, 28, 24; w. T. J a; cor, secy- We- 
nona, Marshall Connty Agricultural Society 
Fair, 18, 14. 16, 16: Eftle Thierry, aecy. 
Woodstock, McHenry County Agricultural Bo- 
cltty Fair, A 22, 28, 24, 25, 28 ; George A. 
Hunt, aecy. Wyoming. Btark County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. 1. 2 ; 0. 
a MacClyment, aecy. Yorkvllle, Kendall 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 6, 7, 8, 
; C. 8. Williams, secy. 

IOWA. — Algona, Kossuth County Fair, 8. 
18, 14, 16. 16; T. H. Wadswortb, secy. Al- 
lison, Butler County Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. I; 
J. W. Ray, secy. Alts, Buena Vista County 
Fair, A 16, 17, 18, lit : C. E. Lameron, aecy. 
Anamota, Anamoaa District Fair, 22, 23; 
V. J. Cunningham, aecy. Arlington, Arling- 
ton District Fair, B. 14, 15, 16; C. B. 
Hughes, secy. Audubon, Audubon County 
Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. 1, 2; O. B. Train, aecy. 
Avoca. Pottowetamle Connty Fair, 8. 18. 
14, 15, 16; Caleb Smith, aecy. Bedford, 
Taylor Connty Fair, 6. 7, 8, ; J. J. Lawa, 
secy. Bloomfleld, Darts Connty Fair, 18, 14, 
IB, 16: J. C Bronbard, aecy. Brut, Han- 
cock County Fair, 18, 14, IB; N. W. Stew- 
art, aecy. Buffalo Centre, Buffalo Centre 
District Fair, 27, 28, 20 ; Geo. B. Johnston, 
aecy. Burlington, Burlington District Fair, 
A. 0, 10, 11 ; C. C. Fowler, aecy. Central 
City. Wanale Valley District Fair, 8. 18, 14. 
16, 16; E. B. Henderson, secy. Charles City, 
Floyd County Fair, 6, 7, 8, 9; C. M. Carr, 
secy. Clarion, Wright County Fair, 18, 14, 
IB, 16 : R. C. Bras, aecy. Clinton, Clinton 
District Fair, 6, 7, 8, 0; J. B. Abrena, aecy. 
Columbus Junction, Columbus Junction Dis- 
trict Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. 1, 2 ; O. J. Jamison, 
aecy. Corning, Adams County Fair, A. 22, 
28, 24 ; J. M. Devorc, aecy. De Witt, Clin- 
ton County Fair, 8. 18, 14, IS, 16; Henry 
Selfert, aecy. Donnellson, Lee County Fair, 

A. 80, 81, 8. 1, 2; E. P. Armknecbt, aecy. 
Eldon, Bldon Big 4 District Fair, B. 6, 7, 
8, 9; W. O. Bsgley, secy. Eldora, Hardin 
County Fair, A, 80, 81, 8. 1, 2; Harry S. 
Martin, secy. Blkader, Blkader Fair and 
Track Association, A 28, 24, 26, 28 ; J. A. 
Kramer, aecy. Bmmetaburg, Palo Alto 
County Fair, 10, 17, 18, 10; P. V. Hand, 
aecy. Fairfax, Prairie Valley Association 
Fair, B. 6, 7, 8, ; Bd. Heaton, aecy. Fair- 
field, Jefferson Connty Fair, 18, 14, IB, 10: 
L. J. Marcey, aecy. Fonda, Big 4 District 
Association Fair, A. 2, 8. 4, 5 ; ft. M. Harri- 
son, aecy. Greenfield, Adair County Fair, 

B. 6, 7, 8; W. W. Burrell, secy. Grlnnell, 
Poweshiek Central Fair, A 80, 81, B. 1, 2; 
H. F. Lamphere. secy. Grundy Centre, 
Grundy County Fair, 8. 18, 14, 15. 16; B. 
G. Enslnloger, secy. Guthrie Centre, Guth- 
rie County Fair, 20, 21, 22, 28; A. H. Oris 
sell, secy. Hampton, Franklin County Fair, 

trlct Fair, A. 80, 81. B. 1. 2; John Wall- 
jasper, aecy. West Union, Fayette Connty 
Fair, A- 80, 81, 8. 1. 2; H. P. Hancock, 
secy. What Cheer, What Cheer District 

Fair, 8. 10, 20.21, 22 : Geo. A. Poff, aecy. 
Williamsburg, Williamsburg District Fair, 
6, 7, 8: J. P. Gallagher, aecy. Wilton Junc- 
tion, Wilton Association Fair, 6, 7, 8; 
W. A. Cooling, aecy. Wlnterset, Madi- 
son Connty Fair, 18, 14, 15, 16 ; T. J. Hud- 
son, aecy. 

INDIANA.— Anderson Association Fair, B. 
«, 7, 8, 9; W. H. Heritage. Beer. Angola 
Association Fair, 0. 11, 12, 18, 14; Orvllte 
Ooodale, aecy. Attica Association Fair, 8. 27, 
28, 20, SO; D. B. Hoke, aecy. Bedford As- 
sociation Fair, A 80, 81. 8. 1. 2, 8; B. T. 
Zollman. aecy. Boonvllle Association Fair, 
A. 20, 80. 8. 1, 2; J. F. Richardson, secy. 
Boawell Association Fair, a 6. 6, 7. 8, 0; 
The* B. Lamb, secy. Bourbon Association 
Fair, 0. 11, 12, 18, 14 i B. W. Parka, secy. 
Bremen Association Filr. 4, 6, 6, 1 j L. O. 
Ditty, aecy. Chrlsney Association Fair, A. 
16, 17, 18, 18, 20; J. P. Chrlsney, aecy. 
Columbus Association Fair, 8. 20, 21, 22, 23 ; 
Ed. Redman, aecy. Condon Association Fair, 
A. 20, 80. 81. 8. 1, 2 ; Frank R Wright, secy. 
Covington Association Fair, A. 80, 31, S. 1, 
2 ; N. C. Harlow, secy. Crawtordsvllle Asso- 
ciation Fair, 8. 6. 7, 8, 9 ; R. C. Walknp, secy. 
Decatur Association Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. 1, 2 : 
C. D. Kunkle, aecy. East Enterprise Associa- 
tion Fair, A. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20; H. B. Thomp- 
son, secy. Bdlnburg Association Fair, 17, 18, 
19 ; J. C. Thompson, secy. Blwood Associa- 
tion Fair, 28, 24, 26, 26 ; Frank B. De Hor- 
Ity, secy. Bvansvllle Association Fair, 8. 12, 
18, 14, 16, 16, 17 : R. L. Akin, aecy. Fair- 
mount Association Fair, A. 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ; 
Jeff Wilson, secy. Flora Association Fair, 0, 
10, 11, 12 ; E. J. Todd, secy. Frankfort As- 
sociation Fair, 28, 24. 26, 26 ; W. G. Hlmmel- 
wright, aecy. Franklin Association Fair, A. 
81, B. 1, 2, 8 ; W. 8. Young secy. Ft Wayne, 
Alien Connty Association Fair, Jy. 4, 6, 6, 7. 
8; C F. Centlivre, secy. Ft Wayne Asso- 
ciation Fair 8. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; Dr. F. W. 
Myers, secy. Hagerstown Association Fair, 
Jy. 26, 27, 28, 29 ; L. B. Bowman, secy. Hunt- 
Ingburg Association Fair, B. 12, 18, 14, 16, 
167 17 ; B. W. Plckhardt, secy. Huntington 
Association Fair. 18, 14, 15, 16, 17 ; A. L. 
Beck. secy. Indianapolis Association Fair, 
A 9, 10, 11, 12, 18 ; W. A. Holt, secy. Ken- 
dallvllle Association Fair. 8. 26, 27, 28, 20, 
80 : J. 8. Conlogue.secy. Kokomo Association 
Fair, Jy. 26, 27, 28, 20 ; H. H. Leach, secy. 
Lafayette Association Fair, A. 29, 80, 81, 8. 
1, 2 ; W. B. Bangb, secy. Lawrenceburg As- 

25, 26; M. B. Nichols, secy. Tlmonlum, 
Baltimore County Fair, B. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; 
James Nasser, secy. Upper Marlboro, South- 
ern Maryland Fair, A. 16, 17, 18, 19. 20, 21 ; 

MASSACHUSETTS. — Amesbnry, Ames- 
bury and Salisbury Agricultural and Horti- 
cultural Society FalrTB. 18, 14, 15; Edward 
W. George, secy. Amberst, Hampshire Ag- 
ricultural Society Fair, 20, 21 ; F. 8. Cooler, 
secy. Athol, Northwest Worcester Agricult- 
ural and Mechanical Society Falr.6, 6: Al- 
bert Ellsworth, secy. Barnstable, Barnstable 
County Agricultural Society Fair, A. 80, 81, 
6. 1; T. C. Day, aecy. fiarre. West Wor- 
cester County Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 
29, 80; Matthew Walker, secy. Blandford. 
Union Agricultural and Horticultural Society 
Fair, 14, IB; B. W. Boise, aecy. Boston, 
Mnsaacb.ue.etts Horticultural Association 
Fair, 22, 28, 24, 25: Win. P. Rich, secy. 
Brldgewater, Plymouth County Agricultural 
Society Fair, 14, 15, 16; O. M Hooper, 
aecy. Charlemont, Deerfleld Valley Agricult- 
ural Society Fair. 16. 16; S. w. Hawkea, 
secy. Clinton, East Worcester Agricultural 
Society Fair, 14, 15, 16: Warren Ooodale, 
secy. Cnmmlngton, Hillside Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 27, 28: C. F. Burr, secy. Fram- 
Ingham, South Middlesex Agricultural Bo- 
clety Fair, 20, 21; G. B. Harrington, secy. 
Great Harrington, Housatonlc Agricultural 
Society Fair. 28, 29 : W. Taylor Day, secy. 
Greenfield, Franklin County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 21, 22; Henry 1. Field, secy. 
Hlngham, Hlngham Agricultural and Horti- 
cultural Society Fair, 27, 28: William H. 
Thomas, secy. Lowell, North Middlesex Ag- 
ricultural Society Fair, 16, 17; Frank J. 
Sherwood, aecy. Marshfield, Marshfleld Ag- 
ricultural and Horticultural Society Fair, 
A. 24, 26. 26 : I. H. Hatch, secy. Middle- 
field, Highland Agricultural Society Fair, 
8. 7, 8 : J. T. Bryan, secy. Nantucket, Nan- 
tucket Agricultural Society Fair, A. 24, 26 ; 
J. F. Murphy, secy. Newburyport, Essex 
County Fair, 8. 18. 14. 15, 16, Orlando 
F. Hatcb, secy. North Adams, Hoosac 
Valley Agricultural Society Fair, B. 28, 24 ; 
A P. Carpenter, secy. Northampton, Hamp- 
shire, Franklin and Hampden Agricultural 
Society Fair, O. 6, 6; C. A. Montgomery, 
secy. Oxford, Oxford Agricultural Society 
Fair, 8. 8, 9; J. B. Darling, secy. Palmer, 
Eastern Hampden Agricultural Society Fair, 
O. 7, 8 ; L. B; Chandler, secy. Peabody, Es- 
sex Agricultural Society Fair, S. 20, 21, 22; 
J. M. Danfortb, secy. South Weymouth, 
Weymouth Agricultural and Industrial So- 
ciety Fair, 22. 2.1, 24 ; T. L. Tlrrell, secy. 
Spencer, Spencer Farmers' end Mechanics' 
Association Fair, 22, 28 ; H. H. Capen, secy. 
Sturbrldge, South Worcester Agricultural 
Society Fair, 16, 16 ; C. V. Corey, secy. 

cester and Danville Association Fair. O. 4 
6, 6 ; J. P. Witfasm, secy. Watervllle, Maine 
Central Fair, S. 20, 21, 22; B. B. Smith 
secy. West Cumberland, Cumberland Farm' 
era' Club Fair, 20, 21 ; A. M. Crocker, secy. 

MONTANA— Billings, Montana Agrlcufc 
ural Society Fair, S. 12. Boieman, Montana 
Agricultural Association Fair, A. 20, 80, 81 
8. 1, 2, 8. Great Falls. Cascade County As- 
sociation Fair, 8. 26, 27. 28, 20, 80. Mis- 
soula, Missoula Agricultural Society Fair 
20, 27, 28, 20, 80. ' * 

NEW HAMPSHIRE.— Nashua, Nashua Ag- 
ricultural Aasclatlon Fair, B. 6, 6, 7, 8; M 
C. Mullen, secy. Rochester, Rochester, An 
rlcultural Society, 20, 21, 22, 28; d al 
Bailey, secy. 

NEW MEXICO.— Farmlngton, San Juan 
County Agricultural Society Fair, S. 13, u, 

NORTH CAROLINA— Burlington, Bu'l- 
Ington Agricultural Society Fair, B. 27, 28, 
20, 80; JT A Turrentlne, secy. Fayettevllle. 
Fayettevllle Association Fair, N. 2, 8, 4; 0. 
W. Lawrence, secy. Greensboro, Greensboro 
Agricultural Society Fair, O. 11, 12, 13. 
14 ; J. W. Cook, secy. Winston-Salem, Win- 
ston-Salem Agricultural Association Fair, o. 
4, 6, 6, 7 ; G. E. Webb, secy. 

OHIO.— Akron, Summit County Agricult- 
ural Society Fair, O. 4, 6. 6, 7 ; 0. J. Swine- 
hart, secy. Athens, Athens County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, A. 28, 24, 26; H. H. 
Hanlng, secy. Bellefontalne, Logan County 

Agricultural Society Fair, ie, 17, 18, 19; 
John P. Alkln, secy. Berea, West Cuyaho 

County Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 13, 14, 

111 0*14, V, •» »» w. '-• -f* 

-.on, Fulton County Agricul- 
tural Society Fair, 0, 7. 8, ; Julian Church- 
Ill, secy. Bclvldere, Boone County Agricul- 
ture! Society Fair, A. 80, 8. 1. S; M. D. 
l'erklns, secy. Buehnell, McDonougb County 
Agricultural Boclety Fair, A. 0, 10, 11, 12 ; 
J H. Johnson, secy. Camargo, Douglas 
County Agricultural Bocloty Fair. 8. 6. 7, 
6, 0; Geo. A. Haines, secy. Cambridge, 
Henry County Agricultural Boclety l>alr, A. 
22. 28, 24, 25, 26; Theo. Boltenstern, secy. 
Carllnvllle, Macoupin County Agricultural 
Boclety Fair, 0. 11, 12. 18, 14 ; Geo. J. Cas- 
tle, secy. Carml, White County Agricul- 
tural Society Fair. 8. 0, 7. 8, 0, 10; J. L. 
Organ, secy. Champaign, Champaign County 
Agricultural Boclety Fair. A 80,8 1, 8. 1, 2 ; 
A. M. Burke, aecy. Charleston, Coles County 
A.r"ult«»> Society Fair. A. 28 24.2B.2l 
27 ; W. 0; Glasses, secy. Clinton, De Witt 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair, B. 18, 14, 
16, 16; H. 8. Magill, secy. , Danyore, Mc- 
Lean County Agricultural Boclety Fair. 6, 7, 
8, ; Jno. 8. Poppler, seer. Delevan, Tase- 
well County Agricultural Boclety Fair. A. 80. 
81, B. 1. 2; X O. Jones, secy. HI Paso, 
Woodford County Agricultural society Fair. 
A: 20, 80, 81, B. 172 ; Geo. R. Curtis, aecy. 
Blwood, Will County Agricultural Boclety 
Fair, 8. 14, 15; B. Spongier, secy. Fair- 
bury, Livingston County Agricultural Bo- 
clsty Fair. 6*. 0, 7, 8. 9; F. F. Brydta, aecy. 
Farmer City, De Witt County Agricultural 
8oclety Fair, 20, 21, 22, 28 ; JTll, Robin- 
son, secy. Freeport, Stephenson County 
Agricultural Society Fair, 12, 18, 14, IB. 16 ; 
James Meaner, secy. Galena, Jo Daviess 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair, 27, 28, 20, 
80 ; W. Barner, secy. Oolconda, Pope County 


Who has met with such phenomenal success In Burope, In hts hoop rolling act, Is now playing a few American dates. He has been play- 
ing the Eastern vaudeville houses. Including three engagements over the Keith circuit, and Is now on a short Western tour, which will 
Include Chicago and St. Louis He will return to Europe In Auguat, being booked ahead for nearly two years. Bverhart is now using 
two assistants In his act, and baa Introduced ao much material that It Is nearly a new act 

ov : ... oarncr, wee/, uuiwuu., * vyv vnwui, 

Agricultural Society Fair, 0. 5, 6, 7. 8 : A. 
D. McDonald, secy. Greenup, Cumberland 
County Agricultural Bocloty Fair, A. 80, 81, 
B. 1, R, 8 ; J. R. Cook, secy. Grlggsville, 

"air, A. r 

l'lke County Agricultural Society Fair. A. 2. 
8, 4, 5; W. J. Conners, secy. Jollet, Will 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair, 8. 6, 7, 8, 
0; Thomas J. Kelly, secy. Jonesboro, Union 
" cle* - 

6, 7, 8, ; J. W. Cnmmlngs, secy. Harlan, 
Shelby County Fair, 0, 7, 8, ; L. H. Pick- 
ard. secy. Humboldt, Humboldt County Fair, 
0, 7, 8, ! John Cunningham, aecy. Inde- 

Sendence, Buchanan County Fair, 0. 7, 8, 
; C. W. 8tltes, secy. Indlanola, Warren 
County Fair, 12, 18, 14, 15, 16; Lee Tal- 
bott, secy. Iowa City, Johnson County Fair, 
6, 6, 7, 8 ; J. C. Leaaure, secy. La Porte 
City. La Porte District Fair, 6, 7, 8, 0; 
It. L. Manwcll, secy. Malcolm, Poweshiek 
Central Fair, A. 16, 17, 18, 10; Jamea 
Nownk, secy. Malvern, Mills County Fair, 

County Agricultural Boclety Fair, 13, 14, 15, 
10 ; Thos. Rlxleben, secy. Joalln, Kock Is- 
land County Agricultural Society Fair, 18, 
14, 15. 16: F. J. Whiteside, secy. Kanka- 
kee, Kankakee County Agricultural Boclety 
Fair, 5, 0, 7, 8, 9 ; Lew Small, secy. Ke 
manee, Henry County Agricultural Society 

Fair, 12, 18, 14, 15, 1<T; A. B. Hucklns. tony, secy. Monson, Manson District Fair, 
aecy. Knoxvllle, Knox County Agricultural A. 81, 8. 1, 2; C O. Kaskey, secy. Maqoo- 
Boclety Fair, 22, 23, 24, 25 ; R. W. Sweeney, keta. Jackson County Fair, A. 80, 31, 8. 1, 
aecy. Le Roy, McLean County Agricultural 
Society Fair, A. 28, 24, 25, 26; F. L. Buck- 
worth, secy. Llbsrtyvllle, Lake County Agri- 
cultural Boclety Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. 1, 2 ; O. 
K. Churchill, secy. Macomb, McDonougb 
County Agricultural Society Fair, A. IB, 10, 
17, 18, iff; F. R. Kyle. secy. Marlon, Wll 

8. 0, 7, 8 : I. J. Bwaln, secy. Manchester, 
Delaware County Fair, 6, 7, 8, ; John Pen- 
tony, secy. Manson, Manson District Fair, 

KCta. jacsson county vair, a. au, ai, h. i, 
2: B. D. Ely, aecy. Marengo, Iowa County 
Fair, 8. 18, 14, 15; C. C. Clements, secy. 

II, in, 1U, I. ... ivjiw. BDb,. wanwu) »,..- 

Ilamson County Agricultural Boclety Fair. 8. 
13, 14, 15, 16; W. H. Bandy, secy. 

J Agricultural duvivij .nn, 
; w. H. Bandy, secy. Mar- 
tlnsvllle, Clark County Agricultural Society 
Fair, 18, 14, IB. 10, 17 7wm. R. Btanfield. 
secy. Montlcello, Piatt County Agricultural 
Society Fair, A. 16, 16. 17, 18, 10, 20; C. 
II. Rldgely, secy. Morrison, Whiteside 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair, 8. 6, 7, 8, 
0; C. C. Fuller, secy. Ml. Carroll, Carroll 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair. 20, 21. 22, 
23, 24; Cal. M. Feeior, secy. Mt. Sterling, 
Brown County Agricultural Boclety Fair, A. 
0, 10, 11, 12: Ed, Gescbnelder, secy. Mur- 
physboro, Jackson County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, S. 0. 7, 8. : J. X Peiny. secy. 
Newton, Jaspor County Agricultural Boclety 
Fair, 13. 14, 15, 16; J. C. Vanderhoof, secy. 
Olncy, Richland County Agricultural Boclety 
Fair, 6, 6, 7, 6, ; D. P. Moore, aecy. Ore- 
on, Ogle County Agricultural Society Fair, 
. n. 17, 18, 10; BcnJ. Chancy, secy. Paris. 
Edgar County Agricultural Society Fair, 6, 

7, 8, 0: B. ii. McCord, secy. Plnckneyvllle, 
Perry County Agricultural Society Fair, 0. 
4, 8, 0, 7 : It. J. Rushing, secy. Princeton, 
Bureau County Agricultural Boclety Fair, 8. 
0, 7, 8, 0: Chas. M. Trimble secy. Robin- 
son, Crawford County Agricultural Society 
Fair. 27, 28, 20, 80; II. A. Culver, secy. 
Sandwich, De Kalb Count; Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 18, 14, 16, lit; C. L. Btlnson, 
secy. Bhawneetown, Gallatin County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. 1.2, 8 ; 
Marsh Wlsebeart, secy. Sterling, Whiteside 
County Agricultural Bocloty Fair, A. 80, 81, 

8. 1. i: W. S. Kllgour, secy. Watseka, Iro- 

3uols County Agricultural Boclety Fair, A. 
0, 81, S. 1, 2 ; L. F. Watson, secy. Watson, 


Marlon, Interstate Association Fair, A. It. 
10. 17, 18; E. B. Parsons, secy. Milton, 
Milton District Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. 1, 2 ; B. 
0. Suphera, secy. Missouri Valley, Harri- 
son County Fair, S. 27. 28, 20; W. H. 
Wlterow, secy. Montlcello, Jones Connty, 
Fair, 12. 18, 14, 15, 16; w. G. Biters, secy. 
Mt. Ayer, Ringgold County Fair, 6. 7, 8, ; 
Thos. Campbell, aecy. Mt. Pleasant, Henry 
County Fair, A. 16, 17, 18, 19 : C. M Clark, 
secy. Nashua, Big Four District Fair, A. 

30. 31, 8. 1, 2 : L. B. Eck, secy. National, 
Clayton County Fair. 8. 8, 7. 6; R. H. 
Luehsen Jr., secy. Nevada, Story County 
Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. 1; T. P. Woraley. secy. 
New Sharon, New Sharon District Fair. B. 
18, 14, 16, 16; M. Balnbrldie, secy. New- 
ton, Jasper County Fair, 0, 7, 8, 0; C. W. 
Campbell, secy. Ogden, Boone County Fair, 
18. 14, 15, 10: F. W. Thomas, aecy. Orange 
City, Bloux County Fair. 14. 15. 16; H. 
Sllkeneer, secy. Oskaloosa, Mahaska County 
Fair, n, 7, 8, 0; Edward Prlchett, secy. 
Pells, Lake Prairie District Fair, 27, 28. 20. 
80: Chas. Porter, secy. Red Oak, Mont 

rmery County Fair. A. 16, 17, 18, 10: F. 
Srhadel, aecy. Rock Valley, Rock Val- 
ley District Fair, A. 81. 8. 1, 2; W. 8. 
McClean, aecy. Sac City. Sac County Fair, 
A. 9, 10, 11, 12; W. T. Highland, aecy. Shel- 
don. Bheldon District Fslr, 22, 28, 24 ; W. 
Maus, secy. Shenandoah. Shenandoah As- 
sociation Fair, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 : C. R. Young, 
secy. Strawberry Point, Strawberry Point 
District Fair. A. 80. 81, 8. 1. 2; B. Cooler, 
secy. Sutherland, O'Brien County Fair, A. 

31, B. 1, 2: L. J. Price, aecy. Tipton, Tip 
ton Association Fair, A. 30. 81, 8. I, 2; 
L. J. Howell, secy. Toledo, Tama County 
Fair. B. 27, 28. 20, 80: A. G. Smith, secy. 
Victor. Victor District Fair, A. 10, 17. 18: 
John M, Groft, secy. Vinton, Benton County 
Fair, S. 18, 14, 15, 16; 0. D McElroy, secy. 

soclatlon Fair, A. 9, 10, 11, 12 : II. L. Now- 
lln, aecy. Lebanon Association Fair, 16, 17, 
18, 10, 20; Riley Hauaer, secy. Liberty As- 
sociation Fair, ft. 7, B. 9; Milton Maxwell, 
secy. Logansport Association Fair, A 2, 8, 4, 
5; J. T. Tomllnson, secy. Marlon Associa- 
tion Fair. Jy. 10, 20, 21, 22 : L. F. Reese, 
secy. Mlddletown Association Fair, A. 2, 8, 4, 
5 ; F. A. Wlsebeart, aecy. Montpeller Asso- 
ciation Fair, Jy. 12, 18. 14. 16; C. L. Smith, 
secy. Mt Vernon Association Fair, A. 15, 
10, 17, 18, 10, 20: J. M. Harlen, secy.' Mon- 
de Association Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. 1, 2; M. B. 
Claypool. secy. New Albany Association Fair, 
28724. 25. 26: H. W. Fawcett, secy. Nsw> 
Castle Association Fair, 9, 10, 11, 12 : W. L. 
Rlak. secy. New Harmony Association Fair; 
28, 24, 26, 28; Geo. C. Taylor, secy, New- 
town Association Fair, 25, 26: C C. Tolln, 
secy. North Manchester Association Fair, O. 
4, 6, 6, 7, 8 ; Chas Wright, secy. North Ver- 
non Association Fair, Jy. 26, 27, 28, 28 : Jay 
Cook, secy. Oakland City Association Fair, 

A. ltj, 16, 17, 18. 19. 20; H. W. Vedder, secy. 
Osgood Association Fair. 2, 8, 4, 5; R. A. 
Crelgmlle, secy. Portland Assoclstlon Fair, 

B. 5, 6, 7, 8, ; Jas. F. Braves, secy. Prince- 
ton Association Fair, 5. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 : John 
R. McOlnnls, secy. Rochester Association 
Fair, 7, 8, 0, 10; F. Dillon, secy. Rockport 
Association Fair, A. £8, 24, 26, 26, 27; Jaa. 

Taunton, Bristol County Agricultural Society 
Fair, 27, 28, 29; Carleton F. Banford, secy. 
Uxbrldge. Blackstone Valley Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 18, 14 ; Edwin F. Tuttle, aecy. 
West Tisbury, 18, 14 ; Edwin F. Tuttle, secy, 
ural Boclety Fair, 20, 21 ; F. A. Look, secy. 
Worcester, Worcester Agricultural Boclety 
Fair, 5, 6, 7, 8; J. B. Glfford, secy. 

MAINE.— Andover, Northern Oxford As- 
sociation Fair, 0. 5, 6 ; John F. Talbot, secy. 
Bangor, Eastern Maine Association Fair, A. 
28, 24, 26, 26; B. L. Sterns, secy. Belfast, 
Waldo County Association Fair, 8. 6, 7, 8 ; 
Fred Rack! Iff, secy. Bethel, Riverside Park 
Association Fair, o. 4, 5, 6 ; L. A. Hall, secy. 

A. Payne, secy. Rashvllle Association Fair, 
A. 80, 81, B. 1, 2 : W. L. King, secy. Salem 
Association Fslr, 8. 6, 7, 8, 9 ; W. C. Snyder, 
secy. Bbelbyvllle Association Fair, 6, 7, 8, 

0, 10 ; J. Walter Elliott, aecy. Bwayaec Asso- 
ciation Fair, A. 16, 17. 18, 10, 20; W. H. 
Ammon, secy. Terrs Haute Assoclstlon Fair, 
A. 20, 80, 81, 8. 1, 2, 8 : Chas. R, Duffln, secy. 
Valparaiso Association Fair, 8. 6, 7, 8, 1 : W. 
C. Letberman, aecy. Vlncennes Association 
Fair, 10. 20, 21, 22. 28, 24 : Jaa. M. House, 
secy. Warren Association Fair, 6, 7, 8, 9, 
10; L. W. Pulley, secy. 

KENTUCKY. — Florence, Florence Agricult- 
ural Society Fair, A. 81, 8. 1, 2, 8. Glas- 
gow, Barren County Boclety Fair, A. 81, B. 

1, 2, 8. Hartford, Hartford Agricultural 
Society Fair, 8. 21, 22, 28. 24. Klrksvllle. 
Klrksvllle Agricultural Association Fair. Jy. 
10, 18. Lawrenceburg, Lawrenceburg Agri- 
cultural Boclety Fair. A 16. 17, 18. Nlchol- 
aavllle, Nlcbolaavllle Association Fair, A 

80, 81, S. 1. 2. Bhelbyvllle, Shelbyvllle Ag- 
ricultural Boclety Fair, A. 28. 24. 25. 28. 
8hepherd«v!!!e, Rullltt County Agricultural 
Society Fair, 23, 25. 25, 20. Somerset, 
Somerset Agricultural Society Fair. A 80, 

81, 8. 1, 2. Springfield, 8prlngfleld Agri- 
cultural Society Fslr. A. 24. 25,26, 27. 

MARYLAND. — Bel-air, Harford Connty 
Fair, B. 20. 21, 22, 28. 24 ; Frank Gorrell, 
secy. Easton, Eastern Bhore Fair, A 28, 24, 

■ Bluehlll, Hancock County Association Fair, 
i. B. 21, 22; C. 8. Snowman, aecy. Bristol 
Mills, Bristol Association Fair, O. 4,5, 6 ; 
Geo. A. Huston, secy. Camden. Camden 
Trotting Park Association Fair, A. 80, 81, 
8. 1, 2; R. L. Bean, secy. Canton, Andros- 
coggin Valley Association Fair, S. 20, 21, 
22; 0. M. Richardson, secy. Cberryneld, 
West Washington -Association Fair, 20, 21, 
22; E. F. Allen, aecy. Cornish, Osslpee Val- 
ley Union Fair, A. 80, ft. S. 1 ; J. C. Ayer, 
secy. Eden, Eden Agricultural Society Fair, 
8. 14, 16: Ephrlam Allen, secy. Exeter, 
West Penobscot Boclety Fair, 27. 28, 20 ; F. 

B. Jewett, aecy. Farmlngton, Franklin County 
Association Fair, 13, 14, 15; R. S. Sampson, 
secy. Foxcroft, Piscataquis County Associa- 
tion Fair, 28, 24; F. W. Leland, secy. Prye- 
burg. West Oxford Association Fair, O. 4, 5, 
6 : B. Walker McKeen. secy. Gorham, Cumber- 
land County Association Fair, S. 7, 8, 9; 

C. H. Lelghton, secy. Hartland, Bast Somer- 
set Association Fair, 16, it). 17: B. A. Web- 
ber, secy. Llvermore Falls, Androscoggin 
County Association Fair, 6, 7, 8; J. L. 
Lowell, secy. Madaweska, Macmwaska As- 
sociation Fair, O. 15; Item! A. Dalgle, secy, 
Madison, Somerset County Association Fair, 
5, 6 ; J. F. Wlthec, secy. Monroe, Waldo and 
Penobscot Association Fair, 8. 18, 14. 15; 
F. H. Bowden, secy. Pembroke, Washington 
County Association Fair, 14, IB ; 8. A. Wil- 
der, secy. Phillips, North Franklin Association 
Fair, 6, 7. 8 ; M. Bewail Kelley, secy. Prcsnuo 
Isle, North Aroostook Association Fair, 18, 
14, 16: B. T. McGlanghlln, secy. Read- 
field, Kennebec County Association Fair, 0. 
4. B, 0; L. O. Tebbetts, secy. South Harri- 
son, Northern Cumberland Association Fair, 
11, 12; R W. Fogg, secy. South Paris, Ox- 
ford County Association Fair, 8. 18,14, IB ; 
W. 0. Frothlngham, secy. South Windsor, 
South Kenuebec Association Fair, 13, 14, IB ; 
Arthur N. Douglas, secy. Topsham, Saga- 
dahoc County Association Fair, O. 11, 12, 
13 ; G. R. Tedford, secy. Union, North Knox 
Association Fair, S. 27, 28, 20: Geo. C. 
Hawea, secy. Upper Gloucester, New Qlou- 

16; O. It. Stone, secy. Boston, Clermont 
County Agricultural Society Fair, A. 28, 24, 
25, 26; John Rowan, secy. Bowling Green, 
Wood County Agricultural Boclety Fair, B. 
27, 28, 20, 80. O. 1; R. B. Sweet, secy. 
Bucyrus, Crawford County Agricultural Bo- 
clety Fair, O. 11, 12, 18, 14 : G. W. Miller, 
secy. Burton, Geauga County Agricultural 
Society Fair, 8. 20, 21, 22, 28; w. B. Ford, 
secy. Cadis, Harrison County Agricultural 
Society Fair, 27, 28, 20; B. B. Klrby, secy. 
Canal Dover, Tuscarawas County Agricult- 
ural Society Fair, O. 18, 19, 20, 21 ; J. B. 
Karns, secy. Canfleld, Mahoning County Ag- 
ricultural Boclety Fair, 8. 27, 28, 20 ; 11. L. 
Manchester, secy. Canton, Stark County 
Agricultural Society Fair, 27, 28, 20, 80; 
J. H. Lehman, secy. Carrollton, Carroll 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair, O. 11, 12, 

13, 14; C. A. Tope, secy. Celina, Mercer 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair, A. 16, 16, 

17, 18, 10 ; Fred Hciby, secy. Chagrin Falls, 
East Cuyahoga County Agricultural Society 
Fair, 8. 6, 7, 8, 0; F. C. Gates, secy. Chllll- 
cothe, Ross County Agricultural Society 
Fair, A. 28, 24, 25, 26: F. Earl De Weese, 
secy. Cincinnati, Hamilton County Agricult- 
ural Society Fair, 16, 17, 18, 10; D. L. 
Sampson, secy. Coshocton, Coshocton County 
Agricultural Boclety Fair, 0. 11, 12, 18, 14 ; 
Robert Boyd, secy. Dayton, Montgomery 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair, 8. 6, 6, 

7, 8, ; W. 0. Ferguson, secy. Eaton, Preble 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 12, 18, 14, 
IB, 16; Henry H. Farr, secy. Blyrla, Lo- 
rain County Agricultural Society Fair, 21, 
22, 23; Anthony Nledlng, secy. Flndlsy, 
Hancock County Agricultural Society Fair, 
21, 22, 23, 24; Wm. Demland, secy. Fre- 
mont, Sandusky County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, O. 4, 6, 6, 7 ; A. W. Overmeyer, 
secy. Georgetown, Brown County Agricult- 
ural Society Fair, 4, B, 6, 7 ; J. W. Hedrlck, 
secy. Greenville, Darke County Agricultural 
Society Fair, A. 22, 23, 24, 26, 28 ; Orla E. 
Harrison, secy. Hamilton, Butler County 
Agricultural Boclety Fair, O. 4, 6, 6, 7 : L. M. 
Larsh, secy. Jefferson, Ashtabula County 
Agricultural Society Fair, A. 16, 17, 18; 
Chas. C. Babcock, secy. Kenton, Hardin 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair, 28, 24, 25, 
26; J. It. Smith, secy. Lancaster, Fairfield 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair, 0. 12, 13, 

14, 16; W. T. McClenaghan, secy. Lebanon, 
Warren County Agricultural Boclety Fair, 

8. 20, 21, 22, 28: Geo. W. Carey, aecy. 
Lima, Allen County Agricultural Boclety 
Fair, 13, 14, IB, 10, 17; T. B. Bowersock, 
secy. Lisbon, Columbiana County Agricult- 
ural Society Fair, 18, 14, 16; B. F. Moore, 
secy. London, Madison County Agricultural 
Society Fair, A. 28, 24, 26, 26; B. B. Pan- 
cake, secy. Mansfield, Richland County Ag- 
ricultural 8oclety Fair, 24, 25, 26, 27 : John 
II. Coss, secy. Marietta, Washington Connty 
Agricultural Boclety Fair. B. 18, 14, 15, 10; 
Edward Rest, secy. Marlon, Marlon County 
Agricultural Boclety Fair, 27, 28, 20, 80; 
.lumen A. Knnpp, secy. Marysvllle, Union 
County Agricultural Society Fair, O. 4, 6, 
6, 7 ; W. F. Brodrlck, secy. McConnellsvltle, 
Morgan County Agricultural Boclety Fair, 
S. 27, 28, 29 ; Geo. H. Black, aecy. Medina, 
Medina County Agricultural Society Fair, 
0, 7, 8 ; Frank Bpellman, secy. Montpeller, 
Williams County Agricultural Society Fair, 
0, 7, 8, 0, 10 ; C. C. Lattanner, secy. Mount 
Joy, Scioto County Agricultural Society Fair, 
A. 16, 17, 18, 19; VI. A. McGeorge, secy. 
Mt. Gllead, Morrow County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, O. 4, 5, 6, 7 ; O. J. Smith, secy. 
Mt Vernon, Knox County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 8. 28, 20. 80, 0. 1 ; Isaac Errctt. 
secy. Newark, Licking County Agricultural 
Society Fair, O. 4, 5, 6, 7; J. M. Farmer, 
secy. New Lexington, Perry County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, S. 16, 16, 17 ; Chas. 
C. Chnppelear, secy. Ottawa, Putnam County 
Agricultural Society Fair, O. 4, 5, 8, 7, 8; 
A. P. Bandies, secy. Ottokee, Fulton County 
Agricultural Boclety Fair. B. 20, 21, 22, 28 : 
Thos, Mlkesell, secy. Paulding, Paulding 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 18, 14. 16, 
16; J. 11. Kerr, secy. Pomeroy, Meigs 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair, 7, 8, 0; 
A. V. Howell, secy. Proctorvllle, Lawrence 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 14, 15, 16 ; 
C. W. Kltts, secy. Ravenna, Portage Connty 
Agricultural Society Fair, A. 28, 24, 25, 26 ; 
Lafayette Smith, secy. Sandusky, Erie 
County Agricultural Society Fair, B. 18, 14, 

15, 16; F. H. Zerbe, secy. Sarahsvllle, Noble 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair, 20, 21, 
22; Geo. M. Graham, secy. Sidney, Shelby 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 6, 7, 8, 
9 ; J. C. Russell, secy. Springfield, Clark 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair, A. 16, 17, 

18, 10; S. Van Bird, secy. 8t. Clatrsvllle, 
Belmont County Agricultural Society Fair, 
A. 80, 81, S. 1 ; Chan. B. Ryan, secy. Tiffin, 
Beneca County Agricultural Society Fair, 
S. 6, 7, 8, 9; Morgan B. Ink, aecy. Troy. 
Miami County Agricultural Society Fair, 10. 
20, 21. 22, 23 ; W. G. Terney, secy. Upper 
Sandusky, Wyandot County Agricultural Bo- 
clety Fair, 0, 7, 8, 9; A. F. Bchoenberger, 
secy. Urbana, Champaign County Agricult- 
ural 8oclety Fair, A. 0, 10, IV 12; J. W. 
Growl, secy. Van Wert, Van Wert County 
Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 6, 7, 8, 9 ; J. F. 
Longworth, secy. Wapakoneta, Anglalse 

County Agricultural Society Fair, 27, 28, 20, 
80; A. E. Schaffer. secy. Washington, 
Guernsey County Agricultural Society Fair, 

27, 28, 20, 80; J. FT Bt Clair, secy. Wash- 
ington C. H., Fayette County Agricultural 
Society Fair, A. 9, 10, 11, 12 ; RelT G. Allen, 
secy. West Union, Adams Connty Agricult- 
ural Society Fair, 8. 18, 14, -0, 16 ; T. W. 
Ellison, secy. Wooster, Wsyne County Agri- 
cultural Boclety Fair, 28, 20, 80: G. J. 
Ebrlght, secy. Xenla, Greene County Agri- 
cultural Boclety Fair. A 2, 8, 4, 5; R R 
Grieve, secy. Zanesvllle, Nusklngum County 
Agricultural Society Fair, B. 6, 7, 8, 0; R. 
Y. White, secy. 

PENNSYLVANIA. — Allentown. Lehigh 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair S. 20, 23 : 
Harry B. Bcball, secy. Bedford, Bedford 
County Agricultural Boclety Fair, 0. 4, 6 ; 
William I. Elcbolts, secy. Bellefonte, Centre 
County Exhibiting Company Fair, 4, 7; D. 
G. Stewart, secy. Bloomsburg, Columbia 
County Agricultural, Horticultural and Me- 
chanical Association Fair, 11, 14; A. N. 
Yost, secy. Brookvllle, Jefferson County Ag- 
ricultural Boclety Fair, A, 80, 8. 2; Scott 
McClellan, secy. Burgettstown, Union Agri- 
cultural Association Fair, 0. 4, 0; R P. 
Stevenson, secy. Butler County Agricultural 
Society Fair, A. 20, 28; W. P. Roeaslng, 

June 11. 



secy. Cambridge Spring*, Central Crawford 
Agricultural Society Fair, 23,' 26 ; Albert B. 
Fatxr, secy. Carlisle, Cumberland County 
Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 27, 80 ; W. II. 
HcCrca, *ecy. Clarion, Clarion County As- 
sociation Fair, 0, 0; 8. 8. Laughlln, secy. 
Dallas, Dallas union Agricultural Aaaocla- 
tlon Fair, B. 29, O. 2 : William Norton, secy. 
Dayton, Dayton Agricultural and Mechanical 
Aaaoclatlon Fair, S. 27, 30 ; W. C. Marshall, 
secy. Ebensburg, Ebensburg Agricultural 
Society Fair, J, 4; It. D. Evans, secy. Forkt- 
vllle, Sullivan County Agricultural Society 
Fair, O. 4, 6; Ulysses Bird, aecy. Orati, 
Grata Agricultural and Horticultural Aaao- 
clatlon Fair, S. 20, 23; D. 8. Kllnger, aecy. 
Hanover, Hanover Agricultural Society Fair, 
13, 10: M. O. Bmltf aecy. Harford, Har- 
ford Agricultural Society Fair, 28, 20 ; H, H. 
Jones, aecy. Hughesvllle, Muncy Valley 
Farmers' Club Fair, 20, 23; T. C. Carson. 
secy. Indiana, Indiana County Agricultural 
Society Fair, 6, 0; David Blair, secy. Klt- 
tanlng, Armstrong County Association Fair, 
A. lfl, 19; W. H. Noble, secy. Lebanon, 
Lebanon Vallew Association Fair, A. 81, S. 
2 ; (J. W. Nltrauer, secy. Lehlghton, Carbon 
County Industrial Society Fair, A. SI, a 8 ; 
Ira B. Seldel, aecy ; Lewlstown, Mifflin County 
Agricultural Association Fair, A. 80, B. 2; 
A. C. Mayes, aecy. Madlsonvllle, Lacka- 
wanna Orange Aaaoclatlon Fair, 8. 28, 80; 
Lionel Wininlp, secy. Mansfield, Smyths 
Park Association Fair, 20, 23 ; H. It. Hoard, 
aecy. Mercer, Mercer Central Agricultural 
Society Fair, S. 18. 15; John B. Orr, secy. 
Mlddlctown, Mlddletown Association Fair, 6, 
10; Wm, Sherman, secy. Milton, Milton Aa- 
aoclatlon Fair, O. 4, 7; Edwin Paul, secy. 
. Montrose. Susquehanna County Agricultural 
Society Fair, S. 20, 21; V. A. Davles, secy. 
'Nasaretb, Northampton County Agricultural 
Society Fair, 13, 16 ; J. B. Reiohelmer, secy. 
New Castle. Lawrence County Agricultural 
and Horticultural Society Fair, 5, 10 ; H. W. 
Orlgsby, secy. Newport, Perry County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, 20, 23 ; J. C. F. Steph- 
ens, aecy. Oxford, Oxford Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 28, 80; H. C. Thomas, secy. Port 
Royal, Juniata County Agricultural Society 
Fair, 14, 16; J. L. Qronlnger, secy. Funx- 
sutawney, Ponxsutawney Association Fair, A. 
28, 27; BenJ. Becon, secy. Beading, Berks 
County Agricultural and Horticultural Asso- 
ciation Fair, O. 4, 7; H. Seldel Thorn, secy. 
Stoneboro, Mercer County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, B. 6, 8 ; Oeorge H. Fowler, secy. 
Stroudeburg, Monroe County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, A. 80, 8. 8 ; F. B. Overfleld, aecy. 
Towanda, Bradford County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, S. 20, 23; Chaa. M. Culver, aecy. 
Troy, Troy Agricultural Society Fair, 13, 16; 
D. F. Pomeroy, aecy. Tunkbannock, Wyoming 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 14. 16 : VV. 
it, Beynolds, secy. Wallsvllle, Maltland 
Driving Park and Agricultural Society Fair, 
13, 16 ; W. C Smith, secy. WestQeld, Cowon- 
esque Valley Agricultural Society Fair, 13, 
10; J. W. Smith, secy. York, York County 
Agricultural Society Fair, O. 6, 9; Edw. 
Cnapln, secy. Youngwood, Westmoreland Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, S. 13, 16 ; W. F. Holt- 
zcr Bccy 

SOUTH CAROLINA.— Chester, Cheater 
County Agricultural Association Fair, 8. 2, 
3, 4, B ; J. W. Means, secy. Falrvlew, ureen- 
villo County Agricultural Society Fair, 26; 
J. W. Wasson, secy. Laurent, Laurens 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 0. 7, 8, 
it; Dr. H. Aiken, aecy. Lexington, Lexing- 
ton County Agricultural Society Fair, 21, 22, 
23 ; J. A. Muller, secy. 

VERMONT. — Barton, Orleans County As- 
sociation Fair, S. 0, 7, 8, 9; C. B. Hamblet. 
secy. Bradford, Bradford Agricultural and 
Trotting Association Fair, A. 80, 81, S. i; 
M. A. Jenkins, secy. Brattleboro, Valley As- 
sociation Fair, B. 28, 20 ; D. B. Tasker, secy. 
East Hardwlck, Caledonia Orange Fair. O. 
1 ; B. B. Fay, secy. Fair Haven, Western 
Vermont Agricultural Society Fair, B. 6, 7. 
8, 8 ; F. A. Flory, secy. Mlddlebury, Addi- 
son County Agricultural Society Fair, A. 3D, 
81, B. 1, 2 ; V. L. Hamilton, aecy. Morris. 
vllle, Lamoille Valley Fair, S. 20, 21, 22; 0. 
M. waterman, secy. Nortbfleld, Dog Blver 
Valley Association Fair, 18, 14, 16; F. 0. 
K 1 she r, secy. South Ryegate, Ryegate and 
Wells River Dairymen's Association Fair. 8, 
9 ; It. Farqubarsou, secy. Springfield, Spring- 
field Agricultural Society Fair, 18, 14; F. 
('. Davis, secy. St. Jobnsbury, Caledonia 
Fair, H. A. Stanley, secy. Tunbrldge, Uulon 
Agricultural Society Fair, 27, 28. 20 : W. W. 
- Swan, secy. Waterbury, Wlnooskl Valley Ag- 
ricultural Fair, 6, 7, 8; Chas. Kccnc, secy. 
Woodstock. Windsor County Agricultural As- 
sociation Fair, 20, 21, 22 ; J. B. Eaton, secy. 

WISCONSIN.— Amherst, Amherst Agricult- 
ural Society Fair, A. 80, 31. 8. 1, 2; A. J. 
Smith, secy. Antlgo, Antlgo Agricultural 
Society Fair, 8. 20, 21, 22, 28; Oeo. W. 
Hill, secy. Appleton, Appleton Agricultural 
Society Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. 1, 2 ; Jos. Koffner 
Jr., secy. Arcadia. Arcadia Agricultural 
Society Fair, A. 80, 31, 8. 1, 2 ; Oeo. Mathy, 
secy. Augusta, Augusta Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, S. 6, 7, 8, 9 ; Blrt Fredrick, secy. 
Baraboo, Baraboo Agricultural Society Fair, 
20, 21, 22, 23; 8. A, Pelton, secy. Beaver 
Dam, Beaver Dam Agricultural Society Fair, 
26, 27, 28, 29, 80 ; C. W. Harvey, secy. Ber- 
lln, Berlin Agricultural Society Fair, A. 23, 
24, 25, 20 ; Horace E. Btedman, secy, mack 
River Falls, Black River Falls Agricultural 
Society Fair, 8. 20, 21, 22 ; David Thomp- 
son, secy. Bloomlngton, Bloomlngton Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, 14, 16. 16 ; J. B. Lud- 
den, secy. Boscobel, Boscobel Agricultural 
Society Fair, 0. 6, 0, 7; Piatt Whitman, 
secy. Cedarburg, Cedarburg Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 8. 18, 16, 17 ; Jacob Dietrich, 
secy. Chilton, Chilton Agricultural Society 
Fair, 12, 18, 14; Gregory Dorschel, secy. 
Chippewa Falls, Chippewa Falls Agricult- 
ural Society Fair, 12, 13, 14, US, lfT; Rob- 
ert B. Clark, secy. Cumberland, Cumberland 
Agricultural Society Fair, 14, IB, 16; A. H. 
Larson, secy. Darlington. Darlington Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, A. 23, 24, 26, 26 ; Geo. 
Wood, secy. Dodgevllle, Dodgevllle Agricult- 
ural Society Fair, 8. 6, 7, 8. 9; John I. 
Hahn, secy. Durand, Durand Agricultural 
Society Fair, 28, 29, 80 ; John Dorwln, secy. 
Elkhorn, Blkhorn Agricultural Society Fair, 

13, 14, 16, 16; Samuel Mitchell, secy. Ells- 
worth. Ellsworth Agricultural Society Fair, 
Ml, 22, 28 ; E. S. Doollttle, secy. Elroy, El- 
roy Agricultural Society Fair, A 80, 81 ; 8. 
1, a ; P. A. Cleary. secy. Bvansvllle. Evans- 
vllle Agricultural Society Fair. A. 80, 81, S. 

I, 2 : W. W. Qlllles, secy. Fond du Lac, Fond 
du Lac Agricultural Society Fair, S. 13, 14, 
16, 16; J. W. Watson, secy. Qslesvllle, 
Oalesvllle Agricultural Society Fair. A. 24, 
26, 26; A C. Hagestad, secy. Hlllsboro, 
Hlllsboro Agricultural Society Fair. 9, 10, 

II, 12 ; A. H. Jones, secy. Hortonrllle, Ilor- 
tonvllle Agricultural Society Fair, B. 21, £2, 
23; A. L. Murphy, secy. Iron River, Iron 
River Agricultural Society Fair. 0, 7, 8 ; Oeo. 
W. Ripley, secy. Jefferson, Jefferson Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, 20, 21, 22, 23 ; O. V. 
Roessler, secy. Kllbourn, Kllbourn Agricult- 
ural Society Fair. 0. 8. 4, 6. 6; Geo. H. 
Campbell, secy. Lancaster, Lancaster Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, S. 6, 7, 8, 9; Oeorge 
K. Budd, secy. La Crosse-Inter-State Agri- 
cultural Society Fair. 10, 20. 21, 22, 28. 24 ; 
C. 8. Van Auken, secy, Lodl, Lodl Agricult- 
ural Society Fair, 0, 7, 8: A. H. Illnda, 
•ecy. Madison, Madison Agricultural Society 
Fair, 13, 14, 16, 16; MT W. Terwllllger. 
secy. Manitowoc, Manitowoc Agricultural 
Society Fair, 14, 15, 16 ; E. L. Kelley, secy. 
Marshfleld, Marsbfleld Agricultural Society 
Fair, 27, 28, 29, 80; Oeorge H. Welton, secy. 
Manston, Mauston Agricultural Society Fair, 

15, 14, 16, 10 ; I. C. Baldwin, secy. Medford, 
Hedford Agricultural Society Fair, A. 80, 
81, 8. 1, 2; W. H. Tonne, secy. Merrill, 
Merrill Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 18, 14, 

16, 16; John W. Bruce, secy. Menomonle, 
Menomonle Agricultural Society Fair, 20, 21, 
22, 28 ; Oeo. Galloway, secy. Mineral Point, 
M'nerai Point Agricultural Society Fair, A. 16, 

17, 18, 19: John J. Penhallegon, secy. Mon- 
dovl, Mondovl Agricultural Society Fair, 8, 

14, IB, 10; M. C. FlBher, secy. Noillsville, 

Nelllsvllle Agricultural Society Fair, A. 80, 
81, B. l, 2 ; n. C. Clark, secy. New London, 
New London Agricultural Society Fair, A. 23, 
24. 25, 26; Giles W. Pntman, secy. New 
Richmond, New Richmond Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 8. 27. 28, 20. SO ; J. A. Hughes, 
secy. Oconto, Oconto Agricultural Society 
l'rfr, A. 80, 31, 8. 1, 2; J. B. Chaae, secy. 
rhllllps, Phillips Agricultural Society Fair, 
8. 20, 21, 22, 23; W. H. Graham, secy. 
Plsttevllle. Platttvllle Agricultural Society 
Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. 1, 2 ; C. A. Cribble, secy. 
Plymouth, Plymouth Agricultural Society 
Fair, A. 81, 8. 1, 2; Otto Oaffron, secy. 
Portage, Portage Agricultural Society Fslr, 
8. 5. 0, 7, 8, 9 ; J. B. Jones, secy. Beedsburg, 
Reedsburg Agricultural Society Fair, 0, 7, 8, 

"~%V>te\ ' 

^ .;' .;',# 


Is of the team of Byrne and West, now play- 
lag Eastern vaudeville dates. Miss west 
has received much praise from the press and 
public for her excellent work In their sketch, 
''An Evening Call." The team la at Keith's 
Union Square Theatre, New York, this week. 

0; R a. Btolte, secy. Rhlnelander, Rhine- 
lander Agricultural Society Fair, A. 24, 26, 
26; Dr. T. It, Welch, secy. Rice Lake, Rice 
Lake Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 6, 7, 8; 
V. H. Paradls, secy. Richland Centre, Rich- 
land Centre Agricultural Society Fair, 27, 28, 
29, 80 ; W. F. J. Fogo, secy. St Croii Falls, 
St. Croix Falls Agricultural Society Fair, 
18, 14, 15; Geo. II. Ely. secy. Seymour, 
Seymour Agricultural Society Fair, B. 29, 
80, 0. 1; H. J. Van Vuren. secy. Sparta, 
Sparta Agricultural Society Fair, A 10, 17, 
18, 19; D. F. Bowles, secy. Tomah, Toman 
Agricultural Society Fair, 28, 24, 25, 26; 
H. J. Skinner, secy. Vlroqua, Vlroqua Agri- 
cultural Society Fair. S. 13, 14, 18, 16; F. W. 
Alexander, secy. Waussu, Wausau Agricult- 
ural Society Fair, 5, 6, 7, 8; L. K. Wright, 
secy. Wantoma. Wantoma Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 28. 28, 80 : W. H. Berray, secy. 
West Bend, West Bend Agricultural Society 
Fair, 20, 21, 22; Wareham P. Bix, secy. 
West Salem, West Salem Agricultural Society 
Fair, 20, 21, 22, 28; A J. Phillips, secy. 
WestBeld, Westfleld Agricultural Society 
Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. 1. 2 ; W. P. Fuller Br., 
secy. Weynnwega, Weyanwega Agricultural 
Society Fair, 8. 20, 21, 22, 28 ; Wm. Woods, 

WYOMING.— Laramie, Albany County and 
Inter-Mountain Association Fair, 8. 7, 8, 9; 
Fred Miller, secy. 

Other Fair*. 

OHIO— Croton, Hartford Central Aaao- 
clatlon Fair, 8. 7, 8, 0; W. H. Blegtrled, 
secy. Orove City, Grove City Society Fair, 
A. 16, 17, 18, 19; Oeorge B. Darnell, aery. 
Kinsman, Kinsman Association Fair, 24, 25, 
26 ; H. J. Forbes, secy. Napoleon, Napoleon 
Association Fair, A. 80, 81, 8. 1, 2- J. U 
Hslter, secy. Rlcbwood, Klchwood Trl- 
Couuty Fslr, 0. 11, 12, 18, 14; H. C. Duke, 
secy. Rome, Rome Association Fair, S. 211, 
30 ; E. H. Furnlss, secy. Bomerset, Northern 
Pen? County Fair, O. 19, 20, 21; Oeorge 
N. Devln, secy. SummerOeld, Summerneld 
Association Fair, 8. 20, 21, 22 ; C. H. Dew, 

WYOMING.— Cheyenne, Frontier Day Aa- 
aoclatlon Fair, A. 80, 8L 

sub. tourney, w« can only say that the elab- 
orately arranged team matches at Cambridge 
Springs were carried out to the entire satis- 
faction of Professor Bice. This distinguished 
patron of the game, himself magUter inter 
maptAtroi. has now the flnal triumph of see- 
ing his Gambit, to which he has devoted so 
much time, labor and expense, emerge from 
the test engrossed among the good and play- 
able gambits. The fsct Is. It has been put 
through the double flery furnace of analyst* 
and actual play with a persistent energy to 
which no other new opening was ever sub- 
jected. The Attack Is now vindicated, and 
the Rica takes Its coveted place In 
chess literature; and, (or the present, holds 
the premier fascination for those who love a 
"heady light" for its own sake. 

There Is a consensus of opinion upon Mr. 
Marshall's performance. His career through 
this tourney — his display of fearlessness. 
depth, accompanied with brilliancy, an almost 
unerring Judgment of position, to a pitch never 
before attained u. such a field, — gives Frank 
J. Marshall the position of the world's cham- 
pion player. If any one thinks be can beat 
him single-handed, the Held Is open, let him 
try It. How many, think you, could display 
the self -possession of receiving such an un- 
mistakable (there Is snotber word) rebuff 
about the title "Champion of the World," snd 
so soon thereafter achieve what he did here? 
The French champion, no doubt, sees the In- 
utility of showing the sirs of a conqueror 
before be conquers; and what the German 
champion thinks of it, being cautious and 
self-possessed, probably no one will ever 
know. Marco, the Incarnation of good fel- 
lowship and Jollity, merited bis position, and 
we rejoice with him In attaining It For a 
man who has beeen out of chess so long, 
8ho waiter is a wonder. We defeat "Ifs;" but 
here Is a good one. If the glorious old Buss. 
could have faced the 1st half of the tourney 
ob gallantly as he did the 2d, ha would have 
ranked higher. Tbe editor of Deutsche Bchcah- 
eeituna (Scblechter) did not coma off quit* 
as well as was expected. The boy champion 
of Brooklyn baa made a moat promising 
start, and great things may be predicted for 
him. Presumably the English writers will 
express surprise that tbe champion of ths City 
C. C, crowned with so msny notable victories, 
did not stand higher. Probably the American 
champion does not aak any pity for bis mis- 
hap, and It Is equally prabable that be will 
never agree with the majority of Americans 
ss to the cause of bis disappointment. Well, 
well I One can not always win at chess. 


Cambridge Spring* Tournry. 


With the ever changing views of chess mas- 
ters about the openings ott which to pin their 
hopes ot success, this tourney presents tbe 
moat varied list. Tbls Is a point of much In- 
terest to tbe student who watches tbe devel- 
opment ot the game, and Is careful to uote 
and adopt tbe rising new ideas and discard 
tbe old ones found untenable. 

Ot tbesee changes two are here conspicu- 
ously to the front. The best masters have 
clearly come to tbe conviction that the "Ber- 
lin Defence" to the Buy Lopes Is not the 
only foil to that attack the German theorist* 
bavo so long snd almost dlctatorlally held. 
The present masters have decidedly turned 
to "Lowenthal's Defence," who held that by 
delaying K Kt to B 8 till after 3.. P to Q ft 
3, the Defence la much strengthened. A 
glanco through these gomes proves this. 

A second palpable change Is also visible. 
It Is now shown that Counter Gambits are 
not the Wlllothe-wlsps, so many have per- 
tlnac'ously, not to say contemptuously, held. 
We take pride In Baying that our own "Coun- 
ter-Gambit Tourney" was an Important leader 
In bringing forward this happy change. Real 
artists are finding out that courage, Ingenuity 
and perseverance point the road to outfoot 
dogged obBtlnacy, and are visible promoters 
of the Interest, popularity and spread of 
chess. The great variety of openings exhib- 
ited here would have given a shock to tbe 
stilted masters or Btaunton's time. Several 
of them were veritable slaves to "sound- 
ness, " which deadened the Imagination and 
placed an Incubus on tbe capacity for striking 
out on original and entertaining lines. It wss 
well that Morpby came when he did — the 
Avater of a new and happier dispensation. 
Opening* Times. Won. lir'n. Lo$t. 

Ruy Lopos 82 9 10 18 

Q's Gam. Dec 28 12 B 6 

Sicilian 19 7 B 7 

PetrolT 11 S S 

Q's P Open'g 8 8 8 2 

Charllck C.-G (a).... 5 2 12 

French Def 8 11 

Vienna 8 8 

Irregular 8 2 1 

Four Kt's 8 8 

(a) These 5 game* the BulUHnt Include 
In "Q's Gam. Dec ;" why, we do not know. 
Surely a move left to work out Its own des- 
tiny as best It may and faced right up with 
a counter stroke, Is not "evaded," or "de- 
clined," or even "defended," In any proper 

In addition to the above list we have 11 
Openings employed once or twice each, mak- 
ing 21 Openings for the 120 games. 


Not having space for a lull report of this 

follows the solution. Tbe games all through 
are well annotated by th* Chicago eipert, 

which Increases their value much "The 

Oulde Post" continues on Its road upward 
toward perfection. Mr. Pierce Is certainly 
giving th* checker playing public good value. 

Harry Freedman expects soon to go 

to Australia to give exblbtlon* of checkers 
snd cheta, simultaneous plsy. In South Af- 
rica he offer* anyone £5 who can take a 
game off him. As yet he has lost no money. 

ansa* No. 18, Tot. 88. 

InBro. Denvlr's column In The Inlir-Oetcn, 
of Chicago, soma few weeks ago. H. L. 
Slngrey correct* Kley Clark, In D. P. 0. R. 
of Vol 4. Mr. Slngrey probably never saw 
Tom Cowls'* compilation, but •■ Mr. Cows'* 
play was published years ago It certainly I* 

Mr. Cowle's play, 

28 IT 


Solution of Position No. 13, Vol. 63. 


From Bristol Weekly Mercury. 

Black 10 24 K2 

White K 18 81 

White to play, Black to win. 

18 23 

18 16 22 26 

2 6 14 IT 

31 20 16 18 

6 9 24 2T 

26 22 26 81 

9 14 19 24 

2T 82 
28 19 
24 28 
19 28 
IT 22 

28 19 20 24 

22 18 82 27 

19 18 Black 

18 16 wins. 
10 20 
15 11 

Position No. 18, Vol, 68. 


Black 9 27 



White 18 20 KB 
Black to play, White to win. 

The above Is a characteristic picture of 
Ernest Lamson, who has established himself 
as a successful star and author during th* 
past season. Applications for time have 
been so numerous for "Young Tobe Iloxle" 
tbat his manager, Ralph Plnkbsm, was 
tempted to put out a second company next 
season, but has Anally concluded to confine 
tbe play to on* company, In which Mr, Lam- 
son will star sgaln. Mr. Lamson I* now 
working on three plays, which be will have 
ready for production during next season. 
These consist of a pastoral comedy, a melo- 
drama and a farce comedy. Negotiations are 
now pending for the production of the latter 
after the hulldays. 

Newa of the Game. 
Perfection In anything Is not obtainable. 
furthermore, If It was, the human mind 
could not properly apreciau the fact Be- 
cause of It* own Imperfection*. Call tbls 
funny talk If you will, but th* Idea of near- 
ness to perfection was forcibly brought to 
our mind In watching Mr. Hedner play 
against Mr. Beynolds the other night Out 
of apparently simple settings on the check- 
ered board Mr. If. would gradually merge 
preconcel-ed slight advantages Into a link 
which fastened a piece Into such a po- 
sition that eventually a win waa ob- 
tained. All praise Is due Mr. Beynolds for 
bis efforts In the match, but he need* mora 
practice and study to get Into Mr. Heffoer'* 

class Trap* and Shots for March and 

April are at band. Denvlr has done much 
for the cause of checkers, bat hi* latest ef- 
fort, to us. seems to surpass anything ever 
attempted for the benefit of the beginner and 
middle class player. Tbla applies to about 
9B per cent of all th* player*. The gam** 
are run up to when the position I* a forced 
win and then Illustrated on a diagram, then 

11 IB 28 24(a) IS IT 
22 18 10 14 18 9 
IB 22 26 22(b) 6 18 
26 18 10 21 14 

12 10 24 19 10 IT 
29 26 16 19 16 
16 20 80 26 11 18 
24 19 8 11 28 14 

8 11 32 28 IT 21 

19 16 9 13 25 22 

4 8 18 9 21 28 

10 12 B 14 22 IT 

11 16 22 18 13 22 

18 14 

28 80 1 

14 9 11 IB 

30 28 10 

IT IS IB 19 

2B 22 2T 24 

9 20 2T 

2 9 81 IB 

13 8 14 10 

22 18 

6 2 10 19 

7 11 9 14 
2 10 IB 

Black win*, 
(a) It I* now supposed to be a Black win. 

18 IB 21 IT 14 10 82 10 80 23 

14 18 9 13 T 14 20 24 21 80 

23 14 IT 14 10 11 4 8 11 IB 
9 18 13 IT 6 10 24 2T 21 14 

24 19 81 20 It 4 8 II 5 9 
16 23 IT 21 10 19 27 81 Blsck 
20 10 19 10 27 28 28 22 win*. 

9 2 6 18 27 81 20 


Portland.— At th* Harquam Grand (Cal- 
vin Hellig. manager) a grand testimonial 
benefit, given to the Newsboy*' Association, 
to furnish tbelr library and gymnasium, by 
locsl talent, drew a fair slsed bouse May 26. 
The sale of tickets will net ths association 
about 1300. "Tbe Queen's Bouquet" was pre- 
sented 27 and afternoon of 28, by Prof. 
Hoggs' class of dancers, to a fair slied house. 
Richard Mansfield 30, In "Ivan the Terrible," 
and 81, In "Old Heidelberg." 

CoBDBii'a Thsatss (Cordray A Russell, 
managers).— The Elleford Co. did fairly good 
business week of 28, with "Kidnapped." 
"New York Day by Day" will be put on 
June 8. 

ilium's Tiisatbb (George L, Baker, man- 
ager).— Ths Casino Company, of Ban Fran- 
cisco, did good business, week of May 22, 
with "FlddTe-Dee-Dee." A double bill, con- 
sisting of "Hurly Burly" and a burlesque 
on "The Royal Family/' will be presented 
week of 29, and "Twlrly Whlrly" June 6. 

Abcodi) THIATBI (8. Morton Conn, mana- 
ger).— Tbe Mortons. Frank and Louise Bev- 
erly, Lulu White, the Chatham Sisters, Del- 
lalret Bister*. 

Ltbic Thiatbb (Keating A Flood, mana- 
gers).— North, South sooT Dixie, Anloulc* 
Van Goffert, Prior snd Norrls, Baymond 0. 
Baldwin, the Delaceya. 

Bijou Tiibats* (Chas. L. Brown, mana- 
ger).— Trask and Rogers. Stafford and Store, 
the Krone*, Ferry, Bonnie Collins. 
.. T W ¥* 1 " ( B ' Bhaplro, manager).— Hat- 
tie Ward, Leslie Stanley, Blanche Brogan, 
Cora Granville, Stanley and Ward, and De 
Vine Sister*. 

Obphbdh Thrateb ( Al. Onken, manager). 
— Gardner and Stoddard, B. F.Forbes snd com- 
pany, tbe Birds, Masslotas, Msnn and Franks, 
Ed. Fisher. Ma* N. Vernon, Myrtle Franks, 
Rockaway and Conway, sod Jos* Dean*. 

BUIIU'I COMCIBT Hall (Bll & Davis, 
manager).— Irene Allen, Phelps and Phelps, 
Gertrude Stevens, Nellie B. Squires, Jessie 

Ebickson's Music Hall (IT. D. Griffin, 
manager). — Langton and Leslie, Sylvia Letter, 
Maud Raymond, and Blanche Trojan. 

Fans/a Naw Truth (William H. Brown, 
manager).— Billy Raffarty, Oeo. W. -Milton's 
Burlesque Co., Hart and Hart, Flora Du Bols, 
Flo Zella, Prof. Hunt's dog and monkey cir- 
cus, Lovland Bisters, Jennie Lester, and Kalh- 
erlne Krelg. 

Nounis A Rowb'b Shows did good busi- 
ness at four performances 28, 24, under their 
own canvss, at Multnomah Field. 

SiiiiLos' Pabx will be opened June 10 
for musical extravsgauss by Bblelds' Stock 
Co. ot thirty people. "A Japanese Courtship" 
will be the opening attraction. 

Notb.— The Lyric Theatre (Keating A 
Flood, managers), situated at tbe corner of 
Seventh and Alder Streets, was thrown open 
to tbe public Mondsy, May 0, at 7.80 p. m. 
At tbe present time tbls bouso Is one of tbe 
largest vaudeville theatres on th* Pacific 
coaat, seating with comfort seven hundred 
people. The building Is one story, of brick, 
and absolutely fire proof, and has live large 
and accessible exits. The stage Is forty feet 
wide, by nineteen feet deep snd eighteen foet 
hlgb, and tbe proscenium opening Is twenty- 
four feet. It fs fitted with up to date opera 
chairs. The wall Is In cardinal, with elec- 
tric lights In tbe centre of yellow popples. 
The celling Is In green, and the popples sur- 
rounding the lights are red. There are two 
entrances — one at the corner and one at the 
front of tbe building. The foyer Is artistic- 
ally arranged In colors, harmonising with 
the body of tbe theatre, and Is fitted with 
three large plate glass mirrors, which, with 
the large number of electric lights, make th* 
entrance exceedingly attractive. Perform- 
ances of high clsss vaudeville will be given 
dally from 2.30 to 4.80, and 7.80 to 10.80, 
and on Sundays from 2.00 to 10.80, con- 
tinuously. Admission to any part of the 
house Is ten cents. 

♦ e» 


Whose picture Is on the front page of tbls 
Issue, Is on* of the most popular comedian* 
of the day. His quslnt style and spontane- 
ous humor won blm a prominent place In 
the profession msny year* ago, when b* 
starred In "Crandall's Corners" snd other 
plays. Later he went into vaudeville and 
minstrelsy. After several years In these fields 
Mr. Kendall returned to tbe dramatic stage, 
under tbe management of Llebler & Co., and 
for the past two Mason* he has starred In 
"Th* Vinegar Buyer." 

♦ i » 

Tub i.atibt book on baseball Is Issued by 
Richard K. Fob, and It I* written and com- 
plied by no less an authority on tbe great 
national game than John J. McOraw, cap- 
tain and manager of tb* New York team, 
National League. He has written chapters 
and provided Illustrations on how to throw 
a curved ball, tbe art of catching, how to 
become a good batter, and bss covered every 
other detail of tbe gam*. It is the only book 
of the kind published. Th* book bss a band- 
some cover, and It Is No. 8, of Fox's Library. 
It will be sent. to any address upon receipt 
of seven two cent postage stamp*. It also 
contains tbe official rules, and a schedule of 
tbe games of both league* for the present 


IB tb* NOW York Central'* 20-honr 
train brlnrra New York and Chl- 
casjO. lares • any.— AdP. 

Th* Rational Veaklci of Health sad Plcnttrt 

'II H i "II II I 

M i H II' 


Rqttlypsd sriih 

Two-Speed Gear 


Coaster Brake 

The return of bicycling finds our Amerlcsn 
roadt greatly improved and tbe bicycle Itself per- 
fected In design and contraction and equipped 
with new and marvelous devices. 

To learn all about modern bicycles, get cata- 
logues free from our 10,000 dcalen, or send 
stamp for any one of them. 

Pope Manufacturing: Co. 


llsrtfonl, Conn. 
"CelsaWa" "C»*v*ls*i" 

CMctgo, III. 

"Bisssur" ••Measrts" 
"Crsacsat" "InssrUI" 

You See Them Eyery where 

11 ■ h i 




Then an many Oold Cream Preparation* on 
t be ma rket today. Some are 0000— others an 
BKTTKR— Bnt Molnnerney's Is BKBT. 

Tb* ingredients ot Molntiortiei's Oold Oream 
an pan and nannies*, and whan you oao* as* 
this preparation von will want no other. 

Other good qualities In its favor are Its delicate 

Erfume, smooth whiteness and ooollng properties. 
id It does not coat a* much aa many of th* for 
Inferior praparatlona, 



^rrieiasropf. ff_T acrtnirjor --.. 


w »uTB*vs. . JJaSi *. »»wwsn 




rsness Theatrical 


4TB IUTU AvuniB, 

Between ssth snd »th St*., 


Best of rood, PMtaetlf Oooktd. 
Served. Price* 

Hrtrm for ' 

Bp*oU! Dining 


Surgeon Dentist* 


1076 Lexington Ave., near 76th 8t. , New York. 

Telephone, KM J7»th. 


FELLOWS,*, of P., Etc. 

W« iiandi* iii» urs- 
ast line of secret *•■ 
1 tUly Knsklsans la tb* 
I l/attsa s ■■!*.. BAIMJ- 

Ki,, jkw 
111, *te. Writ* ler 

Circular. OnrKKILS 
IVIldUL. This 

llaatdMSB* Ckaras, 
kola «Uh alike, "■- 

• ai 0*4 Kaibl.m.U.nnlDrC I. w., Hold 
ani*a ( »arraai«A ce wear ao <J JK 
rials, Or*arNo.07,ODlr . . **.aVO 

Fraternal Emblem and Badge Co., 

Illl mills lintl, CIIMDO. 




_ raaaaow biiilmsc.ncw voaa. nn 


WeToTaTorrrATrTlTr ^*"7 Thompson" Nir; a 

Mrs Harry Morton, Western A Weaax, Lawrenca 

a Lawrence, Bis wart a amen, Edwards.* Bonos/, 

laBdotoer*. Ask uiem what w* do sad how low* 

I ear Brie** » re. Drop at • Ho* tor otre*t*r*. 

TO* Park How Bid*.. New Tort, 



June li. 


^EwSsTsUsTrW., 211 Tremont St., BOSTON, MASS. 


Professimil Copies of 
Oir Soigs, FREE. 


We Will Mill Two Orchestrations for 10 
Parts, and PI i no Ace. for 10c. 





6th ATE. and Slit STREET, HEW YORK. 



Trunks, Bags and Dress Suit Cases. 



Made from the very best tin, m bleok enftmeled. 
Especially made tor professional me, having > 
t»y with compartments for Grease Paints, 
PowdetB, Comb and Brush, Wlgfl, Etc., M (ft A 
Etc. Has double action lock, with two •■?■ 
keys, at ~*» 

Onr cold t kk AM, expressly prepared for the The- 
atrical Profession, guaranteed to be absolutely pure and 
nerer become rancid In any climate. Put np In 1ft 
Screw Top Tin Cant at 45c. t >;rb at SBc. 


All mall orders mast be accompanied by money order. 
None sent c. o. v. 

Wanted, at All Times, 
(Slater 1*eamcs 9 
Sketch TeaiixfE, 
Single XyficHt^e*. 



, Fanton't Thaatre, Boffalo, W. Y. 


A I Strong Cornet 

To double let Violin, for Bummer engagement. 
Must be first class. Oiher MuBlclans write. 
ARTHUR P. BURKE, Oolnmbna, Oa. 

Phila. Trunk Factory, 

191T Columbia Ave., Phlla. B. A. STOUT, Hgr. 

Patterson IX Trunks. 

0.00 D o X B s , 

JIT In. 05.75 . 

30 In. 0.00 D O X B 8 , 30 In 
40 In - • - - SV.0O, 






Should apply for lowest passage rates and full 
particulars at 




■EnTfAT "ODTPIfl" THE only hook 
mbUi\i&u sriiiiio, devoted to the 

HELLER, and to all who sell Medicine, Toilet or 
Curative Goods through art of speech. Puts talk 
that seils goods lu your mouth Tells what to nay 
to hold attention, amuse, Instruct and Interest siif- 
llcently to touch the pocketbook. If you secure It 
you would not part with It at any prloe. Sent post 
paid forts. Money back If not satisfied. ' 
FANTUB A CO., 843 Dearborn St., CHICAGO. 


For First Class Hoi Co., Uodor Canvas, 

do line straight and second comedy In all acta 
Must have muslo for all your stuir, as I carry full 
size Piano and First Class Pianist; Bight reader. 
State loweat salary und fall particulars In first 
letter. Salary sure. Dob Marks, write. 

DR. J. M. PRENTICE, Lewiston. Mloh. 
P. B.— Have some show stun* for sale, a Monk, etc. 


WARP MED. CO., Unlontown, Pa. 

Thomson I Vandiveer's 

Clroai, Haitgtria Hi Kippiirom Tilts. 

Have a record of over forty yearn sa being superior 
in Material, Finish, Workmanship, Style, Durabil- 
ity and Economy to all others manufactured, to- 
given on spoil cation. 
No. bo-mi 1. third Bt., Cincinnati, O. 



EARTH. 825.000 8AYS I'ltOK. ROACH 
ROACH AND WIEE have the only reliable 
■nd first class academy In Chicago, and 
$1,000 cash aaya that the/ are the only 
teacbere that can properly fit and place on 
the stage ladle*, gentlemen and children Id 


Empire Hall, No. 14*. W. Hndlson St. 
(18xH5 tt.) for rehearsals of vaudeville 
acta, sketches and plays. Professionals 
are invited to nse It for trial acts to show 
managers, or far rehearsals. Please aaU. 


Over 80 of the finest s. 8. Stewart and J. B. SohaU 
Banjos, and other makes, with leather cases for 
same; will sell at a great saorlnce. Also Blelgh 
bells, staff bells, wooden xylophones, organ pipes 
and wire dulcimer. 143 W. Madison St., CHICAGO. 
Please write Out This Out Send for Hit. 


|8oo Royal Photo-opucon, doable lens, finest lan- 
tern made, with trunk and a large canvas for pic- 
tures, all complete, with 80 to flu views. Iioo will 
take. 142 W. Madison Bt. PROF. ROACH. 


Send for llluilralid Calalogus, Fro*. 

FEED BDZEIRHRDT, 502 E. 19th St., h. y. 

Weather Circuit, First Class Singing and 
Dancing Comedian and Bouhrette. Must 
niako good, or will close on Drat rehearsal. 
Other good stock people, write. State lowest 
In llrat letter. Summer and Winter engage- ' 
ment. Ad. MATT Kl'SELL, ML Vernon, Ohio. 


£0 per cent, commission. Call at once. 
Hank itlilg., Room 4, Surf Ave, and llth street, 



per 1,000 -.fortunes, 80c.: Bamp. i»o. 
[PliiRitC For Future Photographs 

-.lUniJlCd and Lovers' Post office. 

A CO., Wfrw. willard St., Phlla., Pa. 

Live Alligators On Hand, Fran I To 9 Fiat, 

Great Blue Herons, Small Blue and While Great 
Blue Herons; 8 pair on haud. Wish to correspond 
with buyers. J. B. DEDOE, Wltliore, Oa. 

CIRCUS CANVAS and Teats of every de- 
scription. Second Hand Tents In Stock, write 
for estimate. 

8ucce2o^? n imSBflR& °°" 

iw-189 Fourth St., Detroit, Mich. 

Send address, full particulars, sample printing. 
We book best aots, small commission. 6 yean 1 ex- 
perience. H. L. AVERILL. Barre, Vt. 


WEBB PTO. 00.. 8M Dearborn St., Chicago, HI. 

Wanted, Picture lacblnes, Films, 

Phonographs, Gramophones, Records, Mechanical 
Figures and odd show goods, also for sale. Address 
Box 16, Post Office, Phlla., Pa. 





The "Shore Winner" 
Catalogue and Priee List. 

Bigger and Better and More Complete Than Ever. 
It has no rival tor quoting the lowest prices on a 
Very Choice Line of Selling Goods, suitable for 
Streetmen and Agents. Bead for one— It Is iree. 
N. SHURE CO., 264-270 Mid lion St., 
Wholesale Street men's Goods, 





Used In lbs Performance in the High Class 
Vaudeville theatres of the Country. 

Horse won first prize for beauty and riding quali- 
ties. In excellent condition for stud purposes. 
Sell also single. Ill health reason for disposing. 


.■ma Bloomfleld St., Hobohen, N. J. 

For Rent or Lease, 


All newly furnished and thoroughly equipped, 
now ready for business. Beating capacity 1,000. 
Also large soda Water Fountain and all acces- 
sories, and Ice Cream outfit. Depth of theatre, 
134ft.; width, 86ft.; etage opening, 80ft.; Depth, 
26ft.; Height, 14ft. Located right In the heart of 
the city. Popu'atlon 30,000. Good show town. 
Address all communications to 

PALACE OF AMUSEMENT, Kalamazoo, Mich. 


And Moving Picture Machines, all makes, bought 
and for gale. A large stock of Supplies constantly 
on hand. OUTFITS RENTED.' Write to us 



338 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 



TION WORE/ A big drawing card for Med. Show. 
Wanted, Partner to take out strong Fair Ground 
Show. I will InveBt $ for t with responsible party. 
Address JAMES D0WN8, Granville. N. Y. 


No. 37 Kingston St., Boston, Mass. , U. 8. A., 

Manufacturers of Sllkolene Tights, $2.60: Worsted 
Tights, 12.00; Cotton Tights, $1.00; Equestrian 
Shirts, same price as tights. A special discount 
of 10 per cent, allowed on all goods. Olve us a 
trial; that Is all we ask. Write for prices on 
anything In the knit goods line. DepoBlt required 
on all orders. 


one size smaller after using Allen's Foot-Ease, a 
powder to bo ahaken Into the shoes. It makes tight 
or newshoes fcol easy; gives Instant relief to corna 
and bunions. It's the greatest comfort discovery of 
the age. Cures and prevents swollen feet, blisters, 
callous and sore spots. Allen's Foot-Ease la a cer- 
tain cure for sweating, hot, aching tcet. At all 
drngglstsand shoe stores, 26c Trial package FREE 
by matt. Address ALLEN S. OLMSTED, 

Lb Roy, N. Y. 



The TIFFIN SCENIC CO., Tiffin, 0. 

DA| I AAIJ New and Second Hand.Mado 
DAL UUH * ni1 8gW under a positive 

ewanaaaawwaa guarantee to be as repre- 
CO., 11 Fullerton Ave. , OH 10AOO. 



For Season i°oi-Ofi. Reliable Penp'e Wanted. 

FRANK J. STANTON, Norwich, N. Y. 

Second Hand BAUD HI8TB0IERT8 

BOUGHT, BOLD and EXCHANGED. Bend for com- 
plete List. FRANK IIOI.TON & CO., 

107 B. Madison Btreet, Chicago, 111. 


L. MANASS1C CO., 88 Madison St., Chlcogo. 


Prizes and Gifts (or All flames. 

JEWELRY aud NOVELTIES tor Bouvenlr 
Stands, Turks, Fairs. Carnivals, and Thea- 
NEW YORK. Bend for Catalogue and Price 

IS20 Broadway, cor. Spring Bt., N. Y. City. 


phomih at'ii:nti( 

jppli.r.a.t ion 


llU'l'l (Jf'.I.U ':' 



-JS-!'ti 248 W. 23'? ST. N^C- a^'" : 

Ladies For Chorus Work, 




Broadway and 38th Street. 

Knlekerbooker Theatre Building, lew York. 



Proved an Oasis In the Desert to Many Weary Managers the Put Season. 


N*V- R-R. LEAVITT, Manager. 

Charlotte, PJ*. V, 

WANTED, Cood Vaudeville Acts for Summer Season, at 

Auditorium and Cottage Pavilion Theatre. 












Permanent address, It Avon St., Somarvllle, Mass. BOB MACK Manase ' 

or Agent. 

A thorough knowledge of all Business Branches with Traveling Companies and Located Theatres. 
Route and Book any Urst class attractions. Per. address, 1687 N. Capital Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 



A SLOT Machine with a Mystery. 

A Rhus? hv StaAlf*. SID0 ft,'n.**.l«.- .,-r ..... ' 

A Show by Itself. 
Other New Ones. "Write fur circulars 

TH S Novelty of the season. 



Send for Estimate.. Correspondence Solicited. 




Under canvas, all Bummer In Jollet. Must deliver 
the goods. Salary— all yon are worth. Other good 
people write. Bank reference. THE GOLDEN 
NERVINE MK1). CO., Jollet, 111. P. O. Box 1044. 

WANTED, Ladles and 6tDtleraen te Study and 

be coached for Vaudeville, Opera and Musical 
Comedies. Engagements procured. Will take afew 
acts for eiolnalve bookings. Address or care 
VAUDEVILLE STUDIO, 188 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City. 


John Herlnrtu, Cincinnati, 0. 





Permanent address 

AND THEATRES. Managers and Agents, write qnlck. We deliver the goods. 

SSS WOODLAND AVE., Cleveland, 0. 

Rioliieurci QtoLtixa&mxua Trannfer Co. 

■eeaery ahd Baggage Henllng, Storaae. Reentry. Props. 
Owvatowa OSsae. kaaan IT. aw DsavUta ft. 

and Tranks Far Sale, 


A Young Actress Tor Sketch. AbUliv. Ro'e 
requires Q. C, and Eng. accent. TeU all In first 
letter. Salary sure. Address, with photo. 
WM. F. BAYERS, * * 

9S0 IV. Fad. St., Yonag.towa, O. 


117 W. 23d ST., NEW YORK (old Koater ft Dial's), 
HALLETT . THOMPSON, Manager (late Wood's 
Oym.) Special rates to performers, $1 a week. 


Second Hand Films, Song Slides and Machines 
Bought, Sold and Exchanged, ma WASHINGTON 
ST., Room 42, Boston, Mass., opp. Adams House. 



MAKER. Good work for low prices. 
_ 118 West 26th 8TREET, New York. 
Send Btamp for price Hit. 

Carnivals, Strait Fairs, Conventiens, CnbIy 

Fairs, etc. The most complete an<t reliable list is 
published in THE NEW YOBK INFORMANT. 10c. 
at newsdealers or Office, lot John St, Near York. 



164 Russell Street, Greenpolnt, Brooklyn, 


WANTED, Fairyland, Poachers, Trip to Moon, 
Smugglers, Great Train Robbery, Faust, Pass In 
Boots, William Tell and other large Films. High- 
est price paid. Box 76, Post onice, Phlla., Pa. 


CUT PRICES. Write for 
Catalogue and samples. 
val, Minstrel and Vaudeville People, write. 



A Goodsent to struggling beginners. S1.00. 

nsi Carlton Avenue, Brooklyn, N. x. 
P. 8. — 0. K. Sato, did you get book? 


CATALOGUE, 2oc. I SUP. CATAL., 6c None 
free. Only N. E. Agent for Mabatma, 10c 
W. D. LBROY. 108 Court Rt. Boston, alts*. 

Wanted, i flood Opera House 

Splendid location and a good show town. For 
particulars, address J. D. ALLEN, Neodeaha, Kan. 


Lawyers SgJSoZ* {,'.$ Chicago 

Special Attention to Theatrical Business. 





Km tour with Harn.m Ac Bailey Shores, •■ "TUB IMPKniAl, VIKNNF.HK TUOUPK 


J. • ^ A»rt«lli«i nr All Kla4«, Mala and Female, Leapers, Catchers, Aerial HnrUontal Bar Performers, Hie., Mtr. 


' " TOTO SIEGRIST, Manager, Per Ronte 'Barnnm St Bailey Greatest Show On Earth. 1 

Under m Unit. 

Welsh Bros.' Shows Xotbs — The Mimes Van founts and McCaulkt have Just 

or Connecticut and Massachusetts are glv- closed a successful tour, playing rrom coast 

log us ftrst class business, and the show is lo coaBt In Ibe leading vaudeville houses. 

nmklnjf an unmistakable bit. Stamford, They have played tbc Kcltb and Proctor clr- 

Mown .\orwalk, Ansonla, Meridcn mid New eulta, and am now playing Mummer parks, 

Britain, all In Connecticut, being especially being booked solid until 11105. 

noteworthy for extra big business. Memorial Jobkpiiink Rehal mourns the loss of her 

Thoh. ii. O'Neil Is In his third week wltb 
Milt J. Crandall's ruvlllon Show. lie Is en- 
gaged for the Mummer, and will tour north- 

*'nV,tV!i rao» tub tarn imwu r,p..i« li*l "J?. "I*?* »t SoutubVldgier'MiiisV'wTierc nioVlier." who dled"'rerenMy°Ht"her" hi)mc"in 

^BMlnesa m H It o «?.„!( „„r new «»'"« "big show" performances were given. Sandusky, O. Miss Ilea*.; who turn t>cen In 

iB. It. O. We expect our .new morning, afternoon and evening, all to good California and on the Northern Itu-lfli: const 

crowds. Lee's Supplementary Shows (niincit fur two years, will now return Kast. 

gave seventeen performances on this 01 ■ Carleton SisTiinn write: "After one uf 

top in a few days. It will constat of a bun* 
dred foot round top, wltb two llfty foot mid- 
ale pieces. Our people are all well and 
happy.- No accidents have occurred us yet. 
The "gentleman In white" appears In a 
pleasing act each week. Among our features 
we have : Lew Hberwood Kyler. wire 'cyclist ; ,,. 

Musical Dick, Zara Dc Kay, Jack Daoncy, 

and; the Golden Family of six funny clowns. 
Our .stock i la a feature of the show. Our 
silver cornet band Is one of the best. Wo 
receive each week several OLD Reliables, so 
we are always supplied with tbc latest news. 
A. C. Abbott closed with B. C. Whitney's 
"Isle of Spice" Co., In Boston, and signed 
as contracting agent ahead of Gollmar Bros.' 
CircUs,' now making a tour of Minnesota, 
South Dakota and Nebraska. 


&M>WH.T-,\Ve closed at Midland, Mich., and 

reorganized ut Bay City, 

hltvlng bought a half I ' 

bee.., The show will be 

A .-Parks It. R. Dog 

Dined with Alden'a Vaudeville Circus, Hoa- 

3r : John Frlsbee ahd A. . J. rarks, owners ; 
la. J. Frlsbee, treasurer: On 11 Alden, pilot, 
to. Ill) four assistants ; Prof. Al. W. Reynolds, 
leader .of band of ten- pieces: K. M. Webster, 
L. ! McCllntchy, Al. Cornell, B. Bramble, L. 
Culbane, F. Rogers, Floyd McCllntchy and 
LM. Sroallv are the men behind the band 
man; the Bailey Bros.,. traps and bars; John 
ahd Mamie Delaney,! tight rope and ladder 
«ct<. McCllntchy Bros., clowns; l'rof. A. .1. 
Packs' dogs and ponies; Bessie Lewis, hand 
balancer; Doc. Lemons, contortionist and 
bars; Dean Wtmrtnu, Jap perch; Al. Cornell, 
monologue ;' L. McCllntchy, tramp specialty ; 
Mnmle Delaney, song and dance; J. H. How- 
ard, lightning sketch, and Mrs. J .11. Howard, 
waving . pictures. Blondy Davis, kid show ; 
Kid 'Maasey. privileges. We eat and Bleep lit 
our.uwn palace cars. 

Waiid Kelly, treasurer of Xorrls & Kowe a 
Circus for . the past two seasons, has been 
seriously III at his home in I'asadena, Cal., 
add was unable to work for six weeks past. 
Ho la recovering rapidly, however, and re- 
joined the circus again in Seattle, for the 
rest of the Summer. 

Roster ANti Notes from Bob Harris' 10 
A.xp> 20 Cent Vaudeville Circuit. -»e 
opened- at Cleveland, O., May 2. This Is the 
fifth- week,; to packed houses. Everything Is 
new from stake to bail ring. We carry a 
marine uniformed band and orchestra of ten 
musicians. We carry twenty people all told. 
The roster of the show la: Bob. Harris, pro- 
prietor and manager, featuring bis high 
tiedeafal, trick, slab clog elevation: Mrs. It. 
H. Harris, treasurer; Howard B. Harris, In 
advance: Masters Rob. and Al. U. .Harris 
knockabout- clowns; Marguerite Harris, sou- 
brettef Prof. John Hinds, lesder of baud; 
the Two Dalevs. In a musical and sketch 


i union. Another new fifty foot middle piece our performances nt 'Cycle 1'ark, Dalian, 

has been nded to the main top, which will Tex., Manager McAdanm and wife gnvc us 

now enable ua to handle the crowds In bet- a banquet. We were tilling n two weeks' 

ter shape. Mince leaving Winter quarters engagement at the park, Among the guests 

we have aded twelve horses and mules to who partook of tbc many good things spread 

the equine department, also a pair uf ex- were Major 10. II. Uoacb and wife, Mrs. 

ceptlonally fine menage horses to tbc circus Carleton, the l'almatlcr Sisters, J. II. Hew- 

programme. Although the performance we ctt, Harry Kiting, Superintendent Boyd, of 

arc now giving Is unusually meritorious and the rapid transit; Master Charles and Miss 

strong we have decided to add a half dozen Duanna McAdams. After all bad done Jus 

more acts, Including several riding displays, lice to .the spread, several flash light pic- 

whlch will enable us to give a first class tures were taken of the group by Major 

two ring show. All of the people with tbc Uoacb, and the entire party enjoyed u trolley 

aggregation are well and bappv, and every- car ride over the North belt loop," 

thing Is moving along with vim and In a Louie Bated, who lias been confined nt 

most harmonious manner. Man Barbara. All home on account uf thrust trouble, lias signed 

and Johnson, and Toto Ducrow recently for twelve weeks In the Southern parks, and 

joined the show. opened at Kvnnsvltle, Ind., May 211. 

('has. HoriKit, singing and talking come- Pearl who recently closed her 

Special Sale- 
Three for One. 

This sale of the McDonald, Gardner & r.ano stock starts at th« 
right time. Every yard of the woollens is on the second Hour. Wo 
haven't held back a single piece. They arc all new. The above firm 
started in business this Spring. They made suits at $50 and $150. 
Well make suits from these cloths 


Frank M.'WbKkb, singer, buck and wing 
dancer and banjolst, has Joined the Doremiis 
Tin Top Circus, as principal comed ian. 


Our theatrical correspondents are . hereby 
notified that the credentials now held by 
them expired on June 1. They art requested 
to return then to thli offlcv at once, (or re- 
newal for imyiws. 

Uaqdcpille una IHiitstreL 

' A new I.UIMIE of Raspberries ut ('huso's 
Theatre. Washington, D. <'.. was organized 
by O'Brien, or O Brlcu and Havel ; Fred M. 
siiiher. the well known banjulst, and the 
male portion of the La Vlnc-Clmarou Trio, 
acrobatic comedians. Names of members: 
W. 11. Colmcr, John Hcndley. Mlg. Karnes, 
S. E. Harttnan. Vlncengo Novell!, J, D. En 
nls, A. H. Venahle, Harry Blcn, Charles Bleu, 
Joe Becker, Billy Single Clifford, Billy Keru- 
good, Wm. C Buckingham, Frank Carter, 
(Via.. Hcndley, Charles Walls, Thomas New- 

MoIntyiik ami Heath, the black face 
comedians, have signed wltb . Klnw & 
Krlan'ger for three years, beginning Sept. I, 
1111).'. The team will be presented In a nev 
musical piny by John J. McNolly,. which will 
be culled "The Ham Tree," with music by 
Cole and Johnson. The piece will, be the 
opening attraction of Klaw and. Erlungcr at 
the New York Theatre the season. after next. 

C. F. Brotherton, writes. as follows: "I 

ark.'N. J., last. week. Mr. Herald had the 

Srev'ous week at Proctor's Twenty-Hiiro 
treet Theatre, N. V., but It was changed to 
week of June 1-3, at his request. 

ikvi.n R. Walton, comedian, will do hl« 
character change specialty In the parks this 
Suminer, opening st Spring Lake l'ark, Tren- 
ton,. X. J., Juno ti. 

VtxsL'ON Df, Ohvh.i.f. will again go in 
vaudeville with a high class singing net, 
after., having been absent from the stage for 
a number of years. 

Flu Aiiler reports meeting with success 
over the Orpbeum circuit. She la now In her 
eleventh week at San Francisco, Cal. After 
playing Los Angeles, she has Detroit und Chi- 
cago to follow. 

i.'HAS. Leiiov writes : "1 have signed with 
Kuuffman & Armstrong's Burlesqitcrs for 
next season,' tojduy leading Jew In burlesques 
and to do my Dutch «peclally." 
• I.KViNA played Kcuuywood l'ark and Steeple 
Chase. Pittsburg, week of May :tt), and hns 
line bookings fur the Hummer parks. 

Duwmsy AND. Wll.URli write: "After clos- 
ing five weeks ou the Nuvellv Theatre cir- 
cuit, we opened- on the t'rystle circuit May 
.W, for a return eugagemeat. We then have 
two weeks nt Trluluad, Colo., with Colorado 
springs to follow. Mr. Downey was the 
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Sam lluuipery, while 
playing al Leadvllle, Col., week of'May •_',".. 
We will play our way back Kast after our 
engagement on the Cryatlc circuit." 

Sam C. Seibeiit and Auruni Folk cut 
write: "After flnishing at W'lsliin'f'oV I'-'Ct, 
El I'aso, Tex., we opeucd tbo roof garden, 
same city. May lilt, presenting our uuks. incs 
whistling and singing act, 'The Whistling 
Coon and the Hug Time Wench.' This net Is 
a revised edition of the one with which we 
nllistcd vaudeville to the theatregoers of 

Broadway and 9th St., N. Y. 

Hackktt ami llMMMi write: "Since we 
arrived from ICuiope we have hooked up all 
our open time, commencing with the I'lynn 
circuit of parks -hi tie 1:'." 

The tiliKAT Lv.M-tt has two weeks ut 
River Side Park booked, und Is booked solid 
for the Summer. 

Sutton ash Sutton opened their park sen 
son nt Suns Soucl. Clinton, In., Mny 7, nud 
were engaged for nil IniMlnlla time, llnriv 
Motion Is stage miinnger. Menltt anil 
ltOKellu. (lllhcrt Sisters, Hobby Carroll. Jnndt 
und Ivors, the Deuiuths, and Huttim and Sol 
ton iip|H>Hted May I'll and week. 

John A. IIiiemcii signed . for the Sum- 
mer season as musical director at lllcclrh- 
Park, Baltimore, Md., and opened there 
Decoration Ihiy. 

K. iWiu. Benni.ev, foot Juggler, Is luecl- 
lug -with, success In the Northwest. 

Jon t'or.NF. wnm;n: "I hnin joined Mon- 
roes Lnterlaliiers, who lire plavlug the Sum- 
mer resorts up In the mountains, and giving 

Newei.i. a.vii Nmi.ii, 

ere' are there wltb the goe . 
t'leveland June 4, and opened at Detroit, 
Mich.,' for twelve weeks. We are all enjoy- 
ing the beat of health. 

• wild,' C. • Sites, general agent and con- 
tractor of'Lowery Bros.' Shows, writes: 

'While playing Lansford, !'«.. the followlug 

wife, Lucille Noel, at Bryan. Tex." vanla. 

Henry Xienimv, a tlvman at the Albamhra The Ahkiins write: "After closing thlrly- 

1'hcatrc, Milwaukee. Wis., died In that city six successful weeks In the West mid North- 

May H",. from consumption, ut the age of west, nt Scuttle, we will go Kast to open our 

tblrty-two yenrs. He was formerly business Summer park bookings ut Cbiittanougn, Tenu., 

agent for Local IK I. A. T. S. K.. .and had Jade 20/' 

n«n!ita~ iiti~fnpmlH>ri<'«Y'thi> abovo show, were l»«en In the business the past eighteen yenrs.' -LuMBAnn recenily tlnlshotl twen- 

Ediltt'cd lutHle I' O rages \ .-•'.",, of The funeral whs held nt Milwaukee Satur- ty-tivo weeks on the Kd. II. Lung circuit. 

Lansford Will C Sites, James Shields, ac- day. 28. . While playing Victoria. II. ('.. they Joined 

SSSR^LLJS^yiJSSS i H "r"..1"J-„ ^S. Shannon ano DISOK report having flue Arte. Order of litigles. No. I'J. They liave 

success In llic Wist, anil are booked solid' fifteen- weeks with Archie Levy, opening at 

up to July 18. when they will come Cast. the Bell Theatre, Oakland, wltb Chutes, 

I'. H. I'aixiketti. of I'aullnettl mid I'iipio. Lyceum and Southern Ciiliforiila to follow. 

writes front liondon, 1'ng.. under dale or 

May 21. »s follows : "I nnt pleased lo say 

that our. trip has been very successful, nud 

mbat: Marvelous Turner. Walter Frey, sing- 
ing' clown ; Prof. Annalnlttl and John Sey- 
mour. The show Is playing to good busi- 
ness," ■*._•■■ ,. 

Notes ano Roster ok Colmiar Bros.' 
SHowb : Oollmar Bros., sole proprietors; 
rJhap.'A. Gollmur. manager: B. K.-Oollm*r, 

roBc.:. railroad contractor: W. H. DHIy,.man- Ing work and nriHtictloii of our. act. for the 

agor of advance car No. 1 : George F. Cable, past week, ami without n word of flattery. 

manager of advance Car No. 2: Oeorge. Irving, flic work In the uct. and the arraugeinent of 

manager of annex : J. Fitzgerald, manager of t was the most sclent' 

cbn'cert; Kd. Jamison, steward: Witt. Adnlr. He Is b man who u 

mailman : Ed. MBhcr, candy sfandprlvllegc ; thoroughly. • 

Jobh White, front doormnn: Cbarfey Bales, Mattie KKBXH a 

. .. ' mt-A. ii- a ■ ... ..* ••nnnw f li >mi till* mint nlfltii* ■■ 

manafef o'fTn'nTx" j7'Fl'ug^ral'd7 ^anageMTf: It was the most sclentlclU'. be hud "ever seen. 

>• iiian wbo understands gymnastics 

Imost lost. Iter life 
through mistaking a poison for medicine. 
'i'ue doctor .was called at once, and after 
several hours struggle succeeded In saving 
the actress' life,. but the poison had left Miss 
Keene's throat and mouth In a very raw 
condition. It Is doubted If she will be able 
to till her bookings for several weeks to 
come. ■''.•' 

Mrs. A. A. Cihil'KKR, of ; No, 111 Bast 

boss canvas uinn ; Jim Ward, boss -of annex 
top : • Fred Hepper, boss of menagerie top : 
George" Holland, boss hostler : Chus. Iteosun, 
asslfifartt boss bostlcr ; Oeorge N. O'Brien and 
M. AV'Heuston. knife lioard privilege : t'has. 
Heldlcrherg, calliope player; W. II. Knight. 
advertising agent:. John Causay, master of 
transportation: Al. Jones, boss chandelier 
roan : F Emery Stiles, boss animal man. Per- 
formers' In the show: Wm. and Battle Adair, Twenty-third Street, New York City, Informs 

Jefferson Haix ami Gkiitui'UE Maiti.anii 
IIai.1. have closed their regular season with 
the Jerc McAulltfe Stock Co. After spend- 
ing a few days at Boston, they will visit St. 
Louis fm- a couple of weeks, and then make a 
living trip to Mr. Hull's home at Natchez, 

John G. and Alice McDowell, who met 
with success while nt the Olympic Thea- 
tre, Chicago, III., were ut the Crystal Thea- 
tre, Milwaukee, Wis., week of May 21), nud 
tills week arc at the Chicago Opera House. 

-MaoVay ami Sbaiiiikiht, who recently 
closed the season with the Majestic Theatre 
Co., have been playing dutes. After the Hist 
performance nt Jacobs' Vaudeville ' re. 
Pcorlii. III., they were engaged for Mr., .lu- 
cObs' Mummer stuck company, fur parts and 

A. Jack Faubt linn signed ns general innn- 
ager uf the Kusell Warm Weather circuit uf 
parks and theatres, of which Matt. Kusell Is 
sole malinger, with headquarters at (Tiuui- 
pnlgu. III. The following Is a list of parks 
controlled by Mr. Kusell: West Kud 


Fred Belbert, etiues 
La Rex,' contortionist : Fred 

Lownnde, equestrian 

tf Ian ;- Joseph La Hi... 

Kos.f, contortionist; Ray Martlne. Jugg let- : 

Louise Zcllno, Juggler: Sirs. Wm. Adair, Jug- 
gl*r i'Zella, hand balancer : Otto Weaver, hand 
hilancof: Arthur BCrse, dancing ro|ie ; Car- 
vle Lownnde. rolling globe ; Totter and Har- 
ris, .' acrlallBta : Easy Bros., contortionists: 
Mr. ' and Mrs. Harry, Brandon, revolving 
ladder: -Rexo and Fair, revolvldg' ladder ; 
Gollmar Bros. '-.herd of -performing elephants, 
Kid and Sultan, rope, walking horses ; Harry 
Brandon. Fred Kasy,. Henry . Potter, Arthur 
Hcjio, , Chas.. Grlffln, George Zella,. Joseph 
La -Rex, Joe. Lapoy, Fred Lambert and Chas. 
SUbor. clowns. Conceit people : Harry Bran- 
don, Potter and Harris, Harry Earle, Ray 
Martins. Daisy La More, and Lizzie Freeman. 
Annex people: George Irving, magician; ,\el- 
lo, Punch and ventriloquist: Mile Clio, snske 
enchantress; Mile: Mletts, ladder- of swords: 

their act, "The Kid's Visit," over the Ohio 
circuit, are meeting - with successs. They 
are booked solid until October. 

Kiiuie Delaney and Maine, who 
arc meeting with success presenting their 
act, "A Lunntlc'B Dream," are booked In 
the best parka until the latter part of 

The Great Mautvnne writes: "I closed a 
very long, pleasant and profitable scusou 
wltb the. Mabel Paige Co.. at' Montgomery, 
Ala., May 21', after being the " 
vllle feature for. two seasons. I will op 
June 5, with the Albert 'Taylor Stock : Co., 
nt Shreveport. La., for the Slimmer and regu- 
lar season. I shall present some new novelties 
this season In electric dances, and will be n 
special feature wltb the above company, 
touring the Southwest." 

Notes from 1'iei.iis k Haxnon'k Miv 

Anderson, Ind, 

Joii 'ItEVNui.ii.s, late uf Roy and Reynolds. 
"The. Dutch Senators." will be In New York 

ii to Atlantic 
e has a good 

u short time and will then 
City, N. J., to play dutes. 

Notes fiiom the United (imiER of Hasc- 
iiekrihs, of Buffalo, N. Y. — We closed the 
charter with lot) members May 2W, with the 
ritual, rules and by-laws. Big Raspberry. John 
J. Mulloy: Little Raspberry. Phil Hunt; 


distinct vnude- Raspberry Pen Pusher, John Miirtiia 
I will open oerry Collector, Harry •!. II. Boyd 

htrels. — We open our second Summer tour 
Harry Hall, needle king; Le Roy's While u f narks st Mliford, Mass.. June 20. wltb a 
Mporg. Early and Breen, comedians: Mr. and complete change of programme from last sea- 
Mrs: George Irving, mind readers: Madam La 
Relle/forturic teller : Jennie La Hue. vocalist 
and dancer. Den Horner's band: Ben Hor- 
ner/ director, with the following musicians: 
Dell Smith. J. I. Barry. C. B. Tloberts. Kd. 
Wilt Geo, Ksper. Allle Mcintosh. Chas. New- 
erf. Chan. Ilnrlel. P. R. Karjier. Ilert tlollmni, 
Russell llnrtmnn, J. ,H. I-Mrkson. Otto lam- 
ing. (?)aml llnlcomb. C. D. Whitney, Frank 
MiiMf r. Ralph llendershntt. C. L. Thomas, K. 
R.. Bckert. Karl Wautosch, Geo. Howard, 

Man jMlavUle, Burt Jackson and Steve Parson, quered." W. C. Bcane will; have personal 
The show opened April 30, and has been . supervision of the orchestra. Sir.- Fields- in 
iiolug.a.fluebuaiuesB. , at bis home, Belleville, N. I. 

son. In the Brat part each member, except 
the end men, will appear In white trouseri 
and vests, with evening dress coats : the end 
men with black trousers, crimson coats and 
vesta. People- engaged at present are : . Cun- 
ningham and ninln. In songs and dances and 
their original sketch. "Pastimes In .Old Vlr- 
glnln :" McMatheirs. Juggler nntl bag punch- 
ing specialty : the Dana Quartette, In vocal 
selections, and Fields and Hanson, In their 
musical comedy set, entitled "Music Con- 

who arc In their 
tenth week with Ibelr own company, ibe 
Gaskell stock Co., will resume plnylng vaiido- 
vlllc - engagements nl Fort sliechlau Park. 
Chicago. July t7. They are booked almost 
solid until next Spring. Iiicliidlug leu weeks 
on the Orphrum circuit and six weeks on 
Hie Keith circuit, Pnator's and other Indi- 
vidual houses. 

Helen Pki.i.etieii. soprtino vocalist, who 
Is now meeting wltb success In the North- 
west, will he known In future ns Helen Tren- 

Casiili.o ami Fona, ncrohnts nud equili- 
brists, lire this week nt Sobuier Park, Mon- 
treal, Can. 

Vardaman, after playing a successful twu 
weeks lit lbs Grnnd llpern House, lliittn, 
Mont., slgued to appear on the Lang circuit, 
mid opened May -ii, at thn Edison Theatre. 
Seattle,. Wash. - 

itEirr Parker writes: "I'upelnnd, Valley 
and myself, after a successful engagement 
through the Month, hud n very eiiToviildu 
two weeks at Cadillac, Mich., at Mr. Cope- 
land's home. We started our park work nt 
LIriu. O., May 30, nud aru hooked up to 

Jiiun W. . VoiiKL.' wife nud pnvty, lert 
I'oliimlius. O., last week In their new private 
car, "America." for n six weeks' fishing trip 
at \ogel's Rench. ou Buckeye Luke. In 
the party were Mr. and Mrs. Kd. Cumuli, 
and- daughter Flora, Chns. Ilrliuslpj', and 
I, 'Is.- PottM.. treasurer and agent of Jolin W. 
Vogcl s lllg Minstrels. 

Maine Mi.'Neii.. coriH-ltlst (bite of Knoll 
and -McNeill, HoMed her second season na 
vaudeville fealiiiv with Ibe Fenberg Stock 
Co., anil has been re-engaged fur next sea- 
son. She will open the Hummer ill TIiouh 
and .Islands. 

Piiof. i'aiii, Me.wiii'h urchestru bus In-en 
engaged for lh« Summer nr Tucson, Arte., 

nud is meeting wllh a ens. 

BlM.v O'Dav vvit'Tus: "I closed my sec- 
ond season with Joe Welsh, In 'The. Ped- 
dler.' and am spending n few weeks nt mr 
Siiiiiiucr home. Xenla. O. I urn hooked for 
a few Ohio park dales and will be back In 
guod old New York about the first of July." 
ll.iv ■ Deiidkn, musical comedian, Is booked 
In and around St. Louis for six weeks. 

John .1. Hahiiimiton, who opened his 
Summer season at llelcherlowil, Mans.. Muy 
2il. has • Kastern jinrks and four weeks nt 
Atlantic City to follow. 

FlHIIEK and Citv/IK Inform us that thev 
are liooked willd until .Nov. 21. and that their 
new act, written by J. J. Warren, has proven 
a big success. 

• Notes fiiiisi Momiok'k Polite K.nteu- 
TAINRRS. — Wn o|u-iicil Ilia Siiluiller seantin 
under i-anvns nt. Elizabeth. W. Vs.. Mnv Hi. 
to.S.Mt. O.. mid (li'iinlsvillc, W. Vs.. priivml. 
In n financial way, In be it repelllloii of the 
previous week's business. The roster uf the 
company lias hern slightly chungeil. The 
Humphreys closed 2:1, but were liniiiedlnli-lv 
replaced by the Three Cliffords (Mantle, Cliff 
and Hiihy Kdnni, who have nl lengthened Hie 
company. Hi her members are: W. Monroe, 
manager: IM. I*. Shaw, lllslne Daruold, Joe 
Coyne, Stella Si. Claire. Ilnrrls and Zim. 
We w»re disappointed In our hiiiid at Hie 
opening of the season, but have liceii very 
fortunate In securing n band ami orchestra 
of ten pieces, which In Itself Is a great draw- 
ing card. Harris and Zliin, In their singing 
an^danclng specialty, are u fenliire Willi the 
show. Everybody Is well nud hnppy, and I lie 
ghost walks every Tuesday. 

HAftar m'Dki.i,, formerly of the Two 
O'lhills,. Harry and May, writes: "I was di- 
vorced from my wife. May (I'Dell, on March 
2(1, at Seattle, Wash., und am now working 
with Ollle Hart, under the team name of 
(•'Dell :md llm-t. We arc making a big suc- 
cess in our new comedy acrobatic act." 

KiiiiiF, Leslie writes: "My wife, Mile. 
Carrie, 'the Belle of Bells.' was the first per- 

Kai.ack.uts Informs us Hint be has been 
III tor Ibree weeks, anil bis ' wife, Lnltio 
I albert, Is III ulso. They do noi know how 
long It will he heforu they are nbls to work 

Vhtuhia Niiiitii has been III al her hoino 
since the Merry Maidens Co. closed. 
..-, , '*!' v ,'; : '-" , ' s, "llNppy-lloollgiin fltt 
« heels, was made a mnniber of Aerin No. 
I. iL'', \ '";" Kl V. H l l, l.,l''rcsiio, Cal., recently. 
He Is booked solid until December. 

James Wiut/ki.i,. Juggler ami hoop roller, 
opened Mw St), with Mrysnl A Savllle'ii 
MlnslreU. nt Doniey Purk, Alleiiiown, Pn.. 
• w i". h S? , K? ,,, " ,,Hrfc ' HfHillng. Ph., to follow; 
I bis Is his seeiind sen so u with llryant & Sn. 

Mi.i.K. riAvoi.i.Y. fuiinerly of I ho Povdsni 
1 1 In. doing ancient, anil tuinleru slalunry. 
cloneil mi eight months' engagement un May 
1. us character woman In the I'muliine aloes: 
to., nt Npukane. Wnah. (In Aug. 1, aha will 
null for Douiiinrk. ' 

riBj, and Ma*. WiiiiuwAiiii. "Tim Orkrlnnl 
hiiiiliurned lliibes," w, : re lust week ut Huns 
Soucl Park. Clinton, In., and their act, thny 
uf the hi'lf UUU ° f "'" Mm '" 11 '""Hn'mt *a It Mi 

Wli.i.|A.\'in am, Pjmhi w ,n P ; -nvs left Hpn. 
kiiiie, Wash., May o;i, f„ r Minneapolis. Wo 
will play dates fur the Mummer llirnuelmin: 
Mliiiiesoiii mid Wisconsin, wh«m we liave it 
number ur week-,! Insikoil. We have Jnsl cumo 
rroiu Juiieuu, Alaska, after n twelve weeks' 
eugngeiiient at .liincaii and Douglas Island, 
mid will rut urn tlmro uexL Full for a sea" 
sun a engiigenient." 

niV". •r*J utn ! T, J Histeiis wrlto: "Wn nrsi 
still ulsvlng nt (ho Follss Marlgny Thentre. 
I ails, Hiitice. Wn will not play Kiissln, oit 
oeeoiiiitur the wur, and mny • consider u 
Lniidun ufTer after this pngngemiuit. Wo 
have been very successful, and are still doing 
iiiiiwn ha. our engagement bus bcou ex- 
tended hern, ' i 

I,. Alueiit Jaxun will put out a Hiinuner 
ii. men 

The Three Dentonh, aerial gymnasts, 

played for two weeks on Lang's Kdlso gmnd former to step on Hie stage nt~C«u\ j" ' |». 

circuit, and met wltb success. Week of May Hopkins'. New Kast. Knd Park, .Meiiiiihls. 

23 they were at the (Irsnd, Victoria, II. C, Tenn., Sunday. May 22. My wife and I are 

und pjayed Tacoma, Wash., 30. -hooked up 'solid In Western and Southern 

The Wilson Trio, after closing n season 'parks until Oct. 10." 

of forty-two weeks with the Hose Hill Folly Clarence Wilm.-ii. who bus been under 

Co., are playing dates, and report success the management uf the Scrlhner Drew 

In their comedy Dutch act. Amusement Co. for the past season, will 

• RtiaSELL ami Di'NtiAR write from Denver, lie featured by the same llrm during next 

Colo.. May 21): "We are doing nicely out season In the musical extravaganza, "Dev 

here, whore wc meet many acts from the ll's Daughter." Mr. Wilbur will be .sup- 

V*»t-" purled, by an excellent company. Ills act. 

Piikhs Ei.iiiuiHiE has gone to Europe for a "Patsy's Day Off," was a big success wllh 

brief rest. He expects to return here in time the Tiger Lilies show for the past forty- 

to open his sesson about Aug. 1. three weeks. 

T»M Bateman. who recently closed thirty- ) Tub Reverb Ri« will remain nt the 

eight weeks with the Clnrn Trirncr Co., says Howard Theatre. Huston, until It closes. 

lie met with great success. , jnfter which they will appear again In vnude- 

Aiitiii'ii Lane ami Grace KmrrKR. fur- vllle, opening at Pastor's. 

tnerl/ of Kellter and Diamond, have Joined HaiHr Le Clair has been engaged for the 

hands. The new team will be known a* Klaw. & Krbinger Drury Lane production, 

Ijneand Kellfer, and will present the comedy '"The Beauty and the Beast," lo ploy the 
sketches given by the old team. < part uf the butch nurse girl. 

park hIiiiw, iniiili! up exeliiHlvely of colore.I 
performers iind upenlug June j!i, fur a luur 
of the middle West, sinning from Chicago. 

Alirni;!! L. Ca.mI', mage manager of Hid 
I'.leventh Avenue Onr-rn iToiisi'. Alloonn, Pa., 
c losed Ibu s«;nsoii May 21, with the Engles' 
Mlnslrels. liming n,e closing of the first 
liart Mr. ( Hinp was presented wllh nil Eaglo 
wntch fob anil an Lnglo chiirin from his 
stiigj' employes. Mr. Cuinp iiuidi) un uppro- 
prlnle speech of thanks.' 

James C. Intent ami Fi.uiience Don. 
ma x Iwre formed u piirlnersblii. and will 
he- known as llenimtt and Doriiian. Tlibv 
ivlll present nn original cbanicliir cuiiiefly, 
skiich by llniiiey (Vernrd, emitted "Tli.Vo 
wllh lie (.nulls." The llrst perforinnitce ,>£ 
this sketch was given nt Ilia Hun Tun Tha. 

that It met with liitdanliHicoiis biicccss. 

Lysti'.r and Cihik have been ru-iiitgugeit 
hv i him. II. Wnliliuii, for Hie I'nlaec Theatre, 
Htisioii. In August. 

.MiLiutn; Leslie, uf Ittiticr. Jaculm mnt 
.oiviys show, him Jqliied hands' with Art 
lahiionils, boxer and wrenller, nud the lemii 
will bereiifier be known as Eilinonda mul 
Ltliiiouds. In tin up In ditto trick bug punch- 
Ing. boxing and physical culture net. 
. Mil. ami Mrs. Jack IIiiicu, Illusionists, 
ujieiied tbelr pink seasun nt West End llclalits 
™*- «• !*•!"•* Mo., week of Mny HI. This 
Is their third year In Edward Bhoyuo'B cir- 
cuit of parks. 

Miu.akii [Iiids. f mil mid lloh), bleycld 
experts write: ,"»'c opennd Mny .'10, 11 0* 
loll, Jllcb,, wllh .Midway Park, Ciimbrlilgo, 
<»., to follow, our net win one of tbo suc«. 
cesses of the bin, mid we were ufTered n re- 
turn date In August. ||„|,' M daring rlda 
down n Might of steps backwards, bus re. 
celved a gieiit deal or commendation. Wo 
are hooked solid until September." 

Noriis Haiii.ow ft Wilson's Min. 
S'IIiei.h. — I'hls ciimpaiiy eliiscd lis regular 
season uf rial y. live wiu-kn al Plllsliiirg, Pit. 
II whs ii very successful season for ns. Our 

Hniiiiuer s ou will upen June III, and con. 

Unite urn II Aug. jo. unr Full mid Whiter 
seiison will begin Aug. 22. Messrs. Barlow 
A; IMIsuii have under contract si'vern I nov- 
el lies fur the coining Full •and Winter sen. 
sou, mid will carry tlf I y people. Our earn 
arc being thoroughly and put hi 
llrst class condlHiiii. Mr. Wilson purchased 
a i oluiiilila loin lug automobile, mid will 
carry It with Die eunuiiliiy this Sunmier. Fuiniesteii. who bus been fur tbo 
iiiihI Urn weeks plii.vlug Troy ami Hyrneiisn, 
Ims four weeks inure at Troy, then she will 
go tu her home In Itsltlmure for n vacation, 
She has signed with Uellly it WimiVu Show 
for next season. ' ' 

Ai.imiir K. FAitiiKLI,, miislcal director of 
the Metropolitan Dancing Acuilemy fur lbs 
limit three years, has renewed Ida cold rart, 
and will renuilii under thn sume iiiniiiigeuicnt 

Et.Fii; De Itui'K writes from Marlon, Ind.. 
May it), ns follows: "I am. hack In harness 
again, after a lung Illness, which necessi- 
tated n surgical .opcriitTiiii, which came nenr 
teriuliuiiiiig my earenr. 'nils Is my third 
week's work since my recovery. ( have been 
reengaged lieie fur n second week. On Juno 
I open at West Side Pink. Miincle, Ind., 
and sin booked to Aug. I, In parks," 

Mai'Iik Lur.ri'A, of Lwlla and Summer*, 
who has been III fur the past, few weeks, Is 
again nt work. The team Is plo-vlng h re- 
turn engagement at the I'lipllnl Music Hall, 
Helena, .Mont, If Is hooked full fur thn 
Summer, the princl|iiil, buokliigs bollig that 
uf n circuit of Western parks. . 

MoiniELl, and Evans returned from En- 
gland Itisl week, Thoy will visit their bonis 
in I. us Angeles. j 

Morrison and Berwick opened Mm B, 
at Ashland, (>., for the Summer, with OTItira 
& Watson's lllg Vaudeville Hlmw, under can- 
vas. They me bunked to I be coast. Tlicle 
time Is all lllled until March next. . 



• JU$E 11. 



(ci —■ ■I, 4 it I 




KniTontAJi akiI Rnsiinwa Manigbb. 


. JWmftwtn Bureoa 
Of til* ¥ew York Clipper, 

•Vital Mln^lr. < 111. 

Hou« 50J, Aaltland Block, Chicago. 

Two theatres — lh<> Columbus and Hopkins' 

llii: Summer "Hiislrr Brown"' may pusluly 
pin t a return engagement berr. 

Ia Sauk Thkatbe iJJurk G. I.i win, uii-i 
urss manager).— The hriridredtb. | s-r forma nr 
of "The Roval Chef" is announced (or 'Hon- 

Prof.. Dodds plclurea will eulertalu jaiion, 
llie'iiage. '• ■ ' ■'; ". I,, ' 

difKm'tf i'oM,i.ND Doo, BHow^^fplcfc 
spent lair week at Forest Aveane, aa^lMMyV 
ll(th street, abnred the misfortunes of other 
showmen during the siege of rain and cola 
weather which made it an .unseasonable 

caJtod'T** Mi «f Joy,'" tturiM thVWest. 
T^j/rtrnt Jr., Allea.cHmlsy Fruiik,.Fuy. 
jirrerwand Foy' #111 be principal In 


dsv evening A. Thr ■ engagement la atlll In- 

definite, nml the rlever musical piece, ao , 
■lusort their, season .Saturday ulglit, June mt \\ aone by Hi? cnpntilo botiae atoik forces, imtIihJ hereabouts. They wtlt divide the cat- 
4, nml two iDflre — the Studibaker and BIJou 
— will end llieir aeaaon next Saturday night. 

SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 1904. 

II. Two novelties And place In the three 
change* of hill which attract chief attention 
enuring upon the week of fl-lt. First In Im- 
porrnner Ih the original presentation, nt Mr 
Yicker's 'llicalre, on Sundae evening, .'>, of Arthur's comedy drama, "A Htlilnes* 
Mnn," In which William Norrls, liclug feat- 
in ured, begins li|s lift It consecutive Summer a* 

Advertisement* set with border, 10 per a Chicago entertainer. (In the same evening 

"The Tenderfoot," which: reintroduced IMrh- 
n nl Cnrle lo bin hunt of Chicago udraircrs, 
begins wlmi l» hoped will Im> a Hlifnrtter. run 
r.t ihe Illinois. Monday evening wr have, at 

Aovertlieinrtita— J2.80 per Inch, finite col- 

nrowa In popularity an its term of public rent daya between three other locations on 

fa lengthens. the South side, and their show warranta 

Buoit TitMTRE (Wm. Roche, business good patronage If the weather ■Ban will I do 

manager;.— John M. Warde's production of the right t bint by tbem. H. P. Hill Is gen- 

"A Hidden Crime" comes Sunday afternoon, eral agent, and nl*. excellent newspaper jyork 

ceut. extra, 

si list flH'TION. 

'one TtMt in adrahce, $4; all month*, »2; 
three month*, tl. Foreign postage) extra, 
Single copies will be aenl, postpaid, on re- 
ceipt of M centa. 

Our Tenon aire Cain. 
THR CLtPPER Is Issued every Wednesday 
morning. The last foor (advertising) pages 
OO TO PRESS on Saturday at 11 ». m., and 
the, other pages on MONDAY and TUESDAY, 
•the ai'ortoB Cloalnar Promptly. T««* 

rowers', our llrsi view of "Vivian's I'apiia,' 
fi-alurliig lllnni'he King. At Ihe SludC- 
baket. on Monday Bight, "The Sim « inn" en- 
ter^ upon the concluding week or n lung en- 
gagement : '•Tin 1 Royal Chef" celebrntcK Its 
out- hiiiuli'i'ilth ]m rfominnce at the I. a Halle 
Theatre, mi the bbbio evening, and. Blurting 
Sunday, {' The Maid nnd the Mummy," at the 
ifnrtlrk, nnd "Vork Stale l^'olka," at the (irent 
Northern, enter upon the second week nf, 
■it prraent. Imlennlte engngpnients. Anna 
Held, mi Saturday night. llnUbed a fairly , 
«ar, at 1U o'clock A. M. fortnight at the llllnol*. "The bor I l V T H m '. '" •>'«<•« ">f »5 e 11 P^i'fJ 1 ™.?; 

pi»sm remit by express, money order, check, Sllvir Slipper" ended three weeks, nf very ■ MlK {, ed b >; JaB, «" Dur \ nd V| u'V.™. ^ ,11 
, Fieasercmiiuyeii'".™. "".»y • . ......r* „, M-vieker-ii the kiime even, he the prima donna, Kred Huttmann the 

P. O. order or registered letter. All cash en- f^^gg « %"#&£,£?£, Zn' If 1 ":. \& i^e. comedian, and Wm. ttlley 


.1, In begin the last week of the season here, 
following "To Die at Dawn,',' another of Mr. 
Wnrde'n productions. In which K. Lawrence 
Lie and Klsle Crescy enacted me|odramatlc 
■>inntH" to the great delectation of goodly 
crowds, ending 4. 

Trorl.fc'.s Tiiiuthb I Millie Wlllard Nel- 
son, manager i. —May lloamerV stock com- 
pany finishes the last week of its season 
Sunday evening. .*i, presenting "A Celestial 
MaliLeii," whirl, iittincteil <-onslderable In- 
terest during the past week, because of Its 
llmt nrcnentntlon In t'hlragu. Miss llosmer 
and tier associates gave a creditable per- 
foriniinie of Ctaas. Ulrirb'a Chinese drama, 
bringing another aeaaon for this popular 
organisation to a notable close. Summer 
opera takes up the entertalument of West 

uas attracted much public attention, which 
H la booed will be turned into dollars tbia 

a uera Mondae eTenlna "The MaTcot" being »<• Chicago from Mt Cornell*, where be la 
lhef?»lH«T tSfi. Ill hSrd llndaiy Ivho uaeg ? pendlhA u vacation and natifled hi. many 
to lend, the orchestra nt the former Dear- 5fi* .»/. *'»'«»•*»«• feif" „ th S„Sf " 

. Ko.«e COfhlas and cnHpany, 
.MK^g'ier and tarfnie, Ilid (ircab Kvertiar:. 
and (has. W. Sweet will be stars in Cleve- 
land's "greater vaudeville" bill next week. 

• ft ' r . ■ ' i W» ■ 


,,.,. • JOHAJIKkSBtRO, MAI 2. 

Tbt boom that the Johannesburger baa 
been looking forward to with so much anxletv 
ArxitRMATH. — Billy Kentanda"' Mlnatrela for t be past eight months, has come at last, 
was the closing attraction of the season »t and good tmea. appear to have * »i»a-t». «jjr 
Hopkins' Theatre, endlnk 4. Anne Buther- 0> Amt time.. Sot only a the *hange felt 
Inn'ls fifth week of "stoSk starring," at the ' 
Oiliiiiibua, eqded the season at that house 
the same evening, "The Two Orphana" being; 
the concluding bill Leslie Preston's Chi- 
cago friends are rejoicing with her because 
ol her engagement by David Belasco for One 
of the prominent roles In "The Darling of 
the ftods," opening the season with tbe 
World's Fair production of Rlancbe Bates' 
starring vehicle, Jnly .11 Nick Nor- 
ton, manager for Hyde A Behman, of 
the Tark Theatre, Brooklyn, came over 

closed With letter is at tbe risk of sender. 
Addreaa AH Communication* »o 

47 West 28th Street, New York. 
i7.,tl*frrcd cable Aiirctn, "Airtuualtx." 


Of TB» Cliwh li located nt Room 602, 
Ashland Block. Chicago, Walter K. Hill, 
manager and correspondent, Where adver- 
tisements and Bubacrlptloua are received ot 
our regOlrtt ratoa. !"i ^ 


Located at 48 Cranbourne St., Loudon, W. C, 
J P. Cmigblan, manager and correspondent, 
where adveillsemenls and aubacrlptlona are 
received at. our regulur rate*. 


dny eveulng. "The Karl of fawturket" 
(jnlti Towers' nfler nil engagement more 
noteworthy us n comedy success tluiti a 
financial ^schlevemint. Memeorhil Day 

uintlnrc* nt nil theatres started the past 
week moit propitiously, but nfier the holi- 
day ciowd* had deposited their coin the 
monetary returns of the' week fell to only 
fair proportions generally. The weather 
man was unkind to out or door nmuaemeuts, 
which began Inst Saturday with the re- 
openlnc of Hnns Soucl anil Water Chules 
parks, rnlu having a decidedly dampening 
effect upon llin patronage. The return of 
"The nisnrd of Ost" to the (irand Opera 
House has thus far rc.sulleil, for (he most 
pari, In eniNiclty business. Our stock coin- 
pnuy thentrcs are entering upon the begin- 
ning of i heir season's cud, and within a 
fortnight a vast majority uf our theatres 
will be In the hands of contractors and their 
woikliigineti, underlining nllerntlous wllb a 
view lo complying with the new ordinances. 

,„.. . Nn BirriiL. at onr agenla, Breiitano'a once a theatre closes It cannot reopen 

***? •". -" M7 Avenue de I'Opera, ratla, «» n place or amusement, until every re- 

nowa depot, "7 Avenue ue '"V" '-J^S .iiilrcment of the new regulations have, been 

France ; M. Llllrnthal, I rederlck J* 1 ™" 8 ruily complied with. In this connection the 

J, IdUir | ■»»» »»..— ——. . ^^ .kill/ Bjajl 

101 (Terminus Hotel), Berlin, N. W., uer- ,nse of 
wrtny ; Diamond News Co.. 07 Prado, Qa- prove a 
vaiia; Manila Book, aud Stationery Ca, ra 
Kscolta, Manila, P. I.: Allisrt ft Bon, 187- 
130 rflng^ Bt, Bydney, Australia. ' 

: VlUS' SEW VORK CUPPrftpulillake. jjanj-ja^-g, ujm&mXCVmmi "*$<*« mterrnptlng the performanc, 
only one edition, and that la aateo |0 b0 fl ()f Mf ir nt Tls r obligation to put CLEVELASft/a Theatbe (Wm. 8. Cleveland, 

rrom H*»w lork. the house in perfect condition lor use a* n manager).— !• or week storting Sunday arter- 

■ T ■* 

the. Iroquola Theatre la likely lo 
bone of strenuous lecal contention. 
A* Is now Well known. Win. Harris, of Boa- 
Ion, Hume time ago purchased the Iroquois 
property, and arranged to lenso It to Hyde 
& llelunnn, of llrooklyn, and Harry Davis, 
of Pittsburg, for vaudeville purpose*. In 

Hatch the baritone. "The Mikado" Is In 
preparation. It Is tbe Intention to con- 
tinue. tbe presentation of opera through tbe 
Summer. ,■ 

Bran Tevpi.r Theatre (T. J. Kearnan, 
mnnuger). — The Player's Stock Co. will be 
seen this week In 'The Two Orphans," 
with firace Reel* the Henrlette, and Mlgnon 
Foster the Louise. An Interesting novelty 
will be the Impersonation of Mother Frochard 
by Morris Mcllugh. Last week's bill was 
•The Man from Mexico." and "A Milk White 
Ting" may rlose the season next week. 
. IliiWAnn'H Tiiratbe (Lorln J. Howard, 
manager). — A Summer season of cotnedv, 
with the already low prices further reduced, 
will begin Sunday, !>. with the stock com- 
pany presentation ot "A Crazy Idea." Lorln 
J. Howard was at the head of the cast pre- 
senting "Lights or Uotham" last week. The 
house will remain open Indefinitely. 

fiiiCAiio Ui'kiia House (Kohl ft Castle, 
managers). — Kntertnlners promised for week 
■•( U-ll Include : Alston and Rarle, the Mc- 
Dowells, Collins aud Kenne, Traske and 
(Madden. Koblnann and Grant, Anna Cald- 
well. KckhotT and Gordon, Kheras and Cole, 
Swan and Ramhard, 1* Roy and Clayton, 
ceo. Thatcher, the HalloWay Trio, Kad'e 
Leonard, tbe Four Madcaps, and Geo. K. 
.spoor's klnndroroe. This house how has the 
down town vaudeville exclusively to Itself, 
and It la planned to rrtnaln open all Sum- 
mer, making the required structural changes 

In business circles, but in tbe amusement 
world, and all tbe theatres and music balls 
out here are doing exceptionally good busi- 

At the. Empire P»la*e Alice. Pierce, rt he re- 
fined American mlailc, , ,ls flaying the' lust 
week of her engagement, which has been un- 
doubtedly the most successful engagement 
the remarkable little lady baa ever, played. 
She and her mother (who assists her by Join- 
ing In some original little duets from the 
wings) have been stopping at tbe moat ex- 
clusive hotel In town ever since they ar- 
rived here, and have mixed in with quite, tbe 
best people In town. She baa been qnlte an 
artistic triumph, and ber refined mimicry 
and personal charm will long be remembered 
In Johannesburg, and also In Cape Town, 
where she goes next week for a six weeks' 
engagement. Tbe newest sensation on tbe 
Kmnlre programme Is being furnished by 
Stale js Transformation Co., an act (all 
Americana) something like the Staley-Blr- 
beck transformation, but much more elabor- 
ate and sensational, as they keep on chang- 
ing hack and forth three or four times, and 
the young lady In the act doe* no less than 
eight changes altogether, which are marvel- 
oiislv quick. Tbe Staleya' opening night Is 
one that will long be remembered In Johan- 
nesburg. The audience, who were too stti- 
plded at the suddenness of the change* 
throughout tbe show to applaud, rose al- 
most In a body and cheered wildly, tbe per- 
formers having to take no lea* than a dozen 
bows. The Staley men have also earned n 
nice reputation for good fellowship ont here. 
The other performers appearing on the same 

Bmgramme ore: Elaine Ravensberg, English 
urlesque ; Jack I.ane. Yorkshire comedian : 
. Llllle saville, comedienne: Oakley and 

disposed of his residence, as reported Jatnea, In a comedy sketch: Kranleln Krallk, 

Following "The Mho-Gun s'.' ten weeks' run. 

week. Ills visit to tbe Western Bureau 
of The Clipper was reminiscent nf many 
pleasant hours I have spent with him In 

years past Chicago's theatrical colonv 

were allocked by the news that on Friday 
last. June .1, Charles P Elliott had committed 
suicide by rutting his throat In a dressing 
room of tbe Si. Cloud, Minn., Theatre, 
where hi* company wa* playing. Mr. El- 
liott' had for the past ten years been 
promlaent In the management and pro- 
motion of stock companies in Chicago, 
his last local venture having been a dlsHs- 
terous season at the Thlrty-flrat Street Thea- 
tre, which ended In the middle of the past 
Winter. Later be undertook the management 
of Florence Stone, In a "night stand'' tour of 
the nearby States, ending In ber establish, 
■nenl at Hie head of a Summer stock com- 
pany at tbe Lyceum, Duldth Because 

of tbe great expense Incurred In the neces- 
sary alterations In Powers' Theatre, 
Manager Harry J. Power* has found 
It encumbent upon him to sell a part 
of his real estate holdings iu this city 
lo Harry J. Fiirber Jr. Mr. Towers has not 

the Studebaker will remain closed until Aug, 
1. when It will reopen for the coming season 
with a new production, by Henry W. Savage. 
....It Is said that Sue Van Duser, a recent 
recruit to the Players' Stork Co.,' coming 

German tyrolean singer : Fred DunBtone, ec- 
centric comedian: Alice Dlgby, serlo, and 
last, bnt not least, the Three Haytors. com 
rdy sketch people, well known In America, 
who have made a really big success here. 
At the Tlvoll. Cape Town, the Valdarea, 

from the Nashville stock, may succeed Grace Marzella-Lukushlma Tron|>e, and Kurt Shep- 

Reuls as leading woman nt the Hush Temple hard combination are still running, 

next season Miss Reals Is engaged to go to Among the performers who are arriving on 

Ihe Pacific coast for a reason' In stock, be- this. weeks' mall to open at the Tlvoll, Cane 

ginning July 1 Belle Gordon writes to Town, and Empire, Johannesburg, are the 

me from San Francisco ot the success the Salambos, Geo. Bastow, Hlstorlcus. the child 

has attained with her clever hag punching wonder: Prince Kokln, Kuth Lytton and 


->" ' ' ^aa»»*^iB«a^«-**»* 

No Replies by Mall or Telcuraph. 


rwre-S'****!. "ares, TSS 

aoitmif sT.Kkft TO ui'ii ijh* •>» Muutes 



O. T. L.. While Plains.— We Have no 
knowledge, of the present whefahonls in the 
nnilv Address letter Iu Cure of this office. 
SnTwe will Tdvcril** It In Tub CLtrpEK 
letter list; ~ 

J. W. II.. Buffalo, 

K. I*., Steplielivllle, 

T. U., Sciirmtale, 

B. (\, cenireville, 

M. p- w., Rurrtiio, 

V. fj- New Vnrk, 
P. p., llilladi'lpbln, 
J. N„ Newark, 

C. I. D., Brownsville, nnd . A . t 
H M. Halilinom. — See answer lo O. J, I* 

,': c ' &s Clly.-:'Kr m ii.le" ni hw 
for the Orst time la Amerlcn May 10. ISM 
nt the SSm, -New York fly. Marlon Ma 
"ml* then made her American light uperi 

'^W 1 !!. L.. HI. UmU— Adilress Mr. Hnn1, 
twentieth floor, Park Row Bnlldlng. New 

(ft .M. ,y i!nloiivllle.— l'eb. 1. 18M0, nt the 
liiiHii Ereat Tlmiin;. Sau gSBJf+y* 1 
U l<: It., Den MolneB.— She dbl not. 

iliiliinioir. — You vim only suc- 


_, perit-. 
lliestre. 1'lBtiM having been prepared, an 
application wns made last week lo the Uuild- 
lug Commissioner for a permit to begin the 
work of alterations nml rebuilding. The 
city authorities, although admitting that the 
PIsok con rem pin led a complete adaptability 
lo all requirement*, refused lo either grunt 
the permit or refuse It. Mr. Harris at- 
I urney ■ vent before Judge Ulhlwns and ob- 
tained n writ of mandamus compelling the 
Issuance nf the building permit, and tbe 
work of reconstruction will be pushed for- 
vviitd ns rapidly us Possible. Mayor Harri- 
son now declares himself In advance that 
a license Will not be Issued for tbe opera- 
tion of Git theatre. Mr. Harris, baring be- 
gun rebuilding operations, declares that be 
will seek the aid of the courts when the time 
comes. -. 

Illinois Tiiratbe (Will J. Davis, mona- 
ircrl. — Itlcliard Carle returns with "The 
JViidorfool" on Sunday evening, fi, to begin 
till engagement uf ludclliilte duiatlon. Many 
of Inst Summer's favorites are numbered 
among the nrlnripnlu, who Include, • besides 
Mr. Carle. Ileitry Nonnuii, Edmund Stanley, 
riinlles Wiiyne, Thomns Moyles. William 
Hock, Alma Youlln, Agues l'anl, Nelllo Vic- 
toria and Ethel Johnson. Anna Held s fort- 
night ot "Mum'selie Nii|ioleuu," which ended 
Suturduy uigbt. resulted In a fair meaaure 
ot nnnnclnl reward, the costumes and scenic 
enrlrnnmeiit ot the Zlcgf.-id production call- 
ing forth highest nralse. Tlie enmpuny cloned 
Its season with (his engagemeut. 

Pownmn' TtiKATtiH (Many J. Powers, nino- 
ager). — Blanche King, with l^o Ditilch- 
steln, nre featured by Itleli * Harris, In the 
nrudiicl Ion of "VIvIhii'h I'npns," which, on 
Nlouilny evrnlng, (I. begins an Indeilnlte run 
uf this braise. With an extra perfuiinnitcr 
of 'The Earl of. I'uwtueket." ou Sunday 
night, n, I.nwrrm e D'Orsay ends live weeks 
of fair business, hut great artistic success. 

MoViokbii's tiieatkk (Geo. V.. Warren, 
linslness ta ri tin ger). — Wllllnni Norrls Is feat- 
ured in Jiuoh l.lit's production of "A Ilnsi- 

loon, .'• : Lewis and Ityan. Harry Linton and 
Ihe Lawrence Sisters, 'Colby nnd Way, Dixon, 
Mowers and Dixon. Belle Stone, Rnht. Mr- 
Wade and company, Laredo and Blnke. and 
l.en Itapoll — surely as good a vaudeville as 

specialty during her present tour of the Or- 
plm-m circuit, which ends with two weeks 

at Los Angeles, lieglnnlng (I Lyman R 

(Ilovfr. 'ong n fori-eful local critic, llcnuett 
Eastman, dramatic critic of The A'ccuiou 
Journal, and James O'Donnell Bennett, dra- 
raaflc critic of The Hrivril-HfraUl. sat In 

v tl , < ; ul^il-^'^.^.rr'^^T.L'^^^.nH J«ngment upon the merits of the pupils of 
^"'".^'L 1 !..,™"!.!"!!^^/^!^??^^*?^ Hart Conway's Chicago Musical Coflcge Krl- 

nttrnct packed houses on Saturday and Sun- 
day, In spite ot the. weather, whatever the 
varying brand may Is?. 

Tbocapkro TiiEATnR (Itoliert Fulton, man- 
ager). — The engagement of Fulton's Jolly 
(irkss Widows, ending 4, was, practically, the 
opening of the Summer season of stock bur- 
lesque. Many of the members of Manager 
Fulton'* road company will remain here for 
the heated term, tnklng part In a round ot 
burlesque presentations which promise to sur- 
pass all former (nnd always creditable) ef- 
forts of this popular management. For the 
iilirrent day* tb> title selected. Is the Peek-a- 
Iloo Girls, the olio engaging Bessie Taylor. 
Chapman and Nelson. Anderson and Wallace 
ltnlley and Splller. nnd others. Bessie Tay- 
lor will be principal boy, and tbe other lead- 
er* In the "beauty show" will be Mae Bil- 
liard, Maud Allen and Lucille Noel. Tbe 
comedians will be Alex. Carr and Guy Haw- 
aoo. two old line fatoritea here. Joseph E. 
Howard will stage the Bummer productions, 
and there will be the usual two dally ner- 
formanres with weekly change of bills, ftat- 
urdny night, 4, ended the first season for 
lids bouse as a spike In the burlesque 
"wheel." nnd. nil things considered, marked 
prosperity attended the change of amusement 

- S.\M T. Jack's THEATRE (Sidney J. Knsr.n. 
manager). — The combination season ended 
here Saturday night, 4, with the engage- 
ment of the European Sensatlou Sbow. 
Sunday nfterunnn. f>, the season nt Hummer 
burlesque Will begin with "Llllies and Lob- 
sters." Ed. Morris, Frank Finney aud 
Chris I. nne, last season's favorites, are lead- 
er* lu the comedy section of this Summer's 
company. Lena l.nronvcr, Helen Russell. 

day afternoon, In competition for gradua- 
tion awards. The Joseph Jefferson diamond 
inednl was awarded to Franklin I'. Bendtsen. 
and tlie Chicago Musical College gold uiedul, 
the second prize, was awarded to Vivian 
Hector, who defeated a large Held of dra- 
matic aspirants. . . .Baseball nines from "Tho 
Itoyal Cher 1 and "The Wizard of Oz" will 
coBtpete for charity'* sake at the West sldo 
boll park. James J. Corbet t will be the umpire, 
and no disputing hi* decisions will be al- 
lowed Wm. ond Agnes Ahem are back 

borne for a visit In Chicago after thirty-six 
consecutive weeks In Pacific coast vaudeville 

houses Martin Beck Is due In Chicago 

Sunday from bis European trip. He wns 
met in Xew York by bis secretary, Edward 
C. I layman, and by Max C. Anderson and 
John J. Mtirdnck, where the last of the week 
was spent lb booking attractions for the 
houses combined in the Western Associa- 
tion of Vaudeville Managers The 

Menervn company, which produced "The Ten- 
derfoot."' will make a new production at 
Ihe Illinois Ibis Summer. Cbupia and 
Seeley are the authors, and It will probable 
be called "The Forbidden Land." It will be 
produced as soon na "The Tenderfoot" 

wanes In popularity John B. Wilson, 

one nf Chicago's most widely known the- 
atrical photographers, committed suicide 
Thursday, li, by Inhaling Illuminating gas 
in his Wabash Avenue studio. When be 
opened his studio In State Street, near what 
Is now known a* Hopkins' Theatre, twenty 
yeara ago, he speedily became one of the 
most popular photographers in Chicago. Tbe 
theatrical profession frequented his place 
from the beginning, nnd there Is 
hardly na actor or actress ot any 

Madge Mayfleld. 

The dalety Company I* playing a return 
engagement nt His Majesty's Theatre here. 
They put on "The Medal and the Maid." but 
took It off after the first week, and are play- 
ing "The Toreador" now to packed houses 
nightly, regardless of the fart that It has 
lieen plaved here before. "The Duchess of 
Danzig" 'Is on the bills for next week. The 
.lames Welch-Sadie Jerome Co. closed at the 
Standard, and the Bass-Nelson • Co. opened 
there ngnln, and is doing very good business 
with 'The Admirable Crlrhton.' 

Tlie Brongh Comedy Co., a very good com- 
bination of performers, I bear, are playing 
In Cape Town, In tbelr repertory, being "Tbe 
Morrlsee nf Kitty" and "The Light that 
Failed." This company have lately returned 
from India, where they bad a very successful 

I would like to add a few words In refer- 
ence to a portion of a letter from W. C. 
Fields, which appears In Tub Clipper dated 
April 2. In the Ixmdon letter. The letter, 
your estimable London representative claims, 
is one written to O. K. Sato, and I take it 
was a personal one. Knowing Mr. Fields per- 
sonally, and associating with him and his 
wife a great deal while they were out here, 
and naturally knowing their minds on such 
matters as African fond, etc., I can only aay 
that 1 am quite certain that Mr. Fields was 
only Joklug with Mr. Sato, and that Mr. 
1'ieldB could not have approved ot tbe publi- 
cation of any part of bis private letter. For 
the benefit of some .of the performers who 
may be coming to Africa, I wish to save them 
from having a fright about tbelr engagement, 
and give them a few facta as to the cost of 
living out here. I have been out here fifteen 
months, and naturally know what I am talk- 
ing about. Most of tbe vaudeville performers 
who come out here, either take rooms and do 
their own cooking, or else atop at the Austra- 
lia Hotel, nnd some go to the Central — both 
hotels being very good na far as food Is con- 
cerned, and having nice, clean baths, with 
hot and cold water. They charge profes- 
sionals only £3 a week, which la equal to 

r&to&^^r^MSJiS A 55 Ml.nT^a^om'i'.dy'dramn/'by lie Arthur; & ^fi£. Afe ^L ^h'.'cV °^i no.ewbose"plcTur;-dld"not ado™ h.s^.leVy'. fnoVtMK '.These hotels are within hve and 
(l ulb> uinwug isrs .. which will. Ik- W. the ihst time on. any '!«££& MAI"**!" J ft. l *L'L.'"KE ■■ ■■ :•■ • •*'*><'««?.» »™ ».»-« W V ™ Sfi. ™i?iil e 1 *- a k J~ ra J^JftK 1 / 8 JEM 

■*!&. B. L. (L. Atlantic City.— A New York 
biiHiiiiiss directory will furnish yoii a list. 

J. P. 0., Detroit.— Wo uever Indulgo lu 
couiparlaolis. j nueMU . r _ Mir ^ m ot m 

well known show prlul companies. 
K. H. X., Newark.— We have uo menus of 

know u *"- (l Kiigiiijetb.— ■ Sonic costumer* may 

stage, st this popular theatre Sunday ulghl, 
ri. Four weeks' tluie has been allot led to 
the new piny, then the house will close to 
undergo alterations in conformity wllh the 
latest require men l a of tbe building depart- 
ment. Oil Saturday night, 4, "The Silver 
HIlptK'r" ended three weeks of generally 
good business and closed Ihe company season, 
(in ami Opkra House (Fred it. Hamlin. 

cam such h thing In their stuck, hut It Is business vianngeri. — "The Wlxard of Oz 

a- mil lu have ll msdu toy a property man. In which Montgomery nnd Stone are tea 

' V\-\ioih. Cumdcn.-I. They did. 2. No. tired, remains iv poieni nit i action nf th 

,......, ..,..« ...... i..,» n .... .1,,. , .....mi.... .I.......... .....1 ...til ........... 

.1. Ill IS7JI. 4. He died long before Hie ploy 
was llrst produced. . _ _ .,.„,.„ 

F H C, New urleniis.— 1. Jos. T. lnnuln 
died! Jiilv IH. IRS'i, at Boston, Mass. 2. 
Mnilnine 'Anna Bishop died Mnri-h IS, 18K1, 
nl New York Clly. 

"N f. I " — 1. The title was llrst used Tor 
a u'luv In IMP. nnd hns lavn used several 
nines' since llien for other plnys. ,-•„, l"« 
inm Will" was Ihe llllr under which "Ilnxel 
Kltkc" wns originally produced. 


T. P. L., Colurndo City.— 1. B wins. Our 
records show games played lu 1834. 2. 
Busehall. II was ■ IiivchUhI" by New iorkers 
In the early forties, nnd was played by the 
Knl. kerlmcker Club nlsmt I81n. »'e believe. 
It was nrlglnnlly known tut the New lork 
uume of hnselinll. 3. Town Imll wus n rhiln- 
iielpliln guttle, nnd was played In that city 
from IRXI to 18.MK Inclusive, when the su- 
periority of baseball bocainr evident, nnd It 
wns adopted. Town hall wns then "laid u|kui 
the shelf." . , 

A. H., Chicago.— A wins, 


D. H., Spokane.— The hand count* IS. 

It. T„ Easlmi. -- A waa right In demanding 
thai D. cut the cards. 

II kiii. UiW. Jack. Springfield.— The term 
"(total Flush" Is licit lo he found In uny 
Hiatidard wotk upon Hie p!an>e of |n>ker. 

F. T . Hihisic 1'Al.t.M. — We have no 
knowledge of such u law. Consult n law- 

«»» ■ • ■ 


WMbMr- At the Court Thenlre (E. 
B. I'muzhcliu, innnuRcr) week of May llll- 
Jnne 4. this house was dark. Coming: 
Knowles, the hypnotist, June i! 11. 

Note.— The K. of I'. are getting things In 
(treat shape for Ihelr street fair anil car- 
nival, to he held at the State fair grounds, 
June Li lb. 

popular theatre, and will conllnue severni 
works longer. Mrs. Madge Carr t.'isik, In 
"Mrs. Wiggs. of the cabbage I'nlcb," Is 
booked to follow. 

Ganr'icK: Tiikatiii: (('has. A. Bird, busi- 
ness manager). — lllchnrd Carle's newest urn- 
hlciil comiilv, "The Maid and Ihe Mummy," 
which was originally acted lit Alton. 111., 
nfternoou nf May 2lt, was given for the first 
time lu Chicago Sunday evening, 'Jit, by this 
cast: Washington Stuhba, Fred Lenuox ; 
Bollver. John C. Slnvin; Dr. mishit Dob- 
bins, George Beinie ; MacSWBt, Louis Wes- 
ley ; Lord Ti iverion, Edgar Norton : Itev. 
Adolphus l'luhi, Tom llndawny : Alfalfa 
Mike, Jess Cnltie ; Flu Dobbins. Violet Dale; 
Trlxle Evergreen, l'earl Andrews; Astorln 
Dobbins, Annie Yeninans: Muggsy. Janet 
Priest. The piece Is lu three nets, Isxik by 
Mr. Carle nml music by Hubert Hood Bowers, 
The local critics arc not well Impressed with 
the first pvrjpeuinncf, anil to give Mr. Carle 
nn opportunity to paas upon the merits of 
Ids work, and to afford opportunity for him 
to make suggested Improvements, a special 
performance will lie given Tuesday after- 
noon, June T, when Mr. Carle, who will lie 
then playing the Illinois, Is likely to make 
Improvements and correct Ions which will he 
uf permanent value to the new candidate for 
public favor. IlnsliifSK Improved as last 
week progressed. 

Sn ukuaker Theatre (It. I". Harineyer. 
business maunger). — "Tho Hho-Gnn" enters 
upon lis tenth and final week Monday even- 
ing. II. The Aile-I.euilers piece, gorgeously 
ensluined nnd splendidly staged by Henry 
W. Savage, hns won a popular favor which 
should warrant exprclntlons of n profitable 

(li'i'..tT Xot!Trti:nx Tiir-iTim (James I), 
■rovae, business manager l. — Fred E. 
Wright's production of the lair Arthur Sid- 
man's pastoral Idyll, "York Slate Folks." 
Iiegnti its third Chicago engagement Inst 
Sunday, and will continue for a still in- 
definite lettrt as the altrnrtlnti here. With 
each Ionian this beautiful nice gnllis lb 
popular nfVnr, and business has been Inigr 
ut every performance thus far. Later Tu 

the women. This week's olio names Fer- 
guson and Pussaiorc, the Coltons. the Three 
Cnnstantlne Sisters, the Connelly Sisters, 
and McDonald and lllllmnn. Manager 
EiirOd hns selected the company with rare. 
He promises n fine Hue nf burlesque produc- 
tions, nnd there Is every reason to expert 
a continuance of the marked prosperity 
which this resort hns nil along enjoyed. 

San* Sorct Park (Mai. Alfred Russell, 
manager). — Amusement Director Edward 
Shnyue hns selected another fine bill for the 
second week of the season, opening Sunday 
afternoon. The Three Murvclnus Merrills 
are the feature, others named being the 
Ill-others Dixon, the Juggling Norman*, the 
I'elots, and John nnd Florence Gregson. 
Much rain during the past week seriously 
Interfered with the al tendance. The grounds 
are In tine shape, many hew concessions hav- 
ing been added to the list of "popular hold- 
over*," and another season of prosperity, 
wenther permitting, seems assured. 

lliLi.tMiEn'.H Gabdkn. — Far out on the 
Northwest side of town this resort prospers 
fairly well, vaudeville ot a good sort being 
the attraction. For week of .">: Kunie and 
Ferguson. Prof. Abt. Ihe Hlrkmnns, the Klns- 
Ners, May St. Clair aud other* will enter- 

Water I'nras Park (Wm. H. Strlckler, 
general manager). — It rained upon this re- 
sort as well n* elsewhere last week, and 
business was limited. But. given good weath- 
er, "shooting the chules" will again be re- 
stored to Its mvlable station aa a popular 
diversion. Notable accessions to the conces- 
sionary offering fur this Summer ore tbe mys- 
tic rill, hcltcr ekelter nnd the Indian village, 
which bonsls representatives of many tribes. 
C. II, Neliueyi-r hns the vaudeville conces- 
sion!--, as usual, nnd gives very good shows, 
the current list naming Little Texas, I.orlne 
the flying lady : Little Red Bear and Minnie 
Warren, l'rof. Holt. Tnrqull Anita, and 
Snlmo and Zelma. Twenty-five cents buys 
a lot ot sport within th? Chutes enelosnte. 

Ct, auk: STRKtT MrsK.r.M (Louis M. Hedges, 
innnngrrt. — In curio hall this week wn 
Chlng Ma, Chinese midget, remains thecentre .cession nf considerable magnitude. .. .Al. H 

appearance of Ben Greet's English players 
In Chicago this Summer. It Is planned to 
give two sf /rv«co performances — "Twelfth 
Night" and "An You Like It" — and aa tbe 
guarantee which Mr. Greet requires Is nearly 
secured, the time and place will probably be 
the Saddle and 'Cycle Club's grounds In Lake 
Forest, July 10 Nellie Lynch will sne- 
ered Mamie Ryan In "Tbe Tenderfoot" when 

It opens at the Illinois Sunday nlgbt 

diaries K. Bray, manager of the New Or- 
leans Orpheum, who has been In Chicago dur- 
ing the past week, will soon go to Minne- 
apolis to superintend the construction of the 
new Orpheum In that city J. C. Mat- 
thews has congregated a strong array of 
Vaudeville attractions under bis management 
for appearances In Summer parks and upon 
the road lu vaudeville next season. Leo Ita- 
poll. Fred Zobedle, the French Brothers and 

Herr Albert are stars in his lot The 

local courts have dissolved the manuscript 
piny business formerly conducted by the late 
W. (iault Browne, and hla widow, Alice W. 
Browne, has assumed charge ot affairs, and 

will conduct tbe business as heretofore 

Tbe Trocadero Quartet, which Is under 
the management ot J. Blrnes, have closed 
their tour with Qulnlan ft Walla 

The prices here are not exorbitant, when tbe 
average salaries here are considered. Cloth'ng, 
hats, boots, etc., for Indies and gentlemen, 1 
allow are expensive, but then professionals 
can come prepared not to buy anything In 
this line. The beat kind ot watermelons ob- 
tainable In South Africa, can be purchased at 
the market here for Us. (Id., that Is about 
sixty some cents, and tbey are always cheaper 
In ('ape Town. Tbe fairly good hotels that 
cost £1 a day out here, wnlch Mr. Fields 
mentions, are the best and most expensive In 
the town. Africa Is quite a civilized coun- 
try, believe me, and I have heard few com- 
plaints of these first class hotels, even from 
tbe best people out here. As for the country 
being full of crooks, and people being In con- 
stant danger of being "hit on the brain case 
wltb a piece of hardware," this Is the first I 
have heard ot such a state of affairs. 

It Is hardly fair to tbe Empire and Tl- 
voll managements out here for these reports 
to get about In America and England, where 
The Clipper Is being read by possible Em- 
pire and Tlvoll performers. I can assure 
you Americans are very much In favor iu 
this country, that performers ire treated 
well by the various managements out here. 
Those who wish to live In rooms can do so 

Minstrels, and are resting In Chicago for a inlte. aa cheaply as they can la America, 

few weeks James W. Thompson left 

Chicago last week for Halifax, N. s.. where 
he will vialt for a few weeka wltb hla wife, 
Kttle Smith, nnd their daughters, tbe Mc- 
Connell Sisters, who are with a dramatic 
stock company, playing Nova Scotia for the 

summer Rice and Prevost send me a 

route sheet which rails for "numretv 
Hurrps," beginning June 0, at Hammer- 
sisln s. New York, a brief Eastern vaude- 
ville circuit, a trip to England, and a re- 
turn American tour which will not end until 
June 2(1. t'.HJ.", on the Orpheum circuit. It 
Is the longest chain of vaudeville bookings 

I have *een Ibis season Andy Maekay 

pns*ed through Chicago last week, en route. 
from lliiffalo (where Rose Melville closed 
May 28) to St. tonls, where he will Imme- 
diately begin operating a World's Fair con- 

whlch Is the only comparison to make, as 
all Americans know tbe living In England 
(for professionals) Is remarkably cheap, and 
surely they could not expect things to be 
quite so cbeap In a. new country, where 
traveling Is so expensive, rents high snd the 
country in general so barren of vegltntlon. 


uf ditracikiu. F. A. Ciishmnn, one man 
band : Sam Johnson, who drinks water by 
the pailful, and other freaks, will lie In at- 
tendance. The siege show will Is? given by 
Kodot and dog, Pear) Gllmore, the Reynold 
Sisters, aud Moran and Wilson. 

London Diuk Mi-recm (Wm. J. Sweeney, 
manager i. — llnrney Nelson, armless painter; 

Wilson closed his season In "A Prince of 

Tsttira." at Hammond, Ind., last Sunday 

night, and spent last week visiting ins sis- 
ter, Dixie N. Wilson, who was In tbe bill 

at Ibe Chicago Opera House Manager 

Dave B. Levis ia In Chicago for the Bummer. 

organising two companies to play "Dr. Jekyll 

ana Mr. Hyde," one cnmpnuy for "Fntilo 
Allien Hermann, tattooed man : l'rof. Fitch, ltnmnnl" and five companies to play "Uncle 

rlhV expert ; Caraello's Italian musicians, and Josh Sprliceby" next season 'Zcb ami wllh Mrs. Patrick Campbell .. 

Jessie Runi*. ling puncher, hold attention in Zarrow. who have hi;d starring experience* of . ihe Phlied Slafe* next season, preseut- 
curio hall this week, wh 1c Metlge Marlley. In "Jilg-ZRg Alley." expert to lie shirred Ing first Vlctorlen Sardou** latest play, 'The 
Binoche Richards, tlie Griffin Ulster*, and next scaton ■ in a musical coraedv, to be Sorceresa." 

"To Tirt NEW York CurrEB, New York City, 
Gentlemen : 
"Aa tbe spirit moves me I must write and 
thank the management of The New Yonc 
< 'i.irpEit for tbe favors received through your 
columns, for after placlnk my advertisement 
of 'A Htincb of Good Things' In The Clip- 
per of -May 14, I have received, up to date, 
orders for 380 copies, which Is very encour- 
aging, and shows conclusively that TUN 
Clipper Is undoubtedly the only paper that 
Is universally read by all classes. 

"While writing I nave received 5 more or- 
ders. Let the good work go on. 
Very truly yours, 

Frank D. Phass," 

— Charles Frohman lias signed a contract 
for another tobr 

June ii. 

■ aai aaj ■ ^ ~ssj - ^r- st— t- -* •» ^ * » ■» — ■ — •- — — 

ntikjz irtiftir ¥dtik clipper. 



Our theatrical corrctponitnU art. hereby 
notified that the credential* now held by 
thfm expired on June I They art requested 
to return them to this Office at once, for re- 
neicrtl for 1M\1XS. — 

ggagggg s aa — l— r . r 1 . i m sa 



Ronton. — Local theatricals have as 
turned Ihclr Summer garb, the closing of 
the Boston, last Saturday evening, leaving 
.nly those playhouses open that propose to 
continue through the warm weather. The, 
Rostonlnns, In "Tbe Queen of Laughter," at 
the Colonial, Is tbe feature of tbe week. 
"Hearts of Oak" Is announced at tbe Castlo 
S>|uare, and "Lad; of Lyons" at the Hmr- 
(Join Square. No circus In town and cool 
weather mado the amusement seekers think 
of Indoor entertainment, and the local houses 
prospered uci ■nrdlngly, although It might be 
well to add that attendance records were not 

Colonial Tiibatbk (Ckas. Frohman, Itlch 
k Harris, managers!. — 'Monday, June 6, the 
Bostonians offer, for the drat time In this 
city, their latest piece, "Tho Queen of Laugh- 
ter." The I book and lyrics nre by Isabel 
Kaplan and J. Checver Goodwin, and tbe 
music Is ■ by 8. William Brady. Business 
during the opening week of tbe supplement- 
ary season was better than expected, and, If 
It continues, tbe season ought to muke quite 
a bole In the Summer. The production of 
"The Serenade" was up to the Bostonians' 
usual high standard. 

Thkmunt Tiikatkb (Jno. B. 8choeffel, 
msnager). — .Sunday night of current week 
will sec the en* of the seventh week ot 
"Woodland" at this house. . A marked In- 
crease In patronage was noted last week 
and the prospects are bright for another 
"I'rlnee of I'lfeen" sud "Peggy from I'arls" 
Summer business. George Marlon arrived 
heme from Ktirope last Saturday and began 
Immediately to. make changes and Improve- 
ments In the bird opera. ■• 

Hum Theatre . (Stair & Wilbur, mana- 
gers). — "The Isle of Spice" Is now In Ha 
rift Sa week, with business still o{ remain 
open proportions. Harry McConncll has 
replaced Toby Lyons, and: the "Goo Goo" 
song Is now being sung by (ins Wclnhurg. 
Tbe show Is a good one and quite worthy 
of the patronage accorded • It. ' : 

Boston Tiikatrr (Lawrence. McCarty, 
manager). — The fall of the curlalti on the 
final act of "Girls Will Be Hlrls" at this 
bouse last Sunday nlgbt denoted not alone 
tbe close of the engagement, but also tbe 
close of the fiftieth dramatic season of this 
house. "The Isle of Enchantment," J'ixley 
and Herbert's latest musical extravaganza, 
will reopen the house Aug. 15. 

Mr sic Ham, (Stolr & Wilbur, managers). 
— Monday, of this week, "Sky Karm" enters 
upon the third week of Its current engage- 
ment. Business was fair last week, and 
just bow long the drama will stay depends 
upon the weather and, of course, the attend- 

Caktlb Squahi: Thbatrb (J. II. Emery, 
manager). — "Two Little Vagrants" was suc- 
cessfully put on last week, and the attend- 
ance was up to the regular .Winter mark, 
"Hearts of Oak" Is being done this week, 
with "Paul Revere" to follow. • 

Bowooin Sqoarf. Thkatre (G. E. Lothrop. 
manager). — "The Lady of Lyons" Is given for 
tbe first time at this house this week, with 
all the house favorites in the cast. "A 
Daughter of the 'South" went well last week, 
with good sized houses. "Tbe Colonials" 
next week. , - 

KEiTn'K Theatre (B. F. Keith, manager). 
— In addition to tbe Kadettcs Woman's Or- 
chestra concerts the following vnudevilllnns 
are announced this week: James 1''. Kelly 
and Dorothy Kent, Brothers Marline, Chas. 
C. Blanchurd and Ella Hugh Wood, Tteidy 
and Courier, Paul Karnes, Lillian Shaw, 
Coulter and Starr; Perry and Itandnll. Mar- 
velous Le Page, Kddlc Kecveis, and a bio- 
graphic picture of the Brooklyn Handicap, 
I'.iO*. Crowded houses last week saw a good 
till around show, every act meeting with 
the approval of the large gatherings. 

Howard Atpenakuic (Win. McAvoV, man- 
ager). — Toby Lyons, who, as a local critic, 
said recently, "owns the Howard when he 
plays thee," is at tbe top of a long Hat of 
entertainers for rttrrcnt week. There are 
several stories regarding his leaving "Tho 
Isle of Spice." but undoubtedly a Summer 
cat drove Toby back to where he made bis 
name as a comedian, the vaudeville stage. 
"Hlnky Dee." with up to date verses, will 
constitute his act. Other announcements . 
I.avelle and Grant, Fields and Hanson. Kittle 
Bingham, Three Mitchells, Ben Walker; 
Downs and Scott, Doody and WellB. Fred 
Caldwell, Clifford and Hall. Frnnk Phlpps, 
Rellveati and Roberts, McGrevy and 'Marsh- 
all, Frederick), the klnctogrnpli, and bouse 
burlesquers, In "June Birds." 

Palace Theatre (Chas. II. -Woldrou. 
manager). — "Love Under Difficulties" and 
"Monte Crlsto Jr." are the titles of two, new 
burlesques the house stock is doing this week. 
The olio offers Mike Needbam, Kenny and 
Hollis, Devine and Schnltx, Wallace and John- 
son, and Howard and Anderson. The patron- 
age Is excellent. , 

Lyceum Tiieatbb (Geo. II. Batcheller, 
manager). —The boards arc held down this 
week by the Transoceanic Extravaganza Co. 
The skit. "Sultan's Wives," la a travesty on- 
two well known comic operas, Variety hill : 
Hall and Hughes. Conway and Klleen, Cuu- 
nlngham and Fowley. Marlon Sawtelle and 
Harry Le Marr. Everything satisfactory 

with innocent Beauties last week. 

Al'STlN & Stone's MliSBUtt (Stone & 
Shaw, managers). — Week of June 0: Curio 
hall — Ressam's electric Infant Incubators, 
Moxey, needle king ; Lieutenant Sands, mili- 
tary marvel, with sword and gun, and largest 
live snake In the world. Stagcshow — John 
Christian. Will (inrdlncr. Wally Clarke. Maud 
Dotty, Carter and. Taylor, the Barber Trio, 
Whnlen and Searles. Morris and Daley. Violet 
Sisters, Kelly and Barton, and Capltola Trio. 
Nickelodeon (L. B. Walker, manager). — 
Eight Utile girls In blue, a company of 
young ladles from the ranks of the vaude- 
ville proferslon. are the leading entertain- 
ers for this week. Professor \V. Lynch, hag 
puncher; the Dcxters, European wonder 
workers, und usual contest between ball 
(•core of pretty girls. Stage: I,ong Sisters, 
Tony Pcno. Bessie Bene, Harry Howe, Fran- 
cis ind Doyle 

Xorumbeca Park (Carle Alberte, mana- 
ger). — Despite cold and unfavorable weather 
the opening week of tbe eighth season of this 
rustle theatre was quite satisfactory from a 
box office viewpoint. This week's bill- In- 
cludes Hickman Brothers, Searl and Violet 
Allen, the Village Choir, Fisher and Johnson, 
and Pearl Danfortb. 

Picked Up Notes. — Two concerts were 
given at the' Point of lines June 6, by Dolan 
und I.cnharr. Mclnlyre and Rice. Lorrulno 
and Vinton, O'Brien and West, Walter I>nvls, 
opera Bluff Trio, and the Lynn Cadet 

Ilsnu Bnwdotn Square Snndny ronfert 

bill : Kitty Bingham. Golden Gate Quintet, 
the Ballcvs. the Flvnns. Annio Southard, 
Kennctte and Patterson. Wbalen and Searles, 
Lou Morgan. Mr. and Mrs. Belford, Taylors, 

and Geo. Donaldson The regular sea- 

f-on at the Point of Pines will open June 17. 
.......Henry W. Savage Is expected to ar- 
rive In town l his week James Home 

has entered vaudeville, nnd will be seen at 

the Point of Pines this week James 

J. Grace nnd others were nwnrded a verdict 
orsui.ofK*. by a Jury, In the Superior Court, 
June 2, against the Bostou Elevated Bail- 
way for damages caused by tbe construction 
of the elevated road. It was asserted that 
as a result of the noise uf traffic the theatre 
has been a failure. The plalntilfs asked for 

Springfield — At toe Court Square Thea- 
tre (W. C. Le Nolr. manager i the Corse Pav- 
ton Comedy Co. presented "The Law of -the 
Land" and "Harbor Lights," May SO. to two 
large houses. All tbe company were, well 
cast, doing creditably In their respective 
roles. This closed both the company s and 
the bouse season. 

• Grand Oi'KKA linear (Chas. .W. Fonda, 
manager). — "Cumberland. '01" played to good 
returns for this senson of the year lost week. 
The company was n well balanced one. "The 
Mountain Walt" Is lo be presented this week. 

• Hampden Park (P. F. Shea At Co.. man- 
agers). — This resort was opened May 80, and 
desptto the rainy weather had Its share of 
patronage. The Wilbur Opera Co. held forth 
In the theatre, and entertained fair sized 
audiences. Al. Myer'a colored troupe week 
of June 9. 

■ Notes. — Those who are playing with (he 
stock Company at the Grand Opera House 
ate : Margaret Nelson, Florence Hast litis, 
Anne Hamilton, Marie Haines. Thomas Wit- 
son, Charles Fuller, Richard Clark. Alf. Hel- 
ton. Al. Swentou, Ikiugloss Lloyd. II. P. 

Hotter and Thomas Woarlloek: The Elki 

kept open house May 80. A large delega- 
tion of the local lodge U planning to go- to 
Cincinnati. ().. lo a I lend the grand lodge 
meeting, which is to he' hold ft thot city 

about the middle of July The Chieo- 

pec Falls Acrlc of Eagles will celebrate Its 
Hist anniversary Juno HI Henry Norrls, 
of New Haven, Ct., one ot the bleb officials 
of the order, has been asked to deliver the 

address of the evening labile earlier, 

stngc carpenter, past senson- with (Jus Hill's 
"Smart Set. '• has returned to this city.... 
itcllly & Wood's Co. closed. Us season .at 
the Grand May 28 ..Eva Bruticlle and 

Elizabeth Cnnuvan have been engaged- to fur- 
nish the music for dancing at Forest Lake, 
Palmer. The theatrical season will start about 

June 20 Mr. Roberts, advance agent 

for Pawnee BUI'S Wild Vest Show, has been 
In seme of the Western Massachnssetls cities 
and towns, arranging-! for the coming of the 

show the middle of the month BoDlta, 

the well known vaudeville- performer, 'the 
past season with Itellly k Wood's Co., Is to 
be seen Id a musical production In New York 

In the Fall Francis W. Sottthcrland, of 

Saginaw, Mich., Is to be given a- trial as 
loader 'of the Second Regiment Band, 
which Arthur Amsden left logo to Mnriette, 
Wis., and little doubt Is felt hnt what he 
will be Its permanent leader. Mr. Souther- 
land Is well known In the profession, hav- 
ing been a member of "The Wizard of Oz" 
orchestra last season, previous to wh'ch he 
was bandmaster and cornet soloist with Hav- 

crlv's Minstrels Mildred Marshall and 

Mildred Wallber, the past season members of 
the comely chorus of Hollly k Wood's Show, 
are to be members of a stock company at 
Bergen Beach for the Summer.-. ... ..Big 

Elans are being made by the local Acrle of 
agles for tho field day of the: New England 
Aeries, which Is to be held at Hampden Park, 
about the middle of August. It promises to 
be the largest , gathering ot Eagles In the 
East, with the exception of the grand 
session In New York last year!. .:. ..Tony 
Dever, a popular member of Rellly jfc 
Woods' chorus, is to spend her Summer 
on the Form at- Palmer... . ..Lurler's Min- 
strels, who are giving a minstrel show under 
canvas, were In Ware, May 81, and [lacked 

the l tent Frank Hughes nnd Ralph 

lllllman, two local actors, have formed a 
company to play under the name of the 
Iluglies-Hlilrann, Co. Those engaged tire. 
Mtti'de Dlckerson, Grace ' Parker, Anna 
Hughes, Frank Hughes, Charles Hughes, 

Charles Preseott and Ralph lllllman 

Violet K. Arnold, of the vaudeville team of 
Oman and Arnold, Is visiting her old homo 
In this city... 

New Bedford.— At the . New Bedford 
Theatre (Wm. It. Cross, manager) Arnold 
Daly, supported by an excellent company, 
presented "Candida," June 1, In a most 
artistic manner, before an audience compris- 
ing; the most elite In local circles. A most 
delightful presentation was given of -the 
play.- Phis - attraction, closes the present 
season ct this bouse,. • ■•■ ' >-\ 

Shskdv's I'tmt.'HAgB Street- Theatre 
(David R. Bnrnnton, manager).— -"Dad's 
Girl," a rural, play, -was given, a pleasing 
rendition by the stock company during -the 
past week. The patronage was- good, not- 
withstanding the very Inclement weather 
which prevailed throughout the week. This 
week's offering Is "The Ticket ot Leavo 
Man." ••• - ".. c 

■Notes. — The ladles' orchestra atiSheedy's- 
Theatre has proven an Innovation, and Its ex- 
cellent musical numbers aro thoroughly 1 ap- 
preciated by the large audiences prcsenCat 

every performance. Gertrude Dion Ma- 

Glll and Jessie Pringle, of the Bumnton Stock 
Co., are strong favorites with Sbeedy's Thea- 
tre patrons, their excellent .work winning 
feneral favor for them. . ... ...Present Indies- 
Ions stronglv point to the building of another 
vutidevlllo theatre at the North end of tho 
city, and If the present Interest manifested by 
the North End Merchants' Club Is realized, 
a new building will he erected, which will 
include a theatre capable of seating from 
1,800 to 2.(8X1 people, to cost J.10,000. It. T. 
Alger, at present manager ot u house at Pas- 
saic. N. J., offers to take n five years' lease 
of the theatre at a figure Hint promises to he 
agreeable, . and also ugrees to furnish first 
class attractions. - A theatre In this section 
of the city will (ill n long felt want, us a ma- 
jority of. patrons tit the down town houses 

arc drawn from this section 

'I he following officers were elected at last 
week's annual meeting of the New Bedford 
Theatre corporation : Directors, Samuel 
Ivers, Charles W. Clifford, Frederick 8. Pot- 
ter, Andrew G. Pierce Jr., Charles 11. l.uw- 
ton : clerk and treasurer, Samuel Ivors; 
Frederick 8. Potter wits elected president . 
and William L Kellcy. Henry W. Tnbcr and 
Henry M. KnowleB were also elected. A re- 
newal of a venr's lease of the theatre was 

granted to Manager. William B. Crura 

Advices received stale that Emma Hrennaii 
(lnce) has retired from the legitimate and 
joined the vaudeville ranks, and Is meeting 
with much success In her new protean 
act. "Facing the Audience," changing from 
white to black, and vice rerun. . . . ..The Lit- 
tle tilrttrd Sisters arc tilling u four weeks' 
engagement ut Walker's Nickelodeon The- 
atre'. Boston. It Is estimated that fifteen 

thousand patrons visited Lincoln Park at Its 
Initial Summer o-enliig (Memorial Day), 
May ,'to. Transportation was found very 
much Inadequate to acommodate tbe rush to 
enjoy the good old Summer time attractions 
offered hy the genial manager, Isaac W. 
Phelps. The regular peason will open about 

June 20 Forepa ugh -Sells Brothers' Clr- 

cls will delight the multitude June 7. 

Worcester. — At (he Worcester Theatre 
New York. Players, In their fourth week, 
will present "What Happened lo Jones" 
June 0-11. Last week the company produced 
"A0 Bachelor's Komi.nce." to excel lent -pa- 
tronage, and their work la It surpassed any- 
thing yet undertaken. • 

Lincoln Park Thkatbe (Wor. CoUdII- 
dated St. Hy. Co., managers). — Week of 0, 
J. W. Gorman's Vaudeville-Stars will be the 
attraction/ and tbe rnmpany Includes: (lib 
son and Holmes, tbe Brothers La Nole, Kim- 
ball and Donovan, Bitrt-Hodgklns' und Orace 
Lellh, In "Conrtln' In T>1," and Rusttta and 
Banks, in "Thi Major and the Maid." 

Notes.-*A new aerie of Eagles will be In 
st I tit ted at Gardner, Mass.. ft. by John W. 
Sheridan, of the Worcester degree team. . .. 
William ScytiKiif. who acted as stage di- 
rector for Hie New York Players the first 
three weeks, has 'eft for Kurnjie. Ills sue 
censor will he Frank Mttnroe, formerly with 
"The . Earl . of Pawtuck<L" Mr. Seymour 
will take up the work of the late Joseph 

Humphreys for Charles Frutimaii The 

gentlemen members o( tlio New Votk Players 

— ! — ^~- 1 : — . ■-,... ■ ' — 

will occupy a new cottage at the lake this 
season. They have named their new abode 
"Block Farm." . . . .Ground lias been broken 
for the new Cbltnn Amusement Park at tho 
take, and It will be ready to open for busi- 
ness July 1. 1 

• . i i i ■ 

- I/O well. -At tho -Lowell Opera House 
(Fay Bros. A Hosford, managers! "A Holi- 
day at Helby Plantation" was given by local 
talent, June 1. to a capacity house. It being 
a testimonial to William H. Way. This was 
tbe last attraction of the season. 

Peiu'I.e'h THEATRE (Raymond k ConksnU, 
mnungors). — The Hurley Sisters nud their 
own burlesque company did a big business 
here. .last week. Tha big sm esses were lor 
the Hurley Sinters, the Early Trio, nnd Pad- 
dy Joyce. Current: Strand snd Strand's St. 
Louis Burlesque Co. Oil" : Strand and 
Strand. Mabel Moss, Lillian Burdell, Kd. 
lluclere. nnd the burlesque, "The Seely Din- 
ner." The house Is giving three shows each 
day, with the usual amateur night, Friday, 
to capacity Iiouhcs> 

• Mkntion. — Bob Cook tins been engaged by 
the management ot the People's Theatre 
to put on stork burlesque for the Summer 
season.' The house has been rented with 
ventilators and electric fans anil opens Us 

season June U. J. Desmond lolned 

the Loren Flynn Co. at Bennington. VI., 
May 80, to play character comic parts and 

do his musical specialty. llughy Mc- 

Neeley, stage manager at Ihe Boston The- 
atre, will manage the- stage at Wlllowdalc 
Park Theatre during Ihe Summer season. . . . 
(■'en. T.- Callahan, lithographer al the Opem 
House, will be 1 at the Lakevlew Theatre litis 

Summer, similarly- employed., Arnold 

Daly, of the "Candida" company, was the 
guest of Kcv. C. K, Fisher during his eti- 
gegement. here. "Candida" closed Its New 
England tour and season ut .Maiden, Mass., 
June I. Mr. Daly will use the same vehicle 
for the first of next season, then produce Ills 
new play. "You Never Cau Tell.' Rob- 
ert Compbell, well known here as singe 
carpenter at the Opera House for tunny 
seasons, autl also at takcvlcw Theatre. Is 
similarly employed at the Orplieuin Thctilre, 
Los Angeles. Cal ...... Lakevlew Park and 

Cnnoble !,nke Park had successful n|ienlngs 
May .W, giving band concerts nftcrnoon anil 
evening. Concerts are announced for Jtiuc 
5 at both narks. 

' ; '■ . i 

L»nn.— At Mechanics Hall. Salem (Jas. 
E. Moore, ma eager i (he Jewel-Archer Stock 
Co. played to good business week of Mav 80. 
presenting "The Charity Ball." The same 
company -Is here this week, playing "Near 
the Throne." It will pfav through the Sum- 
mer season. 

Notkh. — Slg. Santellc's Circus conies lo 
this city June IT. Hnd will show In Marble- 
head IS Cant. Paul Henry, with tho 

Gem Theatre, as iloorkeeper, last season, has 
gone to Baltimore in Join a repertory ciini- 

B any ...:.. Manager Shay will open Hie Shay 
ttmmer show house at BnsN Point, Nnharit, 
17. . . . . .Elltel Mac Cross, of (his city, has 

gone to Wnonsnrket, It. I., to till a Summer 
engagement. She la a member of a Indies' 
orchestra .... Slg. Santellc's advertising car, 

In charge of Sam J.- Banks, was In this city 

3 Plntis for a new fttcalre. to take the 

place of the Lynn Theatre, destroyed bv 
(Ire, have been made, and the locution of the 
new house will soon be announced hy the 

Eastern Amusement Co ...The Gorman 

Summer theatre.-ut Salem Willows, will lie- 

Sln Its season June 17. Manager Doyle will 
e In charge.. 

i i i iii i I i 

Full River. — At the Academy- of Music 
(Wat. J. -Wiley, manager) : "Caudlda'\ was 
given to an appreciative audience Mav 111. 
The leading role, that of the poet, wits 'most 
artistically rendered by Arnold Daly, and 
Mr. Mitchell gave nn excellent portrayal of 
the; Rev- Mr. Morcll, while Miss Dounully, 
as Cand'da. wen innrh favor. 

Siieedy's Theatbb (M. V. O'Brien, mali- 
nger). — The Floccnre Corbln Stock Co. pre- 
sented "The Octoroon" last week, to big 
business. Week of June 0, "Kid Carson, tho 
Government Scout." i- i ■ 

Notes. — Slg. Santellc's Circus comes June 
6 Forepangh-Sclls Bros. 10. 

Marlon. Elsir Elliott. Jas. McDonald, Clara nnd. comedy Saturday, 4. Ho wag supported 
Marlon. W. J. Wells, and the stock. Tlie by t\ capable company of Jewish plovers. .A 
new burlesque for (he week la called "A Trip ■ haute ot Mil occurred each tflgjt. and 

i rowocd. houses were the rule. Perhaps the 

Across the Ocean." 

■ Hutu: Tiikatrb (J. M..Nash, manager). 
—The new pople for U aod -week are; Tho 
Faldchllds. the Allvns, C. Wnrtln, J. McClcl- 
tan. Hold overs : A. A. Jclllson. Mae Wilson, 
and Ihr moving pictures. : The business for 
the week closing I crowded at ihe iirst show. 
There -are Ihtve shows each night. 

Note. — liuliith will have this season what 
II. hns never had since the hliih of the city — 
two first .class circuses In one Summer. Wo 
will have itlngllng Bros, on July I, and Bur 

have itlngllng I 
I & Bailey's "8. 

Mliinrnpotls. At the Metropolitan Opera 
House (L. N. Scott, manager I ■ IVrrjr Has- 
woll conlinucK June S In 8, giving "Moths" 
and " 

plav that scored the greatest success was 
"The Blitul Musician." 

Avbmiih Thkatb.1 (Harry Davis, mnrva- 
ger). — The aiicntlnnce last week continued 
an tbe Hrat class order. The bill presented 
this week Maine*) the Ellnore :81stt)rs, Ho- 
rlnos, Stuart 'Barnes. John and Bertha Glet- 
miii anil Fred Houlihan, Vernon, Frederick 
Bros, and Burns, Rosa I<ee Tyler, Fisher 
anil Carroll, Radford nnd Winchester, Park 
tr's ihigM, McNnmcc, klnclograplti ■: , . 

8i-i ■iiikiin Park (A. S. McSwIgati. mnna- 
geri.— The bill for ihe opening week, com- 
tncnclng Monday. June II. Is as fnllowa: 
I'rlr.eess Chlttoattlla mid Ed, Ewell, the cuw- 
Isiy: Fontl Hiuil Brothers, Al. Hoevct, v?fll 

"Olhclln." She enjoyed fair imliouago Hasklns. MclieVlU and Kelly. - I 
'.'•■I. "The Rogers Brothers In Unuloti" were Krnnvwihhi Pakk (F. l\ Muorhcnd. man- 

ageri, - The disagreeable wet weather ot last 
week Interfered with the attendance at this 

seen li II. "'Hie tllrl from Dixie" was given 
by it line company to good business, but Tint 
such as It deserved, Mav 2U In Juno 1. The 
Fmir Cohans come l a. and Richard Mnus- 
llcld will ho here 10 18. 

Bijou iti-r.u.i lloiss tThco. L. Hays, man- 
ager). — "Itemember Ihe Maine" opened for 
a week (">. "The .lames llovs In Missouri" 
follows 12; Aniin Blillieke bud fair houses. 
In "A Utile Outcast." May 'JO awl -week. 

I.M-KitM Ttir.ATtiE l Dick Ferris, manager). 
—-"The Factory Fnttudllng" Is the play June 
6-11. "The I^itlcry of laive" Is niiliounccd 
for next week, 
week ending ■!. 

IU'.wev TllEATttE. — The Painty I'arec C". 
I>cgiin u week's cngngeuienl 6. The Blue 
Ribbon GlrlM will follow I'J. The Trocadcro 
Kxlrnvngnnxit Co. bail good )k>x ufllce re- 
ceipts May at) to June 4. 

.Vote.— The telegrams nunmincn Ihe sui- 
cide, on June .1, at St. Cloiul, Minn . of ('has. 
P. Elliott. . He was manager of the Flurencu 
Stone Slock Co. | •-■ 

«»» — — 

tiopttlnr resort. 
Jlniin«', ' 

Bill for this week: Harry 
Marsh ami Surlelbt, Jnitsen and 
eoiiipiniy, Nellie Baker, Poliuore and Oneida. 
N'i lis, — Frnnk C. Young and Bessie Do 
Vole, Isle of the "Mr. llliKihonrd" Co., made 
n decided success' at Ihe Avenue Tltcatre last 
week. Their unique net, ciillllcil "Dancing 
hy Nate," Is very tunny, and ihvlr danOng 
well nteriteti the. applause of tbe admiring 

iiuilieiieea I.Iizu Hudson Collier, the 

lead lug woman In the prediicllon of "D«- 
"Eust l.tunc" drew fairly moti nnd Pythias." ut the Nixon Theatre, 
this week. Is very liopulHr in Pittsburg, 
which was mtde evident hy the attention 
pnhl her last week In various social gather- 
ings: ill which she wits the guest of honor. 
. .. .The cl-iirncler n< Hug ot George R. Ray- 
lonnd lust wcik, Willi "The llttrcn uf the 
While Slaves'"- Co., ut the llljott, was good 
lo look al, und his rectipl toil hy the put tons 
whh one be nitty be proud uf. 

' i i i . ' . . 


■'hlladelphlH.- The season at Fore- 
paitgh's wan brought lo a close last week, mid 
this leaves us with but live theatre present- 
ing Indoor niuusciuciits during the warm 
weather. Two of these provide burlesque, 
one drama, one opera, and Ihe other vaude- 
ville — quite n little variety for the Hummer. 

Pakk: Tiieathb IK. I J. Nlxon-Nlrdllnger, 
manager). — The current week ends the en- 
gngetueut for "Miss Boh While" at (his 
house. Monday evening. Ihe performance Is 
fur the benelil of a local rhnrltv, nnd nil the 
characters) are to he assumed by local ntitii- 
tours, the members of the regular company 
watching the performance front I ho front, 
Neat week, the offering will Im» "Ermlnle." 

Keitii'h Itt.tof t E. P. Lyons, resident 
manager). — The offering l>y (lie slock com- 
pany this week Is "The Iron Master." Lust 
week a change was made from comedy to 
melodrama, "Northern Lights" being the 
drama presented. The tnemlters of the com- 
pany did capital work, bringing out with full 
force till the thrilling situations, and the ttit- 
trons showed llielr appreciation by nil ending 
In large numbers. For the coming week, 
"The Lottery of l^tve" Is In relifaranl. 

Keitii'm New Tiikatiih (II. T. Jordan, 
resident manager). — On the programme this 
week are: Merlan's dogs, Edmund Hay, John 
I>. Glllieri, Klein, lilt Bros, uml Nicholson, 
Le Roy and Woodford, the Allisons. Green 

! HnrrlMbaric. — At Pnxlang Park (Felix 
M. l»uv!s. ttmungcr) (In; Boston Vaudeville 
Stars in-lived n strong attraction lor May 80 
and week, uttd will 1st fullouctl by tho llljuii 
Vntidevllle Cu. June II. ■ 

Sotks.- ■ Pa *nce Hill's 'Wild West Show 

Is due hern June 7 The John Robinson 

ClrctiH did well at libation, Pn„ 8 The 

Plcrru Carnival Co, Int. I fair business ttt 
Sirelliui. I'n., week of Miy 80. IMIu liilcr- 

fereti fur lltre.t days lack Marlowe, ut 

UiIh city, bus .mined the Sunimcr Hlock com- 
pany at Lincoln, Neb Spencer c. 

( 'Inn l cis, uf Hie Tho inns E. Shcn Co., Is at 
his Inline here. He will be with the same en- 
terprise next season .Mr. and Mis. 

Kmncls Shreltier, who have been playing 
slock engagements, are home for lite Summer. 

Thomas I). Villi listen, who litis many 

friends here, was wurinly welcomed 81, on 
the invasion of his visit with the No. 'J cur 

nl (ho Pawnee Bill Show W. Morrow 

Toll tins rcluttieil from an trip, 
and Is preparing for Lyceum eiigagem tits 

next season Mi: Ho West, ot thU illy. 

vucallst and ilanccr, will spend Iter Suiiiincr 

In Boston John -Mci.'iillough, of thla 

city, Is manager of the npeetai tilnr prutltic- 
linn, "lltirnlng of Home," which opens July 

4 Hull. -Meade D. Hetwcib-e, past 

grand exalted ruler uf the Elks, hns com- 
pleltil his charier list for the new lodge, 
and Ihe latter will be Instituted home time 

in June The National Slock Co. Is 

doing nice business In lleigleroth's canvas 
iHivllloti tit Mlildlclnwn, Pn .Fred M. 

nnd Wlggln. Aerial Shows, Four Nelsons), 

Mclnlyre 'and Rice. Undo and Bert mail, the Unindu Is now the full owner of Ihe Lycooi- 

llelstuns. and Stevenson. Edwin Slt'vciis Is Ing (l|>ern llnuso at Wllllamspurl, Pn., uml 

Tnnnton.— At tho Taunton Theatre (Cithn 
4 Cross, managers) Arnold Daly's Cu pre- 
sented "Candida" June 'J. The company was 
excellent and the play proved very pleasing 
and was well put on. 

FosKPAuotf k Sellu Bros.' United Shows 
come June 8. . ■:».-» 

... » , ' - * 


St. Pant. — Ai the Metropolitan Opera 
House (L. N. Scott, manager) Florence -Stone 
bad rather light business May 20- June 1, and 
concluded her engagement. The company 
did not receive the patronage which Its mer- 
its demanded. The last two plays were "Cit- 
mllle" and "Sbamtic O'Brien. "A Girl from 
Dixie" appeared to big business a -I. "Rogers 
Brothers In London" comes 6-8, St. Paul 
High .School commencement exercises I), Rich- 
ard Mansfield 10-12, the Cohans 18-1.1. As- 
sistant Manager Harry Bicker hits been III 
Willi typhoid fever for- a couple of weeks. 
Manager L. N. Scott returned from New York 
May in. 

(iUAxn (Theodore L. Hays, manager). — 
"Remember Ihe Maine" bad good, bill not 
hlg business week of 20. For week of June 
!i. "The James Boys In Missouri." Perry 
Haswell Stock Co., assisted by the George 
Fitwcett Co.. will begin nrt cogagenicnt IX To 
last ten weeks.. They will produce it number 
of tbe most populur plays, with a change of 
bill weekly, and sometimes twice u week. The 
popularity of these people ought to lustirc a 
big Summer's business. 

Star ~(M. II. Singer, manager).— AL 
Reeves' Big Show drew very well week of 
May 20.- For week of June S, the Troca- 
deros : week of 12. the Dainty Farce, nnd 
week of 10. the Blue Ribbon Girls, which 
will conclude the season, which has been u 
successful one, all things considered. 

Ejii'iiu; (A. Welnhoheer, managed. — Busi- 
ness continued satisfactory, but not big, week 
of -May 80. The only new people for week 
of June tl are: Myrtle Edwards and Lottie 
Do Vere. Holding over: Kittle Hansom, 
Alta -Owet'is. Vera Stanley, assisted by her 
pickaninnies : Blanche Lamunl and Mar- 
guerite Ctiiumlngs. 

Mention. — The- Ragles' State convention 
will lie held at: the St. Paul Curling Club 
June 21-20... .Manager Welnholzer. of the 
Empire, spends much of his time out on his 
farm, north of the fair grounds. Damp 
and cool weather has hnd a bud effect on 
business at till the theatres. 

Dalnlh. — At the Lyceum (C. A. Marshall, 
managerl "The Game Keeper" did fairly 
well. . The . audiences were large tor "The 
Girl from Dixie." Fine audiences at both 
performances June 8, 4, were attracted by 
the Rogers Brothers, who then appeared for 
the first time at the head uf the lakes. 
Florence Stone's dates for May 80. 81, June 
1. 2, were not played. "McFaddcus Row 
of Flats" 7, the Four Cohans in. Richard 
Mansllelcl II, whleb Will close the season 
at this house, which has been a good one. 

MtrnoroLiTAN Opeba Hot sb (J. T. Con 
don, manager). — Isabel Irving, as Virginia 
Carrel. In "Tnc .Crisis,'.' Hay 80. 81, Inst 
time here, had good business. She has a 
fine company, and her scenery nnd settings 
were very good. . . The Kennedy Stuck Co. 
Illleil out the week, with "Rip Van Winkle" 
nnd "Atiollier Man's Wife." Mnhara Min- 
strels 8. 0. 

I'Aiit.iiii Thcatbe (W. J. Wells, manager). 
— Business for Ihe week ending June A was 
excellent. The company and week nre: 
Susie Young, Al. Leyburtie, Grace Mathews, 
Ed. Lowry and wile, Jesuit; I'lctw, £dl« 

announced for next week 

Lvcelm Tiikatiih (John G. .lennon'. man- 
■Hgcr), — The French Folly Company is fur- 
nishing Hie entertainment fur Ihe patrons 
this week, presenting two burlesques and nn 
olio, headed hy Loltle (lllsrut. The Night 
Owls Beauty Snow won hearty applause last 
week.- Next week brings the Little Egypt 

Tliut'AliEUU (Floyd Lnunian, manager). — 
Scrlliner'M Columbian BurlesqucrH earned fa- 
vor -last week with an cnfcrlnliilng pro- 
gramme of burlesque anil vaudeville, and re- 
ceived the desired reward of liberal patron- 
age. This week the boards are held by tho 
New York Girl Kxunvngiiriza Company. 

Willow (Iiiiivh Park (Management Phila- 
delphia lltiultl Transit Co.)— Excellent put- 
mini go was accorded this park during Ihe 
week lust past, and Ihe musical programmes 
provided by the llantln Rosas were fully 
appreciated. Victor Herbert begins, tin en- 
gagement Monday of this week. 

W onus tut: Park I Woodsltlc Amusement 
Co., managers I, — Success has attended Un- 
popular concerts - given by Giistnrt; 
D'Aquln's Military Band at this park. Judg- 
ing hy the slxe of the attendance at Ihe 
afternoon aud evening concerts. Tills week 
the soloists at the concerts will lie Etniiiet 
Lennon, tenor: Beatrice Fine, soprano: 
HatHe Slni's-Mi'Cnrthy, contralto, nnd Slg 
A. Mun/.lntn, baritone. 

ctmsrstr llti.t. Park (If.- P. -Aitchyi 
mnnager). — 'Ihe Royal Guard Band flubbed 
Its' popular engagement al thin park Sunday, 
and beginning Monday, 0, free vaudeville 
will lie the principal amusement feature. 
Pntromtge has been excellent' since the 

Wahiiinuton Park I Win, J. Thompson, 
manager). — Tho many patrons uf I Ills, park 
are thoroughly enjoying the delightful ride 

L. .1. l-'lsk Is manager. 
modeling Is under wny. 

I ■ 

The work of re- 

llrlc. — At. Hie New Majestic Theatre 
(Wm. .1. Sell, mil tut get 1 1 the Hlock company . 
May llll, 81, and iiitilliien Junu I, product'd 
"Tim Wages of Sill!! to continual largo 
ul I rutin nre and gave the best of satisfaction. 
All members of the company are good actors 
und jtltly llielr respective rules excellunlly 
well, Sirs. Flake delighted to the capacity 
of tbe house June a, with her elegant pre- 
sentation ul "lleiltla Gultler." ChtlN. Dickson, 
111 "Incog.," with Hie stock company sup- 
perl, 8, -I, was favored with largo altotiil- 

I'aiik Ol'Ktt.V HollHIt (J. Ii. GIInoii, inn tin- 
get-). — "llitlls of Cnritavllle," by ftrltt opera 
Club, local talent, under direction of J. II. 
Koiviilskl, sung well May 80, 111. to very 
litrgi- iittentlante, tigitltist siivero storms,.- , 

Waldamkrii, the lienilllfitl Erie Summer 
hike side unci bulbing beach resort,, opened 
May 80 for the scahoii of 1001 with dying 
ci, hit's. This Is the. (Incut Summer resort 
on the chain - of lakes,- May 80-June -I 
opened with Hut .following strong lulcut: 
Little Tstula, Jiipiinese ilcrobatit ; May Ev- 
ans, whistler: Garvin unit Plutl, In comedy 
i ketch ; Musical Gt nltuans, Allele Purvis- 
Uml unci cotupaiiy, In her fire dances. 

I.ituciisier. - At Ihe. Root Garden (John 
B. I'roplcH, manager) lliu bill for Week of 
.fiirn- (1 Includes: Clay I on White and Mario 
Htiinrt. Moore and L'ltletlcld, Fred Mtuhnr, 
Sunderland and l-'rodo, the Hurleys, Bruuko 
Eltrvn, hlilltb mill Powell. in II 

Ifis'Kr SpitiMiii Park Tiikatiih (II: B. 
Grlffellis, nuiiiitgerl.— ''Tho Show Girl'' drew 
large houses May 80 and Iwo following days, 
Begirt Prince," June (I ami week, by 


down the Dclnware and the concerts hy Ihij totoretJ jici furiuerH liicliitllng Mmti. Flower 

NiiTEM.— Josejili Ruycr (.WchI),. vaililevlllu 
performer. Is visiting Ills home In this city. 

Tho rebuilding of Fulton Optra Huilsn 

Is going on rapidly, und mi curly Fall open- 
' M, . 

German tiais-rlul Band upon their arrival. 
The Mbail (Islilng Is at an end, hut there la 
st .11 it superabundance uf entertainment 
provided. ■ ■ • 

Notkh. — Frederick Voelker. Ihe violinist. 
Is lo appear at Keith's New Theatre shortly 

for a week The sum of xt.yiKin hsu 

been subscribed to keep Hie Philadelphia Or- 
chestra Intact, nnd Its exlslnuce Is now an- 

sored for a period ot three years 

Rudolph lleiinlg, a noted 'cellist, dletl at his 

home here Saturday, May 28 Tim sou 

of Sirs. Anna Hoyle Moore, an actress, now 
living at the Hurley House, disappeared last 
week and could nut befouutl for several days. 
He eventually relumed having grown 
of the Willi West Show with wh'ch he 
wandered sway. Mrs. Moore Is Ihe divorced 
wife of Eugene Misire, now playing with Ihe 
Thanhntisci- Stock Company at Milwaukee. 
• . . I, | 

IMttMbnrjr.— At tbe llljun Theatre IK. M. 
Gitllck. manager) Vance k Sullivan's dramu, 
"Whv Girls Leave Home," Is Ihe attraction 
for the current week. "The Queen uf the 
White Slaves" hnd n very successful week, 
closing Saturday, June -I. Immense houses 
were present nl both performances on. Deco- 
ration Bay. followed ny slightly diminished 
attendance the remainder of tbe engagement. 
The thrilling situations which abound In this 
piny were greatly enjoyed by the nud'ences, 
nud Ihe wisdom of Ho; nnningcment In bonk- 
ing Ihe company fur a return engagement 
was thoroughly proven hy the satisfactory 
returns. ."Escaped from Sing Ming,'' with a 
strong cast, comes for a week June 18. Jim- 
my Brill, the pugilist, Is billed us a side at- 
traction. , | 

N i xi is TnrvTiiE (Titos. F. Kirk, resident 
managerl. — Hudson Collier lietttls tint 
company which this week presents "Damon 
nnd Pythias." The event (s under the ntis- 
plres of the Knights of Pythias, ihe mem- 
bers of which order are much In evidence. 
On Saturday night Major-General James II. 
Carnahnn. Ihe highest onlclal of the mil 
formed rank of Hie K. of P. In tbe Ifnlled 
States, will Is; present, accompanied by his 
ninff. The Savage English Grand Opera Co. 
closed (he second and Inst week uf Its en- 
gagement Saturday, June 1. They played 
lo fairly good business, despite Hie miserably 
wet weather. The In, use chute* the regular 
season Saturday. II, but will reopen Mon- 
day, .'.'it, for a run of Summer operas. - 

Iiiuikhnk Tiimthi- t Hurry W. Williams, 
ninniigeri. — Burls Tliotiiashcfskv closed n 

lour nights' engagement uf YiddUli drama 

lug la premised. 

Wllliainaiiurt.— At Vnllamont Pavilion 
Lvinun A. Pray, manager i the Vallainunt 
Stock |'o. opened Its season, lo record break- 
ing business, producing "Tho Wife," Muy 80- 
Juite 1. The company presented "A Soldier 
of tlie Empire" 2 1. Due : "What Happened 
In .bines" OS, "Tha Highest Bidder'' 0-11, 
"Lord Chiltiilcy" 1810, "Knulioke" lll-IN. 

Notkh. — Tim Jubour Carnival Co., for the 
bencllt of the Twelfth Regiment, N. (1. 1'., 
Arruury, week of June o Fred M. La- 
made, who recently purchased (hr Lyceum 
Hi-em House properly, wits given pusseuslon 
June 1, and I ho bouse will Ihi under the 
management ot Lyinun J. Flak. Extensive 
repairs will be. uiudc. 

a . . i 

llendliitt At ' Carsotila Park Theatre 

('). H. Gelger, manager) Ihe Stimmec the- 
atrical season wus Inaugurated here by' the 
Gnrrlck Theatre Hraninllc Co., May JlO-Jtine 
1. Ilusliicss wan fairly good, notwithstand- 
ing the unfavorable weather. Bryant k Hn- 
ville's Minstrels are on tho card an the fol- 
lowing attraction. 

Note. — Frank B. Sha Iters, mnnager for 
Adelaide Thurston, la at bid home In this 

. , < > » , 



At Ihe llllmi Thcalrc (BenJ. 
M; Htnlfibuck, intiungi'r) Ihe Blloti Oiterii ,('t>. 
opened a two weeks' engagement May 80, pre- 
senllng "The Ameer," to goml business, Aids 
IlentmT, as Coiistniice, was lllieriilly applauded, 
Hnd Mac Sailor, as Fanny, her companion, 
received n cordial welcome. Others of the 
company deserving mention aro: William 
Corliss, Marry carter, . Rurrell Burbsfetto 
nnd J. W. Nlkolds. The scenery reflects 
cred't upon Scenic Arllst Rwyer. 

lldi'KiNR' Eamt Emi Park (A. II. Mnrrl- 
tuin, inanager].— - The warm evenings send 
large crowds out to East End, nnd tha per- 

fni'iiiiu offcrt'il with Hie amusements on the 

grounds amply repays one for n trip l here, 
The programme for last week Included: Mile. 
Seliell, Hon tamer : the Pnntso-r Trio, acre- 
lulls; Lis Halvaggls. European whirlwind 
dancers; Lawrence Crime, the Irish magi- 
cian; St«vc Jennings, In "Watch the Caue." 




June 11. 

"A revelation when compared with other acts of this kind in vaudeville."— BOSTON POST. 


Just finished Thirty-nine Weeks with RICE & BARTON. Open next season Aug. I at Orpheum Theatre, 8an Francisco. 

Home for the Summer, 

gvs svar minstreis 

^ITANT 9 FOR SEASON 1904-1905, to Open about Sept. 10, at Toledo, 0., 

'. 10 Comedians, 10 Singers, 10 Dancers, 20 Musicians and Specialty Acts, Bass, Baritone, Solo Singers. Musical Act, Must Double Band; 

Property Men Who Double Band, Leader of Orchestra. 


(ill trip, to the PacKle count and return, (live the public 
and three night etiiuds. Use nothing hut the hen t special 
Don't owe a dollar to anyone In Die world. Pay pruning 

Address CU8 SUN, 535 Nebraska Avenue, Toledo. Ohio. 

A' few facts concerning this Co.: Juki cloned season of st weeks of the biggest business (n the lilstory or this attraction. Have appeared In every city from Maine to California ; made three successful trip, to the Pacltie coast and return 
ai'le.n refined, iiptiiilsiemluslrel performance. A profit and credit to every house manager who plays this attraction. SEASON NOW HOOKED siil.ll> SEPT, 10TOMAY 3. 100s, In the heat only, one and three night stauds. Use nothing hut the lies l special 
llthunranh paper, finest of costumes and scenery, new eaoh season. Furnish performers first ulajs accommodations on one of the best private cars in theatrical business,, Never missed a salary day. Don't owe a dollar to anyone In Die world. Pay prlntii 
bills cash one year In advance. Have don. this i he past live years, and have come to atoy. 

FOR MALIC, siooft* of loft. Hide Wall, almost 

new : nsad part of season. Slag., Isxieft.; Braces, 

stakes, Poles and Ropes. BUM 4 aasollna Lamp., aa 

good as new. A great bargain— »«, cash. Add. 

. MANAOKH, 37411 Page Blvd., HI. louts, Mo. 

AT LIBERTY, MlssLllllan Desmond, Juven- 
ile Leads and Emotional Ueuvles. Kxperlenned, 
Atlrnetireend Elaborate Wardrob.. 'Kallalile Nan- 
..era only. On. piece for next season. Will accept 
uttm week. Summer .lock. Writ, or wire, Albany, 
Wfa.- • :■ : ., . , 

All Branches of Muamm Business. AIho Mhii to do 
Maalc Piruch nnd Talking Figures, Ladle* to do 
Illusions, alao Oriental Dancer*. People with their 
own palntlnga preferred. Will also huy second 
hand palming*; fnuai Ue in good condition. Salary 
nfit 'it with the times. Address as per route 
THOfl. DELVANTE, Mgr. Hide Show, care of Bard 
Bros, Shows. Wanted, Aral class Eccentric Come- 
dy Acrobat for Partner, In well known u«t. Htaio 
full particulars lu Erst letter, and he ready to iolu 
•in receipt of wire; .also Udy (lyinnaata and Musi- 
clans fbr Big Sho w. Aildress BARD IIR09. 

NO FICE TO NANAGBRM— Three Irwlns at 
lllsjrtvi returned from Mexico. "Mile. Irwin, oneof 
strongest cards on bill, In Bicycle on the Tight and 
slack Wire *J6 or an foot In the air. W.J.Irwin 
seemed! in I* glued nn lilt head in the trans/., bar. 
I utle Kitty Mai Irwin I" MM Contortion Act, a big 
raforlle with aft." Lot of more notices. VMftMi 
mall friend.. • • W.J. IRWIN (BI l.l.|, 

So, IS K. fonrt St., Memphis, Tenn._ 

:VOSJUjMp,A OOOOBHiB iuviwiboti (none 
better), New Extension .Ladder and net; price tU 
fur Outfit. HARM DICKINSON, 

3740 F or est Park Blvd. Bt. Louis, M o. 
LINIST Wishes Summer Resort or Road Work AT er 
June 'JO. Am also a good performer on numdnllu, 
guitar suit banjo. Address OA HI, I. NERHANOEN, 

ea r. Of Ston e's Music House, K*rgo,_N.J>. 

owning Splendid i.tfe-si/e Oallery Illnstrntlnns, 
wonbl omnhln. or enlertaln proposltloua from 
doctor, medicine people or other interealed pari les. 
. . ■ COMBE, Hotel Veley, Chicago , IU._ 


fer,to 'J'HOH. •'• HffJfiWSJJHBShjSHfc, 

'WANTED, "lRI»n,"' DUTCH or II. fT, 

Jiaticer preferred. Money every night afler you 
loin. Tlin WOOIHIEYS write, give address wjtere 


MEDICINE LECTURER wanted, who can 
lou M once, work for :u per cent, of mndleln. 
sales. • Live la oautp. No nck.ts, Must look the 
parr aud do nlrnlglii In acts. No long haired pen* 
pi«, Performer., wrlte.jL ▼. Ii ae, TowunadflW, 

WANTED. AT ONC'K, An A) Madlclni Lcc 
tursr, to work front wagou. Write full panlunlsrs 
and lowest salary lu first letter. Permansnt posl- 
Hon. Work In balls In Winter. Join nn wire. Also 
wuut good mcd. l*rfo™cra : _WaughjlX l , Mllo, , la. 

THAN, Man and Wife, flood dressers on and oir. 
Also Silent Acta. Any act suitable for Medicine 
Ho., In Opera Houses, (live lowest salary and toll 
just what you do. I pay board. Musi Join receipt 
wire. Monev absolutely aurc. French Remedy Co., 
Ilwudolpb, VI. 

. no", ■#»••»■■■ ... ■». ■- », 

Dancer preforred. Money every night after you 
loin. Tun WOODDEYS write, give address wj — 
to wire. F.MMONB, write. (Uow Is Pailrous). 
A <ia. W. P,. MTANI.I'.Y. Bueiut Vlsts, Alleg.Co., 


WANTBD— Mualslana for band aud orchestra, 
'I'ntia to douhl. string bass, Pianist to double 
b rsss, trombone preferred; A Mo. l Violinist 
(li'itder), Trap Drnmmer anil others. All must tie 
geuitommi, A No. 1 and experienced In vaudeville 
biisliitjss. Lowesi . salary first Inner. I pay all 
itfiur joiulug, Mgr. Hhaw Comedy Co., Opera 
House, Canaan. K. li. . 

tVMTKii- An At Dutch or Irish Comedian, 
Piiok and Wing Dancer, put mi acts and make 
them K". Clmugo for twu weeks. Salary, all 
yml arc worth; you get It every week. Treatment 
His lieat. and you must be good to lasu TonrlsM 
ii no boozers, nfx. Other Mod. Performcm. writ*. 
xiaio all you. can ami will do firm letter. We play 
cities only niter June 16. Tloketa advanced to 
Join. If rct|iiiroit. Address .tieo. II. Banders, Uar- 
bourville, tnojk County, Kemuoky. 

WANTBD ATONCB-Moroort. Hound Top 
In good condition, with no or 40 Middle. No 
w»l" ALSO PKllFORMalts THAT nilllllLH 
UI1A-VS. State all and lowest ami latter. It yon 
i-ujiU make good don't answer. MANAUKR SHAW 
cdMKDY Co., Opera Bouse, Canaan, «. II. 

WANTED at Once, a number of. good Second 
Hand I'llnm-Cornlc, uto., long ones If possible; 
alSoKilison KXhlbltlon or Universal Klltelueoope. 
J.' HALL, 204 McAlplu St., Phils,, Pa. 


r*> . '-■ 

NiiriulL — At Ocean View Onslno (Juke 
Weii», tiuiimger) the regular summer sett- 
hon will open in IblH loHOit June tl, with n 
Niroug vnuilevllle bill as the opeulng attrac- 
tion, l'riicilciillj- the auuie people whu looked 
after Mr. Weils' lutefcsta in the Cruuby 
'J'liealre, will have charge ut the Cusluo. 
Otlo Wells la local mnnnger, while U J. l.e 
I'nuclier will preside nt the box ofiiee. TtiK.vntK (t.'bas. m. West, mnnn- 
uef). — New jieople for week of lire : Chns. 
Mllllmnn, Mitrtelliie Hllclieus. Marie Cnimii, 
und Wilson aud Wnrde. Held over: Trlxle 
l.egrattde, Alice Lamar, Marie llelle. Kinuiu 
1'rnukfortl, Smile HurgCKs, l.oo t'ulninu, 
Klltahnlh Henderson, Vivian Russell, Ituin 
Mull bind, Muuile Ilttrcou, Harry t'onlon, 
i'Iiiih. II, Ward mid Johu West. noalncHs 
very good. 

llt.ioii Tiieatki: (J. M. Crlnnlan, mnnn- 
ger). — People |o be seen nl this Iioiiiih for 
week of U nil*; Canny Fjnreni'e. Ada Itnlly. 
Lutirn Iln.Viiionil. Jlinlge Cook, Fowler aud 
West, Kliirenee MdwnrilH, nnd (,'linrleH Itenlx. 
Ililslueas good. lid. hVHey pud Clldn II. 
Vomiii cliise nl this house .tune I, ho us to 
be able in open at the Auditorium, St. Louis, 
Mo., for week of II. 

1'ai.m'h ''Laht Dayh nr PoMPtiit" gave 
ihree pprformanciiH at Mnrlners Park, May 
SO '.Tune 1, to tremendous' crowds, 





ITUi St., New York. 

weak, np. vrm.ll.Mott, 

AN UOTJtL. Broadway and 
Knropeau Plan. Hooms |l a 
ott, »op. ; M. g MoHnfty, Mgr. 

ST. OHARLBB HOTEL, la So. Olsrk Ht, 
Chicago; RobL J. Ooold, Prop. Theatrical Head- 
qnartera.Bvcomi M to f)7 per week.Bteam heat, batta 


P. A. DOOLF.Y, Prop. 

WM. TBLL HOUSE, Howard and Somerset 
81*., Boston, Ma*a. central location. KxceUenl 



AjMrioao, 19 and np; Enropean, 76cu. and np 
. Bpeolai Bate* to Tbeatrleal Profeulon. 
»'. B. A. CROWE. Proprietor. 

■\sslOfcllllUr iack^n^CHfcXoO. 

PI reproof. Rnroneuu 


■TROBB HOTEL,a« •ad 110 W. lBtbBT., 


CHESTERFIELD,— rtlogantilnt«li|aod.rn. 
Perfeot oolalne, aervloe, appointment., Enropean 
plan. J. M. HANRAH AN, Prop., Peteribarg, fa. 

TRA FALGAR, HMH East 14th st,. New York, 
opp. Dewey. Booms 600., Jlo., $1, II.M dav; |tJ.H 
togl week. W. 1). HAWHOAS, Propr. 

i i. iloiili.e. 

WabaiU A Madlaon, CHICAGO. 
O. 0. Yanghan, Prop. BtrloUy 
Amanou man, |a-|u single; 

Hilt's Nn Hotel Gate. M?fifjBg 

Rooms too. to Tie. per day; tlH and is.oo . week. 
Ladles' Hestan rant on second floor. No. I.E. 41b 


Wilmington, Del. 

0. B. HOLT, Prop. 

PALACE HOTEL, lot N. Clark Ml,, Chicago. 
European, 13 por week; with private bath, $7. 
TurkhliBath, too . H. B. HUMPHREY. Prop._ 

ST", jam kb hotel, TOLBDO.iOr Amen- 
can Plan. Theatrical Headquarters, p.91 single. 
11 doublet $6 and jj per week. 

VICTOR HOUSE, m K. Indiana Ht., Chicago. 
Room |anil Board, as week. Italian and French 

Cuisine, Centrally located. V. Castellan, Prop. 


14S Doarlmrn St., Chicago. Professional nites II 
per week and up. Location In heart of the city. 

nlah.d roams, | u 10 $7 weekly : transienta, f l to tl 
tally, with private bath. Mth St., opposite Macy's'. 





These Attractions may be addressed car. 
RINGLING KKOH., Baraboo, Wis., or .a par 
route of show. 


Acrobat.. Feature with Hlngllng Ilros.' 
Clrctis-rSeconil Year. 


Orlfclniitom of l-lverylblng New lu Acrobntlcs. 


Whirlwind Dancers, 


Sensntlonnl Equestrian.. The only act In 
America Introducing a dog and J people 
Jumping on 1 horse. 

cimille mm TRIO 

Champion Horluntal Bar Comlquea. 


An Absolutely Original Aerial Display. 



America'. Greutest Troup, of 'Cyclist*. 



The World'. Most Murvelott. Contortionist*. 


Sensational Long Distance Mtd-AIr Leapa. 



JBP Bpeolai week ly rat* s to the pr of/u ion . 

1M Clark St., Chicago. Most central location In City 


(Copyright) a dlflereut books Hi utg. All kinds acts. 
MOltPIIET'S SOIIOQL, 887 N. l.tll St., Phlla., Pa^ 

A. GOODHICII, LAWYER, Ml West Madison 
Bt.. Chicago; established 1804. Business legal and 
quiet Brauohes and facilities In other States. 

CHEAP K1LHS, Moving Picture Machines, 

Cantors*. Lanterns, LanML Bong aiidea ina supply 
aold aid bought. Special aims and slides mad.. 
Bhowa given. Expert mechanics. German-Am. 
Clae. A yum oo„ ltt E. wth Bt, n.y. Tei. 4t* j. t». 

..FOR BALB or rent, Mechanical \Vj»x Figures, 
Illusion., Pine Snakes. Murlouettes, Palutlngs, 
Stuffed Anlmuta. Buy, sell or exchange. Send stamp 
forauswer. J. It. SWEET, Atlantic City, N. J._ 

SONG s u BETS la.aij per 1,000; SoiigBooka tl 
per loo; jj.w per Samples, lou. 
CARTER BOOK CO., all S. Broadway, St. Loula. 


Only Three Artists In the World Accomplish- 
ing Triple Sliinil l in iih Lean from the 

ground on to the back of a galloping horse. 


Artistic Posing on the Double Trape... 

Try our SILK-E. Look like silk anil are far more durable. - Highly endorsed bv Ihe profession 
Furnished in open work and plain black und In colon, for ladles and gentlemen, §1.00, per three pair 
•I.OS per half dozen pair, postpaid. Trial pair, 86c. SILK-E UNDERSKIHTS, a*. 50, express 
paid, catalogue free. Satisfaction guarantee. I. SILK-E MFG. CO., cor. Broadway & lath St., N.Y 



Full Acting Company, 



Maoon, Oa. ( 


Address BRUCE CONQUER, Mil ii«|t«r. 

Southern Amuseinent_Ass>>ciaUon. Macon, on. 



or every description. Sketch Teams, Song and 
Dance Artists and Xovolly Acts. Nothing too 
good. The finest Summer park In Trenton. 
Addrcs* . JOHN L. O'BKEIN, Manager. 

. - Mercer Plessure Park, Trenton, n J 

HOTEL OXFORD, Canal k Adams Sts„ West 
Side, CHICAGO. American A European. Special 
rates to Prof essionals, FRANK HUNT, Proprietor. 

manufacturers of the Chemical Microscope or 
Magnifying Glass; also Wine Glasaea aud ilaby 
Hollies. Bend stamp for price list. CHICAGO VIAL 
AND M'F'G. CO., 16113 W. Lake St., Chicago, III. 

NEW Lithographed Envelopes, Unique, Up lo 
Hate, 10 for 15c. Souvenir Poalal Curds, world's 
FalrBlilgs., 1 form. B. K. LUDUBN, 1 1 AlnJBe. 


NEXT SEASON. Guarantee full housed lo ail good 
companies. Can seal live hundred. Addres. 
J. B. LONO, Abbeville, Ala. 

SON who oiiu double stage. Sure money, long 
engagement Willi reputable farce comedy. ' State 
all first. Address FARCE COMEDY, care of 

CLIPPER, Room Ma, Ashland Block, CHICAGO. 


WAXAHACHIE. In course of const ruclton. Seat- 
ing 1,000. Pop. 8,000, with good towns to draw 
from. Fly Scenery, stage aix47. Now booking 
lu J4-n. Want good attraction opeulng night 
Address V. II. SHELTON, Sole Prop, kflil Mgr. 


tor any instrument o* number of ln.trnm.nt.. 
$S?fi • ? °lQ£l$ ma,U: ' akbtchea.eto. Send stamp. 
OHAB.L. LEWIS. 4M Richmond St.. Olnolnnatl. 0. 

plete set of Scenery, suitable for small house, lu 
good cnndltiou and very cheap. Am refitting my 
house and must be sold. 
MANAGER, Opcrn House, Lodl, Ohio. 

WANTBD, Hand and Orchestra Men; 3 cor- 
nels, trombones, baritone, bass, note, aliu, tenor, 
double second violin and 'cello: good trap drum- 
mer. Slate lowest salary In first lettsr. Wo semi uo 
tloketa. Join June lb. Address Under Flags All 
Kul Ion s, F.lvrla, <)■ "• 

WANTED— A Silent Aol. Contortionist or 
Comedy Juggler. State Iowcri salary tlrst letter: 
II Is .lire. Address AL. mart/., Ilauetou. ilo. 
June II, Smyrna Mills 13, New Lhiierlok, 14, l.ln 
liens lft, Hall Sho w, ' t 

^KDIBON Kloeioscoiie, or other good Htfflng 
Picture Machine Wauie.1; also Comic Films, Falrr- 
laud, Ac. M. WHITE, ui37 Walnut St,, Phua'pa. 

TRUNK! wanted—two second Hand 

auin. Taylors. State conditions and prices. 

PRANK J. STANTON, Syracuse, N. Y. 

AT LIBERTY, J. A. McCarthy and Ilaby Rita, 
oyeaia, ol.ver In Child Part.. Character and Heav- 
ies: long experience: good wardrobe; one piece 
only for next season. Have plays can stage for Sum- 
mer Stock. Man agers w rli e. Ad dr ess, Albany, W is. 


COMEDY, equipped with Special Printing, and a 
money makor. 

^Address W. R. HUTTON, Orlskany , N. Y. 

WANTBD, following people for the Only One 
Hobson Wagou Show, Maslolans— one Cornet list 
ur Clarionet, Slide Trombone, Baritone; two oboes: 
must read und play circus music up-to-date, and 
double in orchestra performances; Man and wife 
who do two or three aerial acts, and fill In con- 
cert; Working Men lu .11 departments— Cooks, 
Animal Men, ( and s-Horse Drivers. Stale line or 
hut, number acts, first loner. Kickers and sleepy 
Johnnies, don't write. Wanted lo Buy, good sec- 
ond hand Lton Den for a Wagon show. Also 
Troupe Well broke Dogs. Want man to count on 
and break a den of ponies and pair lions lo t ricks. 
Address c. 0. Kennedy, Manager the Only llouson 
Show. Little Rock, Ark., for two weeks. 



Satisfaction gurranteed with anv show. Home 
address, 39» TAYLOR AVE., Columbus. Ohio, 

MUSIC Arranged, Composed. 

Arrnuglng small songs, pnrts, 00 cts. 

K. W. A. KHKTSMAH. 41J K. Kith SI. N.Y. 



Hammond, Ind. 

Waited — Gold All 'hmi.. Pirforoers, 

Novell? Acts, Week stands. If yon are *oo strong 
to hustle once a week don't write. At dT'ss 
DR. JAMES H. CALL, Calls, Mahouti g Co., Ohio 



Making Good Everywhere. 
Some open time In .Inly and 
Aug. At liberty for ue.\t sea- 
son, niters Invited from First 
Class Agents and Managers, 
Akron, Ohio. 




FOR MOVING PICTURES. Must be expert In the 
dark room and In prlmlnff. state iinrilculars, 
references, salary, etc. PHOTO, care of Cl.l PPER. 


Beaumont Claxton, 

Versatile Lends, Heavies, Otmnictcra (Stage HI 
rector, with Fluyi). 

Agnes Archer. 

emotional Leads, Heavies. Ingenues. Beat Mod- 
ern and siiuiira Cut Wardrobe. Reliable. Joint 
only. PEMBROKE, Out., Canada, June It to 16. _ 




One doing specialties and small parts preferred. 

Other useful rep. people write. 


Piano Player. 


For a First Class 


State very lowest salary lu your first letter. Ex- 
perienced Actress for lends. Please consider 
silence a polite negative. Addreas 





Road Attractions, 





Brooklyn,. New York, 


K IWI A WILL IAMS, Managers, oallun, O. 




; J. A. ORIl'FIN, National Stock Co., 

Fort Edward, N. V. 
(Joh u B. W hlleniBB. wlsire am yim f) 

WANTED, - " 




WU-ltlla Pulls, Texaa. 

Must reaiiat sight. Open June 14. Hummer salary. 
We pay all. Will consider Hint class ladr. Answer. 

II. HA i kardis, nao nib at,, in com vii, n. y. 

Just the thing for Parka, Fairs, Vaudeville, etc. 
ACT (Copyrighted) for 1 or aCharaclers, complete, 
wltn tl Trick i.'ouis and 1 High Hiving Dog. .sketch, 
Tight llope, Ladder and Net Ilasket. Harness, 
Wagon, Chute the ( 'nines and Car, Auto Horn, etc., 
all Props. Stamps for reply. W. J. M 11,1,1 KEN, 
101 Third Place, Rrooklyn, N. V. 

Original Novelty New Vaudeville Act, entitled 
' Facing the Audience," bv Miss A. Barulcoat. A 
positive Novelty, Introducing her own lire proof 
scenery aud effects. Address nil Agents, or 

JOHN K. 1NCK, MSI Broadway, N. V. 

t^l^lJMHhi PARKS. 

OWEN JOHNSTONE A CO., with his new comb; 
anil Operatic Sketoli, eullUed "INNOCENCE," 
open for Immediate eugaiements. 
Address care of CLIPPER. 

Wanted, Gentotlliilst, Juggler and Performers 

l.lni'i xs ami ex. Eat and sleep on lot. tiood 
omateurs write. Add, quick, Parkers New Pa- 
vilion Show, 400 Perry St., Elwlrn, N. V. 




_AjHWjir_8UNJ!R0S^H|IOWB, Luniutster, Ky. 

B> I> I^ON 


In flne order, for sale low. Poachers, Train Rub- 
bery, alas Fairy, conilo and Mysterious Films 
wanted, Highest prices paid. ' 
• BOX 76, Post Office, Phlla., Pa. 


Should apply for lowest passage rates and full 
particulars ut the Exuliaugo 0'iilc.e, lot East 14th 
St., N ew Yot k, Es tablished 2& year.. 


SCOPE, adapted In attnoli lo Slereopllcon. Must 
be in good cnndltiou, cheap for cash. Slate full 
particulars and price. ENTERPRISE MF(1. CO.. 
IM IJike Street, CHICAflO, ILL. 


Large variety of other Pesnv Miiehlnes for Hale at 
a great aacrlilce. A Utile cash will go a long way 
here. Lois to suit. Address A. C. HAY TON, 

■is Custom Ilo ii so St., It. mi ii 16, Providence, It. I. 

Han with' Specialty, Will Can Take a Part, 

Address CAPT. PRICE, Wliiileld, Weal Va.. 
care of Prlce's_Floai|ng Palace Waler tjnawi. 

Wanted, Ohararter mid Juvenile Woiueu 

With speelallles. Summer salary. Other people, 
write. FRANK J. DEAN, 

Lillian Lyons' Company, Mayvitte, Mich. 


1 :t 



•»■ a bi,h or com nm 

M'laM' "Mart AlMCdOtM, EtC ; ftlg 

Fair* for. 1P04 , 368, Si 

Kverhart— Sketch asg 

Elbe! West— Sketch, ana 

<.'He»» ' «rtil Checkers .' '. 3M 

Kuril. Kepdsll ,1C8 

t'nflrr the Tents Hill, .100 

Vaudeville and Minstrel.... 301, .107, 30s: 

queries Answered , Ml 

irariCbleago letter nfl2 

Our South African Let ter .102 

CHpperPwt.OI'fice , '. an 

World of Players..' '. 308, 300, 375 

IfUrst. by Telegraph i 305 

On the Road... sos 

VsoUevllle Route Mm:.', ,. 300, .ins 

Miscellaneous 307 

Deiths in the Profession • .'ins 

Kifrnmer Parks' . . .'. v son 

Plays sail .Sketches .Copyrighted 3AA 

Xe» York City— Review and Comment .. 370 

Parld, Belasco's Pait.Year snd Some future • 

' Plana . . .' : •..'..'.... 370 

Music and Song. . . ; '........'... '371 

Wllh the' Bill' Fosters ..'..; ..;... .... II. ..'.. .171 


Oregon •.. .. 339 

West Virginia •..'. .•....{.•....'.?.. .:.•. mi 

Maasacblisells 3(13 

Minnesota ' -.." .mi 

I'ennsylrnnln •,-...:.•. I...';.......;.. 80.1 

Tennessee '. : 303 

Virginia ...... .V 304 

'Rhode Island 374 

Ohio' 1 , 374 

District or Columbia 374 

Louisiana ■ 374 

I'teb 374 

Maine 374 

I'anatln ; 374 

Oklahoma 374 

Near. York State »7» 

New Jersey 373 

"iVIaennsi 11 303 

Kansas ...'.; 303 

Alabama r>.m 

Missouri SOS 

Kentucky ..' 370 

lawn .170 

liHnnls '..:.., 37A 

Michigan * 371 

Toses '. .- .171 

Calorprto 371 

California -...'..• 371 

Indiana 371 

Washington • .'..... . .171 

Connecticut 371 

i:>nrjli , > .171 

'i p ii.!, 111 <e sa~s2-sssss~-ssssB— 


Our theatrical oorrttfondtntt art hereby 
*Qtl/ua that the ortdtntlalt mu held by 
♦iorfi etptred on June I. Titty art reguested* 
fw I'ffuni thtm to this office at once, for re- 


•> .< • . •• . .' ' .■ 

•eVsaday Muht'i. Opening* U All the) 
,'.,.' Blur Show Timm. 


•Tlie 1. It tic Minister.'- "Tlir Cttvm- 

ller," 1 "Fader Tw ■ Fla tt»." "Tbe? 

Paxtdlvr," "The I nptnln of \a- 

■■f'mwrr," -sea-nun Kitty" atnat "l*. 

K.".tbe I'orreut Offerliin.. 

Kptblal Dispatches to Tun Nr.w YnriK CMprpn 
: tyxxl'itANCiHCO, Julie I. — At the Columbia 
Theatre Maude Adams |w lit her second 11111I 
tnrtt week, -in "The Llltle Mlnlater." K. If. 
Hoiliffn, In "The 1'roiid 1'rlnce,' 1 follow* is, 
I'ftr two weekH. 

I' TiiBATlti:.— This la the third 
we.ek.of tbe rumpany now ulaylnit ber, which 
wqh formerly oalled tbe Nelll-Morosiio Co., 
inn Whli'li la now called the (tllvei MoroRco 
«'ii, JimifH Will having diNpnxcd oC all Iiin 
Interest In the old company. "The Cavalier'' 
l.i the. current bill. 

ai.caz.xi Tiirathk. — "Under Two Klaga" la 
tint current offerlna;. "I.nveriT Lunc" Ik In 
preiia ration. 
.OsNTBAi, TtiKA'i'iiK. — "The Peddler" la Ihla 
' treek'a 'offering. 

.(JliANI) Ol'KIIA IIihihh. — Hilliiluj, a (llllltl- 

net-t, marked the opening of ihe alxth and 
limt. wei>k of the engagement of Melbourne 
MacDowell and company. The play la '"I'M" 
t.'uiilalu of Navarre." A three weeks' ape- 
I'loV engngement of Mrs. Leslie Carter and 
. company, In "D11 Hnrry," heglnn 13. 

Ttvoi.t Ovf.ra 1I(m:se. — The firm produc- 
tlop'lo tliiK elty of "Sergeant Kitty" oc- 
curred Inst night, with l.lllliin Kerton In the 
in- linn -'in 1 1 mi role. 

Kikchkr's Thkatiik.— Tills la the aecnnd 
week of "V. 8." 

Olu?HT.UM Thiatre. — Rill for the current 

Century , excellent 1 attendance aawi t be open- 
log of "A. Girl from Dixie". ...The Olympic 
continues with "A Country Girl," and Craw- 
ford's Is In the fifth week of "Qaincy Autm» 

gawjjer." Ktralfy's "Jxiulalana*' at the 

Odeon: and -Hayes' "l<outalana." at Delmar 
Garden, both onened, to. excellent business 

at their neconif week's beginning The 

Highlands drew big crowds Suuday. .1, with 

■ new vaadeTjile bill Wem Knd Helgbla 

retain* Us burlesque company In another 

piece that ;opened. well- Vaudeville s« 

the Suburban drew heavy: Sunday business. 

;. Vaudeville at Mannlod's; the Brnnd- 

Wav-Musee and the Globe 'opened to fair 

patronage. The Cherry Blossoms are at 

the' Standard. ' 

• Boston, ■ June • ".—Cool r and , threatening 
weather made, it possible for the Indoor 

bouses to do some business "The Queen 

of. Laughter'.' whk glveu Its Itrst local phi- 
duct ion at. the Colonial by the Rostonlaos, 
and was favorably' received.- -A. large audi- 
ence was present. ... .'."Woodland." at the 
Tremont ; "The Isle of, Spice," afthe Globe, 
and "Sky Kama," at Music Hall, were hold- 
overs, with business, averaging. good.'. . .-.. 
The stock, vaudeville and burlesque ■ patron- 
age was. up to usual Winter mark. ,.( 

WarhinqtoN, June 7.— The Edwin Arden 
Co., at the Columbia, had a good bouse to 

witness "Too Much Johnson." The new 

stock company at the Academy, under the 
management of Kred B. Geraer Jr., opened last 
night, in "The t'rlncess of Patches," to ex- 
cellent business The Aborn Opera Stock. 

at the Lafayette, presented "The Wedding 

Day,"- to a full bouse Aga was the top 

liner to a tine bill at Chase's, to full houses. 

afternoon and night "The Last Days 

of Foropell" opened to large business last 
night The Lyceum Slock, at the Ly- 
ceum Theatre, bad an excellent opening last 

Kansas Citt, June 7.— The Glllls closed 
Ita season with two performances Sunday. 
to good bouses. "Too Much Cohen" ami 
"The Moonshiner's Daughter" were the plays 

S resented At the Auditorium Carleton 
lacey and company gave good performances 
of ''Rip Van Wlnkle.'Mo good Sunday attend- 
ance Forest Park was packed Sunday. 

In Hopkins' Theatre George Wilson was the 

headllner of a good vaudeville bill 

Electric Park drew an Immense throng to 
hear Llberatl'a Band, and In the German 
Village Gllllhan and Murray were the feat- 

Philadelphia, June 7. — Only fair open- 
ings for the few open theatres ruled last 
nlghl, which was the hottest of the year, 

and put a damper on the attendance 

Vaudeville, at Keith's, enjoyed good patron- 
age "Bob White" continued to draw 

well at the Park, and the production of "The 
Iron Master," at the HI Jon, met with favor. 

Entertaining performances were given 

at the Lyceum and Trocadero, and were well 

nttended Hot weather sent Phlladel- 

phltins to the outdoor parks In droves. 

Louisville, June 7.— The Imperial Ma- 
rine Band, of Germany, opened at the Jockey 
flu!' Park before an Immense crowd. The 
band was met nt the depot by a big delega- 
tion, an descorted through the principal 


week, 1 opening Sunday, a : Avon Comedy 
1'iiiir, Truly Hhatluck, Leah Russell, Tom 
Wale,™ and 1C0., Marcel's living art studies, 

Powers . Bros., I'nrror. Cole and Co., Gastou 
and Intone, 'and the biograph. 

t'litiTKs. — Programme opening 0: Gus Kl 
ratio, 'Alfons, Bence and Aller, Walsh and 

Lutra." Mildred Manning, Jones, Sylvester 
mid Cameron, and the anlmatiscope. 

'Note.— Associate Manager Charles W. 
. Htrlne,. of the Tivoll Opera House, bas re- 
turned from Xew York, with contracts signed 
' hy riumeroits well known players. Including 
Lillian Sefton. Kate Condon, Barron Bert- 
hold, Floye Redledge, Wlllard Slmma and 
others; ... ...From a private letter received 

by r me: from- some of the members' of the 
Auierlt'iin Travesty Stars, at Honolulu, H. I., 
under date of May ?'„> last, I note (bat the 
litiiiHCH were sold out In advance for every 
ptirforqiaace (ten shows), and they tried to 
get. them to extend over one steamer, but 
the members of the company rebelled. They 
appeared at the Orpheum there holding 17<H> 
st 'prices from 2ft cents to si. The country 
Is >ery dull Just now, owing to an overpro- 
duction of sugar. Comedian Kolb has been 
t told ho has consumption, and that he bod 
better, quit work. He will return bere to 
America hi mu*. One chorus girl left (Miss 
Unpens). They were to leave June 1 for 
Sydney. Australia. 
........ a ' . — »-• , 


Mllvvaaker. — Eugene Monrc. tbc former 
popular leading mnn of the Thanbouser Stock 
Co., returns to the cost June 6, In "Human- 
ity," Ills friends are preparing to give him 
a welcome out of the ordinary. "Caprice" 
was the offering week of May 30. Florence 
Rockwell, who replaced Edith Evelyn, for the 
Hummer, scored a decided success In her 
opening week. Colin Campbell was warmly 
received after ft long absence. 

li.winsoN Tiif.atrk (Shermnn Brown, man- 
ager). — Vaudeville . has caught on at this 
house, And no mlstnke. Full attendance was 
In evidence week of 'to. Helen Bertram was 
the top liner. BUI for week of June A: Rout. 
1'iilgora, Artie Hall. Cliff Dean * Co., Mary 
Madden, Kelt and Ruslck, Fred Hawthorne 
and Co., J. A. Probst. Thkatiik. — Manager F. B. Win- 
ter offers S. F. Hudnlck, Dragon Trio, Geer 
Mnrreiin, ltonnle Male, Fred and May Wad- 
dell for week of June tl. Business Is good. 

<lnAM> Thkatiik. — Continued prosperity 
rules at this bouse. Bill week of : The 
Four Rurzclls, Pauline Condee. L. W. Davles, 
Ed. and Rolo White, and the' Wilson Trio. ' 

Ii'orht Kn.i.Kii. — I'nrl Frlscber, Mary Alba, 
and the Duffy Trio are booked for week of 0. 

Star Thkatiik.- The Blue Ribbon Girls, 
who opened the season at tbls popular bouse, 
return week of 0, with the City Club to fol- 
low week of 11. The Dainty Paree Co. bad 
them coming In such a manner that Manager 
T. It. Trottman had his figures on the right 
side at the ead of the week. 

Bijou Opera House (J. R. Pierce, resi- 
dent manager). — "The James Boys In Mis- 
souri." week of May 2ft, played 10 one Of 
the largest week's business of the season, 
which, by Ihe way, was one of the best sea- 
sons this bouse hns had in many years. 
<i » ■ 

Hm WMihrr Draws Good PatrowBaT* 
' v t«i <hr Open Air Resorts Along the 
1. 1 lie. 
I'ltirAim. June 7. — "A Business man" was 
originally acted nt McVlcker'e Sunday night, 
upa wos fairly well received hy the critics 

ninl the nubile "The Tenderfoot" at 

trnc'tod a' fair house to the Illinois, open 
.•STipdtoy nigh r. .-... ."The Wizard of Oz," a 
the Grand: "The Maid and the Mummy," at 
1 lie ' (lurrlrk. and "York State Folks," at 
i|)e .Great Xorthern. were continued attrac- 

tlbns, which prospered "The Earl of 

iWtucket" closed Sunday night at Powers', 
being' replaced Monday night by "Vivian's 

flopaa." The Bijou began the last week 

of lie season with "A Hidden Crime," and 
the 1 stock bouses had a prosperous Sunday. 

Next week will be the last at the 

Rush-. Temple... .Summer opera began Mon- 
day "night at the People's .... Stock bur- 
iBHque. at Sam T. Jack's and the Trocadero, 
pleased large houses Sunday .... "The Royal 
Chef" passed lis hundredth performance at 

the. La, Halle Monday night Vaudeville 

hills at the Chicago Opera House and Cleve- 
land's ' played to capacity business. .. ."The 
Mho-Gun" began Its final week at the Stude- 

baiter Sunday night ,.Sans Houcl and 

the .Water Chutes enjoyed a good Sunday 111 

spite of the threatening weather Orn 

try Bros." I'oDy and Dog Show started a tour 
nr the South side Sunday most prosperously. 
-Kt LoriR. June 7.— For the first time In 
many ' weeks the opening of Ibe week Is In 
fair neather. In consequence attendance at 
the 'World's Fair Is very heavy At tba 

Mobile. — At the Monroe Park Theatre 
(M. A. McDermotr, manager) the Marie Dale 
Co. closed a very successful engagement of 
four weeks at tbls bouse May 80, and left 
for Meridian, Miss., for one week. The 
Thome ■ linker Opera Co. opened Its Summer 
engagement ill, to a large audience. The com- 
pany, Is the beat seen bere In the past three 
seasons.- ever since Manager McDernmtt first 
Introduced opera here. The opening number 
was "II Trovatore." The leading member of 
Ibe company, both as an artist and In point 
of popular favor, was Miss Thome, wbo re- 
tained all ber popularity with the Mobile 
theatregoers. This fact was shown hy the 
continuous applause which followed ber 
throughout the entire production on the 
opening night, and the beautiful floral tri- 
butes wblch she very gracefully acknowl- 
edged at three different stages In the opera. 
Miss Tborne was never heard here 10 better 
ndvantage, and the Initial performance . of 
the company was a decided success. The 
Summer opera seems destined to prove as 
popular as in the past. 

.Notes. — J.' G. Hines, for many years stage 
carpenter at the Mobile Theatre, holds a 
similar position with the Thorne-'Baker Opera 

Co., at Monroe Park J. W. (Plnkey) 

Murphy has accepted a position with the 

Marie Dale Co., as stage carpenter 

. William Brogiey. for' Ibe past two seasons 
neninV property man at Ibe Mobile Theatre, has ac- 
ix " at cepted a position. with the Marie Dale Co.. a* 

programmer Lost Friday night, May 

27, Miss Thorne and the members of ber 
company gave a delightful recital to Minn 
Thome's many friends bere, which event 
took place In the spacious dining rooms of 
the Bienville Hotel. An excellent programme 
was rendered, and was much enjoyed by al> 
present. After the recital an Informal re- 
ception was held, and tbe members of the 
company were Introduced to Ihe large audi- 
ence. ■ 
♦ »♦ ' 


Topeka. — Parker's Midway, of twenty .one 
shows began a week's stand May 30, to good 

ViNKwoon Park (Frank Kelly, manager); 
— Tbls resort will open Us season Jube 11, 
playing bands and open air attractions. The 
pork Is under the management of tbe street 
car company. ' 


— Marie Griffith died at ber home In 
Cnnonsbnrg, Pa., Mny HI, st three o'clock, 
a. it., of uphold fever, aged nineteen years.' 
Miss nrlfnlh was" widely known among the- 
atrical people. 

01 tic M*d. 

- ' ■ ■ * ■ ' ■ '"■ - ' — - - 

All Routes Most Reaick tk Sat Latter 

Tbaa Moaaky. 


Adams.- Mamie- (Charles Frnbmaa. DAgr.l— San 
Francisco. Cal.. June 0-11. Los Angeles in in, 

Allen. Viola (Cba/les W. • Adams, aur.)— Mon- 
treal. Can.. June OS, Blnshamtoa, N I.. II. 

Aubrey Stock. Eastern. Hittenthal Brothers' 
ivt'ui. Psvldce, iugr.l — Montreal, Can., June 
«. .IndeBalte. 

Anleu,.Kdward, Stock— Washington, V. C, Jane 
0, Indefinite. 1 

Albee Slock— Providence. R. I., June (1, lnilet- 

Aradey-BtiHjk -(FrediO. Bernr Jr., our. )— Waah- 
tngtoo. 1>. C. June 0, InifeBnite. 

American Stock 1 ipllvrr Martell, r»ir I— Sioux 
City. la:, June 0. Indefinite: 

Allen. John (O. 8. BuRh. mgr.)— Rmerald, Wli , 
June (ill, Lima 1-1-18. . . 

"Are Vnu a Mason?" (Julias Cabn, nijr.)— To- 
ronto. Can.. Jupe-0-11. . 

Hiirl'mor- F.lhel (CJ.arles Kro'iman, mgr.) — Lon- 
lino.- Ung., June 'II, Indeflolle. . j 

Biihler.' Richard. Stock (Dave A. ,W*Is,. mgr.)— 
Providence. R. L. June 'H. -InileBalte. 

Blair. F.ngenle (Henri (Iressit, mgr.)— Detroit, 
Mich.. June 0, IndeOnlle. 

nnlunln-.Mellvllle (Walter S. Baldwin, mgr.)— 
Cleveland. O.', June 0, Indednlte. 

Baldwin-MelTille (Walters. Baldwin, mgr. (—Buf- 
falo. X. V., June 0, Indefinite. 

Breckeiirldpe Stock t Breckenrldge A Panlser., 
nigra.)— Fort Smith, Ark., June tl-is. 

Borrfll Stock (Charles W. Bnrrlll. mgr. )— Spring- 
field. III., June 0. Indefinite. 

Bowser-Crovaii Stock — Grand Rapids. Mlrb., Jane 
0. Indefinite. 

Broadway Stock — Denver, Colo.. Juue 6-Ang. 27. 

"Hnsliiess Man," Jacob Liu's — Chicago, til., 
June ft, Indefinite. 

•Black Mask"— X. X. City June flit. 

Carter, Mrs. Leslie (Darld Belsaco, mgr.)— Salt 
Lake city, II., Jane OH, San Francisco. Cal., 
l.l-July B. . 

Collier. William (Charles Frohman, mgr.)— N. 
V. City June 0. Indefinite. 

Cohnns. Four (Fred Nlblo, mgr. 1 — Grand Fork, 
No, Dak.. Jnne 0. Helena. Mont,, 7, Dnliilh, 
Minn., 10. Superior, Wis.. 11. Minneapolis, 
Minn.. 12-13. St. Paul 10-18. 

Curts Dramatic (it. H. Curls, ragr.)— Clearwater. 
Xef>., June 0-8, Kiting ft-ll. 

Cutter A. Williams Stock (W. R. Cotter A J. \V. 
Williams, mgrs. 1— Mansfield. O., June .0-11. 

ChnseLister Theatre (Joseph Farrell, mgr.) — 
Iowa City, la.. June 0, Indefinite. 

DllgcrOornell— Bradford. Pa.. June Oil. Cort- 
land, x. v., la-is. 

DoukluKs, Byron. Stock— Portland, lie., Jnne fl- 

Durban Stock — Montreal, Can., June 6. Indefinite. 

Dnvls-nnyle Stock— I'tlcs, X. V., June 0, Indefi- 

F.vesson, Isobelle (James T. Malone,- mgr.) — 
Providence, R. I., June 0-18. 

F.vAns, Brandon (narry Rennels. togr.) — New- 
port News, Va., June 0, Indefinite. 

Umpire Theatre (Geo. II. Pauhw. mgr.) — Mount 
Clemens. Mich.. June ft-ll, 

Electric Park Stock— Leavenworth, Kan., June 
0, Indefinite. 

Kllefonl Slock— Portland, Ore., June O, Inileft- 

"Escaped from Ring Sing" (James- H. Parker, 
ragi'.i — Pliislinrg, Pa., Jnne 1.1-18. 

Flskr A Slock (E. I). Klske A T. V. Stork, mgrs.) 
—Halifax, X. In June 0-18. 

niaser. Vaughan, Stock — Cleveland, O.', June 0, 

Cmrrlck Slock (Jay Knsell, mar )— Mount Ver- 
non, 0., June 0, Indefinite. 

nross-Lyoll Stock (I.yall A Brown, mgrs.) — Hailu- 
enh, K.v., June 0-11. 

"Game Keener." Thomas J. Smith (Raw)and A 
Clifford, nigra.)— Mantsllipie, Mich.. June H, 
flladstone 0. Applelon 10, Neenab II, Oshkosh 
12, season ends. 

Hnswell, Percy (fleorge Knwcett, mgr.) — Minne- 
apolis, Minn., Jnne. 0-8, St. Paul iv-nept. 3. 

Hall, Don C— Sacramento, Cal., June 0-11, Mary- 
vllle I,t-|M. 

Hunt Stock (M. A. Hunt, mgr.) — Onawsy, Mich., 
June 0-11, St. lanare 1*1-18. 

Iloofiler Slinw (Jack lloeftler. mgr. | — Applelon, 
Wis.. June 0, Indefinite. 

Hull en. Laura, Slock (Charles W. Burr)ll. mgr.) 
-^Oksmnalgn, III., June 0-11. Kankakee, 1.1, In- 

Henderson Slock (W. J. A R. R. Henderson. 
nurrs.)— Coldwater, Mich.. June nil. 

Gulden Brothers— Indianapolis, hul., June 0, In- 

Henderson, Maud (Joseph Parent, mgr.) — Big 
Repias, Mich.. June 7-12. 

"Hidden Crime" (J. M. Ward, miir. )— Chicago, 
III.. Jnne All. 

Irving-French (Don Macmlllnn. mgr.) — Red 
ilat, la.. Jnnt- 0-8, Vlllls-a nit, Atlantic 13- 
l!i. Des Moines 10-18. 

Imperlsl Stock (Col. Geo. Hamilton, mgr.) — 
St. Louis, Mo., June ft. Indefinite. 

Jewell Archer Stock— Lynn, Mass., June 0, in- 

"James Boys In Mlsourl" (Frank tlarmln, mgr.) 
— St. Paul, Minn., June fill, Minneapolis 12- 

Karioll, Dot (J. 0. Welsh, mgr.)— Providence, R. 
L, June 0. Indefinite. 

Klngdon-Cniirlenay Stork— Albany, N, I., Jane 
0. Indefinite. 

Keller Stock (A. M. Keller, mgr.)— Nevada, Mu., 
June O-Aug. IS. 

Kennedy. John J., Slock — Duliiib. Minn., Jnne ft, 
- Indefinite. . 

Lee's Comedians— Sacket Harbor. N. V,, Jnne 111 

Mansfield. Richard ill. D. Stevens, mar.)— Spo- 
kane. Wash., June II. Untie. Mont., 8, Fargo. 
No. Dak.. 10. Duluth. Minn., II, St. Paul 12- 
1A. Minneapolis 10-18. 

MscDowell, Melbourne (Dave Well, mgr.)— San 
i'rnnclsco. Cal., June (111. 

Mallory, Clifton— Renova. Pa.. Jnne 17, 18. 

MnH;« Stock (Tom Marks, mgr.)— Midland, Can., 
June 0-11. Colllugwond 11-18. - 

Murray A Mackey (John J. Murray, ap.l- Psrk- 
ersbnrg. W. Vs., June 0, Indefinite. 

Mordant-Humphrey — Albany, X. Y.. Jane A. In- 

Madbon Square, Staler'* — Dallas, Tex., June ft- 
July 2. 

Miller Bryan Stock (Frank F. Miller, mgr.)— 
Baton llonge, La.. June 0. Indefinite. 

Morris A vVltlock Stock— Houston, Tei., Jnne 0, 
Indefinite. . . . 

"MeFsddrn's Flats," Gun Hilt's (Thomas R. 
Henry, mgr.)— Sault Sir. Mnrle, Mich., June 

"Midnight Flyer" (Kd. Anderson, mgr.)— Mid- 
land. Midi., June 8, Kvart 0. Cadillac 10 

Nellli James (Charles Astor Parker, gen. mgr.) 
— San Francisco, Cal., June ft, Indefinite. 

North Brothers' Comedians. Kaslern (R. J. Mack, 
nur.) — Slow Falls, Ho. Dak., June ft-ll. 

Xelll-Marosco (Charles Astor Parker, .gel. mgr.) 
—Denver. Col., June OSept. ?.. e 

Nadonal-Btrsk (Cbartea R. Scbad, mgr.)— Fort 
Kdwards. X. ¥,, .June OIL 

North Brothers (Frank 0. Carter, mar.)— Teiar- 
kana, Ark., Jnne 0-18. . 

New York Ployers (Hunter A Bradford, mgrs,)— 
Worcester. Mass., June tl. Indefinite. 

National Stock (.1. Albert Dawson, mgr.)— Bast 
Troy. Wis., Jnne Oil. 

National Stock (Naflager A Ravldge. mgrs.)— 
-Newark,- Ark.. June flit, Bateavllle 1.1-18, 

"Ojr New Minister" (Miller A f'olyer, mgrs.)— 
Fresno, Cal., June s. Hao Jose 9. Oakland tO- 
12. Stockton 19, Marysvllb) 14. Ragese. Ore., 
■a Portland 17. 18. 

"On. tbe Bridge at Midnight" (Frank Oalxolo. 
mgr.)— Pittsburg. Pa., Jnne 11. 

Payion Sisters Comedy (Col. Frank Robertson, ' 
mgr.) — Jackson, Trnn., June 0-18. 

Parks'. C. W.. Stock— South Furk. Ps., Jane fi- 
ll. Hun'tlngdnn 18-18. 

Powell-Portello IHallon Powell, mar.) — Aberdeen. 
So Dak-.. June 0-11. New Rockford, No. Dak., 
n. 14, Mlonewaukon Iff, 10. I>eda 17, 18. 

"Peddler," Sullivan, Harris A Woods'— N. Y. 
City Jnne 0-12. 

"Policy riayera"— Atlantic city. X. J.. Jnne ill- 

"Qolnry Adams Sawyer" (O. H. Smith, mgr.)— 
St Louis, Mo:, Jnne 6. Indefinite. 

Rogers Brothers (Ktaw A Erl anger, nigra.) — Kt. 
Pal, Minn.. June fi-8. Minneapolis ti 11. 

Ithlne- Wlllard Stock (Wade Rhine, mgr.)— I. an- 
easier.- Pa., Jnne 0<l I. 

Rodney Stock .((I. Bert Rodney, mgr.) — Stevens 
Point, Wis., June 08. Merrill 12, Oshkosh 

Reolfrow's Jolly PalhDnders IK. C. Andrews, has. 
mgr.) — Knstport, Me., Jane on, St. Johns, 
N. B.. lfi-18. 

Reymnnd, Kd Seattle. Wash.. Jnne ft, Indefinite. 

Rntledav' Stock— Bay Clly. Mich.. .June ft. if.'. 

•'Rabhlt'a Foot" (Pat C*apn*1le,'m|rr.)— ftockv- 
mount, N, 0., June t, Washington 9, Tar ho re 

sU'Greraaville 11. Klnaton 1,1, New Bern 14. 
Wlluiluglou 15, Uohlsboro 10. Raleigh IT. Dur- 
ham 18. 

Sotbero. R. H. (Daniel Frohman, mgr.)— Sac- 
ramento. Cal., June (1, San Jose 7. Fresno 8, 
Ia» Angeles H-ll. San Francisco 13-2.1. 

Snow. Mortimer, 'Stock — Troy, X. T., June 0. In- 

•Toy. Farm" (Charles Frohman, mgr.) — Boston, 
.Mass., June 0-11. 

Taylor Stock (Albert Taylor, nigr.)— Sbreveport, 
IS., June A July .1. 

froM -Donna. Sbs-k (James L. Glass, mgr.) — 
New Albany, Ind.. Jnne 0-18. 

Touhy ' Comedy (Rsmlall A Foster, mgrs. )— Au- 
rora. III.. June 0. indefinite. 

"Teat Nights In a Bar Room," Beechrr A Stan- 
ley's (Waller J. McDonald, nur.) — Wilson, 
Kan., June O. Porraars 7, Russell *, Hays 0. 
F.llls 10. Wskreney II, ilrslnfleM 1:1, Onkley 
1st; Colby 1ft. Mrnln 10, Hoiie 17. Hill Oily 18. 

"Uncle Tom's Cabin." Stetson's, Western (Wni. 
Klbbe. mgr-)— Attics. Ind., June 8, Veeders- 
hrtrg S. Covington 10, Waynelown 11. Rrowns- 
burg 1:1, Danville 14, Martinsville 10. (Ireeas- 
harg 10.' North Vernon 17, Ratesvllle 18. 

"llacle Tom's Cahln" (Frank Wallers, mgr.) — 
Olorfcslhwti, W. Va.. June 8. Wlnfield », Point 
Pleasant 10. Ripley II. 

Vnn. Dyke'A Ksion, Ollie Raton (F. Mack, mgr.) 
— Fort Wayne. Ind.. June 0-18. 

Van Dyke — Ilutmque. la., June ft-ll. 

Vembn-SUx-k (Renj. B. Vernon, mgr.)— Ashury 
Park. X. J., June i! July 10. 

VaUIVuont Stock — Wllllani«porr,. I'u., June 6, In- 

"VArlan's Papas" (Rich A Harris, mgrs.)— Chi- 
cago, 111., June 0. Indefinite. 

Wlfht-Kulp, Amber Mnniague — Diitsiqne, la., 
Jnne d. Indefinite. 

Wlnnlnger Brothers (Frank Wlnnlnger, mgr.) 
— Kenosha. Wis., June 0-12. 

Woodward Stock (O. n. Wundward, mgr.)— 
Ksnsa. -City, Mo., Jnne A, Indefinite. 

"Wnrst Woman to London" (R. 0. Crserln, 
mgr. 1— Atlantic City, X. J., June at- 11- 

"Why (llrls l^ave Home" t Vance A Sullivan, 
nigrs.)— Pittsburg. Pa.. June «M1. 

Yiiiiag. Kdwln, Slock— Korkvllle Center, N. Y., 
June 0-8. 

"York Slnte Folks" IB. R. Wright, tugr.)— Chi- 
. cago. 111., June ft. indefinite. 

Aboro Opera (Milton A Sargent Aboru, mgrs.) 
— Washington, D. C, June 0, Indefinite. 

Ahom Otiera (Milton A Sargent Alairn, mgrs.) 
— N. Y. City June 0, Indefinite. 

BosTonlan* tcnas. R. Bacon, bn«. mgr.)— Boston, 
Mass., June o. Indefinite. . 

BIJOU Opera— Memphis, Tenn., June nil. 

Brooke's Chicago Marine Band inert A, Hall, 
mgr.)— Chicago, HI., Jnne 0, Indefinite. 

Butler. Helen May. and Her Ladles' Military 
Hand tJ. Leslie Spabn, mgr,) — Newark, N. J.. 
June ,.V2il. 

"Hates In Toyland" (Hamlin A Mitchell, nuns.) 
— Boston, Mass., June tl. Indefinite. 

Central Opera (Leopold Kuenkensiels, director.) 
-.Midland Beach. X. Y.. June 1:1 18. 

Canadian Colored Concert (William Carter, mgr.) 
- Velllsvllle. Wis., June 8, Block River Falls 
'Tl. 'Xew Lisbon 10, Necedah 11, 12. Wesi Salem 

Hargreavee— Niagara Falls, N. Y.. June 13. North 
Timawnnd. 14. lAMkport 15, Mldlua 10. New- 
ark 17. 

18, Tomali 14, Sparta 10, Klroy 10. 
•Country Girl" (j. O. " 
Mo,. June 0, IndefioUe. 

Duff, mgr.)— St. Umls, 

Dnss Orchestra (J. 8. Duss, eondsclor.) — N. 1. 
City June 0, Indefinite. 

"Ulrl from Dixie" — HI. (.mils, Mo., June A, In- 

Hopper,, De Wolf (Wni. A. Brady A Sliulmrt 
Brothers, mgrs.)— N. V. Oily June fl, Indefi- 

Herald Roust*. Opera (Frank T. Klntilng, uigr.) 
—New Castle, Pa., June 0-12. 

"isle or Spire" (It. C. A F. 0. Whitney, mgrs.) 
.— Boston, Mass., June II, Indefinite, 

Kilties Band it. P. J. Power, mgr. ) — Roches- 
ter, X. V„ June 0-1A. 

Lyric, Opera (Harry l,en Velle, mgr.)— I'lne Uluff. 
Ark.. June 0-11, Greenville. Mis*.. It-It, Jack- 
son 10-18. 

McKee's Boston Ladles' Symphony Orchestra 
• Frank W. McKee, mgr.)— Atlonllc Olty, N. 
J., Jnne tl-no. 

"MM Bob White" (Nixon A Zimmerman, nigra.) 
— Philadelphia. Pa., June 018. 

"Maid and Ihe Mummy"— Chicago, III., June 0, 


tiridieoiii 0|s-ra (Milton A Sargent Almm, nigra.) 
- Brooklyn. N. V„ June 0. Indefinite. 

"PnY, Puff, Pouf" IF. 0. Wh&oey, mgr.)— N. 
V. Olty Jntie ft, Imlefinlle. 

"Nim dun" (Henry W. Hgvage, mgr.j- -Chlcagn, 
III,. June 0. indoiinite.. . 

"Soiilherns" (Geo. w. Ledrrer, mgr.)— N. Y. 
City June 0, Indefinite. 

Timrne HuLer Opera— Mobile, Ala., June 0, In- 

"Tenderfoot" (W. W. Tlllolnon, gen. mgr.) — 
Chicago, III., June A, Indefinite. 

Van Sltiddlford, Grace (F. Zlegfeld, mgr.)— SI. 
Catherines, Can.. June 8, 

Wilson, Franrla (Nixon A Zimmerman, mgrs.) — 
I'hllmlelplila, Pa., June 20, liulelnile, 

"Wlaatd of Ox" (Hamlin A Mitchell, nigra.) — 
CblcaKO, III.. June 0, Indefinite. 

"Woodland" (Henry W. Savage, mgr,)— Boston. 
Mass., Jane 0, Indefinite. 

"Yankee Consul" (Henry W. Savage, mgr.)— 
N. Y. City June A, Indefinite. 

Bine- Ribbon Girls (Jaet singer, mgr.)— Mil- 
waukee, Wis., June nil, Minneapolis, Milan., 

'*' ,B - . „ . 

Hnbeaalnns (Thomas W. Miner, mgr- )— N. X. 
Clly Jjine 01 2. 

Dainty Pare* (Joseph H. Barnes, ragr.)— Min- 
neapolis. Minn.. June All, St. Panl 12-18. 

Hiiramer A Hoffman (irphriuu Biirlrsipiern (l.ou 
Hummer, mgr.)— Scranlon. Pa., June 8, Head 
lag 0-11, Albany, N, V., lil-lA, Troy 1018. 

Hnynes. Al., Coiunly— Lyuulibum, Va., June 0- 

l/irido'n Gaiety Glrla (Cliff W. Grant, mgr,)— 
Montreal, Can., June OJuly 3, 

Monroe's Polite Knterlaluers (W. Monroe, mgr.) 
— Granlsvllle, W. Va., June fill. 

Merry Makera (K, A. Hemphill, mgr.)— West- 
vllle.' O.. June 8, Sleuheavllle It, 10, Pittsburg, 
Pa.. 11-28. . _ 

Southern Vaudeville (K. P. Carl, mgr.)— Spray, 

H*. C, June fl-ll, Wentworth 13-18. 

Tiger Lilies (W. N. Drew, nigr.)— N. T. City 
Jnne 1.1-18. 

Tyocaderos (Waldron A Bryant, mgrs.)— Kt, 
Paul. Minn., June nil. 

Trimble's Frollqurs (William Triable, mgr.)— 
waeo. Tea., June '8. 0, Temple 10, II, II Ills- 
bora 13, 14, Corsleans 1.1, HI, Tyler 17, 18. 

Bryant A Savllle- Reading, Ps.. June ft-ll, 
IVillsvllle 1:1 is. 

C'ulhalie. Chase A Weston's (Will K. Colliline, 
«gr.)— Granny. Conn.. Jnne 8, Msgog, (1, 
■ Gnwuvllle. Me., II, Guilford 14, Dover in, 
oUtown III. fallen 17, Ashlaml 18, 

Keitawds. Billy (C. J.Sinllb A «'. C. TliMinp- 
Hon. mgrs. 1— Milwaukee, Wl«.. June fill, 
tfaaoshti 12. Kniilti Bend. Ind.. lil-18. 

Marian A Pearl's— Wsterbury. Conn., June 11-11. 

Mahata's— Diiliitb, Minn., June t, 0, 

lllciiai'ds A I'rlngle's (Rusco A Holland, nigra.) 
— Lead Clly. So. Dak,. Jnse 8, Hill Clly 0, 
Cutter 10, Kdgenjeot II, Cambria, Wyo., 12, 
Sheridan 14. Billings, Mont., 1A. Illig Timber 
10,. .Livingston 17, Boaeman 18. 

. tubit ihowi. 

Barduro A Bailey's— Battle Creek, Mich,, June 
8. Kalamatoo V. Grand Rapids 10, Mtiskegmi 
11,. Greenville 1.1, Alma 14, Owasso ift. Ann 
Arllnr 10. Adrian 17, Coldwater IS. 

Buffalo Bill's Wild West, Col. Win. P. Cody— 
Soslbsmpton, Kng., June 8, Winchester II, 
Neviburg 10. High Wyeombe 11, Windsor 13, 
AMersbot 14, llosham IS. Lewes, Kussei 10. 
Beilblll, Surry 17, Wimbledon 18. Chelmsford 
iSO.'llford 21, SI. Alhsnt it, llllcblm 211, Cam- 
bridge 24, Ilkeston 2ft. 

Iteasley A Doraa's - Waterloo, Is., June 9, Shells- 
britg 1ft. Spirit Lake 2.1. 

Bociukiu BUI'S Wild West— Jamestown, N. V„ 
June 9. Kalamauca 10, Johnsonburg. Ps., 11, 
Bradford III. Wellsrllle, N. V „ 14. 

Csni|.hell Rrotbers — (iraud Forks, No. Dak., June 
8, Argvle. 'Mliin,. 9. Crookston 10. Fosilon II, 
. Besjldjl 13. Park Itsplds 14, Umg Prairie 1A, 
Alexandria City IS, HI. Cloud 17, Mllaca 18. 

Doivnle's, Andrew— Dryden, X. T.. June 8, Whit- 
neys Point 10, Greene 11, Oxford 13, Norwich 
14,. Sherburne LA, New Berlin in, Morris 17, 
llartwlrk is. 

I'ly's, Cieo. S.— Harrlsburg, III., Jane 8, Eiintlty 
nV 1 

Foretisagh A .Sells Brothers'— Taunton. Maas.. 
June 8, Newport. R. I., 9, Fall River. Mass., 
lo;,.Woonaoeket, R. 1., 11, Prnvldeore 1.1. Nor- 
wich. Conn., 14, New Haven 1A, Bridgeport HI, 
Waterlsiry 17, Merldea 18. 

l-'rlshee A Parks— Hlllersburg, Midi., Aug. S, 
Onawsy 0, Tower 10, Cheboygan II. 

flenrry 7 Brothers— Kevikuk, la., June II, 

OresT Kastern (Klroy A Drake, mgrs.)— Red 
Bank, S. J., June 8, Beyoaoe »-ll. 

Hdrkness A Fox (Roy R. Fox, mar.) — Sooth 
Fork. Pa., June 8, 9, Dunk) 10, 11, Wlndber 
1.1, 14. 

Main, Walter L.— Troy, N. V.. June S, Benning- 
ton, Vl.. 9. Itiillnml 10. Btirllngtoti 11. Mont- 
Keller 111. Cambridge J unci Inn 14, St. Johns- 
ury 1.". Newport in, St. Albans 17. Ver- 
xennes 18. 

Mackay's (Andrew Mucksy, nigr, )— St. Lonls, 
Mn., June il, IndeOnlle. 

Melbourne Dog and Piuiy— Grantsburg, Wis., Juna 
8, Rush City. Minn.. 11, Harris 10. Isanti 11, 
Spencer Brook 13. Zlmmermsn 14, Big Lake lft. 
Maple Lake 10, South Haven IT. 

Nnrls A Rowe's— Xew Westminster, B. O, June 
8. Wnoley, Wash., I). Sonhontlsb 10, Ballard 

Binding Brothers— Hamilton. Out., Jane 8, Berlin 
II. London 10, Chatham II, Fort Wayne. Ind. 
Pa, South Bend 14. Juliet. 111., 10, Rockford 
10, Kewnnee 17. Davenport, la.. 18. 

Robinson's, John— Plllston. Ps., June 8, Tanks 
hnnnock. Tnwnmla 10, Wsverly. N. Y . II, 
•Coming-in. Hnrnellavllle 14, Olean IA. 

Slg. Saulelie's — Fast Weymntilb, Mass., June 8, 
Oulney A, Mllfonl 10, Marlboro II. 

Sellel llrolhers iM. C. Cookslnn, mgr.)— Fond 
■lit Lac. Wis., June 0, 7 .Oshkosh 8, 0. Neenatl 
10, Menasha II. Applelon 1:1. H. Ksukanna 
lft. Depere HI, Green Hay IT. IS. 

Smith's. R. G.— Poland, ft- June S. 

Slpes— Katnn. Ind.. June 10, Dunkirk 11, Bed- 
key in, Portland IA. 

Twit, William -ulas.imro, N. J., June Oil. 

Texas Rill's Wild West— Morrison, III., June 14, 
Sterling IA. 

Welsh Brothers— Hyaunls, Mnsa.. June 8. Wares 
ham 0. Mlddlebnm 10, South Framlnabam II, 
Nallck 13. Somrrvllle 14. Clietsea IB, Maiden 
10. Beverly 17. Ipswich 18. 

Wheeler's, Al. F.— flermon, N. V., June 8. 

Ilosioek's Tralnwl Animal Arena (F. 0. Rostock, 
ingr.y -Hreaniland, Coney Islnud, N. I„ June 
0, Indefinite. 

Pullers. The iG. A. Butler, bus. mar.)— Logans- 
port, Ind.. June nil. La Pone 1,T-I8, 

t'rystuliilex Curnlval IM, Henry Walah, mgr.)-' 
Vlnalhaveu, Me.. June ft-ll, leaaon ends. 

Flints. Mr. A Mra. ill. L. Flint, mgr.)— Battle 
Creek. Mich., Jnns fl-ll, Adrian 13-18. 

Grent Mnttdy Shows (P. J. Mnndy, mgr.)-^ 
Muncle. Ind., June fl-l 1. Aurora. Ill,, 13-18. 

Ilewell— Silver Clly, It., June 0. 10. 

Harry, Helm— Wakefield, Mich., June 8, Besse- 
mer 8, Hurley, Wis.'. 10, Ironwnnd, Mich., 11, 
odansh. Wis., l.'l, Bayfield 14, Washburn IA, 
Ashland 111-18. 

Hatch-Adams Carnival On.— Sleuheovllle. 0.. 
June il-ll. Clirlchavllle 10-19. 

KnuMles, Tbe (Rimer K. Knnwles, mgr.) — Wheel* 
Ins. W. Va.. June 41-11. 

I.nmbrlgger Zoo (Oils l.amlirlgger. mgr.) — nrle, 
Ps., June 11 1 11. 

Mnrts's Specially (Al. Marti, mgr.)— Mars Hill, 
Me.. June 8, llrlilgewster 10, llnuliun II. 

Monarrh Carnival Co.— Rlkluirl. Ind., June 13-18. 

Pauline (Charles llluc, mgr. 1 — Kingston, Can,, 
June Oil. ^^ 

Uaudeoille Route Eist, 

This Hat la madsy up s> siparl* aonor. 
ale as II Is uosalblr In anak* ■ Hat of 

vaudeville boukliiai. 

Adglr and her lions, lliiiilmllau Resell, Cleve* 

land. 11.. June III- Hi. 
Adams A While. Pastor's, N. Y, C, June till. 
Adams A Mnck, Crystal Park, St. Joseph, Mo., 

June il II. 
Adams, Mildred, llinulrrHiiu'a, Coney Island, N, 

V„ June II II. 
Adocl Sisters, Gitvernslnr's, Atlantic City, N. 

J„ Jnne ft-ll. 
Addison A Livingston, IC|lsou, Aberdeen, Wash.* 

June 11-11, 
Ago, Chase's, Waslilnglnii, D. .0., Inn* 0-11. 
Asmist Wesion A Co., Ori'liouiii. Naa. Frun., Cal. 4 

June 12-18, 
Alnsiey, Josephine, lliinienn, Grand Kapldag 

Mich.. June ll-ll. 
Alston A I'nrls, 0. O. II. , Chicago, Jnne OIL 
Allen, i.o"i A lieriie, Guvernnlor'a, Allsutla) 

ctiy. N. J., June 0-11. 
Allmrlits A Hnrtrani, (llrniie Vsrlete, Stockholm* 

Swrslen, June ll-July I. 
Allisons. The. Keith's New. Phils., June fl-ll, 
Allan. Mnry, Forst Keller, Milwaukee, Wis,, 

June 11-11. 
Alexiindrlne. Mile., I.min Park, Coney Island, N, 

Y.. Juno 0-1 1.. 
Alrye's Hull Terriers. Young's Pier, Allaatl* 

(illy, N. J., June nil. 
Aline, Mile,, Lakeside park, 

Alilrlch, Cbas. T„ Paradise Haof, N. Y. V., Jusa 

Alfons. Clintes, San Fran.. Oal., June All. 
Auisslen A ilalrd, Shea's. Toronto, Can., June ft. 

A mails A Maimla., Siinkane, Waah., 

June ft- IN. 
Antrim A Pelsra, Alsineita Park, Bailer, Pa., 

June OIL 
Anderson ft Wullsce, Trocadero, Chicago, Jnne fist 

Armstrongs. Three, Famous, Washington. D. O.g 

June Oil; Atlantic City, N, J, 111)8. 
Arlington A Drlmore, Paslor'ff. N. V. I!., Jonsj 

Aal ton', Josle. I.iinn Park, Odney Island, N. T., 

June Oil. 
Aibton A Karl*. C. 0. |L, Clilrggn. Junt Oil. _ 
AlhonWIisoii Cfsrke, Hall bake Clly, U., June 6> 

Atherlon, Agnes, Lawrenns Harden, Waahlngtoo, 

II. C, June Oil. 
Avon coined, Four,, (irpheiini, Han Fran., Oal., 

Juna 0-11. 
Baker ft Lynn, Hummer Park, Roller, Pa., Juna 

ll-ll; Alhlrajc I'srk. llufralo, N. Y„ 13-18. . 
Hulley A MsdlsOD, Kellli'S. N. V. 0., Jpn* (III. 
Ilarrlnglon, Jos. IL, Hlppodrooie, wlgsu. Log., 

June ll-ll: Polace. HoiillTporl . 1*1-18. „ 

Hiirtletts. The, Hhsdy Lake Park, Peakaklll, N, 

V.. June OIL 
llarueys, The, Novelty; Hanvar, Col., June All. 
Birrett sisters, Thunderbolt I'srk, Savannah, Oa* 

Jnne IM I ; Charleston. 8, C. 111-18. 
Barton A Barton, (lodfrny's, (Iraml llsplds, Mich., 

June fl-ll. 
Rsrli ft Lafferly. Kwllli's, N. Y. 0., JJnue 0-11, 
Barnes, Sluart, Avenue. IMlisburg. June nil. 
(laker, Nellie, Kennywond Park, Piitshurg, Juna 

llarlsnir. Urnest 1... Cheyenne, Wyo., June Oil) 

Colo. Spring*. Col... Hl-19. 
Ilslley A KiillUr. Trocadero. ('Iileiigo, Jnne A. II, 
Barlows, The, Kchnisen Park, Cnlon 1(111, N. J.. 

June 1318. 
Bakers, The. Pastor's. N. V. «.. June fl-ll. , 
Bit 'ley A Fletcher. Il.iuler.oii's. Coney Island, 

N. Y„ .lute OIL 
Belfor.l, Mr. A Mrs. Al. (I., Pastor's, N. V. 0„ 

June il-ll. 
Bennington, Billy A Daisy, Pendleton, Ore., Jtmf 

Ilenner, Kmlly, Palace, Boston, June 0-18. 
Hence A Allen, Chules, Han Fran,, Oal., Jane 0. 

Hei'ti'iii. I.unn Park, • Coney Island, N. T., Juna 

Benlhsm ft Frseman, II. O. IL, Colorado Springs, 

Col., June ll-ll. 
Beouett A Rich, Proctor's MM Street, N. V. C, 

Jttn* Oil. 
Bentley, Musical, Lakeside Park, Akron. 0., Juna 

0-11; Avon Park, Ypiiejslown. 13-18. 
Belloclalre Bris)., Chase's, Wsslngton, D. 0., June 

Boeiner. Waller, Guvrrnalor'a. Atlantic City, N, 

J., June fl-ll. 
Belmont ft O'Brien, Psalor's, N. V. C. Juna 

Bernard Sisters. Watson's. Ilkln., June ft-ll. 
Bell. Senator Frank. Spring Orove Park. Springs 

field, (>., June H 11, Idora Park, Ynungatowu, 

1218. ' 

Ilennelt, Laura, Proctor's Sth Ave., N. Y. 0., 

June 0-1 1. 
llelsean A Roberts, llowsril, Boston, Jnne fl-ll. 
Blnney A Cbapmsa, Consy Island. Cincinnati, Junr 

fl-ll. ... 

Bins-bam, Kiltie, Howard. Boston, Jane fl-ll. 
Rloeksom A Burns, Forest Park, St. I /nils, Jnna 

ft II. 
Rlanchardn A Wood, Keith's, Boston. Jane All. 
Blanche, La Belle, Chase's, Waablngton, D. C, 

June il-ll. 
Bowers ft Curtis, llntnne, Hsnford, Oal., .(una 

fl-ll ; Ilakersflrld, 13-18. 
Itoranl A Nevorro. Solimer Park, Montreal, Can.* 

June IS- 18, ' 
Browning. Mr. ft Mrs., Paslor'e, N. Y. O., Jam 

till. . . 

Burner, f.niu Perk, Coney. Island, N. V., Juna 

Bradya, The, i.emp'a Park, St. l.ouis. Juaa fill* 

Akron, O., Juaa 



'June ill. 

vma btm;, pwettifii, "WHKen. J., jw» ■«• 

ifretoui, Tee, Wllcll'i oafdeui, Denver; Ool., 

June lS-ls ' ' i 

■dltonh The, foll'f, Har-ford, Corm,. JUne «- 

if4fe, a iiifiy ,AL Wtefabo.-V, Coheir island, 
*ffit|?j{iJK,j«i U.JBMK *>J«^i <**#* »•' «• 

Bradshaw, Laura, BUtoa't' Point. Cond.. June 
Bmwn,' Jack', 4 Lillian Wr If* t, Monumrntni. Bui- 

™5iO ■*• i«ci, Awbtfiw- rt*t u 

Kdmnf * bombs; c. o. ic, cbtcato, iua* «-n. 

Kdjertpn*. The, Auditorium, Winnipeg, Man., 
r.ilner* Slater., Avclitir, Pittsburg, ' Jiiiie 611; 

. cmioo, Totkp, o„ ia-l». ... , ,, , 

Entitle (>MM> Four., Idora 1'atk. Ynongitowo, 
O...June 5-U; Farm, «Vneev|tle. 13-18. . ' 

KItrym, llroole, Woolworlb, Lancaster, Pa., Jan* 
••11. .'■ „ 

Kirterwonft Slone, Proctor'a Ctb Are., N. X: 0., 

Kmnlte city Quartet, Cbase>, Washington, ti. C, 
HiifWi Keith's, N. f. C.e 1318,, . 

t Slaters, Honle Carlo, Nome, Alaska, June 


Burton & Burton Oodfrdyf. 1'av.llloli, Grand- Ran- 
Hk% JUT ill ; »o»lb , Shore Purl, 

-I.. /til- I«,1 1-i.lR 

ffchlWDX'llyrind^. iais. 
Bulke's, . Juggling, Orpbeum, Tacomi, Wash , 

"jTrritnk, Proctor'a, Newark, N. J., June «• 

BuVulck, S. F., Cryatal. Milwaukee, Via., June 

BiiVliiiDr, Arthur, Bhea'e, Buffalo', N. T., June 

Bull! *T (jordon, Huburtan, aartiebs, St. Louts. 
Jwb, 3-11; Robinson Park, Ft. Warn*. lnd„ 

u;'Mr. * ktrau . Jack, (Hcnilate Park, Nash- 
ville, Tenn., June 5:11. .,,,- . i*.- ;\.. _,. 
Burwlla <«). Grand, Milwaukee. Wl;., June Oil. 

mfte*,wit,,^h>j|. x:.ft. Imm In. 

Caiiad ft De Verne, ueewa'arji, .Fottotli. 0.. 

June 0-1U, FalrHew. Park, Dwlon. , 13-18. 
Catfllv, *:.Otla Olympic, ..Chicago. Juno Oil, 

C. 0. H., Chicago. 1318. 

Ctftnys, Top,, lUoejplct'baae Pier, Atlantic Cltr, 


Fred.. Howard,, .Boston, 'H!?.-*''A'. 

KKery ft Urahi. .Crystal Hill Park. Phlla., Jnno 

tt-U, FlyjnpOlliPark, Nbrrlatuwu, Pa., 1218. 

jfrasM Hlafcia, rAeflal Roof Garden, N. V. 0., 


CaWkBeaT.'fie. tfchden*OB*n, Coney Island, N. 
• 5* 'Juno o-U.' •• • . , «••_ 

0»*l|lu i I'ni, Bohuicr Park, Montreal, Can., 
Catou * Fnriiiim, Dreamland, Cotter Inland, N. 

"•flO"*' ■ , '*?) ,ri ' Th ***' I!!lhI,lf *• Anaconda. 
CaSSli K J &&"'Lltoen*<)da Patk. Bamnton, 
CaHe'ra, "-Mualfeal,' O. H.', PocatellO, Ida., June 
CaSiju* Col'llnn, Caalno, Charlotte. N. x"., JUuo 

^«Llii. Maiie. Acme'. Norfolk. V«„ Jnne e-ll. 
Carwu, & Wlllard, Cbaao'a, .Wkablngton, 0. 0., 

CarUa, Bmma, Pakdl'ai' Boot, N. X. 0., Jbne 0- 

Carrie, Mile, Olrmnla Park. Chsttnnoofla, Tens., 

cJdwtU, Anna, C. 0. «., Cbleaaj, June Oil. 
cHlMn. Al„ A»on Park, Voungatowm rt., Juue 

t«lol'' pojfa..Clrble. N." *. 0.. June IS-lk 
nHtette, Wlllctte, Catlmi, St. Joaebb, Mo., Juno 

CfiJftV 1 * BiWi, Celeroh Park, Jameitown, N. I., 

r-TO7i^,' 1 prJ6«enii. * IteVfoK, Brfudrtrb Park, 
, iPlfoibii «. Juoe fl 1 1. . ".i • •■!■ . 
Ch*mern»H, The, Luna Park. Ovnejr lalaod, N. V., 

.., Jnly 2. 
Falk. Eleanor, Paradlie Roof, N. X. 0., Jnne 

fl-ll. .-■ •, , 

1'nlnnl.i Aion Park, Yoohnfowh, 0., J'noe 6- 
.: .(.!;. riprlafbank Park, , Loaifoo.^Caa., ljMS. 
Fanlaa (2), .Unliiiie. Han Joae, Cal., June 0-11; 
■ Koteltjr.HtockKjn, M-18... .... 

FndeHra Orebenlra,. Keltb'a, Boafon, Jnne 0-11. 
FarnUm, BlM, LlndTrawald Park, Hamilton, o., 

Jnne 5-U. .. •,.;. , i,, . .. ,i 
Folfcn. ,vy. *« Outernator'a, Atlantic Ollr, N. 
. t.„ Jpq* a>Il. ,. . , . , , .- 

Ferrjr, BIJou, Portland, Ore., June B 11; Oomlque, 
„Ahi.ttle v li-JB. .,,., 

Ferrnr, Uole. * Co., Orpbeum, San Fran., Cal., 

June 15-11. ■■ ,.. „ 

Fe»uapn * Mack, New Grand, Jollct, III., June 

lVrsuHon A Bceaon, Ho, Bend, Init.. June (lit. 
Konlrlle, Ilarrr, Conor Uland. Cincinnati, June 

0-11. ,, ,, . . , ,• .. , 

FeraiiBon 4. 1'msmoro. Jack'*, Cbleagq, JTune U- 

II ; Mannlon'H Park, Kt. Loula, il-XH. ... ■ 
Fiaber, Mr. * Mra. Pcrklna, Wbeelln(, W. Va., 

Juilc (1-11. . ,. ,.,..... . :.,. ,, , ■ 

Feni HW, OuTeroalor'a. Atlantic City, N. J., 

Julio O-ll. 
Fljlier k Jvlipaon, Norumhega Park, Aubarndalc, 

Haaa.. June U-ll. .... . . . 

V \*!W ft ^"Tke. Caajno, Tololo, O., June 12-18. 
1 lelda C llanaon, Howard, Boaion. Juojb. 8-11. 
FJaher 1 Carroll, iteuue, 1'Jttnpuri, June 0-11. 
Foriilnellea ,(U), I'ralrle Ihi Chlen, Wla., June 

flrll: Hnentfir, Ia», la-18.. ..... 

Forrem, Lawrence,, ateeplccbaae Pier, Atlantic 

Oily, N. J., June U£ TZ „...' , 
ei*ter, K.l anil dos, "Mike," Orpbeum, Han 

I'lnii.. i:al„ June i;i M. . • . .. 

Fowler « Wcut, Bl>u, Norfolk, V«,,iJur» O-U. 
Fonll Hunt Broa.. Koulhcro fark. Plttahlirf, June 

Fox * MeUllle, New Palace' (WallnaroMbir). 

Umilon, E!n(„ Juno U 11, I'.mplre, Portamoutb, 

,8,18, ' ,. .,'_,■ ■•• , 

Fredo A Dare, Celeron Park, Jameitown, N. Y., 

June Oil. i ■, * 

Kreilerkka, Howard, Eoalod, June nil. 
Frlaeher. Carl, Foral Keller. Milwaukee, Wli.. 

Juni.d-lli :, • „, . .- 

Frao|tVnathea * Lewis, Fata, Toledo, (»., June 

Frericeill A Lewie, Kclth'a, N. Y. C„ June 0-11. 
Frederick Broa. & Burm. AvenoP, Pltuburi, 
Jane II. n. 

Fuller. Ida, Follea klarltnr, Parln, Fr., June 


Fnlanra, Rohert, Darldaon, Milwaukee', Wla., June 

Gardner A BtOddaM, Orpbeum, Portlaud, Ore., 
June nil. 

Gardner * Uomera, Waablbgton Part, Bajronne, 

NT J., Jdneo-il. ■ ■ ■ , , 
Gallaigicr 4 Barrett, Rahtdna, Orkbd Raplda, 

UaaPoux, Tuc. I CaaiiK>, TolM.i, d., Jilne C-l'l. 

iMflhTL Hf livi i_ JLl ,••• -»1..4»' afiit". .. °V' n «. .^'""' * ,n| ctlc Park. Buffalo, N. Y., 
cnijKou.ANclaon, Iropadero, Cbte>a«6. June 5-11. June 1 1 ; paj-upi. O., i:i -x». 
CUGHWJcK Trio, Caalmi. iTlicalmN) Hilt. Pa.. Jul.o a/ijtoti A Htone, OrpLeura. Han Kr.n., OaI„ June 
(Ml; BtceplechaHO Plbi 1 , Xmbtrc City, R; J., „ «-ll. ■•- . 

Oaaeh Blatcra. Paridlae Itoof, N. Y. 0., June 

tJcrard, lielenc, Drrnniland, Coney Islam!, N. X., 

Jdne tl-11. ' . , ' i . 

Gecr,. Marella. Cryatal, Milwaukee. Jlibe «-H- 
Gebeat Slatera, Proctor'a, Newark, N. J.. Jbne 

Cbllliam Mater*. Arcade. Portland, Ore., Juno 
,011; La Petite, tfcattli', \Vaab„ 1.1-18. 
. Oltmena A Maaey, Guvemator'a. Atlantic City, N. 
-J..„June 0,11. .... 

Clay t, hi, Jenklna A Jaaiicr, Forcit Park, Bt. 

ciirk It Temple,' Proctor'a 2Dd Btreat, N. X. 

;0j, .Juno-Jt-ll. . ... ,. i.... • ., 
CllWnrd A llall, Howard, llmton. June (111. 
, oialke,. Wilfred A CO., Sbea'a, Buffalo, N. Y., 
June tl-11. I _ 


ad A Co., Datldaon, Milwaukee, Wla., Gllaqn, Lottie 

Giramn''* Mnfrar, lltectrlc Park,, Kknaia dlty, 
Mo., Jbne O-ll; HopklOa', Memphis. Teno., 

flllfojr, "Hayhea A MonYkonte'ry, iiyfle Patk, Chi. 
••tiro. June sn. 

. ., Jiuib. tl 11. . ,.. j./i.-,..' . iii. I : 

Clinton A Wilson. Olympla Park, Chattanooga, 
,te«n., June. 0-18. ... .. •. ,. ■ ,. ■: ,,. 

Clark & Florette, Lakeside Park. Akron, 0., Juno 

jt-11 1 flolHna' Unrdeni oolunibga,. J»-l8. • • . 
Coo|ie( A. Holiliiaoii, Park. rJ»u|ht>rld«c. Mata., 

June O-ll ; Rtnehurst Park, Worcester, 1H-1H. 
Cnuroy A McOanald,, Kettb'n, N.i Y. C, Jule OIL 
Cismnn, F. Alan, Proctor'a 01b Atc, N.X.. 0., 
, June O-ll,- .' i .',.,. i ■ '•. • Juni 

<ininl«;, Pauline, Grand, Milwaukee, Wla,, June Gold 

olao, June Oil. 

m ? b h W m&FSx BaVid.. 

Mich,. June. 0-11 


Cn|i)jr, Family, Orpbeum, Lea Angeles, Cat., June 

CoUlru A Hail, Paradlie Hoot. N. Y. d„ June 

Ooulioe A Burr, Kallb'a, Boston, June ,0-11. 

Cook A Harris, CooperHtown, N. v., Juno 6-11, 

ttrtjlua fclieajn!, C«,(»,,U., CbM«o„4»mj .a-ll.i 

Cole & Clemens. Lyceum, Plilla.. Juna 0-11 ; 'Ply- 
mouth Park. t'lymoi!}li,.Pn.. lil.-ijj, , 

Gajmik . The, Jack!s, Obkaau. Jnno.MI. 

ComieMy Hlslera, Jack's. Olilcairii, June 6-1 L 

Coi i, Family Goarlot. ■ tlnnd, Milwaukee, Wla., 
June r. IT; Butte, Hon., 13-187 

CotistantlnB Slatera (3), Jack'a, Oblcago, Juue 

Oreaaj; A Oaynr, .Ulentanay .Park. Columbus, .0., 
Juno 'ill; Woolworlb, Lancaster, Pa., 13.18. 

CurUn 4 Blossom, Grand, Butte, Hon., June 6- 

Ilatls. Will fhonipson, Paalor'a, N. T. 0., Jane 

ii 11. 
Davles, L, W., Grand, Milwaukee, Wis., June 

Iisvla 4 McCnuley, Casino, Ht. Joseph, Mo„ Juno 

hale, Mi'isles'l. Paradise Roof, N. Y. C. June 11 1 1. 
Uarmody. IJaaluo, Terre Haute, lad.. Juno 12-1H. 
flanlela, tValter, Proctor'a 2«d Street, N. Y.O., 
j June. O-ll, .Trenton, N, J., LI- 18. 
Day. . ICdmnnil, Keith's New, Plilla., June tl-11, 
Bermund. Uhekter Park, tttiiclunuil. Juno. 5.11. 
Dacey A Cliitse, Family,. Butte, Hon., June tt-U. 
Dkley.- Rlsiiubc. Hteeplechaso Pier, Atlantic Olty, 
jTSi J... Jjtte Oil...... ... . , , . 

Davis & Walker, Park. Altnona. Pn„ June O-ll. 
Be Fayo lllsleyti, lloudcrson'a, Coney Island, N. 

Y.. June O-Tl. : .. 

De'ArmO. BIJftu, lliilutli. Minn., Juno 0-18, 
JJeluuire. The mIsms, oirclo, N. V. u.i June oil. 
Deiiniire 4 Darren, .Ocean View Caajno,- Norfolk, 
. Va,, June 6-11; BhcraMe Park, Rlcbinondi 10- 

D'a * D's. Mniplre, Tacoroa, Wash., Juno 0-11; 

lyllaon. Olympla, 13-18.. 
Dealron Trio. Crystal. Milwaukee, Wis,, Jenc tt-11. 
Dp Witt. Burns 4 Torrance, Poll'*, Hartford, 
, : Conn.. June o-ll. *.,., ■; , . .. ..• 
De Mott, Lniilat'. Luna Park, Coney Island, N. X., 

.i June...O<ll, i. 

De Lome, Mile., Stceplccbaao Pier, Atlantic Olty, 

N. J., Juue 0-11. 
De Onto A Hcliciit, Crystal. Wash., June 0-11. 
Dereuda A Grecu, Bait Palace, Salt Lkko Olty, U„ 
. Juno 0-2S. ....... 

Do Unit, Uhas., A Co., Orpbeum, Loa Angelci, 

Cal., June Oil. 
Delonr* A Oneida, Kcnuywood Park, Plttahorfi, 

June tt-U. 
Dlxim Bros.. Huns Hiimil, C.hli-sgo, JllOfl nil. 
DlaaauflilK 13)., Hatt l'ttluec,.«all Lako Olty, U., 

June tl-11 ; tl. O. II., Ilutle. Mom. 13-18. 
Dlien,. Bowers A Dixon, Oltreland'e, ■ Chicago. 

June O-ll. .' . u 

Dlikiaaiia (3), Avon Park, Yeungatown, 0., Juno 

O-ll. ..-,,,.,■. 

DOwuey 4 Wlllaril, 0. H.. Trinidad, Ool., June 

Oil. . ,. . 

Doyle, Patay. Klreraldo Park, llouud Brook, N. 

J.. June nil. . • ■■<■ .... 
Boner. Joo 4 Nellie, Sheu'a, BuOalo, N. Y., Juno 

Dolan A' la'iihsrr. Waablngton Park, Bayoune, N. 

J.. Juue 0-11. 
Rowbliur.'Kobl., & Co., Proctor'a, Newark. N. J.. 

June O-ll, 
Doody A Wells', Howard. Boston, June 0-11. 
Do<lo.& Granger, Renwlck- Park, Ithaca, N. X., 
.Jnue O-Hi .,• . . ■ 1 . . >. 
Doyle. Kdward, Idora Park, Youngstown, O., 
i,Jniift'«.ll ;. ColumhUK. ,13-lM. "I 

Drew, Mr. 4 Mrs. Blduey. Ckasc'a, Waablngtou, 

.O. C, Jbtui O-ll . . 

uceaker. Louise, •Casino., Toledo, 0., Jnne 0-11. 
Duffy. Hawtelle A Duffy, Avon Park, Yoifugs- 

town. O, Juhe O-ll. ••■ 
Donfl A. Rvelyn, Gnrnrnator'a, Atlantle Olty, N. 

J., June ti-18. 
Du«n 4. Blllntt, GHrernalor'a, Atlanltc Olty, N. 
jjk, June Bill. . . . ... 11 

Du Crow, Dan, Luna Park. Coney lalnhd, N. X„ 
|.Jjltie (1,11. 

Oleeaons. The., A Frei1.,Boi)l|n»n. AttcnW, Pitta- 

buri(,.jun» (111; Sbea'a,. flufflilo, N. Y., 131*. 

Oonlmans. Musical, Athletic Park, Buffalo, N. X., 

OArSiera ir.J, Dreamland, Cobcy island. N. Y., 
. June Oil. 

Gold DUat Twins, The, Ram'oha, Grabil RnpldB, 

Mich., June, 0,11. ... ^ . ... .. 

OofOai A Hayea. Bnn Ton. ijuft l.nke City, O., 

Godf-ley Hroa., tf, o;.,H.. ¥ut|0, Mon., Juno 1218. 
Gortjoiu Don, Olcntangy Park, ColoWbull, 0., Juno 

Gracrs (II), Sbellpot ''f/a'rk, waWttifS£ Del., 

Jiineo-h,..' . : „. ,,..., " . 
lliopM 4 Wlggln, Kellh'a. New. Pblla., June fl-ll. 
Gray 4 Graham, Prnctor'a.. Newark, N. J.. Juno 
' 23(1 .Street, "" 

Oracle. '4 nSynoMs, m 

Orefsona^ TJie, Sana ^ucl_'.Park,. Chid 

, X. 0., 13-18. 
kin., Juhe, 0-11. 

Hartlte. apm, a. 0. H... T 
.1 Fouittalh Park,. Piqued 13 
llawthoriip, Frcjd, * Co., 

uregaons, Sana *>uol .Park,. Chlcaap, 
^ O-ll; Sutnirhnn Oaid^h, .St., Loiili, I2l8. 
Oruet 4 Gruet, Chester Patk, Cincinnati, June 

8 a»ea 4- Fuller. Farm. Toledo, O., Jbne 5-lt. 
a tub Bros., Lynchbhrg, Va., June 0-11; Roan- 
oke 13-18. , , 
Hasklna, Will, Southern Park. Plttaburg. Judo 

0-11. '•)'!. > 

Hamilton, Prof,, Luna Park, Coney island, N. X„ 
June O-.ll.. . ., .,., .. 

Toledo, 0., Juno Oil; 

"1**B. >. 1,. » 

.. Davidson, Milwaukee, 

j. wiaj, June 0-j.L ; 

nale 4 Francla, Dreamliind. Coney lalnnd, N. X., 
.June. 0-11...... ...-,.■. , . •, ' 

Hklatona. The,. JKolth's No\y, Plilla., June O-ll. 
Hart, Annlc, ; , Forest Park, »t. Louis, .Jim* (5-11. 
Hiiyes, Tommy, Athletic Park, BorJalu. N. X., 
, Juno UL ..;. , ,j , ,,,, , . 

llail.A Hugttes. l.ieeuro. Bnston, June l) 11 ; Pine- 

hurat Park, Woreesler, 13-18. , 

Hall.. Artie, Darldaos, Milwaukee, Wla., Jnne 

Harrlnilon, dnn.'i!, Oak Grove Park, Bayrc, Pa., 
June tl-11. , , 

Hart, Willie 4 Filllh. 1 jii'iun, Washington, D. O., 
June OH; Steejilechaae Pier, Atlantic City, N. 

lUvjIrey, Obn.s„ Olrqle, N, Y. 0.. June fl-ll; 
Herberla, Fire Flying, Luna Park, Coney Island. 

N. Y., June 0-11, ,,, ,,,. . 
Heclow, Chaa., .KleelHc t'afk. CbUllcothe. O., 

Jiliio B-ll; Coney Island, Cincinnati. 12-18. 
Ileilrli 4 Presuott, Temple, Detroit, Juno 0-11. 
He+ley 4 , Meely. . Paiaeo (Hhufterbury), London', 
■ Kilg.. June fl-Juiy 25, 

Henderson A Biwa, Ckslho, Toledo. O., JtiO'e O-ll. 
llrarii 4 Lerrlt, No»clly, Santa Roak, OaL. June 

I fl-ll. ... l 

Heusel 4 Cooper, Heudcrsoira, Coney Inland, N. 
„,Y., June 0-11. 
Heath 4 Kscela, Salt Palaee, Salt Lake City, rj„ 

June o-ll< lllenwood Park, Ojilenj l;i-18;; 
ijenaler Sisters, shea's, BoffatO. N. Y,. June fl-ll. 
H Ichmaiia, The, Hllliger's, Chicago, June ML 
Blnea 4 Reiblnalon, IMnionS, Grand Raplda, 

•Mleh., June O-ll. • ™ 

Hill. Will, Luna Park. Coney Island. N. Y., Jnne 

Ht'ojd.Sam.jChjlieB, efiiti,Fra'n. J; .paI..,Juncll-18. 


Irtlng THo, 0. H., Trlbldad, Col., lime fl-ll. Mc8haffray». Musical, Orpbenm, Heaitle, Waab., 

, v Juoe„fl-n; Hdia»b ( Qlfnipta, -Ufa.' - , 
June McDftbniotl, . WliT J., Chester Park, Cincinnati, 

licj^re' A' Ilea th, Keith's; N. Y'. 0., JtUte 0* 

Hough's. Musical, Weaat, Peoria, HI.. June 


o^a>: .-it , /?. - •» < 
JeromeMereilltli 4 Co., Proctor'a 

JcflnW * "lewrti, 6. it., Colo. 

5th Are., 

Sato. O. K.. Casino Do Psrls, Paris,. Fr., J 




sp'rlngs, Ool., 

June C-li. i't, .. 11 ... 

Jeske. Worth A Jesse, Lake Shore Pavilion, 

Michigan Cltg^lwL,;, Jnne. B-ll; American Pa- 

Patk, Butl-r, Pa.. 

Michigan City, lad... June S- 

ylllon, So. forftr. 12J8'.,' 
Jenrflnxa 4, Renfrew, Alameda I 

June 0-11. .. , 
JcnhfW The, Lona Park, Coney Island. N. Y„ 

Jone tl-11. x ' 

Jobnabn A peart, Budatara, Bu.lsneat, June 0-30. 
Jordan . A Ilartry, Sb«a"a, Buffalo, N. Y„ June 

O-ll. .- 

Jonna'tona, MMlcal, Palace, Sydney, N. 8. W„ 

June 0-27, , . 

Jones, irtlhg, Proctor'a 23d Street, !«. X. 0„ 

June 0-11. 
Jotea A .Walton, Olenfangy Park', Ooloubtia, O., 
Juno 5-11.. 
Jones. 8/lreafer A Cameroh, Catties, Ban Fran., 

Cal., June 5-11.. . : . • 

Jordan* Mott, Grand,. Milwaukee. Jnne 12-18. 
Karmati, Dreamland, Coney Inland, N. X., June 

0-18. .- . 
Kartflll. The Great, Paradise Roof, N. Y. c. 

Jnn.« 0-11, ,,, , 

Kenncliel, Frank, Lnni Patk, Coney Island, N. 

Y„ Jnne 0-11. < - 
Kelcy. Mr. A Mrs. Alfred, Celeron Park, James- 
town, N. Y... Jnne 0-H. 
Kchton, Dorothy, Dlpntangy Park, Colnmhus, 

o., jnne 511; Roblmion Park, Ft. Waybc, 

Ind., 12-18. 

Kenyan. 4 De (liirrno. Luna Park, Coney Inland, 

N. y.. June O-U. 
Kelly, Spenser, Proctor'a 5th Are., N. X. C, 

Juno 0*11. •. 
Kelt 4 Ktnlck, Davidson, Milwaukee. Wis., Jona 

Kennedy 4 Brans, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., Jnne 

Kennedy, Frank 4 Kdward, Dreamland, Coney 

Island. N. v., Juno 13-18. 
Kins Ners. HIlllnncr'M, Clllcdgp, June fl II. 
Klrslfo. (Jus, Chutes, Kan Frail.. Cal., Jirne 0-18. 
Kltaniiira Japs, Luna Park, Coney Island, N. 
- Y. June 0-11. 
Klmlmll A Donovan, Lincoln Park, Worcester, 

Mass., June 0-11. . 

Kherns 4 (/ole, C. (1. H , Cblcneo, June fl-ll. 
KMln.. OH Bros. 4 Nicholson, Keith's New, Pbllk., 

June (ill. ■ ■ 

Klein 4 Nelser. G. O. H„ Toledo, 0., June fl-ll. 
Klnre. Katberlne, Spring Grove Park, Bprlne- 

Oeld, O., June Oil; Falrvlcw Park, Dayton, 

13-18. • 

Kolrr 4 Seymour, Frnplre, I'uehlo, Col,,; June 

hL . . . ... 

Konpe, Monroe Park. Toronto. Can., June O-U ; 

Nona Park. Hamilton, 1(1-18. 
La Vellc 4 Grant. Howard,* Boston, Jnne O-ll. 
Lit poll 4 Collins, Empire. Mlnneopolla, Minn., 

Jime O-ll. .... 

Ln Clair 4 West, Crystal Park, Bt. Joseph. Mo., 

Jime 5-11, . . ' 

La 'Croix-, Paul, (lieu wood Park, Ogden, V., June 

La Tell Bros., Oentral Park, Atlentowo, Pa., 

June 0-11; Spring l.nke Park, Trenton, N. J„ 

13-18. 1 
Valla. The, Idora Park, Yotthgktotvn, O., June 

8-11. .... 

La Nolc, Bros., Lincoln Park, Worcester, Maaa., 

June O-ll. , 

Lnmonls. The. Godfroy'a Pavilion, Grand Raplda, 

Mleb., June 018. 
La Tour 4 dog "Zurn," Business Men'a Fair, 

Mlddlelnwn, 0-, June (III. 
Ln Mondue, Frank, Ramons, Grand Rapids, 

Mleh., June O-ll. 
I.avlne 4 Alma. Paalor'a, N. Y. 0., June 0-11. 
l.ntlnlore 4 L«U|h, Spring Grove Park. Hprlns- 

tield. O., June fl-ll; Reeves' Patk, Fostorla, 


Mi ... 

M&Kee A Bill. Tetrlple', Detroit. Jbne •if. m 
Mcarath Bros., Proctor'a ■ M Ave., N. X. a. 

McOabe, J.,' Lawrence Garden, Washington, D. 
-.a,- June O-U. 1 1 1 

Mclntyrb A Rice, Keith's New, Phlla., June 0- 

aicNiimec, Avenue, Pltiaburg, Jurle fl-ll,. 
McDowell. John 0., A Alice. 0. 0. B., Chicago, 

Mcl.alh Slaltra, 

Proctor'a 5th Ate., N. X. C„ 

June ti-11. 

McDonald A Blllman, Jack'a, Chlcsgo, June 0-11. 
McOune A Grant. Orpbeum, Portland, Ore., June 
■ : 13-25- ... , .-■■>• ■■■ - ■ ■/ .. ■ 
McOevltt A Kelly, Southern Park, Pittsburg, June 

(Kll. 11 . v . 

Melatil Trio, Temple, Detroit, June Oil. . 
Metritis, Marvelous. (3), Sans Boucl, Chicago, 

Jilbe 5-11. . . . .. 

Mi'ftilllh, Jerome A Co., Pioctor'a Stb Ave., N. 

Y. C., June fl-ll. , . . • 

Meebab'a Doc OlrcuB, Mannlon's Park, St. Louis, 

Jtfftc 0-11. .... .... 

Meier 4 Mora. Hippodrome. Glasgbw, Scotland, 

Juno 0-11 ; Palace, Glasgow, 1J-18. 
Meredith Sisters, Folios Marlgny, Paris, Fr., 

Jiiiie 0-30. 
Merlsh's Dogs, Kcltli'H New, Pblla., June 0-11. 
Mllleralilp Slstefa. Uuvctnaibr's, Atlantic City, 

N.i J-, June Oil. ... ^ ... • ... 
Miller A Krcsko, Casino, St. Joseph, Mo., Juno 

MikLMI 4 Cilln, Henderson's, Coney Island, N. 
1-12 Jnne nil. 
Mltcbella (U), Funny, Howard, Boston, Juno 

Minor.* 4 Gatbrelb, Union, Bakersilold, Cal., 
r Jiino 0-18.. . . . ... .., , , . . . Jt 

Mlllards,. BUI A Roh. Midway Park. Cambridge, 

a, June o-ll; Form, Zanesvlllp. 13-18. ., , 

Ml Ilium n, Cbss., Acme, Norfolk. Vs., Juhe' O-U. 

Mitchell, O. M., Proctor'a, Newark, N. J., June 

..o-ll. - >, ..... 

Morellos, The, Luna Park, Coney Inland, N. Y., 

June O-ll... ... . ,,,, 1 

Morton, James J., Raraonu, Grand Rapids, Mich., 

Jpno. Oill. '. 
Morrlsseya <i), 

Jllhc o-lt. 
Monroe, Harry, 

June fl-ll. 
Moore, Anilpttn, Crystal Park, St. Joseph, Mo., 

June 0-l.K j- , 

Moore, Flora, Lawrence Garden, Washington, D. 

X'.. June 0-11;, 
Morris 4 Parker, Coney Island. Cincinnati, O.. 

.Jpno 6-11: BIJuii, Hamilton, 13-18. 
Mbhpcy ft . Holbein, Springfield Park, London, 

(jab., June O-ll; Toledo, O., 13-18. 
Mo'sber, Houghton 4 Mouticr, Circle, N. X. 0., 

June 0-11 
Monroe, Harry, Kenbywood Park, Pittsburg, June 

Mutpny ft Wiflurd, Young's Pier, Atlantic City, 

-N, /., JjuncO-ll. .. 
Murray. Elliabeth, Temple, Detroit, June .11-11. 
Murray 4 Clayton, Miller's, Lima. O., June. 0-18. 
Mullen 4 Corell), Ingersoll Park, Dea Moines, 

tii. June brlli ■ . ., 

Naynbo, Rosa, Washington Park, Bayonne, N. J., 

June 0-11. 
NaeaUo. l.uiin Park, Cottcy Island, N. X., June 

Nelsdn-Farnum Troupe, Hobmer Pork, Montreal, 

Can., June 11 11. ,. 
NeTeta. Mile., Pastor's, N. Y. C, June 13-18. . 
Nlckerson, Murphy .4. Powell, Henderson's, Coney 

Island, N. Y., June (ill. 
Nlliln 4 Riley,- Mtmley'a C'a*lno, Nnrtb Beach, 

June 0-11; I'urk, Trenton, N. J., 1318. 

Auditorium. Winnipeg. Mau.. 
kenn'ywood Park, Pittsburg, 

La Veen 4 Cross. Keltb'a. N. Y. d., Jiine 0-11; filcbols 4 Croix. .Palace. .Boston, June O-U. ;• 

Keith's, Now, Phlla.. 10-18. NosSejn (5), Pall's, Waterbury. Covin.,, June O-lt. 

La vine tlmoioii Trio. Ann. . Park, Ynhngstowu, Normans, Juggling. Sans Soucl, Chlcsgo, June fi- 

ll alt 1 more, 

iiffya, The. Crystal, Milwaukee, Wis., Jane Oil. 

lvtlyn, J.Jleinai-d, Pastor's, .N. Y. C. June fl-ll. 

Carle A III. hauls, BIJou, Duluth, Mln,n., Jnue 0- 

1 11.. ...'•■ . . -.. •» 

Earle A Na Gor, Killsun, Tacoma, Waab., June 

oil; Enrttt, 18-18. 

IdlAswortha, The, Casino. Wheeling, V7. Va., 
. June Oil; Park, «. IHaM a.^ais; 
Hoey «, Woahlngtob Part; BbyonnC; N. J„ 

Jiiie o-ll. . 

Hodjtes 4 Launcbmere, Wnablugton Park, Bay* 
•urSve, N. J., Jute 8)1.^ , 
lloninan, Ijew, G. D. If;, ftutte, Mpn„ June 018. 
Uttiver. John A Lillian, Pastor's. N. Y. C, June 

1S-I8. , .... 

Holt, Dan 8., Highland Park, Jackson, Tcnn., 

June 0-18. , ■ 

Hnwsrd, Marry 4' May, Forest Park, Waterhury. 

Coiiu... Juno u-ll. 
Hoe vet. Al., Sniilborn Pnrv. Plttslmfg. Jt/ne Ml, 
He*y. Johnny, Proctor'a, Newark, N. J., June 

tlowitril A Liicllla, Prrnnilim'd, Coney UliUuI, N. 

■ Y.i Jnne 01 1. .• 

Hodiktna ■ 4. Lrlth, Lincoln Park, Worcester, 

Mass;, Jime SHIT, ■, 

llowahl 4 Bland, Ocean Pier. Atlantic City, N. 
"t.i Jilne o-ll. • 

HnchMi Chaa. 4 Madge, flodfroy'a, Grand Rapids, 

rtWrnKvaKWHCM, A Cn.. ProelAr'a Rat Street, 

N\ V. C .lime 0,11. 
llnegel Broa., Mnnh'afan Reneh, Cleveland, 0.. 

■ Jnne, O-ll.' '• ■ 1 ,. • .» , . 

II*r; Hnrke A MeDonatd, Cheater Park, Clneln- 

nail. JfiVie rt-lf. 
Iiiness 4 Ryan, Glendnle Park. Nashville, Teun., 

Jiint! Oil. . ■ 

Irwin, Jas.. Lufis I'afk, Coney Island, N. Y„ 
.June O-ll. .. 

La Vlnc-Clmnion Trjo, Avon 1 Park, Yntinsstowu, 
«.. JUtie fl-ll ; Keith's, Boston, 13 18,. . 

Lncentra. Joa. A., Wektmlnster, Providence, B. 
I.. June fl-ll. , 

Lnrapnts (3), Godfroy'a, Grand Raplda, MIcb., 
Jnne 0-11. 

Leonard, Bndle, C. O. B.. Chicago. June fl-ll. , 

Le Favor, Mabel, Pnik. BelloWa rails, Vt., Jnne 

1^4) 4 Chapman, Odslno, Bt. Joseph, Mo.. June 

LeKoy A Clayton. 0. O. H., Chicago, Juno 0-11. 
I* Page, Marreloua. Keith's, Boston. ,Juno 0-11. 
I* Clair, John, Pajitor'a, N. Y. ft, J line Oil. 
Le Roy A Woolrord, Keltb'a New, Pblla., June 

Lealle." Piddle, Olympla Park, Olio'tlanooira, Tenn., 

Juno 8-11. , ,'.■ 

Levey, Kthel. Keith's, N. X. C, June 0-1 1; 
I*on, Chester Park. Cincinnati, June ,5-11. , 
Le Roy, Mnrle, Olympla Park. McKcesport, Pt„ 

Jui|0 0:11. ., „ .... ... 

Lewis A LaW, Cryslul Park, St. jiscpn, Mo„ 

June O-ll. . , , 

I^es. Tb"4, Bljon. Oshknah. Wis., Jinie 8-11; 

nilou.' Duluth. Minn., j;t-l«. . 
Le Notr'a Marionettes, Kl'eclrlc, Vancouver, B. 0.. 

Ju»* fl-ll. •, •-.•!■ 

Leonard 4 Drake, Hohuier Pitk, Montreal, Can., 

June 8-11. 
laivcttc Sisters, 0. O, H„ To|edo, O,, June rill. 
Lltcbneid, Mr. A Mra. Nell. SprlnVbnnk Park, 

so. Bend, Ind.. June 8-11; Olenlangy Park. 

Columbus. "., 13-18. 
Linden, Delay, Guvernator'a,' Atlantic Olty, N. 

J., June O-lt. 
Link.. Billy. Casino. Rt. Joseph, Mo„ June 0-11, 
l.lpiilncotts. The, Glnlw, St. Loula, June 8-11. 
Lindsay's Doml 4 Mbnkeys. Crulnp'a Park. Mk- 

eoii, Ga.. June 0-11; Olympln Park, Chatta- 
nooga, Tenn.,. i;i-18. 
Lnrena, Wm., Luna Piirk, Coney Island, N. X., 

Juno e-ll. . • • . 

Lukena <4), Dreamland, Coricy lalnnd, N. X., 

June O-U- ' . 

Liinlera, Mr. 4 Mrs. Fred, Shea's, Buffalo, N. X., 

June tl-11. ,. • 

Lyons, Toby, Howard, Boston. June 8-1 1, 
Lyndon 4 Wrpnn, Walaan'H, Bklh.. Juiie-6-Il. 
Lyno 4 Leonard. Unique, Loa Angeles, Cal., Juno 
. .0-11 (Lytic, Snn -Diego. -13-187 - 
Male, Bonnie, Crystal, Milwaukee, Wis., Jnno 0- 

Majestlc Musical Four, Poll's, Hnrlfonl. Conn., 
June fl-ll; Henderson's, Cobcy Island, N. X„ 

Mnrtlile Brothcra. Keith's, Boston, Jnno O-U 
Muiitelli, M[uc:.. Forest Park, St. Loula, June 0- 

Miii-slnill 4 K.rvlo, Crystal, St. Joseph, Mb., Juno 

5-11. ..',... 
Mnrdo, Delraar Gardens, Oklahoma City, Okla., 
.. Juno 0-11. ... 

Mnddern, Mary, Davidson, Milwaukee, Wla., June 

May 4 Miles, Orph'nnhi, Terre Halite, Ihd., June 

U-ll; Glebe, St. lAuia, 13-18, 
Mathews 4 Ashley, Proctor's Stb Ave., N. Y. C„ 

June 0-11. • • 
Mayer 4 Irvln, Pucbld, Col,, June 0-11; Trini- 
dad. 13-18. ■ ,. ■ . 
Marlow-Dunhnm Trlu, Guvernator'a, Atlantic Olty, 

N. J„ June O-ll. ..." 

Marqnam. Winnie, Seattle, Wash., Jnne 8-11. 
Marshall 4 K.rvln. Cfyslal Park, Ht. Joseph, Mo., 
■ Jnne 0-11.- ■ , 

Mnek 4 Klllott. Kt. Sheridan Park, Highland, 

III., June 818. 
Madcaps (3). Kelth'a. N. Y. C, June 611: 

Keltb'a. Roslon,- 111-18. 
Mnrlln 4 Qulgg, Waldemerc Park, Ktlp, Pa., 

June o-ll; 
Mnnliasaot Comedy Four, Pastor's, N, X. C. 

Jubo, Oil. • ■ 
Mantell 4 Lamb. Clnrograpb, Spokaiie, Wash.. 

Jnno 0-11; Central. Kferett, 13-18. 
Madcaps (4), C. 0. U., , (.Ihlcago. Jime O-U. 
Marsh 4 Hartellu, Kenny wpoil Park,. Pittsburg, 

June «-l I ; CliSse's, Wnshliigiou, D. t].. 13-18, 
Mathews, Zo«, Fprevt Park. St. Louis, June 0-11. 
Macklc.A Nash, Dewey, litlcH, N. X.,.Jtine 13-18. 
Mnrlync, Park, SBraveporL La.. Juue A-July 8. 
Martin, Tom, 4 Co., Johnson's, Waterloo, la.. 

Jnne 13-18. . 
Marcel's: Baa Relief. Orpbeum, Ban Fran., Cal., 

.June 0-18. ■ , , : 

Maclsuis, .tnecllnc. nendcreon's. Coney Island. 
.» Y-, June. 0-11. ...... t ._»».■. 

Manola Family (4), Corttnne. Spokane, Wash., 

June tl-18. . . ,. . ..... . ...... 

Masse, Kd„ A Nettle. Kellh'a. N. X. 0., June 

Marline-til A flrtwsl. Forest t'afk. St. Lonla, Jnne 

M^laift-'keeler Co.. Moss A Stnll Toiir; Kngland.' 

MoViSw. Plnnitett'ft (V„ Teraple, Deirolt. Mich'., 
Jnne nil; Shea'a, llnfratn, N. Y.. 1.1-18. 

Mncle Kettle, Tbe. Proctor'a 23d Street, N. I. 
O.. June All., 

MalNWus, Juggllne. Shinmer Pafk, Llm*. 0., Juue 

Ma'niithg. Mildred, Cknfe's. San ftti., Cti, Jane 
6-lt. '■••».. . 

Norhinn. Reeves' Pafk. Fostorla, 0„ Jbne Oil; 
Palrv.lew Pafk, Daytim, 12-18. 

Norwortb, Jack, To|*tlp, 0„ Julie Oil. 
ncelller. Victor, Soinici " 
June 11 11 

Ocpelller. Victor, SolSmer Park, Montreal, Can., 

onri. Adela- Purvis, Athletic Park, Baffato, N. Y., 

June 0-11 ., . 

O'Brlfii A West, Park, Bellows Falls, Vt., Jone 

O'ltpurke ft Burnetii-. Henderson's, Coney Is- 
land. N. Y., June 8*J1, ... , . . ,, 

O'Uamoy. Georgia, Avou Park, Youngsibwn, 0., 
June O-ll. , , . . . 

Owens, & Duncan, Cocur D'AICnc, Spokane, Wash., 
Jnn^ 13-18. 

Parker's Dog Circus, Avenue, Pittsburg, June 0- 

Pascnlel, Mafvelouk, Suburban Gurden, Bt. LOuls, 

June 12-18. , 
Parker. Bert, Brook, Marlon, lnd., June 13-18. 
Parisian. Mltulrela. Temple, .Detroit. June .0-11. 

Poiilliiottl 4. Ptipio, > Hippodrome, Loudon,- Bng., 

■ June H-Juty by , .....,, „. ." 

Perry, Frank L„ linhpie Park, Hanford, Cal., 
.j;uho O-U, ,-, 

Perry. 4 Aiecla, Bronson Park, Corning, N. X., 

June 0J1., 
Perry 4 Randall, Kellh'a. Boston, . June fl-ll. 
I'McUlnjt 9roa„ Spring Grove Park, Spriogfleld, 

0., Jiino O-U. . . ;. • 

Pelot, Fred A Annie, Sana Soucl, Chicago, Juhe 
. Oill. • . ,: ■ ■ . . . - 

Pewltt, Paradise Roof, N. Y. 0.. Jbne O-ll. 
Phillips Sisters, Covington, Ind., June nil ; 

Foster, 13- 18. , , ., , 

PWtvk.A, Pastor'H, N, X. L C, June 13-18. 
Pierce, 4. lleotty, Godfroy'a, Grand Raplda, Mich., 

June «4l. •• , ... 4 ,,.. 

Powers Bros., Los Angeles, Cal., June 12-18. 
FMtA ft Pbtla, Guvcrnalor's, Atlantic City, N. J., 

June O-U. ... ' 

Powers 4 Tlieorabald, Idora Park, Youugstown, 

O., June O-U. , „ ,, ., 
Powers Bros., Orpbcunt, San Fran., Cal., Juno 

Probst. J. A., Davidson, Milwaukee. June fl-ll. 
Qulnlan 4 Howard, Wenat; Peoria, III, June fl-ll. 
Vluinn Lawrence Garden, .Washington. 

-D.-a, JBtic 0-11. ■ ■ ■ . "... 

QulKlny ft Molr, Casino, Plymouth, pa., June fl-ll. 
Raymond 4 (Jtiverly, Circle,. N, Y. C, June «-U. 
Ramsey Sisters, . Forest Park, Waterbury, Conn., 

June 0J1. , ,. 

Ralno'n Bull Terriers, Luna Park, Coney Island, 

N. Y„ June Oil. . • ., * 

Raymond ft ' Trlccy, Bronson Purk, Corning, N. 
' Y.. .June o-U. 
Raatiis 4 Hunks, Lincoln Park, Worcester, Mass., 

June O-U,' 1 1 , 

Rsokett 4 Hniard. Nnnley'a Casino, South Beach. 
. N-, Y... June, 0,11. .. .. ■ , . 

Rnvenvcroft) Charlotte, Proctor's 23d Sircet, N. 

Y. 0., June. O-U.. , .'.., 
Rado 4 Bertm'sh, Ri'llli'a New, Pblla., Juno 0-° 

11 ; Keith's, Boston. 13-18. . .,„. , . 

Raytr.e, Jfc Lawrence Garden, Washington, D. 

1'., June 0-11. >" 
Raymond, Alice, Kpflngbnhk Park, Loudon, Can'.. 

O 18*18 ' K ° C 8I ' f, " e • Park ' B - LlTCr I»c 1 ' 
liisliord 4 - Wlnrhester, Avenue, Pittsburg, Jnne 

O-lt. 1 . 1 , . ,, 1 

Bonos ,13), Lyceum. ,8an Fran.. Cal., June O-U. 
Reyiiolds, Kd. K.. iTeniple, Detroit. June 0-11. .. 
Reynolds 4 (iubi, Idora Park, Youngatowu. 0., 

.Jnne .0-11, . . 

Hedniontl. Rlfu, Circle, N, Y. 0„ Jdno O-U. 
Reeves, Kddlc, Keltb'a, Boston. Juno O-U. 
BUnoa- (4), A Von Park, Youngstown, o., Jttho 

lilcii' ft Provost, Victoria, N\ v., June tl Jniv 0. 
Richards, Mannlon'H Park. St. laiuls, Juno O-U. 
Hlchs, The. Walaou'a. Okln.. June 0-11. 
Rlctoti, The Great, Stee|]lechaae Pork, Plttatiurg, 
- Jnno O-U; Myers* Lake, Canton, O.,, 12-18. 
Rlgbv. Arthur. Muunlon's Park, St. Loula. June 

R'lV 4 Wultefs. Hong Lake Park, Woon'sockct, 
R. I.. June O-U, . , 

ItoiiaMoF t3). Ramnna, Grand Rapids. Mich., 

Jinie 5-1 1 ; WlUuna Beach. Hay City, 13-18. 
Rogers 4 I.sVlne, Garderl, Memphis, Tenn., Jbne 

•iU-2tl. » •- . 

Roy. I.i'iih. Denver, Col., June Oil ; Colo; 

Springs. 13-18. - - - -■ 
Hobliisnn & Grant. C. O., y.,, Chicago. June 0-11. 
Roup, tjlytlio. Ballet, Exnoaltlon, ilegbeuy. Pa-. 

June 0-2S. . - . 

Robblna A Trrbilmnn, Rohb'a ClslnbV Sortb 

. Reach. N. Y.. June fl-ll. ■ 

Ronlnoa. Tbe. Avenue. Plttaburg, Jnne fl-ll, 
Unme 4 FergtiRhh, HllUnger'a, Chleago. Jbne 

1. ti-11. -..,-, ■(. .- ■ , - . 
IMM, Lunn Park. Coney Island. N. Y„ June 

RlibiTla ttl, Krnplfe, Siin. Fran., Cnl., June fl-isi 
Ruaaell 4 lluekjejj, j|. J S.. N. X. ft, June fl- 
ll; Shea's, Buffalo. N. Y-, 13-18. 
HiVsell. Leitli, Orpbeum. San Fran., Cal., June 

aianali 4 Dunbar, Unlifne, Salt Like Olty, U., 

'June 0-18. ..-, ,- 

Sander Trln, Lena Park, Coney Inland, N. v., 

June 0-11. ' j • ..I I 

Santoro A Marlow, Memphis, Tend., June 0- 

I81 • , 

Kawtclle A Scars, Olenwood Park; Ogdeu, I).. 

Jnhe O-U. 
Sabi-L. Josejibluo, Ambasaaaeur. Paris, Fr., June 

0-30. ■ - . , • . , 

80 hert ft Alexander, Dreamland, Cobby Island. 

». X., June Oil. • ... •„ 

Seymour A Dupree, Lyric, Liverpool, Krig., June 

in-18. • • 

Seymour, Mabel, Farm, Toledo. O., Juhe O-ll. 
Hlljrer Slsten, Temple, Detroit, June O-U. 
Shannon 4 Dlron, Amerltan Pavilion, 80. Bend, 

lnd,. Jane 0-11; Cook's Park,- 1st Porte, IMS. 
Shackelford, Malcolm, Proctor'a 23d Street, N. Y. 

C. June 0-11. ( . :... 
Sbeehan, John, Henderson's, Coney Island, N. 

Y.. June tl-11. ' l 

Sluws, Aerial, Keith 1 * New. Phlla.. June fl-11: 
Shaw. Mr. ft Mra. Lurry. Athletic Park, Buffalo. 

N. Y., June 0-1; Hnnlon's Polai, Toronto. 

Can., 13-18, ■ " 
Shattnck, Truly, Orpbeum, San Fran., Cal., June 
. 6-11. , 

Slicrman, ■ Luna Park. Coney Ialnbd, N. X„ June 

Slisvf, Lillian, Kelth'a, Boston. June fl-ll. 
Shedhiatt's Dogs, Imperial, Cobcy Island, N. Y., 

June 13-20. . .;.. 

Slddons Broa., Steeplechase Pier, Atlantic City, 

N. J., JuHc Oil. 
Sluii'SoiiH, Tbe. Henderson's, Coney Island, N. 

X.. IMC 11. ,. , • 

Slater 4 Finch, Standard. Ft. Worth, Tex., June 

Smlrl 4 Kcwmer, Farm, TolMn, 0„ June 6-11; 

Temple, Detroit, MIcb., 13-18. , , , 

Smith 4 Arado, Letup's Unrdeu, St. Louis, June 

Smith 4 Baker, Prnctor'a 23d Ktrect, N. X. ft. 

June O-U. - 
Snyder, Lloalc, Steeplechase Pier, Atlantic Clly, 

N. J„ Juno 6-11. 
Snyder 4 Buckley, Ingersoll Park. Dea Moines. 

la.. June Oil; Lake Contrary Casino, St. Jo- 
seph. Mo., 13-18. 
Southern Trio, Blailcr's, Portland, Ore., June 

Sorcerer ft Soubrctto, Casino, Rochester, N. Y., 

Juiie 0-11. 
Southward, Mary, Henderson's, Coney Island, N. 

Y„ .Tune (l-l 1., Paul, Paradise Roof, N. X. C, June 
0-11. ...... 

Splsscll Bros., Host Park. Meirtphta, Tenn., 
June. 3-11; Oak Summit Park, EvanavUle, Ind., 

Sparrow, Henderson's, Coney Island, N. X., June 

Spessnrily, sic;., Luna Park, Coney Island, N. 

Y„ June OIL 
Sinner, Fred S., Woolworlb, Lancaster, Pa.. Jnne 

Oil. ■ . . . 

Stevenson, Keith's New, Phlla., Juue fl-.ll. . 
Stanton 4 Mixlenn, Mannlon's Park, St. Lonla, 

June fl-ll. 
Stapletoo ft Cbaney, Arch, Cleveland, O,, June 

Stanley ft Le Roy, Kmni'rc, Ashtabula Harbor, 

O.. June fl-ll. • 

St. Cyr, Kugene, Hunlan's Point, Toronto, Can., 

June, oVuTZi - ., .. , 

Htephens. Pnul, Circle. N. Y. C, June fl-ll. 
Stevens. F.twin, Keith's. N. Y. C, June fl-ll. 
Slroiigfnri, Lionel, Casino, Ocean View, Norfolk, 

Va., June. O-ll; Caslis), lllclinumd, 13-18. 
Stuart 4 Miirphy, Winnipeg. Man., June 18. 
Slcivnrt, Cal,, Farm, Toledo, <»., June O-U. 
KtiiSrls. Musical, Lakeside Pafk. Dayton. 0., 
rJtlukney, Robt.- Jr., Luna Park, Coney Inland, 

N. ,Y.. Jjtne,,O i ll. 

.Tune B-ll ; L.ikcsnle Park, Akrhn, 13-18. 
Steln-Kretto Family, Klectrlc Park, Bait 

Md„ June .0-18,., . ■ , . ,1 , ' 
St. Onge Btba., Proctor's 23d St., N. X. C, 

June 11 11 
Stewart A 1'lliglbtsniM. Henderson'u, Coney la- 
land, N, v.. June nil. u 
Hull> 4 Phelps, Utabwa Park, Ogden, Utah. 

June tl-ll. ... 
Sully Family, Circle. N. Y. 0„" June O-U. 
Swift 4 Barton, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., June 

1318 . 

Swan 4 Ilnuibiird, 0. O. ,11.. Chicago, June 811. 
Swor. A, k. lniperlal, l.e.oivill.-. Col., 

June, O-U; Novelty. Denver. 13-25. , 
Swlckiird, Mr. .and Mra.. Umpire. Nottingham, 

Kng., Juna tl-U; limplre, 1/Clcea(er, 13-18. 
Sylvester. Jones 4 Prlnglc, Chutes, San Fran., 

I'sl-. June 0-18. • 
Symonils, ., Lottie West, Spring Grove Park, 

Springfield, <>., June Oil; Falrvlcw Park, 

Dpyton, 111-18. ■ . , . 

Sylvan 4 O'Neal, Moldey Park, Rome, Ga.; June 

Taimkaa, The. Cbnae's, Washington, D. ft, June 

O-U. ..1 
TnltHry'a Doga, Keith's, N. Y, ft, June till. 
Tally Ho Duo.' Casino. Lynchburg, Va.. Juhe 0-1 1. 
Tompleton,. Olarlec, Bellevuo Park, Toledo, O,, 

-'Olio II I I. 1. . . 

Tenliriaike. Lambert 4 Tenhrooke. Circle, N. Y. 

()-. June II- tl 

Tii'lmw's Cutu. Circle. N. Y. 0., June OIL. , 
Thorpe. Mr. 4 Mrs.. Harry, New Opera Houae, 

Bradford. Pa., June fl-ll; Keith's,- N. Y. U.. 

13.-18. , . . 1 ... 
Thompaon, Win. H.. Proctor'a 2.1d Street and 

125tb Street, N. X. ft, Juna. 0-11. ... .. 

Thatcher, Gen.. 0. O. 11 . Chlcato. June fl-ll. 
TboniiiBoira. The Guvernator's, Atlantic City, N. 
. J.. .June fl-ll. ■ . 

Tlnpetl 4 Kllment, Unique. 8an Dlegb. Cat, 
1 .-June 1:1-1 r. 1 , 

Toklo'a Royal Japs, Luna Park, Coney Island, 
/,N„.X„ June O-ll. .„.•.. 

Trusk 4 Gladden, 0.0. II. , Chicago. June O-U. 

Triiiilaulourx .(3). Teuiplo, Detroit, MIcb., June 
0-11; Park. Krlc. Pa., 13-18. .. . 

Troubadour Four, Carsonla Park, Reading, Pa., 
June 11 1 1. ,, ..... 

Trnlnor A Button, Sans Soucl, Clinton, la. , June 
O-U ; South Shore Park, Michigan Olty, Ind., 
12-18. . . > ■ . . 

Trask 4 Murray, Orpbeum, Tacoma. Wash., Juna 
O-U ; Hotiulam. 13-is.- ... -v. 

Tsudn, Atblolle Park, HnrTslo. N. X.. .June O-U. 

Tyler,. Rosa, Lcc. Avenue. Pittsburg, June. fl-ll. 

Usher, Fannie ,4 Claud, Olcutangy Park, Colum- 
bus,,, p., Juno O-lt. , ^ .-, ,, . ,., 

Viirdiimaii, Miaou, Tacoma, Wash., Juno O-ll; 
Everett, 18-18.. „ .. . ■ 

V1111. Billy, Shea's, Buffnlo. N. X., June fl-U. 

VilldliiRn, The, Guveruator's, Atlantic City, N. 
J;, June <|-1B. . . 

Vim Foasen 4 McDauley, Casino, Ft. Wayne, Ind., 
June O-ll. . r 

Van. - (ihidys, Delraar Gardens, Okluboma City, 
okla., June 0-11. • 

Van DoniB,, Tbo. Guvernator'a. Atlantic City, • 

- N. J., June 0-18. . , . -,, 

Vutios. Tbe,. Ouvcruutor's, Atlantic City, N. J-, 
June O-U, , .:, 

Vnsshr Girls 18), Cheater Park, Cincinnati, June 

Valniuro A Horton. Ron's Casino, ' North Beach. 
N. Y., June Oil; Klectrlc Park. Albany, IS- 

Van Bros., Cascade Park, New Custkv Pa., June 

Voiik (2), Henderson's, Coney Island, N. X., J^nne 

0*1 1. 1 

Vernon, Avenue, Plttaburg. June O-U. 
Vinton 4 Clayton, Avon Park, Youngstown, O., 

June O-ll; Toledo, 12-18. 
Vluella, 5I.IMH., l.uiiu Park, Coney Islsnd, N. X„ 

June OIL 

Von (Intro 4 Cutrcly, Orpbeum, Seattle, Wash., 

Jubo fl-ll. . 

Vrnvuian. Dick. Dreumlaud, Coney lalnnd, N. X., 
. June ti-11. . ...... 

Ward. HI Tom. ltlvcrslde Park, Montreal. Can., 

June 11 July 2. 
Wiitvrrniry Bros, ft Tenny, Casino, Toledo, O., 
o June O-U. 

Watson, C. B., Monumental, Baltimore, Hd„ 
..June OIL' 1 
Walton, Irvln R., Spring Lake Park, Trenton, 

tK. J u Jube.O-lt 1 j ... ■! 

Ward. Chaa. B.. Falrvlcw Purk, Dayton, 0„ Jnne 

5-11. . .... ; 

Watsbn ft Hills, Henderson's, Coney Island, N. 

.Y..,Jnnc tl-ll. .„. j 

Walsh ft I.lgro, Chntes, San Fran., Cat., Jnne 

Wnr.ln, AL, BIJnn. Dulnlh. Minn.. June n 18. 
Woltlorr ft Mendeil, Hniilnn's Point, Toronto, 
.Can.. June l.'i-ts. ...... 

Wn.Klell. Fred ft Mnt. Crystal, Milwaukee, Wit., 
. June 0-11. • .- '. . . , . . 1 . • . . - 
Wats, AL, I'arnillse Roof. N. Y. ()., June Oil. 
Wagner Slnlera, Queen City Gardens, t:imlr«. N. 


Y.. June B-ll, 

h. May. Man 


intile'n's, Park, St. i.ouN. Juue 
WelaVa's «), KcKb's New, Pblla., June 6-11. 

. JtWE 11. 

THE ]STEW TrcmiT eta3?£*flft. 




thlf la." 



T*W» ".©PW" l» mechanically perfect, clean, 
sate and durable. Cannot cut or irritate trie 
tendered skin. A delight to ever/ auto wlio 

yrniffar piikf. pookM. 

Pile*, Rmxa/c Complete, - «9.00 

Momril) Case, 4 llluiiel, . . U.BO 
Mlroppiug Mschtax* nnd Hi rup, M.iMJ 

At your dealer, or direct, on receipt of price. 
P.PP 1 QtftHHV C?..PWt K.MHeadeBL.JI.Y 




Waters, Torn, A Co.. Orybenm, San Fran., Cal., 

June •'-11. 
Wall, J. Turner, Family, Butte, Man., June 13- 

West'on ft Adnata, Blallo, Rimini, N, Y., June 

ii-li. ' 
Welsh, Ben, Proctor'a 2M Street, N. X. C„ Julie 


Wellsell, Jan., Caraonla Park, Beading, Pa., June 

Webbs (4), Gnvernator's, Atlantic Oily, N. J., 

June 0-11. 
Wealinaii tt Wreno, Proctor's Slid Blreet, N. 

Y. C, June all. 
Wliiie, Ed. ft Bolo, Grand, Milwaukee, Win., 

June ii u. 
Winchesters, Tbe. Rock Spring Park, B. Liver- 

pool. O., June (111. 
Wlllhlma * Meltmm, llceves' Park, Fostorla, 0., 

June nil. 
William*, "Chinese" Jolumy, Proctor'a, Newark, 

N. J.. June tin. . 
Winter. Hanks & Winona, Alblelle Park, BurTulo, 

N. v.. Jane (I'll; Areuue, Pittsburg, Hl-lS. 
Wilhoii'M Trio, Grand, Milwaukee, WIh., June 

ivilsnii * Wnrde, Acme, Norfolk, Va., June Oil. 
WiiiiiiM, Itenin. Farm, Toledo, 0.. June 0-11. 
Wllla'rd. Tbe Great, Slog, rarkersburg, W. Va., 

June (l-Jtlly, JV 
Wllev,- Hamilton, Sarin Bock Park, New Haven, 

Conn., June- (Ml. 
Worilitte, Hstelle, ft Oo„ Waalilngtoo Park, 

Unyonne, N. J„ June (I II. 
Wood,- Francis, Oureriiator's, Ailanllc City, N. J., 

June ii ii. •••'.. 

Wood Bni»., Sohnier Park, Montreal, Can., June 

(1-11; Manchester, N. II., 111-18. 
Wynne ft Hart, Umpire. Ashtabula Harbor, O., 

June 01 1. ' 

Yurrick, Joseph, Proctor'a 23d Street, N. T. C 

June il-li. 
Ynrikee Comedy Four, Reservoir Pork,, Richmond, 

va.. June 0-11; Oeean View Park. Norfolk, 

13-18, , 
Yeawr Troupe, Dreamland, Couey ImIoihI. N. Y., 

June 0-11. 
York ft Jleibert Trio, Ugvcrna tor's. Atlantic 

City, N. J.. June mil. 
Youngs ft Brooka, Coney laland, Cincinnati, June 

Zarrow Trio, Celeron Park, Jameatown, N, v., 

June (in. ' 
Suiaol ft Vernon, Shea's, Buffolo, N. Y., Jnae Oil. 
XarinK, Hie, Krli'a Caallio, Norlb Beach. N. Y., 

June 0,18. 
/am,. Sohtncr Park, Montreal, Can., Juae 0-11, 
Soeb tt Karros', Temple, Detroit, Mich.. Julie (Ml. 
/limner, WuNhlimtuii Park, llayonuc, N. J., June 

Zimmerman. Willy, Paradiae Boor, N. Y. U., 

Jiuje 0-11. 
Zlalm A Ring, 0. D. H., Chicago. June 13-18. 
Zulu. Whirling, l.uim Park, Coney Island, N. v., 

July 0- 1 1 . ' T 
<Magsvaa»jni i . I I I in 1,1 ■ 

FiiK.ii Mbm.Lun writes: "I recently closed 
with Cnbler's Unduah Concert Co., to Join 
Prof. J, W. Bowles' Comedy Co." 

Job a. (Imvfii, jire.HK agept of the John 
W. u nine Royal Carnival and Midway Co., 
states that the above company will Inaugu- 
rate Its season at Glasgow, Mo., week of 
.Tune 27. The roster Ih as follows : John w. 
Unfile, proprietor and manager; Joe A. 
Oliver, press agent; J. V. Washer, secretary 
and treasurer; H. A. Washer, superintend- 
ent; Chas. Ohlmeyer, charge of 'privileges ; 
Mike Mckelsnn, master of transportation ; 
Prof. Tom Sweeny, band master, with twelve 
musicians. Four free acts, including : Prof. 
ltevciie, high dlvo; Cttrdola Brothers, acro- 
bats; Chas. Brockboeft, trick bicycle rider, 
and Big. Cappalo, high Wire walker. Eight 
paid shows. Including: Little Fern Hurtle, 
with Illustrated songs; Baby Myra Hurtle, 
serpentine dancer. The Stadium featuring 
the Washer Brothers, midget boxers; elec- 
tric theatre, old plantation, snake eater; pet 
animal show, streets of Cairo, and dog and 
ponv show. We have twenty-five weeks 
booked through the West ami Northwest. 
John W. Ililftle and wife have gone to 
Omaha to arrange for the Cbadron, Neb., 
fair and carnival, for week of July 8. 

Cass Stalky, of tbe Novelty Transforma- 
tion Co., writing from Johannesburg, 8. .v., 
under date of Mny 5, says : "We opened hero 
at the Empire Theatre, April 18, and caused 
the biggest sensation ever known here. We 
stay here for six weeks, then we play six 
weeks at Tivoll Theatre, Cape Town. We 
then sail for England, playing six weeks at 
the- Hntisu Theatre. Cape Town, Germany. 
Then open at tbe Hippodrome, London, for 
n run of ten weeks, with the Moss tour to 
follow. We built this novelty in London, and 
oncned at tbe Empire, Liverpool, Setot. 7. 
Since then we have topped every Mil we 
luive played on, and tbe demand Tor our act 
Is so .large that I cannot tell when we will 
be home again. For show business Europe 
Is grent, but for enjoying life give me 
America. Edgar Hyronn. the manager-direc- 
tor of Umpire and Tivoll theatres, R A., In 
now In America looking for Acts. He made 
a tour or tbe continent, and after visiting 
over forty music halls booked only two acts 
for Africa. No doubt be will And all be 
wants In America, If he Is a Judge of nov- 
elties. The audience want American acts." 

Washes linnn. opened their Rammer sea- 
son with tbe World's Fair Midway and Car- 
nival Co., at Salisbury, Mo' May 3D. It. C. 
I .elm run. manager of tbe world's Fair Mid- 
way und Cnrnlfnl Co., put the midgets' In the 
xtiullnm, and tbey are' proving a drawing 


Work!) have Issued a novel coin pocket book, 
to be presented as a souvenir of the Nntlonnl 
Hardware Association convention, which was 
held in Atlantp May 24. 

Tm: Hr Aniih, novelty contortionists, are 
with the Hntch-Adbins Cnrnlvnl Co., where 
thelrnct Is meeting with success. 

Rtron and Kr.l.i.i write : " Ws closed with 
the Morgan II. It. Circus at Aurora, Ind., 
Mny ■ 2tl, lihd Joined the Monarch Varnlval 
Co.. at Midway Park, Tray; O. We are 
hooked for twenty weeks as a free ntfrnc- 
tliin We have the Jllggllnjr Koran (John. 
( Wn and' Jessie) with us. They are making 
ft great lilt." 

Nones from Mm it, fl. F«U) GnBirirB 
Minhtrki.h. — Wo closed pne 'Sir the mult 
BiiccesHful yenrs la our hlhtorv at Bay OTty, 
May III, the company being taken by Mr. 
Field to Cdlitinbtis, where It disbanded,', to 
be re-assembled on' July 28, when rehearitals 
for next year's show will be Inaugurated. 
The season opened Aug. 12, and nlace that 
time the- organization bos traversed the 
greater nart of the United Htntes. British 
Columbia, and Manitoba, Can.' The ' total 
distance trhveraed la 25,430 miles, and the 
nilnripal cities In Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, 
Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, North and 
Soutb Dakota, Montana, Colorado, Washing- 
ton, British t'liliitnbiu. Oregon, Idaho, Utah, 
Arkansas, Nevniln, Callfurnla, Texai, IahiIs- 
lena, Mississippi. Florida, Ueorgla, Alnbsmn, 
Nortli and South Carolina, Tennessee, Ken- 
tucky, Virginia, Maryland. West Virginia, 
Pennsylvania, pelaware. New Jersey, New 
York, Massachusetts and Canada hive been 
visited. Tbe shortest Jump was between 
West Superior and Oulutb, a distance of fbnr 
miles, and tbe longest between Billiugs, Mont., 
and Fargo, N. U, a distance of tiuo miles. 
Hurlng die entire season tbe votnusny gave 
three nuudred and twenty-one perforaisuceB, 
every stand being played on the day origin- 
ally booked, with the exceptions of Wullu 
Walla, Wash., aud linker City, Ore., each of 
these towns being played a day later than 
advertised, owing to a railroad washout be- 
tween Boise City, Ida., and Baker City, Ore., 
which Interrupted passenger traffic. In 
Charleston, W. Va., the company lost one 
of Its principals, when John Blackford was 
stricken with apoplexy and died. Aside from 
this sad fatality, no accident marred the 
season, with the exception of the staYiling, 
but as It proved, n hot serious accident nt 
Victoria, BY C, when ten members of the 
compnpy were overcome by gas, which es- 
caped from a coke heater, owing to the 
negligence of the Janitor. Mr. Field brought 
bis company back to Columbus with the 
excellent record of not having one los- 
ing week. From Aug. J2 to Nov. 29; be 
did not experience a losing night, and In 
the point of gross receipts this year - will lie 
ns good as any In the past, but possibly, 
owing to a heavier expense, the nroBts will 
not lie quite so Urge, llurt Cutler's military 
hand goes to Fairmont Park, 1'liltiidelphln, 
for the Summer season, nnd Tommy Donnelly 
again tnkes out a minstrel show to play 
haptcrn watering places. They Will all bo 
wllh Mr. Field again next season. 

IIgusn Clark will nail for Eutope the lat- 
ter part of July to visit her parents la Ger- 

Joseph Caret, who closed dfty-flVe weeks 
with "The Hiinnwoys," May 28. will play a 
few vaudeville engagements during the Sum- 
mer season. 

, Tim sbvoxs (Harry nnd Julia), who have 
been on the Kelih circuit, meeting with suc- 
cess, were at the Boston house week of 
May 30. 

Thompson Ann Serida, who recently 
closed ten weeks -over the New Knglnud cir- 
cuit, arc now on the New York park cir- 
cuit. Week of Mny 30 they were at Brims- 
wlek Park, Hlchtield Springs, N. Y., with 
other parks to follow. They 'open on tho 
Western circuit In October. 

Notes from Bennett's Thratrh, 
Gloucester, N. J. — This house opened for 
the Summer season ' Saturday, May 21, to 
lilg business. For Week of May 2:1. the Star 
Iliirlesquers appeared, Including Mmid Bar- 
ron, Edith Wtlsou, JOIIy Beu Leigh, May 
Grant, Violet Mny Clark, ■ Stella Arlington, 
Aunlc Chatham, nnd Morris and Sinllh. The 
New Erp BllrlCHqne Co. follows 30. 

IVli, II. FOX arrived from Mngland Inst 
week. He will spend several weeks at tbe 
St. Louis Fair, and will also visit bis brother 
nt I'hrenlx, Ariz. In August he will re- 
turn to England, where be Is booked up to 
April, JQOO. 

Bod Hbwi.i'.tte'h Merry Burlesquers and 
Trocadcro Vaudevilles closed ten weeks at. 
Denver, Colo., May '-"-', nnd opened a Sum- 
mar tour or the Norlhwest, nt Billings, Mont., 
May :in. The company is booked solid for 
forty weeks. Following Is the roster: Iloht.' 
A. Hewlette, director general ; tbe Two fow- 
lers, Mae Miiliiueeu, porotby Heather, Myrtle 
Bnrtelle, Ethel Kussell, Itose Osborn, Chaso 
and Chase, Marie Sparrow, Lllllnii Adams, 
Bessie Clark, Ueorge Gludwyn, anil Gales 
and Clark. 

Gray and Guahah, eccentric musical come- 
dluns, write : "We have Just closed the most 
successful season We ever hod In burlcsrpie 
with the Kentucky Belles, and oar act was 
a tremeqdous success all over Ihe circuit. 
We opened May CIO, at Proctor's Fifth Avenue 
Theatre, with the. circuit to follow." 

Martinis' and, novelty Chinese 
I'oruliiiie.i, write: "We are meeting with tre- 
mendous success everywhere. We plnyad 
Luna Park, Cooey Island, N. Y , May 14-22, 
and play a return engagement of two weeks, 
beginning Aug. 1." 

Bon McLauuiimn, black face comedian, 
Who recently closed thirty weeks with oil- 
bane, Chase Jb Weston's Minstrels, Ib rest- 
ing at his homo In Kingston, i.'un. 

AnuAS Ben Omaii anp wivk (Mile. Mar- 
ginal are at the Si. Louis Fair, taking In 
the big show. They recently closed a tour 
over the Orbbeum circuit. levina writes: "I have canceled 
tbe engagement with the Walter L Main 
side show, and sin playing theatres and 
parks. Week of May 211, I played the Avenue 
Theatre, Pittsburg, J'u., and have good Sum- 
mer' work booked nt the leading parks." 

Hop A nii I5VA McQiNpiv write: "jVc will 
close odr season on the Gottscualk circuit 
In South Dakota In June, and will then go 
to our Bummer home on the lakes, ut Grand 
Rapids, Minn., to enjoy a refit. Lo/.ette 
Ilosklns has signed tor next season as pian- 
ist, and will go to the World's Fair with us 
In September, where we will play at Man. 
nlon's Park." . 

Mr. and Mas, Uobiwt Manchester, ac- 
compunieii by 1 Liny Leonl and wife, left for 
a tew weeks' stay at Palnesvllie, 0, Tbey 
have completed arr4ngements for the next 
season of their Cracker Jacks, and will enjoy 
a good rest down on the form. 

M11. anp Mrs. Tipos. VI. Miner, on June 
If, will leave for Upper Dam, naageiey 
Liikes, Maim', where they have rented a cot- 
tage for a two months' vacation. Mr. Miner 
litis engaged bis entire company for next sea- 
son. An entirely new second act, elaborately 
constructed, will be Introduced tor the open- 

Paios and Nouua have Juat finished a 

twenty-four weeks' engagement over the Kd- 

rin^lAuiB circuit. Tbef. .wrttt' tb»t they 

urebnseda home on the jDti Wamaah River, 

twedn Seattle ntid Taeoinb, wish. They 

Jay Ihe Jjrrlc Theatre, l'nrtlnnd, Ore., week 

or May :uj, and open on the Archie Levy 

circuit through California. ~ 

liriNNi- 'RitLLivAN, of the team of Wln- 

iiey and, Sullivan, was made a member of 

S Order of Eagles, Aerie No. fi, nt Son 
nclsco. The team has Just finished twelve 
weeks on the Archie Levy circuit through 
California, and have signed contracts xor 
llfteen weeks un l-'.ii. B. Lung's circuit, opeo- 
lug at the Orpheum, IVrtlnnd, Ure., June 2T. 

Wit.i. i»ei.avove writes: "1 have purehasM 
properly on West Madison Street, Chicago, 
pext door to the Davenport family of circus 
riders. Ilnyp been busy lately preparing 
sim* for tenants. We open our Bummer dates 
with J. D. Plimore, June 14." i-:m)kn writes: "After losing my en- 
tire wardrobe In tbe Curtis Theatre Ore, at 
Denver, Col., have canceled all Summer en- 
gagements. While waiting for new cos- 
tumes I will remain most of tbe time In St. 
Louis." • : .. 

Uarrt C. Bhtant Is at his home In Green- 
lawn, L. I., convalescing from a severe Ill- 
ness. ■ 

Jr.HM Burns, who baa had charge of T. \f. 
Dlnklna' Utopians for tbe past live years, 
severed bis connectlou with that attraction 
May 28, and will manage Harry Williams' 
Imperial Iliirle«iuerfl next season. The com- 
pany baa been nearly all engaged. Lillian 
Washburn will be tbe principal. 

Maiirhoisuuji ANNBTTB,"Ttie Little French 
Doll," who hns been n feature at 1 1 action over 
the Southern California vaudeville circuit dur- 
ing lbs past, six months, will spend the 
Hummer on her ranch uear Pufuidena, oil, 
la private life she Is Mrs. Ward Kelly, her 
husband being treasurer of Norrls k Howe's 

Tiih Gaonoux opened on J. K. Burke's cir- 
cuit, and report meeting with great success 
In their- original Juggling act. 

J. BRADY, of Brady and Mnhoney. writes : 
" Wm. Mahoney has gone to Hot Springs, S. 
C, for a rest. Ho will remain there tor a 
oiopth or so." 

Mau Bhhheij. recently clused a success- 
ful engagement at Ihe Howard Theatre, Hom- 

Harkt JM Mct-fiL of the j DwiehiK De 
Moth*, and MM R wet. nf Rover and French. 
while playing at Bans Spiel l'ark.'f:lliilob. 
In., week of May 20, werV> made luetEliera'of 
Ihe fraternal Order, nf Ragles, Affle TOO, 
(llnton, id: Attvi Hie Itiitiiitidu ibe iUris 
Sotiel Band eseorMd the members. MO 
strong, to the Grlljiil Roicl, where suptUtr 
wns served. The hrvgranUUi' niTeied by Hie 
/ii/.a Trio, and Illnes, Wnltcrg niid But- 
ton, was b lively one, and tbjo musical ae- 
lecttpus rendered by the Imperial Quartet 
Were highly entertaining. Toasts were given 
by many (if the leading olBeers of the liidgo. 
The sun wan peeping over Ihe hill taps when 
tho merry crowd wended lltelr way home- 

M11. and M*«- Kingston (Mary Cnrew), 
In I heir cumvily creation, "Squabbles," have 
ist completed a successful two weeks at 
'est Heights Park, Kvnosvlllc, Ind., with 

Just completed' 

West Heights I ... 

Couey Islnlid Park, Cfnclnuntl, 0., 10 follow. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kingston make a specially of 

oiieulug parks tills Summer, tills being their 

third sluco the opening of the parka vaiule- 

ville season. 
Wn.i.iA.d La Jlr.i.i.i: 


IMjjl.jjhi§c> jijp*j *i. ti$T-&r> 

ton, and also played Suudny conceits at tbe 

Square, Hon- 

re 'and Bow 

IV eon 

(loin s 


. Newton BrotiibIih, comedy acrobats nnd 
Jugglers, have signed for the Summer season 
ou the .1. J. Flyiih park circuit. 

Notes jkoji KANk-RETTA & Lacentra's 
"Girls froqi Fj-ani*" Co. — We will close our 
reason ift seventeen weeks over Ihe New lOu- 

J limit circuit at the Westminster Theatre, 
. Tovldenre, R. I. The following people are 
nt. present with the company : .Ins. Lucent rn, 
Fred smith. Kanfreltn and Munslleld, Frnuk- 
llli mill Hopkins, the Verdeut>. Ijillh Hub- 
erts, Jessie Stewart, ICillth Allslou, Mnlile 
Andrews, Louise Wlllson, AbuKIa llosa, 
Katie Mnckn, May Matthews, Helen and La 
Rosn. We tin ve had u fair season, but every- 
body Is huppy. 

Sim Collins and Lew Hart will Ull a 
few vaudeville dales lu this country after 
playing at Hunioiersleln's Roof Garden for 
the Suipmer. JJec. 14 thev will return to 
Kurope, lb fill two yeurs' time. 

,Ki>. Fkiins lias signed with the Ulc)inrd 
Henderson Stock On. ftr the Summer. 

Tub NnvHi.Tr COMRDt Fouu OVui. Argnll, 
Mark Thomsev, Wm. lJiwreneo 11 ml W. H. 
Cetfl), wh* oiienisl IJie Summer season with 
Wm. Josh Daly's Minstrels, tit Itrirlck's tllen, 
Flmlro, N. i „ ou Uccorntlon Day, report 
meeting wild great success. Next season fliey 

Will go with the Hilly B. Vim's Musical Com- 
edy Co., which Is under tit 
Sullivan, Harris & Woods. 

cb Is under the management of 
irrls & Woods. 

Tin MniNANi Family hove closed their 
second season with Al, G. Field's Xllnslrels. 
They will play a number of. weeks at I ho 

Ci.ll' Nelson writes: "I have Joined Ibe 
Bert lidwiliijs company, In his new uet, 'Bur- 
glars,' and wish to any Hint we have some 
very goiid honking for Ibo Summer. Wo 
opeu at the Hteepieehuse, Atlantic City, N. 
JT, for week of June 20." 

LhroY G. Lamroiink writes : "I have closed 
with Lyceum Slock Co., after n long nut! suc- 
cessful season, null have signed with Otto II. 
Kiause's big company, opening Jimu it." 

Notks vttoM tiIk TnnocKnt Maids Co.— 
T. W, Dluklns' Inuoceiii Maids Co. closed 
their fourth anccessfiil seoaon May 24, at 
St. Johns, N. II.. which proved l» be their 
bnuncr season, both from en ortlstlc as well 
as Unanchil stnudpoljil. Tbe Maids will 
reopen for (lie Heilson of 10O4-D about Aug. 
10. A seasun of forty weeks has lieen 
(looked lu the best one. two and three night 

Blonds. No expense will be spilreil In erjulp. 
incut, entire new scenery, costumes ann ef- 
fect 1. as well us a new line of special joint 
lug. It cuii lie sufcly slated that Ihe Maids 
will be one of tho best one night aland 
burlesque shows on the road pext season. 
Frank C. Huffman, the veteran showman, 
Will again have charge of tbe booking and 
business end of the show. Between twenty 
five and thirty people will be carried, com- 
prising n strong olio of well knuwu vaude- 
ville acts, together wltb a large number of 
chorus girls. 

Tub va.hhaii Girls will he at Chester 
Park, Cincinnati, 0., ull Summer. 

Ak-i'nb A UErjiiKMENT of two years', Anna 
Ward has Signed Wltb Ruble's Knickerbock- 
ers for next season, being with same com- 
pany at time of ber retirement. 

fkj.i.v Jknninos and Sam Uknfbiiw closed 
ou tbe Proctor circuit at tbe fifth Avenue closl 
theatre, week of Mpy UO. They opened on play 
the Melville circuit of parks June n. We 

comedy J11 
. have Jus. . 
Ing one hundred and lit ty one clubs this 
ter, also made a trip lo Canada, and a 
lour through Cuba. J u m booked almost 
solid for one year," 

Will Jl. Auxistkono, of Armstrong nnd 
Holly, wrlles: "My act. 'The Hxpressmnu,' 
will he greatly improved next season, ns I 
am having a complete set of drops built. 
We will spend lh« Summer at Lake George, 

Bimihavj, the ventriloquist; Hie Three Am 
hums, and Kitty Blhgham have recently 
closed a forty weeks' engagement with John 
F. t.'osgrove, and have signed for the Flvnti 
circuit of New Knglnud |*rks. 

Vkiink and Dora Piiklvn, late nf tbe 
Phelps CuUcnlilne Trio, who have clnsed a 
successful engagement of forty-eight weeks 
Willi Ihe Albeit Taylor Co., have signed wllh 
The Harris Parkinson Co., under tho title of 
the l'heiiiK puo, us vaudeville features. The 
learn will do soveu Rita, three of these acts 
being imvciiies, for which they carry 
scenery and mechanical effects. The I rill 
Will lllll park engagements Ibis Slimmer. 

I'ETKit limn and FitKn It. Moswiirth were 
CliiteR cullers lust week, after closing the 
season wltb HI Henry's Minstrels. 

OOtstl ANI» Atllil'l.l , AND LkWRBNrU AND 

HnWAUDR, who recently closed n siiccessfnl 
hciimn with l-'reil Irwin's Big Show, have 
Joined bands, and will ha known hereafter 
as the Four Thoroughbred*. They liavo 
signed With Frank II. Carr's Thoroughbreds 
Co. tor next season. 

Mus. Annie IIakeii wrlles : "Master Mor- 
timer Baker, of the four Makers, who lias 
lieen going in school nil Winter, al. Cleve- 
land, hla home, was chosen to represent his 
school (of one tltoiisiiiiil pupils) us tho most 

impulse boy, and. ns n jiriv.o, wns given 11 
'cur's course In the bo>s' club of the Young 
den's Christian Association, nf Cleveland" 
Gki). and Mav Wooiiwari) are Ibis week tit 
Heights Park, ottumwn. In., wllh Ft. Hherl- 
diui Park 16 follow. 

ClIAIILEH IlAIINEV, Of Ihe Hnmevs, «tIIc> : 
"We had Jusl finished 11 stieceesful seasiin 
tlirougli the Nftitlh. with llfteen weeks In 
Tctna in follow, when I wns tiikon sick 
wllh typhoid fever, nnd was enimicllml to 
cancel nil our bookings. I have fully re. 
covered now. and we opened Monday, '.Itiun 
11, on (he Novelty circuit." 

Karl ami Di: Kdikii write: "We hum 
played tlu< Central Theatre, Heitllln, Wash. ; 
Central Theatre, KverelL: Grnhil Tbuulre, 

^iiik ver, II, c. mid week of May -JH were 

fit Hie ilrpheiiiu Tllenlre, Pnrllnnd, (Ire. \v<- 
Wern n feniiire in Hie luiiieilt given ttt iho 
ilrand Oiiera House. Heiiltle. Wtmh., Mny Id. 
In lieluili of Ihe Wnvslile Mlsalnu HosiiIIiiI.' 
Hi^thii and FiNfit wrlle: "Wo 11H1 silll 

nlerisliig the people with our society ,,.'1, 
'The Relienrsal,' mill liur Itiiiulinbie set, 'l.,,i,i 
nl Sight.' W« nm now pltiyliig iliilvn In 
Texas. 1 ' 

illowcd by four weeks SI. tlie Hteepleclinr.e 
Wr. A Untitle CUV, "The Fly Flirt" con- 
tinues In meet wllh unlimited success. 

|!l,il» 'J'. BailkV writes : "The leoln t>( 
Iteauchniiip nnd Bailey hns dissolved partner 
ship, flud 1 have formed 11 teiiiu to he kilowi 

Ink performance. 

Tresr Mi.tiiiiniiE sailed May 31 for Kng- 
lopd. for a three months' trip. 

AniiEi.i, and Lurme are meetlpg with suc- 
cess In presenting their singing' act. After 
closing four weeks nt the Tivoll Theatre, Buf- 
falo, N. Y., they began a season on (be Sum- 
mer park circuit. 

Grorub IIaIiea, late of Iloniza and Arno, 
has formed fl partnership with Rdwln D11 
Hols, of Griffin and Du Jtols, who for the 
nasi ten years have been very successful la 
IJngland and on the continent. The near 
team, wblch will be known as Ou Hols and 
Hamza. will tall for Kngland June 4, for a 
tonr of Kiirope. 

Leau RQV, who hns been with "The Chap- 
erones" and Alice Nellson Co., Is doing an 
act In vaudeville. l-nst week she wub at 
Forest Park, Kansas City. Mo. 

Geo. W. Leslie, who wns nt the Park 
Cnsfno. Berllji. Oht., Week of if ay 2,1, 'pre- 
senllhg liis black fare motmlogpe, Is well 
booked up nt Ihe lending parks. 

llEMiv OI'EL writes from Part An Basque, 
Can., under dale of Mny l'j : "I am In my 
nineteenth wtek wllh the Archer k Forrester 
Co. We' leave tbe middle of the Week for 
New Foitlldlflnd and nili playing to gmsl 
business." • 

' ' Bert II. Daviks, trap tlrtimnier, nnd Jack 
Lsnihe. hnvls left New York 'or SaTanhnli, 
(in., to fill a season's engagement, 

Melville circuit of parks June n. 

mahteii William Shka. who has Just com- 
pleted his bookings for next season, will ap- 
pear at all the leading parks In Ihe country 
this Rummer. 

Arthub jEitosiE, of Jerome and Edwards, 
after a separation of eight months, have 
ngnlii Joined bands, and will present an en- 
tirely new act, wardrobe, rigging am} stage 
setting. Mapdsn hns signed for the sea- 
son to appear at Dreamland, Coney Island, 
N. Y„ tkt do high diving from n burning 
bouse. Ho far bor acrobatic feata have been 
a success. 

C. B. Watson and Gus Nkbbr, who were 
engaged for the Hummer stock company at 
Monumental Theatre, Baltimore, Mid., met 
with success In presenting their specialty. 

Wai. Keller mack, of Monroe and Mack, 
has just closed with John Curran'a come 
iihtns, and will play vaudeville for tho bum- 

jELtBTTl Dika, formerly of Paulo nnd 
Dlkd, w/rltes: "1 am at present In Havana 
for my health, visiting friends Who are large 
owners of sugar plantations, nnd I would be 
pleased to have any of my friends visit me 
should tbey be In the vicinity of Cuba. I 
have, received several tempting offers to re- 
turn to the stage In tbe States, but nt present 
my health will not permit." 

Tim Hsoiist Tain wrlle: "We opened our 
Summer season at Atlantic Cltr June i), anil 
have the ■'■ B Burke and McMQbon ft Dee 
circuits to follow. Our time Is now bonked 
solid until October. 'Young Skates.' diolr 
man or (lie ronirhllice. Is doing n funny por- 
trayal of an Irish correspondent wltb the 
Jdps' army 'near Port Artnur. This bit of 
character comedy Is Ihe laughing success of 
tlie net." 

' RUant and Grant wrlle: "We wish to 
Inform Tiie that we are now work- 
ing through Germany, with tremendous suc- 
cess " 

n« tljo llnl Icy Bros., comedy acrobats and bar- 
rel Junipers. The leiim has Is'cn etigiieeil bv 
Frank P. Spellman as a feniiire net, Wit h Ill's 
Faslern Show, No. L', ranking ihe second sen' 
sou with Ibis company. ' 

Anriiii) h ONHI. who met wllh success 
In Ills comedy Juggling net Ut Munln Pnrk, 
Toronto, con., week o7 Muy ail, was re-en- 
gaged for the second week. 

Jok La I'Tki'ii Is In his eighth week wllh 
Hie iinskill Carnival Co., and reports llieel- 
lug wllh his usual success. 

cooh , Ham, ami Johnntun are nlnyliig a 
return dnte nt Austin ft Stone's this week. 
They qneli ou the Flynn circuit of parks 
June 'JO. ' 

, I/vrriE HwrKConn and Maris West, "Thn 
Girls Ib lleil," have ngnln signed with Iho 
Innocent Mn|ils for' next season, to 1I0 Hielr 
specially and play purts In first port and 

burlesque. * 

Jon. ' Nohton closed, June 1, forty-twu 
weeks wllh III Henry's Minstrels, lie bus 
signed for next season with Hitvcrly's Min- 

Tiik SKiwiniBs writs: "Owing to ihe 
closing of Hie Luwery Ilros.' (.'Ircus we will 

'ay dales the romulnder nf the season. 

e are booked solid till June next. Fred 
Seymour wns Inllltiled In Hie Fraternal 
Order of Bugles, Aerlo No. r,Lir,, of Summit 
Ull), Pa., Muv :I0." 

Fbeu anii Annus Phi.ot are this week 
playing Sans Soucl Park, Chlcugu, III., wllh 
l'nrcst Park, Highlands, St. LouIh to fol- 

Master Willie Kmnr, for the past three 
seasons wllh Ihe Hoe Stock Co,, opened on 
the Flynp circuit of parks June 1,1. 

Tiik Uhmkii of Ihe Marlon A Pearl Min- 
strels Is as follows: Herman Marlon, Inter- 
locutor; Billy Pearl. 8. Horaker, Billy Wolfs 
end It. Sorakor. end men: !•). P. Cnblll, J. 
W. Nelson, William Oswald. Kdwnrd RcnW, 
nnd His BIJoii Comedy Four. 

colb anii CLKiiKNfs are ut Plymouth. Pa., 
tbls week, with Wilmington, Del., and At- 
lantic i.'liy, N, J„ lo follow. 

'i'l|E ill JO I' COIIKDV Tlllo (Geo. L. IN: ray, 

Harry Waltjen and Kd. wrlghl) have 
signed to play tbe Joseph J. flynn circuit 
ol parks, opening June HO, for twelve weeks, 
John G. and Amch McDowell met wllh 
big success nt Ibe Crystal Theatre, Mil- 
waukee, Wis., week of May 30. This week 
(hey are ut the Chicago Opera House, Chi- 
cago, III, 

J Ida MacInttrn has been engaged by 

to appear nt Luna 1' 

Y., for the Mummer. 

__J (Mrs. W. II. Wnldonl 

1 closed 11 four mounts' ertauge- 

TltR NOnTtlWBBTEBN VAupatVlLtkl Uana- 
owis' Assoctatliin, IncOTpoJlfM. was re- 
cehily 6rgnnlti'.l In Settle," WM, t» a re- 
sult of tbiiti a year's effort mi the part 
of Manager C II. Peckhnih, Of llib Ciaeo- 

e'tph 'i'lientrf, Sjmkdhe. Twenty-six thes- 
es are represented In the ntllaiiee, Wjilcli 
111. It Is MmnH, bo, Increaaed 10 rtirty- 
elght IhenlrealiiiH l^fllic const Nottb West 
section. Mine Goldsmith, of Seattle, wax 
elected president ; Qeo, C. BlnkeleyV Spokane, 
vice-president ; Alex. I'nnlngnH, Seattle, treas- 
urer, and I'nitl tioitnloii. Sent lie, necremry. 
The romhlnntlun hns been formed fnr mntuiil 
protect kin, and with a view to porinaueiiilv 
li«neBtfUIg Hie viiudeville situation lu the 
territory coveted. ' 

NTANI.KV AND Buoi'KMAN report wlmiliiK 

general coniniendatliiu for Hieli- act, which 
they are maklOE every effort In keep thor- 
oughly up lo Ante. Mr. Stanley has In pre. 
pni'iitlnu a new coster sanufnr riekl season, 
which he hns every coitfldence In, as he Is 
particularly good lu this line or work. Mr. 
Hrnckuian'a 'slhglng Is a marked nneeess In 
Hie act, and lie has n Nunuucr song wllh 
which he Is milking n distinct Impressluu. 

Notes tuom Hi'Vernator's TriKATRN, At- 
Inntjc City N. .1.: Proprietor Lnrkln nnd 
Manager Fern have been overhauling ami 
completely reunvatliiK their house, nna ihe 
ninhy iiiiirons of this popular phlce will be 
given ii surprise when tbey pay their llrst 
visit here. Sneclnl new srehery has ls>en 
palnled. nnd lite place has been made more 
ntlruetlve ihnn ever. Tbe hill for the open- 
ing performance. June (1 nnd week. Is: Mal- 
low Dunham Trio, the Wehh Family, Walter 
Beemer anil his Juggling girl, Leon and Her lis 
Allen. Sid Kern, flic Yiildihgs, the Valine, 
Brnlist Trio, Mllh'rahln Sisters, ' Francis 
Wood. Daisy Mmlen, VT. F. FelfoO, Dunn 
and F.vclyn. clcnlnns and Massy. Thompson 
nnd Thomas, the Thompsons, York and Ilar- 
bert Trio, Adorlcn Sisters, pnu of the feat- 
ures of this In rre opening Is tho supjier which 
fnlhiws the performance. This la rfn ariiiuni 
event, niul lookl>d fovwnci to hv hundreds. 

The nli.i. l'ftKHi'.NTitn nl i'dlnon UulqiiD 
Theatre. Winnipeg, Can,, J. M. Nnkb, inntm- 
ger. for week June 11, Is its follows: ltuiiii 
nnd Krage. dmicei-s ; the Mnltlhnda, nloitch 
tctllii: L. i). Whit tier, I nostra led snorts : M. 
Samuels. Impcruoiintiir : V. B. tlrslon, plan 
1st.; Geo. l^'imc, operalor. Big business Is 
the rule. 

Hr-ltii-MAVN, T'lttl HYI'MITINT, writes: "Con- 
Irnrv 10 eipei-|nllnns I will remain Final for 
tlie Kimiiucr seuson, having ennrclcoVmy West- 
ern lime In order lo rciirunnlsii my cuuipany 
(or nil early opening In Wepiember." 

GlKimil) Uoi'fEAN anii wnn |.le»n llulleniil 
closed (heir season May 'JN, With the Clnrii 
Turner Co, unit are now pt. Itit'll' collage ut 
.Miitlnpelscll .N'eek. Muss., enjoying n tew 
weeks iishing mid liniillug. 

Wim.ioitt anii SrAhn write: "Wo will 
open In vaudeville In the hear future, pre. 
seining an •irlglnnl sketch, entitled "All 
!■; veiling wllh Filunus Puliilcrs." We enrry 
special stnge reillngs and novel electric ef- 
fects. ' Our net Is fully proteeied hy Inw. 
so jilrnlcs iiitisi keep uwiiy," 

JniiNSo.v anii llDAN write under dale nt 
Mdy -I. fmui lludiipesr, thnt tlihlr new 
Hinging and dinning ue.1 Is a positive sen- 
sal Ion, 

Tiik itu.nv BitoH. report mentliig with big 

success wherever they iipjpctir. f7i>f. Itlley, 
III hii hlliU wire mi. Is more aarlng thnii 
ever. Tlielr comedy bur pet mid I heir new 
irnpcKc niul ring ucis un> conuilcto winners. 
Time well lllleil. 

Wiii.iviiH ,vnii JhTiiniiN opened (heir 
Huuuiier huiisoV dales Julie n, nt I'ostiuis, 
IX They bine /wurleen weeks hooked nl|euil. 

M. II. LlMVirr semis ndviees (xiiu Mniilla, 
P. I„ linteii nlny I. I'liitceiiilng lite enange- 
iiicul of Ills Tl'oiililldouru ut lb" X.urillil liie 
litre, -Miiulla, U<r I lie week t'oinmiilicliig 
May 21. . , '. 

Il.tiuiv Tiiii[ihi».v, "Mayor of (lie, flowery," 
pliiycd a pli'tiHunl niul sliee.essffll en- 
gugeiiieiit. hist Week III lliirllg Si Hen- 
iiioh'm, lit In citv. Oh. -'iuiidiiy nlghi, 
June 5, (Hie biinilieil ' meiuhel'ii or 
Wlllluill MeKlnlev l^idgo, No. N-HI, F. and 
A. M„ of which llio. Khmuhuui (lini'l'V Tliom- 

l:oll). Is U llli'lllher, V|altl'd I lie lllejlre (1 H H 

ciiiapllineiil tu their fellow nieiiilier, There 
WHS nbto a .vislliug liejeinillon froili I'lilipio 
I.oilgc, No It In, K. of P. Mr. liHsinau wis 
very agreeably . surprised. 
ADiii.n Pruvis ()niii wrlles: "I 'l|nve cotu- 

llieiieeil my rliitiiluer lour, opening lit llio 

Wulileuiere Ifsi*. Uric, P;l, .>li)y>l, Willi 

my usual success. I pluy Hie 
thn lullei ' linrl ol AiikksI, Wliejl 

- ": flr- 

ciiing nt Iho 
liii' .10. Wllh 
i jinlks (till II 
1 1 ors^ with 

Hitrllg A Hi'iiinon, for fiirly-lwo weckn, cm- 
meniiltig Hopt. I , I . ,i>biy Alblelle I'aik, 
Brooklyn, week hi June u. , . .< • • 

Cam. Haiwomi writes :"I am li» rrty thir- 
ty iinit week ou the I'uiiilc I'luist, inn) luive 
llftei-ii weeks iiiore over ihe I'd Lnlig >'lr* 
cull. I iiiiiiirii the loss of my father, who 
died Mny 'Ml, 11/ Minneapolis." , 

ArioiiNT Vt ehtdn s Co. lire how on the Or- 
phetiui circuit, opening nl Hun Francisco 
llillb IS. ' ' ' 

jIinor *xn fMi.liRETif wHIe; "\Ve luive 
jt)st lliilshi'd (linutiiiin'H eiillrO vaudeville cir- 
cuit, Willi Iwo weeks al I'llch liiinsi', alltl hnvn 
four weeks la piny mi (he llnlniin 'J'lieniro 
circuit, ufter wblch wu plnir ll|e Lyceum The- 
atre tilii) chllles, ut Hi] si Frnnclsio, Then w« 
come Krist , by wny nf Denver. •'())•" 

Lewis and Ou'ei-.n reieulfy closed a .very 
»l|cees«f|i| «iigug«ii)eii| over Jnke Wei s' elr- 
ciilf of purkli, llielili'llug Atltiiiln, illrmlng- 
Iniiii unit New Orlciins. Tlielr new net wu* 
a success. 

NllTEH I'llOM FlKl.bH * HankWh Min- 
STHEl.s. — We fltion nlir Huiiilner sensuu nt 
parks nn Jtiiie (I. Oilr company this season 
will stil'liiiHs ull our previous effort n lu tills 
line. We are bnolicd to piny relurn (Inles nl. 
several nf the parks (Ills Huniuier. 

Tiih Knittisr i.'ttn Tniu (Cnsaldy. Hoiilu 
ia rid llyiin 1 nie rehearsing n new net fnr next 
seusoh, cDlltlud "Full III a Mini House," Tbey 
ure Humincrlng nt Cleveltuul, G. 
'l Hike 1 

Ihecflng wllh 
cess In JiIh new biilon nnd gun _ drill, nils lllled 

g nt cii 

FamilV will lake n two weeks' 

Hi sue- 

Thpiiipmsii k Humly to appcur at Luna Pnrk, 
CnSey Island. N. V 



Tin; roLLnwixn I'gitKoituEus ore at rVnsb- 

[Ion park. Bnyonne, N. J,, Ibis week : James 

iNllsii nnd Jdn l^nlmrr, Jldsa Nnytlun's 


Mrds. i}i>ii ind Lcc, 'Gardcirniiil Soa'iu'iera, 
r.steiie Wnraetie npd company, zimfner, 
Hodges aud Launchuu'rc, and ihe Valvcuo 


meiit at Wnison'a Coxy Corner, In Brooklyn, 
nnd made one of Ibo biggest, successes of the 
season, I received a Imnutlfiil loving cup 
from the Jennnelte Club, nf New York : ninny 
hnudsome iHilupiels and presents. I will tnkn 
it rest, visiting Ixmg Island, IUuhIs Island, 
Anbury pnrk nnd Kuratogn, resting until tho 
latter part of August, when I will relurn to 
Ihe Cozy Corner. I intended going to Europe 
this Hummer, but owing lo my brother's III- 

8 ess thought || best lo stay home until next 

B. F, KftlTll anp llAiuty Davis have 
agreed In consolidate Hielr ibrulrlcal Inter- 
esjs In l'lttslmrg, which Im Unle the Alvln 
Theatre, the Fiflb Avenue Thenlre and Iho 
Grand' Opera Hnnso. The theatres will be 

Katie a pari of the Kellll circuit anil will 
1 under (ho muiiugvmeut of Mr, L/avis. 

Tiik IiIwin fa.mii.v > 

re«l lit Memphis, 'I'cnil. 

M. i. Kkli.cii, Who Is ineelln, 
cess In jils new bnton pud gnu drill, hns tilled 
successful eiigngenieills nl Polls Thwlre, 
Wutcrhury, ('(>|iji. ; Bun Ton Tbvalre, Jnrsoy 
Clly, anil ilrand (merit House, New York Cltv. 

Lai.'Iia IIuadsilmv. who played a sin'ceSaful 
week, beginning .\tuy :n>, ut HheA's Thentrs, 
Biiffalo, N. Y., will jilay Ihe Hitinmer parka. 

Noteh riioM tiih Oi.riH'iR TiiEATiir, Hyrn- 
cttsii, N. v.. Claude Blilrd, proprietor anil 
inaiiiiger.— Hart Hloinell, musical director; 
ThouiUR Irving, stnge mauagey. The people 
for week June n are: llliitnh Im 1'orlren, 
Hbrothy Maxwell, Mmid Wllllnnn, Thoni|i- 
sou and Berldn, Kdwurd Btrnhurdt niul 
Thomas II Irving. 

'J'ou Maui in, win: anii PArniiTEn (Mnr- 
llu Trl«) hove ilnlsh'd u lour over Iho HIJou 
circuit, nud will rest week of June It. nt 
tlie)r home at St. Paul. They open nt John- 
son's Theatre. Wnletioo, IM., lit 

Notes kjiom tub Piujuslbi Hiios.' Tun- 
NESSEn WAiiiii.iaiti. — We open our Hummer 
season nt Cryntttl lleuch for s slay of twelve 
weeks, under one new calivim. We llnyn llf- 
(een people, Incljiillng band nnd orchestra. 
Hosier : II. C. Pilggsley, generiij Inlslueus 
malinger; C. II. I'llggklcy, uibtiilifnr; p. C. 
PiiKKNiey. illreeinr; Pior. J, II, Ifnss, feuder 
ill' bund: Prof. Inline Garrison, lender of or- 
liiiislra ; Itnlilli B. I 'htimbers, Win. Hleven- 
suii, Gen, Monro, Myron Ifnyyiey, Hnniiiiil 

lluSK, liailk Wilson, Alio llenilel-Sull, M. W. 
HiiillcU, Miiuile llilllel'. Vli.Ju Wllk/in, Helena 
Miller. Mine. Gertrude llnys, with H. M, 
Miirtuln, lepresenlollve and itew'spRper coi- 
rcsliotiileiii, and Jus. Hudson, contracting 

Moriiih anii Paiinrii, who recently closed 
nn elgliirtu weeks' engagement at the Hrnok 
Tliculrc, Mnrloil, Ind., will start Ihelr S11111- 
iner work June SO, si Giymplu Pnrk, Cbnttn- 
iwiogs, Tenu., playing the Uouthoru park 



Juste 11. 


Notice to Managers ! ! Tills is tlie> Original I^our- ! 

lfAWl.t,* AND V'ASS, wlju arc now touring 
Sdtiikern California, o'ndcr the direction' of 
Archie Levy, will shortly pluy the middle 
Weal, under tin- saute management. 

PkvStaiV IIkll, who made u success of bcr 
Western' tour, recently cloned nix weeks on 
the Novelty circuit, working In all tbe prin- 
cipal cities of Colorado. She Intends to 
wurk East, und expects to arrive at her 
home at Hamilton, O . some time In August. 
she will then go to her cotiutry home to rent 
mid break -lu a new Bet. - 

t'ciNM.LLv ani> Rowe write: "we inet 
with- such .success while recently at Pastor's 
that we. hove u return. dato there for week 
of Bept. ' 5." 

. .Maiisii Craio, coutortlonlat, who clotted 
a successful seaaon . of forty weeks with 
KersauuV Minstrels at Hopkins' Theatre, 
Chicago, 111.. June 4, 'will spend tbe Sum- 
mer; at his home In Chicago. 

^THK Kvans Thio write: "Wc were ut 
the. Orpheuni Theatre, Seattle, Wush., week 
of Mtfv 30, making our eighth week on 
the Lang circuit of cheatres. We arc meet- 
ing, with success with our ucw act, entitled 
The School May Ground.' and arc hooked 
up 'to Kept, 6. during which time we wtll 
visit our home, at Oakland, Cal." 
iJt&UCtL Stuarts write: "On account of 
Illness of Victor Stuart we have not played 
since our. engagement at West End Heights, 
St. Louis, lasl September. We have greatly 
improved our act, besides carrying one of 
the mo.t jiuigullii'cnt stage settings. We 
,ar.a booked solid for flto Summer ns a fentur" 
mt* In tbe beat parks. We opened June 6 
at Uakeakle I'ark, Dayton, O." 

'i'HK foi-i/jivimi rixil-LH played the Ponce 
tit' Leon Park, Atlanta, Ga.. week of May 
So : 'j('*ccola Z Midgets, Lionel Strongfort, 
Ffeury, Trio, John Del more and Emily Dar- 
rsll. Fla'lkowakl, and Dorothy Walters. Every 
act on -the hill met with success, and the 
whole show whs hooked tor Ocean View Ca- 
sino, Norfolk. Va., week of June 0. . 

Tommy Oipbi.l, of Uyde and Odell, with 
the A). 0. Field Greater Minstrels, Is spend- 
ing his vacslloii ut his home, Daytou, O. 
>lr, Hyde will remain nt bis home, Buffalo, 
>'., V., during the Suumier. They will re- 
sume IhetV llflli consecutive season with Mr. 
Field, opening early in August, at Colum- 
bus.' O. . _ 
.-.ilUTH.Wyi.bic a.nd 1ikm,a w vi. ho.n are 
with one <>f Manoger Jake Wells' attractions, 
playing all the leading parks of tbe South. 

'Williams ami Gordon opened June. 18, »t 
th* Crystal Theatre, Milwaukee, with Apple- 
ton.' Marinette, Osbkosb, and other park 
work to follow. 

(.'LAiitt- AND Momtkz (Elln ami Myrtle) 
have ' signed contracts with Abe Leavltl's 
Itent-A Baqtlcy Co., to do their singing and 
dancing act. . .. 


opened their Summer season at Columbus, 
07,. -with 'Midway Park, Plqua ; Foster's 
Llnd'enwtld Park, Hamilton, and other good 
porks to follow. Their tramp comedy skit, 
'A Bunch of Nonsense," with Miss Herald's 
soprano singing, Is rucct.lug with succcssi 

Hi Tom Ward writes : "1 opened at River- 
aide Park, Montreal, Can., May 22, for the 
Bummer season. Introducing my specialties 
each week, and producing ono act comedies. 
My work la meet inc. with anccess In every 
respect.'"' •• ' m 

, %'onv Dlvbhk, who receutly closed a buc- 
cfuafill season with the Kcllly ft Wood Co., 
la resting at her Hummer homo at Palmer, 
Mass: • 

,'Ci.ariikcb Puwkll will go with tho Rich- 
ard' & Prlriglr. Famous Georgia Minstrels next 
season, malting the fourth consecutive ■ sea- 
son wltb the same company, under tho man- 
agement of'liiMCO & Holland. 

wvnnanp Habi played the Empire Thea- 
tre, Ashtabula, O.. week of May 3o. und Mr. 
Wynn was specially engaged to play Michael 
Muldoon, In "MuldoonVFIcnlc," for, week of 
June 6. Mies Hart visited her sister In 
Bradford, Pa. 

The Cordon Sisters are engaged Dor Wat- 
sou's Tbentro, Brooklyn, N, i\, Jitue 20, and 
will play the parka later. 

. ■*• . t — « i » 

..:■■. DKA'l H* IN TUB 1MHI1 KSSI ON. 

Ckbvaueii Whiuand, an organist 
end composer, died at a hospital In Oswego, 
N. V, .on May 20. He was at ouo time pro- 
fessor at the ltoysl Cotutervatolre, ut Liege. 
Belgium, nod Rave many concerto abroad and 
lu. this country. 

Mbs. , Martha M. Hursbt, an old time 
actress, died receutly at tho home of bur 
daughter, Mrs. L. ]■;, Smith, at Fltchhurg, 
Mass.: aged eighty-live rears. She w»« open 
a leading woman for Edwin Booth. Th* re- 
mains More interred . in t'otiur's Field, as 
she was' absolutely penniless. 
- Milium, J. .Casey, of Casey and Warde, 
died, recently nt I'rescott, Arl/., from tu- 
berculosis, ngud twenty-nine years. 

J. B. Uubbiibauiuj.. manager of the Audi- 
torium, Newark, it., for sovcral seasons past, 
dlt'd in that city on May It). 
. ■ Frank iW, Oaskii.!,, n notice nf whose 
death appeared' In these columns last week, 
was! born' ut Allitincc, O., l'orly-flvo ycara 
ago', ami that city was his residence until 
1808. At the age of fifteen his father died, 
slid ihe.'support of a largo family of hrothcru 
slid- sisters devolved upon young llasklll. At 
the.tluicsif bis death his father was engaged 
-In srndlug n section of railroad rmiulug out 
«t : Alliance: CHsklll took up tbo work whero 
ble father left off, and carried It forward to 
a successful completion. Before he was of 
.age he embarked lu Ihc grocery business;, und 
from a Ninull beginning became tbe leaillng 
merchant of. his unlive town. At one time 
he contrullisl the leading grocery store, a 
MkMCTs an. if" cccam fuotory, an Ice plant 
oiiu-a llnii uisn-kol. For the taat eight years 
of his residence in Alllanco he added tho 
liners Hotisn to his list of enterprises, and 


nageil several large, nttraetlons through n 
circuit -of Ohio towns, in 1811H Mr. (lasklll 
lifcamo pruprleior of the Hotel Yoho, at 
C anion, Oi, uud durtne that year the Elks 
i.nt <ut tfaelr tlrst utrcet carnival. Mr. Uas- 
III was an active member nf the working 
committee, and readily rccognlxod tho pos- 
sibilities uf n circuit of Elk street fairs, wlrh 
all.the amiisutnoiit features and attractions 
furnished, by nn organization. During the 
Winter of 18»8 and 'Do lie hooked a circuit 
of.'.twfuty cities. huiI urganlied the Canton 
Carnival Co. It was nn Innovation in the 
Mtnusonient world, but Inside of three weeks 
qf Its cpeulug, the Canton Carnival Co. wne 
■nn .«st«ulla|icd success. Tbo sen son of 18IIH 
proved, n most prosperous and successful one 
ih the history of street fairs, lint the' year 
jnOD.was Jtuit as disastrous as 1800 Was 
successful. Undaunted by the failure of. the 

?fevlous season. Mr. Gasklll launched, ' In 
1101, the tiasklll Canton Carnival Co., mid 
in a short space of time the carnival busi- 
ness wns rehabilitated on new Hues. In 
1002 Mr. Cnskill formed a partnership wlrh 
V, 1. ■Sfundr. and another successful season 
followed. In - 10O3 Mr. Gasklll controlled 
two shows — the Oasklll-Mundy Carnival Co. 
>ind the OMk)U-Mundy-I.evltt Carnival Co. 
The Uusklll'Mundy Co., In 180:1, aaordlng to 

announcements, broke all previous records. 
At the end of the season of 1003 the part- 
nership consisting of Messrs. Gasklll, Mundy 
& Levitt, was dissolved. In 1004 Mr. Gas- 
klll launched the Gasklll Carnival Co., which 
he bad -equipped most elaborately, and the 
opening weeks proved that bis judgment was 
good. One week before bia death be ' bad 
completed arrangements for launching, In 
1005, the biggest amusement enterprise he 
ever offered tbe public. He bad completed 
arrangements for forming a (250,000 stock 
compnuy. and agents were already at work 
ut the time of his deatli securing stock and 
contracting for equipment. Among the throe 
hundred people fit Mr. Gasklll's employ at 
tbe time of his death at least two thirds of 
them were In business relations wltb him 
for periods ranging from three to six years. 

W. J. McLkod, a musician, of London, 
Can., and connected with tbe Opera House 
orchestra there, died at his home, In that 
city, Msy 10. 

Frank Thomckon. a well known vaudeville 

?erformer, died at Edgewater, Col., May 11, 
rom tuberculosis. The remains were In- 
terred nt Klversltle Cemetery, that city, on 
May 17. Ills widow, Mary Thompson, sur- 
vives him. 

F. H. Smith, who was business manager 
for uumoroua traveling theatrical companies, 
died recently on tbe train near Del Rio, 
Tex., while en ruuie to bis home In Beaumont, 
Ter., from Seattle, Wash. Death was due 
to pulmonary trouble. - He was born In Hope, 
Lavaca County. Tex., on. Oct, 0, 1673, and 
first became identified with tbe theatrical 
profession in- 1805, as business manager for 
1 lie Ethel Tucker Stock Co. A few years 
inter be severed his connection with this 
•ompaoy and acted in the capacity of busi- 
ness manager for various southern com- 
panies, among them tbe Hoyt Stock, Peru- 
chl-Beldcul, Madam Kedan, and later, the 
Itcdniond Stock. It was while wltb the lat- 
ter company that a chronic pulmonary 
trouble Required an acute stage, owing to 
the climatic conditions of tbe Northwest. 
The remains were interred at Beaumont, 
May 5. 

TiKTO KiKtii, a Japanese performer, was 
dashed to death In the circus arena at Luna 
Park, Coucy Island, N. Y., evening of Sun- 
day, June 5, while making 'a slide of about 
two hundred feet down an Incline rope: He 
was a member of . the Klmlra Japanese 
troupe, and wns twenty-two years uf age. A 
little liefore seven o'clock In the evening of 
June 5 he started to take tbe slide, and as 
lie shot down tbe Incline rope, about thirty 
feet -from tbe end of tbe slide he lost his 
balance, snd it was apparent he was going 
to full. He made a frantic but fruitless effort 
to catch himself, then plunged to the areua, 
crushing upon bis head. He was curried out 
and taken In the Emergency Hospital, where 
It was found his skull was fractured, and be 
died shortly after.- '' 

IUiheut Gantziiero, who was formerly an 
actor, died Mar DO, at bla home, 127 Wash- 
ington Street, llobokcn, N. J. He was born 
in Berlin, Germany, April 12, 1835, and for 
the past twenty-live years was tbe owner of 
tbe Gantxberg Concert Hall, Hoboken. He 
was a member of many lodges and societies. 
He leaves a wife and one daughter. 

John* Hart, an old time actor, died June 
■1, in New York City. The remains were In- 
terred in tho Actors' Fund plot, services 
being held at the Actors' Union rooms. Ar- 
thur Moreland, a former partner of Mr. 
Hart, delivered tbe eulogy. 

RtilMLrii IlK.NNto, a violoncello virtuoso 
01 considerable note, died Saturday, June 4, 
■it his residence, 2010 Locust Street, Phila- 
delphia. Ho was bora la Mecklenburg, tier- 
many, In lK-ir,. and wheu six years- of age 
made bis debut as a 'cello soloist. He studied 
lu the Conservatory of Music at Lelpslc, and 
was a pupil of the composer. Moscheles, 

For a number of yearn he played In concerts 

In Europe, and traveled for si 

'cello soloist with Rubinstein, the pianist. 

In. 1867-08 Mr. Hennlg played with Theodore 
Thomas' Orchestra, und In ,1800 went to 
Philadelphia, where he founded the Phila- 
delphia Musical Academy. In 1871- he be- 
came a member of the Mendelssohn Quintet, 

with which he played as 'cellist eight years. 
He returned to Philadelphia In 1870 und 
had since resided here, devoting himself to 

teaching and iften playing In concerts. A 
brother, a sister and a son survive him. 
' John Parry, thirty-five years old, recent- 
ly assistant - stage manager of the "Man 
from China," which closed Its season at the 
Majcctlc Theatre. New York, recently, com- 
mitted suicide afternoon of June 5, ut tho 
corner of Thlrly-seventh Street and Seventh 
Avenue, New York, by drinking carbolic acid, 
»«♦ 1 


St. I.onts.— The' past week found any 
amount of clever attractions, and the weuth- 
cr did Its best to kill them with copious 
showers. However, attendance was of fair 
r.verngft all alone; the line. St. Louis hua 
so many different offerings thnt tho weary 
seeker for amusement hardly knows which 
way to turn. Jt baa long had the reputa- 
tion of belnir a big Summer show town, uud 
1 tint, too, when the oi fronoo houses were 
alone open. And now, besides these, there 
are almost all of the down town theatres 
and tbo special offerings for tbe Exposition 
period, and. furthermore, the Exposition It- 
self, with its .forty-four theatres nu the Pike. 

Woui.n'8 Fair. — Tbe memory of the oldest 
Inhabitant does not run to such a spell of 
weather ns St. Louis has hud this Spring. 
It Is ns though the Kates were trying to 
•hurt the fair. The hard Winter was 11 seri- 
ous ' setback to' the couiplctlou of the' fair 
buildings, und April, of which so much' was 
hoped, brought little except suow and rain. 
May ' also had something like twenty-live 
rainy days to her credit, and June thus fat- 
lias brought a long - succession of terrlltc 
thunder storms. Meanwhile the public is 
seeing the fair from under umbrellas. ■ . It Is 
also interesting to note that the hardest 
rnlna came on snlurdiiys and legal holidays, 
when tlu< fair might naturally expect tre- 
mendous attendance. Decoration Day brought 
a downpour, and Missouri Day, June 3, was 
unique in the vigor uf the thunder showers. 
Tbe Pike is a big sufferer, of course, bat it 
Ik wonderful bow well patronised its ntti ac- 
tions have been. Roltalr'a "Creation" hiuI 
bis other attractions have closed each week 
to tne. good. Mnuuger Murphy, with, the 
Irish village, and Hole's lire lighters has 
kept both or his offerings paying. Akaun s 
Mysterious Asia Is a winner even now\ and 
Tohln'd cliff dwellers have always hod good 
patronage. Hagenbeck'B nnd the Tyrolean 
Alps are two more that the public have In- 
sisted on patronising. 

Olympic iP. Short, manager). — "A Coun- 
try Girl" was offered nt the Olympic week of 
May 80. Miss Deyo nppenrcd In the title 
role, and was extremely well received. The 
same company will present "The Itunawav 
Girl," "Ban Toy" and "The Gclsbn Girl," and 
will continue Its engagement Indefinitely. 

CMnu - It*. Short, manager). — Week of 
May 30, Richard Carle, In 'The Tenderfoot," 

played to crowded houses. "A Girl from 
Dixie," written by Hurry B. Slmtba Is the 
offering week of June 6. 

Grand (John G. Sheehy, manager). — fhe 
Grand will remain dark until August. 

Crawford- tO. T. t.'rawford, manager). — 
"Qulncy Adams Sawyer" Is being produced 
for Oie fourth week at Crawford's, to ex- 
cellent business. It will continue to play 

Havlin's (Wro. Garen, manager). — Week 
of May 30 Inez Forman. in "East Lynne," 
played to fairly sodd attendance.- Havlin's 
closed for tbe summer season evening of 
June 4. 

Imi'cbial (D. R. Russell, manager).— The 
Irish play, "Arrahna-Pogue," with Barney 
Gllmoro In the leading role, received good 
patronage. Angellne Pullls and Kdwln Bor- 
ing also did well. The bouse will close for 
tbe season evening of 4. 

Opkon (Geo. V. Olendorf, manager). — 
IClralfy's Louisiana Purchase Spectacle saw 
fairly good attendance week of May 30. 
A special performance was given week of 
28, to Invited guests only, and the house 
was crowded with prominent people. Es- 
pecially notable were tbe prominent foreign 
ers present from the foreign commlss'ons at 
I he Exposition. Unfortunately 'Mr. Ktralfy 
was unable to obtain possession of the house 
as soon as be anticipated, and as a result 
the offering dragged a good deal at this, 
Its premier production. However, the man- 
agement announced from tbe Stage at the 
Introduction that the performance was only 
given to tbclr friends and was In tbe na- 
ture of n dress rehearsal, and the best of 
feeling prevailed. The "Dean of Spectacu- 
lar Productions" has never costumed a piece 
more brilliantly and effectively. The stage 
pictures and ballet effects will be remem- 
bered for many years to come. The leading 
people in this big cast are : Emsy Alton, 
Grace Belmont, Harriet Burt, Edith Cone, 
Fred Collins, Granville B. Lane, Flo Mardell, 
Mabel McCane. Margaret Jane Robinson, 
Slargaret Vinton, and Bertba White. 

Columbia (Mlddleton & Tate, managers), 
— The doors remain closed until August. 

Standard fLeo Relcbenbach, manager). — 
The Merry Maidens opens June 5, for a 
week. Last week the Cherry Blossoms closed 
a week's engagement. 

Wist Eni> hbioiits (Fent Farnham, man- 
ngeri. — Tbe vaudeville Is changed to a mu- 
sical comedy for tbe rest of the season. 
Week or May 20 offered Beatrice Harlow as 
loading; lady, assisted by Marie Bardonet, 
Annie Morris, Lulu Keegao, Madge Fox and 
others, who lead In a very capable stork com- 
pany, known as the National Extravaganza 
Co., and especially engaged for an Indefi- 
nite run by Manager Furnham. "Miss Clo- 
ver" was the title of the Initial production, 
which proves very good, and was well pat- 
ionized. The offering was supplanted, June 
4, by n new piece. 

Hitiin.ANos (Col. Hopkins, manager). — 
Week of offers an excellent vaudeville hill. 
Including: Mme. Mantelll. who is one of 
St. Louis' favorites: Zoe Matthews, Clayton, 
Jenkins and Jasper, Martlnettl and Grossl. 
nnd others. Lew Bloom, Jane Cooper and 
(Icorge Wilson were tbe headline™ for last 
week. Big attendance was prevented by the 
many cool and rainy evenings, but still tbe 
balance must b»ve hci on the right side of 
the ledger for the week. 1 

Dei.jiar Gardkx (j. C. Jannopaulo, mana- 
ger). — The premier production of another 
spectacular offering, nud one also based on 
the incidents of the Louisiana Purchase, was 
here evening of May 20. There are many 
local favorites in tbe cast, the leading people 
In which are given below. The offering 
made a distinctly good impression, and It 
seems ns though both this and Klralfv's of- 
fering ought to do well. In spectacular ef 
fecta It la excellent, and Is graced with many 
iirettv songs. It should be a success. Lam- 
bert and Mr. Stewart were particularly well 
recolved. Tho cast. Includes, among others. 
Nettlo Black. Atherton Furlong. Charles 
Humfold. Franklin G. Hill, Maud Lambert, 
George Muck, Francis Morton, Charles Mor- 
gan. Matilda Prcvllle, Zelma Rawlston, W. 
P. Slssons, Will H. Sloan, Win. Stewart and 
Grace Lillian Walser. 

•Mansion's Park (Archie M. Cox. mana- 
ger).— Attendance week of 20 was very good. 
The bill Included : The Marvelous Merrills, 
Kherns and Cole, Te-nv Ryder's monkeys. 
Three Nudes, Borsch and Russell, Manlo and 
W. J. McDermott. Week of June 5 offers a 
clever vaudeville bill Including Hugh Stan- 
ton and company, Arthur ltlgby, Meehun's 
dog circus, May Walsh and Richards. 

StiDvanAN Park (H. B. Rice, manager). — 
Week of May 20 offered l.e Roy and l.e 
Vanlon, Busn and Gordon, Gladys' Van, 
Lclghton and Lelchton, • David Nowlln, and 
the Hrntlys. Rather light attendance pre- 
vailed here on account of cool evenings, 
but It will pick up with warm weather. A 
change of bill goes on week of 5. 

Kri.u'SE Park (M. Pamberlaln, manager). 
• — Tile stock company ' put on a four act 
drama, entitled "Beyond tbo Law," week of 
May 20. It was fairly -well attended. . Tbe 
personnel of tbe .company follows: Miss 
Dunbar. Leon' McRevnolds, Wro, A. Tulley, 
Robert llynian. Edward F. Clark, Ed. Lyons, 
K. 1. Seems, Harry Thompson. Harry Car- 
tion. Isnhclle Wlnbournc, Marie De Trace and 
Little Helen Aycock, 

Bboadway Mimr-R (Paul Howse. mana- 
ger).— The curio ball hero has closed for 
the Mummer. The theatre will contlnuo for 
an Indefinite period, wltb vaudeville. George 
Lynn. Johnnie Mylle, Edna Tnngoy and 
.lennle Wowra wero In tbo bill week of May 

llAMiiAutiN's Park. — The vaudeville bill 
here week of Ma-y 20 received fairly good 
patronage. Geo. D. Melville. Mamie .Con- 
way, and Carcw and Hayes were some who 
smiled over the footlights. 

Notkr. — Manager. Jannopoulo haa put a 
tremendous amount of money In improving 
tho grounds at Delmar. Tbo special feature 
Is tho new colored fountain and tbe cascade. 
In the theatre the water runB across be- 
tween the audience and the orchestra, fall- 
ing over artificial cascades. His production 
of "Louisiana" was written by Hiram W. 
Hays, a new playwright, who comes out 
of the Woat (more specifically, out of St. 
Louis). The music Is by Wm. John Hall 

and Anton Hetndl Frl tr I Scheff will 

Bpencl most of the Summer in St. I.ottls, 
where ber husband. Baton von Bardelabeu, 
has been as German military attache to the 

fair Manager Murphy, of the Irish 

Village on the Pike, had a tonch of trouble 
Inst week when the Irish actors In the 
noetic drama then being offered struck. 
J. Dudley ylggs snd Gerald B. Ewlng are 
110 longer there, and Mary T. Qulnn. Jose- 
phine Glynn. Patrick J. Kelly and C. O'Brien 
Cautflcld will also close. .....Dick Ritchie, 

assistant treasurer of the Olympic, had a 
Iwnerlt nt one performance of "A Country 
Girl." last week, that was well attended. . . . 

Two 8t. Louis players home for their vaca- 
tion are Laura Sawyer and Bohert D. Cain. 

John Ravald, of the "Ghosts" Co., 

is In 'town, visiting at his old horn* 

The St. Louis Players' Club gave a tes- 
timonial performance, 3, at Pickwick The- 
atre, for King Huggat, wbo haa Just re- 
turned home at the closing of tbe 
tour of "The Queen of the Highway." 
Five distinct and terrific showers af- 
ternoon of June 3 stopped tbe car llnes^aud 
flooded the fulr grounds. Tbe main entruuee 
of the fair was tbree feet deep in water. 
The damage was repaired by morning, and 
at 10.30 a. si., June 4, from what had beeu 
hut a moment before clear sky, a tremendous 
downpour came, unaccompanied by any 
thunder and 'Ightnlt.g. At noon of 5, tbe 
management announced tbe oostponcnient of 
"Pike Day" until such time when exercises 
could include something besides aquatic 


Kansas city. — At the Glllls Opera House 
fE. S. Hrlgliani, manager) "The Moonshiner's 
Daughter" closed tbe season at this house 
last week, to good business. Two extra per- 
formances were given June 5. 

Auditorium (Woodward & Burgess Amuse- 
ment Co., managers). — The Woodward Stock 
Co. repeated its big production of "Parsifal" 
last week, to large and appreciative audi- 
ences. This closed the Woodward Stork 
season at the bouse, but on 0, Carleton Mscey 
and Co., produce "Rip Van Winkle." If tbe 
weather permits the season will be extended. 

Electric Park fSam Beniamln, manager). 
— Tbe rain interfered with business May 29. 
the opening day, but on Decoration Day the 
park was packed, and everybody enjoyed Lib- 
cratl's band, and the new outside attractions. 
In the German village, tillllhan and Murray, 
Earl Flynn and Madge Maltland were tbe en- 

Forksx Park (Lloyd Brown, manager). — 
In spite of the rain business was good at 
tbls popular park all last week. In Hop- 
kins' Theatre the acts were : Staley and 
Hlrbeck, Wilson and Heloise, Mme. Amaros, 
Agnes Lee Mclntyie, Nichols Sisters, and 
Sheock Bros. On the lawn, Llngarella, tbe 
lady on. the globe, was the attraction. This 
week tbe new ones will be: Geo. Wilson, 
J'.bley and Taylor, Falke and Semon, Four 
Nelson Conibiues, Steve Jenulogs, uud 
Madame Amaros. 


St. Joseph. — At • the Crystal Theatre 
(J. E. Jackson, manager) the season closed 
June 4. 

crystal Park (J. E Jackson, manager). 
—This resort, corner of Fourth and Faron 
Streets, Opened June 5, with Lewis and Lake, 
Marshall and Ervln, Annette Moore, l.e Clair 
and West, Frank Grob, Adams and Mack, 
and moving pictures. Crystal Park will buve 
a seating capacity of 1.51*0, giving two shows 
each evening, at 8 and 0.30 o'clock. It will 
have an orchestra of twelve pieces. 

Casino Theatre (E. . P. Churchill, man- 
ager). — Tula resort opened May 20 with the 
largest business of any previous opening. 
There were 3.500 people matinee and night. 
Decoration Day was beyond sll former davs. 
For week of June 5 : Davis, McCauley & Co., 
.Miller and Kresko. Billy Link, Leo and 
Chapman, and Wlllette C harette. 

World of Players. 

— Charles A. Taylor, theatrical manager 
and playwright, has filed a petition in bank- 
ruptcy, with liabilities of $12,275 and no 
assets. The liabilities were contracted from 
1800 to 1001 for printing, money loaned, 
salaries of actors and actresses, costumes, 
board of actios, and transportation, rent, etc. 

— "The Curse of Drink," a melodrama, in 
five acts, by Charles E. Hluney, was given Its 
first production at Blaney'a Theatre, Newark, 
N. J., on May 23. 

. — Go-Won-Go Mohawk, the well known 
Indian actress, who is now playing In Kn- 

?lanu. baa received some line press notices 
rom the English papers, and when her com- 
pany opened at Bradford, Eng., May IT, tho 
treatment of the newspapers and public was 
moBt cordial. In ber support on tbe Euro- 
pean tour are Guy D. Hackney, Dan Ryan, 
Dorothy Neville, Minnie Uoepel, Charles Car- 
lisle. C. W. Charles, Tbeo Alkcr and TJIrlc 
Ken ratio. 

■ — David Belasco said In an interview last 
week that Mrs. Leslie Carter will appear In 
a new play In New York next September, for 
about a month, and will then go to Londou 
for a year's engagement. 

— Marie Jansen filed at Boston, Mass., on 
June 1, a voluntary petition In bankruptcy, 
antler the name of Battle M. Johnson, given 
to her by ber foster father; Ben Johnson. 
Her total liabilities are given at $1,325. Of 
this she owes Klaw k Erlangcr $347. Miss 
Januen's assets are placed at $177. 

— The Van Bros., musical comedians, have 
signed' for next season with Sullivan, Harris 
& Woods, for Billy B. Van's musical comedy. 

— Little Edith Taliaferro, who Is only ten 
years old, scored a great success recently as 
ruck, In "A Midsummer's Night's Dream,", 
with Ben Greet's out-of-door production of 
that classic. Little Edith will be In support 
of Kuril Kendall next season. In his new play. 

— Mme. Rejane has signed a contract with 
Ueovge C. Tyler, of Llcbler 4c Co., for an 

- American tour, beginning November next. 
The tour will extend over twelve weeks, four 
of which will be spent In New York. The 
remulnlng eight weeks will be divided among 
Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and New Or- 

— Note- from Port Huron, Mich.: Lewis 
T. Bennett, manager of the City Opora House 
here, has just purchased the Cornel) twenti- 
eth century "Humpty Dumpty" production, 
with all . copyrights, music, manuscripts, 
scenery.' etc., nnd will put It out next, seas- 
son in finer and better style than ever. It 
will be under tbe sole management of Col. 
C. W. Roberts, who has been personally 
Identified wltb tbo production for the past 
six years. The pantomimic clown, Eddie 
McDonald, haa been engaged. 

— Frederick Hoey and wife, Louise Pot- 
ter, Just closed a successful season of thirty- 
five weeks with tbe Katherlne Rober Co. 
ihey will Bpend the Summer at their cottage, 
at Old Orchard Beach, Me. 

— James McElhern bas signed a contract 
for a ten weeks' season at the Garden The- 
atre tHalworth's), Cleveland, 0., plavlng 
eomedv roles in musical comedies, opening 
June 20. . . - : .- 

— Notes from the- Frederick H. Wilson 
Co., under the direction of O. M. Cotten 
will commence Its season nt Elkhart. Intl., 
week of Aug, 8. Time Is booked solid In tho 
principal cities of the middle West, and the 
attraction bears all the ear marks of being 
a real record breaker. This is new terrL 
tory for Mr. Wilson, nevertheless Manager 
Cotten has succeeded In booking him In the 
very best of time. The company will carry 
a carload of special scenery, and each pro- 
duction will be equal to a special. Mana- 
gers all along the line have received us with 
open arms, and the prospects are most grati- 
fying for a highly prosperous season. Messrs. 
Cotten and Wilson are spending the Summer 
at Albion, Mien. 

— T. O. Tuttle writes : "1 have just closed 
a very successful season wltb Lurch's Na- 
tional Stock Co., and am at my borne In 
Mlna, Ark. I have signed wltb tbe Herbert 
Sprsgue Dramatic Co. for next season, as 
manager, and will soon be busily engaged lu 
booking tbls attraction. Mr. Sprague Is now 
In Chicago, securing new pisys, purchasing 

- scenery, etc. We will present nothing but 
royalty productions, and will carry special 
scenery for each, - and will bave one of tho 
most complete repertory companies, touring 
the South. Our company wtll number fifteen 
people, Including myself, and will use noth- 
ing but special paper, twenty-two kinds bar- 
ing been already contracted for. Maude 
Street, late of'theLaudsdalc Theatre Co., has 
been signed for leads. We expect to sur- 
round ber and -Mr. Sprague with a well hal- 
anted company, and will-use for our motto: 
'Dollar attractions at popular prices.' " 

— Bert Perry.- and Mae Crane Joined the 
Laveraa Stock Co. for tbe Summer seasou, 
to do their specialty and play general busi- 

— Helene Relcka is playing the Ingenue 
In 'The Climbers," wltb the Baldwin-Mel 
ville Stock -Co., at Cleveland. O. Miss 
Kelcka will be. featured next season with 
the Osman-Hoyt Stock Co. 

— Klsle de Tourney, who will go out next 
season again in' "Mary Stuart, Queen nf 
Scots." and "Lucretia- Borgia." Is spending 
the Summer ut St Louis. She opens ber 
eighth season at St. Louis Sept. 5, under tbe 
management of E. G. Hlnebaugh. 

•: — Claude Soares Is engaged to play Cheva- 
lier de Vaudrey, In "The Two Orphans," at 
tbe Columbus Theatre (stock), Chicago. 

— Notes from the Harry Corson Clsrke 
Co. : Wc closed our season of eleven months 
on June 1. We opened last July, in Sydney 
Rosenfeld's "His Absent Boy." and at tho 
finish of our. Kansas City engagement, week 
of Nov. 15, we Jumped to San Antonio, Tex., 
where we opened our ■ "laughing season" of 
comedies, one a week, and every one a com- 
plete production. We were very successful, 
and played balance of tbe season In three 
Texas cities — San Antonio, Houston and 
Dallas. Mr. Clarke. Mrs. Adeie Clarke (bis 
mother). Miss Owen and Mr. Lehmann are 
ni route to St l/ouis to visit the fair. Mr. 
Wakefield has ' gone to New York, Miss 
Ketcbam. to Chicago: Miss Orr and James 
Clrr. to Cincinnati : Miss Weller, to Grand 
ltaplds. Jack Macaulcy has joined Wallace's 
Circus, and A. Garfield, business manager, 
•to St. Louis. 

— Mrs. ("Aunt") Ella Martin, who con- 
ducted a theatrical boarding house In Balti- 
more, Md., and was well known In tbe pro- 
fession, died in that city on May 20, from 

' — Edwin Melvlu and wife, Anna Melvln. 
have closed with Carlton's "Was She to 
Blame':" Co., and returned to their home. 
Rich Hill, Mo. 

' — Kathryn Kidder, who has been spend- 
ing tbe Winter wltb ber brother, in Syra- 
cuse, \. Y., will return to the stage lu 
August, as the star In a new pluy, called 
"Salambo." which Wagenhals and Kemper 
hnve provided for her. Her leading niun 
will be Frederick Warde, with whom she 
formerly appeared In Shakespearean holes. 

— I,ee Sbubcrt sailed June 4 for a two 
months' slsy In London and on the Conti- 
nent. His object In going abroad Is to look 
ut several plays on which tbe Shubert 
Brothors have secured sn option. He will 
also finally decide whether or not "Wang" 
Is In he taken to Kurope In tbe Fall. 

— Ueorgc F. Marlon, general stage di- 
rector for Henry W. Savage, arrived from 
abroad June 4. He reports that "The Priuce 
of Pllsea" bas grown more and mure popular, 

-^Geo. J. Elmore will close a loug and 
Pleasant engagement of three vears with the 
Ferris Stock Co. June 11, and will spend 
the Summer at his home In Hudson, N. Y. 

— Lenore and St. Clair write:. "We are 
still with 'Brown's In Town' Co., doing tbe 
principal eomedv and leading soubrctte purts. 
also doing tbe double specialties. Wc Snlsh 
the Western country about June 18. at Bur- 
bank's Theatre, Los Angeles, Cal., and then 
start East." 

— : Maude Fealy has been engaged br Henry 
Irving for lending woman In his company, 
and will sail for London shout Aug. ID. She 
will take tbe part of Fair Rosamond. In "The 

' — James L. . Glass writes: 'The Donna 
Iroy Stock Co., with Spenser Walker Hnd 
Iranklyn Hall playing, the leads. . opened at 
(flenwood Park. May 30. to capacltv nuslness. 
which continued 'throughout the week. Th» 
company includes the following people : Pon- 

-na Troy. Flora Wcntworlh. Bonny String-- 
Jf'low. Francis Pleld, Bertha Daly, Cordla 
Hall, Hamilton Brooks. Hobt. WeBsels, C. A. 
Ketgiisen. Walter Hettler. Ed.Dalv. and li 
nnder the direction of James' L. Glass. The 

' repertory Includes four of Mr. Glass' own 
nlays— 'A Desperate Crime.' 'A l,one S'Hr 
Mystery,' Christlsn and the Turk.' Hod A 
Dnsh for a Throne.' .-We are booked solid 
foe fourteen weeks on Kusall's Summer clr- 


—"Jack I'crcy writes: "After a very suc- 
cessful season :wlth tbe Harris-Parkinson 
Stock to.. I joined the Harrington big stock, 
under canvas, for the Summer. The company, 
under personal management of B. A. Harring- 
ton, is turning them away nightly, audt prom- 
ises to break sll, past records." 

— Wallace Brownlow has been engaged 
for the baritone role In tbe new opera bv 
Mange and Edwards, In which Mme. Schu- 
mann-Helnk. Is to star next season, under 
tbe direction of Fred C. Whitney. 

' —Edna Msy made her final appearance In 
bng land, prior to an American engagement, 
at ihc Prince of Wales- Theatre, in "La. 
•'Ted J,me a ' Sbe wai1 enthusiastically 
„,— Harry De Long writes: "I closed my 
Weslern tour at Frecport, III., May 28. and 
with my wife arrived at Boston June 1. 
where we w|ll enjoy a few weeks' rest among 
friends and relatives. I will combine busi- 
ness with pleasure In dividing my time be- 
tween Boston and New York, looking after 
the Interests of my attraction, 'The Fire 
Brigade, which will take the road about 
sept. ft. carrying thirty people, special scen- 
ery, special paper, mechanical and electrical 
effects, using fire engine and horses on tho 
stage. Our. time is being booked rapldlv, and 
prospects look bright for next season. '' 

— Harry Shannon's "Legally Dead" Co. 
recently closed a season of fortv weeks of 
ono night stands. The tour covered twelve 
States, opening at Ludlngton, Mich., and clos- 
ing Decoration Day at Cadllac. Tbe coming 
season will open Aug. 25, at Ludiogton. 

. — George and Lynda Earle closed with 
the Kennedy Stock Co.. at Dulutb. Minn- 
May 28. where they have been plavlng a 
stock engagement of two months lit the 
Metropolitan Theatre. This closes an- en- 
gagement of over one hundred weeks, Miss 
Earle being featured In leads, and Mr. Earle 
In tbe character comedy. They will rest at 
Duluth a few weeks before coming East, and 
after a short Htay In New York -will go to 
their Summer borne at Roslindale, Mais, 

June 11. 







In Bn m mprt line, Down by It" Hen, 
The only real place, boys, for met 
T»k« a ride on a. trolley, set therr before dark, 
T«ke jroar sweetheart to Dreamland or to Luna Park, 

In Summertime, Down by the Ben, 
The place where we all like to he; 
Where the breeze eoftly blow.. 
And where every one soot. 

In Summertime, Down by the Sea. 

Copyrighted, 1904, by THE 00 WLING -SUTTON MUSIC PUB. CO., 12 W. 28th St. 

ACT IT Kn - "• ROSS. I Profesilo 

Ut I 1 1 ■ IIBRM *!f AVE11Y WADE, f Depairtiu 



Taking Coney Island by Storm. The Feature 8ong of a 
Score of Topliners. Played With Tremendous Success 
by All Leading Bands and Orchestras. Full Arrange- 
ment Ready. Send Stamp and Late Programme. 



— Ethel Barrymorc gulled for New York 
Judo 5, and will proceed almost Immediately 
to San Francisco, where the will open her 
srasin. II. Davie's plHy, "Cynthia, which 
was produced at Wyndham's Theatre, Lon- 
don, long., od May 10, with Miss Barrytuore 
as the atar. proved a failure, and Mr. l-'roli- 
man decided to withdraw It. 

— C. J. W. Roe, manager Hue Slock Com- 
pany. baa signed for next season Campbell 
Stratton. Gay Rhea. J. Hall Owen, John R. 
Whltcman. Arthur CrIfHn, Arthur A. Kelly, 
Walter Bruehl, John Cassldy, Juck Manley, 
Master Willie Klrby, William E. Kuppot. 
Hhi land M. Davis, business manager. 

— Daniel Roacb has signed with the Har- 
ris Parkinson Stock Co. for neit ecaaon, to 
play low comedy role*. 

— Adelaide (lair (Mr*. A. L. Von Deck), 
after a protracted attack of brain fever, at 
the Chattanooga Hospital. Is spending a few 
weeks In the Tennessee Mountains. 

— Fred R. Hamlin has obtained the rights 
of dramatization of "Bird Center Cartoons," 
by John T. McCntcbeon. Glen McDonough 
will construct a comedy drama from the car- 

— Notes from Rowland & Clifford enter- 
prises : All the attractions of the above firm 
are now off the road, the Western "Game 
Keeper" Co. closing last week, at Ashlaud, 
Wis. The tour was nei-cssarlly shortened 
owing to the Illness of Manager Fred Con- 
rad, who la at present confined In the hos- 
pital ut. Duluth. Minn., with a severe at- 
tack of erysipelas. Advice from that quarter 
states his rase to be niost serious. Row- 
land & Clifford presented their Illustrated 
dramatic musical recital at Kenosha. Wis.. 
June 2. under the management of David Sey- 
mour, and It was a most pronounced artistic 
success. Edwards Davis has been specially 
engaged to deliver the dramatic portion of 
the entertainment, assisted by stereoscopic 
and moving pictures. A tour of the Summer 
resorts. Cliaiaiinuas, etc.. has been booked 
for "Parsifal," and tbe demand for time Is 
greater than we can supply at present. En- 
gagements for "Over Niagara Falls" and 
"'the Secret Marriage" companies are pro- 
gressing rapidly. Among tbose recently en- 
gaged : Ernest Murray, Stanley Wilkes and 
Harold Waterman. 

— Notes from Belcher's Comedians: Our 
show Is doing line. We never worked so 
late In the season before, hut as the weather 
has remained cool we find we can make some 
raoiicy by so doing. We open our regular 
season Aug. 8. Hare a tine line of fairs 
booked. Will carry band and orchestra next 

— Notes from ltentfrow's Jolly Pm blind- 
ers: Capacity business Is the rule with this 
company. At Watervllle. Bangor and Calais 
we were packed to the doors at the openings 
on Monday. Our agent Is a bustler. We 
play Eostport week of June tl, then St. 
John, N. If. The date for closing has nut 
been announced as yet, and we may stay out 
all Summer. Onr show goes with a snap, 
and we give a continuous performance. Tim 
curtain does nut go down uutll the third act. 
then the orchestra gives one of Us descrip- 
tive overtures, which Is one of Its pleasant 
features nn the programme. 

— 1". P. Hlllman writes : "A baby boy wus 
born to ray wife May SB, and Die Utile fel- 
low already displays wonderful latent in 
emotional work. I shall return lu the Spouuer 
Co. In about two weeks, joining them in 
Phoenix. Ariz. I have been re-engaged to 
play a line of Juveniles and characters." 

— Mrs. Josephine Mart Inez Cone, mother 
■if Kate Claxton. died at her cottage at 
1-tirchraont. N. Y., June 5. Miss Claxton 
arrived In Larchmont a few days before, 
nnd was with her mother at the tlms of her 
death. Mrs. Cone was in her eighty-ninth 
year, and was born In New York City. Her 
death was due In old age and Infirmities. 

— -Notes' from the Walsh Stuck Co.: We 
reopened the Park Theatre, Woodstock, (.Mil., 
.Iniit! ;i, with a reorganized company, In "Ills 
Lordship." A good sized audience witnessed 
the performance both Friday and Saturday. 
On !i we will put on "A Hickory Farm." 

Summer ParicsTfltT 

Below we give a Hat of Bummer park., 
roof gardeni and other retorts where vaude- 
ville, dramatic or operatic performances are 
given, or are likely to be given : 

AKRON, O.— Lake Side Park. Harry A 
Nawn, manager: Electric Park (Kent), J. T, 
Carrutbers, manager. 

ALBANY, N. l"— Lagoon Island, John F. 
Weber, manager. 

ALLENTOwN, Pa.— Dorney Park, P. 8. 
Klneey, manager. 

' ALTOONA, ra. — Lakemont Park Theatre, 
8. 8. Crnoe, manager. 

ANN1BT0N. Ala.— Oxford Lake Park, H. 
W. Sexton, manager. 

ATHOL, Maes.— Brookslde Park, W. D. 
Smith, manager. 

ATLANTA. Ga.— Lakewood Park, T. M. 
Poole, manager; Ponce De Leon Park, Wil- 
li.* Sharp, manager; Orant Park; Pied- 
mont Park ; East Lake Park. 

ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.— Guvornators 
'theatre, It. J. Larklns, manager; Fortescue 
Theatre, James E. O'Brien, manager: Ocean 
Pier. Harry D'Esta, manager; Steel Pier, J. 
Puthwell. manager: Auditorium Pier, Giles 
W. Clement, manager; Doyle's Pavilion 
Theatre, Frank Goldlc. manager: Savoy 
IberttiT, Huntley A Moore, managers. 

AUBUKNDALE. Maaa — Norumbega Park, 
Carl Albertc. manager. 

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Monte Sano Park, Geo. 
H. Conklln, manager; Lake View Park, Geo. 
H. Conklln, manager. 

AUSTIN, Tex.— Hyd. Park, Harry Lee, 

ARLINGTON, Md.— Electric Park, A. Fcn- 
uemnn. manager. 

ASHLAND, Ky.— Clyffeside Park, Job. R. 
Galllck. manager. 

ANDERSON. Ind.— Handsome Park, Matt 
Kusell, manager. 

BALTIMOHE. Md— Flood"! New Park 
Theatre (Curtii Bay), Wm. L. Fitzgerald, 

BAY CITY. Mich.— Wenona Beach Park, 
I. W. Richards, manager. 

BAYONNE, N. J.— Washington Park, Leon 
Bteara, manager. 

BELLEVILLE, III.— Burs Park, J. L. 
Wallranp. manager. 

BELLOWS FALLS, Vt— Barber Park, T. 
F. Rlnny, manager. 

BERLIN, Can.— Berlin Opera House: 
Bridgeport Caatno. 

BTNOHAMTON. N. T.— Rota Park. 1. P. 
E- Clark, manager. 

BOSTON. Mats.— South Boston Pavilion, 
W. H. O'Neill, manager. 
_ BRANTFORD. Can.— Agricultural Park, 
Wm. B. Sherman, manager. 

BRIDGEPORT, Conn.— Fleatur* Beach, 
Joseph V. O'Brien, manager. 

BRISTOL, Tenn.— Clifton Fark. Oliver 
Taylor, manager. 

BROOKLYN, N. Y.— Luna Park (Coney 
Island), Thompson A Dundy, manager.; Mid- 
way (Coney Island), G. W. Johnson, mana- 
ger; North Beach, North Beach Company, 
managers; Dreamland (Coney Island). Win. 
11. Reynolds, president: tllmer Park, hy (he 
sen. ttni. Dexter, manager : Bergen Beach. 

BURLINGTON, la. — Kbner Brotbere' Hum- 
mer Garden, C. F. A R. A. Ebner, managers ; 
Madison Avenue Park. 

BUTLER, Pa. — Alameda Park Theatre, 
Fisher A Walters, manager*. 

BATON ROUGE. La.— Battle Park Casino, 
Frank (•'. Miller, manager. 

BELLEVILLE, ill.— Budwelscr Garden 
Theatre, I-.'dmond Soragban, manager. 

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.— Electric Park Cil- 
sluo, Jake Wells, manager; East Lake Park, 
Jake Wells, manager. 

BOSTON, Mass. — Nantaaket Amusement 
Park (Nantusket Beach), A. Munroe, man- 

BUFFALO. N. Y.— Athletic Park. Robert 
F. Walter, manager; Crystal Beacb, John 

E. Rebstock, manager. 

BROCKTON, Mass.— Highland Park, J. 
J. Flynn. representative. 

Bl.OOMlNGTON, 111.— Houghton Lake 
Park. Matt Kusell. manager. 

CANTON, O.— Meyer's Lake Park, Canton- 
Akron Railway Company, managers. 

CEDAR RAPIDS, la.— Athletic Park, Geo. 
K. Barton, manager. 

CHARLESTON, 8. C— Isle of Palme, Jake 
Wells, manager. 

CHARLOTTE, N. C— Latta Park Audi- 
torium, E. L. Latta, manager. 

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Olympla Park, 
Jaa. A. Dakln, manager. 

CHESTER. W. Va.— Bock Spring* Park, 
J. H. Maxwell, manager. 

CHICAGO. III.— San Bouci Park, Alfred 
Russell, manager; The Chutes, William H. 
Strlckler, manager; Masonic Temple Roof 
Garden, J. J. Murdock, manager. 

CHILLICOTHE, 0.— Electric Fark, Jos. 
Bannon, manager. 

CINCINNATI, 0.— Chester Park, I. M. 
Martin, manager; Coney Island Park, Wm. 
K. Clark, manager: Dayton Beach. Dayton 
Beacb Company, managers ; Zoological Gar 
den. Walter A. Draper, manager: Ludlow 

CLEVELAND, 0.— Scenic Park, John W. 
Ohlson, manager. 

CLINTON, la.— San Bouci Park, Walter 
A Hlne, managers. 

COLUMBIA, 8. C— Hyatt Park, P. F. 
Walls, manager : Eau Claire Park, Columbia 
Electric Street Railway Co., managers. 

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Wlldwood Park, H. 8. 
Reynolds, manager. 

COLUMBUS, 0.— Olentangy Park. Theatre 
and Zoological Garden, J. W. A Will J. Du- 
Henlmry, managers ; Scbaefer'a Garden, . rank 
Schaefer, manager : Collins' Garden, Phil. 
Collins, manager; Empire Theatre, H. Wise- 
man, manager. 

CONCORD. N. H.— Contoocook River Fark, 

F. A. Albln. manager. 

cam Bill di;k. O.— Summer Park, H. It. 
Mnrston. manager. 

CANTON. 0.— Park Theatre, T. K. Al- 
hnugh, manager. 

CHAP.LO'lTi:, N. C— Latta Park, Will A. 
Peters, manager. 

CHAMPAIGN, HI.— West End Park, Malt 
Kusell. manager. 

DANVILLE, Va. — Electric Park, Jake 
Wells, manager. 

DEDIIAM, Mass.— Westwood Park. 

DENVER, Col.— Manhattan Reach Park, 
Denver Recreation Co., managers; Park Ca- 
sino, Jos. D. Illass, manager. 

DALLAS, Texas. — cyeia Park Theatre, 
Charles R. McAdams, manager; Oak Lawn 
Park and Theatre, David Cohen, manager. 

DaNIIURY, Conn.— Kenosla Park, F. A 
Shear, manager. 

DAVENPORT, la.— Schuetaeu Park, Fred 
Kuchl, manager. 

DAYTON, O.— Lakeside Park, Jamet A. 
Kirk, manager; Palrvlaw Park, Joseph L. 
Brecn, manager. 

DISS MOINES. la.— Ingersoll Park, Fred 
Buchanan, manager. 

DOVER, N. H.— Central Park, J. W. Gor- 
man, manager. 

DANVILLE. 1)1.— Wuy Side Park, Matt 
Kusell. manager. 

EAST LIVERPOOL, O.— Rock Spring! 
Park. W. B. McCallum, manager. 

ELM I HA, N. Y.— Eldrldge Park, E. M. 
Little, manager; Queen City Gardens, M. it. 
Sullivan, manager ; Rorlck't Glen Park, Her- 
bert Salinger, manager. 

EL PASO. Tex. — Washington Park, D. A. 
Beedc. manager. 

BND1COTT, N. Y.— Casino Park, J. P. B. 
Clark, manager. 

EVANS VI LI.E, lnd.— Oak Summit Park, 
Evansvtlle Street Railway Co., managers ; 
Cook's Park Theatre, Felix Scfrlt. manager, 
West Heights Theatre, Evansville Brewing 
Association, managers : Koch's Grove Thea- 
trc: West Knights l'urk, Chan. B. Stlnson, 

FOSTORIA, O.— Reeves Park, F. W. Ad- 
ams, manager. 

FT. DODGE, la.— Oleton Park, M. J. 
Hal re, manager. 

FT. WORTH, Tex. — Grunewald's Park and 
Pavilion, P. C. Grucnwald, manager ; Her- 
mann Park. Julius Kotbe, manager; Tyler's 
Lake and Pavilion, J. L. Tyler, manager; 
Lake Erie Park and Pavilion, F. M. Haines, 

GALUON. O.— Seccanm Park, King A Wil- 
liams, manager!. 

GALT, Can. — Casino Summer Park, J. D. 
Eagen A George Phillips, manager*. 

GLOUCESTER. N. J.— Empire Pavilion 
Theatre. Jamet E O'Brien, manager. 

OLOVERSVILLB, N. Y.— Stcanaaga Park, 

C. H. Ball, manager. 

GRAND RAPIU8, Mich.— Godfrey'! Pa- 
vilion Theatre (Reed's Luke), Charles G. 
Godfrey, manager; hamona Theatre (Heed's 
Lake). Orln Stair, manager. 

OREENBBORO, N. C— Llndly Park Ca- 
sino, Edncy Ridge, manager. 

HAMILTON, Can. — Sherman Park. Wm. 
B. Sherman, manager; Sherman Garden, 
Wm. B. Sherman, manager. 

HAMILTON. O.— Llndenwald Park, Johc 
W. Foster, manager. 

HAMPTON. Va.— Buckroe Beacb, C. W. 
Rex, manager. 

HARR18BURG. Pa— Ptxtang Park, Felix 
M. Davit, manager. 

HOLYOKE, Mats.— Mountain Park, Loul. 

D. Pellltsler. manager. 

HAMITO.N, N. II.— Hampton Beach' Ca- 
alno. Wm. II. Phlnney, manager. 

HOUSTON, Tex— Bishop's Highland Park, 
Hugh Morrison, manager. 

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Falrbank Park, 

William Tron, manager; Spring Lake Park, 
Will D. Marine, manager. 

ITHACA. N. Y.— Renwlck Park, It. L. 
Tost, manager. 

JACKSON. Tenn. — Marlowe Theatre, 
Woerner A Tocnfcld, managers. 

JAMESTOWN. N. Y.— Ccloron Park, Jule 
Delmar. manager. 

JACKSONVILLE. Kla.— l'bu'iilx Park. Geo. 
H. Bell, manager: Crystal Roof Garden. 

KALAMAZOO, Mien.— Casino Park. Uttlrd 
A Oaken, managers ; Lake View Caalno, Bam 
Mittenthal. manager. 

KANKAKEBrrtl— Electric Park, Charle* 
W. Burrlll, manager. 

KANSAS CITY, Mo.— Electric Park, Sam- 
uel Benjamin, manager; Forest Fark, Lloyd 
Brown, manager. 

KENOSHA Wl*.— Central Park, Peter 
Steinbach, manager. 

KEOKUK, la— Casino Theatre, Matt Kn- 
eed, manager; Hublnger Park, A. B. Grcnler, 

KILLINGLY. Conn. — Wlldwood Park, 
Worcester A Connecticut Eastern, Railway 
Company, managers. 

KINGSTON, Can.— Lake Ontario Park, D. 
P. Branlgan, manager. 

LAKE WINNEBAGO, Wis. — Brighton 
Beach. Herbert A. Kline, manager. 

LEXINGTON, Muss.— Lexington Park. 

LONG BRANCH, N. J.— Pleasure flay 
Theatre, T. K. Alhaugh. manager. 

LANCASTER, Pa.— Rocky springs Park 
Theatre, H. Griffetha, manager; Roof Gar- 
den, John B. Peoples, manager. 

LEXINGTON, Mass.— Lexington Park, J. 
T. Benson, manager. 

LIMA, o.— McCuliough Lake Park, G. M. 
McCullough. manager. 

LINCOLN, Neb., Lincoln Park, Wolworth 
A Fleming, managers. 

LITTLE FALLS, N. J. — Barlow'! Byte 
Park, Edward Barlow, proprietor. 

LONDON, Can.— Sprlngbank Fark, C. B. 
A. Carr, manager. 

LOS ANGELES, Cal.— Chute* Park, Henry 
Koch, manager. 

L0UI8VILLB, Ky.— Nlnaweb Park, 8nm- 
mera Brothers, managers; Jockey Club Park, 
M. J. Winn, manager. 

LOWELL, Mass.— Lakevlew Theatre, J. J. 
Flynn, manager; Willow Dale Fark, J. B. 
Ebbetit, manager. 

LYNCHBURG, Va.— Ulvermont Park Ca- 
alno, Jake Wells, manager. 

MACON. Ga.— Crump's Park, Bruce Con- 
quer, manager. 

MADISON, Me.— Lakewood Park, Q. L. 
Bwett, manager. 

MANCHESTER, N. H — Lake Mauabestc 
Pavilion, J. J. Flynn, manager. 

MANSFIELD, O.— Casino Park, H. R 
Bndly, manager. 

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hopkins' Bait End 
Park, A. B. Morrison, manager; BIJou The- 
atre, Benj. M. Btainback, manager. 

MEIUDEN, Conn.— Hanover I'ark, Mau- 
rice Doom, representative. 

MIDDLBTOWN, Conn. — Lake view Park, 
Maurice Boom, representative. 

MILFORD. Mat*.— Lake Nipemuc Park, 
Maurice Boom, representative. 

MILWAUKEE, Wla.— Scblltl Park, G. R. 
Schubert, manager; Fabat Park, Theo. Thiol- 
gca, manager. 

MOBILE. Ala.— Monroe Park Theatre. M. 
A. McDormott, manager. 

MUL1NE, 111.— Prospect Park, J. F. Lard- 
ucr, manager. 

MONTREAL. Can. — Sobmer I'ark, Lavlgne 
A Lajole, managers: Riverside Park, Al. E. 
liced, stage manager; Victoria Rink, Percy 
Smith, manager; Arena, W. Northey, mana- 
ger; Stadlara, J. A. Cbrlatln, manager. 

MT. VERNON, 0.— Lake Hiawatha Park, 
K. T. Sellg, manager. 

MINERAL WELLS, Tex.— Vichy Summer 
Theatre, M. A. Weslow, manager. 

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.— Minnehaha Park; 
Lake Harriet. 

MONTGOMERY. Ala. — I'lekett Sprlngt 
Park. J. W. llclsninn. manager. 

NAHA.NT, Mats. — Shay's cummer Show- 
house, J. J. Sbay. manager. 

NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Glendale Park, Nash- 

ville Street Railway Co., managers. 

Uunlap, manager. 

Electric Park, C. A. 

NEW BEDFORD, Mass.— Lincoln I'ark, I. 
W. Phelps, manager; Murine Park, John 1. 
Shannon, manager ; Lakeside I'ark, New Bed- 
ford, Brockton, Mlddleboro & Taunton Street 
Itnllwny Co., managers; Pope Beach, Jamet 
F. Smith, manager. 

NEW BRITAIN, Conn.— White Oak Park, 
K. L. Terry, manager. 

NEWBUKYPORT, Mass.— Salisbury Beach 
Park, E. P. Bhaw, manager. 

NEW HAVEN, Conn.— Savin Rock Park, 
J. Blake, manager. 

NORFOLK. Va.— Ocean View Casino, Jake 
Wells, manager; Pine Beach, C. W. Rex, 

NORTH ADAMB, Mass.— Hoosnc Valley 
Park. W. P. Meade, manager; Berkshire Park. 

NEW ORLEANS, La.— Athletic Park. Jake 
Wells, manager: West End Park, J. J. 
Corcoran, manager. 

NEW ALBANY, Ind.— Gleuwoud Park, 
Matt Kusell, manager 

NEWARK. O.—ldlewlld Park, Matt Ku- 
sell, manager. 

uGiju.n, tl.— Olenwood Park, C. II. Kir- 
char, manager. 

OLCOTT, N. Y.— Olcott Beach, Harry Fer- 
rcn, manager. 

OLD orchard, Me.— Old Orchard Iron 
Pier, J. J. Shay, manager. 

PARKERSBURG, W. Va.— Terrapin Park, 
C. H. Shattuck, manager. 

PARSONS, Kan.— Glcuwood Park, W. T. 
Anderson, manager. 

PERTH AMHOY, N. J.— Underbill's Old 
Homestead Park, Letter J. Underbill, mana- 

PETERSBURG, Va.— Ferndale Park, W. 
E French, manager. 

PITMAN GROVE, N. J.— Alc/on Park, 0. 
W. Carr, manager. 

PITTSBURG. Pa.— Oak wood Fark, A. 8. 
McSwIgah, manager; Southern Park, A. 8. 
McSwIgan, manager: Olympla Park, Harris 
A Hon, managers ; Kenny wood Fark, Pitts- 
burg Steeple Chase A Amusement Co., mana- 

PLAINFIBI.D. N. J.— Gnlvln's Electric 
Park, James A. Galvln. manager. 

PLYMOUTH, Mass. — Mayflower Grors 
Park. Maurice Boom, representative. 

PORTLAND, Me.— Rlverton Park, D. H. 
Smith, manager; Underwood Spring Park, 
E. A. Newman, manager ; Gem Theatre, C. 
W. T. Godltig, manager; Cape Theatre, E. 
V. Plielon. manager; Portland Theatre, 
Janics E. Moore, manager; Jefferson Thea- 
tre, Caba ft Orant, managers. 

PORTLAND, Ore.— Shields' Park, Edward 
Bbleldi. manager. . 

PORT LAVACA. Tex.— Port Lavaca Park, 
Barry Redan, manager. 

PITTBTOWN. Pa.— Ringing Hock Park, 
Ralph E. Shaner, manager. 

PltOVIDKNCB, R. I.— Chestnut Grove 
Park, Chas. A Potter, manager; Crcacent 
Pirk. Maurice Boom, representative ; Roger 
Williams park, K. A. Harrington, manager; 
Rocky Point Excursion Grounds, R. A. liar- 
rlngtnn, manager; Boylen Height*, Bplta, 
Nathanson ft Ann, manager!. 

PUEBLO, Col.— Grand Stand Pavilion, Q. 
M. Morris, manager. 

PUNX8DTAWNBY, Fa.— Highland Park, 
Al. K. Harris, manager. 

PUTNAM, Conn.— Wlldwood Park, Mau- 
rice Boom, representative. 

PKKKSKILL, N. Y.— Shady Lake Park, 
L. 1-:. Illrsch, malinger. 

PEORIA. 111.— Suns Solid Garden, Will 
Nash, manager: Stone Hill Garden, Frank 
Grave, inansger. 

PERU, lnd.— Boyd Park, J. A. Erwln, 

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — Chestnut Hilt 
Park, H. B. Auchy, manager ; Willow Grove 
Park. Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co.. man- 
agers ; Washington Park. Wm. J. Thompson, 
niHnng*r: Woodsldo I'ark, Woodalde Park 
Amusement Co.. managers. 

PHOENIX", Ariz.— East Lake Park, ('. 
Franklyn, manager. 

P1QUA, O.— Fountain Park, Lewis Fat- 
terson, manager. 

PROVIDENCE, R. I.— Park Theatre, Wai- 
ter .1. 1'llmmcr. manager. 

PAOCCAII, Ky.— Wallace Park, Matt Ku- 
sell, manager. 

READING, Pa.— Canon la Park, 0. 8, Oel- 
ger, manager. 

ItEVBIlK, Mass.— Point of Pine., Wm. II. 
O'Neill,, manager ; Crescent Gardens, Wm. D 
O'Neill, manager. 

RICHMOND, Va.— Reiervolr Park, Jak* 
Wells, manager. 

ROCHESTER, N, Y.— Ontario Btach Park, 
John J. Collins, manager. 

KOCK ISLAND, III.— Watch Tower Park, 
J. F. Lardner manager. 

RYB, N, Y.— Rye Beach, Schulthtlier ft 
Mootross, managers. 

It EYNOI.DSVl LI.E. i Pa.— Highland Park, 
linn-Is & (ilhiiiirc. managers. 

REVERE. Mass.— Ilevcro Beach, II. A 
Spui'lll, tn.iniigei-. 

ROANOKE. Va.— Klectrlu Park Casino, 
Jake Weill, ma linger. 

SAGINAW, Midi.— Riverside Fark, L. W. 
Ricbardi, manager. 

. SALEM, Mais.— Canoble Lake Park, J, W. 
Gorman, manager: Summer Theatre (Salem 
Willows), J. W. Gorman, manager. 

SALT LAKE CITY, U— Lagoon Park, J. 
Bergcrmao, manager : Baltalr. 1. B. I^tngfnrd, 
manager; Calder'a Park, M. I/evy, manager; 
Bait Palace, I. Heath, manager; Caatllla 
Springs, J Meyers, manager. 

SAN ANTONIO, Tex. — Muth'S Garden, 
William Muth, manager; Empire Theatre, 
T. V. -Brady, manager; Orphoum Theatre, 
M. E. Tally, manager. 

SANDUSKY. 0.— Cedar Point Park, (loo. 
A Boeckltng, manager. 

SANDWICH, Can.— Lagoon Park, B. H. 
Rothwell. manager. 

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Thunderbolt I'ark, 
Electric Park Amusement Company, mana- 

8ELMA, Ala.— Elkdale Park, F. M. Ah 
lint, manager; River View Pavilion, V. M. 
Abbot, manager. 

SIONECA I'ALLS, N. Y.— Cayuga Lake 

Pnrk. w. C. Gray, manager. 

SI NO AC. N. J.—r 
clere. manager. 

Grotto Park, Harry Ruu- 

SOUTH BEND, Ind.— Bprlngbrook I'ark, 
J. McM. Smith, manager. 

Waushakum Pnrk, Wm. H, O'Neill, manager. 

SPENCER, la.— Arnold Park, W. B. Ar- 
nold, manager. 

SPOKANE. Wash.— Cmur D'Alcne Lake 
Resort, Ad. Klrchncr, manager. 

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.— Doling Park and 
Hummer Theatre. Robert L. Doling, mantgtr. 

SPRINGFIELD. O.— SprlnghcldLake Park, 
J. E. Hills, manager. 

8TBUIIHNV1LLE, 0.— Stanton Park, T. 
S, MoJIcslon, manager. 

ST. JOSEPH, Mo.— Lake Contrary Park 
nnd Casino Theatre. E. P. Churchill, mana- 
ger; Silver Bcuch, Drake A Wallace, mana- 
gers ; Krug Park, John E. Von Brant, mana- 

ST. LOUIS, Mo.— Hashagen'e Park, Fred 
W. Haahagon, manager; Lcinp't Park, J. L. 
Wsllrnpp, manager: Ferris Wheel Park; 
Cummins' Indian Congress. 

SYRACUSE, N. Y.— Lakeside Park, J. L. 
Carroll, mansger. 

HTATEN ISLAND, N. Y.— Midland Beach 
TliPiitio. T. K. Alliiiugh, inaiiagei. 

ST. JOSEPH, Mo.— Crystal Park, J. K 
Jackson, insnnger. 

ST. I/IUIS. Mo.— Eclipse Park. II, W. 
I'i'iatioitoii, uniniiger: Delmar (iiirden, J. C 
.liinopnnln. manager ; MiiiiiiIoh's I'ark. Ar- 
<hlo M. Cox. manager: Forest . Park High- 
lands, Col. Hopkins, mauugcr : West End 
Heights, Pent A. Fiirnliam, manager : Kur- 
inrli' Garden, II. E. Rice, manager. 

ST. PAUL. Minn.— Wlldwood I'ark (White 
Bern- Lnlio) ; Coiim Park. 

TAUNTON, Mass.— Nlppenlekct Park. D, 
V. Italian, manager; Talaqitcga Park, M. V. 
novlns, mnnager : Woodward's Sprlngt ; Hub- 
lintla I'ark; Dlgh ton Rock Park; Laketlde 

TOUCOO, O.— Lake Brie Park and Casino, 
Otto Kllvtii; manager: Farm Theatre. Otto 
Kllviis, manager; Belevue Park, J. W. Mc- 
cormick, manager. 

TOi'EKA, Kan.— Vlnewood Park, F. G. 
Kelly, manager. 

TORONTO, Can. — Monroe Park, Wm. Bank*, 
manager; Hanlon's Point: The' Island Park. 

TRENTON, N. J.— Mercer Pleasure Park, 
\\ . H . McMahon, manager. 

UTICA, N. Y.— Casino Park, Frlti Brand, 

WACO, Tex. — West End Hummer Theatre, 
Waco Street Railway Co., managers. 

WASHINGTON, K C — Riverside Park, 
Harry Llndley, secretary. 

WATERBURY, Conn.— Forest Park, W. 
W. Henna, manager. 

WEBSTER, Mass.— Beacon Park, Maurice 
Boom, representative. 

WEST ORANGE. N. J.— City View Pavil- 
ion. John Cox, manager. 

WHEELING, W. Va.— Mozart Park, Fred'. manager; Wheeling Park Casino, Con- 
rad nirsch, manager, 

WINNIPEG. Can— River Park, Tbomai n. 
Morns, manager; Bherman Gardens, Wm. II. 
Sherman, manager; Arcade Theatre; Edison 
Union* Theatre. 

WINSTKD. Conn.— Highland Lake Park, 
Charles T. Alldls, manager. 

WOBTJRN, Matt— PInehurst Park, 8. Ed- 
gar Whlttaker. manager. 

WOOK80CKBT, R. I.— Flotg Lake I'ark, 
Maurice Boom, repreNatatlTe. 

WOlMiXS'l'KR. Mass. -Lincoln Park (t.ak*j 
Qiilnslgiminndi .1. P. Irwin, manager. 
, YOUNtlBTOWN, O.— Idora Park" M. Stan- 
ley, mansger; Avon Park, Jos. W. Weaa. 

Miner m Unit. 

noibs rjM Bahnu.m a iuii.kv'n khuiv. 

— I'he i-lianiplnnslilp hall game Initweeti lh« 
iniislchiiis and performer*, played at fia»t- 
'."l w ' HrSr" J,,no '*'• •'•"iilletl In a worn of 
1(1 to K» In favor or Hie iiiiisIcIhiih Hiiis prov- 

tig that the members of litis team ran play 
hull lis well as music. It may be iidrlrit that 
results might have been illfferonl If Anbln 
Marvel, of the performers, hail "iciniilneil 
closer M llrst base." Boh Dnli-el. of thn 
umaiclniis. won dlMtlncllon on the pluhi-r's 
slab. "Hill • Suwypr's home run.. from a tlv, 
i»vvr tlin iisik house, bringing in ihrcc mei», 
was a cause for the musical spectators tu 

•rttnt Ihentselves hoarse. Tin- must deplor- 
iible event of the gamo was the "death'' of 

Silvers Oakley, of thn performers, mi 
third. I be "big game" between the "freako" 
and pp-i<roi-i»pi-H will lie played ntiiiiil ,tuly -I. 
Oca lU.NjKN anii wikb, of I'rovlrteui-r, 
ylal eil Slg. Saul elte's Circus at Warron. 11. 
I., lust week, aud were must royally enter, 
tallied by Mr. and Mrs. Samelle. They havn 
line of the largest nnd best shows under 
canvas and are doing an excellent business. 


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"The Hcvengp of SliHi'lHotHn," a .la- 
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'School of Sorrow," a (Iriiinn, In fnur act*. 
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""w fill of Irish On and Oh* llw Table 




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I'lie Adventures of Tom and Jefry." C 
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iras new *ron& clipper. 


HE W fjjJMC C ITY. . 

Rcrlrvr ««d Comaaent,-- The end o( 

lilt weak ronrJiM the closing of a number 
of Indoor amusement, resorts, nnd of those 
remaining open at least three are booked to 
dose their doors at an early date, The 
rainy Weather tfie fore port of the week, ond 
the warm temperature the closing days, wan 
pot favorable to big business, but good aver- 
age attendance was the rule .At Proc- 

ooR'a KiFTY-EimtTit Htbiet Tjikatb a sen- 
fun or Hummer opera was Inaugurated, with 
'fri(e Fortune Toller" aa the opening bill. 
. .'. ,L.Thc houses cloning June 4 were: Hk- 
i.ahco'h, Wai.lack'h, the Havot, tbe' Mtm- 
iuy Mill and Thiiw Avknuh Thbatms, 


Marlum Music II am. Tbe continued 

attractions for tbe week ending June 4 were : 
"Plff I Part ! I Pouf ! I !" at the Casino, Hay- 
wond Hitchcock, in "Tbe Yankee Consul," 
■ at the Broadwat; Willie Collier at the 
Critrkion, lie Wolf Hopper at the Lyric, 
Summer oppro at Proctor's Fifty- 
Kinin-Ft btrket) "The Southerners" at 
the Nkw York, tbe J. H. Dubs Orchestra at 
the Madison SqijaIik, "Tit for Tat" 
ar." tbe Savoy, "The County Chairman" at 
Wai.iack'h, "Sweet Kitty Bellatrs" at Bk- 
j.arco's, and the stork company at tbe Mur- 
ray Hii.i. tbe lout four unmsd closing an 

that date Tbe one week stands closing 

4 were: "From Bag* to Riches" at the Grand 
OPERA JIOIIHB, "Ites'urrectlop" at the Wkht 
Rnd, "Two Mttle Sailor Boys" at tbe Mk 
tropolis , and "Mscnped from Sing Sing" .at 
the Star. . ....Variety entertainment was 

furnished nt Tony Pastoii'h, Keith's Union 
Squarfi, Proctor's Twentv -third Street, 
the Victoria, the Cutout, tbe Dewey, Mi- 
M'.ii's F.lfillTH Avenue ond the Gotham. 
Hijher'h Museum presented the usual loug 
list of curios, freaks and vaudeville. 


Proolor'a Fifth Arran,- i>i-nirr a. 

Austlu Fynes, general w*o«ger).— B. Miller 
Kent Is the stock star this week and next 
at this limine. ■■♦ad <w Mobday, June <J, ha 
wax assisted By the house company In the 
iiafiildlng of the Fitch play lu which be 
lias been starring' successfully on. the rpad 
for severe! seaspns past — "The Cowboy and 
lb* l#dy." Mr. Kent's work was very much 
to the liking of < the audiences a, and :■ hi* 
success was emphatic. Ills forceful manner 
and dramatis reading -of the lines made bis 

acting moat Intonating. LotU Ljntblcum 
gave him capital aid, oh did George Bryant, 
William Hawley, Loretta Henly and the 

others of the support. The cast : Teddy 
North (Harvard "80). H. Miller Kent ; Wily 
Hansom (Harvard '1)0), Wllllnm Hawley; 

Weston, ileyrge Bryant; Quirk Foot Jim, 
IifnJ. Brndbnry; Joe, Kapley Holmes; Site, 
W. I). Market : Dave, (leorge Howell ; Judge, 

Aerial Garden*, a beautifully arranged 
elevated plnee of ainuseoient, on lop of llm 
New Amsterdam Theatre, opened evening of 
Monday, June it, with a programme— styled 
"vaudeville entertainment," called "A l.lltle 
of Kvrryth'lng," by John J. McNiilly. It 
was given Mm first production on that dale, 
and during the three at-ls wblcb were re- 
linked io round nut the work many nitcliy 
songs, some funny lines and delightful work 
by i lie company proved ample, cuni|H>nxntloii 
for n visit to the gardens. That the plot 
wum microscopic did hot- matter very much, 
since the audience was ulfonlnd the cha<ice 
hi applaud some old favorites, and the beauty 
of the place Itself wns well worth a vls't, 
Tbe evening was 'Ideal for roof gardening, 
odd the result was that crowds or prosiiuu 
live' purchasers of ndmlslson were turned 
from the box office. There ore many pretty 
lil),ie' nooks aud corners lu Hie rustic ar- 
hfogemcpu of the gardens, and a stroll 
through the walks is well worth Ibe 
while. Cordial' receplloni were given' Pay 
'I'empleton, Peter Dal ley, Joseph Sparks, 
l.elln Mel plvre, George Schiller, Susie Fisher 
imd Saliel Johnson, and all did work which 
reflected great credit upon them. Miss Tern- 
pleioh, ai-ilstfe as ever, gave a turn all her 
own to the singing of several pleasing songs, 
mid her work was repeatedly encored, Mr. 
Bailey was funuy, as he always Is, and 
l.ellu Mclntyre also scored a decided une- 
ven*. The cast: John Edward Haggercy, 
-loHcph Hiiiirks: llenjnmln l-'ruukitu Perkins, 
iluorge Schiller; John Cnrtcrlght Muggs, 
Harry Kelly ; )iort Helgjit, Allan Ramsay ;■ 
liarty Lowe, Charles liesong; Billy Hurling- 
ham Afler, Peler P. lialley ; l,llflnn Maye, 
I.ella Mclntyre ; ivy Btrluphuui, HnbeJ John 
sou; Daisy Bovine, Susie Plsher: Bessie 
I'erklns, Charlotte Leslay; Delia llaggerlv, 
Plphyp Snowden; Mrs. Aurora llsye-Knlght, 
Pa* 'IVinplulqu. ' 

Hanmierate In'a J'nraillse Hoof flar> 
4«-n, ou lop of l)ie vtulorla and Belusco 
theatres, wua opened Moiiday evening, June 
0, Willi a strong list of vaudeville perform- 
ers anil h skit, with book, music and lyrics 
hy Oscar llauimerstehi, called "1'arslfullu," 
in one net. This pur pur ted to burlesque 
•lli-rr Siegfried" L'ourled's attempt to gain 
permission from Prau' Wagiler to produce 
"purslfal," her refusal, and then bla further 
attempt, In which be la thwarted by tbe 
drains of Music, to give the opera. It 
proved simply a frame for vaudeville feat- 
ures, and ditrlug Its progress litnina 
Cuius and • Kleuuor Pulk were eon- 
spleiinnsly successful and were warmly 
applauded, while souie capital feats by the 
(Inseb Sisters, acrobats, and Impersonations 
of uotcd composers and conductors, by Willy 
y.lmmerinan, were meritorious features. Mr. 
Zlinnieiiuiin made bis debut lu this country 
Juno U. Rita Valentine, Auuln Aubrey, 
Charles Klcharda and a big chorus and ballet 
assisted lu "Purstfttlla." 'I'lic progruuiuie was 
heguu hy Al. Waltz, whose grace and skill 
on skates was couimcndobln. Tbe Sunny 
South Plantation Colored Boys' Unnd, of 
about thirty, followed, aud played well old 
Southern melodies. Others were : Bice and 
Prevosi, clever hurlesquers : Charles T. Al- 
drleb, In bis well known aud remarkably en- 
tululng act; Young and lie Vote, who re- 
ceived much applause In their "dancing by 
pole," and Paul Hpiulunl, whose Juggling has 
ninny during aud novel features, and whosy 
act throughout was greatly liked. 

Olrflc Theatre (Percy O. Williams, 
iminiiger). — While the present theatrical 
season Is nearly at Its close, and tbe ma- 
jority of our city theatres have closed for 
the Summer, the coxy Circle still continues 
lo cater to an excellent business. It Is 
pleasant to chronicle the success qf a liberal 
and enterprising manager lu theatrical life. 
Ami Mr. Williams deserves all tbe success 
that bus come to bltn in bis management 
nioug those lines. Ills patrons have wit- 
nessed the very cream of vaudeville top 
notchers, aud their pleasure has served also 
lo his proilt lu brlnglug the theatre to a 
sound Huauctal basis. Obnrles Itawtrey la 
closing ids city vaudeville engagements with 
lils apis'iirance lierv this week iu his comedi- 
etta. "Times Is Money," of which we have 
spoken In these columns durlug the past two 
weeks. Supported by the same efficient cast, 
he Is easily duplicating his success at other 
city theatres. The bill this week also on- 
ukcr the following excellent acts: Murk 
imlvan. In bis clever ItnUullnns of prom- 
inent people ; Teschow's cats, au example of 
remarkable animal training; the Misses Del- 
more, musical act ; Raymond and Cuverly. 
Herman roinedlaus: Moslier. Houghton and 
Mustier, bicycle experts; Tenbrookc, Lambert 
aud T'euhrooke. presenting Schmals's Acad- 
emy ; ltlta Redmond, vocalist ; Paul Steph- 
ens, equilibrist, and tbe vttagraph. 

New York Theatre (IClaw & Erlangcr- 
niuusgersl. — "The Soutlieriiers" opened Us 
third week June 0. 

In slnit (Sum N. tc Shnliert, ninnagcrni . 
— "PIB I Pair 11 Ponf ! II" Is now lu Us tenth 

Criterion T hon trc (Charles Prohmnn, 
maungerl. — William Collier, lu "The Dicta- 
tor." entered upon bis tenth week June (I. 

Atlantic Harden <\V. Kramer's Sons, 
inoniigers). — Murelln llrnihers, acrnlinls; 
Wills nnd Collins, in a 'comedy sketch ; 
Adams nnd Curtis, character comedians: 
Mlb 1 , Allele; lu a novel wire (let : Marie 
repl, operatic vocalist ;. lue Two Dcnmrs, 
comedy nerohnfs, and uie' Eltle f,ndy Or- 
chestra art Hit attractions for toll will. 

u>»K< . 

C'hns. J. Burhrldge; poreman of Jury, Kred 
Huntley : Sheriff? liarry Walton ; Second 
Slier I It, Qenrge Dlaoo; Dick Uod, Frauds 
Glyndon; IJistrlet Atto/ney, J. R. Mat- 
comb : Molly Da rkltm, Lillian Buckingham ; 
Mrs. Weston, I^tta Llnlhlcuin : Midge, I.o- 
tetta Healy ; Miss Prlsslma, Stella Morti- 
mer; Mrs. Carton, I'raukle Miller; Miss 
I.nrrabee, Margaret Klrker; Clerk, Leo Haw- 
ley. in the vaudeville bill were Mathews 
and Ashley, In their spirited offering, "Monsy 
Mad," which duplicated Ibe success It made 
recently at another of tbe Proctor houses; 
Jerome Meredith and company, in a rural 
comedy sketch, which went well, and in 
which two children, a boy and a girl, danced 
In a dainty and clerer manner ; Laura Den- 
nett, "The Country Olrl." In n well rendered 
monologue ; Hnencer Kelly, wbose singing Is 
always enjoyable ; Knlerson and Btouc, Jug 

J ;llng cnmedlana; McUratb Brothers; . ban- 
olsfs; the St. Claire Bisters, in a singing 
specialty, nud Master Congan, In singing; and 
dancing. The kalsteclinoacope continues. 

Proctorr* Iclfty-elwhtli Btreet The- 
aire (J. Austin Vynes, general manager). — 
The second week' of the Summer season of 
comic opera opened Monday, June (I, with 
another success made famous by Alice Niel- 
sen — "The Hinging lilrl," Blanche Adams be- 
ing heard lo advantage 2b the title role char- 
acter, her efforts being ably seconded by the 
following competent cast : nuke Kudolpb, Ed- 
ward Metcalfe : Count Otto. George Teu- 
nery; Print* -Pumpernickel, Hubert Lett : An f- 
passcn, Herman illrshhcrg; Btaphen, James 
J. Devlin ; Prederlck. James J'ecney ; Fran- 
cis. Harry Turpiii; Felix, Itussell Wakelleld ; 
Karl. J. J. MeHoiisid ; Liidwlg, Walter Hal- 
bach : Ferdinand, K. J. O'Nell; Marie, Pleda 
Mnnstnne: Bisu, Ada (illTuiil ; Miaa, Nellie 
Drown; Alma, Loire Selnile ; F.llzaheih, ivihi 
Ward; Margaret, Jeuticlte, Held ; Katrinn, 
Illxle Crane; (iieta, Ibe Mlnglug Olrl, Blanche 
Adams. The tuneful music or "The Hinging 
(del' won well rendered by both principals 
and chorus, the costuming of the piece being 
bright mill pleasing, and the scenery, appro- 
priate. The auditorium was well tilled both 
ufterunon and evening, and Hist the rendi- 
tion of tbe piece afforded satisfaction was 
nbiidunlly proven by the applause liberally 
bestowed. Sunday's concerts, June f>, were 
liberally patronized in spite of the torrid 
bent, which wris more conducive to visits to 
t he seashore than a (tendance a t Indoor amuse- 
ments. Next Week, "The Wedding Day" 
will be the attraction offered, - 

Ivelth'M Then t re I I). .P. Alhee, general 
manager).— Monday. June (I, found assem- 
bled Here n fair majority of the loyal cllenlel 
of. this theatre who had braved the Intense 
heoit qf tbe day, tempted by one of the best 
bills offered here i in many weeks. • Every- 
thing Hint, can possibly conduce to the com- 
fort or their guests lad been doqe by the 
management, In the way of exhaust and elec- 
tric fans, and the temperature of the house 
was many degrees cooler than (hat of the 
street. Mclntyre nnd fleatb head the ex- 
cellent bill this week, presenting their popu- 
lar skit, "The Mali from Montana," and 
these stars of black face comedy scored their 
usual happy success. |>ldwlii Stevens, In his 
original creation, "A Night Off," wns Just 
as successful along entirely different Hues, 
nnd he likewise must be credited with an 
auspicious 'Monday opening: Ktbcl Levey, 
In snugs, easily sustained her reputation as 
one of Hie best Singing comediennes ; flurtuu 
ii iid Urooks were a strong feature of the pro- 
gramme, lu their comedy sketch, "A Can of 
Humor;" Tnffary's performing dogs did au 
act almost approaching the marvelous; 
ltiillev had Madison, all the funny eccentrics, 
cleverly tilled their allotted time; Couroy 
nnd McDonald, In their tulklng and dancing 
act, "A Political 1*1111," gained their usual 
favor nnd applause ; Prencllll and Lewis pre- 
souted their novel comedy and vocal act, "The 
HnllyhQo," one of the best things of the bill ; 
the Three Madcaps acrobatic dancers ; Byrne 
nnd West, lu a rural sketch : La Veen and 
Cross, physical culture experts ; lid. and Net- 
tle Manse, comedy higglers; ItarlO and Lat- 
terly, singing aud dancing duo, and tbe bio- 
graph are Included In the bill fat- this week. 
Pastor's Theatre (Tony Pastor, inann- 

fi-r i. — Monday, Juno 6, was the first scorch- 
no; hot day of the Hummer, but a good num- 
ber of Manager Pastor's putroos filled their 
accustomed placet, aud, in anticipation of 
enjoying a good hill, endeavored for a time 
to forget tbe extreme heat. Ah to tbe pro- 
gramme, It wns admirably adapted for hot 
weather purposes, being replete with hilari- 
ous comedy, and Bongs and dances well cal- 
culated to tempt a laugh or applause. The 
Munhnssett Comedy Four head the bill In 
a little comedy talk, vocal efforts, etc, which 
went well with the audience. The added 
attraction was Frank Mayne and compnuy, 
In Oweu Klldnre's sketch, entitled "The 
"Tipster," nnd this (cored a genuine suc- 
cess. Carrie Nelson rendered capital aid as 
Mrs. De Peyster. J. Bernard Dyllyn, after 
a long absence, was welcomed as an old 
friend, and bla songs were presented to ap- 
preciative Ustnors : Belmont aad O'Brien, lu 
Nellie Clancy's Visit," gained many laughs 
and frequent npplause; Mr. and Mrs. Drown- 
ing were very entertaining In their skit, 
"The Cure:" John Le Clair, opo of tha deft- 
est of Jugglers ; Lavine and Alma, In au ec- 
centric novelty : Will and Mae Barker, double 
trapese ; Will Thompson Davis, comedian and 
monologlst; Adams and White, musical com- 
edy duo; Mr. and Mrs. Al. Q. Belford, as 
"The Comedian and -.the Tough Olrl ;" Arl- 
ington and Delmore, in a humorous farce, 
"My Husband." and the American vltagrapb 
are listed In this week's bill. 

Ui-in-y Theatre. — (Sullivan & Kraus, 
managers).— -Miner's Bohemian Burleaquers 
began a return engagement here at the mati- 
nee of June (I. The theatre was packed at 
the opening performance. The audience op- 

filouded all the principal numbers of "A l>o- 
lemlau Beauty, with Fred Law, Robert 
Higglus, Loulae Amber and Ida Nicola I a* 
the principals. Next week, the Tiger Lilies. 
Peopled Theatre.— "The Peddler," with 
Samuel Thoruberg In the title role, la the 
concluding attraction of tbe season. Tbe 
supporting cpst Is apportioned as follows: 
SJnuinry Jncobsnn, Alfred Mayo: Chuck Con- 
nors, 'Ed. Lawrence ; Uncle Jason. Dave Tos- 
nor; Charles Wyandotte. John J. Plersoa; 
Kdwnrd Morgan, Louis Hartmnn ; Sergt. 
Pat McCaiin. John Morrlssey ; Dr. Joseph 
A lib, Richard H minion ; Salome Wyandotte, 
May Noble ; Sarah npldberg. Jeanetfe Alex- 
ander : Mxtle Barclnv, Nlun Hiirrlngtou : 
Little Mary. Frances Mciirnth. Afler June 
It the house Will lie closed until Aug. 1, 
when Sullivan, Harris & Woods' attractions 
will mien it for three weeks, 

Lyric. Thenlrp (Snni S. & 1*0 Shnbert, 
managers!. — De Wolf Hopper. In "Wang,' 1 
opened tils eighth week June (1. Madgo Les- 

slug lias left (lie roniuanjr. and Julia Bander- 
sou Is uow playing Htitoyn. 
excellent work "III tfie role. 

MMlflMiiN Hiitmre Cr.l-.lrr. 
fill Venice." whlill'J. fcV JjSiHS 
ting frtl- hlmsMf iIihCIiIh Metropolitan Orchei 
tra, It now la ill third wiek. 

She Is doing 

"In ilea uti- 
lises us a set- 

's l>roi<lor*a J .>■).() -Ilil r. 1,8 trprt The- 

Stra (J, AustUx Rynea, general maougBr).— 
'Illlam II. Tbornpsoq, another star »et In 
[r/ Proctor's" I'anjxjp ;. of recant flwt jajg ri- 
crfilts from the legitimate ' stage, milfle his 
vaudeville debut at Proctor's one Hundred 
nno v Twenty iifrb Street 'J'hfatre oftcrnOM 
of Monday, June 0, and appeared at this 
bouse later. He presented clay M. Oreene's 
one act pity, called "For Love's Sweet Sake," 
which was given lor the first time at tbe 
Actors' Fund bene lit last Winter. Its scene 
Is laid In tbe home of Handford Morgan, a 
hanker, at Christmas' Eve. The son, James, 
Is Welcomed home by Morgan, and during 
the course of their conversation the -lather 
learns that the son is' accused of criminal 
business transactions, and has confessed 
to bis accuser. But It develops that 
James has. sacrificed bis honor <o 
save tbe woman he formerly loved, but who 
-Is qowthe wife of tbe man who really com- 
muted the crime. Morgan is at first furious 
at the thought of the threatened stain unou 
his good name, but eventually the nobility 
of bis son's action forces itself upon him, 
and be enthusiastically approves James' 
course, takes him once more to bla heart, 
and promises his aid In attempting to free 
him. The work was well written and In- 
teresting, and Mr. Thompson played hli role 
With convincing fervor, and those artistic 
touches that he knows so well how to- give. 
HI* reception, was a cordial one. Kiefaard 
It. Neill old quite well as the son. The work 
was cast as follows: Sanford Morgan, Wil- 
liam H. Thompson; James Morgan, Iticbaxd 
It. Neill ; John Martin. Harry LU ford ; Mer- 
cury, Nicholas Carroll. Kxecntlve staff for 
Air. Thompson: W. E. Burlock, manager; 
Harry Llllford, stage manager. Wright 
Huntington and company, in "A Stand 
Off," entertained moat agreeably, Mr. 
Huntington's playing holding close attention 
and deserving warm commendation, and the 
little olay proving a worthy offering. Joseph 
Ynrrick and bla "Magic Kettle" are held 
over for another week, wblcb speaks well 
for the atrengtb of this act, which Is very 
far from the ordinary, aqd most interesting 
and mystifying throughout. Tbe St. Onge 
Brothers did some remarkably dexterous 
fents on cycles, and were deserving of tbe 
most fervidly expressed favor, for their act 
proved of unusual merit from start to fin- 
ish. Thcs Westmnu and Lily Wren, pre- 
senting '-'In nnylh.' Time," brought them- 
selves Into pleasing prominence by some ex- 
cellent work, ana were responsible for 
decided pleasure during thslr time on view. 
Ben Weleh told bis Hebrew stories of trouble, 
and gave his Hiawatha parody, in costume, 
to tbe accompaniment of much laughter, and 
Bennett ond Hlrh gave "Tbe German Re- 
cruit." an eotertalnlng conception, to greatly 
sotlnlled auditors. Others on the bill were 
Irving Jones, the well known coon singer; 
Clarke and Temple, la "Front and the Cham- 
Is'in-nld ;" Malcolm Shackleford, banjqlst and 
humorist : Smith nntl Baker, In comedy sing- 
ing and dancing; Walter Daniels, In Imper- 
sonations of noted actors, which he does well 
in most Inslnhres, arid Charlotte ItaVens- 
crofi, ballad singer. The kalutecbaoscope 
continues. . ■ 

Broadway Theatre (A. W. Dingwall, 
munugerj. — itaymohd Hllchcock, In "The 
Yankee Consul, entered on his sixteenth 
week June C. The Wednesday matinees at 
the Broadway Theatre have been discon- 
tinued for the rest of tbe season. , 

Hoher's Muieuni (John II, Anderson, 
manager). —Ernlst Nlzarras, In an aerial 
performance, tops au excellent . bill in the 
curio hall here tills week: Others are : John 
Alexander, Madame Meyers, Stanley, Wan- 
ner, Holier, aqd Madame De Bonnier. lb 
the theatre are lieu. F. Carroll, tbe Forests, 
tile Donovans. Lillian Kelly, John Birch and 
company. May Hoey, Chns, Van, Bros. Bar- 
rett, and the Ilanorers. Business Is still 
big at every performance. 

Grand Opera House (John H. Springer, 
mauager). — "Tbe Black Mask" la tbe current 

Lr.w Fields, Fbeo It. Hamiin, Julian 
Mn en r.u, and Oscar Hah uksstkin signed 
an agreement last week, by the terms of 
which ibe new playhouse being built by 
Oscar tlauimerstelo, la West Forty-second 
Street, will be at the disposal of Hamlin, 
Mitchell & Fields. Instead of being called 
the National Theatre, it will be called tbe 
Lew Fields Theatre, and will be given Up to 
two distinct kinds of attractions — musical 
extravaganzas of "Tbe Wizard of Os" and 
"Babes In Toy land" type, and burlesques 
such us Welter & Fields used to present at 
their music hall. Mr. Hamlin said that tbe 
new theatre would not be opened until after 
tbe presidential election. Mr. Fields will be 
the star at the bouse, aad the librettists 
will probably be Edgar Smith and Gleo Mac- 
)>onough. The firm expects that Victor Her- 
bert will write much of the music. 


Ci.uu was held May 20, at Hit' West FOrty- 
rewutb Street, and resulted as follows; 
Prompter, Hollls E. Cooley ; cailboy, James 
O'Neill : copyist, Edward C. White ; angel, 
Herbert Hall Wlnalow ; trustees for one yeur, 
Mark Klaw, De Wolf Hopper, tins Hill, M. 
W. Livingston. Melville B. Raymond : trus- 
tees for two years. At. Huyman. Antonio 
Pastor, George II. Nlcolal, Frank L. Perley, 
Joseph Brooks ; trustees tor three years, 
Charles Osgood, A. L, Erlanger, Marcus B. 
Mayer, Dudley McAdow, leldor Wltmark. 
. Man. A. L. WiiLANtiKit, who Is president of 
a corporation recently formed to establish a 
permanent charitable Institution to be koown 
as the New York Home for Destitute Crip- 
pled Children, received one day last week an 
unsigned letter enclosing ten $100 bills as 
a contribution to the work. Mrs. Erlanger 

Saya she haB not the slightest Idea who the 
onor is. The contribution wll materially 
help the fund of $2.1,000, which Mrs. Er- 
lapger wants to have In October to carry out 
her plans. 

Colk and Johnson have been engaed by 
Klaw & Erlanger to write music exclusively 
for them for a term of years. They havo 
provided six of the twenty-two musical num- 
bers glvou In "A tittle of Everything," at tbe 
Aerial Theatre. They will also write the 
music for "The Ham Tree," in which Mcln- 
tyre and Heath are to star. 
For tub iiknekit of tub Bai.timohh 


whose building was destroyed during the 
big lire In the Monumental City, an enter- 
tainment will be given at the New York 
Theatre Sunday nlglif, June 12. 

'PRflDEmick P. PiioctOB, the well known 
theatrical manager, waa married on June 2 
to Oeorgena Eliza Wills, a recent graduate 
of the Missus Ely's school In New York. 
The marriage was performed by the Rev. 
Blchard Condon, of St. John's Episcopal 
Church of Larchmont, and tbe ceremony, 
which was held la this city, was private. 
At Its conclusion Mr. and Mrs. Proctor 
started on an extended wedding tour, during 
which they, will visit the St. Louis Expo- 
sition. Later they will Sail for Europe. 

Harlem.— At the West Bad (George A. 
ninmentbal, manager) "Under Two Flags," 
with Una Aboil Brlnker as Cigarette, opened 
to (i well filled bouse June 0. Miss Brlnkei's 
engagement so far Is beyond expectations. 
Tbe company in a capable one In every re- 
spect, abd has w»n the approval of the pa- 
trons. Next week, "Snpho." 
Hi'ivriu & SjRAMON'ri Music Halt. (Ben 
urtlg, manager). — This bouse was packed 
Mouday eveulng, B, When Treasurer Louis 
llurllgs annual benefit was In order, Be- 
sides Ibe regular .hill a host ot volunteers 
appeared. The bill for this week Is: Shan- 
non aud Fortuer, Five Bociety Belles, Rey- 
nolds rind Kierilnu. Bay Cox, Chns. Ernest, 
Jlussell and Buckley, Prayer Trio, and TOO 
Irns. , 

, (Iotham .(Snlllvnji k Kraus. managers). — 
Wine. Wmntol unil Soug is the dame of the 
company that will ml out tab dual Week of 


the season, aud the attendance at the open- 
ing, «, was good, taking eyerythjug latp co}>- 
slfiratlofiT ^- 3 _'i 

general malinger). — "Needles and Pins, a 
aatlrloal comedy, adapted from tbe German 
by the late Aiijnstln Daly, was presented In 
an elaborate manner, for tbe approval of a 
large audience. 0. Despite /M^orm W«tb 

nee of tbo circus lu. Cedar liauloa 

Will B. Colllrr attended the an- 

jeting: of the lowalBtate Bllf Posters' 
rsroclatloa V' VarajalltoWn, Ma y 28 

Dubnqne — At the Grand Opera Holts* 
(Wm. T. liocbl, manager) Billy Kersaudv 
Minstrels bad a fair bouse May 20. The Du- 
buque Choral Club, with W.JB. Pontius na 
director, assisted by Mme. Bertha Lincoln. 

IIah^iU At**] HanlA-e. ' /InAnn A*1,a Ii- 'i. 

er, the prodactlon evidently gave satlsfac- Haustls and Marlon Oreen, gave Ha annual 

tlon. Great applause was, b^towed BpbD B» jgjj to ,a lorge house 20. VaaDyke 

company, 'rhe Vaudeville bill presented: the * Baton's Comedy jCo: t dune 5-11. " '" 

following people : MaSdn and Francis, CJali- u«oknt At the Casino Thottn «.. 

dius and Corbln, William Bone, and Hast- 

dlus and Corbln, William Bowe, and Itaat- 
Ings and Finn. As an extra attraction Wil- 
liam H. Thompson presented, twice a day, 
"For Love's Sweet Sake," uaslsted by his 
own company.. , . ... ' ... 

Note.— The Metropolis and Star closed a 
prosperous season 4, and will open early In 

AUgUSt. -. .;,, . , . I 

«rookl>»^-lo spite of tbe juhierable 
weather at the beaches Isst week, the mana- 
gers state that they did good business. 

OnpiiF.u.M (Percy G. Williams, manager). 
— "The Idol's Bye" la tbe current attrac- 
tion. The cast Is beaded by Estelle Went- 
worth, Fred Frear and Norma Kopn. Ex- 
cellent business last week. - Next week, "The 
Singing XHil." „ ^ 

Star (B. M. Ootthold, manager).— For tbe 
last week of the season the Tiger Lilies Bur- 
lesque Co., with their two burlesques abd 
strong olio, made good June 6. i_ 

Watson's Cozt Coram (W. B. WatBon, 
manager).-— Tbe arrangements made by Man- 
ager Watson for keeping the temperature of 
tbe Coxy Corner down to the point of com- 
fort during the warm weather, aa well as tbe 
excellent programmes, have had the effect of 
keeping the attendance above the usual stand- 
ard at this time of tbe year. This week tbe 
burlesque offering, "The Queen ot Love," 
written In Horry Montague's best style, 
gives ample scope for the talents of tbe Cozy 
Corner Stock Co., which Includes Jeunette 
Dupre, W. B. Watson, Elmer Tenlev. Edward 
B. Adams, Harry Montague, Caroline Dun- 
can, and the show girls. In addition It will 
mark tbe reappearance of the singing sou- 
brettc, ClsSle Grant. Tbe vaudeville hill Is 
composed of the National Medley Comedy 
Co., Oracle and Reynolds, the Sisters Ber- 
nard, Lynden and wrenn. ' The Sunday con- 
certs, June r>, presented last week's bill, with 
additional features, and the amateurs con- 
tested for a valuable'gold watch. 

I, una Park (Thompson & Dundy, mona> 
gers). — More than half a million people visit- 
ed this resort during the past week, despite 
several rainy days. "Fire and Flames," the 
new spectacle, snowing the burning of more 
than a block of houses, the panli- of Inmates, 
the stirring arrival of several fire companies, 
thrilling rescues of tenants and final ex- 
tinction of the fire, is a. sensational success. 
Hereafter the fire show will be given every 
hour, instead of every other hour as here- 
tofore. The Durbar, In the Streets Of India, 
continues to be a leading feature, and sixty- 
two performers, runny of them new comers, 
ore to be found here this week In the mid 
air circus, the performing list running tbe 
entire circus eaniut, from a bout by boxing 
horses to tight roue walking two hundred 
feet above the seallon lagoon. During the 
week the herd of elephants employed In the 
Durbar will' -about the chutes eveey 
afternoon. A. Japanese tea house, with 
real Geisha girls. Is noW open, along 
the walks of the Babylonian Gardens. 
"The Fatal Wedding," ■ tbe newest en- 
closed . folly, opened last' .week. , Col- 
lectively there are eighty-seven different 
kinds uf amusements In the forty-four acre 
tract of the beW Luna. : 

Dreamlant. — For'-'the current week the 
dolly 'afternoon and "evening outdoor pro-, 
gramme of free shown remains unchanged. 
The attractions are the best, and present a, 
Variety of unusual acts rarely seen on a 
single programme, Tbe performers ure head- 
liners lit their respective classes. The high 
Wire features ore thrllllmr. The nerfnrm- 
e'rsdo their turns more than- two hundred 
feel above the heads of tbe spectator*: 1,1 
this group ore Howard and Lueilltn. How- 
ard makes a rapid slide for life on a wire 
running from the high tower to the light- 
bouse at the top of the chutes, banging by 
his teeth from a pully block suspended from 
the wire. Mile. Luellita does a high wire 
walking turn, concluding with a bicycle set 
In which she Is assisted by . Howard. Dlok 
Vroorhan makes a sensational ride on a 
bicycle down the chutes, plunging into the 
water of tbe lagoon. Mile. Hellene Gerard's 
equestrian perfermance, with her trained 
horse and dogs;' the Four Likens, aerial 
acrobats, execute difficult double and triple 
twisters ; the Five Gordons give a phenome- 
nal return act from the horizontal bars; 
Hale and Francis' act consists of novelty 
hoop rolling and Juggling; Cnron and Far- 
num do an eccentric acrobatic turn that Is 
amusing; Alexander Seabert's clown act, 
with bis donkey, is a burlesque that appeals 
particularly to tbe children; tbe Vueger 
Troupe is a European attraction that ia 
seen for tbe first time In this country. 

Notrs.— Watson's Theatre Is now In Its 
forty-second week of continued prosperity, 
and will open forty-eight weeks this Season, 
only closing two weeks in July and two 
weeks In August for necessary minor Im- 
provements. The. Cozy Corner was a big 
success this season, and made plenty of 
money. Big preparations ore nbw under 
way for next season by Manager Watson. 
The vaudeville features are promised to be 
of tbe best, and the stock company will be 
entirely new. Some of tbe beat comedians 
In burlesque have already signed, and there 
will be twenty-two girls In the chorus. 


Lon|svllle. — Jockey Club Park (James 
B. Camp, manager). — Tbe Imeprlal Marine 
Hand of Germany, under the direction of 
Herr Kltidi'rmunn, opens the Summer season 
at this park June for a week's engage- 
ment. Herr Kihderniaaa has arrapged with 
tbe management to have his programmes to 
consist of twelve numbers at every concert, 
lustead of eight, as In other cities. 

Sells & Downs' Circus, has papered tbe 
entire city' for two performances, to be 
given June 13. 

I' , s 

Pnilncnh. - -At the Casino (Matt Kusell, 
manager) the summer season of tbls the- 
atre opened May 30 with the .Grogs-Lynll 
Stock as the attraction, and "A Tnie.Ken- 
turkiaa" the bill. Tbe attendance 'was 


Deal Molnea. — At Foster's Opera House 
(Wm. Foster, manager) amateurs presented 
"Janice Meredith" to large and well pleased 
audiences June 3, 4. 

iNaxnnOLj. Pauk (Fred Buchanan, mana- 
ger). — Tbls park had a very profitable week, 
Slay 29 to June •>. Mayme Gebrue made a 
tremendous success with her new song, "All 
Aboard for Dreamland.'.' The Five Juggling 
Normans are the best club swingers ana jug- 
glers ever seen here. Booked tor week of 
Julie r> : The Nichols Sisters, Snyder and 
lluekley. Ciena™ aud Bailey, the flexns, Mor- 
eltl and Corelll, Jennings and Benmer. 

.(ir.NTRY Buos.' Don and Ponv Show was 
here June ,1, 4. The tent was packed at 
every performance. 

Wallace's Bui Show comes Juae (!. 

<*«*>* Ui.nld,.. .-At GreeneVOpern House 
(Will B, Collier, business manager) till* Yan 
Uyke stock Co. closed u two weeks' engage- 
ment May '2k. "My l-'rlsnd from India" was 
presented .to. hy. Cne College Students. 

Notes. — The second advertising ear of the 
Walla.ce Show was 'here ?&\, billing for tha 

netlsm, the poWer and beauty oTber Inspiring 
performances attracted audleHccs that HllcS 
her hoine. theatre during all the twenty- 

li«oMU — At the Casino Thektre the 
Elmore Sisters Comedy Co. opened for a 
two weeks' engagement May 30, aad li 
drawing good houses. 

Gents* Bros.' Show Is billed here for 
June 11. 



WHh the closing of the Eelssco Theatre 
Saturday night, June '4, when flenrletts 
C'roibisa gave her anal performance for 
this season of David Belasco's "Sweet Kitty 
Bellalres," Mr. llelasco completed the sei- 
ond year's history of bis artistic theatrical 
hbtne in Forty-second Street. It has been 
for him a genson of much achievement and 
much significance. What be has' accom- 
plished is mote or less fainlllar to oil who 
follow theatrical affairs, but lis present year 

falhs particular interest abd meaning trou 
be fact that Its high records of success have 
been Won at a time when marly other mana- 
gers, with other stars and plays, have heca 
complaining of the depressed state of the- 
atrical conditions. The explanation Is not 
hara to tlrtd. Mr. Dejasco has provided strong 

Slays, mounted with a rlchnes of art thut 
as not lieeri excelled. More than this he 
possesses in Mrs. Leslie Carter one of the 
greatest stars on the English speaking stage. 
u star who, with Blanche Bates and David 
Wnrdeld, forth a trilogy that, in (belr popu- 
lar aqd artistic values, It would be difficult 
to excel. The critics have accepted his ploys 
as being of the highest literary and popular 

' In view of these facts, a brief review of 
the various Belasco eoterprlses Is of Inter- 
est. The Belasco 'Theatre opened lis season 
Wednesday evening, Sept. lt«, when Blanche 
Rate's and the Bel'SBCo-Long Japanese plov, 
"The Dailitig ot the Gods)" resumed their 
remarkable run, not censing until this drama, 
hod completed a full twelvemonth on the 
home Htage. The total 'number of perform- 
ances at That time was 344, and throughout 
this long season the Gouse record was obe of 
capacity. Mrs. Leslie. Carter's brief season 
of three weeks followed, again demonstrat- 
ing the [lower of this actress to thrill plov- 
goer.v ana critics alike. The Hi'frt week of her 
Season was devoted to a revival of David 
Beicuco'a verslloo of '"Hata ;" the second week 
Was given over to bis play, "Dii Barry ;" the 
third week was divided between' the two. 
Broadway once more felt the lire of enthu- 
siasm Which Mrs." Carter's coming always 
arouses In New Vork, and again the mag- 

etlsa, the power nnd beautv of l 

elformanees attracted 

er hoine. theatre dilrl 
one nights of her sily. 

'Meantime, events iir.^irtnnt to the suc- 
cess of tlie Belasco year had transpired in 
Waslilngtpb. lie had .effected an arrange- 
ment Whereby Henrietta CroHmqn was to ap- 
pear-In the title nnrt ot his new play, a 
strong drama of old Bath, entitled "Sweet 
Kitty fiellalts." m the face ot' unloosed 
for and almost insurmountable obstacles, 
the first product luii of thU new work took 
place lu Washington, oh Wednesday evening, 
Nov. 'J5, and uf lor finishing the week in that 
city and playing a week at the Marvloml 
Theatre, In Baltimore, followed Mrs. Leslie 
Carter at tlie Belasco Theatre on Wednes- 
day; Dec. ft. The result was that New Vofk 
Witnessed another Belasco triumph. Tbe 
press were unanimous In prolse'o'f "Sweet 
Kitty Bellalrs" and In extolling tbe art 
of the production and the excellence of the 
cast In such manner as to show that tbls 
piayright-monoger was still a potent factor 
among producers. The record of Mrs. lies- 
lie Carter's "Du Barry" pnd' of "The Darl- 
in- of the Gods promised to be Worthily 
equalled la their successor. Throughout tbe 
succeeding months ''Sweet Kitty Bellalrs" 
has crowded the theatre an did the other 
Belasco plays, And tbe fact that It receot- 
ly passed Its two hujudredth performance is 
proof of Its pronounced success. 

The coming of "Sweet Kitty Bellalrs" lo 


.. Av'd"- 
Mrs. Carter's tour has taken her to every 
city of importance In ' the country. Including 
nine weeks, when tbls beauflful production, 
In all its thoroughness. Was show, 11 to the 
One night standi). She Is now ending her 
record with a tour of the West. Ere 
her season closes, on Aug. 1, she will have 
traveled more thuri thirty thousand miles, 
and It Is an Interesting record that this 
star has attracted to the box office more 
than a round million ot dollars during the 
leas than three seasons that she has been 
playing "Dii Barry." 

Blanche Bates' successes, In "The Dar- 
ling of the GOds," are likewise' notable. For 
seven weeks In Boston, eight Weeks In Chi- 
cago, and a week In each ot Ave other cities, 
she played to- the literal capacity of the the- 
atres, while the drama Itself was spoken of 
as another high example of Belascoan urt. 
It Is well worth noting that Miss Bates and 
her play have been chosen as a chief dra- 
matic feature of the St. Louis Exposition, 
where, for four months, beginning late In 
July, at the Imperial Theatre, she will show 
to the international gatherings In the West- 
ern city tbe drama that Is considered repre- 
sentative ot the high point that haB been 
reached la stage works In America.' 

"Tbe Darling of the Gods" has bad 
a still further proof of Its International 
appeal, for last December H. Beerbobm 
Tree produced It ot His Majesty's Theatre, 
In London. Later he produced It with a spe- 
cial company In Australia, and sent a third 
special company on tour through the British 
provinces. In London, as In New York, It 
was acclaimed a triumph, and Mr. Belasco 
found his Work once more As highly praised 
In the Uuropean capitals as. at home. 

Of Mr. Belasco's future plans, It Is known 
that Miss Crosman, In "Sweet Kitty Bel- 
lalrs," will reopen bla theatre'tn September. 
Mrs. Leslie Carter. will tie seen during tin- 
season In a new play, as will also Mr. war- 
field .who, daring the year Just closed, fin- 
ished his third successful season -In "The 
Auctioneer." Mr. Belasco's new blny of next 
season will be that In which Mrs. Carter 
will be seen. 

.,■+..». » 


Peoria,— At the Grand (Chamberlln, 
Harrington & Co,, managers) the season 
Is closed here. 

Sans Soiici Gabohn (WUI Nash, mana- 
ger). — Very light business here and nothing 
more Is expected till weather gels settled. 

Wrakt Tiikatui: (C. V. Bartsou. maua- 
ger).— An excellent programme drew well. 
Coming June (I and week : (Jnlnlmi aud How- 
ard, the liobhlns, McCullon, and 

Jacobs' Thkatrr (A. F. Jacobs, mana- 
ger). — Business Is satisfactory. June " 
and week the regular stock company, and 
O." V. ftockafleld, monologlst. 

CUM. — Heylman's stadium opened its 
season here Mnv 27, 28. wiiii Peoria talent. 
to well filled tents and made a very good 
Impression, Mr. lleylmap wbh stricken wlia 
rheumatism and was unable to leave with 
Ibe Show, so )t will got be taken out until 
his recovery. 

tbe Belasco saw the advance of Mrs. Leslie 
Carter And of Blanche Bates, In 'Tbe Dar- 
ling of the Gods'," to triumph In new Avlds. 

June II. 



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19 Broadway Theatre Bite, 4tst St. and Broadway. 

music and fdpj 

WHIM Woodward recently cabled Hie en- 
tire new I rlali sunn, "Molllecun." words it lid 
milHle, to Josephine Subol, hi London, Bug. 
When the opportunity whs presented 
letter, which had been delayed In transmis- 
sion from London, lo plneu the song "Mol- 
llcciiu," us it feature In mi nltrnutlvc inan- 
ni' r , and with no time to send it liy mall, 
Mr. Woodward sent for J. Louis MuclOvoy. 
mid astonished him by saying, "I mil goliitf 
' to cubic your song, ■Mullleeitn,' to Jnscphhic; 
Snbcl. In, London. Willi Mr. Mnctivoy unci 
Mr. Woodward at the operator's elbow here, 
ami a DiitHlelan. at the operator'* elbow In 
• London, the none;, words and music, wits 
sent, across under the waters of the. Aliunde 
Oreart and was satisfactorily received. "Moi- 
llecrin" Is now bclug sung lu Lumluii and 
Paris ', j 

! . Notes from Bob Markosky's band und or- 
chestru : Wc opened our second seitsou May 
' 22, lit llclmur Guldens, Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Ter„ aud met with success. Our rosier Is : 
Boll. Muk'orsky. director; G. L. (Itlp) lOmcry, 
rlarinncttes : l.'larencc Shaw und It. X. 
Prolhcrs, cornets: Carl Blaekstonc und Fred 
Ward, horns ; "Jack" I). Palmer, trombone ; 
Homer A. Dean, baritone ; .T. F. Warn, buss r 
Jomtih (Mlcklc) Median, traps. 

Mine, Schninann-llclnk arrived In New 
York last week, after the longest concert 
tout she has ever undertaken. .. It Included 
concerts lu Dallas, ..Texas, and Winnipeg, 
Manitoba. . Altogether she was traveling 
eleven weeks.. 'I'hls week, she will sing lu 
Bangor. Portland, Manchester, Burlington, 
and Atlantic City. On June lit she will will 
for Ktiropo, returning to this country about 
the middle of July. 

• Mmc.. Scmhrlch sailed for Ktirope on May 
20. The prima donna said that slic would 
remain at Dresden until October, when she 
will return to America for a brief concert 
tour prior lo Joining tlic Coni-lcd company. 

Albert Siilezn, formerly a popular member 
of the Gratt company, signed last week to 
sing at the Metropolitan Opera House, New 
York, next, season, under Ilclnrlch Conrlcd'a 

"Here's lo the Fiihst Blue Kihbon" Is the 
title of a new successful publication, which 
Is all the go in Milwaukee. The tnu«lc is 
bv Joseph Claudcr and the words by C. I'. 
McDonald. It Is Issued by Joseph Planner. 

Shapiro, ltcmlek & Co. have secured the 
new song by Anna Caldwell and Louise M. 
Brehany, entitled "Loin." Miss Brchuny In- 
troduced the song in her net at the Temple 
Theatre, Detroit, Mich., week of May 23-28, 
and received some excellent presa notices 
in the local papers. 

Geo. K. Schuyler hits been again engaged 
by Chas. K. Harris as his representative at 
Coney Island for the Summer. 

♦ *♦ 


1 mi I 

Detroit.— At the Lyceum Theatre <B. D. 
Stair, inanugcr) Kngcnlc Blair, in "Shenan- 
doah." drew good houses May 2ll-.luiic 4. Ihc 
piece was hnndsomely staged, und the princi- 
pal parts in capable hands. Mies lllulr, in 
. "Claire, or the Ironmaster," this week. 

Whitnkv Thkathfi (PL D. Statr, nuina- 
ger).~"A- Hidden Crime" closed the regular 
season to good business May. 21>-.lune 4. 

.Tkmi'LK Tiieatbh (J. II. Moore, iiiniiagcr). 
—The attractions for week oft! Include: Mar- 
low Plunkett and Co., Iledjlx and Fiescott, 
Selgor Sisters. McPliee and Hill, KllzHbeth 
M. Murray, 13d. F. Ueynolds, Melanl Trio, 1 lie 
Parisian Mlnslrels, Zeb and Star row Co. .Last 
week's bill whs Ilrst class, and the attendance 
large afternoon and evening. 

Graiul Duplets At the New Powers 

(Harry U. Sommcrs ft Co., malingers) Hie 
Bowser-Craven Co. will pluy. week of Juno II, 
"The Late Lamented.'' The company is 
playing to fair sized nuillonecs. 

Ramona TiiKA-ritn (Orln Stair, manager). 
— Week- of 5: Mines and Beiulngtun, Jamei 
J. Morton, Gallagher und Barrett. Frank. ta 
Mondue, Josephine Alnslcy, and the Gold 
Dust Twins. 

GonriiKv'K Pavilion (Chits, Godfrey, mim- 
ngerl.— Week of : (illmour and Lu 'lour, 
the Three I* .Mont a. Price and Benty. Burton 
and Blirtoti, und Chas. and Madge Hughes. 

Baiinum & Bailky's Snow Juno 10. 

Kniniimxoo. — The Acndcmy of Music 
(R. A.-Iiiish, ainiingcr) contlnuos dark. 'Ihc 
stage ami. iiudltorhim arc undergoing the 
annual Spring brushing up, redecorating, etc.. 
preparatory to the opening of the season of 

Tub Ahimk'mhnt Palach (K. (', McKI- 
hany, manager). — After a two weeks season 
of vaudeville, meeting with Indifferent suc- 
cess, this house closed Muy 22, and no dute 
for rooporilft'g is as yet announced. 

Casino Pabk iRnlril & Daken, uiumiBcrs). 
—'this place.: will open the. season June li, 
with vaudeville and specialty, some well 
kn.yvn people having been sceured. The com- 

Sanies will- change weekly, the grounds aua 
leatcj nnvlngjJiecn greatly Improved. 

Hiii.Nirji &'h Cinc.US comes 0. 

. i i . 

■ Bay City. — At Wnslilugton Theatre (W. 
■J- Haunt, manager) Wilbur Hlgby.lii reper- 
tory, at popular prices, guvc good siitlslHr- 
tlon May 2H-27. "The Midnight b'lyer" 
pleased a good hoiisa.28. Al. O. Kleld's Mlll- 
Mrels wciu woll rcWvcd ;il. The ltutlcdgc 
Stock Co. eiimes week of June 0. 

Wbnona Bhach Pabk Casino (L. W. Rlch- 
flrrts, innnuger). — Hrkert and Berg bead the 
bill for the opening" of this resort, 5. 

MnnlNlee At the Rnmsdell Theatre 

(ChnB.. M. Southwell,' manager) Al, G. 
Field's Co. plnyi'd to u'lnrge nnd anttreclu- 
tlve rfnrtlcncc nlglit of May 28. The rou- 
rensiis of opinion Is that It Is the llncst 
mlnsfrel show ever In (he city. Coming: 
"The Midnight Flyer" June 10. 

Notk,— The Summer season hns been so 
▼*ry backward thla year that none of the 
pleasure resorts are o pened as ye t. 

Untile Creek— At the Pout Thenlre (% 
ft. Smlllt, mnnngfr)- "To l»le at Dawn" had 
fair liunluess May 27. The Wilbur lllgby 
Stock Co. played to smnll houses 30-June I. 
Comlntt.: Thf Flints. In specialties, (1-11 : 
Clark, Stock Co. 13-18. 

Baiin>;m *: Bah.hy'8 Omci'H. due 8, baa 
auveriised thoroughly, and Indications ate 
good lor capacity buslncBS bete. 


Iliinstoii. — At Highland Park Theatre 
(Hugh Morrison, inniingeri (lie Morrison 
nuiiingers). — Business, ending Mny 31. con- 
tlnueil to attract us big crowds ns It did on 
the opening night. For u repertory company. 
It is tin evenly balanced one, giving such 
plays us "Hip Vuu Winkle," "Down on the 
Farm," etc., with excellent success, proving 
as good as any popular farce company that 
ever traveled this way. 

S'l'AK TlIK.vriu: I Ueynolds & Barkens! oc, 
ninnngers). — Business, ending May tlfl. con- 
tluued fair. I'eoptc :it> lo June 4: Charles 
H. Clark. Ilirdte Vurnell, Irene West, Miibei 
Wright, Flu I lunsl on. Francis Sisters, Nichol- 
son, Madeline La Verne, Annie nnd Kdim 
linvls. Lu and llciizely, Mitchell Sisters, 
lliildwlu nnd Milium, Kelly alid Bcrtbn, Clark 
anil Kinnions, and. Lillian Painter. , 
' Staniiahd TllBAtM (Alvido & I.nsscrrc, 
muuiigcrs). — Business. Is fait for this MM 
of. the year. Pcoiilo May !I0 nhd week: 
Bilker and Kondu, Frnest Bailey, the Kings, 
Walter and Ada; Three Mboros, Rtla Jtow- 
ufd. Agnes Alvln, Tom Hownrd, Grace Kus- 
Ki-li, Fay Hclinar, i'lxcelln, Mario Doekmnn, 
(ieorgle Mayo, I'Carl Gllniorc, Jessie Woods, 
Kittle Burke. Olgu Howard, Maud Gruysun 
aud l.lllio White. 

At, C12 Main Sti:i:kt. the Great Train 
Itolibery and other spectacular pictures, 
opened May 27, for four weeks, giving ex- 
hibitions to immense crowds. . 

Niit'k. — No move for a new opera house 
will lie made this year, hut the directors of 
Sweeney & Coombs Opera limine, will en- 
large same by. extending the present house 
fifteen feet buck, nnd Increasing Hie seating 
cnpiiellv live hundred. The house will also 
be made lite proof, and numerous exits add- 
ed, lo bo liamly In case of danger of lire. 

K1. 'Worth.— At the Standard Theatre 

(I'nuik De Bonne, manager) Mortimer nnd 
lingers, singing coiiietliitns, opened Mny .'10, 
presenting their sketch. "Itcdetiu's Reims." 
Line and Luco gave their sketch, "Chewing 
the Bag." The others : Virginia linnkln, 
Delia Ciirroll, Fuy Abbott, Howard und 
Alton, Lei lie Colton. Unity Dot.' Curl Cope- 
land, Lulu Dc Mar, Hand pierce, Billy 
Price and Lulu Lawton. The stock corn- 
puny presented "Mistaken Identity" ns uh 
opening uct. The week opened to capacity 

Ciiown TiiB.vritn (Phil. Fpstein, mana- 
ger). New people week of Mny 30: Gordon 
and Phillips. Alvln Dnshlngton, nnd Irene 
D'Arvllle. Those retained : Klcanor Dunhur, 
Sena Bccknmn, Dodle Gregory, Jus. Thomp- 
son. Mlsle Russell. J. 10. N. and (Ieorgle 
Powers. Jennie Howard, Ada Yule, and 
lOthel Russell. The one act comedy, "Font 
Trumps," whs I lie stock offering. Business 
con Unites beery, 

Notes. — Manager Do Bcqitc, of the Stund- 
ardr has returned wllh his. racing stable 
from ii siK'cessful ttlji of about four montlis 
over the Southern racing circuit. . . . Hurry 
li. llurion, for u long time comedian itt the 
Standard, hus taken the business miiuagc- 
incut of that house. 

Dnlliis.— At 'Cycle Park Theatre (C. it. 
Me Ada nis. in a linger | week of Mny 30, busi- 
ness continued good, with excellent prospects 
for a splendid season. The Stater Madison 
Sipinrc Theatre Co. opened for u six weeks' 
engagement Mny 21. . The bills presented 
were: "Three of a Kind," "NaTurc's Noble. 
man" nnd ••Brother John." The Cnrlcton 
Sisters remained with this attraction for the. 
week. Sunday night. May 28, the Sinter 
Co. played lo Ihc largest audience in tin: 
history of 'Cycle Park. Plays for the week 
of 30 were: "A Lie of Honor," "A Slrhgglo 
for Gold," "A Creole's llcvenge," "A Wo- 
mini's Mlstuko" and "Nell Gwynne." The 
Princess tP*{pra were secured for special 
vaudeville feiitiltesi mid Lea und Chapman 
Introduced their iHlcst success, "Wanted, u 

Tally's Fault Thbatiih (T. L. Tally, 

innnuger). — Hiislness coiillnues fair In spite 

of the warm weather. Tho same people ns 

lust week arc curried over. 



Deliver. — At Ilia Broadway Theatre 
(Peter Mct'ourt. mnuugor) week of May 
30 Broudwtty Stock Co. opened Hie Summer 
seusoii of Iwclrn weeks, with the best stock 
c.niipaiiv llicy buvc ever hud. The opcniiig 
tilece was "'llie Guv Lord Qucx." The ineni- 
bors of Hie compnny are: Robert Urntiet 
i, nd Kntlierlne Gray, In the lending rules; 
SpolllsiMHiil Allken. Chas. Halliick, Walter 
Thoimis. George Christie, Frank' Conner, 
Frank Humans, Janet ■ Kot'd, ' Kmlly Wnke- 
mun, Beitlah Wntson. Myrtle May, Marian 
Longfellow, Mitrlc Folk, Tliorn Odegard. 
Tho iiltiy whs well received, nnd drew packed 
houses, .Manager Mct'ourt bus (lie garden 
nil lixed up, and it Is well patronized be- 
tween acts.- Week of June 0, "When Wo 
Were Twenty-one." 

BUTCH Gauukns (Mary- Glitch-Long, 
innmigcr). — Week of (I, Anicllu Hlnghain nnd 
the Bellows Stock Co., In "The Climbers." 
Week |uf May 30— the opening' weekj— this 
popular Summer resort did (he best opening 
business that It enjoyed for years. The new 
stock compnny miirle :i big sitceess'ln "Parsi- 
fal." and parked the theatre at every per- 
foi'iniiiicc. The new iitlrnelioiiH. "The Did 
Mill." a ml tlie Double Figure Fight are doing 
u nulling business. The attendance. bus been 
the largest of uny week since (lie opoiilng 
of the gardens. Mrs. Flltch-I^uig h"s iiindo 
tho floral arrangement the best the garden 
has ever had. 

Xkw Chyktal (Geo. Ira Adams, tuunnger). 

Week of June tl : Dnww'in and Tarrell, 

Dorothy Duvls. Leo uml Sulky, Iterrlnn and 
Mitekln. Lenh Roy, Siidle Hurl. Chas. IOvhiik. 
Lusc week the bill Included: (Sale aud Wens- 
ley, Rlnghnm nnd Gable. iluiiHford and Hart, 
Burdell nnd Burelll, Krhest Biirlsuir, Chas. 
Kvnns and Klslc St. Clair. Business Is good. 

Novelty Thbatiih (Henry Lilhcsskl. man- 
ager). — Week of ft: The Hamptons, Three 
Francis, Three Romreys. Snow nnd West- 
bvcuik, Klrltpiitrlck nnd 1'nrr, Ituntimiin. Fnr- 
rell Sisters. llnvlM nnd De Held. Bill week 
of Muv 30 included : Reimnn nnd Frnnreelo, 
Snow 'nu'd WeslbriKik, Powers nnd Powers. 
Anna Gnnnuii, Frank Itouiiiiian. Ruslncse 

IS gQllll. 

Oni'iiKi'M 'A. li. Cnrson, mnpager). — 
Week of 30, Mrs. Leslie Carter played "DU 
Barry" to good bouaes and gave a good 
shOiT. ' 

( At, II ''IlllSlt. 
1 1 . _- 

I.iin .Vnireles. — At the Mason Opera 
House ill. ('. Wyatt, manager) "tlur New 
Minister" attracted good business May 23- 
3th June 7, Chamber music and ballad con- 
cert, ns u testimonial to L. 10. iicliyincr. 10. 
II. Solhern. In "Tho Proud Prince." D-lli 
Mamie. Adams, in "The Little Minister,'' 

Momisro's Id KiiANK Tiikatiik (Oliver Mo- 
roseo, niauiiger). — "Juno," by the Raker The- 
atre Co., drew well week ending May 2N. 
"Diploniucy" was Ihc 20 and week, lo 
good business. "The l'rliicc of Liars" June 
8-1 1. 

QtUNB Oi'kiia IIui'mh fCInreiue Drown, 
manager). — "Man's lOncmy" ntlracled grind 
sisied audiences week ending Muy '28. "The 
Two Orohttns," 20 and wOek, was the second 
bill offered by the Ulrlch Slock Co. "Fast 
Lynuu" Is underlined for t) and week. Tiikatiik (II. C. Wyntt A Oliver 
Morosco, miinngcrs). — "Boccilii'lo" atlriicled 
fair sized audiences week ending May 28, 
und was followed liy "lit Ciipltnu. 

OnriiKim (Clarence Drown, lunuuger), — 
Features Muy 30 and week : Mine. Slitiniff- 
ski. Chillies Poland and company, Hume, 
Ross and ..(wis, Cla'rii Biillerliil, Cenrge 41. 
Wood, Biillerini's dogs, Mldgley and Carlisle, 
and Orphenni motion pictures. 

Pmuik Tiikatiik tllenlz k Zullee, pro- 
prietors). — Features June 13 and week: 
llitwlev and Vnss, In a sketch, entitled "The 
Jew and the Groom:" lOdtui Mnrllln nnd 
Doris Greenwnld, singing nnd dunrlngi Bob 
Tipiu-I and iOinll Kllmetit, In n tmvelty mu- 
sical not: Nnlnlln Delgndo, Spnnlsh dancer: 
James Lvmie nnd- Albert Leonard, III a danc- 
ing skelch, entitled "Willie's Troubles," and 
Hie llnlipie-oscone. 

Biioaiiwav Tiikatiik (A. ,T. Mnrgcnslern, 
niunngor). — Features Mny 30 and .week : 
Kingdom I'ncle, comedian : Smith und Wnlsh, 
<i,ni"d.v Jugglers; l'eiiri Merlntn. Houbrrlle; 
Dick and 1/iulse Iliimlln, illuslrnted songs, 
und the Buttons, comedy sketch team: 

Xotks. — W. T. Wyittl, son of Mmniger II. 
C. Wyntt, is now Installed ns treasurer und 
ncllng manager at tiie Casino.. ..Frank 
lthldell, comedian of the Ullrich Slock Co.. 
at the Grand Opera House, owing to trouble 
with hl'i voice, will, it is thought, have lu 
discontinue his engagement .mil go Fnst for 

treatment James Nell! nnd Kdjthe 

Chapiiiaii. Ills wife, have plans arranged for 
visiting tin' St. Louis Fair, ucionuuinled by 

JOdwin Nelll A. .1. Morgimstni'ii. .if the 

Broii.lwny Thculre, hns udtlctl the Novclly 
Gr.lti:l rjientre, nt Sncriunento, Cul., und n 
liotise In Fresno, Cul., lo thi tiruiininiin cir- 
cuit, and l-i preparing to build bouses In San 
Bernardino and Snn Diego. Cul., and Pine. 
nix, Ariz. It Is rennrted Hint later he will 
add to tbls one eneh In Denver, Hull Lake, 
Wichita. Kansas Cltv. Omaha. Jefferson 
city, Galveston, Ft. Worth, Dallas, Holts- 
Ion, TucsJon and Alhtuinermio I0d- 

die Smith, of the Olympla Opera Co., 
ringing at the Casino, met with a pain- 
ful accident, by which one of his Bands was 
badly torn on a -stage hook. He, howeyei, 
insisted upon continuing in the performance. 
Mike Bolankl has lately been the ob- 
ject of two ferocious iillnekii by his "Ben 
Wallace" lion, one of which proved highly 

rectlnn of llerr Louis Kliidermun, gave two 
concerts, inntliire and night. June 2. 


giving a very successful carnival, under Hie , 
auspices of the liny milkers. 

Xotks.— The Slate meeting of lOlka will 

be held here Aug. 21-27 1. II. Dickson, 

lessee of the Grand Opera House, mid man- 
ager of jiamc for. the past seven years, has 
distsjseil of bis lciiso und .his bill. board pliuit. 
to C. C. I .our, I ho landlord of the (iriitul 
Hotel, The liotel mid opera honsc are both 
In tho same building, which covers nil. cut ire 
block. Mr. I.oor will employ a competent 
manager, and- iiutke sonic linprovrinents In 
the house. Mr. Dickson will devote nil his 
energy to his new tented production of 
"lluinply Duinply," rehearsals of which I*- 
gun June I. Tlic first performance will he 
glreti June HI, In Anderson, unit the com- 
pany will Ihen work West to the const 

Frank Gormnn and Jim Hill, representing 
Buckskin Bill, spent u day here. 
i ♦»» ■ 


Inillunniiollx.— At Ihc Purk Tbenlro 
(Dickson & .Talbott, iminiigers) Hie Ilolden 
Slock t:o. put oil "Knlhlci'ii Mavournei«n," 
May 30-. lime 1, and "My Partner," 2 4, to 
cilpuclly Imslncss. It has been derided to 
extend the season nnoilier week. "Itesurrec- 
llttn" 118, "The Charity Bull" till will bo 
jrl von. 

. Xotk. — Kd. 10. Daley goes ahead of .1. II. 
Dickson's "llumpty Damply," under ennvus. 
The season opens at Anderson. Ind., 10. 
4 I 

Kviinsvlllc. — Both the Grand und Peo- 
ple's Theatre hnvc closed ufler a most, suc- 
cessful seiiKon. mid during the Summer will 
remain dark, lu undergo nuuiiiroiis repairs. 

Ci ink's. I'.uik (Felix Sled'en.i Hurry I.IIW- 
rnnce, miiniigersi. — This resort Is olTcrlng.iin 
excellent line of iitli'uclhms. nnd Is drawing 
larger' crowds limn ever before. lu the thea- 
tre good repertory shows are given, with a 
change of programme nightly. New attrac- 
tions lu i he line of roller cunsters, cave of 
the winds, flying Dutchmun, uud other side 
shows arc features. 

Kocii'h Giiovk Is offering free attractions 
and getting big crowds. 

Wkmt Iikiuiits Paiik offers vniidovllle, 
wllh a weekly change of programme, und Is 
doing good business. 

DAK Sot mit I'akk (St. Car Co., mana- 
gers). — This nark will be opened/June 11, and 
will run all Mummer, wilh two performances 
dally, and a weekly change of programme. 
Joe Btirk will be secretary and treasurer. 

Xotks. — T. A. I'cdlny, of, Iho linn of Ped- 
ley i. Iturch, In a newspaper Inlervlew, hm Id 
that If the citizens of Ownnsboro, Ky„ 
would lake 1,000 tickets at Mo a-plcce they 
would build n theatre, with nil modern con- 
veniences, and one ttuit would do a city of 
■|ii,iiiMl inhabitants grout credit. Tho mutter 
was Immediately taken up by Iho Owcnsboru 

business men and will be pushed The 

erection of n $40,000 theatre has Just been 
begun In Henderson, Ky.. by Pndiicnh cap- 
italists, and It will he completed In time 
fur next season's business. Twelve seats 
were sold In Henderson for the opening per- 
formance at $100 a sent, and 1,000 seals 
went nt Sin per. The singe will be .60x30" 
feet, and All modern conveniences will he 
put ill: .... .Sells ft Downs' Circus In IsHikcd 

for Kvniisvllle on June T The local 

F.Iks, MIS, hnvc Jmil begun to erect their 
new home, nnd one of the handsomest build- 
ings In the country will be built. 

Sun nlotto.— At Hie Isis Theatre III. C. 
Wyatt, iiimigeri. — The tlrnttnii & De Vernon 
Smelt Co.. In repertory, Is piny lag to good 
houses every night, changing the hill twice 
:i week. The members are fust making Ihelr 
way to the hearts of, our public. "Our 
New Minister" June -I, the opera. "Tim Mus- 
keleers." by the local lodge of Klks, 7-11. All 
open dates are tilled for ihc Suuitucr by tlio 
Gruttiin k pe Vernon Stock. 

Seattle.— At the Grand Opera House 
(John Port, manager) Illrhnrd Mansfield ap- 
peared June 2-4. In "Old Heidelberg." "lvni|, 
the Terrible," "Beim llmminel," nnd "Dr, 
Jekyll nnd Mr. Hyde." Week of ft Is dark. 
••Our New Minister" opens Itt for week, 

Skattlk Tiikatbk (J. P. Howe, inunngcr). 
—The house is dark. 

Tiunu Avkniib ■ Thbatiih (Russell & Drew, 
iiiimiigors).— Week of May 21), "A Thorough- 
bred Tramp." Week of June o, "Tho Buffalo 
Mystery." To follow: "Just Struck Town," 
Melbourne McDowell, In repertoire. _ 

Alcaiaii TiihatiiK.— Lffltt week, -Kd. Red- 
mond and Ca, i In "The Girl from Albnily ' 
and *'MJ rarlncr," 'Hie same company, <n 
repertory, Jii«e.Ii-ll. •• ■■•• . ,. 

Homos Titr.ATltK.— NCw : The Alters, Ad- 
dison and Livingston, Furl and Na Gar, Clem- 
ent Iferklits,. kliieliucope pictures. 

liMi'Jiin Tiikatiik. — New : Hugh J. 10m- 
melt, the ItuNsells. Applelon und I'erry, 
Wlllnn, liSwrenco Weaver, moving pictures. 

Ckystal THK.ITHK.— New: The Grent F.x- 
iHislllon Four, W'llsiiii iiiul Moriin, Leu White, 
1/00 SiH'iicer, morlng pictures. 

La I'ktiti: Tiikatkb, — I'lillllps und Mrr- 
rltt, Arlington nnd llelstnn, llnt-ry Howard, 
Gene King, moving pictures. 

Ollt'HKUM TiniATUK. — New : The Great Jug- 

f ling ■ Thorns, .Danny Donovan, Kelley and 
lussev, .Winters nhd Huminers, .losephliio 
Regal, llanlld lloir, moving pictures. 

Com ly i it Thratiik. — New: Venn Five, 011- 
vlo nnd Fawn, Dlrvln, Mexins and Mexlus, 
Booker Sisters, Flora Dubois, Lillian Starr. 

Xoiutis .t llowKH Now Big Shows pluy 
May 30- J una L 

i * • 

spoil ii no. — At the Spokane (Dun L. 
Weaver, mnnngcr) the Four Cohahs. In 
"Uiiuiilng for Olllce." came to big Imslncss 
May !I0- June 1. The Rogers Bros, played, 
to capacity business, May 211, 27. Itlchtitd 
Mitiislleld comes June tl. 
, Aummkiuu (Harry C. Huywiird, niutiu- 
ger).— The Jessie Slifrley Co. Is playing lo 
good business, at itopulur prices. For week 
of May 30 the bill wa« "The Texan tllrl." 

lOntsiiN (Francis Nelsonia, innnnger). — 
Tho new faces week of 30 were : Llndon Sis- 
ters, Curl Raymond, Ilissonnetlo and New- 
man, Lillian lenders nnd Will C. Iloyt. 

CoKi'ti u'Alnnm (Jacob Goets, manager). — 
Bill 30 and week : Harry Nrwiunn, lOinor- 
Min and Lynch, Mlgnon. Hie Ncals, Brldon's 
Puradox, and a en nine circus. 
. CoMloun (I. D. Hollnnd. manager). — Bill 
30 nnd week: Clomhigs und MeAllster, Min- 
nie Martin, Rouleau and Stevens, May 
Adams, Duforcs Woodworlb, and tbe Tra- 
veller. . • 

• Tncomn.— At the T'ncoma Theatre (Cnl 
Tin llclllg. manager) Llui Itounrs Broth- 
ers, In •'Tlic lingers Brothers m Ixiiidolt," 
May 25, 2(1. pleased good audiences. Richard 
Munsllcld, lu "Ivan Hie Terrible," June I ; 
"The N«w Minister" 24, 25, F.. II. Hotlicrn 
30. which closes the season nt litis house, 

LvcKU.M TllBATKK (lieiill Worley, uiiiiiu- 
ger).— Isalnd Irving, ill "The Crisis," May 
23, drew u good house, 



OfttD tbe Bltt Posters. 

Notes from I.0011I No. 17, Bnslon, Mass.- - 
The cxcciiIIyc lsiiird of tills hiciil met Thurs- 
day evening. The hoard endorsed Hie bakers' 
strike nnd label, and will nlsu attend tho 
mass meeting or tho garment workers' 
union. President (lumpers, of tho American 
Federation of tabor, will be the chief sjienk- 
cr. Itio. Jim (Iniuaioii lius chnrge of Iho 
out lug, at Bedford, Mass. Tim pnrly Will 
leave for Hie outing Sunday, Juno 10, from 
Hie Piilace Theatre, at 7 o'clock, sharp. Iho. 
10. J, Curl In did the billing for Frank Paul's 
benellt, nt IOIks' Hull. Bm. Geo. Collier 
plaretl several incmls/rM of this local at Hie 
automobile races. M.ny .'10. Bro. Jed. Wch,rlc, 
our llnnhciul aocretnry, Iiiul charge of the re- 
freshments nt Hie A. O. li. excursion, 011 
iho steamer New Brunswick, mi Decoration 
Day. Bro. Red llbgun did the billing for 
Niinlnskel, May 30. Hm. Win. Watson did 
Hie same for the Dorchester .Driving Cluh. 
Bro. Henry Cnrbelt, superintendent of thn 
Donnelly Bill Posting Co,, received a letter 
of thanks from our president, Frank Lloyd. 
10 very nisi, In Ills shun has B paid up eiiril. 
Bro. John Cu licit, of Iteverc, and Urn. Frank 
Donahue, of Maiden, ore III charge of the 
bill posting at Hint section. M. J. Wngfin, 
of the Colonial; Geo. Collier, of tho Globe; 
Chiia. Perry, of the Tromont, nnd t'liiis. Ilnr- 
rls, have Im'cii reengaged for next season. 
Bro. White Is at the Tremont for the Sum- 
mer. Bro. Hurry Peyser will have elntl-go 
of tho advertising for tho big food fair nt 
Mechanics'. Building. 

Notes from Isical No. 18, of Newark, N. 
J., N. A. II. P, mid II. of A. -Al a anecliil 
meeting wo Initiated P. C Jones, of Blot- 
son's "lincle Tom's Cnbln" Co., also, lillcr 
on, Leo Franks,' of HiIh city, We worn visited 
lust week liy Iho Pawnee Bill Wild West 
Show, Car No. I, represenleil with Hie fol- 
lowing rosier, under the able leadership of 
P. W. llnrrell, car niiiiinger: II. Mathews, 
boss hill poster: M. L. Hell, -assistant boss 
bill tHMter; A. Dea, lithographer: A. Town- 
send, ilsslstntil llthogruplicr ; II. J. Lnydnii, 
banner agent; J. F, lliiloinnii, iihsIhIiiuI. hau- 
lier agent, ami Bill Jack, M. Wlselmrl, W. 
Kcillowood, .1. Jones, T. Corby, Fd. linker. 
Rett Lure, W. Wpliiim, P, Merrill. T. Ilowser 
and Geo. Aiken, hill posters: It. Winder and 
shorty McKnlfhl, chef and assistant chef. 
Thanks for communications from Bros. Free, 
Chas. II. Schmidt und others. Our nest 
incollng will Isi hold June 12. and Recording 
Secretary II. H. Parker would like (o beiir 
from nil mil of town members, as business 
of liu|Mirtniiin Is going to lie acted iipon.:% 

Roster of No. 2 cur of Iho Illinium ft Rillley 
Circus: Al. Rlrl and II. A. Mann, munugers; 
Win. Shea. Imss bill (sister; Richard Lit- 
fever, assistant boss lull poster, and. L. j.l. 

Kiiviiiuiaiiitli. Country men: Dennis Dlbllne, 
10. Maluiffy, (1. Morgan, .1. A. Leister, .Inhu 
10. Lyons and W. J, Oliver. lOicurslon u)en : 

Anderson. — Al the Grand Opera, House 
(J. B. Dixon, manger) (be First imperial 
Military Band of Germany, under tbe dl- 

nrlilu'ciiiM-l. — At Smith's Then III' (tOll- 

ward C. Smllli, linger 1 "Mother Goomu' 

opera Jltpc a, 4. (Iiome tiilenl), pltived (o 
big Imslncss. The theatre closed 4, for Hie 
season, und In Hie mcuntlme will bo reno- 
vated and linproyid. 

Piil.l's Tiikatiik (Joseph Crldille, 111111111- 
gerl. — The hill fur week of May 30 played lo 
good hiislness. During (lie Summer mouths, 
or until 11 clmiign Is inmoimocd, Pull's will 
piny stock companies. Tim Ilrst nllincllou 
10 appear BcIiibco's "Charily Bull,'' 
for work of 

l'i,i-..\Hi:iin Bkac.'ii.— This Hummer resort 
will o|K'll about June 15 and plBy vaudeville 
at one of the Summer houses. It will bo 
under Hie management of Joseph A. O'Brien, 
who served In thn an me capacity 4nst year. 
The bookings for (he Ilrst week hnvc not yet 
been arranged. 

Noths.— Word reached thin city last week 
that thn Todd Judge and Cellulitis families 
of acrohalii, who recently Joined forces, are 
meeting w-llli great success at the HI. Louis 
Kiuoslilini, where they urn now playing. . .v. 
Brldgi'isirt Aerie of lOugh.'s had 1111 anul- 
versury celebrnHon II, which was attended 
bv Fugles from Brooklyn, New York nnd all 
purl* of Connecticut.. .... .Bert Leslie, of 

Hie Dainty Duchess Co., writes that the Hum- 
mer colony of St. Junius, L. I., is Just form- 
ing, and .many of the thesnbiiii will lie ipiur- 
tcred there Is-foro the end of thn week. 
Among inose who meet to spend the Summer 
months at the colony are: Willie Collier, 
Bert Leslie,. Frank JIcNIsh, Tony Pu troll, 
Hurry Foy, Itlce nml I'nily, De Wolf Hop 
per, James J. Corbel t. Tout Lewis, n«m Re- 
gan, Tom GitlTIck, Mike Nechcrt. George F. 
Nush. Ted Burns, FI*lo and Dunn, I'red 
Bulla, Itebtrt nnd Peto Dalley, Charles Blgc- 
low, Frahk Lnwlor. Ralph Holmes and Pbil 
McFnrlnnd. Among Hie .members of tbe 
colony who illnl lust yenr were: John Ker- 
nell, Jerome Hykes uuil Fred llulier. 

— John Drew will "Open his American sell- 
son In September unit ul (he lOmpiru Theatre, 
Now York, under the management ot Charles 
Frolimnn, Ho will appear In "The Ihiknipr 
Kllllcrankie." by Cspt. Itoliert MHrnlmll, 
which is now runfilojl successfully .si the 
Criterion Theatre, Lonaon, Enr. 

Prior. Ilahr, Hneley While, James Lyons, 
Oliver Burr, lOd. 'IT10, M. Cuuulilaii and W. 
J. TI10I10. Lithographers: If. It, Jewell, 
boss: B. WitthlilS. Prognuniaers, F. fliii- 
terson, buss; (llias, L'nrtla. Lltho. Iioiinls: 
J. Smllli, In charge. Culinary depurtineni : 
10. P, Harris, chef; 10. 'i'uwlua, wullor; II. 
Miller, porter. 

Rosier of Gentry Ilros.' Shows: nilvmim 
cur Nn. I '. (Oddle M. Jucksou, , local con- 
Iructor: Itulplt Hti|Bi-lor, boss hill poster; 
Riilpli Idsit, banner, luun ; Harry Belt* John 
It. Fall us, .1. 10. Simpson. Diive Berkley and 

Thomas Moody, hill uostrrs : Frank K. Slulr. 
programmer : Hairy Johnson, rrir porter, 
und II. P. Hill, general ugeut und railroad 

Bro. John Kenny, of Local No. 2, , New 
York, died suddenly 011 Decoration Day. jit. 
Ills home In this etly. lie was lweiity-nlno 
years of nge. The remains were Interred 
June 2, lit Cul vary Omijlery. The funeral 
was attended liy many members of No. 2, of 
Which he whs 11 charier member. 

Notes from luteal No. 21, Buffalo, N. V — 
Bios. Chus. Howe ami II. I.'. Brlslcr, of thn 
Academy advertising slnff, ami. Geo. David, 
treasurer of Iho Acudeinv, gava 11 benellt 
Muy 30 uud 31, with four performances of 
vaudeville. It was n grand success In. all 
ways, and everybody was well pleased. iHto. 
Chits. Bowe expects lo leave for Ht Loillti 
on Juno H, lo spend the Similiter. Tlio 
Academy. Lyceum and Trek Theatres i'Iomi 
this week fur tin: Hummer. 

'led Giilbmllli, or laical No. 23, Memphis. 
Tenn., who has been Doe Wnddell's assistant 
ahead of tlio Ted 10. Fmist- Mlnslrebf the 
nasi season. Is sniuidliiu (he Siftnmcr ut bla 
houiu at New Philaileiphiii, 1). 1 

' . ..i » , » 


Allntila, — At the Gin lid (II. L. ft J. L. 
Dc.tllvo, mitntigersi Iho concert of the At- 
bulla Musical Fesllvul, Muv ilo-Jimo I. nt- 
ttiieieii large iiiul ■■nlliiislasHc mldlemes, 
Those who uppenred were : Dell Martin Koh- 
dnll, Mine. Si-huiiiutin ■llchik, Waiter (Wile- 
muii lOainest, Slg. Guiseppe Ciimpiinurl, Oscar 
lOhrgolt, Mine. M. IVImdprle, und Silvio Itisr- 
garl, a chorus of two hundred, und tho 1 At- 
lanta Symphony .Orchestra, with Dr. .1. Lewis 
Browne, musical director, The -concerts wero 
11 success In every respect, notwithstanding 
the extreme bud weather. Tho capacity ut 
(ho house wns tested. 

I'onck Dr. I.kon 1'ajik. — This polmlnr re- 

sort Is enjoying 11 prosperous season, all the 
tractions receiving; liberal nqlronage. .. 
Piinck Dr, Lkon (lisiMi (Jake Wens, innn- 

ullractlons rerelvluu llfs-i-ul ptilronny 
r, Dr, Lkon ((amino (Jake Wei 
uger).— One of the best vaudeville hills that 

ugcr).— One of the best vaudeville hills that 
bus been presented to I he patrons of tblu 
house was on week of Muy 30. It Included : 
Tho I'bcola Midgets, Lionel -Kironaiort, 
I'leiiry Trlu, I'ialkowskl, Dc'liuorc and Dare), 
Ulld Dorothy Wallers. 

NirrK. — Work Is being rushed on the Slur 
Theatre. Manager J. It. Thnmpsoii expects 
to open It on Ihc Ilrst Monday In September. 
When fomnlcled this 1 licit ro will lie one ot 
thn most nllriicilve viiiiiievlllo houses In the 
Mouth, nnd up to date In every respect. 
♦»> 1 

— Orrln Johnson hns been engaged as 
lending man fur Bertha (Jnllniid next season, 
to play Sir John Maimers, lu "Dorothy \>r 
11011, of Hiidileli Halt.'.' Mr. Jnhiiaoli wlfl 
phiv on lour with Miss Gnihlnd, lu "Dorothy 
Vernon, of II111M011 Ifiill," uiilll Febriinrv, 
wlien he will create the leading mule role In 
the new play which Miss Galland will then 
produce. It Is understood Hist Mr. Johnson a 
contract with Mr. Zlifimennau extcuda ovar 
at period or three jears. 





OUR 1904 

Writ* Us for On*» Today and 



onoy. You Aro Wolcomo to It. Ol 

274 East Madison St.. CHICAGO. 








WANTED, Lady Vocalist nun Pianists, a Dm 
Hill in WnmaD who Van play lwria; ulB'i Man Wlin 
bm sing, for Si rung Juvenile Purt*. On road Hum- 
inTer and Wlnler. Rlrlr.tly ronllrtenllal. Business 
ll til. Idler. U1IAS. WARNER EASTMAN. Oft. 

10 mid 20c. lil.HK BRAHl) FILM, Wn., CHEAP. 
gali.ot, W qiirlstoplierSlreet, N. Y._ 


Willi .line inrin", ian liave rarest chance with 
young man. Composed greatest tlnnrlntr panto- 
inline OttiKlngnct. Experience unnecessary. Add. 
mil par .lcular*. PAHTSKK, ittj B'way, B'klyn, N.Y. 


To <lo straight In a double Dutch Act. Mum be 
utile to play pari*, Good nhanee to right puny, 
state height, weight, age. 26 weeki booked. Open 
June 13. Tell Mi In first letter. Address P. M., 
care or Trafalgar lintel, 118B. Mill Street, H.TC 

B AHNAINH— BAROAINH In Moving Picture 
Mochiue*, Film Slide*, Btereuptlcons, etc. Closing 
out niock on hand tit Iran llian coat to make room 
iinrlng alteration*. Write to day tor what you 
want. AMERICAN EXCHANGE, (130 Ualacy Ml., 
Bro oklyn. . 

WAltTKD, at all limes, lecturers and Qood 
All 'Hound Performer*, ran change for one week. 
.salary every Sunday, Imt no tickets. Permanent 
address, J. 0. ARMOND. 
Oregon M eu. Co.. North Sutton, X. H . 

.II'GGI/RKSI aim Maglcliins-Have For Sale 
cheap, a Complele Oitltlt for a Hood Juggling Acl. 
Also it lot of good Magical Apparatus, etc. stamp 
for particular*. Address Bin. C. MAR HE, 

j04£A.]ien_Av«. L 8l. I.oiil*^Mo._ 


MEDICINE HIIOW, under rnnvns, III PhUa. Sea- 
son'* Work Hummer uad Winter, state lowest aui- 
ary. Poor Joseph Remedy Co., MR. M. LF.ONZO 

Manager, s-2T Spring Garden .St., Philadelphia, I'u.i 

FOfl BALE— Big Fair around Store Show or 

I'arnlvnl Miixeuni. Id Palming* mid following Oil- 
riiislllo: Snake Child, Two-headed I'lah Child, 
Tlpiflti Douiile Child, Mermaid, War Museum, tei 
Panels, 14x23, wllh Magnifying Glass: Fine War 
scenes of Exciting lumen, War Relic*, Lamp*, 
Ticket*, .signs. curtains, etc, all In I good packing 
Imxea. will) lock*, hinge*, etc, painted blue; nlioui 
NiHIlh, nulv $H6, C II. I). S46 Ca«h, Lint free. WM. 
NELSON,'* Van Nnrdotl HI., No. Cambridge, Muss, 

skKTI'llKM.Travcslle*. Iliirlesn.bes,ele..wrlr 
ten to order The hen work furnlHlieil to profes- 
sional-. Jo*. Ker*liaw, K21 Ihitlonwood St., Plllllt. 


have parted inn U.vDi&tivs lirntiRT and 

united for ever ami ate. 


No. 9. 

World's greatest book of comedy, con- 
taining ill Original Parodies. 9 new Mono- 
logue*, 4 great .Sketch**, new Dutch, Irian 
and Uebrew. Specialties; Cunilc Poems, 
To»»ts and Epitaph*; roar roaring fareen, 
and great burlesques, beside* hundred* ot 
new Gag*. BUirle* and Jeala— 80 big pages. 
One dollar per copy. Hack numbers a* rot- 
lows: any i, n.iwi any a, $2; any 4, $2.6ii 
or Hud gel a 3, 4, it, 7 and s, $:t. Oilnrs onl of 

Kbit. Band all orders lo my agent, 1.. J. K . 
Kll,. 1404 Third Avenue, New York. 


l.ady preferred. Aitilrcsi 

JAIK COKE, (Urn Jean. We*t Va„ 
'_ Uare of Olrn Jean Opera Mouse. 

Wanted, Leading Man. 

MM be able to produce and atug« drama* prop- 
erly. Two bill* weekly, Long ami pleasant en- 
gagenii'iil. ' Htalc sain iv and II yon play lima*. I 
pay all. HEMPHTF.AD PltlNTR, write. 

! J. (i III I'.hK, cure nf Swiss Entertainers, 
. Winnipeg, Mail. 




Adilrc** care of PAKKX' STOUK CO.. week il, 
.HutuhKnrj^ Pn^week t;t, lliiutlngdon. Pa. 


Wire jour iMlrireaa quirk lo 

C. SIITO, Hillsdale. Mich. 

< '*i'« IINITRO (AHMVtl, CO. 


For Hand and Orolicstm. Also people that do a 
uovol aei for big show nnil a euncert liitu. Katou, 
It'id., Jline in; Dunkirk II, Itedkey 1:1, Portland ir>. 
Name lowest salary. TDK S1PK SHOWS 


V DR. OAII1. HKKRMAN. Newark. Del. 


AND LU, THKATRICAI. GOODS. Scenery painted 



cheaply and qnlokly, Amaleura supplied^ 
(in AH. K. 1111.1,14.4.11 W. 41*t Ht.,Ntn 

■rilli "FOUR TRACK RHWr* 

For J iiiic. 
The .lune iiiiinber of Thr four 7'iiiclt AVie* 
In full of marler lulereNllug, u»l only lo 
travelers, but lo the general lender. lis 
i ii 1 1 It- of coutcnlH In nnuNiiiilly long, iind II* 
coutrlluitor* Inchule h number of well known 
writer*. The pleasures of Summer lire dealt 
Willi under various titles, mid Include tales 
of the Adlrondacks, of the Ureal Luke*, of 
the West, of the moiiiilaliis mid of die -en 
Nbiire. There la nlao much which will en- 
tertain Ihe foreign traveler ana the general 
reader will Hud entertainment In other ar- 
ticles mil pertaining exclusively to travel. 
There tire (lie itsiiul Interesting departments, 
luienis. bit* of humor, etc., and lite IIIiih- 
trillions lire exreptloniillr attractive. — J-'coni 
ITir iVeir l'«t* Kerns Bureau, ilaii 19, IflflL 

AT LIBEBTT for Next 8easoD, 
J. D. McCABE, 

tlia mil eis, Coined y, M. and D. Npecialt y. 


I.lglil Juvenile, Ingenue, 

Slide Trombone, Holo«. 
_ Add re»* STATION H, Philadelphia, V*._ 



And his Moving J'lctnre and lllua. Hong Onifll, 
"F.dison'*;" have plenty Film*, all up to date; also 
double Slide. Trombone or Propa.; experienced; 
liank reference; don't tiooze: prefer Hummer re- 
anrl or parka, Wanted, Q md Second Hand Films 
at all times; bat price paid; send your list. Jlave 
Lot of Films for sale cheap. Permanent address, 
817 8KVBNTII AYE.. Beaver PaJK Pa. 


Harry, Kra. Fredora anil Mlna (age I and 6), pre- 
senting a Novelty Acrobatic Acl, Introducing sing- 
ing, Dancing anil Irish Comedy; also do Yankee, 
P.ccentrlc, Jew, Irish and Black Pace. Have plenlv 
of Singles, Doubles- and Trios; Play Part*, Double 
Cornet In Band d.RADF.R); i-ady, Slide Trombone; 
Fredora, Alto. Can also rurnlah Piano Player 
(MAN), K. I,. Doty, Read or Fake, Double Tuba In 
Brass. Will Join any show that pays salaries, either 
vaudeville, dramatic, farce comedy or nted. 

LA ItKANK FAMILY. Terre Haute, Ind. 




■ome Early O jien Time in East 

"IN IIKltl 

Address I.AWSON IIKltRMANN, N. Y. CI.JJ'J'Klt. 





Addreaa MATT KHBRL.l.,Gh«muavlgn,III, 


Booking for ibis and ncxtseaaon at Sntfeni, N. v.; 
(loslicu, N. Y.; Momgoniery, v. Y.: HttSHe.v. N. J.; 
Iluckeintowii, N. J. Uooil one, two and three 
night *ianil*. All booming town*. 


No. aid Main st.^Pateraon, N. J. 

ATT uJ3J9R'iTV»"' 

Dowaiog's Moving Pictures 

And HIiiHtrated Songs, tierpenilne lianrc Kd'ect 
Slide*, all the latixi up to date Films. War, Comic 
subject*, itusso Japan War, St. Louis world's 
Fair, now ill liberty for Hummer *eaaoti. Wanted, 
Young (Colored) Uulv to iln HcriH-ntlne Dance and 
llluslraieil Song*. Address, let ei only, OKO. A. 
DOWNINd, Hill Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Member A. F. of if., 



R. ,VI. ItAMSAY, Mori l»oll, Illinois. 



That Ploys string anil Rras* and who can sing; 
who can put on .mm* preferred; niusl be ladle* 
and gentlemen, suite all you do In Ural letter. 
DR. HAMMOND, Kane, Pa. 



FOR ctllMVAl, BROW. 

Musi lie able lo make gnud opening and take full 
charge ol show. Wire. II0SH S SMITH, 

UiiIimI Carnival Co., Hillsdale. Mich. 

WANTED. " r 

Vaudeville Pianist 

UYItON SPAVN SHOW, l.ewlst.urg. Pa. 



Summer engagement. Address 

_WAI,TF.II PLIMMKIt, 63 W. Wtb SL, N. V. City. 


Iron otiuclicr, 11-2; Mill Lifer, f 14; tltlp mid Mus- 
cle Maolilne, *n: Kleclrlc Lung Teller, S1H. Few 
other at bargnlua. J. oasskk, 

son Columbus Ave., Ronton, Mass. 

Tent*. K)N30, :m.\-10, :mxM, kiImut, taiMttl; extlii 
Middle Pieces, u lenglha of new Itlues. 

PRARI. VAN. Northvllle.X. Y. 


coat nine* iirepared l»r Ballets, Marches, etc. Sam- 
ple bottle, with direction* for use. $1. 
It. II. RAYKN, 1IB_W«J« 13Hi Ht., N^Y.J 1 ^ 


Willi the privHcdge of buying, Merry On 'Ronnd, 
complete. Address, fall particular*, price, etc., 

J. NITIlinvF, Colonial Hotel, Poiuplou Ukea.S. J. 



Addrea* « M'. itoih Su, New York City. 

Harstn's Bargains. 

Rutaian-Japanese War Slide*, St. Loula 
World's Fair slide*. Song Slides, Cloak and 
.Serpentine Slide*, Comic and others, beauti- 
fully oolnred, -jscl.t perallde; I Doable Dis- 
solving Stcreoptlcon, wltu dissolving key 
and hose, -i half size lenses with hoae and 
sheet, all complete, S40; l Stereoptlcon for 
Illustrated Songs (oil), $m; One Oa* Tank, 
»a; l Klectrtc stcreoptlcon, complete wllh 
Rheostat, $:o. 

HloviDg Picture machine 

(LUBIN'S), $25.00. 

FILMS, $2.00 PER 50ft. UP. 

Rulie and Mandv, Train Robliery, Life 
Haver's Reapon*-, The Accident In the Col- 
liery, and loo oilier*. 


The Man With the leader and the Hoae. 
Emerald, My Irish Jewel. Foolish Dream*. 
Meet Me In St. Loins, bonis, and 6!) others. 

We take Old Films, Song Slldea and Ma- 
rt lues In Exchange for New Ones. 

We Rent Machines, Films and Snag Slides 
with or without operator*. 


LIB B. Kill SI., New York. 
Tel., 3S12 Oram. 

IUfll t IliVCCT ,n Kstabllshed Itep 
IT ILL InlEvI criolre Company of 
moil'*i preieoslona, with a view to building up 
a meritorious, permanent organization to plar 
the smaller cltlei. Or might consider Summer 
atoek or oilier promising enterprise not Involving 
large capita I or great risk. 


Competent, Kelinbie Professional (man or woman) 
with feasible plans, which must be ontlined fa 
/nil mid cnmitMe ilttnli to Insure attention. 
Add rent »> 


340 Eicl ld Ave nge , Cjgfepj , OWjl 



That cutt change for one week or 10 davs. state 
If vou play organ. 



Oborai Ladies, Sketch Team and Single 
Wonea. in All Lines. 

Plane Player, that Can Bead Af Sight. 

J. M. BARTON, Auditorium Theatre, Norfolk, Va. 


For Dickson's Hinnpty Duronty Co. First class Biibb 
and Tnlia, Trombone and 01 Iters who double. Must 
lie able in play standard music. Three day* and 
week stand* Write or wire lowest aalarv. Pay 
own lintel. Re ready in Join on w Ire. - 
__Anilerson, Oare of Grand Opera Houae, Ind. 


leading Lady aid Soabrette, 


til lie i people write. 

_ T OMB. WAMM, Woodstock, 0nL_ 


CANYAS PAVILION, Vaudeville People In all line*, 
Sketch Teams. Novelty Aola, etc. Those doubling 
II. and o. preferred. Privileges to let. Cracker 
Jack Song Rooks aud Adr. etc Show opena latter 
pan of June. Will buy long running Picture f linn, 
also Combination Car. State all In tlrst letter. For 
anle, one J'lpe Organ, with cymbals, ten tunes; 
bargain. Price $». Address 

FREEMAN 1IROS., Nellgh, Neb. 


and Heavies. 


At Hl*ny. Address -.U3 E AST ;n:ili St., New York. 

Wimn Man °r Woman with Hosco Den 
Tf an 1BW, aD ii Painting, to do -eats-'cnt-allre" 
act: also two Oriental Musician*, and three 
Couclice Danoliig Girls, for Carnival Week, July 
Fourth. State all and lowest. BILLY MORRIS, 
1MB North Avenue, Wllkinstmrg, Pa. 

Medicine Performers all kinds, Pianist; also 

Medicine Lecturer 

MODERN REMEDY CO., Cincinnati, a 

.t I^iTD, 

act and paint so 

Reliable Stage Carpenter. Can act nod paint some. 
Rummer resort preferred. Address BTAOE CAR- 
PENTKR, l.v udhurtt Mo tel, Newpori News, Va. 


tlnnd .condition; worth *M; will sell dirt cheap. 
Address B. O. PARKER. 

ltl Wayne St., Detroit, Mich. 



Elecirlc Park, Newark, N. J., WALTER J. PLIMMKR \ CO.. 53 West 2Sth St., N. Y. 

Rob* Caaino, North Beach, L. I.. WALTER J. PLIMMER A CO., 53 West will St.. N. V. 

Nunley'* Casino, South lleacli, Staten Island, TANNER A CO., 10 East 14th St., N. Y. 

Hilton Park, Newark, N. J., ABORN A SMITH, New York Theatre Building, N. Y. 

Waahington Park, Bavonne, S. J., WM. MORRIS, 43 West Mih St« N. X. 

Park Theatre, North Beacb, L. L, ACTORS' UNION, No. 8 I'nlon S(|iiare, N. Y. 

Erbe'a Caaino, North Beach, L. L. N. Y , ACTORS' CNION. No. a Dnlon Square, N. Y. 

Itvle Park, Paterson, N. J., ACTORS' UNION, No. s Onion Siiuare. S. Y. 

Electric Park, Peeksklll, N. Y., ACTORS 1 CN ION, No. S Union Square, N. V. 

Broadway Park, Keyport, X. J., ACTORS' UNION, No. a Union Square, S. Y. 
MOTE— Union ads are not restricted. Can play any first class engagements (trered. For in- 
formation a, to our method* and objects, address s, below. Proposition Blanki will lie forwarded, 
on application. 

LEW MORTON, Secretary, 
Actors' National Protective Union, Local No. 1, No. g Union square, New York. 


The Ht. Louis Fair Song. Dedicated to the Vauderllle Prot. Also "ROAMING WITH MY- ZULU 

W. N. BURKARD k CO., Music Publisher*, Chicago, III., Box w:. stamps; no cards 

50 i CHORUS LADIES i 50 

Season of Forty Consecutive Weeks. All Week Stands. - We Furnish Wardrobe. Call or write at once 
■ H1IRTIO <fc SEA "HON, I4T We.t 4'4.l BtT, H. V. ' 


x>Tr< mxrrrk n a t> »mrw irrMWMn« *««. 


Al Cornet Player, Agent, BUI Poster, Man for 8wltchell. Other "Ten Nlghi 
write. Woodbury, N. J., », Bridgeport 10, Penngrove 12. 


or Specialty. People, 



Mnsl ne "rat olaag In every particular. Must have up-to-date aitractlona that will getlhe money 
Week Ang. 2i, Galena, Runs.. l«ad and Zinc Congres*. Stale exactly what you have and be* term* 
Hrst letter. Snaps, B qve postage. Address COMMERCIAL CI.U llf Box m Galena Kan* 

Mar-Kro«ve>«' BIk Railroad 

WANTED, Midway Dancer*, a[so Cooolieliancer* and_ Novel Attractions for Stde Show. Can 


.......__, -'-•-» i .'-..^t..-, u.n.. v.-TOicuMmiii an,, .uiiciAiirarnons tor sue Show. Can 

place good Hurrah Musical Team or One Mun Band, also Good Singing Team Aild -kraWk- unni<iti 

WANTED, Good Four, Six and Eight Horse Driver* for big Btiow. Route: Wellaville NY Jime^-' 
Olean, N. Y., June 10; Dnnklrk. N. Y„ June 11. ""'"' >.,«uuei*, 


Shave yourself with LYMAN'S PAROUS «1 RAZOR, made of l>e*t Sheffield lEnilanriiiteei 
JMllMai Is GUARANTEED. Seul^receloi ofjoriee^ajilchwlll^he cheerfully ■ refunded If 'not ?a*ls- 

factory. SA'DNKY LYMAN * CO 


Callers, 1301 Broadway. 

Between m -» streets, W*Y. 

jtaui— L i 


One of the s'nr features of Oils seasou at llurtlg A Seamoti'* last week. An act Inn class hy Itself. 
Pleased to hear from tlrst class managers and agents for next season, 
P. S.— Kfgardsto Harry LeClalr. "Traitor from Yonkera." ..;.- 

Scenery for* S^iie. 

Complele parlor set, Loula X VI style, 24X40, Russian canvas, artistic finish, painted by Scaia Milan. 
ARTIST, Hiiidlo Olio Heiivemiil, 48 E. f,2st St., City. P. S,-Seenery of every description made to order. 

THE 1U BE AND 80UBRKTTE, Comedy Acrobatic Contortionist.. I* Vaudeville. 

P. 8— Who Belled the Cat? SANS SOUCI PARK, Clinton, la./ indefinite. 

I*D H^l> I ^atalogueof f*D0 New Novelties, Campaign Badges, Ruhlier Ball*, Coufeitl, 
F lX.jTL*Jal. I iR l< ; n J^'" i Hag Canes, lllow Outs, .shsll Goods, Rustic Wond.lndlaE flood*. 
* * _ r r " Trlitk Matches, Rubber >-aces, China Pota, Exploding Canes. Art Mirrors, 
Whip*, Duslers, PrlTO Goods and Carnival Novell lea. THE NEWMAN MFG. CO., Cleveland' Ohio 



If yon want to save $10 to $16 on each machine 
write us. Weighing Scales, $28; Picture Ma- 
chines, $ia.M: complete beauties. Name Plate 
Machine*, $40: Lifters, Lovers' P. O., Fortune 
Tellers, $20; Talking Machines, $46 kind, onr price 
$111. ROGERS MFG. CO., 

No. 14J West Sid 8L, New York City. 




Sew Loudon, Wisconsin. 


Woman for Eliza and' Ophelia, Cornet for hind 
ami orchestra, Man for Legree and Phinea* who 
douDle* brass; auto Man for Halley who doubles 
brass, Williamsburg, Pa., June 9; Roaring Spring, 
Pa., June 10: Holldaysburg, Pa., June 11. 

rWII wlLir-piete - lu every particular: two 
years established; monopoly; good business: full 
particulars. Address M. C. SCHI'TZ. 
101 Front St., Worcester, Mass. . 


Wanted at All Times. SKETCH TEAMS, SISTER 

D. BARRY, Manager. 


TONE IN THE WORLD, CHEAP. Enclose stamps 
for photo* and answer. FRANK O. PORATH, 

Ml Atlantic Street, Appleton, Wis. 



An entirely new mechanical 

principle hy which absolute 
safely to the Dim from loss by 
tire la assnred. The only de- 
vice of its kind which has re- 
c e I ve d 



N. POWER, Mgr., 116-111 Nassau St., S. T. 


it so: si. 581 Carlton Avi 
apent In advertising weekl 
received In return. 

Brooklyn. J»*..Y. $»» 
Over twice as much 


Complete scenery." tinnd road repuiatlnn. Cheap 
for cash, Address '' . 

JOS. QORTON JR.. Friendship X. Y. 

V v v 

fl JUNI?ll. 






Wow Playing Western Park*. Addic, a. per CLIPPER i-oule, or WN. MOKHIN, 34 Ho. Clni-lc St., t hlcagn. permanent Adilir... lifter .Inly IW. !Vo, Milt K.AHT 7r»ln ST., N. V. Uy. 



Wf r nar.l .pyllyn . 
The Mro» iilngs 

la ran * al 

Belmont 0i O'Brien 

Jolm Le Clair 




In Owen Klldtre's sketch, "THE TIPSTER." 



East 14th St. 





Matinee Today. 


Huber's ''"' Museum 

GEO, II. RUBER, Propr. 

WANTED AT ALL flMKS, Living Curtoiltlei, 

Freaks of Nature, also First Class Vaudeville Acta 

ror Theatre._ Address J . ILANDERSON^ Manager. 







Opened at Ml Clemens, Mich., Aug. 
15, 1903, to CAPACITY, and closed 
the 4th Successful season of 40 weeks 
at ML Clemens, Mich., May 10, 
1904, to CAPACITY. 

First Class Musicians, for 


(Leader) (Cornet). 
Also Following People for Stage: 

Heavy Man. Character Mau and Woman, Soitbrctle ami Tramp (Willi strong specially), Juvenile Mnu. 
Character, Heavy, Man for Props Mint call do brut, specialty ami do uble b rass. 


For Street and Singe. REXLAW ami Ml 

,AK1), WRITE. A Scenic Arllxl. loeuuie to Ml. Clemens. 
II. H. WIIITTAKKH, Ml. Clemens, Mich. 




Will have everything NFAV hut the 
title for season 1904-1905. Time 
nearly till booked in return dates. 
Tins will be one of the Strongest 
Band Shows on the Road. 

- : i"tttt — m n 


Juue :W. All ciimniuntcutlmu tu ItAVII) SABEL. 


This week, summer Park. Limit. O. 


The Ventriloquist anil Dancing Uoll. 

Harry Brown. 



al. lawrence; 

Viudivlllti •■AmutlnglM" Mimetic. 
Permanent uddress, R. F. D. No. 1, Kent, P.. U.S.A. 


Lottie Gilson I Billy Hart 

"The Klv Flirt." J une 0, I'hHa. ; Mm M, Pastor's. 




EDDY S1IA YNE, Western, WM, MORRIS, Eastern. 


Ami BUNDLE BO0LO0 BABIKS-llotel Bartiioldl, 
N .Y. Agen ts: JO PAIUK .SMITH art WW. MOBBM. 





4«xstift. TENT, Willi :wt. Middle Pieoe: Tnpaew 
this season: loft. Side Wall, In lengths of nine tier 
high Circus Seat', n», Klst Scats, l'jfl. long, with 
jacks; loo Foldlufr Chairs, lJ.xlaft. Stage, three 
roll* of Scenery in oil, s Wings, Stretch of Frames, 
Proscenium. Arch, Slide Carraln, to Lights, 2 Prop. 
Trunks. Stakes, Ti.ket Stand, :t Sledge Hummers, 
Tools, (iasollne Tauk, 4 l)re«alirg Hooin Curtains, 
sft. Entrance, Poles, Seats and Jacks. All tuitile of 
Hie finest Southern pine. Kverylhlng palmed 
blue The flnest ontili ever gotten up. Al for Uncle 
Tom, Repertatre, Sliest Fair or Medicine show. 
Can he put ap by tuur men In two hours. Every- 
thing complete. Now In use In the City of Toronto. 
Owing to other business must lie sold. Original 
cost, f i'Hi; will sell for fl'iU « ash. If yon have got 
the money and need au outfit, come quick. 


LIS Victoria St., Toronto, Can. 






At Snliiirlian Park, St. I.ouis. Week May 29, 
with Lenip's Park to Follow. 



LEADS and UEAV1ES, 47 W, mil Si ., New York. 


Iin|icr»onati«H, Singing; mill Douclilg. 

'Ills week, SFRINuLAKE I'AltK, Trenton, N. J. 




' - June ii, OKPHEDM, Terre Huute, Inil. 


Lady Banjo or Guitar Player 

Wlm is a- good singer. Work on wagon once u 
da;. Week stands. Stop al Hotels. I pay good 
salary and ail expense*. 1 am a gentleman, a 
money geuer and au entertainer, and muni have 
good support. 1 mean business. I want lady 
without any Incumbrance. You know what I 
mean. Can't stand lor visit* to sick husbands 
and sweethearts every few weeks. You get your 
salary every Sunday nornlng. Long engagement 
aud good treatment guaranteed, staio salary, 
what you do, age, experience, etc., In first letter. 
All letters answered. If yon iseclgarcties, BsM 
or booze, please don't write. I sell medicine that 
cures iliac Week of June 12, oaney, Kansas; 
week of June 19, Coitevvllle, Kansas. 
J OAPr. U. »', 8MIT1I._ 




_Addreiw J, H, WRUIHT, Augusta, Ha. 


Those iloiiiB specialties preferred. Also Man with 
Picture Machine and Scenic Artist. Stale all. 

Carrollton, C alls raitgim Co , N_. Y^ 




Scenery, Costumes, etc.: Ureal for Farce Comedy 
and Bnrlesi|ue llonses. 


CHEAP— $76.uo takes the lot. small FAIH'E 
COMEDY OI'TFIT, cheap; also l.oi or Comedy 
Lithograph Paper. Address BERT ST. JOHN, 
Manager, Whltuey Aitrnctlons, lietrbit, Mich. 







Booked at Arch Theatre, 


To take notice, as Theatre closes after June ill, 

for the Summer. Write ror information. 

• J. E. MILLER, Prop. 







flood One Sight Stands aid Bop. Com- 
panies lor Host Season. 

New Opera House. AU modern improvements. 
Electric Lights, tic. Population, x«ai. Good 
surrounding country todraw from. Address 




For the W. L I All SI0W8. 

Address W. J. ELLIOTT, Par Hotile. 


On account of disappointment; experienced troop, 
era; uo boozers. Address 

JERKY MAXWELL, Hannibal, Mo. 


Wire vonr address Immediately. 

J. W. PRICE, men Island. 


Wanted in a New York Theatre 

Tliut never closes, hi week* 1 salary 10 I lie right 
one. Address with references, 
MATRON, rare oMIL||>PER._ 


E-nal.and K-nat Clarionet. Violin, double Trout, or 
Clar. or Cor. Others write. Mate lowest salary. 
Address E. 1). IIAVWORTH, Bandmaster, 

Jamestown, N. Y.. June*; Salamanca lu, Joint- 
souliiirg. Pa., 11, Bradford, *a., 13, Wellsvl le, 
N. V., 14. ___ __ 

Property Man 


Address, with references, .. 
PHOI'H. care of CLIPPER. 

Special Paper at the Price 
Of Stock Stuff. 

llalf.HUeet IMclorl.l, I rolor •*».»» V** J.||J» 

one-Sheet Pictorial, I color I3."« !»•• I,«u«> 

' Striking. lifelike, l>illl|uni and .tiiiiitj. Sn|ierlui So II tlio. and rar a lira, I of th. 
hair-lone |is|iar nan- tin thr niarkat. 







With sonic show traveling lu Maine. 

r. K, HANIlLF/n', Box 7»3. PltmMeld, Me. 

WAITED, F01 TEETgH108.' R.B. 810W, 

Musicians, Performer* and Advance Agents. Slate 
lowest salary In first, letter, also all you can and 
w ill do. Write or wire. WAY NES VI LLK, N. C. 

Want 2 Cwtciy Dancers, Quick; iiilnilo 

write; wire and cuius on. II. K. Show, flood accom- 
modations. I). II. LANO, Mgr., New Empire Show* 
Madison, Pa., 13; Unl'eil. P...1 4; Train er. I'a„ U. 

For Sale, Gkup, One lubId T903 Extibiiion 

Model Moving Picture Otilflt; brand new; l,M0ft. 
Film. •Jii.'i Slides; tan give a 1 , hours' show. Send 
for list and price. A. W. HALL, Davenport, la. 

Wanted, fir Rep, Show, Under Canvas, 

(lenersl business Woman. Other useful people, 
write. Can use Al sketch Team. Muse Join on 
wire. E. A. HARRIXOTOX. Terrc Haute, lud. 


To double Trombone or Baritone, fur Idlewilde 
Park, Newark, O. Address J. C. STOCK, 

Open June l-. 1 . Newark, Ohio. 

FOR SALE, 2 Trick Dots, English Cocker 

Spaniels, one High Diving Dog. Sell cheap. An- 
swer quick. F. S. UKVF.KK, 

Emeryville, hL Laurence Co., N. Y. 



Solier, Close Cmitracior and Assistant Hill Poster, 
Property Man, Singing and Talking Clown, Lady 
and Cenllenieii Con tort Ion 1st, Acrobats and Aeriai- 
Ists; Hatch, Irish ami Black Face Ootuedlam ilial 
Sing and Dance, Al Sluglog ami Dancing sketch 
Teams; Lady and gentleman preferred; Trap 
Drummer. Alto, Slide Trombone, Cornet ami Clarlo- 
uei; other musicians write. Stale lowest salary 
aud full particulars:, HALL A SAMPLE, 

Wlnfred, South Dakota. _ 



One fully capable of bundling the work of a slock 
company with .peclallies. Company located at 
York, Pa. s-nd lowest .alary, wiih lull imrtlcu- 
lars, to N. AITKLb, P.JJ. Box K, llnrrlaliiirg. Pa. 

the Ijuaker's Entertainers, 

A Medicine Sbow Oat of the Ordinary, 


AT. AnY PlilTST ' '"" I'-a' 1 " '" "'Kin and 
liAllI rlAfllSl fak) , M , UlM hsaiss to 

play specialties. Play halls aud «tu,> aLhotels all 

Summer. A year's engagement to Hie rljfhi persun. 

Aildregs Dlt. HORATIO. Manager, Du'wsou, Neb., 

week June «;_Salem, N'eli., week June is. 


12 to'iu head of the best TRAINED PONIES in lha 
country; a competent TKAINER and HANDLER 
DOtlS. Can be seen aorklng here for the next a 
weeks. A HEADLINE attraction for PARKS and 
SUMMER RESORTS. For full particulars, a, lib ess 


I'arUrral.ur W , W. V*. 


THOS.S. ALLEN, Musical Director 

(VIOLIN), Composer of "Auy Rags," 




New Pawiitcket Theatre, Pnwluckel, it. I. 


under canvas, Matt for Morgan. Mint join on * Ire 
_ Freniool. Newaygo Co., Midi. '■ 

All 'Round comedian aud Sketch Team for Med. 

Co., Camp No. % Address 


Jugglers, Look Here !-Have For Sale Cheap, 

a Coinnlete Outfit for a good Juggling act. Send 
stamp for particulars. Address sit I. U. MARHE, 
IMS Allen Avenue, SL l-nul», Mo. 

Good Specialties Or Sister Team. 

If you ran dellvrr the goods, work Nuiumer und Winter. - . 

VOL. PRANK HOUEHTNON, Ranuger. Jin a.on, Tens,, .lint. Il- 







PHILADELPHIA (Pa.) INQUIRER, Sunday, Juiiofi.- A iilthei-to undiscovered successor to Ilia 
lata J. W. Kelly was iihearllied at lite Troca'tero during the week. Hit la TOM UIM.EN, Who in niatiiirr 
and dlnbot so closely reseuililos the famous Irish Comudlau as In be altlioatnnoilnler|iart. Hlllen has 
been troiiplng lint u'aliort while, and hus duvmcd fill talents t» tiituriaUlltig ruialltes chlerty. His en- 
gagement here was Ills flrsl teal t,;g one, and he was so Hvorulily received Ifiat lie lias already received 
itaileiliiK uflbm fi'om vaudevlllii managers. Ills work Is nf iJlut igiittllly wlilclt Is luniri-unl.ely enter- 
taining. Ills stories are or fresh vintage, and are all woven itround so Itn.glnafy friend, "Flnnlgati." 
He received imiuy curtain calls during bis ciigugciiicnl line, and I am safe In prf dlullng n successful 
future ror h i in. providing, of course, he does not rail Hit n I ho nil which has Iclppcd up so tunny clever 
fellows. 1'AXTANO PARK, HAItltlSBUKO, PA., JUNE u. 




Any UoihI NENHATIONAL AC'l'ff, aullabla Air Wild \\>«l. Wire ur MrHtr, 
Miirrl.on.lll., II; Steeling, III., I'.. W. II. NONTOOmEH V. 

L-J.J-.. If.— m BBBsMss 

-8-1 -t-T 


• Hit 


. This la III* Finest Aiiiu.eiiienl I'arb null Soliliuer 'I'lieitlre In Amei li a. and 
Plays Mil lite Best Acta in \ o mtevllle. , ,.'-.. 


If yilu are going to change your title In i ho "Wheel" next season, I will sell ilui Manuscript of "TtlK 
MOHMON (itIKICNR,*' a llllllllig First Pall, prfslueerl nunil uiilv. Tlir Till* la Ureal. Hie 
Piers Funny, with plenty opportunities fur big iiinnhers. Cast: "Dish Hotel I'oner," "Huliill 
Landlord." "Bum Legit ." "Dude." "Monk," "Two Sonbrettes" anil "I, tailing l.»d»."as inajiv women 
us vim dexlri'lo use. Scene: "tsse IVIglil Htanil lintel." For price, nd,lre'<s CLIFF. W. 
URANT, Academy Htilel, IliiE. 14th St., New York, This Week; Sent Week, Inlet I'aVllloti, Atlanllu 
city, N.J. 


—— *g 




That can do (lelieral Builnesa anil H|ipclalllea; 


'Also ot her useful Repertoire people. Write, slate Inwesf Summer salary, age, height, Hit. I don't pay 
fancy money, as ynu get It every week. 
J'. S.-Idou'i owe a rent only in chasers, drunks and done Bands. . . , , 

CHAS. T. FALKS' COMKJIY CO., Wlnnlieslor Hotel, Synicusc, N. Y. 

Managers, Attention ! 


mf.conp meahmm; 


inn Mitainai. -» *~^ — — - — . ^-^ — — . i 1 ' uiNii. /•_'•_" 

WANTED— Reperteire People la All Line*. 

Lowest Summer salary; we pay hoard. Safes. 
.Mich., week of June o; I'nlnn t It v, Mich., we-k if 

Ode TENT, 3»x*i; good as new. Write to me fur 

!»"■ !'-.. - ^ 1 >i ln !' r . :, ^ x . e 5.. , 'ir«i»'«' Pa. 

Organfor (Sale 

Nearly new, •*■ Address ;as) WitHM, at Y.» 


«1-U3 Park Itow (World Bldg.i, N«w York, 



Mgra. In I'enn., Oil In, Virginia, West Virginia ami Suitltiertj Slates, aetid open Hum at.oitca, 

II. M. HIEMM, Hoi iibU, in/.s Urnsdway, New York. 



!». NOTIptt. . i 




A HI I HI. s, 

For coming aeaann for Hramnlic, Farce Comedy or Imp. Cos, Can change for six nlgbtl. Hoine Open 
Tittle ror Summer Parks. For sale cheap, "THE MISSINU IJNK,"g<in>l7r»noedrnrncqy"sietrh. ; , 

Arid. JJIO K. l*tl. Ml., n,\v Yuyk. iC'llj-i , 

■ ■ _l.l.x_T-i 1— J - 


CREDIT. Send stamp for Hat. 

TUE CONttOLlUATKU COST CM E CO., Uo* 70«, jTotflilfnce.R, U 


tftte srfcw ironK otippkfet. 

JUNE il. 

Cl ipper Post Office. 

In order *<• avoid mMukoi >diI (o 
Insure the prompt delivery of the 
letters ml virllxotl In thla Hat, >n 
envelope i>ln I n I > ndilremied want be 
■ <-ii( for Clil'll letter, mill a nrillru 
order for the letter. sinned with the 
full inline anil nddrefm and the line 
of Limine** followed ■•>- tho iriidcr, 
uiiiHt nlau lie enclosed. . 

ricn*t* mention the dnte (or nun-» of Till;: < t,ll't'i:il In which the 
letter* lent for were advertised. 

Aluiis, — 
A Icon,'. 
Allllmilic, 1'i.irii 
Alhciiuii, Amies 
Aleeiic. .vinvdo 


Mint. A 

Athlon, Kinilry 

Al|l|)iHli|l, Kllll 


Ilii'thltn, I It-li-n 
llt-hllne. Kiln 
Itiiiirniii. lliirtll 

Ilhiok, Helen 

HI;,. I,. .Ml-.. ||. Sl>lin 
lime Kittle 
llryiinl. Tin. 

Hull Iiiiiii 

HflltHc, Maggie 

tiiiiin, utabi 

lll'.virlrt, I'li.rcllci 
Jlulnl. JuMHthlin 
llyrno, Klulsu 
Iinniii, .Mi--. 
Berkley, nlllc 
Isynl, Snriili 
I'.iikn- lli'rllm I 

Jlliikc. .1 Ii' 

Itrtiilliitm, I'enr 
llnnilng. .Vlnlili 
lh'li'Kel. .Mr. . V 
llillliiliz, H'Tllin 
Ilmvcrs, Mmnle 
Harney, Vl.ilci 
Hnrtell. il...... 

Ilitlrhlcr, Ncltli 


Mr*. It. A 

Mek, Helen 
li'trloi; .Vlri.V.II 
1 'n i il« m k Slhti'l 
Itlrk. Helen 0. 


Bromley, Mini. I 
Hill-gens. Nellie 
HlHlr. Mtiijiiiii' 
mm. .i.i, ii i.i F. 

Hun .Mnllli- 

Claire liertrui'o 


Kill hi i 'i' 

fiillU- Vlleo 

(illinium, Ailol. 


Mi«. r. M. u 


Currier. Aliilel 
I niiiiru HMcrH 

l'll:l|ini!lll M Jl lit ti 

I'll 11'. I'llllll'l'lll" 
I'llllnril. Alhv 
I'iMik. Mrs.IV. A. 

I'liiiii.i. r.i.riiii'.. 

(illio, .Mir.-i'li' 
(ihlncll, Ami. i 

.Mini.' I. 

CI I. Ml. H. I' 

linlr. Mul. .ii 
I'l'Vt'i'nl, It" e 
Dryiloll, I ,. ii h 
lioVore. Union 
Hull', Carrie 
Dnyinii, i.Imh 
liuvlil, Mniviii-ol 
1 lucre. I. nn 
l>iiiivi*rH. K. 
linrliiii, lli'i'lliii 

luiui-cc, M Imtli 
HoVcre, I'liilllui 

I'limir ,V|rs, 

I li'ili'l'lrk.1. 


linn-do, Nell. 


I'llllnril. itt'HHl. 
l''nlTl'MllT Si'llllll 
l-'rinii'Ni'ii. Mill 
I'lin-ii, Mllil. 
h'olc) . 

Mm. ,}v<im 

r'll', .Mllll. Ill' 

I'illisl Sisters 
I'li'liln, .Villi- 
Molds. I.. A. 
I "Hi. .M.i'l.l L. 
I'miMl,- Mrs. I,. 
• tide, Florence; 

I'.llllll'.V, AvIh 

. Mario 1> 
liirvo.'tii Mm, I. 
iriiy, Mik.i:. K 
Inmlrlill .Miinili 
I lli'lny. 

Mm. Iliir-iri 
illlli'lli', lailllsc 
IoiiIihi K.IIII1 (J 
IlliU'll. Iln-v 
Indium Aileltih 
inlilcn, Wnlmsl. 
linn 'Istil'), 

Mm. C II. 
Intnics. .tc:iiiiic 
IIvIIIh. I,. V. 
ili'yimiii. Mm. Ii 
liirlli-v Aiiiiir I 
lllllnnl. Helen 

IIiiiihI Kiltie 

lliixcltnli, MiiIk*' 
Hull, Artie 

I lull i i, Tilly 

llci'l'IIC, MllV, Klllli' 
lliiriits, V:i. 
Ilnnkcs. litrrlc 
Manns, Vliv. 

lllllll, Smile 

Harvey, lii'i'il.' 
'lankcs, Ciirrlo 
lliirniH, Minnie 
ihllmun, Allni 
IhisliiM Ciirnlyi 
I Irii mil, Mny 
llniiiiril, Mtnlifc 
IiiIiiiiuiii l>'r'im'l: 
Ii'IIitmhi, Mini 

liililmili I'linii' 1 
I iiJmii. Iliillli' 

li'iii. Zi'iillu 



Kt'inp, Alii'O 

Klll'I'IIH. Siili'iiii 

lM >H, Jlllll! 

Murk, lllinl)'* 
KrUHPf. Klllli' 

<in>n, Hn j. ii. 

l.lllllN'lll, l.lllllKI 

l.nlii, Kiln 



l.iiVvll, Mnili' 

IllK'I'll, lli'lrlll' 

l.l'»lll'. A Mil'', i lllli' 
I iiiiiIk'iI. 

• Mm. v, ii. 

I lllll'IINll'l', 



I.I'H|||>, lll'llfl* 

l.iiiiniini'. ,Mi». 
I.nivliir. Ni'll. 
Mllli'lll'lil. Kin 
Invn. IMl, i 
1.1'lliH, Klllli' 
Klllli', M.u 

Kiniiii', Yinli'l 
l.nM iiiiiii'. Illllt' 
M-nlli-. K*>H< 

I.IMIIIII'll. klllli'' 
I -I'll Ik (lllprll't'll 
l.lnlll'l. Cl'i'll .1. 

I.iiViiIIii.. .Mliinl, 
KnMiiir. .1. I'. 

ilinil.M-k Sl.l.'li 
It mil, 11.--:- ll- 
lli Hit. Kuril 
M. I'-iil In Li. 

lli-N.'lll, I-', Mil, 

.Ml-i. Dill) 
I.MIIKI'* l..v,llll 
Miirlln. I'l'ivli' 

lll'llllVII', Mn 

Vl.lHll.U,-. Sll'llll 

llyrlli'. Helm 

Iilllil'i'i', Mini i 
Pi'.Mlli, ili'ille 
llnrnllii'ii Sln'i'ii. 
Hi'hui:;. Killlli 

liiiiiii-i-, Mliinl.. 
Hi- Vim, II inn- 
Ill. K. 1 1 n... Ml..* 

li|...Mimil M ill I 

Hnlr. Ciiri'le 

Mini'li'. '-',- 

iLllll-Hllll. Nl'll 

1i«vIh. Ilratii 
lliliiluii', iOiIHU 
THeiv, Hiiki) 
Hhkn. Mik. 
I -iiiiiii. nil, 1,11. 
KiImiiiiI Am, ii I 

Kmnttruti. Mm* 

1 iniiii'l I .lliiiiiii 
Kviiiim. Kilty 

,, l''iiiiiili 

l-'l'llll-l, -Mm 

I'lliyni, lliiinki' 
t''n.H'lle, lllitif 

i;i;m's t.isi 

M Murray. IJa. 

Miil-Hilfii, A. 
Alill'Vln. Alum 
Mink. Vlnlel 
Mi'lvnln. W.'ll. 
Miiiili'llli. .Iiiiii 
\ln-k. Alini'lli' 

Hurray. Ainm 

Miiih-Imi, Ml 111 

Mlli'liell, llvii 
Al.-iliin .li'linf'.' 


Mnli'l, — 

Miliar, k it iv 

Miniii', |.'l,,r,.|ii.c 
.Melville. Nell. 
Nmi'UiiihI Hiikihi 

Mi K. I.. 

NI.miii. IhhiIm' 
Neville, liiiriilliy 
Ni'lmiii, Slilrley 
Ni'viii'n, Vim. i 
Ni'lwin, N.'Mlu 
Mint '.Inn-, 
llln. Mile 

■II, A I lie - 
i illl.-, .Ml— i 
li'llrli'ii A iinli- M 
iliikley, Aii'ile 
i riii li-ii. Mn 
I'lniilii-ll ICxIi'lle 
tlmiki'lt. Amili! 
i'hli'y Mjhii'i' I, 

I'l'MlK. itl'riKll.